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Ashes to Ashes (2008–2010): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

When the body of a worker at a nuclear research centre disappears from the morgue, it smacks of conspiracy to Alex. Was Martin Kennedy killed because he had proof the government was testing neutron bombs? Gene is adamant that murder has simpler motives, and a link to Alex's mother gives him at least one suspect in an investigation that leads them onto dangerous territory.

- It's for Alex, my boss's daughter.
- Bet she loves it when you spoil her.

She's worth every penny.

Thank God my daughter
only shares your name.

I'd be ashamed if she grew up like you.

It's all significant,
I just don't know why yet.

What do you do, Gene?

Last few seconds on earth...

Anything you want... right now.
What would you do?

Say it.

You... should go to bed, Bolly.

Champagne should never
be drunk alone.

You left me on my own, and I ended up
with some Thatcherite wanker!

I told you to go to bed alone!

You did the right thing.

Is something wrong with my hearing?

I could've sworn you said,
"did the right thing".

- Suicide.
- What makes you think that?

I wouldn't expect to get up and dance
a fandango if I jumped from up there.

No ID in his wallet, guv.

Who said he jumped?

OK. Accident. Pissed up,

doing a tightrope act
to impress his girlfriend,

or off his noddle on acid,
thinks he's Superman.

There's blood up there
and scuff marks.

- A struggle?
- Seems so.

- That wasn't caused by the fall.
- What was it caused by?

I can't say until I've done
a full post mortem.

You must have a bloody good idea,
Harvey. Spit it out.

Something hard, pointed and heavy.

In addition, there are green
wool fibres beneath his nails.

As there might be...

If he grabbed somebody's clothing
to stop himself from falling.

Murder, then.


His diary's got entries
every week for RWF.

- Find out what that is.
- Could be a mugging.

If you're gonna mug somebody,
you'd use a knife or a gun,

not a hammer.

He didn't say it was a hammer.

An unidentified blunt instrument.

he wasn't there for a stroll.

- He was meeting someone?
- It could just be some random nutter.

Great. The hammer-killer
of South London!

He didn't say it was...

I know he didn't say
it was a hammer!

What is that?

It was folded up in the back of the
diary. Random numbers and letters.

What about the other items
on the body?

The envelope?

There's nothing in it, guv.
I've checked it.


Hello? Price house.


Is this absolutely necessary?

I just wanted to be sure
we haven't missed anything.

Where's the body?

- Coroner just came and took it.
- What?

- Your lot.
- Our lot?

- When?
- Five minutes ago.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Hello? Excuse me...

My name is Alex Drake...

I've just been shot and that bullet
has taken me back to 1981.

I may be one second away from life
or one second away from death.

All I know is that
I have to keep fighting.

Fight to live, fight to see my daughter.
Fight to get home.

Episode 4

You don't think it's unusual
for a body to be snatched?

If he'd got off the slab
and walked under his own steam.

It took eight men to lift the coffin.
That's very unusual.

Home Office business.
Coroner ordered it.

- How do you know?
- Made a few phone calls.

I knew if I didn't, you'd twist
your expensive knickers.

- But why would they take it?
- How should I know?

Coroners are like judges, they don't
breathe human air and never explain.

- Don't you see, it's a...
- Thank you.

- I haven't told you.
- No, but you interrupted perfectly.

- What can I do for you?
- We've got an ID on him.

He was on the missing persons list.
Martin Kennedy.

- Who's missing him?
- His mum.

Right, let's break the bad news.

Quick, before Bolly draws breath.
Come on, quick!


I'll have the spaghetti.

Of course.

So, what's the reason for
the intimate rendezvous?

It's hardly intimate, is it?

- It's not police business, though.
- Complimenti of the house.


If I'd known it was a date.

It's not a date.

Have you ever heard of somebody

- Martin Kennedy?
- No. Why?

He's dead.

Not to put you off
your spaghetti - it's very good.

No... Sorry.

- I thought he might have been a client?
- Not that I know of.

What about Tim or Caroline Price?
He had their number.

I don't remember the name.
But you should ask them.

They're not as fearsome
as the tabloids make out.

Tim's away in the States
at the moment, but Caroline...

I mean, outside the office... she's
really very nice. Funny. Warm.

- I know... I'm sure she is.
- Do you need a chaperone?

Buon apetito.

Thank you.



He's not, it's... we're not...

Of course.

It really wouldn't be appropriate.

I mean, we are kind of related.

Is possible for dispensation.

My brother's nephew
married his second cousin.

We're not blood relatives, he's...

He is godfather to somebody
I'm very close to.

You like this man.

Ladies! Shop lifting...

What did you get on Kennedy?

Lived alone with his mother,

kept a stack of Colour Climax
close to his left hand,

and liked wearing army surplus.
Probably did a lot of crosswords.

What's wrong with crosswords?

Nothing, Skip.
Very stimulating for the brain.

- I like crosswords.
- What do you make of this?

What is it?

A challenge.
Found it on a victim.

You crack that code,

and it's a round of drinks for B relief
Friday night. On me.

Anything else?

Kennedy worked at Edgehampton?
The weapons research place?

Part-time security guard,
underpaid and self-important.

Just one of the rubbish jobs
he's had. Not a big deal.

It sounds like a big deal.

Home Office, codes, secret keys,
sealed envelope...

"Secret keys".
I knew you'd be like this.

What if they're linked?

What if Lee Harvey Oswald
shot Elvis from the moon?

This must set off alarm bells!

It does. Bolly on rampage with
idiot theories. Run for your lives!

Guv. You're gonna like this.

It's good. Very good.

RWF. The regular diary entry?

Like every week...

We know what it stands for.


Revolutionary Workers Front. Grew out
of the International Workers Front

when they split from
the United Socialist League.

They say they're anti-revisionist
but I'd class them as Trotskyists.

Dad's always been a union man.

Yeah. Them.

Well, they have meetings
at the Red Lion.

- There's one today.
- Kennedy was a socialist.

About as significant
as his porn collection.

- That's not a coincidence!
- Murder isn't about politics.

It's about money, sex
or bloody women.

Can't imagine why.
Right, let's swing by the Red Lion.

I'm going to stay and go over
the crime scene report again.



I'd almost given you up.
Come in.

We're in here.

- Hello again.
- Hi.

Here. Make yourself at home.

Clacy may be in the Tories' pocket

but not even he can't class
that as inadmissible.

Help yourself to cheese,
if you like Danish Blue.

It's not to everyone's taste.
My daughter hates it,

- but she's not here.
- Where is she?

France. School trip.

Oh, God, I remember that...

when I went on the school trip
to France.

- Boulogne.
- That's where Lex has gone.

"Bonjour, je m'appelle Alex."

We practised.

I think I managed not to cry
as I waved her off but can't be sure.

She'll be fine.

I know she will, but you know. I
don't see her enough. It's hard.

Is it?


She forgot that.

So she did.

- She'll miss it.
- I imagine she will.

What can I do for you?
Evan was typically vague.

- Somebody died or...
- Murdered.

- Martin Kennedy.
- Kennedy?

- Not... curly hair, swept back...
- Could be.

Oh, good heavens.

Circumstances do seem
to keep pushing us together.

He did our cloakroom.

- The downstairs toilet?
- He's an odd-job man, plumber.

Casual work, cash in hand,
but a good job, I think.

Well, it leaks.

Well, yes, it does... but I don't
think it's quite finished.

That's the only reason
you knew him?

Why he had your phone number,
because he was an odd-job man?

Well, that's good.

Brilliant, very good!

It's just that
he had your number and...

did you know he worked
at Edgehampton?

The weapons research place.

He may have mentioned it.

Do you think his murder might
be connected to it in some way?

I don't know. The body was
er... commandeered.

By whom?

How very unusual.
Why would that happen?

I don't know.

Do you think the Government
might be implicated?

- It crossed my mind.
- I'm sure it did.

Maybe you need some more of this.

You should tread carefully.

Sounds like you might be
entering difficult territory.

- Do you mind if I...?
- Of course.

But don't use the cloakroom.

It leaks.

Green Door.

- What are you doing?
- Er...

Yes, I...

I'm sorry...

I couldn't resist.

It's my room!

It's exactly like my room...

when I was a child... a girl.

A special place.

Special time.

Where did you find that?

It was on the...

I used to have one
exactly like it.

Girls do have their secrets.

- Have you ever?
- No.

- Really?
- It's her world. Her life.

It wouldn't be right.

I'm sure she'd be
very pleased to know that.

Right. Let's find out why Kennedy
was so keen to hang out

with a bunch of politicos.

They failed to condemn

the antagonistic policy of Reagan's!

Oh, good. Wimmin...

Magnifying the intensity
of the neutron radiation emitted,

a form of radiation
extremely lethal to living tissue.

Extremely lethal.

They poison flesh and blood,
leaving tanks and buildings intact.

I mean, the neutron bomb
is the capitalist bomb.

It's the imperialist's wet dream.

And that is why Reagan is
stockpiling them, that is why

his puppet Thatcher will test and
deploy them, in spite of the denials.

And that is why we must join our
European sisters in protest.

This is a party issue,
not a women's issue.

We mustn't get drawn
into petit-bourgeois

"Mothers Against The Bomb" crap.

The fact that our European
sisters are mobilising

is exactly why we've convened
this meeting.

This is a new kind of protest politics,
and we're in the vanguard.

Women have a voice
that needs to be heard.

Don't we get enough of that?

You carry on, love. Doing great.

All I'm asking is your bloody name!

No, because that concept, that idea,

is just another,
socio-historical construct.

But she's not an idea,
she's me girlfriend.

What is that? What is "girlfriend"?

Well, it's someone you
go to the pictures with.

There has to be an equal connection
based on more than just sex.

That just physicalises
the inherent power structure.

There has to be more to it than that.


We both like Kim Wilde.

Look, I'm not going anywhere.
You're not going anywhere.

Look, was this man at the RWF meeting
on the night of the 10th September?

You're an instrument
of a morally-bankrupt state.

I deny your authority.

I'll show you an instrument
of the state if you don't answer!

- Threats. First resort of the fascist.
- I'm finding out who murdered this man.

If that makes me a fascist
then heil bloody Hitler.

No. He wasn't.

- Do you own a green jumper?
- A what?

What's your bloody name?

Yes, yes, but what does
the box of chocolates represent?

A liking for chocolate?

It reinforces your stereotypical
gender role as provider.

I will provide for you... be my mate.

But she's more than a mate.

What's going on?

Book her.

- Name?
- I don't bloody know.

What's your name, madam?

- You're certain that's the man?
- Yeah, he'd been to a few meetings.

Where were you on the night
of the murder?

At the meeting.

- All night?
- Till closing time.

Then we discussed
the economic imperative

behind the British occupation
of Ireland.

Blimey, that must've been a laugh.

Socialists have a
sense of humour too.

Right. How many birds does it
take to change a light bulb?

Two. One to run round screaming
"What do I do?"

and one to shag the electrician.

- How do you live with yourself?
- I honestly don't know.

Maggie! Maggie!
Out! Out! Out!

Bloody women! Give me a break.


Kennedy had been going to RWF
meetings for a couple of months.

- Anybody get to know him?
- Not really.

They tried to convert him,
but he didn't bite.

On the night of the murder, it
was the party's second anniversary.

Got these from one of the boilers.

You had one of these,
didn't you, Moll?

Somebody killed my mum and dad.

Someone planted a bomb
under their car and set it off.

Someone who knows
how to stay hidden.

How to cover their tracks.

She's right.

I am in difficult territory.

- There is no conspiracy.
- You are not listening.

Contrary to what commie nutters
like the RWF believe,

and what you seem to have forgotten,
this is the home of bloody democracy.

Land of Hope and Glory,
Rule Britannia!

Roast beef and Yorkshire pud,
a square deal for all.

If the Government are keeping secrets,
it's for our own good!

You are so naive.

And you are really pissing me off.

Our Government doesn't throw people
off buildings. Chris, bank statements!

Kennedy worked at a top secret
weapons research centre.

He joins a left-wing group. He's
murdered and his body goes missing.

Spies don't wear camo
and keep girlie mags.

They're busy sipping claret
and touching posh todgers.

You probably know them.

This is a murder inquiry...

That could be compromised.
They could be watching us.

When they come, they'll wear
white coats and carry a straitjacket,

and it won't be my size!

Who's a spy?

Kennedy's been in the red for months.
His credit card's at the limit.

His bank's knocked back
a loan application two weeks ago.

Skint. Money.

Just sex and women to go.

It's a cipher rather than a code.

I haven't cracked the key yet,

but there's a repeated block
here... here... and here,

that I think I've got. Artemis.


Goddess of the hunt.
Good work, Viv.

That you, is it?
Goddess of the hunt?

Sounds like a potent symbol
of female power.

Listen, have you two seen anyone,
hanging around, watching? Keeping tabs?

What, like surveillance?

Yeah. Like surveillance.

The best way of learning how to spot
a watcher is to learn how they do it,

beat them at their own game.
So, in this scenario,

who has got eyeball on the rabbit?

Front or tail?

Him. He's got the eye.

No. No. He's the front.

Tail has got the eyeball.

Which one's the rabbit?

He is. Rabbit's the target.


if tail takes the front...

how are you going to spot it?

- Where are we going?
- Kennedy had two jobs.

At Edgehampton, and
as a handyman, cash in hand.

We're gonna see his workshop.

Skip! Stick that diary
back in evidence.

Oh... for a bonus point, guess who
he did a bit of plumbing work for?

Er... Caroline Price?

She thought it could be
a Government conspiracy.

- Did she?!
- You've no idea what they're capable of.

The only conspiracy I'm worried
about is my DI keeping secrets from me.

I needed to check it out first.

Oh, did you!
What, without telling me?

She could be a bloody suspect!

He was an odd-job man,
it didn't seem that important.

That is not your decision to make!

If Caroline Price is involved in any
way, I want her on a bloody hook.

- She is not involved.
- How do you know?

What if it's commie spies?
Reds under the bed?

- There's a Cold War.
- Ridiculous!

You're pushing
the Scooby Doo bollocks!

What are you doing?!

Just practising.

You'd think he'd have locked it.

I'm sorry.

I should have told you before
about Caroline's number.

Yes, you should.


So Kennedy, what were you hiding?

Ooh! Not bad!

Well, I never.
Who'd have thought?

Give me those!

We're in here.

I'll get copies...

Sex and women.

We'll have some fun with these.

How can I help you?

Ms Price. We'd like a word.

If it's convenient.

Is this about that man
who was murdered?

Turns out there's more to this case
than meets the eye, so to speak.


My colleague here seems to think,
and I'm told that you agree,

- it's some Government conspiracy.
- I wouldn't be surprised.

I think it's much simpler than that.

- Where did you get these?
- Where Kennedy hid them.

For the record,
can you confirm that you are...?

Yes, it's me.
Is it necessary to have...?

Was Kennedy blackmailing you?

That vile little pervert
came to me with the photographs,

sat there, and told me
he wanted ?2, 000 for them.

- Or he'd send them to my husband.
- And what did you say?

I refused to go along
with his squalid scheme.

- Said I wouldn't give him a penny.
- So your husband knows?


He doesn't. He's in the States.
I've been waiting for something.

Your lucky day when
he turned up dead.

- How long has it been going on?
- What?

You and Evan, how long?

- A few weeks, nothing.
- Who started it?

- I beg your pardon?
- You heard me.

I'm not sure what that's
got to do with anything.

Plenty of opportunity, though. Friend
of the family's, always round here.

Late nights with case studies,
cheese and wine.

"Let's have another one, Evan,
Daddy's away."

"I know, let's do it,
let's do it here on the floor."

Was I up...? Was your daughter...?
Was she sleeping upstairs,

while you were shagging
her godfather?

I don't appreciate...

And I don't appreciate your lies!

You are a bloody liar!

Where were you on the night
of September 10th?

- At the office preparing a case.
- Witnesses?

Several. I'm not denying
I had an affair.

If Tim found out, I'd...
I don't know. I love my husband.

The last thing I would do
is hurt him.

I did a stupid, stupid thing,
but I did not kill Martin Kennedy.

How do I know he didn't sell
the pictures to another buyer?

- What do you mean?
- My husband and I aren't very popular

- with the establishment.
- Ml5?

Do you think they'd try
and smear you?

What if Five have been spying on her?

What if Dennis Thatcher's
the Fifth Man?

If they killed Kennedy they could
kill Caroline. What if she's next?

Wouldn't that be
a loss to humanity.

He's here, guv.

Very nice.

Take that down.

Just brightening the place up before
me hot date. Natalie, that leftie bird.

Hey, do you think that
she bleaches her muff?

- I said take it down.
- Yeah. It's... not appropriate.


Victimising that woman. That kind
of picture just objectionably...


... women. Yes.


Look, it's not like we planned it.

I work a lot with Caroline,
long hours.

Tim, he's away a great deal.

I admire and respect them both

But Caroline's a strong-minded woman.

Dominant, even.

All right, look it's not
something I'm particularly proud of.

- I should bloody well hope not.
- I'm nothing to Caroline.

Not compared with Tim.
It was a physical thing.

- Worth killing for?
- Of course not.

- Where were you on...
- Why didn't you tell me about it?

It's over, that's why.

I was out my depth
and Caroline felt that way too.

I couldn't face Tim and we...
We just couldn't do it any more.

Has she had other affairs?

Do you really need to...

She's been with Tim
since they were at University.

I mean I don't think she's ever
been with anybody else.

I got the impression that it was
something that she needed to do.

A release.

Look, I'm sorry, but this is so...
It's finished.

I don't see
why you're so interested...

What would you do
if your god-daughter found out?

She won't. Why would she?
It would break her heart.

But why are you taking
this so personally?

I'm not,

I just think it's a terrible thing
to do, to betray your friend like that.

I know.

That's why it's over.

Viv, who was that man?
The one that just left?

DC Baker. Kennington.

- What did he want?
- He picked up some case evidence...

Where's the diary? Kennedy's diary?

Evidence room.

Come here...

Very good. Very poppy.
Don't expect me to dance to it.

It's gone. All the evidence.

Somebody walked in, flashed a warrant
and walked out with everything.

- Who did?
- DC Baker from Kennington.

Well, he might have had a reason to.

The only DC Baker from Kennington
is a 25-year-old woman.

This DC Baker was a man
in his 40s with a moustache.

- Do we have to do this?
- If they'll walk in here in daylight,

- they've probably bugged your office.
- Who the bloody hell are they?

They've got access to police
uniforms, warrant cards.

They're not loony lefties.

Special Branch? Bloody Ada!



I got the information on the RWF.

Conspiracy to cause criminal
damage and breach of the peace.

Sara Templeton faced
an individual charge.

- Who was the barrister?
- Tim Price.

Caroline Price's husband?

He must be good,
cause he got 'em off every time.

The Prices again.
Curiouser and curiouser.

Kennedy hooked up with the RWF.

If they found out he worked at
Edgehampton, he could be useful to them.

- How?
- Well, there is a Cold War going on.

Reds under the bed. I'm going
to talk to this Templeton woman.

Guv... those codes.

I think I might have got it.

Nice one, Skip.


A list of names
followed by numbers.

Aldersgate, Chigwell Lane, Dover
Street, Gillespie Road, Eastcheap.

Gillespie Road?

Gillespie Road...

Gillespie Road is the old name
for Arsenal tube station.


Eastcheap's Monument now.
They're old names for tube stations.

Which means?

I don't know.
They all fit the pattern...

apart from this one. Sienna.

Sienna. That's Branch code.

It's a Special Branch file.

My station. My evidence.


What do you think?

We think this investigation may be
of interest to the security services.

Wouldn't surprise me.

How do I know you two won't take
anything I tell you straight to Ml5?

I'm a copper.
I don't like those spooky bastards.

Specially when they eat my porridge.

Why should they be interested
in you in particular?

I'm working to overthrow a corrupt,
anti-democratic state.

Fair dos.

A friend told me Kennedy worked
at Edgehampton. Said he might be useful.

Would that friend happen
to be Caroline Price?

- Well, bloody, well.
- Are you sure?

Why would Kennedy be useful to you?

The Government say they're not testing
neutron weapons. We need proof they are.

You thought Kennedy could get it?

He was a working man.
Interested in labour history.

He didn't like the way
the working class is exploited.

As long as the trains
run on time, eh?

Kennedy said he would help us.

- How?
- Information. Confirmation.

- He found something.
- What?


What is that exactly?

A document that proves the
Government were testing neutron bombs.

He was killed before he could
pass it to me. What if I'm next?



You said you didn't know
Kennedy worked at Edgehampton.

I said he may have mentioned it.

- So he did, then?
- How do you know Sara Templeton?

Tim represented Sara and the RWF
on several occasions.

I dealt with some issues
for them pro bono.

She's the kind of copper
who works on hunches.

I sympathise
with many of their aims.

Sara is a very bright, very
passionate young woman. An idealist.

I hope my daughter
grows up with her drive

to change the world for the better.

Did she tell you that she'd asked
Kennedy to spy for the RWF

after you introduced them?

I was aware it was a possibility.
Did he? Is that why he was killed?

She certainly seems to think so.

But then again, she could be making
the whole spying conspiracy up.

So could you.

Smoke and mirrors.
That's how they work.

What's at stake for the Government?

They've told the world they
are not testing neutron weapons.

That's a lie and Kennedy may have
found something that proves it.

If you push this upstairs,
you'll get stone cold denials

and an unexpected departmental audit.

But if you find evidence that the
Government is carrying out these tests,

you'd also have proof
of a motive to kill Kennedy.

Why should I believe any of this?

Where did you get this?

Kennedy's body.

Edgehampton isn't just the building
you see on the surface.

It has underground levels.

- Named after defunct tube stations.
- So these could be directions?


What you do, what you know,
is a very dangerous game.

Working for genuine
democracy isn't a game.

Please be careful.

Smoke and mirrors.

What if she's the one making
the smoke? Covering her own tracks.

Someone is, but I don't
think it's Caroline.

Whatever it is at Edgehampton
could prove that.

Signore Hunt, what's the matter?
You don't like the food?

No, I'm just not hungry, Luigi.
Another of these, though.

And how is your young man?

He's fine, he's fine. And he's not
my young man. He's not my man at all.

You look very happy together.
Smiling, happy... very nice.

We're just friends.

Va bene, va bene.

I was here with Evan White...

Getting some background on Caroline.

It's very convenient.

Well, we all have
our little secrets.

What about this one?

You think the Government are capable
of killing somebody to keep them quiet?

Yeah... I do.

- So... are we going to do it?
- Course we are.

What are you doing?
Is this what gets you killed?

"Working for democracy"?

If I do this,
if I prove that you're right,

do I save your life?

And if I do that...

will I get back to my daughter?


Why can't you get me a Marathon?

- I'd be patronising you.
- I'll give you the money.

Even if you did, what I'd be saying
by getting it for you,

is that you can't fetch your own
independent Marathon.

That you're not as able as me.

- You think I'm handicapped?
- No. You're a woman.


Guv, I've got that info
on the cases Caroline Price took.

- Where's Ray?
- Hot date with that blonde commie bird.

If I'm not back here by eight o'clock,
tell him to stir up a shit storm.


Thank you.



- This one?
- Yeah.

Right. Let's be quick about it.

- I bet you say that to all the girls.
- Don't give 'em a choice.

It must be this one.

Yeah. Could be.

Ding dong!

- What exactly are we looking for?
- I don't know. Artemis. Evidence.

Keep an eye out.

Getting caught rifling
through a Government vault...

might prove a little
tricky to explain,

even for a man as suave
and as silver-tongued,

as my very good self.

It's all right.
See you in a minute.

Ten, nine,
eight, seven, six,

five, four, three, two, one.

- Where's the guv? He needs to see this.
- Said he'd be back by eight.

Have you got the Polaroids
of the RWF tarts?

Hey, how was the date?

Co-operated with my enquiries.

Hey, nothing at all down there.

All off. It was like
a lovely little peach.

Gave me such a rash
when I tried that.

- How stupid can you be?
- What did you expect me to do?

They'd have found us.

Well, thank goodness you found us
this ideal little hiding place, Julian!

All we need do is wait for
Timmy the dog to raise the alarm!

It'll be fine.
It must be one of these two...

I didn't touch it. I didn't.

Why is she the only
one wearing a T-shirt?

She likes to show
she's got equal assets.

Because she hasn't got a jumper.
Why hasn't she got a jumper?

Because she borrowed one
from Natalie

and only gave it back before they
took the photographs. This green jumper.

And she wasn't at the whole meeting.

She'd only just arrived
when they took these photos.

Correct me if I'm wrong.
Is it getting hot in here?

Yeah, it's quite warm.

You see, the thing about vaults,

it's one of their more
striking features,

is that they're sealed.

Nothing gets in,

and nothing gets out.

Sound, for instance.

And air.

Well, there must be an inlet?

Documents don't tend to need
a lot of oxygen.

Ask me nice and I might share.

What time did you get
to the meeting?

- I dunno, nine.
- Don't lie! Where were you before?

- At home... work.
- I said, don't lie to me!

- You met Kennedy.
- No...

You met Martin Kennedy
and you killed him...

We found fibres from this jumper
under his nails.

What did you hit him with? A hammer?
A rock? Is that that it?

You picked up a rock
and smashed his head in?

It doesn't take much
to break someone's skull.

Hit it right, it cracks like an egg.

It's a lot easier to hurt people
than you might think.

- Got her just right.
- Why can't I be bad cop?

Cos I'm better at it.

Are you all right, love?
Do you fancy a cuppa?

Not that I'm trying
to patronise you.

It's all right, love.

I understand. It's all right.

Is there anything else
you want to tell us?

Oh, for God's sake.

I'd rather suffocate than boil.

Viv, where are the codes?

It's long gone eight.




That Evan bloke.

It's complicated.

It's very complicated and, uh...

it's none of your business.

Oh, God!

I am so hot.

Oh, dear Lord,

if this is a test...

I fear I may fail.

And I thought it'd be
the booze or the fags, but oh, no,

I'm going to die
in an underground vault

in the company of a posh,
mouthy tart

with a head full of brains and
the common sense of a grain weevil.

We're not going to die.

I CAN'T die.

Can I?

Can I?

Come here.


I know.

I told you not to touch it!

- Bloody hell, it's Wonder Chris!
- Sorry, guv.

My hero.

It was self-defence.

He tried to rape me.

He said he'd get what we wanted
from Edgehampton. For a price.

- So we came to an arrangement.
- What kind of arrangement?

I slept with him...

We're at war.
Any means necessary.

Anyway, he found something,
and he said he'd give it to me.

And then when it came to it,
he wanted more. He wanted money.

So he showed you
the sealed envelope?

- Was there anything in it?
- No.


I said I wouldn't give him
his thirty pieces even if I had them.

He tried to rape me.

I'm not sorry.

I want a solicitor.

Money, sex and bloody women.

Hat trick.


Inspector. If this is
about my indiscretion,

I'd have preferred to meet
somewhere more neutral.

I'm sure you would.

If I'd known Sara had killed
Kennedy, I would have told you.

Girls do have their secrets.

That wasn't one of them.

I can't believe you actually
got inside Edgehampton. Amazing.

Did you find anything?

That's all you wanted, wasn't it?

Something you could use
against the Government.

You weren't interested
in solving a murder.

There are degrees of wrong.

You used me. Like you used Sara.

Just like you use whoever you need
for whatever you happen to want.

- I don't think that's true.
- Really?

Negatives, too.

I don't think there's any need
for Tim to find out, do you?

Thank you.

Thank you.

You don't know what...

These could have torn
my family apart.

- I could have.
- But you didn't.



What can I do for you?

I dunno. I mean, I don't know why
I feel that it's so important...

I just want you to know
that Caroline and me,

it's over. It's finished.

It was such a stupid, stupid
thing and it's over.

And that's what
you've come here to say?

Er... yeah. I just felt that it
was something that I should do.

And now that I've done it,
I feel completely ridiculous.

And that's it?

Yeah. Yeah, that's it.

- Good night.
- Night.

- What a horrible way to go.
- Unspeakable.

Would you mind?

Aren't we inventive?

My respect for
Her Majesty's Police Force

has increased since your adventure.

You poked your spook fingers
where I didn't want them.

You got your murderer.

And greatly reassured
us all, I might say.

We locked on to Kennedy quite late,
didn't think he was serious.

What scared the flock was that
he might pass something to the Russians.

May I?

Why did you take the body?

That coffin was lead-lined,
wasn't it?

There was the remote possibility
of radioactive contamination.

Nothing to worry about,
docs gave the all-clear.

What do you want?

Rather awkward.
I hardly like to bring it up,

but there's something
missing from the vault.

- Your security's not up to much.
- You didn't happen to pick something up?

- No. We did leave in a bit of a hurry.
- Of course you did.

Well, if you do happen
to stumble across something,

I think it'd be in everyone's best
interests if you let me know.

- Would it?
- I think so.


best off.

So, what did you find?

Well, what difference does it make?

So what are you, C or a D cup?

Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd

Resync: Xenzai[NEF]

Neary runs one of the biggest
vice rings this side of the river.

Neary is ruthless, ambitious,
and now he wants guns.

Is this you, in your doolally
Captain-of-the-Upper-Fifth way,

telling us Neary
deserves to go down?

That's all it takes,
one little shooter.

It's killing me!

What if the truth is too big
to comprehend?

Something you need to tell me?

- Thank you and good night.
- No, please! Wait!

- What do you know about Simon Neary?
- He's my boyfriend.

Dear God!

- No way!
- Great opportunity.

Who bloody for?

- He's paranoid and he's dangerous.
- Leave me alone now, Alex.

- Must have bloody big ears!
- Wrong orifice.

It goes up your arse!

Now can we concentrate
on the crimes he commits

and not whose cock he sucks?

Did you just say?

Yes, Chris, I did.