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Ashes to Ashes (2008–2010): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Simon Neary is a gangster Gene has wanted to nail for years. When the team discovers that his latest deal is to obtain guns, the case takes on another imperative for Alex. Is stopping the guns a way to stop herself getting shot in 2008? Gene is shocked by how far Alex is prepared to go, including trying to persuade Neary's young boyfriend to turn informant. Would she put a civilian at risk?

And if I do that,
will I get back to my daughter?

Bolly kecks on rampage
with idiot theories, run for your lives!

What would really help me,
is for us to become friends.

You used me. Just like you use whoever
you need for whatever you want.

Now then, Bollinger knickers,
are you gonna kiss me or punch me?

What do you do, Gene?

Last few seconds on Earth?
Anything you want.

Right now.
What would you do?

Say it.

So what are you?
C or a D cup?

I am so hot.

Dear Lord, if this is a test,
I fear I may fail.


I know.

Time of death was
between midnight and half past.

Most of the injuries happened
several hours before.

Marks around the wrists and ankles.

Obviously he'd been tied up
at some point before he died.

I seem to have mislaid
the smelling salts.

It's part of the job, love.

His name's Anthony Grange. 17.

No. No, it's not that.
I just, er...

I am not going to die.

I'm coming home to you, Molly.

DI Drake.

What's the background?

He's the reason
we're going after Simon Neary.

Amongst his other
business interests,

Neary runs one of the biggest
vice rings this side of the river.

Anthony was one of his boys.

At least until he got
on the wrong side of him.

What have we got on him?

Nothing yet.
But I know he did it.

Let's just hang him now, shall we?


Oh, guv.
Reeks called.

He's got us a location on Neary's meet.

Let's go catch the bastard in the act.

Neary's just entered the building.

Target's on the plot.

He's heading upstairs. Over.

Stay with him. Out.

I have eyeball on the target.

I mean, I can see him. Over.

Just follow him, you dickhead.

Lost him. Over.

Eyeball, fourth floor.

What've you got?

It's not working.


- I didn't touch it.
- Batteries.

The new batteries for the mic?

- Oh, Chris has got 'em.
- You what?

Well, see,
I had the mic in the car.

I don't want to know why,
I just want it to work.

I wanna know
when to arrest the bastard

the moment he exchanges
cash for the drugs.

How else we gonna know
when to go in?

- Batteries?
- Right here, guv.

Hey up.

- What?
- Can't hear anything.

- We've got to kick the door down.
- Go in too early and you'll lose him.

Go in too late, we'll lose him.

We're bloody coppers, not spies.
Look at us.

Tinker, tailor, soldier, twat!

Premature action could jeopardise
the little intelligence you've gathered.


Where's Neary?
Where is he?

He's gone.

We had him right here.
And we lost him.

What's going on, who are you?

Angry coppers
about to take out every ounce

of their considerable frustration
on your miserable carcass.

Bloody hell!

Right. Where are the drugs?

What drugs? There are no drugs.

Diamonds, forged notes, whatever
Neary was buying. Where are they?

He must have bloody big ears.

It's the wrong orifice, Chris.

It's a butt plug.

It goes up your arse!

My name is Alex Drake.

I've just been shot and that bullet
has taken me back to 1981.

I may be one second away from life,
or one second away from death.

All I know is that
I have to keep fighting.

Fight to live,
fight to see my daughter.

Fight to get home.


Where are the drugs,
forged notes, et cetera?

I don't know what you're talking about.

- Do not try it on with me, son.
- I'm not.

I'm not.

So what were you doing in that room?

Having sex.

What, Neary was a punter?

I've had enough of this.

What's the nature of your relationship
with Simon Neary, Mr Johnstone?

He's my boyfriend.

Your boyfriend?

Dear God!

He must be in on the deal somehow.

Let's face it, there was no deal.

All they exchanged were bodily fluids.

Immoral earnings. Get him on that.

No money exchanged hands.
It was a perfectly innocent encounter.

It's the first time I've heard
shit-stabbing called innocent.

Look, I am really sorry.

That kind of behaviour from
a police officer is unacceptable.

Don't tell me you're surprised.

No. No, I'm not.

I walk with dinosaurs.

Do you fancy a coffee?

I could do with a break from
the world of Tyrannosaurus Hunt.

I don't think so.

All right, maybe another time.
I'll see you out.

What, that bloke you brought in?



What a shame.

All the best-looking men are,
I suppose.

Hey, is Neary a poof too, then?

A fairy, a queen,
a fudge-packing ponce.

- But he's as hard as nails.
- Ronnie Kray is a bumboy.

One of the Krays is an arse bandit?

I thought they boxed?

One, homosexuality is not
something you can catch.

Two, a preference for the male form
does not indicate

which sport you prefer.

And three,

have you ever wondered
why the Inuits

have so many words for snow?


It's because it's important to them.

Why is Neary's sexuality
so important to you?

You know, it's not so long ago

every woofter in the world
was breaking the law.

They have sex, Gene.

Sweaty muscular male sex.
Just get used to it.

Now can we concentrate please
on the crimes he commits,

and not whose cock he sucks.

Did you just say...

Yes, Chris, I did.

Whether I like what Simon Neary
gets up to behind closed doors,

preferably padlocked,

doesn't stop him from being
a murdering bastard.

If anybody deserved
to rot in hell, it's him.

Let's make a good case.

What happened to your red-hot lead?

Your top snout,
the one that you said

would "smash Simon Neary's poxy
crime ring once and for all."

Good bloody question.

Reeks, you maggot.

I gave you a fiver
for solid information

and you give me
a suitcase full of dildos!

- Dope.
- Dildos.

The biggest of which I will ram so far
it'll give your tonsils a treat

- if you don't give me something better.
- Dope, I heard. Or smack.

Or notes, forged drafts.

I don't know, Mr Hunt, right.
I'd heard something big,

I mean large.

- Something major, I heard.
- Do you know what I heard?

I heard your conviction for possession,
that oh-so-conveniently disappeared,

- is about to miraculously reappear!
- You wouldn't.

Give me a sardine sandwich
and call me the Copper Christ.

You can't.

Can he?

I don't think he'll be taking
my opinion into consideration.

I can't. I shouldn't even be...

All right.

Neary's got a big shipment coming in,
he's been talking about it for weeks.

- A shipment of what?
- I don't know.

- Thank you and good night.
- No, please, wait!

I can't push it too far.

You know what he's like.

He wants me as a driver
for a meet later today.



Thing is, see,
Marie won't let me see the kids.

She says I've got to go to court, and I
can't turn up dressed like this, can I?

I need a suit, something nice.
So if you could see your way to...

Fiver, and I don't knee you
in the bollocks.


- Two o'clock.
- Where?


You've proved
you're quicker climbing than me.

And more supple.

Firm, with a peachy ripeness
that's begging for a good old...

Shut up!

Your problem is
you can't take a compliment.

That's one of your problems.

I see Neary.

Who's the dealer?

No idea.

He's not one of
Neary's usual contacts.

Here come the sweeties.

Whatever they are.

Oh my God! This is about guns.


We've got to get to that dealer!

- What the bloody hell are you doing?
- Forget Neary.

You follow the gun dealer!

Sodding bloody women!

- Left, left.
- What?

Left. Left turn! Turn left!

- What do you mean, "left left"?
- I mean he turned left!

No need to tell me twice.

Well, I just thought for clarity
I should say, "Go left."

Well, not here!

Make your bloody mind up, woman!

Now you've lost him!

What do you mean, "I've lost him"?

You do realise we're back
where we bloody started.

You follow the guns.
That's what you do. That's the rule.

And let Neary off the hook
for the second bloody time?

Guns are at the root of
the public protection issue.

Don't you think you might be
ever so slightly overreacting?

- No, I don't.
- It's one little shooter.

That's all it takes, don't you see?
One little shooter.

It's killing me.

Mum, don't go!

I stop the guns,
and I stop the bullets.

Stop the bullets, and I wake up.

Wake up,

and I see you.



Ma'am, I've put out
the gun dealer's number plate,

but his face is not
ringing any bells.

I want everything
you've got on Simon Neary.

Criminal records, bank records, every
single piece of paper you can find.

And then,

I want the same again
on everyone he knows.

- That might be a bit tricky.
- Now, Chris.


Right. Chris.

Oh, here we go!

Simon Neary.

He's fined for possession

and one suspended sentence.

Twice prosecuted for GBH

and twice acquitted
due to lack of evidence.

Bloody judges.

Couldn't recognise a villain
if he burnt his house down,

raped his wife,
and jumped up and down on her head

in front of his bloody
stupid beaky face.

- And juries.
- Don't get me started on juries!

Neary then starts to trade
in forgeries, drugs and flesh.

And he teams up
with other criminals.


There's Sammy Baker.

Derek Beatty.
And Razor McCann.

Five murder trials between them
and two convictions.

Villains with psychop...

- Socio...
- Sociologists?

Bloody hell! If they start killing
people we are in trouble.

No, socio...

Sociopathic tendencies.

Neary is ruthless, ambitious
and now he wants guns.

A gun.

What we saw was just a sample.

One gun is not enough for Neary.

More than money, he wants power.

So, what's at stake?

Why does Neary want guns?

Anyone? Open forum.

OK, let's brainstorm it.


He wants to shoot people?

Who? Why?

Don't you understand?
This is where it starts.

- What does?
- It does.

If Neary has guns, his rivals need guns.

The violence escalates,
it spirals out of control.

He's not looking to start
a bloody war.

But it becomes one.

Once the genie is out of the bottle,
we cannot put it back in.

- He'd never fit.
- Eh!

You might think it's bad now,

but you have no idea what's coming.

Crackheads armed with Uzis.

Kids killed in the street,
whoever's in the line of fire.

Our kids. Our streets.

If I can stop that now,
if I can stop the guns,

then I can stop the bullets
and maybe,

just maybe I can go home.


Is this you in your doolally captain
of the Upper Fifth way

of telling us that
Neary deserves to go down?



Who's the dealer? When's he
delivering the rest to Neary?

I don't know, I don't.

If I'd known it was guns,
I wouldn't even have been there.

Neary only took me with him
cos Kosher Pete's in hospital.

Gall bladder.

I should pull yours out
with a bloody rusty hook.

I'm sorry, Mr Hunt. I just...

Look, I'm not part of
Neary's thing any more.

I can't handle it.

And I think he's on to me.

You've let me down.

How big is the shipment? Do you know
how many guns are involved?

I don't. I really don't.

If you have anything spare,
I could really do with...

Well, if you can afford a suit...

No. It's Mr Hunt's.

He said, I could, you know,

cos of the kids and all.
I'm just going up the court now.


Good luck.

Let's face it, Viv.
Wooden tops don't stand a chance.

Not with the mighty Shilton
between the sticks.

Don't put money on it.

I wouldn't want to rob you.

Mind you, you've got quite a handy
left foot when you want to have.

No stamina, though.

Can't hack a man's game.

I called Interpol like you said.

"Potential international

I wouldn't hold your breath
for the garlic munchers.

Couldn't ID Hitler if he'd stormed
their building in a Panzer.

The same thing happened
in World War II.

They came up with this.

Niccolai Sarris.
He's been running guns for years.

That's much more like it.

OK, boys. Game on!

- Where are you going?
- Football.

We've IDed the gun runners.
What about the car?

Plods are on it.

Driving round London looking for
a car Sarris probably stole,

is not a constructive use
of my time.

Oh, and football is?
This is the first lead that we've got.

We've got a name and a face.
I've got people looking for him.

What more do you want me to do?

Well, what about the gun?

Do we even know
what the make of gun is yet?

Colt 1911.

Well, how do you know?

I thought you wanted
to take Simon Neary down?

I do. And we will.

After the match.

Reeks hasn't given us anything.
We need a new informant.

If you won't help me,
I will do this on my own!

We have to stop the guns!

Simon's not a bad guy.

- You think so?
- I know so.

Do you love him?

Just because we're both men doesn't
mean we can't love each other.

- I didn't mean...
- I trust him, he trusts me.

He cares for me.
He makes me feel safe.

We have a good time. If that's
not love I don't know what is.

And the sex is great.

As long as you use protection.

You sound like my dad.

Does he know you're gay?

What about your mum?

I haven't seen mum and dad
for over a year.

- Why?
- Why?!


It's difficult, OK?

No, what's difficult...


not having a relationship
with your parents.

That's difficult.

Being alone.

- That's hard.
- Well, I'm not alone.

- I've got Simon.
- Yeah.

Now, I know that
men can love each other.

Men can have great relationships.

And they can also have
really bad ones.

What are you doing?

If you want to talk.

Or if Neary says anything.

Marcus could be our best chance
to get to Neary.

Who could be closer to him
than his boyfriend?

- No.
- What's your objection?

He's an informant like any other.

This is the way I work.

I pay a snout a fiver,
he gives me information.

He knows I'll look after him.
That way we all knows what's what.

- Him, I don't know.
- What are you really scared of?

Being stuck in a small room

and forced to listen to you
prattle on until the end of time.

Marcus could get us Neary
and the guns.

How do you know
you can get him on side?

He's in denial about
what Neary's really capable of.

- He thinks he's in love with him.
- "In love"? They're two blokes!

Two hairy stinking bloody great blokes.

- Someone fell in love with you once.
- More than once.

And that was different.
They were women.

Get a waft of that. Man's stink.

Tell me that doesn't moisten
your gusset.

Who's in denial now?

Give us a bottle of beer, Luigi.

Their idea of
what makes a man a man

is so utterly,
utterly wrong, isn't it?

I've always thought sexual
characteristics are misleading.

Girls, boys. Masculine, feminine.

When it comes down to it,
we're all a bit of both.

Calm down! Calm down!

Of course, the other reason
for your rampant homophobia

could be that
you're a bunch of poofters!



Better get over here, now.

Take him down.

All right, boys.

- What about forensics?
- Take him down now.


I'm sorry, Gene.

He was wearing your suit.


Do I know you?

You will.

- Copper.
- I know you killed him.

Who's that then?

I'm gonna finish you, Neary.

I'm gonna dig a deep dark hole and
I'm gonna bury you in liquid shit.

Don't you need witnesses?
You know, evidence.

It's not that easy
to fit people up now.

I don't need to fit you up.

- What are you, DI?
- DCI.

Well, I wouldn't bank on promotion
next time you're in front of the board,



Ballistics report. 9mm.

- 1911?
- What do you think?


None from the door-to-door.

But me and Chris are gonna go back,
see what else we can find.

- They couldn't get any prints.
- Nothing at all?

- Fibres?
- No.

No leads on Sarris either,
gun runner.

I don't give a toss about the guns.

Reeks was a crook and a junkie
but at least he tried.

Neary's put one kid on the slab

and left two others wondering
why daddy doesn't visit any more.

We've no forensics, no witnesses.

If Neary gets his hands on those guns,
all hell will break loose.

We need to move fast
and Marcus is all we've got.

Will he help me bring Neary down?

I think so.


We want a word with you.

What do you really know
about Simon Neary?

He's got a big dick.

My informant's got a bullet
through the head.

Why don't you try swallowing that?

Has he told you
what he does for a living?

He runs a protection racket.

Loan sharks.
He smuggles things.

What things?

Whatever the very worst
of London's scumbags want,

your bum chum gets.

Diamonds, furs, hash.

Speed, coke, smack.

The gear your friendly neighbourhood
dealer sells outside them school gates.

Nice work!

Simon is part of that.

- He hurts people.
- He doesn't hurt me.

Lucky you.

Yeah, he told me you'd do this.

You try to fit people up.

You need an arrest
and you don't like poofs.

That's the way it works, isn't it?

Will you do me a favour?

Harry Richardson.

You might have seen him around.

What happened to him?

Your boyfriend.

Reeks worked for him.

Didn't do very much with his life,
but his kids loved him.


Simon wouldn't do this.

Look, I don't know
what you're trying to do to him,

and I don't know why,
but I don't believe any of this.

Any of it.

Leave me alone.

You think he wouldn't do
something like that

because he's told you
he wouldn't.

And he trusts you, and you trust him.
Except he doesn't.

- He gets jealous, doesn't he?
- Only cos he loves me.

It's not about love,
it's about possession.

You don't know him!

How could you know
what we're like together?

I know you've thought
about leaving him.

But you're too scared
of what he might do.

He wouldn't do anything to me.

He is paranoid, and he's dangerous.

Leave me alone now, Alex.

- Hello there.
- Hey.

Who's your friend?


We go way back.

I was working as a waitress
in a cocktail bar...

- And...
- That's a flash name for a clipjoint.

It was a bit more upmarket
than that, wasn't it? Trust me.

Don't be cheeky.

It's probably out of your league.

Really. Don't be cheeky.

Listen, change of plan.
I've got a lot on, things to do.

I'm not gonna make it
this afternoon.

Go straight to Nirvana.
I'll meet you there.

What's that? A club?
I'll come.

- Oh, will you?
- Yeah.

Meet me at eight.
And that means eight.

Wear the other shirt.

He looks lovely in blue.

Bet he does.

See you at eight.

I don't like it.

Well, we've established the cover.
Marcus and I used to work the streets.

Did you?

No. That's the cover.

Might have fancied a punt.

Hang on, hang on.

Now this is worth getting straight.

I am imagining

you imagining paying for sex with me

in my imaginary role

as an imaginary street whore.

You must have a filthy mind.

An absolute sewer apparently.

Now look, OK, this is my op,
my target, my risk.

You know, it'll take more than
an imaginary sneaky peek at your arse

to keep me sweet
if this goes tits up.

Do you want to nail Neary?


I want to arrest him.

I updated the interest report
on the gun dealer's car.

What about Reeks?
Anyone been back to the estate?

We're just waiting for wooden tops
to process their...

Bloody hell!



You're supposed to look
like a top agency girl,

not some cheap slag
from the Old Kent Road.

You're supposed to be showing
a little bit of class.

She nearly is!

I'd pay.



Thank you.

- What are you doing?
- Back-up.

You do know where I'm going?

Well, I think we can handle
a nightclub.

Chris here will do
his best John Travolta,

while Raymondo and myself
will fight off the ladies.



You shouldn't be here.

I said I'd come.

Come on, just follow my lead.

And smile.

On the dot.

It must be love.

It must be.

Well, you were right
about the blue shirt.

Told you, didn't I?

I'd shag him if he'd let me.

Who wouldn't?

- So, what's your name, sweetheart?
- Alex.

Nah, sweetheart. Suits you better.

Why? Because I'm so sweet?


Because that's what
I'm gonna call you.

So, are we gonna drink this or what?

What are we celebrating?

Do you need a reason?

Well, doesn't everyone?

I just like the taste.

Me, too.

Don't get used to it.


I'm never gonna get...

What the hell are they?

He knows me face.

What? Well, why did you come then?

To watch your bloody back.

And me own.

Neary's too smart. I'm never gonna get
anything about this deal.

Too much of the old bosom work
and not enough of the old...

There's more than enough
of the old... in here.

I never thought Neary was
a one-man kind of bloke, myself.

- If you get my unsavoury drift.
- No. No, I saw that.

What do we think he's into then?
In a sexual sense.

I don't want to think about it.

Fetish stuff?
Leather, queens,

- boys, bears.
- Bears?

Bloody hell!

I've seen a Dutch girl with a donkey,
but I don't remember seeing a...

Not the Yogi Bear kind.

I mean, you know,
like a big bloke, a man's man.

A big hairy bloke.

Marcus is at the bar.
Neary's on his own.

What do we...?



- No way.
- It's a great opportunity.

Who bloody for?

This a dangerous situation.

We need a man who knows
how to handle himself in a tight spot.


Neary is a hard bastard.
He's a killer.

I need somebody that I can trust,

somebody who understands the risks
of an undercover operation.

Somebody who's reliable
but quick-thinking.

A rock-hard centre back.
I need Dave Watson.

Nothing drastic.
Just pick up what you can.

But what do I say?
What do I do?

I mean, poofters.
What do they do?

Well, the man has a penis and
the other man has a penis...


How do they act and that?
How are they?

"Are you free, Mr Humphries?"
"I'm free!"

Just be yourself.

How do you mean?

Just be yourself.
He'll love it. I promise you.

Just watch your back.

Push it.

- Push what?
- Flirt with him.

The guv said all I had to do...

I understand
that it's difficult, OK.

Only somebody's who's completely secure
in their own sexuality could do this.

Just treat him like he's a bird.

You know, treat him
like you would a woman.


Were you looking at me, or was it me
who couldn't take my eyes off you?

Bloody hell.

He's going for it an' all.

Bloody hell.

Can I show you something?

You can't show anything worse
than what you've shown me already.

What you've shown me
doesn't prove anything against Simon.


He loves you and you love him.

And you can trust each other.

So what line of business are you in?

Look, now's not the time
to talk about business, eh?

What are you doing?

Right. Get upstairs, quick, quick.
Go, go.

That was a really shitty thing to do.

I think you deserve to know
what he's really like.

He doesn't have any loyalty to you.

He doesn't love you.



Sending Ray in undercover
is one thing.

Turning it into a twisted stunt
is completely different.

Jealousy was the extra leverage
we needed to get Marcus.

Marcus is a civie.

It was a risk
I thought worth taking.

Not one you thought about sharing
with your superior officer?

I thought it was
the right thing to do.

You're playing with people's lives.
Reeks is dead.

So we didn't get
as much useful information

from last night's operation
as I'd hoped.

Operation? If you were a surgeon,
I would be six feet under.

- I want Neary.
- He hasn't had the main shipment yet.

If we can find the guns,

we might have a chance
of getting the dealer and Neary.


Just one problem.
We don't know when it is.

Two problems.
We don't know where it is.

So, in spite of Raymondo's dazzling
turn as the macho Mata Hari,

we are precisely nowhere.


Marcus, it's Alex.

Hi. Look, I know you're angry
and I know that you're upset,

you've got every right
and every reason to feel that.

I just wanted you to know I'm...


Goodbye, Alex.

No, thanks.

I probably shouldn't.

I never used to.

Long lunches were
one of the perks when I started.

I probably shouldn't.

How can I help you?

A bit of advice.

I'm running an informant.

And, while I'm aware
of the duty of care,

I haven't made
a formal risk assessment.

I just wondered if that was necessary? Here.

Now. In 1981.

It sounds like an excellent idea,

but there's no formal
arrangement required

between police and their informants.

It's more of a moral issue.

You are after all exploiting
another human being's weakness

for your own ends.

Like you did with me.

I suppose I did.


It's best to face the truth
about these things.


And what if the truth is, er...

Is about family? What if it's about
parents and their children and...

And what if the truth is...

just too big to comprehend?

Are you in some sort
of trouble, Alex?

Is there something
you need to tell me?

In a way. Um...


I'm sorry. No, it's...

It's something I should deal with
on my own.


I'm not a bad person.

I just want to get back.

That's all that matters, isn't it?



Come in.

Can I get you...?

No, I won't stay.

I know he's not a good man.

I know.

But I didn't think he'd...

I didn't...

I didn't want to know.

He wants me to go
with him to some...

sort of big deal tomorrow.

What kind of deal?

- It's a delivery.
- Where?

I don't know.

Will you work with us?

It's the right thing to do.

It's hard.

I know.

Do you want me
to give you a lift home?

Maybe not straight home.

Which one's your parents'?

Blue door.

Go in.

Tell them.

- I've left it too long.
- Yeah, but it's not too late.

We wouldn't be here
if you didn't want to.

Give them a chance to understand
who you really are.

If they don't take that chance,
then that's their loss.

But if you don't give it to them,

then it's yours.

Oh, no. Go, go, go!

No, no, it's my dad. just go, go.

All right, all right.

A wire? It's a risky bloody way.

Simon's gonna call Marcus
and tell him where to come.

He says got something
amazing to show me.

You do understand
how dangerous this is?

We need to know
where the deal's happening.

We can't go in until Sarris
and Neary and the guns are there.

- We need a wire to do that.
- Neary has already taken out Reeks.

He could do the same again.
I am not gonna lose another snout.

And your better idea is?

What? That's it!
That's the wire?

Solid state.

Well, why don't you just get him
a megaphone, or...

some homing pigeons.

Never get them under his jacket.

- Paul Daniels could.
- Yeah, he'd like that.

- Not a lot.
- But he'd like it.

For God's sake, keep that thing
out of sight. Don't let him near you.

He might be your boyfriend,

but if he thinks you've betrayed him,
he'll kill you.

OK. Feed us the location as soon as you have it.

It's OK. I'll do it.

We can't go in until we know
that the guns are there.

What's the word?


As soon as we hear it, we'll be
straight in. What's the word?


As soon as I know he's got the guns.

I'm meeting him at Garside workshop.

- Chris. Garside workshop.
- We're on our way, guv.

Just here's fine.

Armed team's on its way.
We'll take the side door.

You work your way round
and take the back entrance.

Sounds like a job for Raymondo.

Testing. Testing.

God, I hope you can hear this.

Hello there.

Oh! Didn't see you there!

You weren't meant to.

You said you had
something to show me.

You seem tense, Marcus.

- Is something wrong?
- No. No, it's just...

- What about that bloke we're meeting?
- Bollocks. Sarris isn't there yet.

Why don't you let me
worry about him.

Just get on with what you're good at.

Come here.

That's it.

What's he doing?

Well, I'm not gonna demonstrate.

I'm gonna run this city.

I'm gonna run it like an empire.

A rod of iron.

They won't know what's hit 'em.

- How are you gonna give it to them?
- Hard.

- What are you going to do to 'em?
- Hurt them.

Like that bloke Reeks
they found on the estate?

- What did you do to him?
- I hurt him.

- Yeah?
- I hurt him bad.

- What you do to him?
- The bastard,

the grass, I shot him.

I put a bullet in his, his...

I killed him.

That's a confession.

That's ruddy disgusting,
but it's all we need.

Let's get him out of there.

Wait. We can't go in until we know
that the guns were there.

That's the gun dealer.
Shit! Where's Marcus?

Guv, go now!

Guv... Go...

Come on.

Guv, can you hear me?

Guv, the dealer's dead.
Neary's killed him.

Angel. ANGEL!


Give me the gun, son.

Give me the gun.

He's breathing.

It's OK. Good lad. It's OK.

He was going to shoot me.

Simon was gonna kill me.

You know...

I had you down as a bit
of a soft touch, Drake.

But you can be quite a tough old bird
when you want to be.

Gives me the right horn.

Are you all right?

I'm sorry.

I'm not.

Just be yourself.

Here you go, Raymondo.

As I know how much you love to run
your hands along the length of a barrel.

How do you feel?


What's that? On your um...

- It's just a rash.
- Have you seen a doctor about it?

I'll get some cream.

Go to a doctor.

Go to a doctor and...

just go to a doctor.

I never knew
you were such a nag.


Never marry me.


What am I doing here?


What is the point?

To dress like a tart.

Wiggle your arse in my direction,

and fill my days with glimpses

of the depths of your depraved mind.

It's good enough for me, Bolly.

Sync: Nathbot

My body temperature's

I could be dead already.

- This is like the good ol' days.
- Over the counterjobs, love 'em.

Goes boom, boom,
"Give me the money!"

- He goes boom, boom.
- Exactly like that.

- Yeah, Chas Cale.
- Chas Cale?

Chas Cale is something of a legend.

I did banks. Not post offices.

I'm the Queen Mother's left nipple
if you didn't do it.

I've already dreamt of doing this.

Nobody, but me,
drives my bloody car.

It's too thin.

Why is the lovely signorina
up in her flat by her own?

She can take a swan dive from
the window as far as I'm concerned.

I'm just going to tell you.

I am...