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Ashes to Ashes (2008–2010): Season 3, Episode 1 - Episode #3.1 - full transcript

Alex wakes up to find herself back in 1983 where Gene Hunt is on the run after shooting her, three months previously. His unit is being run by none other than Ray! Meanwhile the rest of the unit in involved with the abduction of Dorothy, a young girl, on her way to school. To make matters worse a ransom is demanded by the kidnappers, and it's up to the team to find the culprits - fast.

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My name is Alex Drake. And quite
frankly, your guess is as good as mine.

I understand that emerging
from a coma... I understand

that one might have difficulty
adjusting to the real world.

A sense of dislocation is natural.

The place that you went to in your
subconscious felt completely real.

What if it was real?

You weren't there.

You didn't see them.

Are you still hearing voices?


And are you dreaming about him?

Of course I'm glad to be back.

But the real world scares you.

Because it's not as
real as the one I left.

You're isolating yourself.

You sent Molly to stay with her father.

Because I have to deal with this myself.

- So you want to return there?
- I thought it was all in my head.

But Sam Tyler was in a coma too.

He was a copper in the same place.

Now how is that possible?
Sam told me when he woke up,

he told me that he could hear
them begging him for help.

And he listened.
What if it is a real place?

What if Sam

and I both had a purpose there?

Alex, Sam Tyler is dead.

And the world you describe isn't real.

Just wake up.

The doc stopped the bleeding
in your guts weeks ago.

I wasn't going to come here

but I've got a little
girl who's been kidnapped.

And what with the Guv
in hiding, I'm on my own.

I'm doing my best but they never
think my best is any good. So wake up.

Wake up and...

help me.

I couldn't get grapes so I got a melon.

I'll leave it here for you.

This kidnapping stuff...
little Dorothy Blonde.

We're all at sea on it boss... ma'am.
With the Guv on the run...

It's been three months now.

Oh, er, Shazzer's coming in later.

We're not together any more...
But that's "Kool And The Gang".

It's not the same without
you any more, ma'am.

Can't you wake up and...

Bits of melon on the floor, ma'am,
do you want me to clean it up?

It's not fair! You made things
better and then you left us!

Now I'm back making
bloody tea and biscuits.

Should've got a job at Peak Freans!

If you came back I
know you'd help me to...

Alex. Look what he's done to you.

You don't know me but
I read all about you.

You're the best of them,
Alex. It's not fair.

He did this to you and I don't
want history to repeat itself.

I don't want you to end up like...

Wake up.

It's not fair. Help
me, help me, help me...

Wakey wakey, Drakey!

Come on, you weren't that shot.

Do you hear me, Bols?

Come back to me, I need ya!

Wake up!

Wake up...

Wakey wakey, Drakey! Drakey!

Wake up, come back to me, I need ya!

Drake! ALEX! ALEX! Wake up!

It's not the same without
you any more, ma'am.

You made things better
and then you left us...

You weren't that shot!

Police in Lancashire say the
body found in a shallow grave

on farmland maybe that
of a police officer.

They believe it may have lain
undiscovered for many years

before being found by a group
of travellers two days ago.

A postmortem is being carrying out

to establish the cause
and likely date of death.

Alex! Wake up!

That worked then.

I had a mate called Brian Batts
used to get on the voddy t's

and wind up sparko in his own sick.

Little tap to the boat race always
brought him round with a smile.

So smile. You're back.

You're going to like
these. They're even clean.

What's the matter with
you, you dozy mare?

You walked straight into
the path of my shooter.

I don't fire magic bullets, you know,
they don't go bending in the air.

They said I tried to kill you. But
I know you wouldn't let me down.

We're a team. Bodie and Doyle.

I'm the one in the SAS. You
can be the one with girl's hair.

Now get your knickers on, we're leaving.

Duty cleaner to Casualty, please.

That's duty cleaner
required to Casualty.

I was in a dream. I was at a home,

but I wasn't. I was in ICU.

There was a man, a young
copper, his face was...

When you've finished blabbering you're
going to clear my name with D and C.

That's a gynaecological procedure.

Nothing so glamorous.
Discipline And Complaints.

The rubber heelers.

Turns out if you shoot a fellow
officer they get a bit annoyed about it.

Where did you go?


The Isle Of Wight. That was shit.

So I tried the Costa Brava. It was
the best full English I've ever had.

But then I thought, "Why am I running?

"Gene Hunt doesn't run. "

I'm in a mess, Bols.

- So am I.
- Fighting for my future.

Me too.

Get up. Come here.

I'm sorry. I could've hit my target.

But you fell all wrong.

Sometimes in life, you can't
help which way you fall.

You do know when I walk through those
doors they're going to come for me?


There's only one thing for it.

Let's fire up the Quattro.

Don't worry, I'm sure we'll find Tinkerbell
as soon as we... Bugger me sideways!

You catching flies, Skip? Tea,
five sugars, if you'd be so kind.

Glad to see you've gotten sweeter
in the last three months, Guv.

What the...

Bloody hell!


What's this? Dorothy Blonde.
Kidnapped yesterday morning?

8.21. Parents are on their way.
There's been a ransom demand.

Well, we better get her back, hadn't
we? Who's in charge of this shambles?

I am.

I'm a DI now.

- DI?!
- It's not that incredible.

DCI Timmons wanted to keep hold of
his office. So I thought I'd move...

We didn't think you
were coming back, Guv.

Nor did I after the report
you gave the enquiry.

They asked all sorts of questions
they already knew the answers to.

- Rhetorical.
- No, it was definitely English.

We've really missed you, ma'am.

Right, Dorothy, how was she taken?

She was being walked to school.
Three masked men got out of

the back of a blue Ford Transit.

Could have been a D-reg but we
haven't got witness corroboration.

Well, it's all going to
get a bit busy in here.

No doubt D and C will be zooming
on over in their Datsun Cherrys.

You bring the family into
my office when they arrive.

But you can't just pick up
like nothing's happened, Guv.

And, Ray, if you come in here
again dressed like a maths teacher,

I will paint your balls
the colour of hazelnuts

and inform a bag of squirrels
that winter's coming.

But you wear...

'Molly... Eight years ago...

'And so time passed.

'Molly still hadn't heard from her mum. She
knew she was fine but she was desperate... '


I am all right. I'll be back, I just
need to finish something here first.

That's why I can't leave.

Look, please tell Molly I'm still
going to find a way home to her.

- Who you talking to, ma'am?
- Erm...

Whoever might be listening, Shaz.

What was it like? Being
unconscious all that time?

It looked like home

but it wasn't. It
didn't feel at all real.

- This does, though, doesn't it?
I mean, you're awake now. - Yeah.

It's the strangest thing,

because now I'm not awake

and it does feel real. Oh, well.

Halfway there.

- Excuse me? - Oh, that's Marjorie, the
kidnapped girl's step mum. - Marjorie?

I can't. There'll be more
questions. I can't breathe in here.

- Darling, please... - Is there
anything I can do? - Come on.

- Marjorie? We...
- She just needs a moment.

You should get that bruise looked at.

She got that trying to fight
them off when they took Dotty.

I should've fought harder.

What's that say? "Do the right
thing and I will be fine. "

"Don't do the right
thing and I will die. "

- Dotty...
- There's a ransom demand, as well.

- No. Don't rewind it. - Got this player
through the market, they're normally sound.

It'll be fine, we can smooth that out.

The last card definitely had
"ransom" written at the top of it.

I couldn't understand the
rest. It was in a code.

Should get one of the techno twats
from Scotty Yard to sort that out.

I've salvaged enough
party cassettes in my time.

OK, stand down the techno
twats, I think I've got it.

"Ransom. Tomorrow morning, 10.30am. "

I don't know what those other
numbers mean. Sequences of four.

- Bastards don't make it easy.
- Kidnappers can use biblical references.

They're usually sequences of three
- book, chapter, verse.

Where the hell's my filing cabinet gone?

Oh, Ray moved your
stuff into storage, Guv.

Oh, thanks for that, Chris.

- Guv, you're a wanted man...
- Don't you know it's nice to be wanted?

Right, the Blondes. Been
married two years. Happy couple?

Well, they seem pretty devoted.

Dorothy's the kid from
the first marriage.

David Blonde's got his own firm.

Computers or something pointless.
We'll round up his employees.

They've been interviewed,
and family members.

Could be a pro job?

Nothing is certain
until I am up to speed.

Look, you pair can't just walk back
here and start... I mean it's not...

D and C are just going to have a fit!

I want my filing cabinet back.

Poor little girl, sat there all
by herself waiting for her Dad.

Dot Matrix.

Micro processors for arcade games.

But now I'm going into
eight-bit computers.

Sorry, I don't speak Sci Fi.

Dot Matrix after Dotty? She's
your inspiration, isn't she?

What about her mother?

- She died when Dotty was six.
- And how did you two meet?

We were at school together.

I married young and so we lost
touch. But after my marriage...

After it ended, I bumped
into David in Tandy's.

Yeah, no-one can replace her mother
but Marjorie's made a damn good try.

You made job cuts recently?

Yeah, a few. We're in
a recession, you know.

Anyone turn nasty on you?

No, not at all. David always
handles these things sensitively.

Well, have you got money? I mean
why would kidnappers target you?

I have access to funds, you know.

But I'm trying to put
it all into the business.

We're expanding, got a
new warehouse development.

Look, why the hell
are we discussing this?

I mean, get out there and find Dotty.

- I know.
- You need to be back with your daughter.

Don't worry, I'll find her.

Why give ransom details in code?

Well, Drake says it's the "kidnapper's
innate desire to show superiority".

You can't shoot your DI, then waltz back
in and take charge like nothing's happened.

I'd normally agree, but these are
unique mitigating circumstances.

Good for you, Chris. I told you reading
Doris Lessing broadens the vocabulary.

You're not together and she's
got you on bloody lesbian poetry.

It's good the Guv's back, innit?

I was running this whole
caboodle while he was in Spain.

- All I want to hear from him are those
three little words. - What? I love you?

Well done, Ray.

Oh, the Rubberheelers.


Never hear them coming.

'Look what he's done to you. '

Hi, DCI Jim Keats.

Discipline and Complaints.

Can we take a walk, mate?

Senora Drake. My heart, she sings.

- Canta. Canta. Canta?
- What the hell is that?

Canta. It's Italian. "She sings".

- Thank you. Now I know.
- You know what?

DCI Hunt didn't intend to kill you
during the Douglas Lane robbery.

The chemistry between you...

- It's obvious. - Good. Chemistry lesson
over? I'll be getting back to work.

- No, no, wait. - Sit down.
What's the matter with you two?

What, you think we're in East
Berlin or something? Please, Gene.

Look, you know this is stupid. He didn't
mean to kill me, he was trying to save me.

You heard of Operation Countryman?

Destroying the link between
the Met and organised crime.

Don't take it the wrong way.

I'm not saying that you folks are
corrupt but quite frankly this incident

puts Fenchurch East on our radar.

This is the latest in a long line of...

How should I put it diplomatically?

Risky operating styles.

No, believe it or not,
he's one of the good guys.

If it was me, there'd still
be room for the mavericks.

But Newman wants a clean, consistent
force. Oh, blimey O'Reilly.

It was so easy once
upon a time, wasn't it?

Yeah, I need another
career. Nobody likes us.

- It's bloody depressing. - How many
years have you spent on the beat?

Oh, come on. Are you
that surprised I'm here?

- You fled to Spain. - You ever even
held a truncheon or a pair of cuffs?

Criminals flee to Spain.


I know you're clean now but I've
got to convince a few other people.

I'm not going to make
you turn in your badge

so, until this blows over...

go home.

Full pay.

On one condition.

I leave here alone.

I don't need an escort here
from Cannon and bloody Ball.

Yeah, well, I only take them out to
stop them chewing the carpet tiles.


Thank you.

You came to see me, in hospital.

I thought Gene had tried...

- I was worried about you, Alex.
- You don't know me.

I know you can make a difference here.

You see, that... That's
what I try and do.

I try and make a difference
here. To get home.

But, you see, there's something...

There's something else and
Gene is at the heart of it.

Look, don't worry, Gene'll be fine.

I've got it covered.

Damn thing. Look at that, my
watch stopped at 9:06 exactly.


You know, you talked to me about history
repeating itself. What did you mean?

- Forget it for now...
- Another copper?

Look, I just need DCI Hunt to see the
severity of this and take it seriously.

And when he does,

that'll help him.

"Iron sharpeth iron", you know.

Sorry, Book of Proverbs, I think.

- You know your Bible.
- Comes with my upbringing.

I must know almost every word.

I'm here to help, Alex.

You know?

Dead copper on the news.

Dead copper in front of me.


Is there anybody there?

You know, it's weird...

I can see why Sam wanted...

why he needed to come back here.

There's something about this world,
about my place in it, that's important.

Who are you?

What do you want?

Do you want help? Is that it? I can't
help you, I can't even help myself.

Can you tell me what any of it means?

I must confess to being an Audi Quattro
fan when the car first came out in 1980.

I was tremendously impressed by
it's blood and thunder performance.

By the way, it put its considerable
power down on the road and perhaps,

most of all, by the way it
catapulted out of corners.

Now, this is another Audi Quattro...


First number could be Book.
Then Chapter. Then Verse. Then...

Then word. 1, 6, 15, 26.


Chapter 6, verse 15.

What's the 26th word in
that Bible verse then?

"The breadth of it 50 cubits. "

- 50. The word fifty.
- Next one is 55, 1, 5, 18.

Hold on... Timothy is the 55th book.

Chapter one, verse five.

"When I call to remembrance the
unfeigned faith that is in thee,

"which dwelt first in
thy grand mother... "

Grandmother's written as two words.

Fifty grand. I think we
just found our ransom demand.

Oh, ma'am, I bloody
love having you back.

OK. "Fifty. Grand. Cloth.
Bag. Behind. Hammers. "

These words form a simple set
of instructions. Any ideas?

Fifty grand in a cloth
bag behind some hammers.

West Ham. The Hammers.
Upton Park tomorrow morning.

- You're not supposed to be in here...
- He wouldn't listen, would he?

Look, Guv, can I... can
I just have a quick word?

I hate to say it, Guv,
but she's right - you can't stay.

I can. I just stand here
with my feet slightly apart.

Will you just STOP trying to prove a point
to everybody, please! This isn't a game!

I missed you. But now you're back,
I'm getting all annoyed again.

Right, Ray, I want us crawling
through Dot Matrix Limited.

Debtors. Creditors. Cash flow. The lot.

They've been through all that
stuff already. Haven't you?

- Yeah, yeah. As much as we need to.
- Well, it won't be enough. - I was thinking

now we know the drop, we could pull
off a sting. Wire up David Blonde.

We could stay out of sight and
go in when we hear the switcheroo.

It's risky but the clock's against us.
It could be our best shot.

You could head it up, Ray.

The sting? Me?

You can't run operations on the streets.
D and C will have your knackers in a vice.

You're right. You're still annoying but
you're right. Ray, armed or bare back?

- Armed. - Set it up.
- You got it, Guv.

You're going to do what they say.

You can hand over the money
but we'll have a wire on you.

- The moment we know Dorothy's safe, we
swoop in and nick 'em. - No way, Jose!

- It's a foolproof plan, David. - No!
Absolutely not! We know what we have to do.

Give them the money
and get back my Dotty.

If you're wired, we can
listen from a greater distance.

- Marjorie, you can see why we
have to do this? - Dave, maybe...

No! All right, I don't want to risk it.

I've met these types of people before.
They're called scumbag bastards.

We have to bring them down
and it's your duty to help us.

My duty isn't to you, I'm
afraid, it's to my daughter.

- Just leave it, Ray.
- Yeah, but we have to...

- We can't force them, can we?
- Come on, sweetheart. Come on.

You could've talked him into it. You know
all about feelings and crying and stuff.

You've compromised my operation, ma'am.

Hey, did you just call
me "ma'am", Inspector?

No. Course not!


What have you got for me, Chris?

They've got this warehouse for
storing computer chips from Japan,

where these are supposed to go.

- Only the warehouse isn't ready for
'em. - Why not? - Health and Safety.

- They cleared the workforce out a couple
of months back. - Anything we can use?

Business is keeping its
head above water. Just.

Bloke over there let something slip.

David Blonde's put his
mortgage into Marjorie's name.

Guarding against bankruptcy, I suppose.

Chris, I'm...

I'm sorry about you and Shaz.

Yeah. Me too. We just couldn't see eye
to eye and she gets so angry these days.

Anyway, best to lose a
lover and keep a friend.

Has your IQ doubled
since I've been away?

- No. It's Doris Lessing. Can I have
a crack at Missile Command? - No.

He moved his house into his new
wife's name like the fella said.

This is even more interesting. In her
previous marriage she was Marjorie Soaper.

Soaper? Why do I know that name?

She was married to Gary Soaper.
House breaking and blackmail.

Sent down on a five stretch.

Broke out of the Scrubs five months ago
while they were taking him to the dentist.

Nicked a car and
smashed it up, the prat.

Now he's permanently
spazzed up in hospital.

So Blonde needs cash flow but
he can't go back to the bank.

Marjorie has old underworld connections.
Not quite Terry and June any more, are they?

- David Blonde going to the underworld
for money? Ridiculous. - Guv? Phone call.

I'm not here.

- It's D and C. - I'm definitely not
here. - They say you're not at home.

No, because I'm here!

- They want to know if you're here.
- Well, I'm not! - OK!

Right, so... What if Blonde
visited Gary Soaper to borrow cash?

I mean, Soaper would know the
right loan sharks to go to.

I've met a lot of liars in my
time. David Blonde isn't one.

If you were that clever, you wouldn't
be a copper, you'd be a judge.

His fear is genuine.
His love and his desire

to be back with his
daughter whatever is genuine!

I'm sorry if that
doesn't suit but tough!

This is me acting on
a hunch. Deal with it!

Your hunch is to see Gary
Soaper which makes no sense.

Soaper would know where to go
to get cash. No questions asked.

It's the kind of deal where a
man's daughter ends up as capital.

You do know that Gary
Soaper's a medical write-off?

Yeah, well most cons egg it up for the
doctors. Best way of doing some cushy time.


Gary Soaper, DCI Hunt. DI Drake.

Did David Blonde come to see you, Gary?

He needed cash, no questions.

You know the sort of folk who'd take
his daughter if he couldn't pay up.

Stop playing hospitals,
Gary, and help me out.

Guv. Guv, the man's got 90%
burns and severe brain damage.

He barely knows we're here.


You asked about handcuffs.
I could use them on you now.

- Try it, Jim.
- I'm not looking for trouble.

- The Guv wanted to be here. This case
is important. - This department needs me.

In fact, I am this department.

What's really important?
The girl or your career?

Sod the mind games. Your move.

I have to set up an investigation in CID.
I'll need my own office. I can't avoid that.

I do NOT want to see you on the streets.

And you are 100,000%
banned from using a firearm.

I got two A levels. He hasn't.
I should have won that round.

I said I could help you. I can.

I'm a bit of a superstitious person
and I happen to agree with you, Alex.

You are back for a reason.
But maybe it's not to help him.

Or any of them.

Maybe it's to help me.

You almost sound like you
know what I'm going through.

How could you? Do you?

I'll tell you one thing - Gene Hunt
is at the heart of this.

You were right.

We'll keep talking.

Right, pay attention
- the drop zone will be here.


Oi! Billy The Flid! Drop zone!

Oh, yeah. Sorry, Guv.

Right, there'll be cover
here and cover back here...

We're trying to work here.

So am I. This is a restaurant, not...

.. Who Dares, He Wins.

We don't have a wire tap

and the Guv can't officially take the
lead on this so we go, go, go on my signal.

Guv, got something more on Gary Soaper.

1977 acquitted for the attempted
kidnap of a bookie's son.

I say it's coincidence. Gary's a
write-off, couldn't be involved.

Oh, aye-aye.

Pizza? I can see you're all
worried sick about Dotty.

Can we talk?

I'll wear the wire.

Your ex, Gary, was involved
in a kidnapping six years ago.

Oh, right. That's reared
its ugly head again, has it?

It was never proved.
The case was dropped.

Don't judge me over Gary.

When he was sent down, it was
my chance to marry the right man.

Is there any reason we should be
following up this lead with Gary?

When Gary was inside, there
was this Methodist bloke.

Held Bible studies but they were also like
secret exchanges for snout and whatnot.

Gary sort of got inspired.

Genuinely believed that
he'd become a... you know...

a Christian, a Methodist.
This man was very charismatic.

Gary told him David had money.

This Methodist bloke was
doing time for kidnap.

- What was his name? - I don't know.
Just do what you want with it.

You know, in my old life, I heard
hundreds of stories about Gene Hunt.

He's a copper-bottomed bastard.

If you think you really know him,
you're in for a terrible shock.

'MB units are in position with
uniforms set up on the far side, Guv.

'All set and ready to
go on your word, over. '

'Right, Chris sit tight
and don't pick your nose.

'Make your move as soon as
Blonde has left the house, over. '

He's gone to get the ransom money.

Let's get you inside, Marjorie.

I'm going to attach a
microphone to your...


Might be best if you do it.

'Report in please, Elizabeth Road. '

'Yeah, we have the Blonde vehicle
just turning at the end, now. '

'Not a dickie bird. '

Don't loiter. Keep moving.

Your mother's asking if
your head's nice and warm.

You know you shouldn't be here, Guv.

- We made Jim a promise.
- Oh "Jim" now, is it?

Oh, great!

Why don't you just rent
yourself a helicopter gunship!

Relax, I've shot all the
innocent people I care to.

Blonde. All units, sit tight.

What the hell are you doing?

I love her too.

And I love you. We're in this together.

Transit! We're on!

Don't panic, Ray.

Go! Go! Go!

- What is he doing?
- It's too soon! It's too soon!

Oh, my God!

Oh my god! Dotty.

West Ham! West Ham! Can you hear me?!

Help us!

Dotty. Dotty...

It's not her, it's a dummy.

What are you all doing here?

Why didn't you wait?!

You were wearing a wire! After everything
we said, you were wearing a wire!

I'm sorry... I'm
sorry... I had to do it!

It's all right. It's all right.

- 'All units, van is on the move. '
- She was probably in that van.

All I wanted to do was follow their
orders and give them the money.

But you had to bring your
guns and mess it all up.

You've killed my daughter!

They'll be rattled and they'll
be angry but they've come this far

and they won't want to blow it now.

They need her alive.
She's their only bargaining chip.

Talk to me, Christopher.

'Pandas lost it on the estate, Guv. '

"You have let me down and
putted me in even greater danger.

"The fee is now 60,000.

"You have one last chance... "

".. We will send you another location.

"The drop is 8pm tonight.

"If the fuzz are involved...

"If the fuzz are involved, I will die.

"If you have any more to
do with them, I will die. "

Daddy, help me!

- They put a telly in for her,
that was nice. - It'll be all right.

She doesn't look hungry.
They're feeding her well.

They've been watching you, David.

Yeah, well, they can watch me as I
leave and have nothing to do with you.

I'm sorry how that went this morning

but we need to talk
about other possibilities,

other scenarios that
might have led to this.

- What?
- Have you been straight?

Did you use one of Marjorie's old
contacts to get yourself a bridging loan?

Don't be stupid! You think
I'd hide something like that?

I would admit to being a serial rapist
if I thought it'd get my Dotty back.

Hold your horses.

You practically killed my little girl.

Now, we're going to
go home and sit tight

and wait for our instructions
from the kidnappers.

I'll show you out...

I don't want to be seen
standing next to a copper.

- You didn't mess up. It was a heat of
the moment... - Just... don't. All right?

Just trying to help. No.

- Put a tail on 'em. In case...
- We can't jeopardize Dorothy again.

We have to go about this
from a different angle.

Ray, I want every television rental
shop in the district to get a visit.

The guy on the VHS had
an infection or something.

Somebody might remember him
renting or buying a telly.

- Check out as well who might
have bought a camcorder. - What?

- One of them TV...
- Specialist TV shop might do 'em.

Find out. We know the drop is eight.

Clock is ticking, ladies and gents.

- Got it from the police gym.
- We've got a gym?!

Guv, we had a shout. They found the
Transit on the estate. Abandoned.

Right get forensics down
there. Stick it up there.

They'll need their oven
gloves, it's been torched.

- Ma'am, this fella's fixing the central
heating on the second floor. - Thanks.

It's OK. You're not in any trouble.
I'd just like to know what this is.

Terry, I want that list of Gary
Soaper's known associates. Chop-chop!

Shop dummy was from a
warehouse in Wapping.

Was one of a dozen they had in a skip.

Any wally could have pinched it.

The dummy was wrapped in blue asbestos.

Oh, come on! Asbestos.

It causes asbestosis. It's lethal.

It rips your lungs to shreds.

Blue asbestos!

Oh, come on, don't tell me none
of you have ever heard of...

You're a one-woman Open
University course, aren't you?

Bamber Gascoigne in drag.

- That bloke with the cough?
- The one on the tape. Maybe.

Terry? Also find out if
any of Soaper's cronies

have come into contact with asbestos.

Gary Soaper?

I've told you, how many times?
The man is a burnt vegetable!

He found religion in the nick,
the notes are all Bible references.

What about the man Gary met inside?

The one that Marjorie told me about. The
Methodist teacher with links to kidnapping.

- Did she have a name?
- No, afraid not.

We're looking for a
bloke who has done time.

That narrows it down to most of Earth and
the whole of Sunderland. I can trace him.

- Here's the current low lifes.
- Raymondo?

We'll see what we can shake out of 'em.

I know what you're doing - hassling
old felons, making a lot of noise.

You're re-announcing yourself to
the underworld and it's bollocks.

Just work with me.

Working together is fine
when it's what you want.

Has it ever occurred to you that if
you gave your team a bit of respect,

a little bit of freedom,
that they might flourish?

I did. I put Ray in charge
and look what happened!

I'm glad I came back.
This place needs me.

They're crying out for me.

This is turning into The Claire
Rayner Show and I've had enough!

- Five hours and 42 minutes left on
that girl's life. - Five hours, 41.

Yes, thank you very much, the
Speaking ruddy bloody Clock!


Blimey, it's getting a
bit Juicy Fruit out there.

Gary Soaper's cronies aren't
going to tell us anything.

They don't bloody KNOW anything!

- Any luck? - There's a lot of these Bible
groups. - Did you mention the kidnap angle?

Yeah, and they had a William Carburton doing
eight years for attempted kidnap. Methodist.

Beats me how a devout Christian
can also be a criminal.

- Ask a Catholic choir boy. - Don't know
any. Do you want me to pull some in?

- Uh... Carburton?
- He was released a month ago.

- Was assigned to a Methodist
hostel in Stepney. - Hmm.

Under three hours.

I think we better talk to Mr Carburton.

Police, open up!

Just break it down, Chris.

But we don't have a warrant.
Warrant schwarrant, do it.


Police! This is the police!

This is the police!

What are you doing?

Police. Hands where we can see them.

He's not hiding a weapon, 'cause
he's not wearing any clothes.

Still. Police. Hands
away from your smalls.

What's all this stuff?

This morning's Bible study.
We meet every Thursday.

William Carburton. Where is he?

Will Carburton?

- Yes, where is he?
- Hopefully, he's with Christ.

And where do we find this Christ?

Christ isn't a nickname, is it,
Chris? He means THE Jesus Christ.

Sorry, Will Carburton's dead?

He had three heart attacks in prison.

You get quick health care
in the Scrubs. Out here...

Ambulance took too long.

Died two weeks ago.

- Recognise this man? - Chris! There
is no point in showing that...

Gary Soaper. Saw him
at Bible study inside.

He phoned here one time to talk to Will. He
didn't leave his name but I knew the voice.

Gary Soaper is in a
bed with brain damage.

A Gary Soaper called
here a few weeks back.

And he wasn't brain damaged.

- Shaz.
- I know, Guv.

- Tea for 15 and bourbons on a plate.
- A word.

Listen, Drake is always going on about

what a smart little
plonk you are. So, er...

How'd you fancy a spot of surveillance?

'Shaz, what's going on?

'Talk to me, over. '

Looks like they're still waiting
for a contact from the kidnappers.

Still no movement at the
Blondes'. Any joy here?

We've had it out with anyone who's
ever had dealings with Soaper - nothing.

Maybe if we let the exchange take place.

Let these swines take the dough and
hand the girl over. She'll be safe.

No, she'll have seen them. Heard them.

My spidey senses tell me once they've
got their money, they'll kill her.

- What we down to?
- About two hours ten.

- DI Drake for you.
- What is it?

'A "please" wouldn't kill you. '

Please talk now, you mare.

Gary Soaper, he's been
making phone calls.

- Ray, search the room. - Will you
just listen to what I have to say!

I listen morning, noon and night.

It's called Radio Drakey,
broadcasting 24 hours a bloody day.

This? Do you want this?

Well, don't look so surprised,
you said he found religion.

Methodist Christianity.
This man's a Catholic.

This isn't Gary Soaper.

She's turned left so that means
she'll be hitting Queen Anne Road.

No, wait up. Mr Blonde's... Mr
Blonde's going the other way.

I'm reckoning our veggie in there...

...was used as a decoy to drive
the getaway car by Gary.

Trouble is car crashes and
ends up burnt to a crisp.

Now everybody thinks Gary's in a
hospital bed but in fact he's lying low.

Until of course he needs some money

and then he contacts Carburton
for some kidnap advice.

- Marjorie's got to know that isn't
her hubby. - She's in on it, Ray.

It's been Marjorie all along.

They phoned us this time.

I'm sorry, we knew you'd try to follow
us so David sent me out as a decoy.

Mrs Blonde, where did he go?

He's going to make
the switch in an hour.

They're not going to hurt her.
She's going to be all right.

Deep down, she wants to confess.

That's why she told us about
Carburton. It's why she wanted a wire.

She almost wants us to
stop this because she can't.

She's grappling with herself internally.

- Ray's got a film like that.
- 50 minutes!


Yes? Hello? What?

Wherever he's holding Dorothy, he's
been holding her there for a long time.

Pull Marjorie in, wire her bra
strap to a fuse box. She'll talk.

We are running out of time, Raymondo.

David is so scared nothing is going
to stop him handing over that cash.

When we were at Dot Matrix,
why was it so chaotic?

- Because of the tempo of modern life?
- Don't over think it, Chris. - Chips.

Boxes of little chips from Japan.

They were meant to be in the warehouse
but they'd had to clear the workforce out.

Because of a health and safety scare.

Stories like this work
better on Nationwide.

Somewhere go where he
wouldn't be disturbed.

The last place they'd think
to look. The other warehouse.


Guv. We found Dorothy's coat.


'Found them. '

Come on! Hold your
breath! It's asbestos!

Gary Soaper, sorry to barge into
your home like this but you're nicked.

- Thank you.
- That's OK.

- Are you all right? - Dotty. - I
told you I'd come back for you.

Right, this time, Gary, make
the most of your time inside.

Try taking up a few hobbies,
like basket weaving or gang rape.

Thank you, Mr Hunt. So much. Thank you.

Get out of my house.


Are you OK, darling?

See? He didn't hurt her. She's not hurt.

- Get out of my house!
- Don't, Dad! Don't shout at her!

It's all right. I'm going to go now.

It wasn't really me you
were interested in, Dave.

- She was everything. that's how it
should be. - I don't want to hear it.

Shaz, would you mind going and sitting
with them, until the ambulance arrives?


You know, the first time I
ever met you, you were running.

You've wanted to escape from
this from day one, haven't you?

Gary could've gotten away when he
broke out. But he came to find me.

It's a hell of a thing
to be that wanted.

You actually let him
fracture your cheek. God...

I love him.

Even though he made
you be part of all this?

Fell for him from day one.

Sometimes, you can't
help which way you fall.

- Here's to a blinding result.
- Good day's work from all of you.

- Under difficult circumstances. Ray?
- Yes, Guv?

It was a tough call, this morning.

I know it didn't pan out but you
could've dithered and you didn't.

As Mrs Lady Woman is keen to remind me, you
made a snap decision and you acted on it.

Sometimes, that's all we can do.
So well done, Inspector.

Cheers, Guv.

What's on your mind, ma'am?

This team.

You. Chris. Ray.

You're all on my mind.

I don't understand.

No, nor do I.

Maybe I'm here to help.

The Guv too?

He's at the centre of all of this.

Well, who's gonna help you, then?

Oh, don't do that.

Don't give me the silent treatment.

Not when I went to the
trouble of bringing this.

Pass it round.

Look, um... I'm just going to say it.

You proved me wrong today. All of you.

DCI Hunt most of all.

This is a station of mavericks.

That means that officially we are
going to assess your suitability.

But, and it's a big but...

I'm in charge of assessing you.

And heaven help me, I've got
a soft spot for the old ways.

OK? So... Can we see if we
can't work this out together?

Hmm? And then... you know...

Do you know what? I'm boring myself.
Come on, let's have a drink, OK?

Will one of you Herberts get me my filing
cabinet out of storage, please. Thank you!

I hate you.

I can't help it.
I hate what you stand for.

The... The...

- My mouth's dry.
- Maybe you'd prefer water?

No, thank you.

The laziness.

The brutality. The hypocrisy.
And as for your team,

some of them could have made
good coppers but you've...

.. eroded them too much.


Third raters. Slackers.

They'll be getting pissed while I
dismantle this station around them.

And you think you're
up to that, do you, Jim?

It's not about them.

Not really.

It's about you, Hunt.

About what you've done in the past.

Maybe Alex Drake was an accident.

Maybe. She thinks it was.

But you do have a nasty temper and
not everyone's walked away from that.

And a good dart-throwing arm.

Don't forget my 180.

You think you're so clever,

so special, so needed, so damn right.

You've fooled everyone
into believing in you.

But I have the horrible, unpopular job
of showing the world what you really are.

The things you've done.

They won't want to believe it.

Because they love you and
they think they know you.

They'll hate me for it.
But in the end, they will see.

As sad as that will be
for them, they will see.

I know what you did.

Three years ago.

I know.

So, you're going to bring me down.

Why tell me that?

You see, that's what's ironic - you can't
leave here no matter what happens.

This place defines you, which means
you're going to have to sit here

and watch me close your little kingdom.

And you on the scrap heap.

I just hope I can help
Alex before it's too late.

Come on, Guv, booze time a-wasting.

Good idea, Ray, let's have a drink, eh?


Why not?

You've been out of hospital two days,
Alex, please try to look after yourself.

I want to help you. I really do.

The things you hold dear...

- you know they might not be good for you.
- And I'm here to...

Find out the truth.

#.. I'll be watching you

# Every move you make
every step you take,

# I'll be watching you

# I'll be watching you

# Every breath you take, every
move you make, every bond you break

# I'll be watching you

# Every single day, every word
you say, everything you make

# I'll be watching you

# Every move you make, every vow
you break, every smile you fake

# I'll be watching you

# Every single day, every word
you say, every game you play

# I'll be watching you

# Every breath you take, every move
you make, every bond you break... #

- Sam Tyler.
- I told you, I'm not talking about it.

- But why? - Sam Tyler was a friend
of mine. Sam Tyler died, end of.

Six young women murdered
over a three-year period,

each of them branded somewhere on
their body with the shape of a crescent.

Oh, my God, I'm sick of this.

Crescent Moon dating agency.

- I'm about to invent speed dating.
- What?

My name's Jim and I've been looking
for love in all the wrong places.

I'm resigning from the
Metropolitan Police.

No questions, no arguments,
I've made my decision.

- Murder! Murder!
- Shaz.

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