Ash vs Evil Dead (2015–2018): Season 3, Episode 9 - Judgement Day - full transcript

Chainsaw-handed demon hunter Ash returns to action when Elk Grove is threatened by a Deadite epidemic. Pablo's role as Brujo Especiale has him straddle the worlds of good and evil to keep the rift open for Ash to save Brandy and Kelly.

Evil's manifested in many
forms over the years.

It's all rooted back to the Master
Demons we called the Dark Ones.

The most ruthless one of them betrayed
the others and cast them from our world.

The rift.

We believe it's a mystic passage

between the human sphere
and the Deadlands.

If you've talked to dead Kelly,
Brandy's in there too.

All we have to do is get into
that rift, grab them.

Walk away Ray.

Maybe I am in that dead place.

I'm not gonna let evil mess
with our little family.

That includes you too, Kelster.

Something's keeping me from
coming through.


Kelly? She's still down there.

Ghostbeaters never
leave a man behind.

The Dark Ones know
about the rift.

Their vengeance will be

We betrayed them Ruby.

You're gonna help us
rewrite our destiny.

We shouldn't be here.
We need to run.

The Dark Ones will find us,
wherever we go.

We got to take
a stand and fight.

By creating a new page?

Yes. 'Cause this page
will mask the presence

of the Necronomicon
from the Dark Ones.

That only delays the inevitable.

It'll get me the time
I need to destroy them.

Give me that pen.

Are you sure this will work?

It has to.

Go get her.

Hail to the Prophesied One

for he will be the
Savior of Humanity.

But not your Savior.

I'm gonna throw up again.


Why do I feel like this?

I know the feeling.
It's the residual effects

of coming back from the dead.

Well, how come
he's not sick, then?

I don't get hangovers either.

I'm so sorry Dad.

And Pablo,

it's my fault that Kelly's dead.

If I'd just believed you
from the beginning,

none of this... It's not your fault.
It's Ruby's.

She's the one who
got in your head.

I can't believe that
Kelly's gone.

You know of all of us, I thought
she'd be the one to make it.

This doesn't make any sense.

You and I were both
there with her at the rift,

then all of a sudden,
it's like there was a wall.

I couldn't save her.

What are we gonna do now?

Christ. First Linda,
then Cheryl, Chet, Pop

then Pablo... I'm not dead.

You were. Kelly...

And me. Yeah, my daughter too.

Come on, ehough is enough.

I'm going to find this Ruby
and put an end to this...

Once and for all!

You know what?
Thistime, I'm serious.

Hey, what are you doing?

I don't think this
is a good idea.

Ruby is a Dark One with
the Necronomicon.

We cannot lose you t... Whoa...

What's the matter with you?

Jefe, I can't see.

Come here.

My eyes... Jefe.

Hey, it's okay. Take it easy.

My, my... I'm blind. Jefe!

You're gonna be okay.

What's happening to me?

Just take it easy.

Wait. Where am I?

You're right here with us.

No. I'm in another house.

There's blood on the floor.

I can see a body.


Wait. There's somebody else...

Kelly. Kelly?

There's someone else
inside of her body.

Jefe, that's why Kelly
couldn't come through

the rift with you and Brandy.

Her soul doesn't have
a body to come back to.

I can see Ruby!

Aye dios mio Jefe.

I'm seing through the eyes
of the Necronomicon.

The Necro-what-o-con?

It's a gnarly book. It's the
reason behind all this crap.


Pablo look, you gotta be
connected to it somehow.

Can you see where they are?

Yeah. It's an old house.

Big room.

There's a fireplace.

Is there a deer head above it?

Yeah. She went back to Prevett's.

Wait... I can hear them.

Ruby's upset.

She's scared.

She needs to find a rift before
the Dark Ones break through.

Well, that's the rift
below the store.

Whoa... I'm back.

How'd you do that? I don't know.

I don't get a manual with
being El Brujo Special.

Come on. Saddle up.

Get over to the hardware store.

Make sure that rift
is locked down tight.

I don't want any Dark Ones
coming out of there.

Where are you going?

I'm going to get Kelly's body.

See you at the rift.

I'm coming with you. No.

You're too weak to fight.

Now look, my boomstick,

got me out of a lot of scrapes,
but be careful.

It's got a hair trigger.

Kick like a mule.

You stay locked in here.

Do not answer
that front door, okay?

No matter how normal they sound.


Be careful.

I'm sorry.

No. That's... that's okay.

That's okay.
We'll, we'll be back soon.



Why is it already open?

What's happening?

Shita shudum An ama.
Ngish da kam lal.

Why isn't it closing?

Stormbringer's coming alright.

Coming for you Ruby.

Time to die.

The Dark Ones.

Ngish kay dal. Salvar mi alma...

What is it?

They're here...

Why didn't they kill me?

I'll have another one, Frank.


What the fuck?!

What's happening?

Go back inside.

Lock your doors!


Is somebody there?

I have a gun.

What is that?




No, it isn't you...

Shit. Shit.

You have 3 new messages.

Brandy. It's mom.

I don't know what's happening.

I know you're scared honey.

I just wanted to tell you...

I just wanted you to know... Mom.

That you...

taste good.

Somebody help me!

The circle is complete.

How much longer for the page?

It's ready.

Udshuushe ningkaszu ba...



Damn straight, Skippy.

Now get the gum out
of your ears and listen up.

Whoever or whatever you put
in my Kelly's body,

has got to take a hike.
'Cause I need it back.

Kelly's dead already.

Here, maybe.

I just saw her in the rift.

She's still kicking evil's ass...

You've been in a rift?

Got my daughter back.

No thanks to you.

They could not survive. He lies.

Do I?

Well, that's for me to know
and you to find out.

Where is this rift?

The Dark Ones... The Dark
Ones, they're coming.

The Dark Ones are here.

And they're coming
for the Necronomicon.

Now you tell me where the
rift is, and I can stop them.

But I need Kaya.

Kaya. Who the fuck is Kaya?

The one who's in Kelly's body.

No you let us...

You stop right
there, Sugar Lips.

Last time we made a deal, I got
jack shit out of it. Okay?

Stay on point.

I couldn't get Kelly
out of the rift,

because her body as a
'no vacancy' sign.

Now are you gonna evict
this Kaya or am I?

You kill Kaya and Kelly's
body goes with it.

And neither of us
gets the one we want.

I'm willing to bet
you won't take that chance.

Think you're right.

Join us!

Never bet against the house.

I'm sorry sweetie.

But your call cannot be
completed until you're done.

That's it.

You want me?

I'm Ashy Slashy's daughter.

Come on. Come get some!


Ashy Slashy.

Time to talk about
your old man, little girl.

Worthless shit!

Couldn't save me
and he'll never save you.

Behind you.

This what you kids like?

Brandy. Brandy.
Hey! What are you doing?

You're going down. Put that down.

Don't even dream about getting
a new phone after this.

You selfish whore.

Brandy, no. Please let me go.

Tell it to the plow.


Who's laughing now?



Pablo. Brandy where are you!

Brandy? I'm here. In the garage.


Shit! Are you okay?


Wait... how do I know
it's really you?

It is. I swear. I promise.

Evil has no interest in me.

I... think they
think I'm one of them.

But you're not, right?

No, I promise.

One foot in each
world, remember?

What the fuck!

Come on!


What is happening out there?

The Dark Ones made it
through the rift.

They have the lost pages...

We got to find Ash.

You know how to get
to Mrs. Prevett's house?

Outside of town.
I think off Mill Road.

What are the lost pages?

If the Dark Ones are joining
with the Necronomicon,

then the "Book of the Dead"
will once again be complete.

The world. Humanity.
Everything, will be doomed.

What the fuck!

Where's the rift?

I got your rift right here.

What are you doing?

My God! Not the saw!

Whoa... Not the blade.

Whoa. Whoa.

You're gonna pay for that!

Tell us where the rift is.

I'm not gonna lie to you.

It's a litte weird having
Kelly doing this to me.

No! No! Not the money brows. No!



Ba ni ak e esit ra.


Go on you bastards!

Take me!

Ar di pour.

Soon you will suffer
the same fate.

The "Savior of humanity",
will destroy you all!

Poor Ruby. I'm melting.

Fuck off bitch!

Isk kel camow mrwa.

Ruby dead? Check.

Necronomicon? Check.

Kelly's body?

Don't you worry.
I'm coming for you.

Hey Pablo, can you hear me?

It's happening again.

Brandy, take the wheel!
Take the wheel!


Pablo? Can you hear me?


Come in, over.

Ash, I can hear you.

What? You see him? Is he okay?

Jefe, can you hear me?

Look, Ruby's dead.
I got the Necronomicon.

I got Kelly.

I'm going to the hardware store.

So get the rift ready.

No! Do not go to the rift, Jefe!

The rift is open.

Do not go into the rift.

If you can you hear me?

Evil is amongst us.

Do you hear me, Jefe?

Whoa! What the hell?



Those were deadites.

What the hell are
they doing out here?

We interrupt this program
with an emergency bulletin.

Due to the extensive violent rioting
in the streets of downtown Elk Grove,

the Governor of Michigan has
implemented Marshal Law.

Please stay tuned to this station
for further instructions.

That doesn't sound good.

- Michigan Army Reserves...
- for further information...

I lost him. What did he say?

He's headed to the
hardware store.

We gotta get back there.

Whoa! Look out!

Hey! Watch it!

Dad! Wait!

It's the Dark Ones.

We have to help him!

No. I got it. You stay here.




What the hell
are you doing here?

You gotta get out of here.

No! Not without you.

No... I gotta stop 'em.

The time has come
to test the mettle of man...

Jefe. The Dark Ones.
They got the Necronomicon!


Ngish shudum Ma zu. Ud me amash.

What is that?

Mom, where are you?


What'd they say?


Stay back!

Watch it!


I just want to take a look.

What was that?