Ash vs Evil Dead (2015–2018): Season 3, Episode 4 - Unfinished Business - full transcript

Brock warns Ash of an otherworldly hurricane brewing; Ash and Brock make a discovery at the hardware store; Kelly and Brandy face a familiar foe.

Oh, oh!

Everybody's favorite skanky
demon Ruby is back,

and she's yanking Brandy's chain.

- Let me go.
- We need to kill her. Now.

We need a Kandarian dagger.

Guys, I found it!

I think we need to get out
of here right now.


Dalton! No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

It was Pablo.

Pablo did this to you?

What the hell are you doing
in my house, creep-o?

Enjoying the company
of the granddaughter

I never knew I had.


I wish you were the one that was dead.

I didn't even kill him,
because he's already dead!


Come on.

Come on. Let go.

Pablo, you and those
cheap imported parts!


Nice try, Ruby.

You think I'm stupid?

You think I don't know
my own father when I see him?

Poor Ashley.

Life just keeps serving up
the shit sandwichs.

Uh, speak of the devil.

What are you doing here, Pop?

I don't know.

Something disturbed my grave,
pulled me back.

I always wanted to be a ghost.

Well, it's nice to see you.

Even though I'm looking through you.

Cool, huh?


What the hell is this?

Ah, it's pretty convoluted.

Ruby was using you to make me look bad

in front of my daughter.

Well, it looks like she succeeded.


Oh, hold on there, did you say daughter?

Yeah. I just found out a few days ago.

Her name is Brandy.

Well, look at you. My boy's a father.

H-Hell, that makes me a grandfather.

Damn, you miss so much when you're dead.

What's she like?

Stubborn as shit...

and she hates my guts.

Well, she's smart. I like her already.

Where is she?

I don't know. She freaked out
when she saw this.

Called me a monster.

Look, fatherhood ain't easy.

Lord knows, I learned the hard way.

Uh, Ash, you remember the night I died?

There's something I've kept from you.

What is it, Pop?

Something so vital, that...

the fabric of your life may begin...

How could I forget, cost me 300 bucks

to get the fender pounded out.

You spent more on that damn fender

than you did on my funeral, cheapskate.

That's not true... ish.

Well, it's still a shit way to go.

Anyway, this is way bigger
than your fender.

Okay, so tell me.

Oh, no. I'm not going to tell you.

I want to show you.

Ash, Pablo is dick deep in trouble...

Oh, shit.



Anybody home?

If you're a Deadite,
I'm in no fucking mood.

Ah! Brandy.

I forgot my phone.

But you're okay?


Ash just sliced open some guy
I thought was my grandfather

with a chainsaw.

I'm so far from okay,
I don't even know what okay is.

Makes high school seem
a lot less awful, am I right?

Okay, where's Ash?

I don't know.

And no offense, but I've had enough

of my delusional old man,
and his muchachos.

I'm getting my shit,
and I'm getting out of here.

Hold up, Daria. Okay?

Bodies are dropping left and right,

some of them friends of mine,

and since this has something
to do with you,

I need you to stay close.

How do you even deal with him?

I mean, I don't really have a choice,

because he's my father, but you...

Ash may be a perverted drunk
with racist tendencies,

but he has his moments.

Evil killed my parents, too.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, well, I passed go on that
horror show a long time ago.

Ash is probably at
the hardware store, right?

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

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- Whoo!
- Pablo!

You're up way past your bedtime!

Brandy, run!

- Uh, I can't!
- Hold on!

Young virgin meat!


So moist...

and soft!



Come on! Ah!

Where is he?

Where did he go?

Shit. Where's the dagger?

It fell. I...

Got it.

Go to the trailer!

- Run!
- Where you going?!

Run! Run! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

That was just the appetizer!

I'm ready for the main course!

What the hell happened to him?

It's not his fault.

Evil fucked him,
like it fucked everything.


He's going to get in!

Maybe, but not through the windows.

Ash upgraded this piece of shit
with bulletproof glass.

I can bang, bang, bang, all night long!

Shit! I left my cell in the truck.

- Give me yours.
- Mine's dead.


If you don't let me in, I'll huff...

and I'll puff...

and I'll blow this fucking
trailer apart!

What are we supposed to do?

Just wait until Ash comes
back and saves us?

I don't think that's a plan.

Okay, what's with the snow?

And why is it daylight all of a sudden?

- What? Did I pass out?
- No... you didn't pass out.

Well, what happened
to all my Ashy Slashy stuff?

Uh, this is the past.

Look, I'm showing you a memory.

My memory.

Come on.


Wow. Talk about "two steps back."

Haven't you seen "It's a Wonderful Life"?

Where an angel shows a guy his old life,

so he can learn from the past.

Are you a ghost, or an angel?

What the hell difference does it make?

The point is, I'm tryin'
to show you something.

Now just watch.

- Whoa.
- Ho, ho, ho, ho!

Double vision.

When was this?

Mm, 2012.

Mr. Williams? Brock Williams?

If this is about my mortgage,
the check's in the mail.

- No. I'm here...
- Water?

- Electric?
- No, I just want to know,

is Ashley Joanna Williams your son?

Oh, hell.

Thanks for that name, by the way.

That name gave you thick skin.

Yeah, thick from all
the playground beatings.

What are you crying about?

It did you good. Look at you now.

Um, I guess.

...and believe me, I wouldn't be here

if it weren't a matter
of life and death.

- Uh...
- Your son is in grave danger,

targeted by an evil that threatens to...

An "evil?" Get lost, ding-dong.

I'm trying to sell hardware here.

Way to warn me.

Uh, for all I know, he could've
been a porn salesman.

You need to see this.

These pages were torn
from a book of evil

known as the Necronomicon.

Centuries ago, my ancestors
fought and died,

to keep this away from
the forces of darkness.

Son of a bitch.

The guy's got the lost pages.

You mean that "book" crap was for real?

- Ding-dong.
- Uh, hold on.

Uh, who did you say you were with?

We call ourselves
the Knights of Sumeria.

The who with the huh?

That's exactly what I said!

- I know how this sounds...
- Wait a second.

I think Kelly is bonking
one of those guys.

...but I believe a Dark One
has taken human form

to walk the Earth,
searching for the Book.

If the demon finds it, it's a sign

that the end of times are near.

Dark One? He's talking about Ruby.

- Who?
- Sasquatch.

Oh, Ruby.

But these pages also hold the secret

to destroying this evil,

and your son is the key.

I have to find him before it's too late.

Well, you listen up, boy.

My son babbled on about
"evil" just like you.

It ruined his life.
It ruined my family's life.

Now Ashley may have turned and run

when he should have stayed and fought,

but I'm sure as shit
not siccing some nut bag

preaching evil mumbo jumbo on him.

I got to talk to that guy!

You can't. It's-it's a memory.

But I'm not leaving until you
tell me how I can find your son.

The fate of humanity
hangs in the balance.

Look, I'm fetching some
supplies from downstairs.

You got a cellar here?

You better be gone when I come back,

or I'm going to let you have some

of Ike & Tina Turner's Greatest Hits.

Mr. Williams, I'm begging you.

Yeah? Well, now you can do it in High C!


Hey, dipshit. You okay down there?

Oh, boy.

Holy shit, he looks dead.

Is he dead? Why am I asking you?

It's quiet.

Maybe he...

Let me in! I just want to play!

The one time I actually need my dad,

and he's probably out on a beer run.

Kelly, come on! It's me!

Your powerful vagina.

Yeah, right now you're my
powerful pain in the ass!

Check for something to hold him down.

There's got to be duct tape,
maybe some rope...

How about guns and knives?

No! That is Pablo out there.

I don't want to kill him,
I want to help him.

You find anything?

There's nothing but nasty old man shit.

God, I can't believe I share
DNA with that dipshit.

Okay, you know what?
Time out for real talk.

I know it seems like
Ash ruined your life.

- Kel.
- Okay, maybe he has a little bit,

but, everything he's done
since he knew you existed

was to protect you.

That include publicly accusing
my counselor of being a demon?

Yes, Brandy, because
your counselor is a demon.

- Her name is Ruby, and...
- Oh, my God! Not you too!

You know what? You're as
stubborn as your old ma...

Ow! Ow!

Fucking Pablo couldn't be a vegan!

Sit. I'll-I'll find
something to bandage that.

Damn it. Mm!


So you guys are close, huh?

Beyond close.

Pablo and I are... bound by blood.

- What, like in a family way?
- No.

In the axing demons,
and getting covered in guts way.

That's messed up.

But Brandy, I saw Ash's picture
in that stupid Book.

A demon called him "the Savior."

Hold on, you don't actually
think that Ash is...

Is our only hope
in the fight against evil?

Hard to believe sometimes, but yeah.

- Ah!
- Oh, Kelly...

open up!

I'm still hungry!

We're totally fucked.

Yeah, in Ash's orbit,
that's called "Tuesday."

That was your big secret?

"Something so vital,

"the fabric of your life may unravel?"

- Yeah...
- That guy was my only hope

to end this frigging nightmare, Pop!

And you killed him! Why is that good?

I wanted you... see I was trying
to look out for you, son,

even when you thought I wasn't.

Damn it, you were supposed
to get all warm and mushy.

What? You just left?!

Um, with a corpse in the cellar?

You're damn straight.
Business was shit anyway.

He took his tumble, I locked the doors.

Got the hell out of here,
and never looked back.

Okay, so the dead guy,
and those missing pages

are still down there?

Wow, okay, get me out of this memory.

Where the hell is he?

Don't look at me.

Time to clean up another mess.

Scared are we?

I've had a little experience

with dead bodies in cellars, Dad.

Dad, you coming?

Don't do that!


God forbid the furnace guy shows up.

That bastard ate my Spam.

That was my civil defense stash.

The guy ate it because somebody
locked him in the cellar, Dad.

He was trying to survive.

Oh. Not my fault.

He's the one who took the header.

Pull the chain, dummy.

Good luck washing that off.

Good old Necronomicon.

Same type of writing.

Maybe this guy was trying
to piece something together.

Something he found in these pages.

Well, Pablo has this weird
writing all over him.

Maybe he can decipher it.

Oh, no!

What do you see?

Ooh! Oh!


Whoa, that little hottie looks familiar.

Oh, no! Oh, no...!

Wait a second. That's Brandy's
musician friend, from school.

The hell is happening in there?

Oh, no!



Pop! A little help!

I'm coming, son!

I'm a ghost, dumbass, I got nothing!

Ahh! Ooh, ooh! My hammy!

Whoa, that looked like it hurt.

Did I mention I hate cellars?

This is just great.

Evil is harassing my daughter,
my father's a ghost,

and I got this crazy shit in my cellar!

It's time to man up, son.

You got that right.

I'm going to track down
this so-called Ms. Prevett,

and deal with Ruby once and for all.

"Prevett?" I used to go bowling
with a cutie by that name.

She had that place out on Old Mill Road.

You know if Ruby's using Prevett's name,

maybe she's camping out there.


I think my time is up.

You make sure you tell that
Brandy all about me.

Just the good stuff, though.

I will, Pop.

Son... you're gonna be a great father.

You really mean that?




Is that you?

The portal to the netherworld
has been established.

It's only a matter of time
before the Dark Ones

will break free.

Well, we got to find it, and destroy it

before they have a chance to escape.

The Knights must be the ones
responsible for the rift.

Those numbskulls are still around?

One of them has made contact
with the Prophesied One.

The Prophecy's begun.

How can I find this knight?

Where was the Book first
unleashed in these times?

The cabin.

Let me help you.

If the Dark Ones learn
I've been talking to you,

they will swallow my soul.

You owe me this.

Free me, and I'll stand with you again.

I'll free you when I find
a suitable host.

And once the Prophesied One
is killed at the hands

of his own offspring,
we'll have so much power

the Dark Ones won't be able to stop us.

Help! Fuck!

See what drugs you can find,

like some pain killers, whatever.


- Kelly...
- Oh, fuck.

He got in. How did he get in?

- Shh!
- Kelly?

Hold on.


Oh, Kelly...


Holy fuck face!

Come here, Kelly.

Give me a kiss!

Yeah, yeah.



You with me, Knight boy?

What did you do?

Pushed away the evil, just for a bit.

We need to talk.

You're Ruby...
the Dark One from the legend.

And you're the descendent
of those knucklehead Knights.

It's a pity, I thought
I'd killed you all.

You thought wrong, witch.

How many more of your delusional
morons are out there?

Enough to kill you...

and send you straight to hell.

Wrong response.

For the record, hell is not my turf.

- Where's the rift?
- The what?

The rift you opened with the lost pages.

Where is it?

Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you.

But I'll tell you this.

We found the Kandarian dagger.

And the ones who have it,
know all about you.

Who's got it?

I want names.


You know what, I'm just going to wait

for evil to take you back,

and... then you're going to tell me

anything I want to know.


Okay, Ruby... it's just you and me.

Come on out.

I got sandwiches,
and a nice buttery Chardonnay.


All right.

Lucky her.


The real Mrs. Prevett, I presume.

♪ Byssan ♪

♪ Lull... ♪


Excuse me, um... looking
for a lady named Ruby...


It's just a kid sucking his thumb.

Not his thumb.

Okay, that's a choking hazard.


♪ Byssan lull ♪

♪ Koka... ♪


My hand's stuck. I can't get it off.


Hey, hey, large foreign person.

Easy, relax.

I've dealt with kids like this before.

What's "Norway" for "up shit's creek?"

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx