Ash vs Evil Dead (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 3 - Books from Beyond - full transcript

A mysterious woman finds the destruction at Kelly's parents' farm. Meanwhile, Ash, Pablo and Kelly continue their quest with the Necronomicon and Fisher finds herself in another terrifying, inexplicable situation.


( screams )

what you think you saw

is exactly what you saw.

I get that you
wanna save your dad.

- ( Screams )
- Ooh!

( Groans )

Mom, please.

( Screaming )

( laughs )

( thunder crashes )

I hate whatever did this.

Kelly, if you really hate
what did this,

you should come with us.

We have to get that book translated

and find the phrase that'll
put the lid back on all this bullshit.

Yeah, hi. I came in there
many years ago.

We chatted about a particular book.

Can I have a look at that?

Are you the one behind all this?

( Music playing )

( music continues )

( creaking )

( creaking )

( gasps, grunting )

(growling )

Ash was here, wasn't he?

( Spits ) Go to hell,
then we'll talk.

I think we'll talk here.

- ( Choking )
- Mm, Ash was here.

- Did he have the book with him?
- Oh, questions, questions.

Can't we have some quiet time?

Ah! Ow!
Stop it, you annoying bitch!

Ow! Fuck off!

Answer me.

All your time spent
searching for the book.

You haven't learned a thing.
(wheezing, laughing )

I've learned you can always
make things more painful.

- Yeah, you like that?
- No.

Please. No, no.

No, no.


Okay, now, the guy
who runs this place

is kind of an odd duck,

so no eye contact,
no conversations.

Book me, Pablo.

( Squawks )

Are you sure that he can read it?

Yeah, he said he could.

But, you know,
that was years ago.

First time I came here I was looking
for an authentic Viking helmet.

I was banging this freaky chick
who got me way into role-playing...

I don't wanna hear this.

Anyway, I told him about the book,
and he freaked out.

He said he can translate it.
No problemo.

I'm happy that we're sending evil
back where it came from,

that's for sure,
but it makes me a little sad

that we're already
breaking up the team.

Hey. I was toying
with a nickname for us.

"The Ghost Beaters."

That is so fucking bad.

Yeah, buddy, I gotta tell ya

that's probably the worst thing
I've ever heard.

But look, it doesn't matter.

At heart, me,
I'm an alone wolf.

- "A lone wolf."
- Exactly.

Doesn't it ever get old?

Being alone?
Nobody to help you.

No... of course not.

All right, look,
if I get this done quick enough,

we might have time
to stop for churros.

Now, look, that's not
a racist thing, Pablo.

That's just a great dessert.

Okay. You know
I'm not Mexican, right?

That's the spirit.
Sit tight and watch the wheels.

Back in a jiff.

(whistles )

( eerie whispering )


( Rings bell )

Anybody home?

A guy with a very special book.

to save the world with it.

( Clanking )

( footsteps )

Ah, there you are.

How're you doing, man?
Good to see you again.

Uh, sorry. I was just, uh,

tending to some-- some legal matters
beyond my control.

- May I help you, sir?
- I'd rather get help from her.

Thank you for your assistance,
Mr. Hawkins.

I'll be in touch.

(whistles )

Oh, yeah.

( Low groaning, whispering )

Hey, it's Fisher.
I need you to send me that sketch.

From the trailer park murders?

Well, Boyle doesn't
have to know that I asked.

Oh, my God. Lee, please,
just help a girl out.

Thank you.
I'll buy you a beer.

Come on.

Lee, come on, come on.

Come on.

- It's real.
- You think?

All my work,
all-- all my study--

this book proves
that my life has meaning.

Well, great.

Can you, uh, crack open
the undo spell?

It's probably somewhere
near the back.

- May I open it?
- That's why we're here, bucko.

Ash: Kinda looks
like a face, doesn't it?

Ever wonder why?

Because it's, uh--
it's bound in human flesh.

- That's right.
- Yeah.

( Rattling )

( tires squeal )

Hey, how you feelin'?

Pretty bad.

Oh, but, hey, I think
I found the silver lining, though.

It's you.

You're like the little brother
I never had.

Brother? Really?

- Mm.
- Nah.

That's how much I trust you.

Yeah, sure, trust is great,
but, you know, maybe I'm a bad boy

who can't be trusted.


Who-- who's that?

Yo, that woman just
took a gun out of her car.

Is there any world

where this doesn't have
something to do with Ash?

It's-- it's beautiful.

Okay, let's get moving
with the whole process here.

- What do you say?
- Uh, sure.

Get on your knees!
Hands behind your head.

I know who you are.

Uh, lady, I think you're confused.

Detective Fisher,
state police.

Did she say she was a cop?

Oh, shit.
I just knocked out a cop.

It was self-defense.

( Handcuffs ratchet)

Okay, so, Lionel, you're gonna
be cool about this, right?

You wouldn't wanna jeopardize
your life's work just 'cause

there's an unconscious cop
in your store, right?

- I mean, you get that.
- I do.

You do?

Kelly, come on, he's cool.
Let's not poke at it.

Pablo, you and me
and Professor Know-it-all,

we're gonna rid the earth of evil.

Kelly, can you stay here and watch
our friend in case she wakes up?

Oh, sure. I'll just sit here
with the police officer we tied up

and rethink
my recent life choices.

Thanks for understanding.

Okay, so how's it coming
with the old undo button?

- ( Buzzing )
- ( eerie whispering )

That tends to happen
when you open the book.

Do you even know
what you possess here?

Well, of course.
I mean, obviously, I do,

but, uh, you might
wanna share it with Pablo.

This book is a gateway to hell,

a way to summon forces of evil
into our earthly realm.

Yep, that's exactly
what I thought.

Please, continue.

You see, in ancient times, there was
a group known as the "Dark Ones,"

neither demon nor fully human.

They created this book
as a weapon against humanity.

These pages were cut
from the bodies of the damned,

upon which the Dark Ones
inked their passages in human blood.

Passages that contained the power
to create portals

connecting our world
to the underworld, where evil resides.

The Dark Ones used this book
to hold power over all mankind.

So the book is
the source of evil?

No, no.
No, not-- not the source.

More of a-- a passageway.

The book itself is harmless,

unless wielded by someone
either very evil or very stupid.

Okay, okay.
Let's say some cool guy,

uh, reads from this book
by mistake

and summons something
from way back,

and now he just wants
to put it back, no harm, no foul?

There-- there is something,
uh, about a reversal.

It's a little difficult to decipher,

but, uh...
the annulment lies

in the origin of man-- no.

Inside. Inside the origin
of the man.

So the undo button is inside me?

- Maybe.
- Maybe?

Well, uh, I'm dealing with
a defunct ancient language here.

Sounds like a lot of yappenin'
and not a lot of happenin'.

I wish we could just
summon an answer.

( Chuckling )

Wait a minute,

you smooth,
brown Einstein, that's it.

We summon something
from the book

that can tell us
how to undo all this.

Uh, yeah, no.
That's not what I was saying.

Lionel, find me
the weakest demon in that book.

What the fuck?

Get me out of these
fucking handcuffs right now!

Sorry, not happening.

I'm a fucking cop.

Okay, um, put the gun down.

You don't understand
what kind of trouble you're in.

- I don't care.
- You will.

You don't wanna be
on the wrong side of this thing.

Whatever's going down here,

I am already
on the wrong side of it,

so no turning back now.

That guy that you're with,

I have reason to believe
that he's behind a lot of bad things.

You're wrong.

Oh, really? I'm wrong?

Well, then, ask yourself--

what do you really
know about him?

So why are you doing this?

I'm creating a space
for the summoning,

a connection
between our world and theirs.

Please, hand me the incense.


Watch the circle. Okay.

( Speaking foreign language )

Guys, this is bad.

No. No,
it's-- it's perfectly safe.

Just don't break the circle
and the demon remains contained.

Um, but reading
from the book

is what caused all this trouble
to begin with, so--

Yeah, that's true.

But reading from it again
can't make things any worse.

It's kind of like spilling paint
on a painting.

It's okay 'cause there's
already paint on it.

That is incorrect.

Look, you heard
what the guy said--

the demon stays in the circle,
there's no danger.

Okay. Hey, will you tell him
that we shouldn't be doing this?

I've been waiting my entire life
to commune with the darkness.

He loves it.

Look, Pablo,
we're just gonna summon

a teeny-tiny demon,
like a mouse demon.

Let's get Kelly in here
so we can take a team vote on it.

Listen to me.
Every time I've faced evil,

it had the jump on me.

Now we know exactly where it is,
and I'm ready.

We call the shots in here.

Now, come on, Pablo,

you wanna be
a Ghost Beater or not?

- Okay-
- Okay-

- I'm in.
- You're in.


Lionel, you find
a wimpy demon yet?

Uh, nothing that says wimpy,

but I have found a minor demon
named "Eligos,"

possesses knowledge
of hidden things,

a demon of the mindscape.

Well, perfect.
Sounds like a total nerd.

It says he preys on
the spiritually and emotionally weak.

Well, he can do that
on his own time.

Okay, get him out.
Let's chat.

( Speaking foreign language )

( eerie whispering )

( foreign language continues )

Listen to me.

Everywhere your friend goes,
people get killed.

I told you
to stop talking to me.

Now, shut the fuck up.

Would you be committing a felony

in a creepy-ass bookstore
if it weren't for him?

I'd be dead if it
weren't for him! Okay?

Do you even know
what we're dealing with here?

People turning into
fucking monsters.

I know.

I had the same partner
for 10 years.

A few days ago,
I put a bullet in his head.

Same thing happened to, uh--

to someone close
to me, too, okay?

But the guy that
you're trying to pin it on

could've left me alone
to die with her, and he didn't.

Listen, if you guys
are fighting these things,

then we're on the same side.

( Speaking foreign language )

(glass clinking, rattling)

( speaking foreign language )

- ( glass shatters )
- ( both gasp )

( both gasp)

( continues speaking
foreign language )

( speaking foreign language )

(thunder rumbling )

What the hell's
going on out there?

I have no idea.

I thought they
were supposed to be fixing it.

It doesn't look like fixing.

( Both yell )

( speaking foreign language )

- ls this normal?
- I have no idea.

( Foreign language continues )

- ( squeals )
- Oh, shit!

- Oh, shit!
- ( squealing)

Get away!

( Screams )

Look, I can help your friends,

but not if I'm linked up like this.

- Let me go.
- I can't.

I promise you I won't hurt them.

They're in trouble.

( Low whispering )

( continues speaking
foreign language )

- ( screams )
- Oh, God!

(whispering continues )

( Eligos whispering )

( roaring )

Oh, shit!

Ta shinaar.

- ( Growling )
- My God.

Don't break the circle!

Whatever you do,
do not break the circle!

Why have you
summoned me, Ashley?

Okay, uh, first off...

you don't look anything
like your photo,

so you might
want to update that.

Uh, secondly, I gotta take
whatever I summoned

and put it
back into the bottle,

so how do I do that?

Release me and I'll tell you.

Nice try, asshole.

Give me some info I can use.

Die quickly.
This is my only advice.

Okay, that was a really bad idea
summoning this guy, Pablo.

All right, talk now.
Last chance.

(growling )

Hey, Lionel, send this
know-nothing waste of time

back where it came from.



Nobody move!

And what the fuck
is that thing?

Come on, lady, you ruined my day
twice already with this bullshit.

Put the weapon down
or I will shoot you.

Well, as you can see,
we're just a little busy here.



Oh, shit.

( Screams )
Lionel, send it back!


( Lionel chanting )

( screaming )

Hey. egg head!


What the fuck?

( Groans )

( Eligos growling )

Kelly, come here.

Stay down!

What's going on?
What is that thing?

Ash summoned a demon.

He did what?

( Speaking foreign language )


- Lionel, hurry up!
- I am trying!


- Fuck!
- We have to do something!

We have to get to that book.

That won't help!
No one else can read it!

Hey, what--
what are you doing?

( Screaming )


- Nice shooting, Tex-Mex.
- Anytime, jefe.

Humanity's time
is at an end.

- ( Heartbeat pumping )
- Go back to hell!


( groans )

Well, that sucked pretty hard.

You guys okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

Yeah, I think so.

All right, grab the book
and get to the Delta.

Maybe now you'll
let me explain myself

instead of pointing
your gun at me.

Okay, here's my story--

Ah, come on.


Well, that demon thing
did not fight fair.

It was like he was in my head.

Um, what did you do
with the cop?

- Wait, did you kill her?
- No, Jesus. I cuffed her to a table.

I lost my pal Woody in the process,

but, hey, if you want to
let her out again, knock yourself out.

She fucking lied to me, all right?
She said she would help.

Well, then, you two learned
a very important lesson today.

Cops don't help.
We should go before more show up.

Honestly, I don't think
you should be giving me shit right now.

Why would you
summon that thing anyway?

So that we can learn
how to unsummon everything else.

Come on, Kelly, keep up.
Although we're kinda boned there, too.

The only useful thing
I learned in there

was that the answer might be...
inside me?

Whatever the hell that means.

Look inside yourself
for the answer?

Oh, sure, now that I gave you
all the clues, it's obvious.

Easier said than done, sister.

I think I know someone
who can help us.

My uncle, he's a "brujo,"
a shaman.

Wait, you're related
to a witch doctor?

Kinda, yeah.

Um, but I haven't talked to him
in a really long time.

I do not think Brujo
would be happy to see me.

I'll just take him
a couple of Miller Tall Boys--

boom, problem solved.

Pablo, come on, this is bigger
than your uncle issues.

Okay, all right.

All right, point the way.
We gotta vamanos.

We? I thought you
were an alone wolf.

Not anymore.

I wouldn't be alive right now
if it wasn't for my pack.

I think we should
run together for a while.

Pablo, music.

♪ I'll stick it deep inside ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm loose ♪

♪ Hey... ♪


( Sighs )

( rustling )

(growling )

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ I took a record
of pretty music ♪

♪ I went down
and, baby, you can tell ♪

♪ I took a record
of pretty music ♪

♪ Now I'm putting it to you
straight from hell ♪

♪ I stick it deep inside ♪

♪ I stick it deep inside ♪

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ Well, I'm loose ♪

♪ Well, I'm loose ♪

♪ Well, I'm loose. ♪