Ash vs Evil Dead (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 10 - Second Coming - full transcript

Ash, Ruby, and Kelly battle the past to secure a future where Pablo is alive and the world is safe from evil, but the family from hell has other plans.

- Ash, stop the car!
- (all screaming)

(tires screeching)

- Welcome to the '80s, kid.
- We're in the '80s?

If young me never reads
from that book,

then evil will not plague my life,
and Pablo will be alive again.

I haven't read from the book.
This can't be happening!


Who's there?

My husband,
he's found some Book of the Dead.

Why am I here?
What the... fuck!

So I read from the book,
and summoned the Kandarian Demon.

- (grunts)
' (ripping)

(all screaming)

Stop the Professor!

I'm going to hurt you

real bad.

(crow cawing)

You'll never get the Necronomicon.

Poindexter, you get your ass
over here right now!

Please forgive me!

Oh, my God.
He just left with the book.

No one escapes their destiny, Ash.

- (shotgun cocks)
- Yours is to watch me

suck out your soul!

Make sure you suck both barrels.





(music playing)

Deadite Henrietta: Delicious,
but I couldn't possibly finish!

Tanya: Help me!


- I don't want to die!
- (Deadite Henrietta cackling)

Come on, sweet cheeks.

(wood creaking)

(breathing heavily)
Help me!

Oh, Ruby, it's you.

Oh, great. You got the book.
Good job.

- What's different about you?
- (shrieking)


Deadite Henrietta:
Ah, come here!

- Whoa.
- Who are you?

I'm you... from another time.

What are you doing here?

- I came for that.
- (faint whispering)

And for Ash.
So where is he?

- (growling, clattering in basement)
- Ash!


You're with him?


How about some nice warm milk?

- No!
- From Granny!


No! No!


Prison rules, eh?



Feels so good inside me!

- (ragtime music playing)
- (grunting)

(chuckles) I don't pop my cork
for every man I see!

' (groans)
' (roaring)

I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!

I'll rip your face off!

Stay still!

- Suck on this, bitch!
- (laughing)

Let go my face!
Is that all you got?

- Fuck!
- (grunting)

Get ready, Ash!


- Whoa! Whoa!
- I like it on top!

Nla l
' (Yells) ca ly)

(Deadite Henrietta screaming)

FUCK... you!

- You're some kind of trick.
- No, the opposite.

I'm the key to you getting
everything you ever wanted.

All I ever wanted was this book,
and my...

And your babies.
I know.

(groans, neck cracking)

Okay, well, that old bat
must've really rung my bell good,

'cause I'm seeing
two Ruby's fight now.

One too many.

Wait, this is your opportunity
to choose a new life.

Oh, wait a second.
I know what's going on now.

You're the '80s version of Ruby.

Wow! That is trippy.

Oh, here's a question.

If we all had sex right now,
would it still be a threesome,

'cause technically
you're both the same person?


Okay, well, either way, you should listen
to this Ruby, 'cause your future sucks.

Your demon kids are going to betray
you for their demon dad.

Then they're going to
make you kill 'em.

- What?
- Yeah.

Didn't see that coming, did you?
Trying to help.

- (gasps)
- You kill my babies?

But you don't have to.

Don't you get it? You can walk away
with your immortality intact.

- You can create a new future.
- What would I even do?

Anything, you can do anything.


- Oh!
' No!


Kelly: Ruby!

She won't be down long.

I'll do what I can,
but I want you to get out of here now.

And just leave you here alone to die?!
I don't think so.

No, we just need
to stop this bleeding.

Kelly... stop.

So, Ruby, does this mean I don't have to
pay back the 20 bucks I owe you?

It's 200 bucks.


I was wrong about you.

You're an all right sort of person.

Sort of.

Well, and even though
you unleashed evil on the world,

you didn't get in my way
while I cleaned it up,

so I guess you're an okay half-demon,
half-person yourself.

(faint breathing)


- I'm not dead, you dumb bastard.
- Oh, wow.

That was weird.
You were really still for a minute.

Oh, Kelly... take it.

You know what to do.

And you go and forge that path,
all right?



I'll hold her off as long as I can.

Time to go.


' (Dark R
_ grunts)

- Oh! (groans)
- (creaking)

- What the deuce is going on?
- Ash, what's wrong?

Holy hand!
Kelly, you see this?!

I got a hand! It's real!

It works!
It's magnificent!

Too bad Pablo
couldn't be here to see this.

No, Ash, don't you see
what this means?

We changed history.

It worked!



- Let me out of here!
- (laughing)

Wait a minute.
I was-- What is...

What is...
what is happening?

- What is going on?
- Well, you were dead.

- Uh-huh.
- So, we went back in time,

we changed history,
and now you're back alive.

- Wait, I was dead?
- Oh, yeah.

Sunken eyes, horrible stench,
the whole nine yards.

Welcome back, Pablito.

- Wow.
- Yeah!

Now that is
a firm handshake, Jefe!

Crazy, huh?
Brand-spanking-new hand.

Or, brand-new spanking hand?

Hey, now...

Wait, guys, where's Ruby?

- She didn't make it, man.
- So, what, this other Ruby,

the evil '80s Ruby,
she's just chilling at the cabin?

Our Ruby was going to hold her off
for as long as she could, until...

Can we change the subject
to something less depressing?

Like, Pablo, maybe tell us
more about the time you died?

Oh, yeah.

It almost feels like
it happened to another me,

but this me still knows about it.

And in that moment,
right before I died,

all I could think about was
how I wanted to save the world,

and be a hero, like you.

Well, you'll never really be like me,
'cause I'm a legal citizen,

but you did help save the world.

I hate to be a buzzkill,

but we kind of need
to get back to the future.

Without Ruby's help.

Kelly, book me.

Pablo, you think because
that book was inside you,

some Sumerian rubbed off?

Like enough to read from
the time travel passage in there?

Don't you worry, Jefe.

- I got this.
- (laughs)

- I knew you could do it.
- Oh, yeah. I can do it, all right.

Just don't know if I want to.


I said, "I don't want to."

Hey, whoa, whoa!

- Whoa, whoa!
- (screaming)


(brakes squeal)

- Bill!
- You fuck!


- Whoa!
- (laughing)


(thunder rumbling)

(snarling, growling)

(whispers) Ash?


Are we back in Jacksonville?

(Dark Ruby chanting
in foreign language)



Look who's awake.

(Spawn growling)

You mind telling me
what the Flying Dutchman is going on?

We're course correcting,
rebuilding the family you tore apart.

See, this era's Ruby
hasn't been exposed to you

like the recently departed Ruby was.

Hasn't betrayed me.

Well, that's good.

You found yourself a keeper.

- Now, where the hell is my Pablo?
- Oh, it's hard to say.

See, most cultures have
different names for the netherworld.

The Aztecs called it Mictlan.
The Greeks, the Tartarus.

You call it hell.

None of it's correct,
but your tiny little minds

cannot comprehend
the reality of the dimension

that your friend
now finds himself in.

- (shouting in Sumerian)
- You know, you almost had me.

You really blocked off
all my options.

Well, most of them, anyway.

And it's not ideal
being inside a dead body,

but it's not
an insurmountable challenge.

- (cat screeching)
- Especially when all I had to do

was convince the one man
foolish enough to swallow my chicanery

if he went back in time,
he could resurrect his dead little friend.

You flim-flamming S.O.B.

You played me like a cheap fiddle.

Oh, don't be so sore, Ash.

There's no way you could've known.

See, my transference
was one of those...

blink and you'll miss it moments.

(yelling in Sumerian, wailing)


- Heard it all before, pal.
- That so?

Yeah, demon powers, immortality,
jumping into people's bodies.

I'm not impressed by that.

Now, you strip that away,
give us a fair fight,

- I'll bet I would kick your candy ass.
- Ignore him.

Come on, buddy.
What do you say?

A little mano a mano?
Test the mettle of man?

That's what this is all about, right?

I'm willing to throw in.

But... and this is
a big, hairy but...

you got to turn off
your demon powers.

This has to be a fair fight.

What do you hope
to achieve by this?

If I win, you, Ruby,
your worthless kids,

and all the other evil crap here
takes a freight train to the underworld,

and I get my buddy Pablo back.

Dark Ruby: And what do we get
when you lose?

I don't know, toots.
What do you want?

I want to rip the skies open
until they bleed.

And the flood
to flush away humanity,

and the Earth to burn
so that the flames touch the heavens.

Is that it?

And then I want my spawn
to eat her.

- (gasps)
' (snarling)

Ah, apocalypse,
and a side of Kelly for the kids.

Okay, I accept.

Wow, really, dude?

- The Necronomicon.
- What?


Ash, do you really think

you can trust this piece of shit
to keep his word?

How the hell should I know?
I'm making this up.

Hey! Easy, man!
It's a brand-new hand!

You defeat me,
we accept exile from this realm...

and your friend
shall be returned.

Okay, you defeat me,

I guess all kinds of bad crap's
going to happen for a long time.

Got it.

- (thunder rumbling)
- (Necronomicon growling)

(chanting in Sumerian)

A promise sealed with blood.

There's no stronger bond.

Put your dancing shoes on.

Let's do this.

Too quick for you, huh?

Oh! Come on, Bill.
The idea is to actually hit me.

- (grunts)
' (groaning)


(Baal yelling)

- Look at them.
- (Ash and Ball yelling)

Slaves to pride.

Willing to risk everything for vanity
while using us as bargaining chips.

- Baal: Come on!
- Me to be banished,

and you to be defiled
and devoured.

I never heard anything
about being defiled.

It was implied, trust me.

They've shown us
just how little they think we matter.

- (glass shatters in distance)
- (Ash and Baal continue grunting)

What are you doing?

I'm not going to risk everything
for a contest of egos.

I'm going to alter the deal.

- (gasps)
' (Snarls)

You feel that?
That's what mortals call "pain"!

Get on board, 'cause the pain train
is stopping in Bill Ville!

(laughing maniacally)
You fight like a girl!


What are you doing with Ash?

'Cause you're stronger than him.

Why be a follower
when you could be a leader?

Kelly, you're stronger than Ash.

Why follow
when you should lead?

You join with me, and I'll give you powers
you couldn't possibly imagine.

- I'd rather die!
- (thunder rumbling)

- (grunts)
- (growling)


Don't be foolish.

You can't win.

- No, no, no!
- (gasps) Chet!

_ Ash'-
_ Hey '

- Mm.
- Oh!


Oh! Oh!

You are stuck in there real good!

A real friend
would give you a hand.

Of course...

You did let Cheryl kill me,
so guess you're not a real friend.

- (knuckles crack)
- ♪ Dah, dah, dah, dah I

Ow, ow!

Chet! Stop that!


Oh, well, I guess I'll have to take
your hand,buddy.

- (revving)
- What's that?

What do you think you're do...
Oh, no!


- Be still!
- No!

- (yells)
- (Chet laughing maniacally)


Oh, gross, man!

Oh! Oh, my virgin hand!

It hasn't even held a beer!

You get back here right now!

(high-pitched voice)
Take that!

Chet: Gross!

- (laughs)
- (breathing heavily)

We never finished our game, Ashy.


- (Spawn snarling)
- (grunts)

Do you really want to die here
with Ash Williams, orjoin with me?

There's one thing
I learned from Ash--

shoot first,
ask questions never.




You could've had it all.

(buzzing grows louder)

Hiding in the skins of people.

That's a punk move!

You said you wouldn't
use any powers!

(revving continues)

- (revving stops) _
- (footsteps approachmg)

- (shrieks)
- (screams)

- (electricity buzzing)
- Oh!

(cackling in distance)

Brock: Ashley?


Ashley, where are we?

You are not my father.

Oh, yes, son.
It-it's really me.

There's no time to explain,
but listen carefully.

It's vital that you know the truth.

I should've told you years ago,
but you weren't ready.

You are now.

You see, you and I...

You leave my dad out of this!

- (glass shatters)
- Ashley, you idiot!

- Stop it!
- Sorry, I don't come with brakes!

- Listen to me.
- Shut up.


Tell it to somebody who cares!

- Ashley, you are...
- Save your breath, buddy!

You're going to need it!

- Game... over!
- (thunder rumbling)

Savior of humanity...

couldn't even save the ones
dearest to you.

Did you really think
I was going to honor the deal?

Brock's voice:
Take the chainsaw, son.

Humans are so gullible.


Oh, nice move... for a cheater!

I'm sorry, Kelly.

I was wrong to bring us here.

I failed you.

I failed Pablo.

I failed the world.

We won a fuck ton more
than we lost, Ash.


That's not failure.

Baal: I disagree.

Prophesized one will die
by my hand.

Humanity will bow to evil
once more.

And by every definition...

that spells failure.



You did it. You won.

Now, I'm not afraid of dying.

But before I go,
I got to know one thing.

What is it?

What was she like in the sack?

- (Baal scoffs)
- (Ash yelling)

- (both gasping)
- (shrieking)

You immortals are so gullible!


(spawn shrieking)

What have you done?!

Honored the deal!



(Necronomicon chanting)

- Ash!
- That's our cue.


No, no!




- (rustling)
" (gasps)



- What happened?
- Well, Pablo, you died.

But you died saving the world.

Wait... am I dead right now?

What? No, that's crazy!

We went back in time to the '80s
and we saved you.

Oh, okay. Cool.

- Thanks, Jefe.
- You're welcome, Bill.

Come on now!

- Let's do it!
- What the fuck is wrong with you?!

I save the world
and you punch me in the face?

I'm sorry, Pablo.

Just had to be sure.
It was one of those days.

Come on!
Now give it up!


- Give me an "A"!
- Cheerleaders: "A"!

- Give me an "S"!
- Cheerleaders: "S"!

- Give me an "H"!
- Cheerleaders: "H"!

- Cheerleader: What's that spell?
- All: Ash!

- (cheering)
- (band continues)

Ash Williams!


Now, Elk Grove,

let's welcome our hero,
Ashley J. Williams!

(crowd cheering)

- Ash, everyone's waiting for you.
- Oh.

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Thank you,
good people of Elk Grove.

You know, uh...

30 years ago,

I was a pariah in this town.

- Man: Yeah, you were!
- I was kicked out.


for allegedly doing something
unspeakable to my friends and family.

So, as you can imagine,
when I came back here,

I was afraid you wouldn't listen
to the real truth.

Which is I'm just a total badass hero,
not a serial killer.


(clears throat)

all my worst fears came true.

You were still complete assholes,

you called me horrible names,

and you were basically
responsible for the deaths

of my best friend and my father.

- (murmuring)
- (baby crying)


But I'm glad
that we're past that now.

Today is a new day,
and I want you to know...

- I love this town.
- (cheering)

So much so, I'm moving back here,
and this time it's for good!

- (cheering)
- Yeah! That's right!

Evil, if you show
your ugly mug in this town

ever again...

I will fuck you up,

I will take you down,
and I will wipe you out!

- (cheering)
- Yeah.

I love you, Elk Grove!

- (crowd chanting "Ash")
- I love you, Ash!

- Hey, I love me, too!
- (band playing)

Let's party!

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Wow, it's just that...

all of this... it's so perfect.

I mean,
I-l never expected any of this.

Well, you deserve this, Ash.

You've done your part.

Now you can live a normal life.

It's time you relax
and do whatever you want.

Whatever I want?

Ooh, I want some sugar!


(music playing)

(music slows down)

(wind blowing)

(fly buzzing)

Hey, look what I found!

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