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Ashes to Ashes (2008–2010): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

When DI Alex Drake is shot and lands in 1981, she comes face-to-face with DCI Gene Hunt, the relic of old-fashioned policing she read about in Sam Tyler's reports. Alex thinks she is in a ...

My name is Sam Tyler.

I had an accident
and I woke up in 1973.

Was I mad? In a coma?

Or back in time?

Whatever had happened, it was like
I'd landed on a different planet.

If I could figure out why I was here
then maybe I could get back home.

Yeah, whatever.
That is so lame.

Return the classified
document, thank you.

What did Evan get
you for your birthday, Molls?

A Blackberry.

I'll get you some more
and you can make a birthday crumble.

- Did your dad manage to...
- No. He's in Canada with Judy.

So, this guy, Taylor...


He died. April, last year.

Schizo? Delusional?

What's the German one?

Is he going in the book?

Oh, DCI Tyler's getting
a book all to himself.

Charlie 75 to DI Drake.

Roger that.

South Bank, outside Tate Modern.

Gunman has taken female hostage.
Trojan units are assigned. Over.

- Shit! Pass me the thing.
- I'll do it!

OK. Hold on.

OK. Now stay put, sweetheart.

Mum, don't go.

Start talking, Sergeant.

IC1 male, Arthur Layton.
He may be on drugs.

He's taken a hostage.
He might do anything.

I'm taking my daughter to school,
she's in the car. You can't expect...

- He asked for you by name, ma'am.
- What?

He says he'll shoot her
if you won't talk to him.

- Armed response?
- On their way.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, please.

- You stop there!
- You asked to speak to me, Arthur.

- I'm DI Alex Drake.
- I know who you are.

You stop staring at me,
I don't like it!

OK, I'll avert my eyes.

And if you let this young lady go,
we can discuss...

Discuss what?
That I'll kill her, yeah?

I'll kill you!
Do you understand?

Come here.
You come here.

Now, get over here.


Marksmen, hold your fire.

Hostage negotiator approaching subject.
I repeat, hold your fire.

I help people, Arthur,
people who are trapped.

- I help them to find an escape route.
- You stop looking at me!

I don't like it.

Yeah, I see you! I see you!

This is my show, you understand?

I knew you
when you were a little girl.

You've got your mother's eyes, Alex.

I'm sorry... I don't...

♪ I'm happy. Hope you're happy, too

♪ Here, I'm happy
♪ Hope you're happy, too. ♪



Mum! Mum!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
There's a child! Hold your fire!

You stay back! If you follow me,
then I'll blow her head off!

Down them steps.

Get down them steps!

You stupid little girl!


- Molly!
- Mum!

Marksmen stand down.
Suspect has left the scene.

Repeat, stand down.

Your godfather's going
to take you home, Molly.

I've got a stack
of reports and I'm...

Oh, Molls, come here. Come here.

You could've got killed
in front of me!

I told you to stay in the car.

You know, it's a hard,
screwed-up world, you know?

But if you trust me,
I can try to help you get through it.


It's all right, scrap.
What say we get you a cake?

A seriously chocolaty one.

Then I can pretend
I know something about Shakira

and you can take the piss out of me.

We'll blow the candles out
together, OK?

Come on, scrap.

♪ I'm happy

♪ Hope you're happy too. ♪


Relax, Alex.

Just drive.

How do you know me?

- What do you want?
- Shut up!

Now you... you're going to be my ticket
out of this mess, Alex Drake, yeah?


Yeah, Layton.

Well, you're gonna have to listen,

cos I've got a piece of your past
standing right here in front of me.

Tim and Caroline Price's daughter.

How did you know my parents?

And I'm gonna tell her the truth,
why her parents died.


Well, that's your choice.

What could my parents possibly have
to do with any of this?

They've been dead a long time.

I had an empire, yeah?

Back in the day.

I had connections. I had
dealers on every street corner...

And things went wrong?

Do you want to talk about that?

You... you... you feel trapped.

I mean, I can understand that.

Those officers were itching
for a fatality outcome.





Get off me! Get off me!

Excuse me.

Help me, I've been shot!
Help me!

Help me, I've been shot!

Oh, God.

Help me!

- Not now, miss.
- You've got to help me!

My God!

Come here! It was you!

You little slut!

Come here, you stupid tart!

You called the police!
We've been busted!

You called them in,
you evil bitch!

- Didn't you?
- What?

Ah, you're gonna regret this,
sweet cheeks!

Today, my friend,

your diary entry will read,

"Took a prozzie hostage

and was shot
by three armed bastards."

Don't let this get out of control.

Guv, he could have a gun.

OK, think.
You... you have to be smart.

Don't upset him, love. This is one bloke
you don't want letting his load off.

If you choose a path of destruction
driven by illogical pride

and delusional self-importance,
you enjoy fleeting power before...

Well, being shot and killed.

Is it me or are toms getting smarter?

A fatality outcome is
what these officers are after.

Oh, you're right.

Don't shoot, officers.


- Completely unarmed.
- You're going down, you scum.

This won't amount
to a hill of beans, Mr Hunt.


Blimey, if that skirt was any higher
I could see what you had for breakfast.

Now, Ray, cuff this nancy berk.

Chris, look after the lady, she's
the classiest pro I've seen all week.

DC Chris Skelton?

Roger that.

DS Ray Carling?

Gene Hunt?

My reputation precedes me.

Wouldn't get much change out
of a tenner for this one, Ray.

Definitely give her a tenner.

Cracking pair of puppies!

OK. OK, focus.

This is a sub-conscious construct

induced by severe cranial trauma.

Fascist pig!

We only need a statement, love.

And you.

My God.

- I can hear the wind in the trees.
- Strewth, she's gonna break into song.

This is a full sensory hallucination.

My God!

I dunno. Look at the way
she's touching that car!

No, no. This happened to him,
it can't happen to me.

You all right, darlin'?

Molly. She needs me.

What do you think you're playing at?

Have you any idea
what the paperwork's like on suicides?

- Get off me.
- Shut up.

No, not in there.

Don't take me in there.

Jim, take statements off
these hoity-toity poofters.

I don't normally let prozzies into
my office... unless it's a party.

It's July, 1981.

It's the year my mum and dad died.

What of, confusion?

Don't pretend you know
how to fly that thing.

There's nothing on this hard drive
but the time and date.

- Pong. I've got Pong.
- Guv, I...

Mary Magdalene! You all right?

Here you go.

Tab? Don't be ridiculous, Granger.
Look at her.

Airs and graces.

Likes Bolly before she'll get
her knickers off. Back to your desk.

I know how this works.

I know how this works. The mind
fashions conduits to the real world.


Hello. I need to find out
if I'm in hospital.

I need to find out
if Molly knows where I am.

Right, I've had enough of this.

I need a bloody statement
from you.

Oh, God. I love toms.

Right, enough. Get up.

Right, well, as you know,

we've all been waiting on a new DI.

Alex Drake.

Oh, is he here?

Hey, what's that hooker
doing with a...

Welcome on board, Inspector.

I knew an Asian prozzie once.

Could do amazing things
with a ping pong ball.

Not surprising really. The Chinese
are good at table tennis, aren't they?

Hey. Why's this tart
got a warrant card?

# I'm a little teapot
short and stout... #

Oh, God.

Come on Zippy, talk to me.

Don't want anyone filling in
their arrest diaries! Got it?

Ain't done me diary
since last week, guv.

Good. I'll fill it in as soon as
I've decided what you were doing.

And what were you doing
in that brothel? Undercover?

Or moonlighting?

Let's assume the former.

... will focus on the policing of
multi-racial areas like Brixton.

Never anything on.

- The public hate you.
- They hate US, inspector.

Their antagonists were 500 or
600, mainly black teenagers.

Do you want a brew?

Just run along, Gene,

and do whatever it is that
sub-conscious recessional forms do.

Don't waggle your fingers
when you say my name.

Sam got voices out of the telly.


Tyler. I knew him.

Poor sod. Explains a lot.

Good God.

I've assimilated his fantasies.

What are you doing down here, anyway?

Transferred from GMP a year ago.

I've moved on. Besides,
scum is scum wherever you go.

- And why am I here?
- You put in for it.

You're taller than I imagined.

I'm bigger in every department.

The twat in the cells is
Edward Markham, City trading ponce.

Heads up a drug dealership.
You wanna sit in?

Feel good, does it?

Making money
out of honest working class kids,

turning them into ghosts
and rent boys?

Firstly, Mr Hunt,
you have absolutely no evidence.

Secondly, and according to this
senior female officer,

mirabile dictu, you were
deliberately looking for a -

what was it?

Yeah, fatality outcome.

Blowing my head off.

Ipso facto, my case rests.

That's crap.
And some of it was in Klingon.

If we wanted to murder you, we'd come
round your house in the middle of...

Take no notice of my sergeant.

He's very upset.
His mother's ill in hospital.

Yeah, I'm, er...

- God, I hope she pulls through.
- Yeah, bet you do.

For the record, you will retract
that remark.

Cocaine and heroin
are flooding into this city,

and you, my friend, are behind it.

You're living in a
fantasy world, Mr Hunt.

Where do they keep the most
advanced radio in this station?

Wait for it!

Oh, God!

It's like Tomorrow's World,
innit, boss? Er, ma'am.

I need to know what's
going on out there, Chris.

I'm unconscious and I need reviving.

I get that at weekends.

Yeah, but I'm convinced
that this Markham...

Yeah, all I ask, sir,
is that Markham...

Sir, there was never any question of one
of my officers shooting an unarmed man.

Yes, these are difficult times and I am
just trying to do my job, sir. Goodbye.

It's Sony. I nabbed it off that drug
dealer we nicked in the whorehouse.

That's so sweet!
I could've sworn that was mine.

Well, you're mistaken, sir.

You know, Mr Hunt, in the City we're
always looking for a good investment,

like the chap
who invented the Walkman.

You have to know when there's
a new market ready to explode.

That's my job.

I see an exciting new
product and... KAPOW!

It's all about the future.
And you know what?

I don't think
the future includes you.

It would have been a sound
nick if it hadn't been for her.

Fatality outcome? Christ!

Got a good pair of
honkers on her, though.

Women Dls should look like a cross

between Betty Turpin
and the HMS Ark Royal.

They should not look shag-worthy.

You can't give a person who gets
periods that much responsibility.

Too right.

Talk to me! Somebody!

What's so special about you, Gene?

When good coppers go under,
why do you appear?!

It's my aftershave.

And stop wiggling your bloody
fingers every time you say my name!

Now, we've got the makings of
a drug epidemic in this city.

I had the chief supplier and
you gave him room to slide loose!

Markham?! He's not your king pin!

Any cursory psyche assessment
would show

he doesn't possess
delegational inclinations.

Sorry, come again?
I don't speak Hindustani!

Top-flight crime lords expect their
minions to do their donkey work.

They expend their energy only
when it's absolutely necessary.

Crime lords don't gloat in
police stations, Gene.

They don't spend money
on expensive lawyers

and then do
all the talking themselves.

And they are not out to impress
northern flatfoots like you.

Is this la-di-da posh
bollocks meant to impress me?

Just look at me.

Look at me. I am trained to
get inside the criminal mind

and now I'm stuck
in my own... with you!


Are you laughing at me?

No. I just never thought
it would seem this real.

Sam always said what amazed
him most about this place was...

Look at you.

It's beating.
That's incredible.


Now then, Bollinger knickers,
you gonna kiss me or punch me?

Arthur Layton's a tinker
with a minor record.

We flipped him over, he keeps his
eyes open, we don't bang him up.

He has to be crucial to this.

Otherwise why is he in here?

Boss? I mean, ma'am?

Right. Let's break it down.

Now, I was shot.

The result of that act was my arrival
in this... dystopia.

Dystopia. I had that once.
I couldn't eat solids for a week.

Ah, baby.

My mind creates a dark,
twisted place for me to go to.

My brain is in severe trauma

and so will not expend energy
creating people that I don't need.

Therefore, everything
here is significant.

I am an empirical person.

I break everything down and I study it.
That's how I solve problems.

So, your head has made up a puzzle for
you to solve cos that's the best way...

Because that is the way
that I will get strong.

I must constantly analyse.

Hang about. Analyse what?

Why you were shot?

The moment it happened,
I saw the bullet and I thought,

"This is it, Alex.
This is how it ends."

Like this was your destiny?

Like Ben Kenobi in Star Wars.

Now, where does that leave me?

Boss? Ma'am?

No. I'm not dead.

♪ Hope you're happy,
hope you're happy... ♪




You're under arrest!

Who are you, then?

It's all right, Zippy.

- Molly's my new friend.
- Poor old Molly!

She must be
very hard up for friends!

I'm looking for my mum.

Well, I haven't seen her.

But it's my birthday.

We have a cake and presents
and I'm waiting for her to come.

But she must be so far away, Molly.

So far that you
couldn't even see her

through the biggest, giantest
telescope in the whole world.

Yes, yes. That's right, George.

Forget your mum, Molly.

She's never coming back.



You're going to miss my birthday.

All my birthdays!

Morning, ma'am. Do you like
the flat? Luigi lets us use it.

WPC Granger.

Hey, "Is she or isn't she?"

She most definitely is.

- WPC Granger...
- Call me Shaz.

- Or Shazzer.
- Can get me a change of clothes?

I'd like out of red before
Chris de Burgh writes songs about me.

Chris, get me your intelligence
on Arthur Layton.

- Addresses, contacts, past offences.
- Roger.

- I know what you're doing.
- Really. Whatever.


- New broom swings in.
- Sweeps in.

Comes in Iooking to make a quick collar.
Trying to impress the troops.

I know he doesn't look like much,
but Layton is behind this,

because that is why I'm here.

Let me show you something.

We've monitored the drugs traffic
across the division.

Movements, deals, everything.
The centre is here.

The financial district.
Now, Markham is a right banker.

He knows how to hide the drug
money in any number of accounts.

We're on the verge of a major bust,
ma'am. Like that Operation Poppadom.

Here you go, boss... ma'am.

Arthur Layton. This is
his business in Shadwell.

And past convictions
for fencing stolen gear.

Look at your map, Hunt.

It's a web.

The thing is, the spider
isn't sitting in the middle.

He's hiding on the edge.

Guv's right.

Layton's just a down-at-heels fella
scratching a living together.

No, he becomes that... one day.

But not now. Trust me.

I'm sorry, ma'am, but the Guv, he thinks
you're trying to undermine us, like.

Look, all right.
Just relax. OK, "Chris"?

I know how this goes.

Hunt's the bullish one,
Ray's the misogynistic one,

and you're the nervous one,
blah blah blah. I don't care.

I am going to stop Arthur Layton

because that could be the mental
trigger to get me out of here. OK?

Roger that.

I'm not nervous. I'm just cautious.


Mr Layton?

- Police.
- Can I help you?

You're under arrest!


What for?

I've got receipts
for all this stuff.

I'm stopping you.

I know you!

What you talking about?

Chris, cuff him!

Don't look at me like that.
Don't like it.

You have a network of drug dealers
and money launderers under your control,

including Edward Markham.

No, I'm a barrow boy
with a junk shop. You know that.

You're under arrest and
you are staying here.

As much as it pains me,

I think we may need something
that can stick in court.

"You're staying here,"
probably won't do it.

Mr Layton, do you have
an appointed brief?

No. I'll have to get one.

Oh, that's right. That's right,
you let others handle it.

The strategy of a powerful man
with nothing to prove.

A powerful man would bring
his brief with him.

Guv, we've had a breakthrough.

Right. Layton, off you go.

Thank you.

We put the crime squad
onto Markham like you said.

He made nine separate phone calls
from phone boxes in the City district.

All phone cards.

Phone cards?! Flash git!

He then went and picked up a message
from railway arches near Tower Bridge.

Something got him rattled.

I know what got Markham rattled.
We pulled his boss in.

He was checking to see if
he could close the supply line down.

Layton is a control freak.

Being in the driving seat is essential
to his emotional well-being.

Where do you learn
this hippy shit?

- Langley.
- Near Macclesfield?

Virginia. Secondment to the CIA.

Here you go, ma'am.
Fresh clothes like you wanted.

Thank you, Shaz.

Got 'em off a lady who was
killed by a Timothy Whites van.

That's brilliant.

Bring Markham in again.

Shake the web.
Layton will hate that.


- Psychology.
- Same thing.

Still, not a bad idea for a bird.

Boys and girls, it is precisely
12 of the clock.

By 12.30, I want Markham and his
suspected accomplices in custody.


Two arrests in two days. I've almost
certainly lost my job at the bank.

Oh, bugger(!)
Still, you're a smart boy.

You'll get another job. I'll see
you get arrested there and all.

You'll be unemployable, Markham.

Right then.

Time to talk turkey.

Gobble away.

Oh, that's very good, Mr Hunt.

Oh, Mr Hunt, no, no, no.

Just you.

You knew Tyler, didn't you?

Yes. I write about colleagues
who've undergone unusual trauma.

And I know he let you down.

I thought he was gonna run out
on us, but he came back.

I'll give him that.

Sam came back?

Lucky us, eh?

Well, where is he?

Tyler died during
a jewellery blag last year.

I told him to wait for the Guv,
but he wasn't having it.

Gave chase.
Put his car in the river.

Never even found his body.

Oh, my God!

He was here for seven years!

He lived a life here and in reality
he was seconds away from death.

- What?
- Then my theory's right!

In real life I might only
have been shot a second ago!

Look, Tyler didn't listen to the guv
and look what happened to him.

If you're smart, you'll learn
that being where the guv is,

is the right place to be.

Thank you, Mr Hunt.


He's giving us the whole network -
suppliers, dealers, drop offs.

Turn a blind eye to one last deal
and we run him out of town for ever.

You let Markham off.

That's just plain wrong, Gene.

Spot of lunch?


Lunch? It's gone six!



I'm going to stop you.

You bastard.



♪ What's-a matter you? Hey!
Gotta no respect

♪ What-a you think you do? Hey!

♪ Why you look so sad?

♪ It's-a not so bad,
it's-a nice-a place

♪ Ah, shaddap-a you face. ♪

Molto divertente. Very funny.

On the house.


Luigi, another bottle
of your house rubbish.

Watch this.

I love lunch.

You know, I invented this world.

I invented something once.

The bruise-free groin slap.

Sam died.
Your wife left you.

No wonder you moved.

Would you not start with me!
I'm the Manc Lion. Says so on my door.

Pasta. Nice one, Luigi!

Eh, keep the Asti Spimanti going!

- Spumante.
- Hey, Luigi, what's the shortest...

Well, you're not going to keep me
here for seven years. I'm going home.

I'm going to my little
girl's birthday party.

You're pissed.

And you are a bloody figment.

You're very pissed.

- I'm going to be sick.
- Doesn't surprise me.

Let me do this on my own.

Well, it's always more fun with two.

I don't need your help.

Everyone does.

You know, they're sharpening the
axe for coppers like me.

But I'll tell you this much, Bolls,

up until the last second,

I will be out there
making a difference.

I really am going to be sick.

I'm going to be sick.

What's this?

It's Layton's... in the junk yard.

Raymondo, what do you
make of these numbers?

Flight numbers? Codes?

What about this here, look?

- "Charlie".
- That's what they call cocaine.

Oh, and there's me thinking
it was bloody perfume!

Chris! Chris! Chris! Turn it down,
let the lady sleep!

Grazie, Signore Hunt.

Grassy-arse, Luigi. Grassy-arse.

Yes, Chris, that is a Spanish joke.

Luigi, get yourself a drink.

No, Signore Hunt. I go
upstairs, shoot myself.

Good man.


Grassy... arse!

Molly. Molly!

Go and get back in your own bed.
Go on, sweetheart.



Oh, God!

You wait for me, Molly.

I need a plan to trap Layton.

I should be in uniform.

No, you're with me.
You're undercover.

On a secret operation?

Pretty blooming glamorous,
isn't it, your life?

Chris, are you in position?

Roger that, ma'am.

You said you'd square this
with the guv over brekkie?

Chris, there's no time for that.
I have to nail Layton now.

Look, crime squad gave us the drop-off
point for Markham's messages.

- Are you at it?
- Yeah.

OK. Message in place?

Shaz has just set it up.

Look, if Markham takes the bait...

He'll read the fake message to meet
at Layton's place and we follow him.

That will prove Markham works for Layton
and we have reasonable connection.

We arrest Layton and I go home.

Roger that, ma'am.

I need a jimmy riddle.

I think you'll find that Walkman
is mine.

- Come here.
- Get off me!

I'll teach Hunt to go back on his word.
Hold on to her!

- Shazzer!
- Shut up.

- Shut your mouth!
- This is the police, Markham.

Nobody move! Stay there!


Did I spoil your little plan?

Your little secret notes, your
special little meeting points?

Is this some feeble idea
of entrapment?

You are a plonker!

I think I need
some corporate insurance,

just to make sure
the deal runs smoothly.

- Put her in the car.
- Don't let them take me! Chris!

Oh, do shut up!


Chris? Chris!

I can't do this on my own.

Is every radio in this place
knackered? They've taken her.

They've taken Shaz! Markham and some
big bastards and he's still out there.

Viv, mobilise all units in the area.

Chris, give us a description
of the vehicle.

If she dies,
it's your fault, ma'am.

I wasn't the one
who did the deal with the Devil.

Look, how do we stop them?

Right. Let's fire up the Quattro.

Guv, we've just had confirmation.

The car registration that Chris
gave us, it's in Layton's name.

Viv, give me everything you've got
on Arthur Layton.

There isn't much, guv,
just some surveillance,

some at his yard,
some at the docks.

He keeps boats.

What's the name of his boat? It
looks like The Prince Charlie, guv.


Those times in the diary
are tide times.

Layton's shipping in the drugs
on one of his own boats.

Raymondo, round up the cavalry.
We're heading to the river.

- Tower Bridge.
- Oh, I could kiss you.

Don't hold back.


You, in leather, holding that.
Gives me the horn.

Right. Three units.
I'll lead the first unit.

Hopefully we'll flush them into
the arms of the second unit

led by my esteemed
lady colleague here.

Uniform, you can mop up.

So, which team's which?

Uniform, you're C Team.

DI Drake, you lead the B Team.

I'm the A Team.

God have mercy.


Radio silence, everyone.

I need Layton alive.

Do you understand? Alive.

He's my destiny.

Sorry. That's not really
helping, is it?


I've had it!

Chris! Chris, you bloody idiot!

Shit. Right, this is the A Team.
We're going in!

This is the police!

You're surrounded.

Oh, f...!

Hunt, do you read me?

Hunt, do you read me?

What the hell's going on? Over.

Do you read me?

Hunt, do you read me?
Hunt, do you read me?

B Team to the A Team.
Do you read me?

All teams, they're heading
your way on foot.

Drake, the A Team are cut off.
Even I can't walk on water.

Keep Layton in sight
but do nothing!

In here.

Come on!

Get out there!

Do you think I'm stupid?


- I'm sorry for the trouble...
- Shut up!

No trouble, Shaz.
Hello again, Arthur.

So... what happens?

Look, this is my show. You try and
follow me and I'll kill her. Yeah?

This isn't your show, Arthur.
It's mine.

I'm running this!

I have to reclaim my destiny,
Arthur... somehow.

I'm going to stop you and go home.

What you talking about?
What's she talking about?

I'm facing up to you.
I'm strong enough.

Please, ma'am, please!

I'm strong enough to wake up.

Oi, Drake! The A Team
are back in business.

You tell them to go fishing,
or I'll blow her brains out.

Stay back. I need Layton alive!


Nobody stares at me. You know that!
Nobody stares at me! He's staring!

You are under arrest for
drug trafficking, abduction

and for shooting me in the head!

There'll be no more
drug addicts made here.

You told me you had an
empire going, "Back in the day".

Well, you've had your day.

You're under arrest.

He's under arrest!

He's under arrest!

What was that back there in the
speed boat with the machine gun?

Was that you being cool?

Pardonnez bloody moi,

but I just saved your life!

You may have stopped me
getting back.

I was supposed to face this alone!

Listen, Bolly knickers, you were
seconds away from death just now.

And it's a nasty, vicious,
messed-up world

but if you listen to me,
you might get through it!

Right, here goes.

You were right. OK?
About Layton.

You have a knack of knowing
how folk tick. Psychiatry...

It's psychology! Same thing!

Oh, no.

I had a plan.

I wanted to go home.

Your presence is required just a
little bit longer round here.

By me!

You all right?

I'm OK. Yeah. You?

All in a day's work.




Oi, scumbag.

Oh, don't make me laugh.

Look, there are chaps
that can pull the trigger

and chaps who can't, and you...

Oh! Oh, you shot my bloody toes off!

I'm not nervous.

I'm just cautious.

Thought I was going to die, ma'am.

Well, you're still here, Shaz.

And so am I.

I saw my life passing in
front of my eyes.

They say that, don't they?

Before you die, you see all
the mistakes you've ever made

in that last moment, somewhere
between life and death.

Well, thank you for joining us. Hope
you'll be with us tomorrow. Good night.

It worked for him.
Why won't it work for me?

Go to sleep.


You've just been shot.

A second ago.

You're lying on the wet ground.

Don't fight to wake up.
It'll hurt too much.


You'll never make it to her party.


I'm so sorry.

All those memories.



But it doesn't have to hurt.

My name is Alex Drake.

I've just been shot and that
bullet has sent me back to 1981.

I may be one second away from life...

or one second away from death.

They say that as you die,
your life flashes before you.

All those memories and
mistakes that form us.

Well, bring it on.

My life can flash away as much as it
likes because I am not going to die.

I'm coming back to you, Molly.

Hey, what is it?

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Spoilers coming!

We are about to witness the joyous
union of Prince Charles and Lady Di.

Special Branch are as nervous
as a virgin in a brothel.

One of you has been
mucking around with explosives.

... investigation has... Mum.

I don't shag Thatcherite businessmen,
no matter how cute they are.

Hi! Danny Moore.

I am going to stamp your arse.

Piss off, you lardy fascist!

God save the Queen!

It's like a powder keg
waiting for a spark.

Can you hear ticking?