Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 15 - Episode #4.15 - full transcript

We are well and truly down to an individual game now and this time around, the prize is a brand new car. What lengths will the Survivors go to get their hands on the keys?

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At Asaga, outsider Peter
was on the chopping block...

Just go Pete.

Everyone's sick of Pete.

..until Sarah started plotting
against her old alliance.

I need to get Pete on side.

Survivors ready. Go!

Straight ahead 30 steps!

Come on, come on!

When Samatau won reward,

they chose Sarah and Peter
to join them at a feast.

I do want to place my trust
in Henry.

Luke smelt a rat.

Let's go, guys!

Asaga lost the immunity challenge.

Samatau wins immunity!

And Samatau got to sit in
at Tribal Council

and hear their dirty laundry.

You got the shits
because Sarah got chosen.

Can we pull that back
just one second?

You yelled at me twice today and...

Let's just not do everything
because we have, like...

Before the vote,
another big twist in the game.

First person to stand up
will commit mutiny.

Peter taking the chance
to rejoin his old tribe...

Take your buff off
and toss it in the fire.

..leaving Asaga
confused and divided.

13 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

Tribal was crazy.

Look, it could have been me going
home tonight, could've been Pete,

could've been Sarah.

But Pete committed mutiny
and went back to Samatau,

ran back with his little tail
between his legs

'cause he couldn't handle it
out here in Asaga.

I wonder what the other tribe
thought of that.

Oh, they would love that.

Do you know what?

They have pretty much gained
so much power.

Oh, my God. It's ridiculous.

We're all broken, in their eyes.

This is definitely the lowest point
in my game because I thought that

I had Sarah and Luke
really strong in my alliance,

and the minute Tribal Council
happened, it came crashing down.

I didn't realise that
people in my own army

were gunning for one another.


That's why I was like, "Oh,
why do you want to go after me?

"I'll go after you."

And you did say it.

No, I didn't! What?
Yes, you did. You told me that.

I did not, Luke!
Now you're putting...

No, no.
You're trying to... No, no, listen.

Let me speak.

Luke had a go at me,
but he is erratic.

He tells one story
but doesn't back it up.

How can you trust someone like that?

I know I'm on the out of this group,
but if you sit there

and tell me to vote, you said, "Me,
you and Odette, we're voting Sarah."


And now he's trying to put it on me
by saying I'm...

No, it is not on me.

You are putting something on me
and I am not...

This is why I'm standing up
for myself.

Tonight is chaos.

But hearing Luke scramble
and try to cover his story

makes him look worse in the end,

and I think that Tara knows

that she definitely
has to work with me now

because Luke is far too shifty
for her.

Well, the thing is, me moving
forward is that this is a game,

we are getting to the pointy end.

Everyone just needs to do
what's best for them.

And now I can just swing whatever
they thought was gonna happen

to work my way
and continue on in my web of lies.

Holy hell.

Welcome back, Petey.

Glad to see me?

How do you feel now, Pete?

Walking back into camp was amazing!

It is the swamp.
It is the Samatau swamp.

But I just love
seeing everyone here.

So, very happy to be back.

Yes. Yeah.


Like we said, we wanted you
to survive and then potentially,

whenever it is, come to us.

You've done that in a night.

Like, that is the best thing
that could have happened.

Oh, yeah.

You did, brother.

Pete coming over here was great
for everyone at Samatau, but me.

Home. Home.

I'm still very close
with Locky and Anneliese

and planning to go further with them
in this game,

but having Pete come over here,

I think it strengthens Jarrad,
Ziggy and Tessa's alliance.

So, it's a massive curveball
that didn't curve my way tonight.

I'm back home, guys. Back home.

Pete jumps me
in hierarchy position.

And now I'm basically
almost on the bottom with Michelle.

So, I'm setting up my next
20-odd days to get to the end.

I need to get back to what I do best
and make my moves.

Day 33 with Asaga,
the mood is quite low.

After last night, it was like
hanging out with family members

that you just don't like

but you've been told
that you have to sit down

and have a dinner with them.

I don't think there is an Asaga.

I think it's a tribe,
but it's completely washed out.

Last night, we let our emotions
get the better of us,

then all our dirty laundry
was aired out.

Hopefully he continues to trust me

because I think we could make
some really good moves.


Like, Michelle, you, me and Luke
could all get back together again.

And I think everyone's trying
to forget what just happened.

But I'm not sure
if everyone's going to forgive.

But you, like,
I'm always gonna look after you

and what you want as well.

But you've got to just trust
that I'm looking out for you

at the end of the day.

I've never felt more lonely
in this game.

Because I thought I had an alliance
that I was gonna go with.

So when it comes to the merge,

Samatau will definitely
just pick us one by one.


Oh, man, Tribal was a circus.

I don't know what's happening.

All I know is I've got
a massive target on my back.

An idol would be great because
I've been making too much noise.

You know, that's the thing -

you make too much noise,
people want you out.

Lookin', prayin', an Idol...

Pot luck.

When it lands in my hands...

..stuff is gonna go down.

Oh, man.

Idol hunting.

I don't even know
if there is any out here, you know?

Our beach is massive.

I'm diggin'.

I'm searchin'. Where is it?

Give me an Idol.

Come on! Must be in here somewhere!

They want me gone but...

..don't count me out yet.

Tear this whole forest down.

Show how much you can do.

One, two...

So we're getting closer to merge
and the individual game.


I am excited about that
because I am a physical threat.


And once we get to that merge,

I feel as though I'm gonna be
a lot stronger in this game.

One, two...

But it's not just a physical game,
it's a social game,

and I don't really have
an alliance anymore.

I'm a free agent.

Seven, eight...


I suppose that I am
with Jericho and Luke

but I could also be seen
with Sarah and Tara.

There you go.
Both hands up. There we go.

Wait, wait, wait, can I go?

So far I've just been voting
with the majority,

and that is a game play for me.

Just making sure I'm a number,

I'm not really out there

where most of the people last night
aired their dirty laundry,

and they're gonna have bigger
targets on them than what I have.

My strategy is working very well.

The way the alliances
sit in the tribe at the moment

it's me and Tara
versus Luke and Jericho.

And Odette is in the middle.

But, really, I'm still working
both sides.

I think they're gonna do
the three of them,

and they're gonna
vote for one of us,

I don't think we're gonna be
able to budge them.

The thing about Odette is she's
a very smart person in real life

but she does not get Survivor.

She just wants to go with
the easy vote.

She just wants to make it
the next day and that's it,

and I just can't reason
with someone like that.

Odette's just an easy vote.

She could very likely
get into the merge

and just be like,
"Hi, I'm here. Pick me."

And she could flip, she could flop.

You know, she is one dangerous girl.

It was beautiful
waking up at Samatau today.

Friendly faces,
people I can work with,

people I understand, people
I'm on the same level with.


I feel like this is the place
where I have connections,

where I have options in this game.

I agree 100%.

I'm sussing out my alliances
here again

and I'm also trying to give them
key information

about the Asaga tribe
going into a potential merge soon.

Yeah, we got this.


So, Petey has come back home,

Petey's back with Samatau,

which is great for my alliance.

I really want Henry gone.

It's a tricky one because Locky
has this weird bromance with him.

Just an unhappy Locky
is better than keep Henry.

What makes Henry so dangerous

is he's the perfect package.

He's great at challenges,
he's super likeable,

and he's spent time at both camps,

and has seemed to come out
squeaky clean on both sides,

so he has a lot of friends

Yes. Good plan.

This is the chance
to take out a big shot.

Now's the perfect time.

Henry's the one that has to go
if we lose immunity.

What is it?
Come and grab it?

Oh, that's so scary.
Yeah, he's huge.

I've got a lot of work to do today

in terms of mending relationships

and getting people on side.

I think me and Luke's
relationship is not dead.

I just hope that I can convince him
to trust me again.

But the thing is,
when you put your neck out there

you can't help but worry
that it's gonna be chopped off

and you're gonna be the next one
going home.

Because I just don't respect
people who majority float.

Yeah, I still can't trust Sarah.

Nah, she's playing the game hard,
you know?

I promise.

But I think if we didn't say
nothing to each other

that we're gonna prevent ourselves
from playing with each other

later on down the track.

We're like two...evil brother
and sister.

My God.

We're like, oh...

It could work in our favour
because at the moment

no-one sees us at all close.

But don't forget, I will be coming
for you at some stage.

Come on in, guys.


- How is everyone today?
- Good.

Peter, I see you carrying the flag.

Were you welcomed back
with open arms into Samatau?

I was welcomed back
with open arms into Samatau.

I think, um...last night I was
labelled the easy vote by Luke,

so,'s nice to be back.


..what impact has
Peter coming back had on Samatau?

Oh, it's been great, you know. We
know what Petey brings all the time.

It's just great to have another
asset back into our team.

So we definitely got strength

from, you know,
listening in on Asaga's Tribal,

and then at the end of it,

we get a little prize
with Petey coming back to us.

So it was great for us.

OK. You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


First things first - Tessa...

Take care of him.
Take that back. Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you'll hang on to a rope
attached to a steep A-frame.

As time passes,
your arms will tire...

..until you can no longer hang on.

Last person still on the A-frame
wins immunity for their tribe.

Losing tribe,
gonna see me at Tribal Council,

where someone will be the 12th
person voted out from this game.

you have three extra players.

You're gonna need
to sit three out today.

Cannot be the same people
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it gonna be, Samatau?

OK, Tessa, Jarrad, Anneliese,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else,
minute to talk about it.

Get to it.

Alright. I'm gonna count you in.

For immunity...

Three, two, one.

This challenge is now on.

It's all about upper body strength,
this one. Hand strength.

This challenge will quickly
become difficult.

Remember, guys, you gotta keep
your hands above that knot.

Sarah hunched over already.

Not even two minutes in.

Your position on this rope could
have an effect on this challenge.

If you're at the top and you fall,

you could take out
a tribemate lower down.


Really starting to struggle now.

Shifting around.

Big dog not liking this one.

34 days in.

Not much left in the tank.

Don't stress, Lock.

Nah, I'm not gonna last long.

Stay steady.

110 kilo on this isn't fun.

Nah. I think I'm going in.

Go in gently.

Locky thinks he's gonna go in.

Can't hold on much longer.

His feet starting to slip.

Really starting to struggle now.

Pain on his face.

Oh, shit!

Locky's out of this challenge.

Samatau's down to four.

That rope's all yours, Michelle.

Did Samatau pick the right
people for this challenge?

Luke starting to struggle
for Asaga now.

Oh, God.

The big boys
having trouble with this challenge.

Luke is dancing all over
the platform.

He's doing a Riverdance over there.

Oh, man, I don't know...

The pain on Luke's face.

Just breathe.


Luke's in the water.

He's out of the challenge.

Yeah, guys. Stay in.
They're struggling.


Henry trying to readjust.
Little slip.

Nice recovery.

Pete, I'm going.

Alright. Don't take me out.

That's it. Henry's out.

Samatau have three left.

Asaga still have four.

But Tara's starting to slip now.


Tara's wondering
what I'm talking about.

really starting to struggle now.

And that's it!

Sarah's out of the challenge.

With three each, Peter, Ziggy
and Michelle for Samatau,

versus Tara, Jericho
and Odette for Asaga.

What up?

Oh, little slip from Tara.

Good work, Tara.

Nice recovery, though.

This challenge is all about
pain management.

Michelle trying to reposition.

Yes, Michelle. Good job.

Not looking comfortable at all.

Keep it up, guys.
They're struggling.

Tara really starting
to struggle now.

She's slipping.
On the knot. On the knot.

She is down to the knot now.

She's trying to hold in.

She's out of the challenge!

That's OK, Tara!

Asaga's down two now.

Oh, little slip from Michelle.
This could be it for her.

Michelle's finally
out of the challenge.

Well done, Michelle.
Well done, Michelle.

Almost 20 minutes for Michelle.

Great effort.

We're down to two each.

Jericho and Odette for Asaga,

versus Ziggy and Peter for Samatau.

Peter back on his old tribe,
determined to prove his worth.

Keep going, Petey.

Last person standing
wins immunity for their tribe.

Strain starting to show
on Odette's face.


They're struggling as well.

Dig deep, darl.

I've got to go, Jeri.

Odette's out of the challenge!

Good work, darling! Good work!

It's all up to Jericho for Asaga.

Ziggy and Pete
are still in this for Samatau.

Good work, girls.
Well done.

Ah, great work.

Jericho giving the impression
that he could be there all day.

Yeah, baby.

Jericho has brought his A-game
to the A-frame.


Ooh, a slip from Ziggy now.

You alright, Zig?

She recovers.

The hands have got to be on fire
at this point.

Well done, Petey.

Peter starting to struggle now.

Ziggy, I'm gone.

Alright. Three, two, one.

He's out of the challenge!

Well done, Pete!

It's Ziggy versus Jericho.

Who's gonna take it for their tribe?

Yet another challenge
coming down to the wire.

Amazing, Pete.
Well done, Pete.

You got it, J.

You're looking so strong.

Jericho. What's keeping you
up there?

I truly believe in Asaga,
as divided as we are.

I really want an Asaga to win this.

Yeah, boy!
You are so sweet!

Ziggy, what about you?

What's keeping you up there?

I just love competition.

It's all about competition
for Ziggy.

I just like winning. Let's be real.

Well done, Ziggy.

Looking good, Ziggy.

All day, Jer.

Terminator up there, Jeri!

Hang in there, Zigs.

Oh, slip from Ziggy now.

Alright, Ziggy, you've got this.

Both players proving
they are no pushover

when it comes to
endurance challenges.

Two very different styles here.

Ziggy hunched over,
head down, concentrating.

Jericho standing up straight.

It's a waiting game now.

Who's gonna give up?

Lots of readjustments
from Jericho now.

The first time in this challenge,

Jericho is starting to look
a little uncomfortable.

Pain is starting to show
on Jericho's face now.

Proud of you, Jeri!

Well done, Ziggy.

Good work, Zig! You got this.

Both players reaching to
the bottom of the tank.

Trying to find the inner strength
to keep going.

Just keep hanging in there!
You know you can do it!

Who's gonna reach
the end of their limit?

He is just
constantly moving, Zig.

He slips and then climbs up
and then slips again. You're solid.

Anneliese reassuring Ziggy
that she's got this.

She's got this.
She does.

Jericho might have other ideas.

You've got a big heart, baby.

Jericho and Ziggy, you guys have
been up there for two hours!

Both players trying to keep
their brains fighting

as their bodies slowly give up.

You're not ever letting go, Zig.


Awesome work, Jeri.

We are proud of you!

Haha! Yeww!

Hooley dooley.
Good strong grip!

Massive effort from both Ziggy
and Jericho.

Mate, you've got this.

That's it!

You guys did amazing.

Good job.

Good boy, Jeri.


Jericho is out!

And Ziggy wins immunity for Samatau!

Oh, I should have stood up earlier!
My back...

Asaga swims out to greet Jericho!

Give him a hug.

Great performance from both people.

Well done! Oh, well done.


Ziggy, this is deservedly yours.

You have won immunity
for the whole tribe.

Everyone's safe, no-one going home.

Alright, guys, you can head on out.

Swim it back to camp.

Jericho, massive effort.

Came so close.

Sadly, though, I'm gonna see
you guys tonight at Tribal.

Someone's gonna be
the 12th person voted out.

Swim it back. See you tonight.

You know, that was a really,
really tough challenge.

And I lost.

And tonight
we have to vote out one person,

but I keep reminding myself,
you can't rescue everyone here,

and the only one that you can rescue
is yourself.

- There you go.
- Ah...

Far out, Jeri,
you ruined it for us.


Hard luck, guys.

Jericho gave it
absolutely everything today.

True to form, he's Asaga blood

and he did not want Asaga
to lose another member.

But Ziggy is an absolute machine

and it means that we're
going to Tribal tonight.

Look at him. He just doesn't
stop, this work. Look at him.

I know!

How strong is bloody Ziggy
when it comes to those challenges?

She's a beast.

I wonder how long
she could have gone for.

Yeah, I know. Forever.

I think, tonight,
there won't be any big surprises.

Jericho and Luke have a bond,
and Sarah and I.

Odette really is
just that middle man,

so, you know,
it has to be Odette tonight.

When it starts
looking that...

It's clearing up. It's clearing up.

Do you want
some coconut, Tara?



Mm-hm. Odette.

When the four of us
were in the shelter, I said "Yes.

"Uh, me and Luke are voting with you
and we're gonna vote out Odette."

I think Sarah really believes that.

But there is a chance that Luke
and I could flip and vote her out.

That was easy. It was easy.

Why can't we do this every time?

Whatever happens,
I'm sticking with you!

I'm...I'm gonna use your formula.

Just, like, stay out of it.

Stay out of it.

For me, not really
wanting to strategise

is kind of half my strategy.

After last Tribal Council,

that just got way too messy.

So, let's just make it an easy vote
and get out of there.

I don't believe anything Sarah says.

You know what?
I'm keen to just get rid of Sarah.

You and me and Luke... Poom!

Tonight, Jericho, Luke and myself
are gonna vote Sarah

because she has made it clear
that she's doing what she's doing

for her best interests,

and I can't trust her.

I've confirmed to everyone
I needed to confirm to

that I'd like Odette gone tonight.

So, hopefully,
they're all on the same page.

But I still have to appear like
I'm looking out for myself.


So, I'm telling Odette
that I'm voting Luke

and that I really need her
to vote with me.

And that's what I need to do

to make sure she doesn't do
anything crazy tonight.

I don't feel like I need to
say anything else.


You know where I stand.

Basically, I don't want to
go home tonight.

So, I have
two alliances coming to me,

and I can either pick Luke or Sarah.

They're the two names that are
out there for tonight's vote.

And that makes me
the most powerful person

because I'm, like, the swing vote.

I don't even know what's
best for me yet, going forward.

That's left me thinking,
although I was very solid,

"Sarah's going to go home.

"Maybe it's good to keep her."

If Sarah goes forward,

we know she's got people in Samatau.

If Luke goes forward,

then he could be a nice shield,

'cause he's quite out there
and he's a powerful player.

So, you know, I can
change this game.

Man, these last
couple of days,

I suppose I don't feel
completely safe.

Obviously, Sarah could definitely
chuck my name out there again,

'cause I think she wants me out.

Whether all this talking that we did
is for real or not

is, uh...a bit iffy.

So, uh... Yeah. I don't know.

I might even just flip a coin,
if I had one.

Really not sure
who I'm voting for tonight.

Luke or Sarah.

I'm going to probably base my vote

on what I hear at Tribal,

and what stirs me.

Whatever happens, guys,
this is my Asaga tribe...


And I have enjoyed every second
with every single one of you.

I want to stay
with you guys as well.

Like, I appreciate your game play.

Like, I appreciate that... put yourself out there.

Like, Luke, Sarah...

I've been taught,
time and time again,

that you never know
what's gonna happen at Tribal.

And even though I think
it'll be Odette tonight,

it could be me, it could be Luke.

I've definitely put a target
on my back

and I could be packing my bags
and going home tonight as well.

It's crazy.
It's crazy out here, on Asaga.

You know, the king's sitting there,
on the edge of his seat.

Uh, a little bit worried.

Like, uh, I could have just been
sold a whole lot of lies.

You never know in this game.

Well, Asaga sure is shrinking.

Feels that way.

Jericho, I want to talk about today.

You were atop that A-frame

and in the middle of the challenge

you mentioned that
the tribe is really divided.

Um, well,
in the last Tribal Council,

there was a lot of arguments.

But after that, we slept through it

and when everyone had individual
conversations with one another,

there was that surprise peace
and we actually bonded.

Well, Jericho,
you said that after you slept on it,

everyone came together,

but you only talked about it

a couple of hours ago
at the challenge,

so it seemed like you were still
divided at that point.


You know,
when you're in front of Samatau,

you've got to say that
we are divided.

We won't reveal to them that we
actually are closer than before.

I mean, 34 days with these guys,
I'd do everything for them,

and that's why at the challenge
today, they were my strength.

Gonna make me cry.

Stop loving us so much!

We've gone from yelling
at each other to finally...

To just, like, in love.

Sarah, you know,

obviously this is a much calmer
Tribal Council than the last one.


Does that mean you guys are all
on the same page tonight?


I don't know.

I'd like to think so, that I'm
on the same page with the majority,

but you really, really never know.

Lots of people have lots of
different motivations in this game.

I... You don't know
until the name is read out

and the person is sent home.

Odette, at last Tribal Council,

you said that the tribe
should just stick to the easy vote,

meaning Pete, but now he's gone...
Mm-hm. this still an easy vote

Oh, it's definitely not
an easy vote because...

..we would love to stay together.

It's a difficult one tonight.

It's a lot more difficult
than the other night.

Tara, do you think tonight's vote is
what's best for the tribe

or what's best for individuals?

I think tonight's vote, all of us,
are looking at that next step of,

you know, going into a merge.

I am looking at moving forward
for my own game.

What about you, Sarah?

At the last Tribal Council,
you said, "Hey, look,

"everyone should just
play their own game."

You still feel that way?

Yeah, definitely.

Moving into merge, you've got to
think about your longest game plan

and you've got to look at people
you're gonna work with

that also fit into
that long-term game plan.

That's how definitely
I am playing the game.

So what kind of people do you want
to move forward with,

going into the merge?

Um, def trust is definitely
a massive thing.

It's been a crazy game so far.

Lots of lying happens and it's gonna
happen even more come merge

because that's two tribes
coming together and... are gonna only be able to
rely on people you trust.

But going forward, your game plan
doesn't always necessarily mean

you're gonna stay close to somebody.

You've got to
think of different options.

Maybe keeping some people
that you may feel as though

have bigger target on them
than yourself.

Jericho, would you agree?
Yeah, of course.

The physical threat that you could
be aligned with could be someone

you use as a shield because you know
that if you can hide behind them,

you won't be the first one
to get hit when the arrows fire.

So Luke, is it possible that...

I'm gonna get hit with arrows?

I think coming in to merge,

I've probably got maybe the biggest
target on my back, maybe.

You know, the real games begin
come merge, you know.

It's like having to start again
out here,

but everyone's got experience now.

Jericho, what kind of people do you
not want to go into merge with?

Um, people that you feel like
will go against you.

The social threat who are just,
like, really good at strategy

and can pull people in because of
their charm and their charisma.

Odette, what do you do
if you identify a threat?

Should kill it.

You've got to be smart about it.

You don't want to be with that
threat at the end of the game.

People gonna be surprised
by tonight's vote?

Oh, I don't think it's myself, but
it's always a surprise around here.

Alright, well, it's time to vote.

Odette, you're up.

You played a really strong game.

I think you're actually
a fantastic player.

Bit too much of a threat for me,
so, see you on the other side.

Odette, at this point I've got to
think of my long-term game plan

and I've got better options,
and I'm sorry.

I'll go and count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Alright, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out

will be asked to leave the
Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.



One vote Sarah, one vote Odette.


That's two votes Odette,
one vote Sarah.

12th person voted out
from Australian Survivor,


There you go.
That's three votes. That's enough.

Guys, it's been so good.

You need to bring me your torch.

All the best, guys.

Odette, the tribe has spoken.

Time to go.
Thanks. See ya.

Bye, babe.

See ya.

Guys, this is it.

Just four now.

Well, it seems that a divided tribe
came together tonight.

I guess we'll find out soon

if this is a marriage made to last
or a one-night stand.

Grab your torches. Head on out.

Next time on Australian Survivor...

For 35 days you have battled it out

and you have fought hard
to keep your tribe strong.

..the moment
they've all been waiting for.

We are merging.

Two tribes become one.


And the game goes into overdrive.

Pretty crazy. Whoo!

When you make the merge,
it's literally the best of the crop.

This is where the war
really happens.

Captions by Ericsson Access Services

I think I got blindsided
by my whole tribe!

But, you know, that just shows that
they are great players in this game.

You're a beautiful person
but I'm going into a war,

and I can't bring anyone that's...
weaken my army,

so, sorry.

I came out here to be a hero
for my son.

I've made fire, we've made shelter

and we've survived out here
roughing it,

and that's something to be proud of,

because it's not easy at all.

You're too dangerous to be going
into this merge on your own,

so you've gotta go.

I think Asaga will divide.
That's my honest opinion.

But I do think one of them
will rise up

just like the phoenix,

so I'm gonna put my money
on one member from Asaga

to win Sole Survivor