Ash vs Evil Dead (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 9 - Home Again - full transcript

Ash, distraught about losing Pablo is determined to bring him back. Ruby and Kelly tag along as they travel back in time to make sure Young Ash never sees the Necronomicon.

- (roaring)
- (screaming)

I got a plan for Baal--
I'm going to find him,

take my chainsaw,
shove it right up his ass.

The book, it did something to me.

It feels like something inside of me
that's trying to come out.

Pablo, you're our only hope
of stopping Baal.

Hey, quit fucking around.

Find the spell we need
to send this asshole home.

- (chanting in Sumerian)
- (Baal roaring)


- (gasping)

- You slayed that shit.
- Ash: You did it, Pablo!


- (music playing on radio)
- (tires screeching)

- (cat meows)
- ♪ Oh, I just died in your arms... I

(slurred) Oh, yeah.
Oh, I know what you're all saying.

Ash Williams saved everybody.

Yep, probably going to
have a statue made

and a parade in my honor.

You know what?

(choked up)
I'd give it all up

just to have my little
Mexican buddy back.

Oh, my-my Honduran-Mexican
buddy back.

Here's to you.
Oh, yeah.

(bottles clattering)

Nothing helps, does it?

Of course, you don't answer.


'Cause you're dead!

- (tires screeching)
- (man vocalizing)

I I just died in your arms tonight... I

This is bullshit.

- Pablo didn't have to die.
- (can opening)

- I should've saved him.
- You couldn't have.

It was the only way.

- Everybody dies.
- Yeah, easy for you to say.

Pablo's entire lifespan

measured about a second
compared to yours.

Didn't he make that second count?

In defeating Baal, he achieved
more than I did in thousands of years.

- (tires screeching)
- (music continues)

Oh, man, you can really taste
the angel dust.


Ah, but no matter how baked I get,

you're still gone, buddy.

Man, I wish I could just
go back in time and undo all this.

Pablo: So just do it.

. HEY-
. HEY-

"Do it"? Do what?

If you could go back in time
and change one moment in your life,

- what would it be?
- Oh, no-brainer.

The moment I picked up
the stupid book at the cabin.

So just change it.

Make sure you never,
ever pick up that book.

- Like ever.
- (laughs)

That's a good one.

- How?
- Do exactly what you said.

Go back in time
and undo all this.

Of course!
I've done it before.

- I went to the Middle Ages.
- (echoing) Yeah.

And I can go back in time,
change history,

fix all this,
and you'll be alive again, Pablo.

(tires screeching)

- (horn honking)
- Get in the car!

Okay, I need you
to read this right now.

Absolutely not.

- Too risky.
- Read it.

Ash, even if it works, we could damage
so much more than we can fix.

Hey, guys, can you stop
speaking in code

and tell me what the fuck
you're talking about?

I'll do you one better.
I'll show you.

Ash, you're upset.

You should not
be behind the wheel of a car.

Yes, I'm upset.
Yes, I'm behind the wheel.

Yes, I'm drunk.

And maybe my license
isn't the fancy kind from the DMV,

but at least I'm drunk!

Now, you better read
that spell right now,

or we're all going to meet Pablo!

(tires screeching)

Ash, stop the fucking car.

Just do what he says!
He's thinking even less than usual!

(Ruby chanting in Sumerian)

She's doing it!
Stop the fucking car!

- She's reading it!
- Not until she's done!

Linda, I'm going to
fix everything,

and come back for you!

Hey, if Linda didn't hear that,
could someone please tell her?!

(Ruby chanting continues)

(both yelling)

(music playing)

(Ruby chanting in Sumerian)

(tires screech)

- (all panting)
- (Ash chuckles)

(music playing)

- (indistinct chatter)
- Car wash!

What the actual fuck?

- Welcome to the '80s, kid.
- We're in the '80s?

- (indistinct chatter)
- Kelly: As in the 1980s?

1982. Come on, Kelly.
Keep up.

But... how?

There are infinite timelines,
and always a primary present you,

which remains constant,
but the Necronomicon...

- Boring.
- I'd like the explanation.

Okay, look, if young me
never reads from that book,

then evil will not plague my life,
and Pablo will be alive again.

That's all you have to understand.

- He's right.
- 'Course I am.

Wait a minute.
My dad's around here.

- I got to see the old bird.
- Don't you dare.

That kind of interaction could cause
profound causality paradoxes.

Think about it.
I know the sports scores for 30 years.

- No.
- Jeez.

Okay, so, now that
we've time travelled,

we just go back to the cabin

to snatch the book before
young Ash can read from it.

And that's all we do.
Got it?

I'm just saying this is the year the Lions
got in the playoffs with a losing record.

- We can make some serious scratch.
- Both: No.

- Ash: Wow.
- Wh-where-- where...

- Oh.
- How-how...

(chuckling) Don't worry about it, pal.
Here you go.

That'll help you forget
that you just saw a car

drive through a time portal
from the future.

No, no, I can't drink.
My family has a history...

Come on. One little nip.
Your life will be exactly the same.

Come on.
Let's change history.


♪ Don't stop believin'... I

Come on. Come on.
Out of the way, safety boy!

- (horn honks)
- Whoa!

- Hey!
- ♪ Streetlights ♪

- (laughing)
- ♪ People ♪

♪ Don't stop believin' I

I Hold on ♪

♪ Streetlights ♪

♪ People ♪

I Don't stop ♪


Now, don't you worry,
my little burrito.

You'll be safe in this trunk
while we change history

and bring you back to life.

Kelly, got the letter I wrote?

"Don't panic. It's 1982.
We're in the cabin.

If your..."
No apostrophe.

"...reading this,
you're not dead.

P.S., you were dead."


- All right.
- Dude, how are you smiling?

- Pablo's dead.
- Because this is temporary.

Because I came up with
a sweet plan to get him back?

As sweet as your plan
that got him killed in the first place?

- Hey, that plan worked.
- (gun cocks)

We defeated Baal.

- And this plan's going to...
- (rumbling)




I haven't been to the cabin yet.

- (rustling)
- I haven't read from the book.

- This can't be happening.
- Apparently it can.

(rustling grows louder)







Still got it.


Oh, hell.


My evil mistress in the woods.

This is going to be our last tango.

And this time,

you're going to follow
my lead, biotch.

Okay, book, book, book.
Who's got the...

Wait a minute.

I thought it was here.

(faint growling)

Or did I find it in the cellar...
with Scott?


Oh! Oh, you.

(exhales sharply)
Okay, Ash.

It's just a stupid nail.

Stay focused.

I'm checking you last.

Kelly: Ash!

I swear, he's like a superhero whose
special power is "ruining everything."

As much as it pains me to say it,

he's proven himself
to be inexplicably effective.

I'm guessing that English is your second
or third language next to Sumerian

or she-devil or whatever...

but that's not effectiveness.

It's called dumb luck.


Oh. Oh!

(faint growling)

There's got to be a better way.


Kind of like an evil snake bite.

(yells, grunting)

Too salty.

(stomach growling)


(high-pitched yelling)




(high-pitched laughter)

Get out!


(yelling, grunting)

- (high-pitched laughter)
- (groans)

Time to spice up your life, huh?!

- (high-pitched grunting)
- (sneezing)

You like it hot?!
You like it hot?!

- (high-pitched groaning)
- (kettle whistling)

- (shrieking)
- (high-pitched shrieking)

Soup's on!

- (screaming)
- (high-pitched screaming)

(stomach growling)

(demon screaming)


Fuck you, Ash! Fuck you!

Fuck you, motherfucker!
(laughing maniacally)

Hey, little guy.

How do you like your eggs?


- Yeah.
- (pan clatters)

All right, who's next?!

Who's next?!

Woman: Hello?

Is somebody out there?


Help me!


I'm trapped!


Kelly: Incredible.

We didn't even make it to the cabin

before Ash's brilliant plan
freaked the toaster.

You know once we destroy the book,
you don't have to follow him anymore.

You can forge your own path.

Who says I'm not already forging?

I make my own choices, okay?

I could forge the shit
out of my path, if I wanted to.

- I don't doubt it.
- (twig snaps)

Whoever's following us,
come out now,

or I start spraying!

Let's keep going, huh?


- (door creaks)
- (Ash gasps)


(metallic clanging)

- (metal clinking)
- (woman sobbing)

Who's there?

- Woman: Please. Help.
- Who is that?

Woman: He's chained me up
and he won't let me go.

Who chained you up?

- I said who chained you up?
- My husband.

He's going to kill me.

Oh, Jesus! Henrietta.

- How do I know you?
- We've met before.

Uh, actually, not yet.
Not for you, anyway.

Please let me go.

My husband,
he's found some Book of the Dead.

And I don't know,
it's changed him somehow.

- Where's the book now?
- I have no idea.

I'm chained to the damn wall!
I can help you find it.

Please, let me go,
before he kills us both.

There's a key there on the table.


How dare you.

Hiding inside a little old lady.

- (groans)
- You must take me for a grade-A chump!

What are you doing?

- (screams)
- Listen up, cupcake, I'm from the future.

So all of your Deadite mumbo jumbo
isn't new to me.

You can pop now, you can pop later,
I don't give a rat's ass.

All I care about is that book,

and you're going to tell me
where it is right now!

Ow! Stop!
You're worse than my husband!

- (shrieks)
- (laughs)

I can do this all day, sugar lips.

(car approaching)

- It's him.
- (car doors close)

(door opens)

Welcome to my cabin in the woods.

- It is.
- (door closes)

Woman: It's really nice.

Looks like he's got a hot
little number on the side, too.

Good for him.
I mean, uh, men are such pigs.

He's going to torture her,
just like he tortured me.

Professor Knowby, I can't thank you
enough for the extra credit.

(chuckles) You're a good student.
You deserve it.

Now, your roommates aren't
going to be worried about you

being away for the weekend?

Oh, well, I live alone.

I had a cat, but it just ran away
for absolutely no reason.

So, it's really just me.

More time to focus on your work.


It's just the wind.

Now, before we start
these translations,

there's just something
I need you to help me with.

Please, there's no time.
The key!

No. Not until I know
where that book is. Now spill.

- Unlock me first.
- Not a chance.

He always keeps it with him,
so the book is here now.

Just let me go
and I'll show you!

I'm not whatever you think I am!

(cellar door opens)

Please, don't let him
hurt me again.

Professor Knowby:
Down here.

Woman: Down there?

Gosh, it's cold.

You'll forgive the darkness
and the dirt.

And the cobwebs.

Maybe we should
head back upstairs?

Where there's more... light?

Tanya, I'm sorry.

I fear I may have deceived you.

You're not really here
to help me translate.

What do you mean, Professor?
Wh... why am I here?

For something
much more important.

What the fu...

- Fuck!
- (gasps)

- (Screaming)
" (gasps)


Oh, my dear, I'm so sorry.

- (wailing)
- Does it hurt?

Can I offer you some Ibuprofen?

What?! Yes, it fucking hurts!

- (shrieking)
- (metal creaking)

Truly, I can't apologize enough.

But this really is my only option.

- (crunching)
- (screaming)

Jesus... you were right.

- Guy's a dick.
- And he's going to kill her, too.

We need to stop him.

Why are you doing this?!

I have no choice.

On my last expedition,
I found the Necronomicon.

I became obsessed with its power.

- (wailing)
- It called to me...

overtook me.

Please... he's a monster.

So, I read from the book,
and summoned the Kandarian demon.

It was magnificent.

Unlike anything I've ever seen.

Okay, I got this. Go hide.

(whispers) Okay.

Until it possessed my wife, Henrietta.

That's why she's
chained up down here.

You got to be kidding me.

Nothing else worked.

Maybe I can find a way to get
the demon out of her and into you.

' (Tanya whimpering)
" (gasps)

That lying old witch.

- (Deadite Henrietta cackling)
- (Ash yelling)

- (gasps)
- Oh, no.

You brought us home a third.
How naughty of you!

- (gasps)
- What?

The book,
it's just been opened.

(leaves rustling, creaking)

(both grunting, yelling)

I'm going to stomp you
a new mud hole to suck out your soul!

I should've slapped you harder!


Ruby, help!




' (Pants)
- (yells)

- (screaming)
- (Deadite Henrietta cackling)

That chin of yours
is an easy target!

Now it's my turn, jelly belly.

(cackling continues)

Help me!
Please! Please!

Can you get me out of here?!


Help! Let go!

Stab it in its eye!

The good news is
now I can add "Demonic Tree"

to the list of things that have tried
to murder me since I met Ash.

Could have been worse.
Let's go find him.

- (shrieking)
- Okay! Hey, hey!

Listen to me!
Shouting is not going to loosen the trap.

- You got to stop!
- (panting)

Okay, thank you.

Now, looks like
you're stuck in there pretty good.

Good news is if we have to amputate
to get you out, I'm your guy.

(chuckles) It may not seem like it,
but this is your lucky day.

My name is Ash Williams.
I'm a hero from the future.

I'm here to save the world
from evil... again.

(cackling in distance)

- (ripping)
- (grunting)

I'm Tanya.
I'm a student from Wisconsin.

I was here to help the professor
with his book.

- Stupid Necronomicon!
- (screaming)

- Jeez, I'm sorry.
- (yells)

That thing has been a festering boil
on my ass for most of my adult life.

- (yelling continues)
- But it ends today.

- Believe that.
- (screaming)

(evil cackling)

- (stammering)
- (groaning)

Yep, working on it.

Give me a break, I got one hand!



- Ash, stop!
- I can't!

I can't!

Let go!

I'm stuck!

I'm stuck!

Tanya, stop the Professor!

Don't let him take that book!

Bye-bye, dear.

- (buzzing)
- Let's have some fun!

Why wait?

' Huh?!

(both yell)

You call that fun?


Professor, please!

- I'm sorry, Tanya.
- Please!

I'm not normally like this,
I swear!

Oh, you're a fucking asshole!

(Tanya screaming)

- (engine sputtering)
- (Deadite Henrietta cackling)

He's locked the door!

Knowby, you open
this goddamn door!

- Get back here!
- (evil cackling)

Boo! I see you!

You're both dirty birds.

And I'm going to hurt you

real, real bad.

I Let's get physical, physical ♪

I I wanna get physical I

♪ Let's get into physical I

I Let me hear your body talk I

♪ Your body talk,
let me hear your body talk ♪

I Let's get physical, physical ♪

I I wanna get physical I

♪ Let's get into physical I

I Let me hear your body talk I

♪ Your body talk,
let me hear your body talk ♪

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