Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 18 - Episode #4.18 - full transcript

The individual game gets desperate with several Survivors sneaking around camp searching for the idol that will save their game. Secrets aren't staying safe leading into a high-drama Tribal Council.

JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

..after the two tribes merged,

Locky flipped
on his old Samatau alliance.

The crucial move handed control
to the Asaga alliance

and Locky tried to pin the blame
on Anneliese.

Any opportunity I can have
to get rid of him, I will.

As the two faced off,
Anneliese didn't have the numbers

but she did have an Immunity Idol.

The bad news for Anneliese

was Ziggy had a Super Idol.

And that means that if someone
plays an idol at tonight's Tribal,

I can play my Super Idol
and their idol becomes void.

Master strategist Henry
went to work,

trying to convince Ziggy
to side with him and Locky.

If I play my Super Idol, that means
Anneliese will be going home.

If I choose not to play my Super
Idol, Locky will be going home.

At Tribal Council,
Henry's plan came off perfectly.

If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Uh, yes, please.

Jonathan, I'd like to play
the Super Idol, please.

I can confirm that this
is a Super Idol

and it cancels the power
of a Hidden Immunity Idol.

ALL: Oh!


caught in Henry's triple play.

14th person voted out
from Australian Survivor,

second member of our jury,


The tribe has spoken.

10 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

It was crazy tonight.

I thought that Anneliese was playing
an idol and that she was safe

but actually Anneliese went home
with an overwhelming majority.

ZIGGY: Having played
the Super Idol tonight

definitely has ruined my
relationship with Tessa and Peter.

Yeah, I know. I know.

Yeah, you did well.

But you know what - I had to choose
between sticking with them,

who were a dying alliance,
or going with Locky and Henry.

Of course I'm gonna choose
a stronger alliance.

Oh, really?

Everyone came back to Tribal being,
"Ziggy, great move. Great move."

But I was the one
that made that all that happen.

No! I didn't even know
about anything!

I'm so proud of myself, you know.

I've got Anneliese gone,
who's a threat, her idol gone.

And then I talked about it
and Ziggy's Super Idol,

one, revealed
and, two, used in the same night.

I am the king of Survivor.

I am in control going forward.

Jeez, look out.


- LOCKY: There's a whole heap in here.
- Mm, there is.

TARA: Is this us? There's four
over there but then this is us.

- That makes 10.
- Holy shit!

Two people have gone
and it makes it feel so small.

- TESSA: Compared to the start.
- Yeah.

Top 10, baby. Day 39.

I've gone through
so much to get here

and I'm still here
and that's something to be proud of.

But I miss my family bad.

MICHELLE: You forget. Like, you
forget how long it is and...

PETER: You do.

I think about my family nonstop.

I don't know if they're OK.
I don't know what they're doing.

It's tough but I've got to just
keep remembering why I'm here.

And...I've got to give it my all.

- TESSA: It's been a long 39 days.
- MICHELLE: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Day 39 - massive milestone.

I'm a one in 10 chance
of being Sole Survivor -

my dream coming true.

And on top of that...

..I still have an idol.

I can't even fathom how happy I am
to be at this stage. I'm cruisin'.

- We didn't put ourselves at the top.
- No.

People just listen to us.
That's it.

I'm basically aligned with Sarah
and Jericho from the original Asaga

and then I've also got bonds with
Ziggy and Tara on the old Samatau.

But my biggest ally is Locky.

He is my bromance out here.
I love that guy.

And right now,
we're set up to go far.

Tessa's been gunning for you
since day one.

I'm happy to get Tess.
Just putting her name down.

And you can see her - she's already
walking off, thinking her next play.

Tessa doesn't want to work with me.

She, you know,
tried to blindside Locky.

We need to get her out right now.

She goes for us, we go for her.


TESSA: Last night with Ziggy's move,
Petey and I are now on the bottom

and are next to go.

But bad news for them -
I'm not ready to go home.

I've been on the bottom
more than once

and I've managed
to claw my way back up.

I'm here to fight
and I'm here to play

and if I'm going home,

I'm going home knowing
I've done everything I can.

Come on in, guys.

- Take a seat.
- Ooh!

Look at that gavel.

- I am happy.
- Yes! Way!

Well, in case
you hadn't already guessed,

this is the Survivor auction.


There's an envelope for everyone.

Inside each of the envelopes is $500
for you to spend at the auction.


And remember,
the auction can end at any moment.

So if you see something you like,
I suggest you bid on it.

That's a lot of chicken parmies
and a lot of burritos.

- OK, you guys ready to get started?
- Yeah!


Here we go.

First item...

..will remain covered.

- $100.
- $120.

Oh, wow. Right out of the gate.

- $200.
- $200, Jericho.

- $260. $260.
- $260, Luke.


$300 to Ziggy.

Anyone else want to get in on this?


- Oh!
- $320 to Luke.



- Nup.
- $320 to Luke.

Going once, going twice...


- Come on up.

Ooh, what is it?!

Ooh, smells good.

$320. Alright.

- I don't know.
- $320...

- Gets me what?
- Oh, my God. What is it?

- $320 just bought you...this.
- Oh!

What is it?

Open it up.

- Read it out to everyone.
- This is crazy.

Oh, are you kidding me?!

What?! Tell us!

(READS) "You just bought yourself
out of this auction."


"But don't despair

"because any item
that is bid on in this auction,

"you will also receive."


Are you kidding me?!

Yeah, baby!

So he gets everything?
He gets everything.


- ALL: Oh!


No, I'm not giving you a high five!


You are out of the auction but you
have bought yourself a table for one.

Baby! Whoo!

- Oh!
- Shut up!

- You're not having rice tonight.
- Wow!

Oh, my Lord.

OK, next item.

- Smashed avocado...
- $500!

- Right out of the gate.
- Yep. That's what I want.

Anyone else want to get in on this?

Go for it, Zig.

Sold to Ziggy.

- Good girl!
- Yeah!

- There we go.
- Thank you very much.

Thank you.

- Enjoy.
- Wow.

You can have
your chicken parmi, guys.

And, Luke, of course...

What? He gets his own one?

Yeah. Of everything.

- There you go.
- This is amazing. Thank you.

- Oh, my God!
- You're welcome.

- LOCKY: I'm dying. I've died.
- Oh, my God!

- LUKE: Cheers, guys.
- Wow.

That was an expensive
smashed avocado.

Pretty much the same down at Bondi,
isn't it?

And Luke is wasting no time.

Alright, next item...

- a whole cheesecake.
- $100.

Wait, there's more.


- $500.
- $500.

Alright. Sold once, sold twice.

Sold to Henry.

Good work, brother.

Luke, you can't eat
that whole thing.

Well done. OK, you're gonna need
something to eat that with.

- Thank you.
- Oh, my gosh.

- Luke, come on up.
- Yeah, boy.

- Whoo-hoo!
- Oh, God, Luke gets a whole one!

Thank you, Jonathan.

He's like, "Sorry, not sorry."

Oh, yeah.

Michelle, what are you waiting for?

Um, well, now that I look at it,
I think I'm waiting for that.

But I think I'm waiting for either
a pizza or, like, burger and fries.

Something really, really hearty.

That's the same thing
I'm waiting for.

ALL: Oh! item.

- Ooh.
- $500.


$500 to Sarah.
Anyone else want in on this?

Going once, going twice...

- Sarah.
- Sold to Sarah for $500.

Oh, no. I've got a bad feeling.

Good luck.
Let it be the burger.

You bought... icy cold coconut.
Yeah, I knew it.


..a straw.

A straw. Thanks, Jonathan.


- (SIGHS) Thank you.
- Enjoy.


- LUKE: It's not too bad.
- Shut up, Luke.


Next item...


- Oh, lucky!
- Oh, wait.

That's a burrito.
Is that a burrito?

It's a Mexican feast.
Anyone else want to get in on this?

$500. Sorry, Mich.

- Let me have a look at this.
- What's missing from this picture?

- Margarita.
- Margarita.

Oh, that's my drink.

A margarita.

I'm going $500.

Locky's in.

- Well, so am I.
- LUKE: Yeah!

OK, we're gonna draw rocks.
Two rocks in the bag.

You'll reach in, grab a rock,

white rock takes the Mexican feast.

- OK.
- Right?

- Good luck.
- OK.

Here we go.
We're gonna draw rocks to decide.

OK. Three, two, one - reveal.


- Whoo!
- Locky gets the Mexican feast.

$500 for you.
I don't even like margaritas.

You know what - you stay there.
I'll, uh...

Oh, are you gonna bring it?
Oh, he's bringing it over.

That's...that's service.

We're gonna need to get you
a bigger table.


PETER: Luke, you're killing me.

Mmm! It's good, eh, Lock?

So who's left? Who's got money?

- Wow.
- I just want fish and chips.

Alright, next item.

Next a phone call home.

Alright, next item... a phone call home.

- WOMAN: Oh, wow.


Peter, at $20.

Yeah, I'm gonna go $500.

You only have to go up
in increments of $20.

You're in at $500?

Yeah, I am.
I'm gonna speak to my kids.

You talk to them right now.

- Yep.
- ALL: Awwww.

Oh, that's nice, Tara.

- Who are you gonna call?
- I'm calling Mum.

- Go ahead.
- OK.

I'm shaking.

WOMAN: Hello?

Hi, Mum.

- (SCREAMS) Tara!
- Hi!

Oh, my God. Are you OK?

Yeah, I...I'm just doing an auction
and people bid on food,

but I bid on a phone call from home.

Tara, you won't believe it -
I've got the boys home today...


Oh, where are they?

- BOY: Hiiiii!
- Hi!

Hi, Mum.


Talk to mummy.

- Hello.
- Talk to mummy.


- Mummy. Mummy.
- Yeah?

I'm coming back home soon.


Do you...

Keep going. I can't believe...

- I'm so proud of you.

You keep going.

- (SOBS)
- It's all up to you now.

I can't believe it.

You amaze me. (CHUCKLES)


- It's so exciting to talk to you.
- I know.

- We love you.
- I love you too.

- Say goodbye to mummy, quick.
- Yep.

- KIDS: Bye, Mum.
- I'll see you soon.

- Bye, babes.
- OK.

Thank you.

That's my fam.

- Oh, yeah, right.
- It's your turn.

Oh, goddamn.

Alright, cheers.


WOMAN: Hello.

- Hey,'s Luke.
- Hi!

Are you with the boys at the moment
or are they at school?

I'm with Lenny, yeah.
Say hi to dad.

- Oi, Lennox.
- He can hear you.

Lennox, it's dad.

Yeah, not talking at all.

Hey, he better?

- Yes, he's better.
- Oh, that's good.

At least I know he's better.

I wasn't sure how sick he was.


It'll be good once I get home.

Alright, I love you.

And tell Lennox I love him
and Nate and I'll speak to you soon.

Lenny, say "I love you, Dad."

Love you, Lennox.

- Are you good?
- Yeah.

Good boy, Lukey.




I'm so glad he got that.

OK, the only people left with money,
Jericho, Peter and Tessa.

Next item...will remain covered.

- $20. - $40.
- $60.

- $80.
- $100.

I can't even keep up.
Peter's at $100.

- $200.
- $200 from Jericho.

Going once, going twice...

..sold to Jericho.

- Wanna see what your $200 bought you?
- Yeah.


Yeah! Whoo!

- Oh!
- Yeah!

Whoo! You did it.

Burger with the lot.

And, you're gonna need a soft drink
to wash it down.

- Oh!
- Damn, that looks good.

Oh, they're crinkle cut.


This is the most amazing day ever.



Alright, next item.


- Jericho, are you in for $300?
- Yeah, I'm keen.

- Do you wanna hear what it is?
- Yeah, what is it?

It's an advantage in the next
immunity challenge.

Alright. $320.

Peter. $320.

I'll be bankrupt, so...

Peter...wins the advantage
in the next immunity challenge.

- Does Luke get the advantage as well?
- Yep.

- Wow!
- Yo!

Don't read it now.
Read it in private later.

OK. Ready for the next one?

This one is a big one.

20 bucks.

- 60 bucks.
- $60!

80 bucks.

- $80 from Tessa.
- Yeah.


Well, she's got $500
and you've got...

She's gonna win
and that's just wretched of me.


- So, $300.

$300 from you?

$300 from Jericho. Just like that.

Are you serious?

CHANTS: Je-ri-cho. Je-ri-cho.

- $320.
- $320 from Tessa.

You're not getting any more.

What was I gonna take you for
in Melbourne? No more.

- I'll shout you. My shout.

Tessa, you've taken it at $320.

You've bought yourself...

..a luxurious night away from camp.

Oh, that's nice.

- Alright, that was worth $320.
- Wait.

- You get a comfy bed, toothbrush...
- Oh, bed!


- Oh, yes!
- Oh, my God.

..chocolates, champagne... can choose
someone else to join you.

- (GASPS) Tessa!
- Oh!

PETER: Please. I didn't get food.

Yeah, Michelle paid $500
for a rock today.

- You're taking Michelle?

- Congratulations.
- Girl's night.


Thank you.

- Oh!
- There you go.

Take that.
You'll get the rest of it.

- Can we eat the chocolates now?
- Yes. Of course.

She chose to bet.
I didn't choose to bet.

BOTH: Thank you. Want a chocolate?

- Why didn't you speak up, Sarah?
- Decision's already made.

Luke, of course,
is gonna be joining you.


Yeah! Lukey!

- That's amazing.
- Thank you, Tessa.

Alright, this auction is now over.

- Oh, thank you.
- That was fun.

I hope you got everything
you wanted.

Luke, Michelle, Tessa,
grab your gear, you can head on out.

- LUKE: See yas, guys.
- ALL: Bye.

Good work.

Enjoy your night off.

LUKE: Oh, my lord. I feel sick.

Everyone else, that's it.

Head back to camp.

MICHELLE: Oh, my God.
Thank you so much, Tessa.

HENRY: Tessa taking
Luke and Michelle -

a really good strategic move.

But I've got Sarah.

And, oh, my God....that stare.

She's hungry, angry.

- That was pretty brutal.
- That was brutal.

And that's definitely something
I can work with

to help get Tessa out next.

Let's just get a fire for Petey
and Sarah.

- MICHELLE: Oh, my God!
- Damn!

I want pizza!

Oh, my God, look at the bed!

What the hell?

- Look at this.
- Oh, we get chocolates?!

Oh, my God.

- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Thank you, thank you.

My preparation coming into this game

was to get a pedicure and a manicure
and a great spray tan for TV.

This is amazing. I can't believe
we get chocolate!

And now I'm somehow
here in the top 10.

Do you know how to open
a glass of champagne?


And possibly the best reward
I have won in the game so far.

That just...they're all my...

And champagne -
my three favourite things.

You've just hit the jackpot.

This is it. This is my day for...

Everyone's gone back,
it's raining out there.

It's raining!
That makes it even sweeter.

I hate the rain.

Oh, my God!

Far out, I hit the jackpot today,

I got fed like a king.

I got the phone call,
all the food...

Who's the king of the game?
Right here!


- Whoo!
- Whoo!

- Here we go.
- Thank you, Tessa.

- Oh, thank Locky for dogging you.
- I know!

- Karma. There you go.
- Thank you very much.

The decision I made
in taking Michelle

is 10% about pizza,
5% about champagne,

and 85% strategy.

Oh, my God, did you feel
the tension today, after this?

I knew that I needed to
take somebody

I hadn't had a chance to discuss
strategy with,

and Michelle is a particularly
emotional voter,

so being given a big reward
like this

will have a really big pull on her.

Mate, you take me on a reward,
I'll give you a reward.

This is exactly what I needed

to convince Luke and Michelle
that we should be voting out Locky,

Henry, Ziggy and Tara.

We've got, like...

This is who we're eliminating
in the next six Tribals.

Bang, bang, bang.

Our strategy be, like, calm
the frick down on the champagne.

No, Luke, Tessa and Michelle
went off to reward,

and Tessa will try to pull them in.

But the sweetest thing today

was seeing Sarah's reaction
to Tessa taking Michelle.

Sarah's a bit angry right now.

I can open that crack up
and make a move here.

SARAH: I know I spent the money.

- Like, I...
- Yeah.

I know that, like,
that's what I get.

But it's...

She could have saved her 500
as well.

She could have pulled that 500 back
and waited for the...

..the later date to spend.

I've gotta work with Sarah,

keep reinforcing that
Tessa should have taken you,

and make sure that hatred for Tessa
is still there for the next Tribal.

We need to Tessa out
and we need Sarah on our side.

LOCKY: Not much options?

Well, she could only...

What are you talking, Pete?

I'm hoping that Tessa is working
her magic on Michelle and Luke

and that she's coming up with
a plan.

I'm just saying, like, that
was...she didn't get me on side.

Sarah seems to be really angry,

and I'm not quite sure
what she's up to.

- She so should have picked you.
- Yeah.

Michelle gambled hers.

Did we just become best friends?


- "Mom, meat loaf!"
- Might get a tattoo.

Tonight, this reward is all going
very well.

Pizza and chocolate, more than
we can possibly eat.

But the best thing of all

is this is a chance
for me to build these relationships

to convince Luke and Michelle
to help vote out these big threats.

I think the people that I see
as a ridiculous threat in this game

are Locky, Henry...

MICHELLE: I think Henry is more
dangerous than Locky, though.

The thing that gets me with Henry,
more than anything -

more than the game,
more than anything -

is he is a different person
to suit who he's talking to.

He's very manipulative too.

And he manipulated Locky. Like,
how does anyone manipulate Locky?

Locky's on board with his plans,

I think those two
see them going to the end together.

Who would you take first,
Henry or Locky?


- Don't you reckon?
- Probably take Henry.

Who has an idol?


- What?
- Mm.

- Yeah.
- So Henry definitely has an idol?


I didn't expect Ziggy and Henry both
have idols within that group.

That's way too much power
in this game.

Oh, we have to get him out,

and we have to be so careful
about who it is.

As long as those people
have two idols,

they can steer the ship.

They can use them as a force
to get them to the end.

We need to take this opportunity
to get them out,

starting with Henry.

The only way to get out Henry
is to blindside him.

Luke, Jericho, Sarah and I
are always on the same page.

But to get rid of someone
who we know has an idol,

it's risky, but maybe we could
pull this off

and the game could be flipped
on its head once again.

Oi, you gotta understand as well,

us three going creates weird stuff
for us.

Oh, yeah. You could see it.

- When we get back...
- They'll all be talking about it.

Oh, look, I like big moves,
I like big plays,

but, uh...under my terms.

They'll probably, like, me as well,

like, you know, the game-play side,

and they'll be like, "No, this
dude's been dodgy over there."

You had no choice, but they will
question why I asked Mish.

I really need them on board.

We are so clearly waiting
to be slaughtered

by this power four.

Henry has to go and I will use
whoever I can to do that.

What happens here stays here

- I have a pinky on that.
- No, I'll pinky on that.

MICHELLE: Good it's raining.

TESSA: Filling up our wash bucket.

How good is it that it's raining?

We actually love the rain.

They will be...

Just surviving,
that's all we're doing.

- Oh, we do have doughnuts - look.
- Oh, what?

- Fruit and doughnuts and Tim Tams.
- Oh!

I have had
the most unbelievable night.

Have we had breakfast AND dinner?
That's crazy!


I've eaten pizza, I've had more Tim
Tams than I actually even wanted.

They just, like,
kept going in my mouth.

Oh, damn.
Should we get the champagne?

Oh, yeah! Champagne breakfast.
Why not?

But best thing of all is I chose
wisely taking Michelle and Luke.

- Oh, go for the cream.
- And jam. There's jam in there too.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- Champagne alliance.
- Champagne alliance.


Now that we have
the champagne alliance,

we can really
take control of this game.

Oh, this is so nice.

LOCKY: They're gunning for us, man.

Everyone knows we're the power three
at the moment...

- Yeah.
- ..with Tara.

So they all might band together.

HENRY: Locky is almost paranoid

that Tessa, Luke and Michelle
teamed up to get rid of one of us.

Like, there's numbers out there
to pull to get rid of us.

I know.

But to be honest, I can't see it.

Luke and Michelle,
they're definitely on my side.

Relax. Tessa and Pete,
they can't do anything.

On top of that,
I know I've got Sarah.

- Sar-Sar.
- SARAH: How'd you sleep?

Yeah, fine, actually.

Sarah is already angry at Tessa
for taking Michelle,

so I've got
nothing to worry about there.

Right now, I'm sitting pretty.

- Moving forward?
- Yeah.

- I'm happy with the easy vote.
- Yeah?

I know I seem really upset

that I wasn't picked
to go glamping with Tessa,

but it was all an act

to really create some visible
distance between Tessa and myself.

Now I can make a move that gets
a big threat sent home tonight.

Henry is still playing
this loyalty to Jericho facade.

But the thing is, Anneliese
told me about Henry's idol -

the idol that belonged to the clue

that he'd given to Jericho
all that time ago.

He had it in his pocket
the whole time,

so he's just been
stringing Jericho along.

- Henry's idol.
- He found it?

- Nah.
- No. No.

- He had it.
- No, no.

- He had it already.
- No. I...I was with him.

- He's put it back.
- He's put it back. find it with you.

He told Anneliese and Locky
he had it already.


I can't believe Henry fooled me...

..that...idol hunting was fake,
that clue he gave me was fake.

He's had this idol from day dot.


You know, as a game player,
good on him for fooling me,

but you fool me know,
shame on me, but fool me twice...

..shame on you.

He's gonna pay for it.

OK. Now that we both know
that he does have it...


..I'll be his best friend.

- Yeah.
- I'll be like his...

Like, "Oh, what's up?"

And, like, play the whole, like...

I'm pulling the fingers,
but really this time it's true.

Yeah, yeah.

Like, "Ha-ha, I'm gonna vote you
out, but actually I am."

Now that he's made a fool out of me,

I wanna make sure
that I make a fool out of him.

As long as Henry
still thinks he has us...

He is convinced he has you.

- And then we'll vote him next.
- And we vote him next.

That seems like
how we're gonna do it.


Because otherwise...

He's not gonna see it coming.

It'll be the most hilarious thing!

MICHELLE: Love to wipe Henry out...

TESSA: Tell you what, it's gonna be
hard going back to camp after this.

We've got some business to do.

Going into
today's immunity challenge,

the worst thing that could happen

would be Tessa and Petey
wearing the immunity necklace.

But...right now,
I'm pretty confident.

I'm confident that me and Ziggy,
Locky, are gonna take the win.

And when that happens...

..we're gonna take Tessa out.

Come on in, guys.


Smell. I don't know
what that smell is.


How was your night away from camp?

It was really nice.

Yeah, we had a marquee
and a nice big bed

and the fact that we had
fluffy white robes last night

was really nice.

- Disgusting.

Tara, what did you say?

It's disgusting.
White robes? Please.

Look, it's all over my shorts.
I feel horrible.


Michelle, are you grateful
that Tessa took you along?

Oh, 100%. Absolutely.

Like, it makes you really appreciate
the little things.

But, um, you know, you never know
what's happening back at camp.

You're there and you've
kind of checked out for a night

but, you know,
what it will be will be.

So it's bittersweet?

It was pretty sweet. (LAUGHS)

OK, you guys ready for today's
Immunity Challenge?

ALL: Yes.

First things first. Henry.

Comes back.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

Alright. Today's challenge.

You will stand on a narrow beam

while balancing a ball
on a wooden bow.

At regular intervals
you move further down the beam,

making it more difficult.

If at any point you drop your ball
or you fall off the beam,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person still standing
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Everyone else vulnerable
at Tribal Council.

Someone's going to be the 15th
person voted out from this game,

third member of our jury.

Now, Peter and Luke.

You guys have an advantage
in this challenge,

which means that you can start
30 seconds after everyone else

at a stage of your choice.

Choose wisely.

Could be the difference between
immunity and going home.

Alright, let's draw for spots
and get started.

Alright. Everyone, grab your bow.

Take your positions on the beam.

Give you a chance.

And then I'll count you in.

What about our advantage?

When do you want to use it?

I might use it straightaway.

OK, so I will give you 30 seconds
after everyone else.

- OK. - OK?
- Yeah.

Alright. Here we go.

Five, four,




This challenge is now on.

Michelle drops out.


OK, Luke, I'm going to count you in.

Five, four, three, two, one.

- Ah!
- Tara's on the move.

She's dropped her ball.

She's out of the challenge.

We're down to eight.

This is a difficult challenge
in itself.

Adding the rain to it is going
to take it to a whole new level.

It's much harder than it looks.

90 seconds in
and already two have dropped out.

Everyone very focused.

Jericho not going to take
his eyes off that ball.

Need to keep the bow away
from your body.

You cannot rest it
on any part of your body.

Number of different ways
of holding it out there.

Some people are palms down,
some people are palms up.

Tessa's one of each.

- Sarah drops out.
- MICHELLE: Oh, Sez!

We're down to seven.


And that rain just keeps coming.

Oh, Zig.

Ziggy drops out.


- Who?
- Zig.

We're down to six.

This is a critical stage
of the game.

This is an immunity
that you want to win.

Things are obviously heating up
at Camp Asatoa.

Another way to ensure that
that heat is not on you tonight

is to have that necklace
around your neck.

Little movement from Tessa.

Brings it under control.

Alright. We're coming to
the end of this round.

I will count you down
and then you can grab your ball.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Grab your balls.

Going to move onto the next round.

In this round,
you need to have one foot

in the second section of the beam.

Here we go.






This challenge is back on.

Ooh, Jericho's in trouble.

He cannot save it.
He's out of the challenge.

Movement from Peter but he manages
to get it under control.

Is Henry out?

No, he's still in.

Down to five.

Battling it out for that necklace.

Peter's keeping his advantage
to the final round.

It's a big gamble.

Will it pay off?

If you don't feel safe tonight,
you gotta win this challenge.

It's the only guarantee
that you'll see tomorrow.

Water's dripping down your face,
into your eyes.

Everything's slippery.

The beam. The bow. The ball.

Water's not your friend
in this challenge.

We come to the end of this round.

I'm going to count you down.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Grab your balls.

We're going to move on
to the last stage.

can I use my advantage now?

Alright. Need to have one foot
in that third section.

I'm going to count you guys in.

Peter, I'm going to count you in
30 seconds later.

- Yep.
- Five...

- ..four,

three, two, one.

This challenge is now on.

OK, Peter.
I'm going to count you in.






- Peter's in trouble, and that's it.
- WOMAN: Petey!

He's out of the challenge.

We're down to four.

I wasted my advantage.


Can't hold it any longer.

Tosses his ball in the air.
He's out of the challenge.

- Damn!
- We're down to three.



And Henry.

Ball movement from Tessa.

Nice recovery.

One of you three will walk away
with that necklace.

Who's it going to be?


Some movement from Henry.

And he loses it.
He's out of the challenge.

We're down to two.

Locky and Tessa, battling it out.

This is the final stage
of the challenge.

Tessa's really starting
to shake now.

She looks like
she could be in trouble.


Locky, on the other hand,
looks rock solid.

The ball has not moved once
this whole challenge.

Tessa's ball's on the move again.

Trying to get it back into centre.

Nice recovery.

Both Tessa and Locky battling it out

for their first
individual immunity win.

Who wants it more?

How are you doing there, Lock?

I'm going good.

Ooh, some movement from Tessa.

Nice recovery.

The question is,
who needs this immunity more?

We are 15 minutes into this round.

Just so heavy.

Any small lapse in concentration
could cost you this necklace.

Oh, and out of nowhere,
Locky loses it

and Tessa wins individual immunity!


- MAN: God damn!
- WOMAN: Oh, my God!

Well done.

Far out, girl, that was insane.

Good girl.

- Amazing.

Oh, can't believe that, hey?

Tessa, come on over.


Looks like that night away from camp

gave you the strength
to win this one.


Immunity is yours.

You are safe tonight,
cannot be voted out.

As for the rest of you,
after 40 tough days out here,

one of you will become the
15th person voted out of this game

and third member of our jury.

Grab your gear, head on out.

Well done.

LOCKY: Today's immunity challenge,
pretty much worst outcome,

losing it to Tessa.

It's super-frustrating.

We need to go back and try
to figure out what we're doing

going into Tribal.

Yeah, it's going to send
a bit of chaos into camp.

Let's get in shelter.

- Uh-huh.
- Man!

Well done, Tess.

- Yeah.
- Well done, Tess.

Tessa winning the immunity necklace
today sucked.

I can't believe I lost today.

You know,
it would have been an easy vote.

Everyone kind of had Tessa
on their horizons.

So now I'm gonna vote
the next person

that isn't with me
in any instance of the game.

So, Pete has to go.

But, my biggest problem right now
is it's raining.

I'm taking this down and putting it
over that so we can, like...

We've got a bit of...

'Cause that can only house, what,
five or six dry people?

It's raining and it's miserable,
so no-one can really go scrambling.

We're kind of stuck in the shelter.

We're all just too close
to strategise.

Honestly, at this point,
I don't even care that it's raining.

What I'm really thinking about is
how I talk to Petey

about the conversations that
I've had with Michelle and Luke.

We just needed to get away
from the shelter

to have a chance to talk.

We'll help you do that, but...

What game play is that?

- Alright, I'm voting Henry.
- Yeah. Me too.

The creation of the champagne
alliance last huge.

Myself, Petey, Michelle,
Luke, Sarah and Jericho

are going to work together
to take down Henry.

- He has to be blindsided...
- I know.

We don't have the numbers
to split the votes,

so, our only real hope here
is to misdirect Henry

and make him feel safe enough
that he doesn't play his idol.

We have to trust that everyone can
see that's in their best interest.

Yeah. It's so obviously
in everyone's best interest.

I think we've laid as much
groundwork as we possibly can.

If this all comes off tonight
and we blindside Henry,

this will be a huge move.

I'm trusting right now
in Michelle and Luke.

I'm really hoping that last night
was not an act.

- Oh. God, I hope this works.
- Me too.

LUKE: Oh, look, you know...

My plan is just gonna be a lot of
acting, would you call it?

- Did anything happen? It was just...
- Oh, it was like...

Obviously there was a lot
brought up about youse two.

I fed 'em some lies,

because of hashtag
champagne alliance made last night,

over the old bit of bubbly.

- She's obviously after you a little bit.
- Oh, is she?

Just saying. Just saying.

I know Tessa's been
trying to get me out.

The plan is working.
There's a lot of paranoia.

Locky's just scared.

It's great, you know.
'Cause Henry's going home tonight.

Of course I'm worried.

I know Tessa is gunning for me and
she's just got an immunity necklace.

And all that needs to happen is,
Pete finds an idol and I go home.

I'll warm up.

Should we chase them?

I can't do that to someone.
I can't do that.

TESSA: I'm pretty sure it was me
tonight if I didn't win, so...

And now I'm worried it's me.

What are you proposing?

Anyone bar us.

- The cat's out of the bag, man.
- Yeah, I know.

Why can't you choose someone else,

I like you. (LAUGHS)

You just want to get me
out of the game, don't you?

- Just now I really want to get you.

I'm willing to get over it, though.
I got over it once before, like...

We're definitely willing to work.

I reckon we go Sarah.

We talked to them.

Go and get them
and let's talk all together.

Yeah. Fair enough. Alright.

I love that Locky and Henry
came running after us

super paranoid that we were,
in fact, looking for an idol.

It means that my plan is working.

I know.

There's no point...

We can get me and you,
Ziggy and Tara...

Tess is already against us.

She said she was gonna boot
Luke and thingy

and then she just said it.

I'll stifle anything they've got
and we'll just go Petey?

- Yeah.
- Petey plays an idol, I go home.

HENRY: Honestly,
I'm not worried at all.

You know,
I don't think Petey's got an idol.

JERICHO: Dead and buried?

What, they don't know
what they're doing?

But what are they out there doing?

It was just a confirmation that
we can go in with a majority,

vote out Petey
and it should be a safe bet.

If there's an idol played by Peter,

I think Petey and Tessa
will vote Locky.

So, right now, I'm pretty confident.

MICHELLE: Five minutes
before Tribal Council,

Luke and I were trying to make
eye contact

and trying to say something
to Sarah and Jericho.

It was SO difficult,
'cause everyone was in the shelter.

One little glance,
and the whole plan could be blown.

But I need to talk to Sarah, though.

I just have to pull her away.

SARAH: Oh, yeah.

And I know I only had 30 seconds.

Oh, yeah? Awesome.

My original Asaga alliance are all
trying to get Henry tonight.

Which makes me really happy.

The only thing is,

I'm definitely am worried that we
haven't made a foolproof plan.

You can't really have
those in-depth conversations

right in front of everyone.

You've got nine people literally
hugging together to keep warm.

As soon as I get the moment,
I'm like...

JERICHO: Tonight, we're all set
to vote Henry. I am excited.

But I am also worried.

I know that any inkling
that he gets,

because he thinks that it's him,
then he might play the idol.

And then there's going to be war.

TESSA: Right before Tribal Council,
Locky is very, very paranoid.

He knows that I'm out to get him.

Which is exactly what I wanted.

Hopefully that makes Henry feel
safe enough not to play an idol,

so we can send him home tonight.

HENRY: I'm not worried at all.

I'll take my idol just in case.

I'll see if there's any vibes
coming my way that I'm in danger.

If there's a chance tonight
that I might be going home,

I'm gonna play it.

We'll now bring in our jury.

Jarrad and Anneliese, voted out
at the last Tribal Council.


So, last night
the tribe got split up

and spent the night
in different locations.

Michelle, was it all
chocolates and champagne

or were there bigger conversations
going on?

It was chocolates and champagne.
(LAUGHS) It was the best.

- Pizza too.
- And pizza. I won't forget the pizza.

I don't want to hear about it.

Last night was amazing.

We had a warm bed, we had food.

It almost felt like
you were back home again.

Can that be an advantage
at this stage in the game?

Um...yeah, it definitely can be.

But, any alone time with people
can create suspicion.

And that can be a bad thing.

There's a lot of paranoia
at this stage of the game.

So, Tessa, spending time away
from the rest of the tribe,

did that give you three
a chance to get closer?

Definitely got to know
a lot more about each other,

which is really nice,

but also I don't think it's a secret

that I'm on the bottom of
this tribe, Jonathan.

I've been blindsided twice in a row
by people I thought I trusted.

So, I don't think you can blame me

that I did definitely try to talk
some strategy with people.

No-one's blaming anyone.

I would think it would be unusual

that you wouldn't
take that opportunity.

Exactly. So, I won't lie, yeah.

We all know she's gunning for me.

Of course you would have
tried to talk strategy,

but I wasn't really concerned that
it would form, actually, anything.

Luke, you know, it's nice that you
got to tag along on this reward,

but could it be a bit of
a disadvantage as well?

I mean, you were separated
from the rest of the tribe -

who knows what they were discussing
when you guys were away.

As far as I'm concerned, they can
discuss whatever the hell they want.

- I got a...

That doesn't worry you?

Nah, nah, not at all, man.
I was hungry as hell.

So, like, I got to sit down
and eat all that food.

anything could happen yesterday

and I wouldn't have been worried
because I was starving.

Wow. OK.

I wasn't really too worried.
I wasn't thinking about strategy.

I was just thinking about eating,
to be honest.

Henry, were you concerned when these
three went off on a reward

and who knows what they're
talking about?

Um, not really, personally.

People go off all the time
by themselves along the beach,

and, yeah, there's the element
of strategy

that could have been happening
when they're away,

but at the same time, if you don't
have that belief in those people

you'll come to Tribal every time
and just be paranoid.

This game's crazy
and it'll drive you personally crazy

if you don't believe in the people
you put trust in.

Yeah, that night away
could have done a lot.

But I would be surprised
if anything actually came from it.

Peter, do you think there are
some people in this tribe

who are becoming unbeatable?

I do think there is a select group
in this tribe

that are very powerful.

They've shown that they're
incredible in challenges,

they've shown that they're

And... (SIGHS)'s scary seeing
their rise to power

as more and more people
get voted out.

Locky, what do you think
makes a player unbeatable?

In this game,

to be unbeatable you need to win
every single Immunity Challenge,

and then you're unbeatable.

But as soon as you lose that,
you're on the chopping block.

Tessa, did you just
roll your eyes on that one?

(LAUGHS) Ah, yes.

I totally agree that nobody
is unbeatable,

but you can certainly
say where the power lies

and who is making the decisions,

and the control over people
who will follow you so willingly -

that's power, you know.

There's no question about
where the power is now.

Tessa brings up a good point.

There are some people who are
more unbeatable than others.

Yeah, that's right.
Like, Henry, Locky, Ziggy.

They're amazing at challenges.

But I don't think
it's the be all and end all.

I mean, look at Tessa,
she took today out.

You don't have to be the fittest.

You don't have to be the strongest.

I mean,
I see two jury members up there now

and you can't help but think,
what they consider a winner is.

You almost have to read the jury's
mind in order to be unbeatable

and know exactly
what they're thinking.

Michelle brings up a good point.

What does the jury
consider to be a winner?

I think you have to tick
all the boxes in this game.

I think you've got to have played
a really great social game.

How did you manoeuvre yourself
around really great players?

You know, you've also got to
take into consideration,

you could be a massive part of
why they're sitting there.

So, Jericho, do you think the jury's
gonna be impressed by big moves?

Um, yeah, big moves are really
respected in this game

and I think that is taken into
making the decision

for whoever wins this.

At the end of the day, we all want
to make as many big moves as we can,

'cause we're all talking about
this resume

that will win you the $500,000.

But, there's a very easy option

and I know that I'll be taking
that easy option.

Tara, do you know how tonight's
gonna play out?

I think tonight will be
an easy vote.

Pretty straightforward.

What about you, Pete? You think
tonight's pretty straightforward?

I don't know.

If Tara thinks it's straightforward
and she's writing my name down,

then that's not a good sign.

So I'm hoping it's not

because that would mean
I'm going home.

Michelle, what are you basing
your vote on tonight?

I mean, I'm doing what is keeping me

in the position
I want to be in in the game tonight.

I mean, I think that first vote
with sending Jarrad home,

that did determine a lot of things,

and I was lucky,
I picked the right side that night.

So, you know,
if it ain't broken, don't fix it.

It's frustrating to me
to hear Michelle saying this.

I just think that people
should think about

who did know what was going on
at the last Tribal Council.

Because it certainly wasn't
the large majority

that thought they were all
working together.

So, maybe it's time to listen
to my harping on.

And get me out.

Henry, do you know how this is
gonna play out tonight?

Um...every other tribal
I've gone in thinking something

and it's played out that way.

So, I think it's gonna go down.
It's gonna be a pretty easy vote.

But, we'll wait and see, I think.


Well, it is time to vote.

Tessa has the Immunity Necklace.
She cannot be voted out.

Everyone else is fair game.

Ziggy, you're up.

For me, this is the easy vote,
'cause it benefits my game.

Fingers crossed this works.

Petey, it's an easy vote, but at the
same time it's a strategic vote.

You were never in any
of my alliances,

and I've got to get rid of Samatau
one by one.

So, I've decided to vote
Peter tonight.

Hmm. I'm a real boy.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden Immunity Idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

If anyone has a hidden Immunity Idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Once the votes are read,
the decision is final,

the person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote. Henry.


There's two votes Henry.


That's three votes Henry.


That's four votes Henry.


That's five votes Henry.

The 15th person voted out
on Australian Survivor,

third member of our jury, Henry.

That's six votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Oh, dang.

I told him.

Well done.

JL, snap away.

Henry, the tribe has spoken.

Oh, dang.

So much love.

See you guys soon.

Oh, dear me.

Far out.

Well, it's clear you all want
respect from the jury.

So now you've got to ask yourself,
who earned their respect tonight?

Grab your torches and head on out.

Next time on Australian Survivor...

There was another blindside
and this time it was Henry gone.

..with the game's biggest
strategist gone...

And it was all because of me.

..there's a vacancy at the top.

SARAH: Me and Jericho
flipped on him.

That was the reason
he got sent home.

I really thought youse were like,

I've killed Goliath
and he went home.

Who will take control?

Been gunning for Henry
since day three.

There's a new mayor in town,
and I'm starting to call the shots.

I don't even know what I'm feeling.

I can't wipe the smile off my face
for some reason.

I just got kicked out.

But, you know, there's no better way
than to go by blindside.

I'm going with the numbers that
I've worked with from Asaga.

But, knowing you, I'd be surprised
if you didn't see it coming.

I want to be remembered as a guy

who absolutely played the game
from day one.

You know, I went after everything.

I was throwing challenges,
I was building multiple alliances.

I got rid of idols,
I got rid of powerful idols.

I got 40 days away with doing
half a yoga class.

You are accelerating
way too fast in this game

and I have to put you down.

You know, credit to the guys
getting me out

because I think I would have been
a real chance

if I had made it to the end.

Yeah, it's gonna be
an Australian first.

Walking out of this game
with an idol in my pocket.

Credit to them. Game recognise game.

That was pretty good.