Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 14 - Episode #4.14 - full transcript

The Tribe Merge is here and the first challenge consists of a series of temptations. What will the hungry Survivors fall for?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
--- Samatau,

Henry, Ziggy and Anneliese

all revealed their idols
to their alliances.


But it wasn't always the right move.

OK, well, now that
you mention it, I have an idol.

You got an idol?
I got an idol, yep.

Ziggy putting a target
on her own back.

I have no idea about Ziggy.

I want to trust her
but she's lied to me so many times.

While at Asaga, Sarah plotted
her own move against Luke...

..recruiting outsider Peter
into the plan.

I need to get rid of Luke.

At the Immunity Challenge,
Samatau's big guns were outmuscled.

Locky really struggling.

Asaga wins immunity!

Michelle knew
she was in the fight of her life.

I'm the easy target. However,
I'm not putting up with that.

She set her sights on Ben.

Well, his aim is to get you
out tonight, apparently.

To get me out?

At Tribal,
the pair went head to head.

Well, you tell the person
what they want to hear.

That's exactly right.

Are you telling these people
what they want to hear?

It's a gut feeling.

In the end, Ben was sent home.


The tribe has spoken.


13 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

I've been spending my life
on this island for the last 31 days.

It's crazy.

I'm still being underestimated
as the model

and, "Oh, the model does fire?
Oh, the model de-shells crabs?"

And, you know what?
It's fine with me.

I want people to think that
I'm a little bit useless

and not see me coming.

My Asaga tribe is a tribe of six.

I'm in an alliance
with Luke and Jericho.


Hey, Luke, here's your food.


Luke's basically been running camp
for a long time.

But I have to play my own game now
and give it a crack for myself.

I really want Luke gone
and I can use Peter for that.

The way I see us
making it to the end

is there needs to be
a new alliance formed.

So not everyone can obviously
come into the new alliance.


Peter is on the bottom of our tribe
because he's ex-Samatau.

Luke wants you gone.


And I'm trying to fight that
as subtly as I can.

I need to get Pete onside

so I can jump to another
strong alliance come a merge.

Sarah is my lifeline
in this game.

It just depends whether
she can really fight to save me,

because I can't get out
of a 5-1 situation alone.

Oh, um, so, the thing I wanted... tell you before, Luke,
is that, um...

What's his name? Pete.

I think I can work him.

Sarah is a little,
like, thorn in my side.

Like, I really strongly
feel like I can do that.

That's massive.

Sarah wants to sit there
and maybe work with Peter.

The conversations he's had with me,
I believe he would follow me.

She always wants to work with
whoever comes in.

Santa Claus could come in

and she'd want to work with Santa,
you know? Like...

And this is the problem
with that alliance -

she's never on the same page.

I don't have no-one to tell me
what I need to do.

I'm the king out here.

I want Pete to go.

Sarah, she's always been, you know,
kind of playing both sides.

Hopefully, she finishes her game on
this Asaga beach and that's a wrap.

Survived 31 days,
one whole month.

I still can't believe I've done it.

I made big moves early
and, you know,

people are still looking at me
like that Day 1 yoga instructor.

I feel I've got all the information
from both Asaga and Samatau

and information in this game
is power.

But last time Ben went home, and...
really wanted to keep him round.

He's the biggest goat I've seen

and, you know,
bringing him to the end

would have guaranteed me a win,
no matter what.

The one I wanted to go last night
was Michelle, and she's still here.

Seeing what she produced
last night worries me.

She threw Ben under the bus

and basically talked her way
from going home to staying around.

Michelle, man.

I've got a mini alliance
with Locky and Anneliese,

but it's not enough right now.

Yeah, yeah. That's it.

My biggest worry about Michelle is,
she has been at Asaga, now Samatau,

so she might start understanding

that I've got, you know,
a foot in each door.

There's many moves that I have made
to build my strategic resume

that she might know about.

So I've gotta work a bit of magic to
make sure Michelle is the one to go.

Come on in, guys.

Asaga, take a look at
the new Samatau.

Ben voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

Ooh! Benny!

Jericho, you think they made
the right decision?

I don't really mind
as long as it's not one of us.

It's that point in the game, right?
That's right.

What about for you, Michelle?
How was it?

That was a tough Tribal Council
last night.

It was relief, is what it was.

Definitely, Ben had nine days,
I had two.

So I came out swinging,
and I'm here.

Alright, you guys ready to get to
today's reward challenge?


For today's challenge, one member
from your tribe will be the caller

while everyone else
will be blindfolded.

The caller will guide you into a pen
where, one at a time,

you'll use a club to smash
watermelons, revealing sandbags.

Once you have all your sandbags

the caller will then use a catapult
to launch them into a net.

The first tribe to get all their
sandbags into the net wins reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?


Today's winning tribe will get... Italian feast.

Pasta, red wine...

And that IS red wine! Yeah. I know.

And, of course, it wouldn't be
complete without garlic bread.

Garlic bread, man!

Garlic bread!
Ah, sweet.

- Worth playing for?
- Yes!

Samatau, you have an extra player.

You're gonna need
to sit someone out.

It cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

I am very happy to sit out.
I'm bad at blindfold.

Who's it gonna be?

Jarrad, OK.

I'm terrible in a blindfold.

Alright, you have
one minute to strategise.

Alright, well, I've got
a pretty booming voice.

Yeah. And you're good
at giving instructions.

Alright, so, I'm the caller?

Pretty easy to distinguish
my voice, so...

Have you guys worked out
who's gonna be the caller?


Luke for Asaga, Locky for Samatau.

Let's do it!

Alright, here we go.

For a very tasty reward.
Survivors ready?

- Go!
- Straight ahead 30 steps!

Henry! Henry! Left a little bit!

This is all about communication,
this challenge.

Oi! Power-walk 30 steps, Asaga!

Keep going! Keep going!

Callers, you've got to get
your whole tribe to the gate

as quick as you can.
Odette! To your...

Come through the curtains!

Henry, forward! Anneliese, forward!

Everyone, forward!

Keep going, Tara! Keep going, Tara!
Keep going, Tara! Keep going, Tara!

Keep going forward.
Alright, keep going forward.

Asaga has reached the gate -

except for Sarah, who's stuck
in the middle of the two pens.

Alright, everyone step...
Oh, my God. Sarah, stop.

Turn around.

Turn full around. Yep.
20 steps that way.

Sorry, Sarah. Keep going forward.

Keep going forward, Sarah.
Keep going forward, Sarah.

Everyone needs to be at the gate
before you can enter the pen.

OK, everyone, stop.

Ziggy, come through the gate
and to your right.

Ziggy's first on the course.

Grab a club - to your right.


Slight left. Straight.

No, no, no. Don't hit.

You've gotta come forward 20 steps.

Slight left.

Yep, perfect, perfect.

Keep going forward, Sarah.
Yep, straight ahead.

Asaga has to keep a cool head.

This is all about trusting Luke.

Sarah, stop.
Turn to your left, Sarah.

Asaga losing valuable time.
Straight ahead.

Callers, you've gotta get your
tribemates to smash a watermelon.

Spin left. One step forward.

And overhead swing.


She's swinging, but can't quite
find that watermelon.

Sarah's finally at the gate.

Jericho, go through the gate.

Jericho's on the course now.

Three o'clock -
to your right there's clubs.

Alright? Wiggle your hands.

About... Yep, yep. Grab the club.

Jericho, walk forward 15 steps.

Jog forward. Jog forward.
Jog forward. Jog forward.

Keep going. Keep going, Jericho.
Keep going, Jericho.

Ziggy's found the watermelon.
There you go.

Now, right, down to your left,
where your foot is. Grab that.

Now she has her sandbag.

Need to take the sandbag
all the way to the mat

before the next person can go.

You can run. Run, run, run,
run, run, run, run, run.

Left. Left. Forward.

Samatau can go again.

Alright, Henry, forward.

Stop. To your right. To your...

Henry's in now.
Right, Right, Right. Grab a club.

Henry's found the club.

Now forward, forward, forward,
forward, forward...

Henry's not messing around here.

Above your head.
Above your head. Hit it.

Yeah, hit that. Hit it hard.

Jericho's found the watermelon.
Alright, go one more. Go one more.

He needs to hit it a bit harder
to release that sandbag.

That's it. He has his sandbag.

Now, run forward.
Run forward. I'll tell stop.

Jericho's running
like the Thunderbirds.

Two o'clock, Jericho. Two o'clock.

Asaga almost has
their first sandbag.

There it is.

Next one for Asaga.

OK, Odette, come forward.

Odette is now on the course.

Uh, stop!

There it is. There it is.
Henry found the watermelon.

Makes quick work of that.
He has a sandbag.

There it is. There it is.
He's gotta get it to the mat.

Straight! Straight!
Straight! Straight!

There he is.

Next one for Samatau.

Tessa, straight ahead, three steps.

Odette, keep going. Keep going.

Odette is very unsure.

Tessa's jogging,
trusting Locky completely.

There we go.
Odette finally trusting Luke.

Forward, forward, forward.
Got it!

Michelle's in for Samatau now.

Odette is trying to catch up.

Straight forward.
That's it.

Asaga has two sandbags.

Samatau has three sandbags.

Forward 20.

One, two, three...

Michelle counting her steps.

Run, run, run...

Peter making up some
much-needed ground there.

His jogging his way
to the next watermelon.

Hit that!
Peter whacks away at it.

He gets his sandbag.

Peter made up some much-needed
ground there for Asaga.

Bend down, pick up the sandbag.

OK, forward five.

Samatau have four of their sandbags.

Tara's on the course now.

Anneliese last in for Samatau.

Run forward!
Run, run, run, run, run!

Trust me! Run, run!
There is nothing in front of you!

Veer left, straight to my voice.

Anneliese completely trusting Locky.

Now, hold the rope on the bottom.
There you go.

There - it's out.
Stop. Drop the club.

There. Yep. Now, run. I have you.

Tara working on
Asaga's fourth sandbag.

Stop there.
Now to your right, up above you.

Tara has her club upside down.

Turn the club the other way. Yes.

Go hard! Hard, Tara!

Samatau have their last sandbag.

OK, now Locky needs to launch them
into the net using the catapult.

Where are they? Where are they?

Go, Lock. Take your time.

Samatau has a huge lead.

It's all up to Locky.

A little bit less.

Go on... Oh! Now, right...

It's right in front of you,
about a metre forward.

Tara has her sandbag.

Now, run ahead! Run ahead!
Run, run, run!

Asaga have four of their sandbags.

Alright, Sarah, through the gate.

Now, to your right. Yep.

Sarah finally on the course.

Locky still working away
at the catapult.

Take your time.

Yes, there you go.

And he gets one in!

Remember that.

Samatau leads one-zip!

Sarah's last in for Asaga.

She's gotta make up
some serious ground here

if they want to stay in this.

Run. Keep running.
Run, run, run. Just trust me. Run.

Sarah's jogging forwards
to that last watermelon.

Run. Right in front of you.
Keep going.

Oh! Sarah's connected with the pen.

Ooh! Sorry. Keep going.
Run, Sarah. Keep going, Sarah.

Locky takes another shot.

It's too high.

Hit that! Go, go, go!

Sarah's connected
with the last watermelon.

She's searching around
for that last sandbag.

Behind your right foot!

Losing precious time here.

Come on, Locky!

Take a breath, Lock. Take a breath.

Next to your left foot! Left foot!

Now, run, run, run, run!

Alright! Asaga has
all their sandbags.

Get in there, Luke!

Start firing away.

You've got this, Lock. Just feel it.

Yeah, that's it. Well done.

Locky get another one in!

Samatau leads two-zip!

Luke's gotta make up
some serious ground here.

And he does!

Luke gets one in,
right out of the gate!

Take your time, Lukey!

Luke goes again.

Oh, he gets another one in!

We're tied 2-2!
You've got this, Luke.

And just like that,
Samatau's lead has evaporated.

Great comeback for Asaga.

And that's it!

Asaga gets another one in!
They lead 3-2!

Sorry, guys.
No, no, no, no.

Locky is squandering
the huge lead they had.

Oh! So close again for Luke.

Keep going, Locky.

Locky takes another shot.

And he's in! We're tied 3-3!

This is so close!

Who's gonna pull this off?

Oh! Locky gets another one in!

Asaga gets another one in!

We're tied again, 4-4!

Move it up a bit, Luke!
A little bit up.

Can Locky do it?

One more, Luke!

Can Luke pull it off right here?



That's it!

Oh! Just misses!

Go, Luke! Hurry up!

Luke takes a shot.

No! He's long.

Locky could win it right here
for Samatau.

And he does!

Samatau wins reward!

We've got food to go home to
anyway, man. It's fine.


Samatau, congratulations.

The Italian feast
will be waiting for you.

But, before you go... can choose one person from
Asaga to join you on your reward.

Yeah, we'll take Petey.

Yeah. Come and get your Italian.
Head over to their mat.


..dinner's no fun without a date.

So... guys get you to someone else.

Oh, crazy.

Yeah, yeah.


Sarah, come on over.

A model's gotta eat!

Grab your gear, head on out,
enjoy your feast.

I love you guys.

No strategising, eh?

Thank you so much!

Samatau forever!

Tara, Odette, Luke, Jericho,

I know this is a tough one
to miss out on,

but I've got nothing for you.

Grab your gear, head on out.

Sarah, she's playing
the game hard, you know?

She's the constant person
that wants to work with everybody,

wants to sit there
and be everybody's friend.

You can only keep flipping so much
until it bites you.

I've got a big mouth
and, uh, I'm hungry.

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!

Oh. My. God.


They've got the pesto one too.

Oh, my God!


Mamma mia! We come through
with a massive Italian feast.

Oh, my God!

Not only that,
we get to bring two over,

and Petey was a clear choice,
and then there was another chance,

and we all decided on Sarah,
which is huge,

'cause we're a massive alliance
in this game.

I knew it would be Pete
as soon as they said,

and then...and then, like, when
they said the second, I was like,

"Oh, my God, I might have a chance.
I might have a chance."

This is amazing!

It was amazing!

Such good wine as well!
It is.

I could smash a wine, hey.

We had red wine...

Thank you!

..spaghetti bolognaise, pesto pasta,
carbonara, garlic bread,

pizza scrolls...

Thanks so much again, guys.

It was the best Italian feast.

- Everyone...
- Thank you, guys.

Oh, my goodness.

♪ You don't make friends
with salad! ♪

Samatau. Thank you!

Samatau! Cheers!

- Yeah, boy!
- Yeah, boy!

Yeeeaaahhh, boy!

is all about the social game.

It's all about getting the numbers.

This is amazing.

I'm used to being social.

I'm used to getting people
to like me. It's part of my job.

Congrats, everyone, on making it
this far. Like...

This is a really good opportunity

to get lots of bits and pieces
of information

that I need to know before merge,

and I'm gonna be working so hard
to set myself up to my advantage.

I wanted to talk to Henry by himself

because I haven't spoken to Henry
since he left,

like, 11 or 12 days ago.

Yeah, yeah.
I can't tell you how.

But basically..., Anneliese and Locky are tight.
Oh, yeah.

That works really well with me.

Henry tells me
that he's gotten pretty close

with Anneliese and Locky
over at Samatau, which is great,

because I'm pretty close with
Anneliese myself, so that makes me

at the top of a potential new
alliance that could happen at merge.

We'll get rid of Luke.

That works...fine with me.

First, potentially Jericho,
and then we're gonna...

Jericho and I are gonna try work
with you, but you and me...end.


You need to place your trust
in people,

and I do want to place my trust
in Henry.

I know he's a game player

but I think he knows
I'm a game player too,

and we know we can go far together.


Bad luck.

But let's focus on
what we do have, anyway.

I blame you.

At least we've got
two less mouths to feed.

Pete's gonna spill his guts.

If he does... There's no way...
..a couple of days before merge.

Yeah, there's no way
he couldn't spill his guts.

Peter will come back and say,
"Oh, I didn't say anything."

Yeah, I know.
Of course.

I'm already dirty at Sarah
for saying yes.

Sarah...we've never really seen
eye to eye with heaps of things,

because she wants to work
double agent.

And I can't wait to see her gone.

- There we go.
- Beautiful.

One thing we have is fire!

There's six people in Asaga, so
I need to get three votes for Sarah,

which means I've gotta get Tara
and Odette on board.

I'll get Jericho to vote Peter.

The last two votes, doesn't matter.




If I say to Jericho I want to get
Sarah, he's gonna be like, "Nah,"

so the front I'm giving to Jericho
is that it's Peter.

I know.
The thing is, it's what's funny.

Look at who Pete's taken.

Pete's taken her,
they're gonna come back like that,

she's gonna sit there going,
"No, no, it's not like that."

"I'm just getting information
from Pete." And she sits on top.

So, simple -
Sarah and Jeri vote Pete...

..and us three vote Sarah.

Next minute - pfft! - Sarah's gone.

Yeah, blindsided.

But that's between us.
We gotta keep it locked.

OK, yeah.



That will be...

..interesting to see it go down.

I'll see if this is boiling.

Alright, so...


Just...we'll just get Pete, eh?

Enjoy your last meal, Peter,

'cause that's the last meal
you're gonna have in Survivor.

We needed a big feast like this,
though. Just, like...

Petey. Petey,
how are you over there?


Sarah's kind of trying to protect
me, and I kind of believe her.

I'd actually love to
actually work with Sarah.

Like, she's actually lovely.

Being back in my old tribe,

it's a blessing because I get to
reconnect with people

and I get to tell my alliance
what's going on.

Never, never, never trust Luke.

But by the same token,
it's a huge curse,

because right now there are
four people at Asaga -

a majority over there, without me -

and, you know, it's very easy
for those four to talk.

Thank you so much
for having us for tea, guys.

I've done a pretty good job

of still managing to hide
my double agent gameplay.



I'm not sure what I'm gonna
tell my tribe

but at least I know the information

and I'm holding a lot of cards
right now.

Look how heavy you look!
You fat!

Sarah, you look fat!
Look at 'em!

We feel fat.
I can see your bellies.

I could hear you coming...

Literally feel like my stomach
is about to split open.

Look at your stomach, Pete!

After sitting down
with the Samatau tribe at the feast,

I pretty much waddled back to camp.

Please tell me there was no pizza.

I was so full of pasta
that I could barely move.

Youse are back early.
Spaghetti bolognaise.

Yeah, we actually didn't get
much time.

Which meant I went
and laid straight down.

Look at you! You're like...

I'm gonna have to lie
about everything that happened

at the Italian feast.

So we talked about,
um, Ben and Michelle leaving.

I'm not telling anyone about my
private conversations with people

'cause that's for me to know
and them to find out.

We didn't have time and then...
And like...

What do you mean
you had no time?

We only had, like, half an hour.
Half an hour. 40 minutes.

To eat it all?

Oh. It would have been good to go
over there and see them all.

My lie detector with Pete and Sarah
is going off.

Ding, ding, ding, ding,
ding, ding, ding!

'Cause... feel they're working

and they're not gonna give
no-one nothing.

I think these guys are a bit...

Oh, I can't... I don't...
You can't say anything.


Um...but I'm pretty sure
Luke said...

Tara confirming to me
that Luke is gunning for me

is actually really good for my
gameplay, because it means game on,

I don't have to pretend
to be in this alliance anymore.

I will pretend,
just to keep up appearances,

but I have every excuse
to get rid of Luke now

and it's not me being disloyal,
it's just me protecting myself

to everyone else.

'Cause he'll just...

Luke doesn't like surprises

and he definitely doesn't like
to be left out in the dark.

If he found out that I was talking
to Sarah and Peter,

oh, shit would go down.

If we go to
Tribal Council tomorrow night,

it's a sure thing
that I'm going home. So...

I have to create someone else
to be on the chopping block,

someone else who is untrustworthy.


I need to go to work
and I need to go to work now.

I know that Henry slipped Jericho
a clue at a challenge

about where an idol is at Asaga.

My theory is that Henry
found the idol before he left...

Interesting info. Very interesting.

Yeah, exactly.


No, 100%.

Michelle kinds of blurts out

the worst thing
that could possibly happen.

She blurts out that, um, Henry gave
Jericho a clue to an immunity idol.

Henry is one of my closest allies.

That's kind of big news
that we didn't want anyone to know.


I don't know how I did, putting
on my game face, to kind of say,

"Oh, wow,
that's kind of information."

They were pretty shocked but Locky
has this bromance going with Henry.

I think everyone knows that.

Me too.

You know what? Takes my name
off the heat for a little while.

Come on in, guys.

Yeah. was that Italian feast?

It was amazing.

The fact that we were on this, like,
beautiful location,

on a beach with a big table
that we all sat around.

Just to have that, like - I don't
know - connectedness, I think.

It was like one big, happy family
just eating and eating and eating

and eating and eating.

It was really good.


..Ziggy said it was
one big, happy family.

Why do you think you got picked
to join the family?

I think I got picked
'cause I was an ex-Samatau,

so I think that played into it.

But it was just really nice
to just sit and chat and talk

and we all got to eat a lot as well.

Sarah, why do you think
they chose you?

I don't know, actually.

I think since Pete's been over here,

we've been chatting
and getting along

and I think Pete
threw my name out there

when he went over
and I was happy to be that person.


Alright, you guys ready to get
to today's Immunity Challenge?


Tara, first things first.

Thank you.

Alright, once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

Alright, for today's challenge...

..two tribemates will race
to untie a tower of planks,

revealing bags of puzzle pieces.

You will then use those planks to
build a staircase to a puzzle deck.

Once everyone is on top of the deck,

the two tribemates can then
go ahead and solve the puzzle.

The first tribe that gets
the puzzle right wins immunity.

In addition...

..the winning tribe
will get front-row seats

at tonight's Tribal Council.


You will get to listen in
on the losing tribe's Tribal.

Now, in a game where knowledge is
power, that's a huge advantage.

It may give you the
critical piece of information

you need for later in the game.

Samatau, you have an extra player.

You're gonna need
to sit someone out.

It cannot be the same person
in back to back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?

I'll sit out, yeah.

Alright, Michelle's on the bench.

Everyone else,
you get a minute to talk about it.

We'll get to it.

Alright, here we go.

Sitting on the bench for Samatau
is Michelle.

For immunity, Survivors, ready?


Sarah and Jericho on the ropes
for Asaga.



Oh, sorry.
No, me.

Henry and Anneliese on the ropes
for Samatau.

This is basically a maypole dance.

Over and under.


This is all about
rope management here.

Under. Oof!


If you get tangled up in your rope,
it's gonna slow you down.

I'm over!
Anneliese goes under.

They've started to release
some of their planks.

You're over!

Asaga starting to release
some of their planks.

Once your planks are free, you need
to start building your staircase.

You're over!

The faster you get these planks, the
faster you can build your staircase,

the more time you will
have on this puzzle.

You're under!
Samatau has an early lead.

They've almost got all their planks.

Asaga not far behind.
Go, go, go, go.

That's it.
Samatau has all their planks.


OK, Samatau, you need to
bring them in this area first

before you can start
working on your staircase.

Keep going, keep going,
keep going, keep going.

Asaga has all their planks down.

Go, go, go.

Keep going, keep going, keep going.
Locky has a huge armful.

Everyone running back and forth.

And, oh, they keep loading up Locky.

What a beast.

Locky, go. Go, like, now.

Luke coming in with some planks.

Good job, guys!

That's it, that's it, that's it.

Samatau has all their planks.
They can start on their staircase.

Locky go deep. Locky go deep.

There are different sized planks.

They only fit in one way.

More of these big ones, Jarrad.

Asaga, they have all their planks.
They can start now.

Once the staircase is built,

you need to grab
the puzzle pieces from the tower.

You got more?
I need a big.

Keep going.
We've got heaps more big.

Samatau working
very quickly over here.

They have a good system going.

Another big?
Yeah, one more. One more.

Luke and Odette
slowly working on those stairs.

Put it here, put it here.

That's it. Samatau have their
stairs completed.

Henry and Anneliese
getting the puzzle pieces.

Got some. Then pull.

It's like Sunday afternoon
over at Asaga.

Go, guys! Pick it up!

The more time
you have on the puzzle,

the better it's gonna be for you.

This puzzle's a little tricky today.

You need to pick it up
if you want to stay in this.

Tribal Council tonight, guys.

Samatau coming up the stairs.
Don't slip.

And everyone needs to
be on the deck first,

before you can start the puzzle.

There's too many
in these ones.

Oh, there's more, there's more!
One on the side!

Asaga's still working
on their stairs.

Here, here.

Come on, Asaga.
You need to pick it up.

OK, ready to go, Jer? One more left.

Alright, you can get your puzzle
pieces. Come on, Sarah and Jericho!

Get those pieces!
Get 'em. Go!


Henry and Anneliese
start working on the puzzle.

Now, nice and easy, guys.
You've got this.

Samatau has a huge lead going into
this puzzle. Can they maintain it?

Sarah and Jericho have the pieces.
Come on up! Come on up!

Yeah, go, go, go, go, go!
Follow it, follow it, follow it!

Everyone needs to be on the deck
before you can start the puzzle.

Get on the deck.
Alright, go, go. Go, Jericho.

This is a hanging puzzle.

You need to get the rods and
the pieces in the right locations.

If I can figure it,
and you then hook it.

Good work, Henry.

Henry is holding up the puzzle,
trying to build it,

while Anneliese is trying to
slot in the rods.

Jericho just hanging rods randomly.

Very different approach
between the two tribes.

If I force it...
Just use...

Henry trying to force a piece.

I can tell you right now -
not gonna work.

Jericho, ignore the hooks.
Just get pieces on the hooks.

Any hook.

Jericho just moving
hooks around randomly.

Haven't even got a piece
hanging yet.

Do it the opposite way,

and find where you can
hold it with a rod.

Asaga having trouble working
together on this one.

Start working the puzzle now.
Don't worry about the hooks.

Sarah trying to create some order.

Jericho just creating chaos.

One person work the hook,
one person work the puzzle.

All the hooks... Yeah, yeah,
that's it. Good work.

Nice work, Hen. That's it.
Henry working quickly now.

Good-looking and smart.
He's the whole package, isn't he?

Really got something going here.
They have five pieces in now.

There you go.
Now find the hook that matches.

And now go for the next.

Asaga - they need to pick this up.

The hook's got to be at the top,

Have a look at this.
Step back and have a look. Copy.

Asaga trying pieces now.

Not quite fitting.

You can't overlap, so go
the top hook. Further up, Sarah.

There you go.

Samatau have six pieces in now. They
really have a rhythm going here.


Yeah, that's good.

Another piece goes in for Samatau.

Henry can smell it.

You need the longer ones.
Do first hook, first puzzle piece.

First hook, first puzzle piece.

Chaos over at Asaga.
Still struggling on this one.

Samatau getting very close.

Another piece goes in.
Two pieces left for Samatau.

They could do it right here.

Oh, shit. Shit. Locky, down!
Oh, they lose a rod.

Opening the door for Asaga.

Where'd it go? Where'd it go?
Where'd it go?

Just straight down, right in front.
Come one metre this way. Step.

It's on your foot!
Run it up, run it up.

Last piece.

They're really starting to panic
here. They can smell the victory.

There we go. Now step, go on.

Last piece to go in.

Oh, and he drops the piece!
Nerves getting the better of him.

Take your time, Hen. Take your time.
Yeah, take your time, guys.

The rest of the tribe
trying to calm him down.

Just pop it in.

And that's it, he gets it in!

And Samatau wins immunity!
Yes! Well done, guys.

- Good job.
- Sorry, guys.

Come on here.

Good work, good work.

All good. Don't worry about it.

Oh, well done!
Good work.

Mate! Oh!

Samatau, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.
Thank you.

You guys are safe.

No-one going home tonight.

But I will be seeing you at Tribal.

Grab your gear, head on out.

See you, guys. See you tonight.

Asaga, no immunity for you guys,
just Tribal Council,

where Samatau will be listening in.

It should make for
an interesting evening.

Grab your gear, head on out
and I'll see you guys later.

This Tribal Council is definitely
going to be the undoing of me

or the absolute making of me.

It's just getting
those people below me

to trust that I have their backs
moving forward.

And if they don't trust me,
then it's me going home tonight.

We lost today's
Immunity Challenge,

so unfortunately we're going
to Tribal Council tonight.

It's all game on now.

At the moment, at the Asaga tribe,
we are a tribe of six,

so it's very important
coming into the next Tribal Council

to have at least four strong.

My plan tonight is to get
myself, Pete, Tara and Odette

all voting Luke.

Are we voting for Luke tonight?

OK, is Tara onboard? 'Cause
she told me this morning she was.

Yeah, she is. She is.
I'm sure I have you and Tara.

And then so I either need to swing
Odette or Jericho.

Sarah, she always wants to
play this double agent, you know?

Screw double agent.
You're either onboard or you're not.

I'm very sceptical
of Pete being used as a number.

I'm not telling Jericho,
"Vote for Sarah."

Jericho will get a little bit upset.

So the front I'm giving to Jericho
is still that it's Peter.

Just go Pete.
I know.

Everyone stick Pete.
I know.

Mm-hm, mm-hm.

The votes are going to go -
me, Tara, Odette for Sarah.

Jericho will go Peter,

and, um, Sarah, well,
she's just clutching at straws.


I'll be turning on my alliance.

I'll be turning on whoever I need
to stay in the game.

Do you want to talk to
whoever you want to talk to?

I feel like I've already got Tara
and Peter strongly working with me.

I think they trust me over Luke.

But I need to get Odette to flip
and come to my side.


Odette has been voting with majority
her entire game.

She hasn't proved her loyalty
to anyone,

so she can really fall anywhere.

Mm-hm. By who?

Uh, by Luke.



I'm the last person.
I'm the swing vote.

Well, that's exactly...
that's exactly why.

Because I'm not strictly
on anybody's side,

it's come to be my advantage today

because I'm the number they need
not to get voted out.

And I'll tell you who
I'm voting for tonight.

It's Luke.

I know he doesn't trust me

and I can't work with someone
who doesn't trust me.

Yeah, yeah.

I think we have the opportunity
to make a new alliance.

So that's you, me, Jericho...
So you, me, Jericho, Tara...

I'm just so nervous about it.
I know.

Can't we just do Pete for one round?

Oh! And Pete will work with us.

One side wants Luke,
one side wants Sarah.

They really need my number tonight,
so I'm in a really good position.

I couldn't sleep last night

and I'm thinking it was because
I'd be in this swing vote.

I feel that Luke and Sarah are
fighting for the top dog position.

Could be a long night.


Sarah, she wants to
vote for Luke tonight.

Luke said to me he was gonna
talk to Jericho and say,

"Yep, we've got to vote for Sarah."

Sarah wants Luke.
I know. She's an idiot.

What the are we gonna do?
No, it's still the same.

It's you,, me, Odette,
and Luke. That's four.

But Luke wants Sarah.

No, no, he doesn't.
He does!

But it's still Peter.

We just talked about it. He's like,
"So we're still writing Peter."

I tried to talk to Jericho
and he's like, "No, no.

"We're gonna vote for Peter." And
I'm like, "Oh, my gosh, Jericho.

"We're not voting for Peter!"

But he's told
me and Odette it's Sarah.


Luke just said it's you, me,
Luke and Odette voting for Peter.

That's it.

You just stick with Peter
and we win.

Oh, my gosh. I don't think I've ever
seen a circus before like that.

I'm gonna...I'm gonna...I'm gonna...

Can you confirm that
you're voting Peter?

It's Peter.
I'm voting Peter.

See? Now chill.
OK, but...

OK, but are you worried about Sarah?
No, I'm not worried. No.

We have people running around
left, right and centre.

"Tara, vote this person."
"Don't do that person."

Don't stress.
Don't stress.

I've got three kids at home
and they behave better than that.

I'm exhausted.

I...I'm not here for Luke's show.
I'm here for my game.

I have to do
what's best for my play.


Can I talk to you after?

Alright, I'm gonna talk to Jericho,
see what Luke's plan is.

I'll go talk to Tara.
Yeah. And then...

Sarah - whatever she's doing,
she needs to stop

because if she doesn't,

she's going to dig herself
her own grave tonight.

Do you have anything to say?

You're in trouble.

I know.

You weren't in
weren't in trouble until now.

Luke and Sarah, I want them
to stay until merge

and then they can kill each other,
slaughter one another at the merge

and that's fine with me.

Just not now.

So you said that
Luke was suspicious of me.


But then, two people have told me
that when I was at dinner,

I was straightaway...
OK. Yep.

Yep, OK. That was...that was
a conversation.

Can I sit here?

So let's...let's have
a conversation about this.

So why should I..., trust?

You guys don't seem to trust me.

It doesn't do me any good
if all my allies kill each other

and then I'm the only person left in
my army and I'm exposed at merge.

Why is a certain name
being called out now?

What's the certain name?


Because I'm against you, Luke.
I'm sorry.

Like, I heard that
as soon as I left,

you wanted me gone.

And then I was thinking...

Then I've heard that you've been
suspicious of me for a while,

so it made sense.

You've gone away from me first.

Now you've gone against me.

You've just pretty much admitted
you've gone against me.

I started thinking your name when
I came back and found out that

as soon as I'd left that you had
said, "Nah, Sarah, she's shifty."

"She's gonna swap.

"We need to get her out."

"If she comes back cocky,
then she's out."

'Cocky'? Nah.

I've said to you...

I am the one who
is in the position

where I have no reason to trust
the people I'm in an alliance with.


Luke and Sarah are having a fight
with one another.

She has another agenda -
to get rid of Luke.

Luke now is starting to have
another agenda to get rid of Sarah.

It's gone crazy
and all I wanted was Peter, like,

and now that might not happen.

Right now,
it's great that you guys are talking

because we can actually
still make this, like, an easy vote.

I'm now too scared to leave Pete.

Whatever happens, I'm safe.

That's the real important bit.

Samatau's gonna be watching
at tonight's Tribal Council.

I think Asaga is going to put
on a show, which we never wanted.

I completely have no clue
where my alliances stand.

My two allies
are pitting against each other.

And...I don't know
which side to choose.

Well, Asaga,
welcome to Tribal Council.

Joining us tonight, as you know,
is Samatau.

They won the opportunity
to listen in on your Tribal.

So...I wanna know what happened
at that Italian feast.

Sarah, Peter
were selected to join Samatau.

Luke, did it worry you
that they handpicked these two?

Nah, not at all. I kind of guessed
that would probably be the idea.

I did hear them say, "Pete,
who do you want to come across?"

So obviously he's formed
a close bond with Sarah,

so he picked Sarah, you know.

It was...

I'm spewing he didn't pick me,

'cause I was a hungry brother
that day, you know what I mean?

But, uh... came back

and said there wasn't
too much talking, a lot of eating.

Odette, why do you think
they chose Peter and Sarah?

Oh, I think they want to align
with them and cut us all off.

So, Sarah, do you think
that's a fair assessment,

that they chose you because
they wanna split you guys up?

I think people are trying to work
out who I'm aligned with,

and maybe having me over at Samatau
was their chance to work that out.

So...I mean, I guess
that's what everyone's thinking

and I can't say
that that's not the truth.

But, uh...I didn't pick myself
to go over.

They picked me, so...

What about you, Jericho?

Do you have a problem with people
who've spent time in both tribes?

Uh...yeah, don't
know where they kind of sit.

Do they choose to,
um...stay with their original

or do they, um...form new alliances?

And...if we do merge,
we're gonna be down by numbers,

and it's going to be
a whole lot of mess.

Sarah, you're shaking your head.

Well, I should be nodding my head,
because I'm the same.

I have no idea what's gonna happen.

It was absolute chaos at camp today.

Absolute chaos.

Um...I know that my head
is firmly on the chopping block.

I really don't know
who will go home tonight.

It was crazy!
It was ridiculous.


Sarah, why would
someone be voting for you?

Oh, uh...I think
it's, um...pretty easy.

I've been over at Samatau,
I've been chatting and...

But you were only there
for an afternoon.

That's the thing -
it's been 24 hours of paranoia.

People are basically
questioning every motivation now.

Anything I tell someone, they think,

"Oh, well,
what does Sarah get out of that?

"What does
she know on the other side?"

So a lot of people are looking at me
tonight, I know.

Luke, are you...have you
lost trust in Sarah?

What I can say is straight up,

between everyone right now,

is some porky pies could have been
said in the last couple days.

There could be some truth in it.


..basically, if we all stick
to the same one person

on the chopping block,
and that's Pete...

I feel like all of us
should just stick together

and move forward with that,

because it's just
the simple, smartest move.

But I question
whether that is the smartest move.

Because for a lot of these people
here tonight,

they haven't spent any time
over at Samatau.

And if you think about it,

their game could be somewhat locked
behind a padlock door

because they don't have
the connections.

And I do have the connections.

And while they see it as a threat,

they can also see it as a strength,

because maybe
if they vote me out tonight,

they're voting out the key they need

to get further in this game
come merge.

Saying that, the key has been here
for three days,

so you gonna rely
and put all your trust

in a key that might not even fit?

Jericho, it looks like your head's
about to explode. What's going on?

There was three people's name
that was thrown out,

and...each of them were led
by three people who wouldn't budge.

And when you can't work with someone
who can't budge,

it's hard to work with them
in the future, only try and work
with the one that you can sway.

Yeah, I'm just at that point
where I'm just like, "What do I do?"

Can I say something to you?

Can I say something back to you?

How are you feeling?

I am one of those people
that...I'm not budging.

I...I can't budge.
It's too risky tonight.

And I just have to say
I'm not budging tonight.

Don't budge. You sure?

What are we doing?

I don't know, man!

Wow. This is, like, so live.

I've never seen
a Tribal like this before.

This is crazy.

Can I just say something?
Yes, please!

I'd like to say something.
Go on - say something.

Um...I'm not the smartest person.

That's why the last couple of days
I've been confused,

because someone did get the shoits

that a certain person
did go over and get chosen,

and then all of a sudden
that person's name was thrown out.


I just want everyone to remember,
that we need to go forward,

but...there's still certain people

that are making choices for
a game that I don't wanna play.

I don't know what that means, Tara.

It means that...

Look at me - I've got the shakes!

It just means that
the choice I've made tonight

is going to be for my future game
and that this...

I'm just gonna say it...

Luke said we were
all going for Peter,

and then all of a sudden,

it was like you got the shits

because Sarah got chosen
to go over...
I did?

And then you said
we're voting for Sarah.

And then I told Jericho and he said,

"No, we're not -
we're voting for Peter."

So this is the confusion
that I'm in at the moment.

Just so everyone is clear,

I'm not, like...sabotaging Asaga
or I'm trying to...

Can we pull that back
just one second?

I got told...

Let's just not do everything

because we have, like,
these guys sitting here.

Yeah. You've just kind of,
like, aired the whole lot.

Well, I'm allowed to, Luke.
I have a voice.

You yelled at me twice today,
and I'm like...

I don't...I don't do that.
I didn't yell at you.

I just said...
Just stick with the easiest option.


But the easiest option
is never the best option.

'Cause I am the easy option tonight.

So that's not a good option.


This has been
quite the Tribal Council.

You asked.



OK. Normally this would be the time
when we would go and vote,

but given that everyone's here...

..I...I see it
as an opportunity maybe

for something a little different.


Now, someone will be leaving
Asaga tonight,

because I'm gonna give
one of you the opportunity... commit mutiny.


Go over to Samatau...
you can do that.

OK. Normally
this is where would go to vote.

But...tonight there is
not gonna be a vote.

Someone will be leaving Asaga.

But I'm gonna give one of you... opportunity... commit mutiny.

Go over to Samatau...
you can do that.

So, cross over right now?


First person to stand up
will commit mutiny

and can take their chances
over at Samatau.

Perhaps it's a fresh start.

Or maybe it's a way out.

It's up to you.

Who wants to commit mutiny?


Pete, Pete...

..please, please don't go.


OK. First person to stand up
gets a chance to commit mutiny.

Oh, I'll commit mutiny.

Peter, don't go yet.

I want you to take your buff off.


And toss it in the fire.

Here's your new buff.

Go grab your torch
and go join your new tribe.

Samatau, your work here is done.


You can head on out.

Well, if Asaga is a ship,
then Peter just stole your lifeboat.

Grab your torches. Head on out.

Oh, my gosh.

What just happened?

Oh, my Lord.

Next time on Australian Survivor...

You are putting something on me.

And I am not... This is why
I'm standing up for myself.

I'm saying...

..fallout at Asaga
comes thick and fast.

Last night
was completely a hot mess.

But when trust is broken...

I don't believe anything Sarah says.

I can't trust her.

..who can sell the biggest lie?

- Oh, really?
- Genuinely.

Oh, really?
I was writing down Odette's name.

Oh, was you?

I don't believe it for a second.

Sarah, I will be coming for you.

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