Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 17 - Episode #4.17 - full transcript

An unlikely duo battle it out in an endurance challenge. All sorts of names are being thrown up for the Tribal Council vote, but the name that keeps coming up the most is one you won't expect.

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JONATHAN: Previously,
on Australian Survivor.

It is time to drop your buffs.
We are merging.


Two tribes became one.

But it was a tribe divided.

JERICHO: When you make the merge,
it's literally the best of the crop.

This is where the war really happens.

The four remaining Asagas -

Luke, Jericho, Sarah and Tara -

look set to be picked off
by the eight Samataus.

We welcome everybody into our house,

and then they kick us out.


But while Samatau sat comfortably
with their numbers,

Asaga was wooing old connections.

We're Asaga. He really trusts me.

First Henry, then Michelle.

You look fantastic.

And finally, Locky.

I'll been keeping
a very close eye on her.

Keeping my friends close,
and my Taras closer.

Come Tribal Council...

..Luke was in Samatau's sights.

I don't know what to expect,
to be honest.

But Asaga showed why you should
never write off the underdog...

If you choose that wrong side,

you've screwed yourself
to get to the end.

..stunning Samatau,
and taking control of the game

with a massive blindside.

13th person voted out
from Australian Survivor,

the first member of our jury,


The tribe has spoken.

11 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

MAN: Tricky play.

Yeah. Hey. Ooh...

Tribal pretty much went as I thought
it was going to go.

Henry was just pretty much deadset
on getting Jarrad out

because he heard his name,
which I respect.

Like, if I heard my name get thrown out,

I'd want to get that person out.

To keep Henry happy, I just went
with getting Jarrad out.

I think I played it that well

that they believed me
hook, line, and sinker.

Tessa, Ziggy and Pete were so
confused with what was going on

because Locky wasn't owning up to
being the person who flipped.

Watching Samatau, just the shock
and awe on their faces,

it was good because
my gameplay up until now

was just to be a number,
be great around camp,

be good in challenges.

I just want to be out here,
just creating havoc

and just keeping everyone on their toes.

That is next-level playing by Locky.

For me, I don't trust him
one little bit.



ANNELIESE: So last night
at Tribal Council,

Jarrad went home.

I missed that memo completely,
and I didn't vote for him.

I voted for Luke, and that was
my one goal coming into this,

being in the majority
on the first vote of the merge.

Locky's been one of my main allies
since literally day one.

But he lied directly to my face.

He lied to the Samatau group,

saying I was the one
who voted Jarrad out,

when he clearly wrote the name on
the parchment.

So, I can't work with him anymore.

I do not want him around here.

You can't predict what he's going to do.

And I can't trust
what he's saying to me.

Ideally, it would be cool if it was
the four of us Samatau.

Michelle, Sarah. Even Jericho.

I know, but that's
what I'm saying, ideally.

If we could move forward
a solid seven...



So, my position in this game right now,

it's not too solid, it's pretty shaky.

But the thing I have going for me
is a hidden Immunity Idol.

And the plan that I've come up with,

get the old Samatau people together.

So Ziggy, Tess, Pete, bring in Sarah.

Bring in Michelle and myself,
we have a majority.

And we can get rid of Locky.

HENRY: Last night at Tribal, the
plan I put in place came through,

and all of the old Samatau
were shocked at when Jarrad left.

And, you know, I'm stoked.

My first big move
after merge has come through.

So, right now, I'm sitting pretty.

I've also got a hidden Immunity Idol

that I've kept on since day four.

That's how much control
of this game I've had.

I went from the majority
to the minority,

still didn't have to use it,
and I've still got it.

All of my game is based around
getting people to trust me.

I gave Jericho a clue in the challenges.

So, I needed to get back
in trust with Jericho.

You know, obviously, it was a clue
to the idol I already had.

So, it says go down
to the end of the beach,

where an old tree has
branches out reach.

Now at merge, I need to really
confirm that he's on my side.

So, I needed to gain that trust.

I tried to poke those
on that plant right there.

But it's just too high.

It's too high.
And then I looked through...

Jericho is the sweetest guy.

It's so hard lying to his pretty face.

Because this is an old tree.
It is.

Like, how old is this tree?

I know, but it could be in, like,
the roots or something.

You know, he's a sweet soul.

And I'm just feeding him
lie after lie after lie.

Come here! Come!

Oh, shit!

Oh, shit.

Hidden Immunity Idol...


Oh, man, you're the sweetest soul
ever. I hate doing this to you.

I hope he can forgive me after,
but right now, he's in my pocket...

..and that's where I need him.

That was the most frustrating scene
in my entire life.

So good.
We did it. We did it.

OK, shh.

Henry finds this idol within
a matter of, what, 10 seconds?

And I've been
looking for this for 10 days!

Henry was always the golden child

that was supposed to get everything.

And he puts out his hand,
and he gets gold.

I put my hand out, I get dirt.

Here's the info that I've gotten
from last night...

..until now.


Locky tried to throw me under the bus.

I think he just wants to create chaos.

So, he's been playing dumb jock
up until now.

And he knows he's not a dumb jock,

so he wants to just stir the pot.

I feel like Locky's been playing
this really easygoing,

"I'm just a dumb jock" game.

And he's at the merge,
and he's super-excited.

He just wants to create chaos.

So, him throwing my name
under the bus last night,

I think he was just
trying to protect himself, but... was a blessing in disguise.

I know that I can't trust
what he's saying,

and any opportunity I can have
to get rid of him, I will.

I think, Locky, there's a big chance

he'll go back to Samatau.


That's why we really need to
come together with everything.

So, let's say Locky
goes back to Samatau.


We couldn't get Locky out, could we?

We... Yeah. I think we could.

The issue is that
he's super-likeable,

and people still want to work with him.

I don't understand why!

But I am gunning for Locky

because I know he's turned on me.


Shush, shush.

Henry and Luke are two of my
favourite friends in this game.

You know, they are so cheeky.

So, we had some jam and sugar
left over, thanks to Tessa

at the first reward challenge
as a merged tribe.

So sweet.

I'm gonna make sure that I get
all this jam into my belly.

It's merge!
It's an individual game now.

And we're just stealing
as much food as we can.

Got to get that sugar into you somehow.

Ah, no-one even knows.

It's a new morning, new day, new life.


LOCKY: Do you want to grab the jam
and bring it over?

I was, like, "Woo-ee! Stuff's
gonna get exciting now."

There's, like, nothing left.

Where did it all go?

ANNELIESE: This morning we woke up,

and the rest of the jam
was completely missing.

It was just an empty jar.

Someone's literally put their finger
in there and licked it clean.

Yeah, there's fingers in there.

Where did it all go?

Someone's taken it.

Well, we know someone's taken it.

There was enough for breakfast!
There was enough for breakfast.

And then, so who went at it?

I'm not sure whether they were
just being greedy or selfish.

I'm not sure whether they were trying

to make us angry or anything.

But there's no jam left,
and it's obvious one of us did it.

And no-one's owning up to it.

Let's vote.


Who took the jam last night?

Who ate the cookie from the cookie jar?

Basically, he wakes up,
like there's jam everywhere.

"No, bro."

Tara, did you eat
all the jam last night?

Oh, well, yeah.


- Did you really?
- No!

I didn't even have any the other day

when the coconut thing was going around.

Food out here is so precious,

and the fact that the jam is missing

is such a sensitive subject.

Whoever did it was wanting
to really infuriate people.

There was a good centimetre left.

And it was enough for everyone
in the morning.

- Someone's eaten it after that.
- Oh, yeah, obviously.

TARA: At home, it'd be just like,
"We'll go and buy some new jam."

But here, it's like,
"Whoever stole the jam has to go."

So, me and Locky start discussing,

you know, our next move forward.

We noticed, obviously, at Tribal,
Anneliese didn't vote with us.

So she's promised us top three.

But it doesn't seem like
she's voting with us.

So her with her idol is a big threat.

So we thought, "Why not try
and get rid of her?"

She hasn't shown any loyalty to us.

Plain and simple.

And even if she is loyal
to you one week,

she is not guaranteed the next week.

And the next week, and the next
week. And that's just...

I'd rather know where everything
sort of is sitting.

She would have had the jam for sure.

I would be so surprised
if it wasn't her.

After the fallout of the jam saga,

everyone believes Anneliese did it.

I don't know why.
That wasn't our intention.

But now, everybody is on Anneliese.

I just want to accentuate this.
I want this to be a big thing.

I want it to be in the forefront
of everyone's minds.

- I'd love to know who it was.
- It was her.

- I saw the spoon.
- I know. But how could she...?

The fact that everyone knows it's you,

then why wouldn't you say,
"Oh, yeah, it was me, guys."

It's snowballed into a power play.

And if this comes off,
it is huge for my game.

At the moment, I'm, you know,
in an alliance with Samatau,

but last night I found out that
Locky's a really good liar.

We were trying to find out who flipped.

And we didn't know if it was
Anneliese or if it was Locky.

You know, they were both denying.

They were both saying that they had
no idea what had gone on.

And I was convinced it was Anneliese.

But, um, Locky was just playing us.

We need people like you
to have our backs,

and Jarrad was that person for me.

And he's gone.
So now it's you that's...

With Jarrad gone,
it means that I need to find,

like, a new majority.

Like, I feel that if I don't win
the next Immunity Challenge,

that my name's going to be written down.

I do have the Super Idol.

The Super Idol is a lot of power

where I can use it to make an idol void.

And I can use it as an
individual, like, idol for myself.

But I can only play the Super Idol
if someone's got an idol to play.

I trust you and Tessa.

You're the only people
I fully trust in this.

And I'd rather go down swinging
with you two

than just, like, me following with you.

Locky's playing us all.

I think he thinks
he can just blindside us,

and then pull us back on his team.

And that we'll just laugh it off.

But I'm no fool.

In my gut, I really feel
he's playing us.

I really feel so is Henry.

And I see them as really popular too.


- I'm OK with that.
- OK.

Right now, I feel
like I've got two options.

And I really feel like I could
actually go both ways.

Do I stay with my original alliance?

Or do I just find a new alliance?
Is it going to get me further?

So today, specifically, I do not
want Locky to win immunity.

We have a blueprint planned
to eliminate him tonight.

It's all in the works, and the only
thing that would stop that

is Locky winning immunity.

HENRY: I need to make sure
that Anneliese doesn't win

because she's a threat to me.
She's got an idol,

and she's got Samatau connections
over the other side.

So, I just need her to go.

Come on in, guys.

Michelle, what's the food
situation like now?

Oh, look. I've been starving
the whole 38 days, to be honest.

So, it's coconut, rice and beans.

And we're all getting pretty sick of it.

Is everyone getting enough?

Henry, you're shaking your head.

No, I don't think everyone
is getting enough.

But, you know, this is Survivor.

So we probably all shouldn't be
getting enough.

You know, there's definitely been
a bit of food politics

going on at the moment.

Who's eating more?
Who's eating less?

Who ate the jam?

- Oh, there's a jam thief?
- There is.

- There is amongst us.

I'll let you guys work that one out.

Ziggy, I know you worked hard for it,

but you're going to have to give it up.

That's OK.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

Today's challenge is divided
into three rounds.

In the first round, you'll toss
a ring onto a hook.

First six people to land them

will then move onto the next round.

Round two, you'll be tethered to a rope.

You need to manoeuvre yourself
over, under and through a frame

to the end of the rope.

First three people to do so
will move onto the last round,

where you'll roll balls up
a ramp and onto a ledge.

First person to land
all three balls on the ledge

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Everyone else, you know the drill,

vulnerable at Tribal Council.

Somebody's going to be the 14th
person voted out from this game.


Alright, we'll draw for spots,
and we'll get started.


Alright, everyone grab their rings.

Alright, here we go.
We're looking for top six here.

For immunity. Survivors ready?


First six people to land their ring

will move onto the next round.

Right out of the gate,
Peter hooks his ring.

- Oh!
- Tara right behind him!

- Boom!
- Henry makes it three.

We have three spots left.

You can get this very quickly,
like the first three did,

or it can take forever.

There's definitely a learning curve
involved here.

- Yo!
- Locky gets it!

We're looking for two more.

If you want to stay in this challenge,

you're going to have to land it.

- Yes!
- Tessa lands her ring!

She's going through to the next round.

We're looking for one more spot.

Ziggy, Michelle, Luke.

Sarah, Anneliese, Jericho.

Who's going to land that last one?


Immunity on the line today, guys.
Someone going home!

- Come on!
- And that's it.

Jericho's the last one through.

Wow, it was so close.

OK, moving on to round two.

We have Locky, Peter,

Henry, Tessa, Tara and Jericho.

Survivors ready?


You need to work your way
along that rope

that's twisted through the frame.

You gotta make your way
all the way to the end.

Top three in this round
will move on to the last round.

This part of the challenge
is very tough.

You're going to tire yourself out
very quickly.

One mistake here,
you could get all tangled up

and lose valuable time.

Locky flying through it.

But he's getting caught up on the rope.

Henry trying to do the same,

just flinging himself around that frame.

Peter's getting a little stuck.

Tessa's a little tied up.

Tara carefully making her way through,

trying not to get tied up.

Jericho whipping through.

Jericho's made for this.

Jericho's an animal.

Henry just throws himself
over the top of the frame.

He is determined to get through
to the next round.

Henry's slightly ahead, but not by much.

Tara's starting to slow down.
Tessa cautiously going through.

Good work, guys.

Locky and Henry slightly ahead now.


Oh, Henry really punishing himself
on this one.

Peter's really slowed down.
He's dropping behind.

Locky and Henry are neck-in-neck
at this stage.

Almost through the frame.

Henry's through!

OK, now you got to get through
this vertical post.

Locky's through his frame.

He's working on the last part.

Oh, shit head.

Henry falls over from exhaustion.

38 days out here is taking its toll.

Locky is almost through.
Is this it for him?

Locky's first through.


Good work, Lock.

Henry, almost through,
but really, really exhausted now.

Jericho's through the frame.
He's working on the last part.

Henry's through. We're looking for
one more position.

Who's it going to be?

Jericho has a nice lead,
but anything can happen.

Never give up in this game.

Jericho's getting tangled up
on that last post,

opening the door for Tara.

Peter's almost through the frame.

Tessa's almost through the frame.

Tara's through the frame! She's
working on the last part now.

Come on, guys, keep going!

If you want a shot at immunity tonight,

you're going to have to put
your hand on that post.

- One spot left.
- LOCKY: Well done, J.

And that's it! Jericho's through.

Yeah, good job, guys!

Jericho, Locky, Henry
move on to the last round.

Alright, Locky, Henry, Jericho
still in this,

battling it out for immunity.

Survivors ready?


You need to land that ball

at the top of the ramp.

Oh, right out of the gate,
Locky gets one.

Definitely a learning curve
involved here.

Tricky thing about this challenge,

you get one up on the ledge,

you could easily knock it off
with another ball.

Henry gets close, rolls
into the gutter at the back.


Henry loses a ball.

Be careful of the other balls.

Henry lands his first.

Oh, Henry, good!

We're tied,
one each for Henry and Locky.

The only way to guarantee safety tonight

is to win this challenge.

Jericho has one up there now.

- Nice work, Jericho.
- Good, Jericho.

We're tied, one-all.

Henry lands his second.

He's going to do it!
Not quite!


Pressure's on for the other two.

Jericho has another one up there.

- Good work!
- He's got two of them!

Henry and Jericho tied,
two each. Locky has one.

Both boys could win it here.

No, not quite!

Jericho could win it with this roll.

Oh, Jer.

No, too much power behind that one.

Locky only has one.

Locky comes dangerously close
to knocking off his ball.

Oh, just a little too much force.

Oh, Jericho's close.
Oh, no!

Henry could win it right here.

And it's rolling around!
What's going to happen?

That's it! Henry takes it!
Henry wins immunity!

Good job.

Good job, Henry.

- Nice work, Hen.
- Well done.

Henry, come on over.

Individual immunity is yours.

You are safe, guaranteed
another day in this game.

Well done.


As for the rest of you,
no such guarantees.

Someone will be voted out tonight

and become the second member
of our jury.

Grab your gear, head on out.
We'll see you tonight at Tribal.

I don't feel safe at all,
going into Tribal Council tonight.

I feel so uneasy.

I have this huge plan in the works,
and if it backfires, I go home,

and if Locky doesn't go home,

and, for some reason, I come back
to camp, that's not great either.

I feel like tonight is where my game

is either made or where it just dies.

- That was a fun challenge today.
- So painful!

- Henry!
- Where's the man of the hour?

- HENRY: Thanks, guys.
- You deserve that so much.

So in the challenge, it was incredible.

One of the best challenges
I've been a part of.

And, you know, I'm scratched up from it,

but I got the necklace,
so I'm safe tonight.

Not only did I win
the Immunity Idol for myself

to keep myself safe,

but I allowed Anneliese to be open
to be voted out tonight,

which is exactly what I wanted.

I want Anneliese gone
because she didn't vote my way

in the last Tribal Council.

She's playing both sides.
She's got an idol.

She's very powerful, and that power
isn't connected with me anymore.

So, I need her gone.

Every Tribal I've been to, I've known
exactly how the votes have gone,

and I don't see it differently tonight.

Henry said that he wants
to vote out Anneliese.

You know, she did flip
and try to vote me off.

No-one votes for the King
of Asaga, you know?

You come to my beach,
and then you write my name down.

Tch-tch-tch! Eh?

Your game's done. (CHUCKLES)


LOCKY: The plan is pretty much
everyone's voting for Anneliese.

A couple of them are voting
for me with Anneliese.

It was my idea
to get them to vote for me,

so I'm wearing it on my chest.

But I'm definitely nervous
about tonight.

Anneliese plays her idol,

and there's three or four people
voting for me.

I mean, my head's on the chopping block.

Me and Henry came up with
a kind of ploy to get her out.

I kind of act scared. She gives me
the idol. She goes home.

And I'm sitting pretty with an idol.


I don't know.

No, I know.


So, Locky and I are playing
this weird game this evening

where we're both pretending
that we don't know

that the other person
is coming after each other.

And in a completely
fake conversation, says,

"Oh, I think it's
going to be me tonight."

And then I do my fake side
of the conversation.

I know.

Oh, it's all rubbish. We both know
each other is lying.

I think it was a waste of our time.

Everyone is out for themselves now.

And I need to make a move now

to try and get some control back.

Lock just pulled me aside
and says, "I think it's me.

"No-one from Samatau has been
wanting to talk to me."

And I just reassured him
he had the numbers.

So, no-one's going
after him from Samatau.

No, we have talked to him
quite a lot, actually.

- Oh, OK.
- And...

Like... What do we do here?

You could either go up now
and talk to him.

I think we be honest with Anneliese.

I think we have to tell you
that the plan,

as far as I know,
is everyone is voting you.

And Locky has told us
to spread the word that it's Locky

to see if you will come back to him
with that or not.

Why wasn't I told this?
So, am I going home tonight?

- Well, that's the thing.
- We have a plan.

We're trying really hard for you
not to be going home tonight.

- So you guys set me up?
- No.

No. I was telling you
the truth last night.

We just haven't got
the numbers right now.

Everybody starts to freak out,

and I can see all the numbers
that we have lined up unravelling.

But what they don't know is that I have

the hidden Immunity Idol.

So, as long as he still has
the second-most number of votes,

it's Locky going home.


So, I need to play that
for myself tonight.

Just vote Locky! We have
the numbers. It will be OK.

I 100% will.

OK. I'm voting Locky.

- Yeah.
- Hail Mary.

Anneliese, let's hug it out, guys.

OK. We're either
going all the way right now,

or we'll all going out in a row.

Let's do it.

Hail Mary pass.
Maybe you stay back there.

It's all in the works.

We can eliminate
one of the power players,

one of the people who dictate
the terms around here.

So, we can do this still.

OK. Anneliese is going
to play it tonight.

They'll probably split
the votes, 4-3.

Which means our four with Anneliese
voting for Locky,

at the very least, ties.

The very least because
they'll have to split it 4-3.

Up until this point,
I've been working together

with my original alliance,
Peter and Tessa.

At the moment, Tessa and Petey
are trying to save Anneliese

because they've heard
her name out there.

I've told them
I'm 100% on-board with that.

I hope so.

However, in the game
of Survivor, you often say

that people want the big
physical threats out of the game.

But I'm one of those people.

I am one of those people
who is a big physical threat.

So, tonight, the decision
that I've got to make

is to vote out Locky,
who's a massive physical threat,

or vote with Locky and keep him close,

so that he's a shield for me.

So, what do you want to do?
I don't want to risk you.

My aim... This is
what we've been doing.

If someone's after me, we get them.

And if someone's after you, we get them.

- What do you want to do?
- Same play.

I don't think splitting...
if she's got the numbers.

Yeah, but then...
That's what I see.

Ziggy comes up and talks to me and Locky

and, for some reason,
still wants to work with us

after not voting with her.

If Ziggy can somehow come into this,

and if I can see what power
she's got, and use that power,

this move could be one of
the biggest ones made yet.

Everyone knows that I've got
some secret advantage,

but I actually have a Super Idol.

And that means that if someone plays
an idol at tonight's Tribal,

I can play my Super Idol,
and their idol becomes void,

so they'll be going home anyway.

- OK. Easy.
- Yep.

I feel powerful, and it's quite daunting

that Locky and Anneliese,
their life is in my hands.

Like, they could be getting
their flame snuffed tonight

because of me.

- I'm going to use it. It's fine.
- What, your idol?

- No, no. My secret advantage.
- No, the power.

Tonight, I've got to have
a lot of faith in Locky and Henry.

And that's a little bit scary

because they have betrayed me before.

- I've got all my trust in you.
- Yep.

If I go out on a blaze of glory...

No, no.

I like to have control.
I like to know what's going on.

I like to be able to control my future.

Right now, my future
is in Ziggy's hands,

which is kind of crazy.

Only last Tribal, I lied to her,
straight to her face.

She's done it to me a couple of times.

But this is a big move,
and I'm here to make big moves.


They're making me nervous
that it's too easy.

Well, that's what I was saying.

LOCKY: I'm definitely nervous
about tonight.

I mean, if Ziggy doesn't play her
secret advantage, I'm going home.

It's going to be one hell of a Tribal.

HENRY: If all goes to plan,
Anneliese will be gone,

the power will be gone,
the idol will be gone.

I'll be sitting pretty,
with a hidden Immunity Idol myself,

and knowing there's only
one more out there

in Ziggy's pocket, and happy days.

ANNELIESE: We have to
get this right tonight

because Locky comes back angry,

and he comes back with a vengeance.

And I need to take these risks now,

or else I'm never going
to make it to the end.

I'm putting everything into tonight,

and I hope Locky goes home.

Pretty much I'm choosing between

getting rid of Locky tonight,
and getting rid of Anneliese.

I'm having so much fun,
knowing that I've got the power.

Welcome back, Asatoa.

We'll now bring in
the first member of our jury.


Jarrad, voted out
the last Tribal Council.

Henry, at the challenge today,

you mentioned that there was
a jam thief among you.


What's going on with that?

Thanks to Tessa at the first reward
challenge as a merged tribe,

we also got some scones and jam
and sugar.

And we had some jam and sugar left over.

And, you know, one morning we wake up,

and there's no jam left.

It's been licked clean.

So, someone is going against the tribe,

basically feasting on the jam
for themselves.

I mean, someone was buzzing
from that sugar,

and we just didn't see it.

But you went to town on that,
whoever did it.

That was like... Khoo! Khooo!

Are you hungry out here?

I'm starving!

How about you, Luke?

How do you feel about someone

taking all the jam for themselves?

I think it's hilarious, you know?

Whoever did it
deserves a pat on the back.

It's funny as.

Any idea who the culprit is?

Oh, I don't know.

I don't know.
I don't want to point...

Yeah, what are you doing
pointing fingers?

You think it was Luke?

It could have been.
It could have been Lukey-boy.


Poor Luke.

Jericho, who do you think did it?

Um... I'm not quite sure.

And there is speculation of one name.

You think it could play a part
in tonight's vote?

Of course!

The person decided to eat it all,

and that person might go home
because of it.


- Michelle.
- Yes?

Last time we were here,
you said that the decision

could be worth half a million dollars.

- Yep.
- What did you mean by that?

I think last Tribal Council,
it was quite obvious

there was a line drawn in the sand,

and you picked a side.

But this is Survivor,
and it's changing up day by day.

So what happened last Tribal Council,

two hours later,
it's a whole different story.

So, you're saying that line in
the sand is now different tonight?

I think it changed up the next day.

There's been a lot of talk
about that line in the sand.

And I was on the wrong side
of the numbers

at the last Tribal Council.

And people who I had a lot of trust in

were on the other side.

So, I am hoping I can still
trust those people,

which is... it's really difficult.

Locky, do you know how
tonight's going to play out?

Not a clue.

- Are you worried because of that?
- Yeah, of course.

I mean, you come into
every Tribal worried.

It's just... hopefully,
you're on the right side.

- Do you think you're on the right side
tonight? - I bloody hope so.

What about you, Anneliese?
Are you worried about tonight?

Oh, definitely. I'm worried
every night I come in here.

But at the same time, you've got to
take risks in this game.

You have to really believe in
the people you've spoken to,

and what you've been told,

and go with that.

You can't win this game

if you're gonna work with
people you can't trust.

The minute you actually
start to feel safe

and get a bit confident,

that's the minute you're sitting
next to Jarrad.

Sorry, Jarrad. But it's like,
you know, good work.


Ziggy, what's the vote about
tonight for you?

Um, my vote is about voting

for someone... well, against someone,
who is a threat to me.

What about you, Henry?

I'm basing my vote on someone

that's jumped both sides
frequently recently.

So, you've identified a flipper?
Is that what you're saying?


- Ooh, the F word.
- The F word.

Flipper, that is.

Is that what this vote is about
for you tonight?

Yep. The people that flip-flop a bit
are so dangerous.

Alright. I haven't heard much
about idols for quite a while.

Tara, has there been any talk
about idols around camp?

Not that I know of.

Only what Henry has around his neck.

That's the only thing
that's safe, I think,

at this stage, is the Immunity Necklace.

It's Survivor.

Idols are out there, 100%.

If someone has one, I'm not sure.

But, you know, I don't think
idols are off the table.

Some people are sneaky.

How powerful can having an idol be
at this stage in the game?

I mean, we could all be
on the same page,

and that one person with the idol

could potentially send
whoever they want home.

So, it's huge.

Ziggy, is there a danger in
playing an idol too soon?

Oh, for sure. I think if you play it
and you waste it,

then it's gone
and you can't get it back.

But at the same time, there's
a danger in not playing it,

and you walk out of here
with one in your pocket.

So, if you are going to make
a move in this game,

when is the right time to do that?

Uh, tonight?

I think every Tribal Council
is an opportunity to make a move.

And if those opportunities
present themselves,

people have to take it, I suppose.

Well, I want to find out
how this is going to play out.

It is time to vote.

It is time to vote.

Henry's safe, so you can't vote for him.

But everyone else is fair game.

Sarah, you're up.

I can't trust you anymore,

and I would prefer it if you
weren't playing this game.

You didn't vote with me last time,
so you got to go now.

So, if the plan that
I've put in place works,

you go home, your idol goes home.

Ziggy's power goes,

and it'll taste sweeter than
what I had last night.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a Hidden Immunity
Idol, and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Yes, please, on that one.

After listening to Tribal tonight,

I feel like I've been set up
to take the fall

for a few things
I haven't actually quite done.

I'd hate to go out like that.

I can confirm that this is,
in fact, a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Any votes cast for Anneliese
will not count.

Um, Jonathan...

..I'd like to play
this Super Idol, please.

I can confirm that this is,
in fact, a Super Idol.

And it cancels the power of
a Hidden Immunity Idol.


Which means..

..that votes cast for Anneliese

will... still count.



That's crazy!

Oh, God!

OK. Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Anneliese.




That's four votes, Anneliese.


14th person voted out
from Australian Survivor,

second member of our jury,


That's six votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

See you, guys.

Anneliese, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Thanks so much, guys.
You're all so awesome.

It's been a pleasure.

Bye, Anneliese.

Oh, my God.

It's just me and you now.

Well, the only truth in this game
is not what people say,

but how they vote.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Next time on Australian Survivor...

In case you hadn't already guessed,

this is the Survivor Auction.


Money talks.
This one is a big one.



Wow, right out of the gate.

And someone's bid...

..could hold the key
to half a million dollars.

Are you kidding me?


What a way to go out.
I played my idol perfectly.

I did my little speech, and then
Ziggy whips out her Super Idol.

And it just nullifies mine.

I'm still trying to work out
why she did that.

Um, I haven't trusted you
from the start.

So, I'm going to take this opportunity.

I'm proud that I survived
so many Tribal Councils,

and I took home Immunity Challenges,

and I did so many things
on my Survivor bucket list.

And now I get to be part of the jury.

My message to the tribe, if I was there,

would be to start getting out
some of these threats.

This is a really strong top 10.

And if you actually
want to win this game,

you need to get out some of the threats.

You were playing a great game

all the way up to the last Tribal

until you wanted to vote out
old King Kong over here.

Naughty, naughty.

My second piece of advice
would be don't listen to me.

I was voted out in 11th place,

and, obviously, I don't really...
know how to win this game.