Ash vs Evil Dead (2015–2018): Season 3, Episode 7 - Twist and Shout - full transcript

Ruby's latest creation is her most diabolical plan yet to turn Brandy against Ash; Pablo suspects something isn't right with Kelly when she meets him and Ash at the school; chaos ensues when evil shows up at the dance.

They're the lost pages
of the Necronomicon.

Though he may have found
a way to open the rift.

We believe it's a mystic passage

between the human sphere
and the Dead lands.

They're all dead.

Welcome to my world, lady.

Well that kid in your car...

and you really think that that had
something to do with Ms. Prevett?

Once that idiot
Ash Williams is dead,

you and I will go on
to immortal glory.

Kaya... Ruby.

I have a vessel.

The Dark Ones
know about the rift.

We need to find it
before they get out.

You help me drive
Ash's daughter over the edge

and we won't have to.

That's better.

So good job tracking
down that Kandarian demon poker.

Alright, here's the plan.

We gear up, we corner Ruby
in her little evil...

She won't be there.

Well, you clean up pretty well.


My Mom always liked
this dress on me.

It's pretty.

But I'm not sure
this is the time

to be playing Barbie dress-up.

So there's this dance
tonight at school and...

You wanna go to a school dance

when evil is circling
like sharks at a tuna rodeo?

I have a plan.

Ms. Prevett sent me text
saying she wanted to

"clear the air" tonight.

And you're gonna say no,

'cause you're my daughter
and you're smart.

Look, if you're right
and Ms. Prevett is a demon,

then that means
she killed my mom, and Rachel.

And who knows how many others.

I need to know for sure,
and when I do...

Daddio's gonna swoop in
for the kill.


You've heard a lot
of my dumb ideas.

You wanna weigh in on this one?

I think it's a great idea, Ash.

Ruby trusts her.
She might throw her off guard.

And besides,
if anything goes awry.

You and I will be right there.

Okay, daughter,
we do this your way.

But from now on
you're rubber and we're glue,

you got that?



Well, that's what super.


Negeltu dumuzi


Mummu sa dalkhu


Welcome to me, my son.

The new Prophesied One.

I have waited for this night
for hundreds of years.

In order for us to succeed,

you must do exactly as I say.

I'm ready mother.

Now listen.

We have to convince Brandy

that you're her real father,

and for that to work,

you have to look just like him.

How am I doing?

There is still just
one small detail.

This hurts mother.

Is that normal?

It'll scab over.

Make it stop!

When you're done there,
I want you to get dressed.

The dance is about to start.

Yes, Mother.

I'm really sorry about your
friends getting killed and all.

I thought we were ready.

We had no idea what
we were getting into.

What's that?

Pablo, are you there?

What the fuck?

Hello? Is someone there?

I think there's
somebody in there.

Pablo? Pablo!

Hey, Pablo!


Pablo, it's so good
to see your face.

I don't get it! Where are you?

No fuckin' idea.

I fucked up.

I went after Ruby
with the Kandarian dagger

and she got it away from me.

What do mean?
What happened, Kelly?

Ruby killed me.

She killed me with the dagger.


I'm pretty sure I'm dead.

What is that?

Fuck, it's coming back.

Kelly? No! No! No!


Kelly, please!





Is your friend Kelly gone?

Ruby took her!

Hey girl!


We get in there, we find Ruby,

you push her demon buttons,

then ding dong
the witch is dead.


Hey, isn't that Ashy.

Whoa boy.

What's the matter?

The cops.

They get all squirrelly

when they find a demon baby
in your trunk.

I'm still going in.

That's fine, plan B.

You guys go in the front,
I'm going in the back.

But how...

Don't worry about it.

Kelly. I'm counting on you.

Don't worry, Ash.

She's not getting out my sight.

Brandy, don't take
this the wrong way,

but did your father
seem a little...

strange tonight?

I dunno, "strange"
is him most of the time.


You know how sometimes
you just get a bad feeling?

Check it out.

Found it taped
behind a fire alarm.

Looks fucking ancient.

The shit still smokes!

Man, I can't be that high.

It's Ashy-Slashy again!

You know you kids are inhaling
a controlled substance?

Now you're gonna slash us
like you slash your prices?

You really should
read the brochures.

Cannabis is a well-known
gateway drug.

Fine, it's gone, weirdo.

You take that stupid
saw everywhere?

You'd be surprised
how often I need it.

Wanna touch the blade?


Well, seeing as how
you two youngsters

are already headed down
the hemp highway to nowhere.

What the hell are you doing?

You know what they say.

Spare the saw, spoil the child.

Could I have your attention
please everyone?

As you all know,
a couple of days ago

we lost two people very, very
precious to our community.

Candace Barr and Rachel Manning,

were taken from us
in a most horrific way,

but tonight we want to celebrate

the giving people
that they were.

So will you join me now
in a moment of silence.

We love you Rachel.

Did you know
she was going to do this?

No, I didn't.

You don't think it could
actually be genuine?

Five minutes ago I would have
said no, but now...

Hi Brandy!

I'm so glad you decided to come.

I hope that wasn't
too emotional for you.

It's actually really nice.

You wore the dress
that your mom liked.

I'm glad.


You said you wanted
to talk to her, so talk.

Maybe we should go
somewhere quieter.

Right. I don't think so.

It's okay, Brandy,
I'll be right behind you.

Security door my dimpled butt.






step away from
the dead teenager.

Whoa, another dumb ass double.

Are you what
used to be little me?

That's right.

I'm all grown up now.

Ash, I'm so disappointed in you.

You've gone soft.


I can hold my own, pal.

You are your own worst enemy.

It pains me to know that
somebody so unqualified

could actually be
the Prophesied One.

Think you could do better?

Good gravy, yes!

But lets put a pin in that

because I have to get
back to our daughter.



Three and a half horses
that says

no way, Jose.

Freeze, motherfucker!

Hands in the air!


I know this looks bad.

Turn around! Now!

Okay, look, your father
is right about one thing.

I do know more
than I was letting on.

How much more?

A great evil is coming.

And the only way we to defeat it
is if we stick together.

A supernatural war is brewing,

and you've been caught
in the middle of it.

So are you saying
that you area demon?



But your dad is.

What? Well, that's new.

Look, I know that I lied
about my intensions,

but it was only to protect you.

I had to find out the truth.

I had to be sure
about your father.

But you think about it.

He opened the book.

He brought the evil
to Elk Grove.


Hate to say,
but she's not wrong.

This all started once Ash
read from that damned Book.

You just think about all the
deaths of all those innocents,

and the horror that's
occurred because of him.

You really expect me to believe
that he's one of those things?



I've been watching her.

I'm not so sure
you have the ability

to shake her faith
in her father.

Well, that's what
you're doing here.

You just keep pushing,
my child will do the rest.


When Brandy kills Ash,

the prophesy from the Book
will be fulfilled.

And my child becomes the Savior.

Then I will have dominion
over the Dark Ones,

enough to free you
from your hell.

And grant you true immortality.


Dad, where are you?!

What are you doing?

Looking for you.


Are you all right?


I'm just a little embarrassed.


Yeah, I'm afraid I've been
keeping a secret from you.

My God!

It's sad.

I just wish that young man

had shown a little
more common sense.

You did this!?

Tonight's event had a very
specific dress code,

and he wears those shoes?

Jesus Christ,
what is wrong with you?

Well, that's the little secret
I was talking about.


That bastard.

Shut it, butcher!

When they strap
you to the table,

I'm gonna ask to
stick in the needle myself.

Yeah, jokes on you, pal!

Michigan doesn't even
have the death penalty!

Shut up and...

Kelly, where the hell
have you been?

And why aren't you with Brandy?

She took off on me!

Ash, it's worse than we thought.

I think Ruby's planning
to kill Brandy tonight!

What are we going to do?

Well, for starters
there's a very handsome

but demented version of me
running around here.

So if you see him,

I give you permission
to break his face.

And what about you?

I'm gonna save my daughter.


Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!



It wasn't me!

It was the other me!

Let's go! Hello girl!

Ms. Prevett!

I just heard there's
a killer in the school!


You were right,
he's some kind of demon freak!

My God, did he do that too?

Brandy this is just
the beginning.

Everybody here is in danger!


You left before we could finish!


Get down!


Come to Papa!


Come and dance with your dad!




It's Ashy Slashy!

Help me! Help me!

Help me.


Come on!



Sorry. Jefe!



I'm in here.


You said you were...

I thought you...

Kelly, are you okay?

Me? I'm fine.

I mean it's crazy out there.

All hell has broken loose!

Are you okay?
'Cause you seem nervous.

I am. Nervous.

Because, I...

Kel, I thought that
you were in danger.

I would never be able
to forgive myself

if something bad
happened to you.

Especially since I never worked
up the courage to...

kiss you.

Well, maybe
we should change that.

Yeah, maybe we should.

Yeah, that's right!

I hit you 'cause
the real Kelly and I did kiss,

and it was freakin' awesome!

So what are you, anyway?


None of the above.

I'm Kaya.

Brandy, if it comes to it honey.

You protect yourself.


Ash Williams!

Leave these children alone!

If it's me you want, here I am!


Whoa, whoa, whoa.


It's okay, Daddy's here!

Stay the fuck away from us!

Go ahead, shoot me.

Put a hole through this pretty
face you love so much.

Do it!

Come on, lover boy.

When this is over you can have
what's left of this body.

Pull the trigger.


Please don't.

Tell Kelly I said thanks
for her flesh and blood.



that thing is dangerous!

Stay back!

You're one of them!

No. Very simple
explanation, kiddo.

There's two of me!

He'd say anything!
You're a monster!

She's the one you
should be afraid of!

Leave her alone!

No! You're killing her!

I'm not doing this!
She's doing it herself!

When did you start liking this?



I know that word!

You just called me "Boss."

Good thing I'm fluent
in Español.


Ash, Kelly's dead!

Ruby killed her
and now some nasty demon

took over her body!

That sounds diabolical.

Is that a chainsaw I hear?

Why yes it is.

Where you come from they're
better known as "moto sierra."

And it's not yours?

Well, that's complicated,
my little friend,

but don't fret.

Soon it'll all be over.

You're not Ash!


What gave it away?

Stop him.

Honey, gimme that dagger.

I'll send that she-bitch
back to hell!

She's already dead.

You killed her
just like you killed those kids.

You want to end this nightmare,
you give me that knife!

Shut up!

Just shut up!

I'm your Pop.


Love you.

Dad! Get in!

That's my daughter.

Like daughter, like dad.

I can't.

You deserve it, but I can't.

You don't have an invite.

What the hell?

That's what I was
trying to tell ya!

Jefe, help!

Ruby went to Kandarian Kinkos
and this asshole popped up.

Hey good lookin'.

Get out of my Jazz.

You missed.

Pablo you missed a great party.

Jefe, Kelly's...


Hundreds of years spent
looking for that Book.

And two years in this
shit hole of a school.

My God.

You were right.

No one is that stupid

or that lucky.

Maybe not, but you're next Ruby.

Brandy! No!