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Ashes to Ashes (2008–2010): Season 3, Episode 4 - Episode #3.4 - full transcript

Hunt is out to get father-and-son gangsters Terry and Daniel Stafford,who have bumped off rival drug dealers in the area, and is annoyed that undercover cop Louise Gardiner has been sent into his manner behind his back to work with the Staffords. There is no love lost between the Staffords,each out to get control of the racket from each other,and when her cover is blown Louise is attacked by Daniel,who gets beaten up by Chris as a result. However this jeopardises any charges against young Stafford. He is released and apparently abducts Louise, Hunt's team giving chase and a shoot-out ensuing. A couple of surprises are revealed before once more Alex sees the disfigured policeman.

Downloaded From

Sorry to be a party poop, but

Countryman will keep me here longer.

D and C want a profile of the
efficiency of this department.

Jim, let's call it snooping, eh?

'These are cases dating back to 1980.'

'All your grubby little secrets'

and malpractices
waiting to be uncovered.

I'm going to unearth you, Hunt.

Stars? Why stars?

Join you? Is that what you're saying?


I hear Alex has been talking to
Manchester. That's interesting.

I am not drunk.

But you have been drinking.

It's nearly dinner, of
course I've had a drink.

Isn't that more reason to watch
your speed? It's a drugs tip-off.

If I'm to lose my life, I'd like it
to be for something more worthwhile.

Swing a right here, guv.

'Target down Tabernacle Street. Over. '

- There he is, there's the van. - I'm not
bloody blind, Christopher, I CAN see it.

'What's going on, guv? Ma'am?'

Shaz, we've got a runner heading
south down Tabernacle Street.

- Guv, she's got a gun.
- What the hell's he doing?

What's the guv playing at?

Ray, check the van.

Chris. Ta.

Tip-off was right, guv. It's heroin.

You deliberately let her go.

A suspect. I saw you. What's going on?

You'll have to trust me on this one.

Sorry, guv, "trust me" isn't
going to wash this time.

OK, you got me, Bols.
It's a massive bleeding

conspiracy between me,
Linda Lovelace and Shergar(!)

And you just rumbled us. So
well done, you. Have a Smartie.

I am not going to be fobbed off.

What's the point anyway? It's
not like I'm DCI of this district,

like anyone tells me
about operations in my

- own back garden, is it?
- I don't understand.

She's D16.

- Undercover?
- Yeah, she's one of us. A copper.

Somebody is running a
sting on my own patch,

and they don't even have the
decency to tell me about it.

Look, you're annoyed.

Yes, I am annoyed, I'm
very bloody annoyed!

Somebody's going to get
my boot up their arse.

'My name is Alex Drake. I was
shot, and found myself in 1983.

'Is it real, or in my mind?

'Either way, I have
to solve the mystery of

what all this means,
and fight to get home.

'Because time is running out.


"Confidential. Cannot disclose
details of said officer. "

Give enough red tape, and
they'll try and hang you with it.

It's fair enough. Got to maintain
the credibility of her cover.

My kingdom, Bolly.

A copper from another station wouldn't
sneeze here without my permission.

But apparently some undercover
dolly can do as she pleases.

The undercover dolly in
question is Louise Gardiner.

Good morning.

She's with your neighbours, the
Hanfield station, DCI Wilson.

He posted her undercover to one of the
Stafford family fronts six months ago,

using the nom de plume
of Sarah Huddersfield.

Impressive, aren't I? So.
What else do you need to know?

When are you going to bugger off and let

the real police get
on with some real work?

Rome wasn't built in a day, Gene, and
an audit was never finished overnight.

Still, all the more reason
why I can be of help.

Chris, if you could just pop those
photos up there on the board for me.

Thanks, always helps
to have a visual aid.

And while you're there,
love, tea and two sugars, ta.

Who are the Staffords?

- Notorious crime family.
- Bunch of bastards.

The father, Terry, was a bit
of a name back in his day.

On first name terms with
some of London's finest.

But don't let the image fool you,
not many shits nastier than him.

Nearly went done for murder
but weaseled out of it.

Unsolved crime list as long as you like.

That's Daniel, the son.

- Served three years for attempted
murder. - Business deal gone wrong.

Slashed his rival across
both cheeks, then gave

him a gentle shove out a
window, 15 stories high.

Bounced higher than
Dolly Parton's funbags.

Daniel was released
from prison in January.

Far as I can remember,
he's currently straight,

running a mannequin supply firm.

Good girl, Shaz. Take note, you lot.
She'll soon be giving us the orders.

- Not soon enough, guv.
- So, the undercover officer...

Louise... was assigned to the Staffords,

and was part of the
attempted heroin heist?

Who did the van belong to?

Warren Johnstone. Small time dealer.

He's a Man City fan. We've
sent uniform up to pick him up.

Do we think the Staffords are
involved in the drugs business?

Well, we know who has
the answers, don't we?

Maybe you should run with this?
Think of it as an opportunity.

See how you do working
with another station.

A modern police force
needs to learn how to

work as one entity, as
well as separate cells.

Good, right. In case you're wondering,

that's twatspeak for giving us
the OK to speak to DCI Wilson.

Where do you get off running
undercover operations on my patch?

The Staffords' influence stretches
into our district as well.

- Your district? - For 15 years, Terry
Stafford made my life a misery.

As a copper, as a DC, as a DCI.

- Robbery, extortion, kidnapping. - Now
it looks like they're involved in drugs.

Did your undercover
officer tell you about that?

No. But it's been a
few weeks since her last

debrief and info drop. Why
did you put her in there?

Because I got to hear
whispers from the prison floor.

When little Danny Stafford gets
out, he's going to raise hell.

Bring the family back
up to where it belongs.

A name to be feared.

Whispers aren't enough.

I needed someone on the inside.

Wasn't going to let the Staffords
make a fool out of me again.

So you put a woman in
there to do your dirty work,

while you sit on your fat
arse, twiddling your thumbs?

1979. Looking into the
Westminster Bank robbery.

Some bugger hits me full
force with an Austin Allegro.

Never saw 'em, but I
knew. Terry Stafford.

Let's see what Terry
does when he's got me

breathing down his neck.
I'll take over from here.

With the greatest of
respect, I can't allow that.

With the greatest of respect, I'm
not asking you, I'm telling you.

I'd try and dissuade you,

but I'd just be wasting
my breath, wouldn't I?

Keep an eye on that Terry. Daniel's
a shit, but he's just the monkey.

Terry's the one grinding the organ.

If you do catch the bugger,
tell him DCI Wilson says hello.

Nice tits, by the way.

- Did he just say...? - The man's
a cripple, Bolly. Have a heart.

It's not fair Hanfield
gets someone so tidy.

- We could do with a bird like that
to brighten this place up. - Oi!

I mean a proper bird. You're
like a bloke with tits.

- I am not!
- I just mean I don't fancy you.

It's a good thing.

Bloody hell.

I heard she had a gun. But
you still ran after her?

Well, the guv led the charge, but yeah.

- It's OK. She was one of us.
- Yeah, but what if she hadn't been?

It's a bit risky, that,
in the line of fire.

You almost sound like you care.

Course I do, Chris.

I meant as a mate.

# Golden brown

# Texture like sun

# Lays me down

# With my mind she runs

# Throughout the night

# No need to fight... #

If you want to know what's
happening on the streets,

Bols, you have to get
your boots a bit dirty.

Afternoon, Shorty. How's
life in the fast lane?

Shorty here has a bit of a problem.

He likes the brown stuff. Can't
stop sticking it in his veins.

- What's going on out there? Any new
players on the street? - Oh, yeah.

That's why I'm sitting in an
alley, shivering, puking!

Is there a drought?

- Ain't talking without no cash in hand.
- Yes, you will.

Because if you don't, I will do
to you what I did to you last time.

- Do you want to tell the lady what that
was? - He shoved my head down the toilet.

You don't want to see his bathroom.
Mr Muscle would have a heart attack.

DI Drake asked you a question.
Is there a drought out there?

Most dealers have either
shut up shop or buggered off.

- When did the dealers start
backing off? - Couple of months ago.

All me normal blokes gone.
It's not right. It's not fair.

I'm welling up here! If you hear
of anything, you call me, understood?

You belong here.

You look like you're visiting, but
you're not, are you? You're staying.

What did you say?


Droughts don't just
happen without a reason.

If the dealers are giving up,
there must be something in it.

It would help if we could actually
speak with Wilson's undercover cop.

What's this?

There you go. That's her,
with young Daniel and Terry.

- All looks very cosy. - They definitely
look very comfortable with her.

They're blokes. When a girl
like that wiggles up to you,

you'll tell her anything
to get her knickers off.

- Guv, uniform picked up Johnstone.
- Right, where is the filthy little pusher?

He's having a little lie down.

- Overdose. - Bollocks.
- Guv?

He was a dealer, not a dipper.

He wouldn't try his own supply,
let alone somebody else's.

- Might have been tempted, guv.
- There's a distinct lack of track marks.

So this was beginner's luck then, eh?

And the bruising left where the
needle went in was very severe.

- Somebody forced the needle into him?
- Possibly, yes.

Quite clever. Well, if I wanted
to wipe out a bunch of dealers,

I'd grab' em, shoot 'em up, and overdose
'em. Then they're just another statistic.

We wouldn't have noticed the death if
the guv hadn't wanted to talk to him.

Which makes you wonder,
doesn't it, how many times

this has happened before.
Because this is murder.

Thank you, Quincy.

May 28th, Steve Rankin,
dealer, dead from an overdose.

June 3rd, Tiny Tim Burns,
Dealer, dead from an overdose.

June 12th, Bobby Cashton, dealer...

Dead from an overdose. Yeah,
we get the picture, Bolly.

So, someone's been bumping them off.

It doesn't justify contacting
an undercover officer, guv.

- No law against visiting. What do
they sell anyway? - Mannequins, guv.

Taking the piss. Can't be
bothered with a decent front.

Give me the days of "shipping
companies" and warehouses full of boxes.

Right. You've seen where she's
placed. Start the car. Move on.

Eh up.

There she is, Miss Undercover 1983.

- Leave this one to me, guv.
- No. Nobody is going anywhere.

The first rule of undercover. You do not

approach them, especially
at their placement.

No clothes, no hair, boobs like crash
helmets. It's no life for them, is it?

I told you, we're putting
her in jeopardy just...

Hi. Customs and Excise.

Just thought we'd have a chat.

I didn't realise we had a
visit scheduled for today.

- Or at all.
- Well, we just need to know if there's

anything our department
should be aware of?

- I can't talk here. - It's just that
you haven't phoned home for a while.

Thought it might be nice to catch
up. Find out what's been going on.

Westburn Estate. Five o'clock.
I'll be there. Now, please.

Thank you for dropping
by. I'm sure you'll find

- everything here meets
current regulations. - Hunt!

- Gene bloody Hunt.
- Terry bloody Stafford.

- Great. - Thought you bastards
had forgotten all about me.

Routine enquiries, Terence.

Nothing you ever did was routine, Gene.

I'm touched you'd stop by, though.

When you retire, you start to
wonder what it was all about.

Wife buggered off years ago, kid
doesn't listen to a word you say.

You start to wonder
if it was all worth it.

And then Mr Hunt here pops up just
to remind you that your name lives on.

That's very heart-warming.

Even if it isn't true.

I never lie to beautiful women.

What are you doing
here if you're retired?

Oh this? Little Daniel's business.

I just stop by on my daily walk.

Nice to get out of the
flat, see a pretty face.

You should know all about
that, Gene. Of course you do.

I saw you, chatting away to her.

The old Hunt charm.

Enjoy your "walk".

Soon you'll just be allowed an hour
round the yard, then back to your cell.

- Highlight of the day, unless you
drop the soap in the shower. - Oh, dear.

Almost sounds like you've
got a problem with me.

Oh, by the way.

A certain DCI Wilson sends his regards.

He said you ran over
him in an Austin Allegro.

Shouldn't believe half what you see,
and none of what you hear, Mr Hunt.

Tell him I said hello back.

- She won't make it with Terry sniffing
around. - He's quite a character, isn't he?

He certainly knows how to wind you up.

That murder charge that
he squirmed his way out of.

He got involved in an argument
with a taxi driver over the fare.

The driver didn't show Terry
the necessary "respect".

12 hours later, the poor bastard's
body was found in a lay-by.

It didn't go to court?

No, it got thrown out.

Inadmissible evidence.

Our Terence walks away laughing.

Ray? Any sign of life
from the mannequin store?

Shut up for the day,
guv. No sign of the bird.

We could be here till the sun goes
down and the shirt-lifters come out.

I am telling you she
ain't going to show.

First thing tomorrow we go back there.

And put her at risk even
more? Think about it, guv.

Thinking's overrated.

We need answers, Bols, and
little Louise has got 'em.

What gave you the right to contact

- an undercover officer?
- It was deemed... It's OK.

We don't have to answer
pencil-neck's questions.

Oh, believe me, you do.

Maybe I was wrong to
give you the leeway.

Hoped to see you rise to the occasion.

Knew it. Out of the
closet, he's all over me.

- What's happened? - She says she'll
only speak to you two. God knows why.

Was it our fault? Did it
happen because we showed up?

They were bound to work
it out sooner or later.

- You're avoiding the question.
- Was it Terry?

No, it was Daniel, his son.

Maybe he heard about
you coming to see me,

put two and two together. Maybe he
suspected for a while. Either way...

he wanted a little chat about it.

What did you tell him?

I didn't blow my cover.

At least he apologised. Like
it was just one of those things.

I couldn't, um...

I couldn't stay there after that.

How bad does it look?

It's all right. A couple
of days, it'll be fine.

Louise, I know that this is very hard,

but we have to know what
the Staffords are planning.

Are they getting involved
in the heroin trade?

Big time.

Ripping off other dealers.

Closing down the market.

Bumping folk off, like Warren Johnstone.

He's a dealer.

Showed up with a nasty
case of the blue balls.

Overdosed. Him and four others,
over the space of a month.

Don't know anything about
that. It would make sense,

if Daniel was looking to
close down the networks.

I'll have a look over the
picture profiles, just in case.

Louise, I know just
how difficult it is to

come straight from
one world into another.

Right, so you've talked about Daniel.

But what about a big bastard?

What about Terry Stafford?

- He's yesterday's man.
- Don't write him off.

Daniel's the driving force.

Terry... just seems a bit scared of him.

He's quite sweet actually.

Tells a good story, doesn't stare
at my arse when I walk past him.

DCI Wilson seems to
think he's still active.

Well, with all due respect, DCI Wilson
doesn't know what he's talking about.

He isn't the one that had
to gain Daniel's trust.

Probably saw me as a waste of resources.

- I'm sure that wasn't the case.
- He wanted a quick

and easy collar and I
couldn't give it to him.

And when Daniel wanted me on
his team, I didn't bottle it.

And if he'd bothered, he'd know
that I have information worth having.

Daniel Stafford is looking to
set up his own supply networks.

- Where does he keep his stock?
- I don't know,

it was hard getting in on the van heist.

But I know this much. First
thing tomorrow morning,

he's making a trial run,

sounding out potential
dealers down to White City.

If he's got half a brain on
him, he'll have a sample bag.

Good, right.

Looks like young Danny boy's going
down faster than a five-pound prossie.

Not right, that. Scum.

Attacking a woman. Just wrong.

Undercover isn't exactly
what I thought it would be.

Well, you've got balls though.

Not balls.

Um. Y'know?

The female version.

Like our Shaz. Not so long ago,
she goes all out after this nutter.

Sticks herself out on the line.
That's women for you. Scary.

Wasn't my choice to be in there
alone. I thought I'd have more back-up.


When Shaz was out there, I felt
I should've been by her side.

I wish you'd be running
the op then, not Wilson.

Might have been easier on me.

I'll get you that cuppa.

So what happens now?

We'll need to keep you
here, for protection.

I know it's not easy
being somebody you're not.

I'm sure you want to get
back to somewhere familiar.

It's just the pressure. I can't...

I can't keep playing this stupid game.

You want to run, don't you?

You want to leave.


I don't blame you.

But the end of the road is in sight.

And I'm asking you, as a favour
to me, don't stop now. Keep going.

See this through to
the end. Otherwise...

Otherwise it's all been for nothing.

And I think you're worth
much more than that.

Thank you, sir.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early,

you two are going to cast a beady
eye over Daniel Stafford's house.

If he moves, you tell me.


Just the guv asked me to come in
early and look at some case files.

Who asked you to do that?

Keats. Jim Keats.

You see, because just for a second
there, I thought you referred to him

as "the guv". But that's
impossible, isn't it?

Yeah, I'm sorry. I meant...

Tomorrow morning. Bright and early.

Surveillance on Daniel Stafford.

Because Jim Keats isn't running this
operation. I am. Don't forget it.

Yes, guv.



Um, you know the other day when
you talked to me about seeing stars.

- What exactly did you mean?
- Why?

- I'm just interested.
- Oh.

Did the guv ask you to do this?

- To do what?
- Ask me questions.

Psychological stuff.
See if I'm fit for a promotion.

- No. It's just me. I'm. just interested.
- Right.

I don't really remember.

It's not a big deal.

- You won't say anything
will you, ma'am? - No.

It's tough enough being a woman in here
without them thinking I'm, you know.

Like me.

Everything has a pattern
and a pattern to everything.

Find the connections.

Find a way out of this.

Half five in the morning. It's not right.

No-one should be around at half
five in the morning. It's unnatural.

Hey, you should go easy
on that Hai Karate, mate.

It's just a dab and a dash.

Wasting your time with that Louise bird.

I've seen the way she looks at me.

It's in the bag.

You've not even spoken to her.

Animal attraction.

Call of the wild.


Nah, it's nothing.

Stupid, but... I thought I had a bit of
a connection to her when I spoke to her.

Tell you what, mate, I
wouldn't stand in your way.

- I wouldn't bother with one of those
undercover plod anyway. - Why not?

All that pretending to be someone else?

Head cases, the lot of them.

Well, I just thought she
was quite nice. That's all.

- You're up early?
- Tragic side effects of an

empty social life and
workaholic tendencies.

- Yourself? - Thanks to a tip-off
from Louise, we're planning on

picking up Danny Stafford
over in White City.

- Well out of your jurisdiction.
- Mmm. Try telling that to the guv.

He's driven, I'll give him that.

I sometimes wake up in the middle
of night, worried I've misjudged him.

That I'm in the wrong, not him.

Don't let him know that.
You'll never hear the end of it.

Did you get those files from
the storage room in the hallway?

No, Chris dragged these
out the basement for me.

But you got some from there?

I haven't even started
on this floor yet. Why?

Just something I was
looking for has disappeared.

Eh-up, he's on the move already.

He's got a motor.

Guv, he's on the move
and we're right on him.

You seem a little strung out.

Do I? I, er...

I haven't been sleeping
very well, actually.

You know, this might sound
a bit strange to you, but...


I think I'm being haunted.

- Metaphorically or...?
- No, literally.

Odd is probably
underselling it a bit then.

Can't believe in that sort of thing.

No, nor do I. Not in
the real world, I don't.

Who is haunting you? Old lady,
a creepy child, King Edward II?


It's a policeman, actually.


Maybe it's a projection of my
own subconscious. Maybe it's...

my fears.


It's a little early in the
morning to be doing this, isn't it?


Just had word from Ray.

Danny Stafford's on the move?

If Louise is right, we
can catch him red-handed.

Sorry to interrupt your
little coffee morning,

James, but some of us
have real work to do.

It's the early bird
that bags the bastard.

What the hell do you want?

Oh. Thank Christ, you're police.

- I thought I was in trouble.
- Bit early for a drive, Daniel.

- Where you off to, church?
- See my girlfriend.

- Spot of morning glory. - At 6am? Do I
have "gullible" written on my forehead?

Here we go again.

I know you're lying because your
lips move. Just like your old man.


You'll want to see this.

A little pressie for the "girlfriend"?

Found this, guv. Smells like engine oil.

This stinks. I did not
put that heroin in my car.

Course you didn't. Happens all the time.

Pop out and leave a couple of
kilos in the glove compartment.

# What ever happened to the heroes?

# No more heroes any more

# No more heroes any more... #


Would somebody like to give me a
hand dragging this bastard back over?

Is there a garden in there?

Yes. Why?

'Vandals broke into the Blue Peter
garden and caused rather a lot of damage.

'And one really cruel thing they did
was to pour fuel oil into the fish pond.

'We've drained the pond,
rescued some of the fish,

'but a few died and the oil
itself has caused a lot of damage. '

'And if that wasn't enough,
they then smashed our

sundial and then callously
threw it into the pond. '

'We hope to repair the
damage, but it's sad to think

'people take such
pleasure from harming... '

It's only a bloody garden. Turn it off.

Such a shame. Those poor little fish.

- Off. - '.. Some good news. Just have
a look at our appeal totaliser. '

'Yes, well done,

'as you can see, we've
reached the 40,000 mark... '

Anything else we need to know about
Daniel before we rattle his cage?

- Watch what he says. He's
slippery. - Course he is.

He's a Stafford. Like father, like son.

Don't worry. We won't
compromise your cover.

We won't tell him it was
you who tipped us off.

Hopefully, we can find out where
he's keeping his heroin supplies

before they hit the streets.

And then... can I go home?

Sorry, I still think this is
the safest place for you to be.

I feel like I'm being punished.

- You're not. - I went in there,
terrified that I'd be uncovered.

And when I was, I didn't back down.

- I understand.
- No. You don't.

It was like I was pushed
in there and abandoned.

And now I'm out, I want
to leave it all behind me.

- Soon. I promise.
- You promise?


Um. I didn't mean to, um...

Can I at least

call my mum?

Yeah, use my office.

Louise, please don't reveal any details
about your whereabouts, will you?

Considering the lack
of support she's had,

I think Louise has
done a really good job.

She brought us Daniel Stafford.

Guv, I think at the end of this case
we should bring her onto the team.

- No.
- Well, at least consider it.

- She's a decent cop, but a liability.
- Considering what she's been through...

I'm not a baby sitter, Bols.

I know. I don't want to
send her back to Hanfield.

DCI Wilson, I don't think's
handled her very well.

I want to give her a
chance, somebody like you...

- Do I look like a slice of toast?
- No.

Then stop buttering me up
like some demented housewife.

By the time we leave this room,
I want Stafford bagged and tagged.

Five dealers dead in two months.

A van load of heroin you tried to steal.
A network of dealers you tried to set up.

Not to mention the party
pack in the glove compartment.

What exactly are you
charging me with here?

At the moment, you are
helping us with our enquiries.

It's a quaint way of putting it.

OK. So you've got me on possession.

The rest is speculation otherwise
you'd be kicking doors in.

Well, I don't want to
get my shoes scuffed.

Be easier if you just tell us.

You do realise you're
being used, don't you?

I know who tipped you off.

Incredible. He's playing you.

- It's almost beautiful.
- Who?

- Who is playing us?
- My dad,

Terry, obviously.

He planted the heroin. He
must've given you the tip-off.

Your generation always
blames it on Mummy and Daddy.

Why would your own
father want to set you up?

We've never
seen eye-to-eye.

But he always had the authority.

But then I come out of prison,
I see him for what he really is.

An old man, past it, a fossil.

He knows that every time he looks at
me... his time is up. I'm the future.

You've a high opinion of yourself.

People react when they feel threatened.

How would you feel if
someone younger came in?

Smarter, better looking than you?

They'd melt in my shadow, son.

Yeah, sure, course they would.

Meanwhile, they'd be
nipping round the back and

giving your bird a good
seeing to, proper satisfaction.

- I apologise for my
DCI's behaviour. - Don't.

That's all right. I deserved that one.

Edward Hampton.

- Remember him?
- Of course I do.

He was the taxi driver
that Terry bumped off.

What if I told you that I witnessed it?

That I'm willing to
sign a full statement.

Anything you want to bang up
my old man, charge of murder.

That one's been hanging
round you lot for a while.

- You want to make a deal with us?
- I tried prison.

Didn't like it much. Not
planning on going back.

So yeah, love. I want to make a deal.

Me for him.

You'd be a hero, right?

The man who finally brought
Terry Stafford to his knees.

And I'm the fella that can help you.

Right, Skip, would you
kindly escort Mr Daniel

- Stafford back to his luxury suite.
- Right you are, guv.

You think about it, Hunt.

Deal's only good for so long.

Interview room through here,
quite cosy, really. Thank you.

What, you? Here?

No, no, no. No way. Nobody does
that to me. Nobody sells me out!

Get him out of here!
Nobody sells me out.

Out! I'll miss you, baby.
But it won't be long.

I promise you that. Come on.

Nobody sells me out!

- We need to get her out of here.
- Sorry, I was giving her a tour.

Too late to worry now.
Daniel's got connections.

The longer she stays here,
the more danger she'll be in.

We need to find somewhere safe.

That place that serves cheap plonk?

Fancy another?


He's well in over there.

- Shut up, Ray. - You can't tell me
to shut up. I'm your superior.

Only in rank. And only
for the moment. So shut up.

Don't worry. Guv won't
let anything happen to you.

I won't.

Police are big on that
"we'll look after you" thing.

Can't have been easy for you out there.

Only way to survive really is just to...

.. become who you're meant to be.

Think like them.

Like what they'd like.

Be how they'd be until...

until you don't where
you start and they end.

A bit like Batman and Bruce Wayne.

I mean, is he a bloke in a cape
pretending to be a millionaire playboy?

Or is it the other way round?

Guv, even if you do go back
on this deal with Daniel,

he's going to want something
first. A show of faith. Bail.

And once he's out, he'll sell up
and we'll be back to square one.

A load of heroin out there and
us having no idea where it is.

I want you to stop talking so
that I can enjoy my drink in peace.

And I want you to promise there
will be no deal with Daniel Stafford.

I find you quite interesting.

And, you know, if ever you wanted to...

If you fancied a pint or anything...
Not a date. Look, it could be...

I'd like to, but...

...The person that you're sat
here with now isn't really me.

I don't understand.

Not sure I can go back to normal.

- Do you think they'll take
Daniel up on his offer? - Dunno.

Guv wants one thing,
ma'am wants another.

Usually they just shout and chuck stuff
at one another till one of them gives up.

He can't walk free. Not
after what he did to me.

Something else happened, didn't it?

- What? - There was...
There was... no-one there.

No-one there... protect me, to stop him.

What? What did he do?

Keys to the cells.


All right, dickhead?

Chris, that's enough. I said, enough!

- He raped her, the bastard
raped her. - Viv! Ambulance.


He raped her.

Attacking a suspect in a cell.

Beating him to within an inch of
his life. They have a word for that.

- Justice.
- Assault.

Police brutality

of the lowest, nastiest kind.

I expected better from you, Chris.

He had no right to do that to her.

And you had no right to take
the law into your own hands.

This isn't the Wild West.

Still, this solves one problem.

We won't be getting
evidence against Terry now.

Any self-respecting
lawyer will take one look

at his face and think we
got it through coercion.

Bugger. Hadn't thought of that.

It's not like the old days when
you could haul them up in traction

- and the judge wouldn't give them
a second look. - Oh, it gets worse.

You see, he cries police brutality.
Sympathetic judge lets him go.

Who do you think his first port
of call is going to be, Chris?

- Louise.
- Exactly.

I didn't mean that to happen, ma'am.
I was just trying to protect her.

She was told before that
she'd be all right undercover.

And they let her down. We let her down.

The police.

And that's not right. It's just...

It's not right.

Your mum all right?

As much as she can be.

Parents worry, don't they? More
than kids ever realise they do.

I'm sorry.

- What for? - Because I
think you were let down.

I think DCI Wilson failed you.

And I think you paid
a heavy price for it.

Just all feels so pointless. Even
if we take the Staffords down,

some else will spring up in their place.

It's natural to feel disillusioned.

And that's why I'd like you to join us.

At Fenchurch.

You don't want someone like me.

No. Don't do that.
Don't put yourself down.

I'd like to help you, Louise.


Because maybe that's why I'm here.

To help coppers like you.

So, here's what we're going to do. We
are going to go through all your reports.

And we are going to find something,
we are going to find something

to bring down the
Staffords the right way.

You're not going to stop until
you bring them down, are you?

It's what we do, isn't it? I
know you might find it strange...

...but outside of this,

for me, there's nothing.

Very pretty pictures.

The cuts in particular come out nicely.

- Please. Look at them.
- I don't need to. I was there.

That's something you might
want to think twice about

before admitting, Gene. Do
you know the real tragedy?

Christopher Skelton could
have made a decent copper.

Better than decent. Instead, he
ended up getting roped in with you.

Danny Stafford had it coming to him.

It doesn't look good for Chris.

At all.

His time in the force is over.

But I could pull some strings.

Have him transferred over to my team.

A personal guarantee to rehabilitate
him, keep an eye on his progress...


- I'm sorry, I thought you said no?
- You heard me.

You want to throw away his
career, make him sacrifice

everything just because
of your stubborn pride?

What are you going to do, Gene,
when your team abandon you?

Because they will,

one by one,

when they realise what you really are.

Typical. Yeah, when the pressure is
on, you revert to teenage behaviour.

A spoilt kid in his dirty sandpit.

I'm not the one who's going
to have to change his trousers.

- Guv?
- Where's Drake?

Don't know, guv. Not
bothered turning in yet.

Probably a protest against certain
people's thuggish behaviour.

He had it coming to him for what
he did. What if it had been you?

Don't you compare me to her.

Both birds. Both coppers.

Didn't mean it that way, Shaz.

- Guv?
- What?

I'm going to be OK? I mean, you
sorted everything, didn't you?

It's just, I can't lose this job.

Yeah, you'll be fine. Listen, if her
nibs thinks she can sit at home in a bath

full of righteous
indignation over what happened

yesterday, she's got
another bloody thing coming.


Drake, are you in there?


Come on, wake up. Bugger.


What happened? Oh, God. Where's Louise?

I couldn't breathe.

Louise, where is she?

- I don't know. They must have
taken her. - Did you see anyone?

No, no, it happened
too quickly. My head.

Terry Stafford, it's got to be.

Right, listen. I know you're
having one of your turns,

but a fellow officer
is in grave danger here.

Come on, get your arse in gear. Now.


What's going on here?

- Shut down. Staffords have sold the
place. - Wherever they've taken her,

it's not there. I can't
believe this is happening.

It gets worse. Daniel Stafford
never made it to the hospital.

He escaped from the ambulance. I've
only just this minute had the call.

Well, if he escaped and
they've got Louise...

It's not good enough, Gene, is
it? An officer out there in danger.

A man with a grudge set free,
thanks to your leadership.

You better hope to God that you find
her because the clock is ticking.

Guv. This report from
Louise, from March, it

refers back to an earlier
one dated February.

- And?
- There isn't one for that date.

And it ain't the first
time it's happened.

She's right. Some of
the reports are missing.

- Good work, Shaz.
- Promotion. Date it. Stick to it.

- So they've definitely been tampered
with? - Yeah, and who'd be able to do that?

- What the hell do you think you're...?
- How much did the Staffords pay you?

- I have no idea what you're talking
about. - You play golf? Course you do.

Like all the other useless bastards.
Like Keats, I bet he plays an' all.

You've got five seconds.

I swear to God.

You better start talking because
I've got the bit between my teeth.

- Guv, just think about what Keats is
going to say... - It's your last chance.

Daniel Stafford.

- He paid me to look the other way.
- What?

He said he'd clocked Louise
was working undercover.

- Why didn't you get her out of there?
- It was too late. But he promised.

He promised he wouldn't do anything
as long as some of the reports,

the most incriminating
ones, disappeared.

- So she's been in there risking her life
for nothing! - No, no. See, it made sense.

Said he'd keep Terry in line.

Said he'd sort out the other dealers.
I mean, that's better, isn't it?

Better? What do you mean better?

Don't have the resources
to police all of them.

Far better just to have one
bugger to worry about. Safer.

Sometimes you have to shake hands
with the devil for the greater good!

The Staffords have taken Louise.

We need to know where. Where
was their base of operations?

Daniel... Daniel had bought the
old Armstrong department stores.

That's where you'll find the heroin.

And you better pray that's
where we'll also find Louise.

Chris, Ray, you go round the front.

Me and Bols will head round the back.

Oh, joy, Jim's here.

It's all right, Bols.
I'm not going to shoot you again.

Him, on the other hand...

If anything moves, whack it!

Now, that's what I call undercover.

- Well, I've seen some slappers in my
time, but you take it to a new low. - Hunt.

- Drugs in the van, Terry?
- Back away, please.

My colleague here, she reckons
you've got the makings of a good cop.

She's got faith in you.

I hope you're going to be smart enough
to drop that before someone gets hurt.

Sorry, love!

We know you've been let down.

We know Daniel Stafford
found out about you.

- Wilson didn't protect you.
- Didn't need to. I was there for her.

Regular little Bonnie and Clyde.

Daniel was right, wasn't he?

- You did set him up. - Thought he
could take over the business.

- Not while there's a breath left
in my body. - That could be arranged.

Just put the gun down.

Listen to Alex, Louise.

Listen to her.

You cut your own face.

- What happened, Louise? Broken
home? Bad family? - Don't.

He isn't the answer.

I swear, if you come any closer, I'll...

You know, you really
have got to stop all

- this psychological
bollocks, Bolly. - Good shot.

I was aiming for her leg.

Daniel! Guv, it's Daniel!

- Stay back!
- Louise!


Tell me she's going to be OK?

Don't move, don't move.

Just be still, be still.

Sshh. Sshh.

Sshh. It's all right.

Don't try and speak.


Don't be scared.

I'm here, DC Gardiner.

I'm here.

Ssh, sshh.


- Signorina.
- What is that?

- It's cocktail hour.
- Is there any chance I

could get a drink that
looks like it hasn't

- minced its way over
from Mayfair? - Eh... Si.

A girl can't help who she
falls in love with, Chris.

Even so...

it was her own fault.

- She didn't deserve that.
- I know.

But you gave her every chance.

How's your bruises, mate?

I don't even feel them. I
had him, that Daniel Stafford.

I can't believe I trusted her.

- Shagging Terry Stafford.
- She was right though.

Police did let her down.

You can't just put
somebody in undercover and

expect them to make sense
of things by themselves.

Tough titty.

That's the job.

You get dirt on your
hands, crap in your pants.

- Of course, I knew you'd be a beacon
of sensitivity. - I'm cheering you up.

- You're not really, are you? - I'm
saying you were right to believe her.

The bottom line is, we trust each other.

It's not that easy though, is it?

How could you tell if somebody
was hiding a deep dark secret?


I just wanted to say...

...I know you all tried your best today.

And to lose a fellow officer...

Words aren't enough.

You're still talking.

Chris, I've been asked to file a report
about your assault on Daniel Stafford.

As far as I'm concerned,
it was accidental.

He attacked you, you defended yourself.


We lost a good copper today.

I don't want to make it two.

If it comes back to bite me on the arse

somewhere down the
line, I'll take the flak.

- You just keep doing what
you do best. - Thanks gu...

Jim, sir.

Sir, Jim. Thank you.

- You know, you should be thanking
him as well. - Yeah, right!

- You're serious?
- Chris's career was over.

He's been given a second
chance, and it's thanks to Jim.

So yes, guv, I am serious.

Thank you, Jim, for what you did.

And thank you for
gracing us with your presence,

for coming down from your ivory tower

to poke and prod us mere
mortals, and for giving me

the chance to work with
such a fine figure of a man.

- Oh, for God's sake. - Sometimes, I'm
surprised I can even look at you,

such is the brightness of the
sun that shines from your arse.

Thank you, Jim. Thank you.

Right. Who'd like a bloody drink?

# She is watching the detectives

# Ooh, it's so cute

# She is watching the detectives

# When they shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot

# They beat him up
until the teardrops start

# But he can't be wounded
cos he's got no heart. #

- Who are you? - Detective Chief
Inspector Bastard Litton.

Frank Hardwick. Stand-up
comic. You heard of him?

This parasite swans into
the club house, nicks two

grand from the pot, and
scarpers down to your patch.

- Stole the police widows'
collection? - Bastard.

Do you buy any of this
police widows stuff?

No, stinks like a month old chinky.

Booked the gym, dance rehearsal.

- Dance rehearsal? - Police gala.
Opportunity Cops this Friday.

Me and Ray are body popping.

- Oh, sweet Jesus, I thought I'd
seen everything. - I'd be careful.

- A pretty woman like yourself, things
can happen. - Are you threatening me?

You give up Frank Hardwick, and I'll
give you the story on Sam and Gene.

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