Arrow (2012–…): Season 8, Episode 4 - Present Tense - full transcript

When a mysterious new Deathstroke appears in Star City, Oliver and Team Arrow insist on taking down this villain themselves. Meanwhile reeling from the loss of one of their own, the future ...

My name is Oliver Queen.

For 7 years, I have fought
with only one goal...

to save my city,

but now a new threat
has emerged,

a danger so severe,
it has forced me

to leave my family
in order to face it,

and it won't be enough for me
to Just be the green arrow.

To prevent the crisis
that's coming,

I am going to have to become
someone else.

I am going to have
to become... something else.

Previously on "ARROW"...

Earth-2 is... gone.

The destruction
of that Earth was

a necessary sacrifice.

Mar novu is not trying to
prevent what's going to happen

because he's gonna be
what causes it.

John diggle is
my adoptive father.

- Thanks, mr. diggles.
- Call me dig.

We have to take out
the deathstrokes.


MIA: Zoe!



MIA: dad?

WILLIAM: oh, my god. dad!

W-william? william?





Well, you're so young.


What is this?
How did we get here?

I... I don't know.

Those are my kids.

DINAH: your kids.

Are you... are you ok?

H-how is this real?

RENE: good question.
The last time I checked,

you didn't have an adult
daughter or any daughter.

We had a daughter...

and we named her mia.

Felicity gave birth a few
months after we left star city.

How? I... I didn't even
know she was pregnant.

OLIVER: we didn't tell anyone.

We wanted to keep her
off the grid

to protect her.

That was only a few months ago.

This is novu.

You called me dad.

You adopted me.

Remember? it's connor.

No. no. I... I... I haven't.

He hasn't because he hasn't yet.

Look. what are you
talking about?

I think we're in the past.

- That is insane.
- Look at this place.

It's new, and them!

No gray hair, no wrinkles,

and we are staring
at our dad alive

instead of at his tombstone.

I'm sorry. what year is this?

2-2... uh, it's 2019.

What year is it supposed to be?


JOHN: wait. so an hour ago, I was Just
with ben turner's 6-year-old child,

and now he's an adult,
and now I'm his father?

At least you didn't throw
up like you usually do.

Just saying.

I'm genuinely sorry
that both of you

found out this way,

about mia, about the monitor.

Felicity and I wanted
to tell you.

Oliver, as far as excuses go,

a cosmic being asking you
to sacrifice your life

to save the entire universe
is a... pretty good one.

Look. those kids have 20
years of stuff we don't know.

When are we gonna be able
to ask them what happens?

I think we should give
them their space,

and when they're ready,
they'll open up.

Ok. laurel's on her
way to star city.

DINAH: I can't believe her
entire Earth is Just gone.

I don't understand.
Why didn't the monitor bring her here?

Or grown-up JJ or Zoe?

What game is he playing?

I don't know,

but we have to stop him.

How do we stop a god?

I'm working on it.

Ok. how did this happen?
This can't be real.

Well, it is.

Hey. are you ok?

I'm fine. yeah.
Just please tell me

that you were able to get JJ.

I had him,
and I was gonna... kill him,

and the next thing I know,
I'm... i'm here.

So he's still out there.

You mean, out there
20 years in the future

unless you're talking
about the current JJ,

who'd be, like, what, 5?

And you're not gonna thwick him.


No, I'm not, ok?

How does this
even work, all right?

Because my dad doesn't
even know who I am,

and if he finds out
about JJ, what he did,

what I... what I almost did,

he won't want to.

So don't tell him.

Don't tell anyone anything.

- Are you serious?
- She's right.

This is original team
arrow we're talking about.

They are gonna know
something's up.

Do you want to tell
rene his daughter's dead

or tell John that his
son's the one who did it?

What's done is done.

What's done is done.

WILLIAM: wow. this place
looks exactly like it did

when I was 13,

which makes sense because
I guess I still am.

Sorry about the boxes.

Felicity and I left
pretty suddenly

to get to the cabin,

and we had planned to

come back here with both
of you at some point.

Yeah. that, um,
didn't really work out.

Because I died?

We don't know exactly.

You Just sort of disappeared.

So did, uh... looks
like the two of you

got a chance to... to
grow up with each other.

Um... actually, um, mia and I

Just found out
about each other recently.

I never saw felicity growing up,

and... and after I left here,

I never saw you again.

Yeah. after you died,
it was, um,

Just me and mom at the cabin.

I'm sorry that I wasn't
there for the two of you.

However, we are here now.

Um, why don't we sit down,

and you guys can catch
me up to speed or...

on 20 years?

It doesn't really work that way.

Even if it did,
I'm Just... i'm tired.

I want to sleep,
and I... you know?

Yep. well,
the bedroom is right there.

Just please make
yourself at home, ok?

Yeah. sure.


This is gonna be... interesting.

Who are you calling?

Felicity. she needs to know that

the two of you are back.

- You can't.
- Why?

Look. I'm not exactly how sure
this time travel thing works.

Maybe we shouldn't...
bring mom into this

until we have
a better understanding

of what... this is.

That's a good point.

William, tell me something good

about the future, please.

Well... you know
those computer proJects

that I would work on in my room

when I wasn't talking to you?

- Yeah.
- I turned that teen angst

into a multibillion-dollar
tech empire.

- What?
- Kind of a mogul.

That's phenomenal. that's, um...

I get the feeling
I'm gonna be really...

really, really proud
of how you turned out.

Yeah. well, um...
i didn't Just turn out.

Um... there's something
I should tell you.

I'm gay.

Yeah, buddy. I know.

- You know?
- Yeah.

Felicity and I knew,

and we Just, um...

well, we hoped that
you were gonna

come out to us when
you were comfortable.

You clearly didn't
get that chance,

and that's on me,
so... i'm sorry.

Dad, we all have the chance
to get to know each other now.

If your sister will let me.

Mia will come around.

You know, she can be a little
bit... a little bit stubborn

and... hard to reach sometimes.

Shocker. where'd she
get that from?

- Mom, I guess.
- Ha ha ha...

my husband needs help.

Um, did you check in
at the desk?

We're donors here.

Hold this.


I'm Just gonna have a look.


run! bomb!


BETHANY SNOW: starling general
was attacked last night

after a bomb was found
inside archroyal capital ceo

macmillan fairfield.

Authorities believe
the infamous terrorist

deathstroke orchestrated
the attack.

Please tell me the city's
better in the future.

Yeah, yeah, definitely.

- You think this is slade?
- No. no, no.

I have a.r.g.u.s. keeping tabs.

He's currently in buredunia,

which is nowhere near star city.

Neither is his son,
kane wolfman.

So this is someone new?

Yep. someone has co-opted
the deathstroke mask,

and they're using it
to terroriZe the city.

We need motive.

Well, the vic is some
rich wall street type,

well, the vic is some
rich wall street type,

and those guys are easy to hate.

We're not all bad.

- He's a billionaire.
- Say what?!

Please tell me Zoe is, too.
How is Zoe?

I mean, are you guys
still friends?

Yeah. she's... you'd be proud.

CURTIS: heh. hello, bunker!

Oh, it feels so good to be back. wait.
Are those the kids from the future?

Those are definitely
the kids from the future!

Oh, my god, and excuse me.
When were you gonna tell me

about this, councilman ramireZ?
This is so cool.

I may have had
coffee on the plane,

and by "may have," I mean
I definitely did have it.

It's candidate ramireZ.
We don't know if I win yet.

Uh, did you miss the part where
these kids are from the future?

Ok. rene, if you really want to
know, you become mayor.

Seriously? hoo hoo hoo!

Oh, that's a text from d.

I will let her know about slade

and gloat that I'm
gonna be her boss.

MIA: uh, william, we should,
uh, go, let them work.

CURTIS: wait.
But I Just got here,

and I have so many questions,

starting with why did nobody
say anything about my beard?

It's good to see you, curtis.
Your beard looks tremendous, ok?

I mean, work or otherwise,
I'd like you to stay.

MIA: yeah. no. I Just, um... i'd
rather see the city than the bunker.

Let's go.

CURTIS: I can't believe that's your
son, that's william.

I can, however, definitely believe
that that is your daughter.

- Ok.
- Yeah.

Speaking of which,
I'm a little upset

you didn't tell me about
her, but that's ok.

I forgive you.
So why'd you call in the big guns?

- You know Earth-2?
- Yeah.

Well, yeah. it was destroyed
by a wave of energy.

This fabric was clipped by it,
and I would like you

to try and help me
figure out what it is.

I can track down some equipment.

It might... take a bit.

The reason why I would help.

It's a wave of energy that's
powerful enough to destroy a planet,

so it's probably powerful
enough to stop a god,

which is... what we're
doing now.

God. you said god.
Um, so the fate

of the universe is in my hands.

Cool, cool, cool. yeah.
You guys... I got it. ahem.

Hey. lyla is still off the grid,

but she'll be very happy
to see you.

You know, we always wanted
a brother for JJ.

- You and he close?
- Yeah. best friends.

Glad to hear that.

I didn't know this was
bring your kid to work day.

Eh. thought I might
be able to help.

Connor was an agent at an
organiZation called knightwatch.

It makes a.r.g.u.s.
look like a kindergarten class.

The canaries are
comparable, though.


Forget it. what do you got?

Uh, found this on the vic,

what was left of him.

May I?


I've seen this before.

A, um, terrorist organiZation,

they use these
to deliver messages.

Do you have a black light?

Yeah, but we ran the inks on it already.
Nothing turned up.

That is because you
checked it dry.

Whoa. ok. so that's our motive.

That's good work, connor.

Is there something else
you recogniZe?

No. uh, that's it.


and that is mia,
so I should probably...

go. go, go, go.
I'll catch up with you later.

WILLIAM: it can't really
be JJ, can it?

Look. this all started
the night we got here.

Maybe JJ came back, too.

What, and the first thing he
decides to do is blow something up?

It doesn't make any sense.

It does if you know my brother.

"Star city's cancer
is the rich"...

it's JJ's favorite catchphrase.

Ok. we should tell dad
and the team.

Not a chance.
This is our mess to clean up.

But we could use their help.

I mean, maybe if JJ
sees John, then...

look. he won't care.

JJ will kill dad
if he gets in his way.

This is on us.

It's on us to avenge Zoe.

Well, then first,
we need to find him.

All right. you know him best.

You know the deathstrokes.

Where would he go?

Where it all began.

Are you sure this is the place?

20 years from now, this
place is galaxy one,

but 2019, it's where
the deathstrokes started.

Oh. I am getting
a case of deJa vu

in the worst possible way.

You stay out of sight.

Connor and I got this.

WILLIAM: you what?

He's dead.

Something's not right.


don't move...

or we all go boom.



Oh, crap.

CONNOR: why did you do it, JJ?

Why did you kill her?

Damn it, JJ! answer me!

Damn it, JJ! answer me!

Who the hell is JJ?




Evac now!

Oh, great. looks like
we made it back

Just in time to walk
into a bomb trap.


- how'd you find us?
- Later. we have to move.

Might be a bit of a problem.

Buy us a few seconds.

On my mark.

3... 2... 1...





well, at least we didn't die.

It's a good thing we
were tracking the victim,

or you would have been in
worse shape than that drive.

At least it's still
in one piece.

Maybe I can recover the data.

Maybe you can explain to all
of us what you were doing there

with no backup.

MIA: we can take care
of ourselves.

That's not the point, mia.

JOHN: what were you looking for?

CONNOR: in the future,
that building is

the deathstroke home base.

The leader's grant wilson.

Slade's other son.
Surprise, surprise.

Were you ever planning
on sharing that information

with the rest of the class?

- No.
- Clearly your daughter.

DINAH: so if you knew
it was grant,

then why did you call him JJ?

I heard you yell his name.

What's going on here?

She doesn't know what
she's talking about.

Then you tell me, connor!

We came back,

so we thought maybe JJ did, too.

That's why we didn't tell
you about the deathstrokes.

Connor, I don't understand
what you're talking about.

In the future, grant
trains a new leader,

someone who eventually
takes over the deathstrokes.

It's JJ.

You told me JJ was fine!

Dad, I'm sorry.

- There's something else.
- William.

Look. they have a right to know,

and I'm done holding onto this.

Future star city
is a terrible place.

It's run by gangs,
the cops are corrupt,

politicians, too.

Does that include me?

WILLIAM: we were
trying to save it,

but that meant stopping JJ,

and that's what we were doing
right before we came here.

We... we thought we could, but...

Zoe was with mia, and...

and what?

JJ killed her.

WILLIAM: I'm so sorry, rene.

Rene! rene, stop, man.
Let's talk!

Talk about what, huh?

About how your son
killed my daughter?

Look, man. I know
you're angry, ok?

I'm shook, too.
My son's a murderer, rene,

a murderer,

but, man, now that we
know what went on,

maybe we can do something
to change it.

Change it how?

What if what we do
today doesn't make

a damn difference
about tomorrow?

CONNOR: this is my fault.

I'm sorry. I should have
told you sooner.

Then tell me now, connor!


When you took me in, I was angry

and rebellious,

but you... you refused
to give up on me.

Man, you straightened
me out, made me who I am,

a soldier Just like you...

but JJ, he resented it.

You know, it was like
I had stole the love

that should have been his.

Maybe if I had been a better son

JJ would have never broken bad

and Zoe would still be alive.

Dad, please say something.


since the moment you got here,

you have done nothing
but lie to me,

to all of us.

What do you want me to say?

Zoe was fighting to fix exactly
what her dad helped cause.

That's why she was a
canary like both of you.

You guys had a whole
network of them in the city.

And that's what connor
was talking about earlier.

And yet we still
couldn't save the city.

After rene walled
off the glades,

the scope was Just too big,

and ever since
the wall came down,

we've been fighting
the deathstrokes,

trying to make
things better, but...

I Just still don't understand.

I mean, JJ adores Zoe.
How could he do something like this?

Seemed pretty easy for him,

so how about we stop mourning
poor, innocent JJ

so how about we stop mourning
poor, innocent JJ

and accept who he actually is?

Look. all that matters right
now is stopping grant wilson

before he screws up
everyone's future.

What else can you
tell me about him?

Just the broad strokes.

Grant made a name
for himself doing

pretty much exactly
what he's doing now,

targeting the rich,

appealing to
the disenfranchised.

They became cult heroes,

which is how he seduced JJ.

Any more specifics?

Grant's home base
Just got blown up.

That... that never
happened before.

We're in new territory now.

How long to access the drive?

Uh, more than a few,
less than a year.

I'm gonna go check on rene.

We should be out there
doing something.

We will be once we know

grant wilson's plan.

Are you craZy?
How can you not like mint chip?

It tastes like toothpaste.

Aunt dinah? I didn't know
you were gonna be here.

Hey, kiddo. give me a squeeZe.

You want to talk to my dad, huh?

- I'll go start scooping.
- Hey, hey.

Don't eat all the ice cream.

How am I supposed to
wake up every morning

knowing how many days
we have left together?

By trying to change
what happens,

trying every single day.

We should talk.
What are you doing?

I'm going to the hospital
bomb site.

Maybe dinah missed something.

- Mia.
- I'm not gonna stand around

and waste time.

Look. I know what's
driving you right now.

You lost a teammate.

I... I... i've been there.

I... I can help. I'm here to help.

You know, I survived my
whole life without you.

I don't need you
to play dad now.

Hey. I'm not playing dad.
I am simply telling you

that it is not tactically
wise to go out there

by yourself...

fine. I'll take laurel.

When you are letting
your decisions

be driven by your emotions.

Trust me. I've been there.

You don't get a say.

You gave up that right
when you left

me and mom alone in that cabin.

How could you Just abandon us?

Because I chose to keep you
safe, and I chose right.

You Just wanted to be a hero,

so you put your mission
above your family.

Don't worry. you'll learn to
live without me pretty easy

Just like I learned
to live without you.


I'm not letting you go
out there.

Nyssa al ghul trained me.

You want to see how well?

I'm not gonna fight you.
I'm your father.

Really? because
from where I stand,

you're Just some guy in my way.

LAUREL: mia...

I'll go with you.

Let's go.

Uh... dad, I know
this is bad timing,

but you should see this.

It's live.

GRANT: 6 years ago,
my father rained terror down on this city.

He was short-sighted, foolish.

This city has a cancer,

the 1% who control industry.

I will excise it.

Our siege of star city
begins tonight.

WILLIAM: this might be
how it starts.

This is the beginning
of the future.

Why would grant give
us advance warning?

It seems too easy.

That's because it is.

Look. grant may be
planning an attack,

but it won't be on the rich.

That video's a mislead.

This kind of deception is
a deathstroke special.

How do you know that?

I was undercover
with them for a while,

a last-ditch attempt
to get through to JJ.

Ok. so if this is a bait and
switch, what's the switch?

What do you think
grant's planning.

Something a whole lot bigger.

I Just don't know what exactly.

Everything happening
with the deathstrokes

is different now.

Well, I've got some good news.

I managed to extract
the data from the drive,

but, surprise, surprise,
it's encrypted,

and since I'm not an expert

in early 21st-century
decryption algorithms,

I've called in
someone who is... curtis.

Great. now what about
mia and laurel?

We need to focus on
tracking down grant.

Felicity's search algorithm
should still be on the computer.

Way ahead of you.

Wow. mom really liked
playing fast and loose

with the fourth amendment, huh?


Any chatter from a.r.g.u.s.?

No. no, no, no.
They said they'll keep us posted.

Hey. I spoke
to rene, by the way.

Well, I'm quite sure he's
not willing to talk to me.

No, but I do know
someone who is.


are you avoiding him?




I've never dealt with
anything like this before.

My head is still spinning.

I... I... I want to blame someone.
I Just don't know who.

John, we all failed
to save this city.

Yeah, dinah, but I'm his father,

so it's on me.

So you did pick who to blame.

All this talk about JJ got me

thinking about andy,
how I failed him,

so yeah, the blame is
definitely on me.

I'm gonna tell you the
same thing I told rene

because it's the same thing
I've been telling myself.

Knowing what's happened

can either destroy us
or save us.

We've seen our worst.

Now let's be our best.

LAUREL: in the future,
do they still use

the phrase "wild goose chase"?

If you're bored, you can go.

I don't need a babysitter.

No, but you might need backup

when you try and kill
grant wilson.

How did you know?

Oh. well, clearly
no one has informed you

that I used to play
for team villain,

and I can spot a murderous
intent a million miles away.

So what, are you gonna try
and talk me out of it now,

tell me to listen to my dad or...

oh, god, no. I would never tell
any one to listen to Oliver Queen.

No offense,

but I'm not exactly a very
big fan of your father's.

He's kind of a dick,
but you are a grown woman,

and if you want to kill this
guy, then have at it,

but I Just want to know why.

Because locking him up
isn't gonna change anything.

He escapes every time.

It's why he is such a cult hero

among all the worst
here in star city.

- Including future JJ.
- Exactly.

Look. grant has to die
so Zoe can live.

I don't know anything
about changing timelines,

but I am something
of an expert on vengeance,

and getting it,
it doesn't do anything

but cause you more pain.

So, what, you're an expert on
talking people out of murder?

Kind of.

I had to when felicity wanted
to take down ricardo diaZ.

My mom tried to kill someone?

No, because I talked her
out of it.

And, look, I get it.

You and your mom,
you're both women

who won't allow themselves
to be talked out of anything,

and I appreciate that,

but felicity, she never
regretted changing her approach,

so maybe you should try doing
things differently, too.


there you are.

Mia's back.

You crack the drive?

Curtis almost has it.

God, you know,
it's kind of annoying how good he is.

Plus he's got this
perfect husband/life,

not that I'm Jealous
or anything.

Let me know when it's done, ok?

You know, I have been told
by several ex-boyfriends

that I do this
moody, broody thing

when I'm problem-solving.

Guess it must be genetic.

It's mia, right?

I didn't want her
to go out there.

Well, then you should
have made her stay?

What, put her in timeout?
She's an adult.

Yeah, and like an adult,
she makes mistakes.

Look. she's right.

I chose to go with the monitor.

I abandoned her.

I haven't earned a say.

Yeah, but that doesn't mean she
doesn't want you to have one

or... or that you shouldn't,

and I'm saying that
from experience.

You have kids in the future?

Oh, god, no.
I mean, don't get me wrong.

Kids are a miracle
or... whatever,

but I was actually referring to

when I left you to go live
with grandma and grandpa.

Yeah. that one's still
pretty fresh for me.


I... I... I...

I thought you hated my guts.

I hated you for abandoning me.

- I tried.
- True,

but I wanted you to try harder,

but I wanted you to try harder,

push a little more.

I think that's all any child
wants from their parents.

I'm sorry.

It's ok.

Dad, I am glad that
you're in my life

then and now,

and mia will be, too.

Um, I hate to
interrupt father-son time,

but we got something.

So grant is trying to
one-up his father.

The siege version 2.0
is tonight,

and this time, mirakuru is out,

and coordinated
bomb attacks are in.

OLIVER: how many? laurel: lots,

and grant has them all
connected to a remote detonator,

probably a phone.

The good news is...
and use that term

very loosely... is that he set up a
relay device underneath downtown.

So we disable the relay
device, we turn off the bomb.

MIA: ok. what about grant?

He's holed up underground,

where the lines converge
at water street.

History repeats itself.

Well, maybe we can stop
the attack

by running the same play
we ran last time.

RENE: no. someone told me
the only way

to change the future is to start
doing things differently now.

- Rene, look...
- John, we're good.

You, too, connor.

I can't be mad at either
of you for something

I will never let happen.

OLIVER: all right.
We set up one team to go after grant,

one team to destroy
the relay device,

but we also need to keep
the public calm this time.

Last I checked,
the police are still good,

and I'm still captain,
future be damned.

RENE: I'll Join you.
I got to do something

for the glades from there.

- What about the three of us?
- William, I think it would be

best if you stayed
and helped curtis.

Mia and connor, I'd like for
the two of you to come with us.

Rene said it. we have to do
things differently this time.


All right.

This is my favorite part.

Suit up.


- Stay close, please.
- Where are we?

CURTIS ON COMMS: you're in the
service tunnels underneath the city.

Basically, you all are
in "the shawshank redemption."

"the shawshank" what?

"The shawshank redemption." it's... are
there no movies in the future?

OLIVER: curtis!
CURTIS: oh, right.

Staying on task.
Sorry. I'm a little bit

out of practice, guys.

Spartan, what's your status?

We're at the east end.

Looks like someone beat us here.

GRANT: tonight, we take
back this city

from the cancer
which has plagued it.

We will set its citiZens free.

We will save this city
from itself.

Stand beside me.
Take back what is rightfully yours.

Let's make star city
great again.

Where are his men?

Mia, you should get behind me.

I need 3 units at the docks

and another 2 in pennytown, ok?

- Hey.
- Yo. hey.

What's up?

Got a press conference
in the glades in the works.


Brought you a new addition
to the drunk tank.

Watch him for a sec?

Hey. you got the time?

It's 5 to 9:00.


DINAH: what the hell is that?



We're almost at the relay.

Well, that can't be good.

Mia! ohh!

Raise your hand if you
know how to disarm a bomb.

William, it's an intervalometer.

Where'd you learn that?

From you.

CURTIS: it's most likely

in a consistently
synchroniZed pattern.

So it will have a
transfer switch embedded

into the mainframe.

Look at us... holt and smoak 2.0.

There should be two wires
plugged into the console.

You're gonna disconnect
the red one.

Do not touch the blue one,

or else very bad things
will happen.


What the hell?!



the device has been neutraliZed.

The device has been neutraliZed.

I guess things have never not
been tense around here, huh?

Yeah. I like to cope
by stress eating.

- Gummy bear?
- Thanks.

This isn't over.

- Yes, it is.
- Mia!

Get out of my way.


Hate me if you want.

I'm not letting you do this.

Just got off the phone
with gotham city pd.

Grant wilson is being prepped
and transferred to blackgate,

where he will spend
the next 20 to life.

We will keep an eye on him.
He's not going anywhere.

OLIVER: takes the
deathstrokes off the board

for the foreseeable future.

WILLIAM: literally.
Let's hope it changes things somehow.

MIA: for Zoe.
CONNOR: and for JJ.

RENE: here's hoping.

Or we make our own hope.

You guys really held
your own tonight.

Well, my keyboard warrior
skills are strong.

Uh, you know, curtis when right
back to analyZing that fabric,

so I'm Just gonna go
see if he needs help.

Thank you, william.

You ok?

- I would have killed him.
- I know,

and I know you didn't want to.

Thank you.

Come on.



you ready to go home?

You don't have to do that.

I don't want to be a reminder
of everything bad

that happened to JJ
and to your family.


You are my family, son.

Look. I'm sorry, dad.

- I... I really am. i...
- it's ok.

It's ok. I'm sorry, too.

We're gonna figure this out.

DINAH: are you still giving
that speech tomorrow?

Yes. you really think we changed
things tonight in the future?

LAUREL: you mean in like
a baby hitler kind of way,

butterfly effect?

- Come on.
- Hey. if you want me to

stop training Zoe, I will.

Nah. I can't keep her
in a bubble

Just like you can't
stop being a cop

and I can't stop
running for office.

LAUREL: so don't.

Not all of the future
was bad, right?

Just do the good stuff.

I mean, the canary network's
not a bad idea.

Could be useful.

Then why wait for a future
we can start making now?

So this is what you
wanted to show me,

grandpa's grave?

Did your mother ever
mention him?

Not really.

I suppose she wouldn't
know what to say.

I barely do.

You weren't close?

I didn't really get
to know the real him

until after he died, and, uh...

look. I don't want
that to be us.

You've, um... you've
lost people, right?

Yeah. too many.

Does the guilt ever leave?


You can learn to live with it.

I can help you with that, mia,

if you'd like.

RENE: I've been a part
of the glades my whole life.

Born and raised,

and if you're from here,

you know we've been
counted out a lot.

We've been told
we're low-income,

we're uneducated,

we're a lost cause.


and if you hear that
enough times,

all you can do is hope that
things will get better later.

Now, I don't know
about you guys,

but I'm tired of waiting.

I'm tired of waiting
for the day when people

stop being afraid of the glades

and start coming here
to raise their families,

and start coming here
to raise their families,

to find opportunities
for growth and change,

to uplift our brothers
and sisters to be better

than we ever were before.

If we keep waiting,

we might run out of time.

That's why from here on out,

we don't wait
for our future in the glades.

We make our future now.

Special delivery.

Ohh! ok. this is the best
late-night snack you can ever have.

Want one?

Why not?


yes, curtis.

Do you want the long version
or the short version?

Please say the long one because I
would love to geek out on this science.

- Did you know that...
- curtis.

Short it is. whatever it is
it is possible to replicate,

but there's a catch... a couple
catches, actually.

- Ok.
- One... I don't have the tools

to do it.

Two... it is superillegal

because it requires plutonium,

you know, the bomb-making kind.

Luckily, there's a guy,
a military general.

Ok. where is he?


You must be the monitor.

How do you know?

Because no human
would actually wear

something so ridiculous.

You ache for the world you lost,

and I possess the power
to restore it.

You can bring back my Earth.

The recovery of your universe

will require a single task.

What kind of task?

You must betray Oliver Queen.

MAN: greg, move your head!