Arrow (2012–…): Season 8, Episode 2 - Welcome to Hong Kong - full transcript

Oliver, John, Laurel, and Tatsu seek out an important person within The Monitor's plan. Connor has a heart to heart with his brother.

For 8 years, I have fought
With only one goal

To save my city,

But now a new threat
Has emerged,

A danger so severe
It has forced me

To leave my family
In order to face it,

And it won't be enough for me
To just be the green arrow.

To prevent the crisis
That's coming,

I am going to
Have to become someone else,

I am going to have to
Become...Something else.

Previously on "Arrow"...

We see the wall coming
Down as an opportunity.

For the criminals
Of star city to

-rob the glades blind.
-to reunite the city.

Ever since we brought
Down the wall,
Your brother

The deathstroke gang
Has really upped
Their game.

They've amassed more
Territory and power
Than ever before.

Your brother hates you.
That makes things unpredictable.

Vasquez is
One of the glades'
Wealthiest citizens.

Maybe the deathstrokes
Plan to extort him.

A crisis is coming,

What are you doing here?
Reminding you

What you are doing here,
Which does not include

Interfering in the events
Of this earth.

-the city's under attack.
-by who?

A crisis is imminent.

Someone is coming,

Someone far, far
More powerful than myself.

We have to get
The hell out of here.

I missed
You, buddy.

We found
Ourselves in each other.

You're never
Without me.

Beautiful boy.

What's happening?



I warned you not
To interfere.

You didn't bring
Us here?

No. I discovered what
Had transpired
On earth-2,

That you intervened
To save laurel lance.

I redirected you.

What...The hell
Happened back there?

A herald of what
Is to come,

An entire world erased
From existence.

Where's my mother?


Where's rene,
Where's dinah?

They are no more.

Did you hurt
John and laurel?

They are alive
And nearby,

But now you know
That if we fail to stop

The coming crisis,

What you witnessed
Will occur

On infinite earths
Across the expanse of time.

How did I fail? Your
Dwarf star particles
Are right there.

You disobeyed
My instructions

To avoid entanglements
On a parallel earth.

You confronted
Tommy merlyn.

You altered the fate
Of laurel lance.

I watched her
Die once.

Ok. I wasn't prepared
To do it again.

You are not a man
Accustomed to
Following orders,

But the survival
Of the multiverse requires

That you obey mine.

Where are we?

Your home earth,
Where you will complete

Your next task.

There's a man named
Dr. Robert wong.

Bring him to me.

-now, that is not your concern.

Do not fail me again.

Oliver, we have to
Get out of here...Now.

-who are they?
-local gang.

I think we busted
Up a deal.

Nice of you to show up.

Where the hell
Are we?

We're in hong kong.

Not possible.

There's no way that
My entire earth

Is just
Is just gone.

You saw what happened
To the scpd, right,

That energy wave,
People just disappearing?

That doesn't mean
It happened

The monitor told me
That it did.

-the what?
-his real name is mar novu

Oh. You call
That a real name?

He's the one that
Has asked me to be

On this mission.

He is trying to prevent
A crisis

Oliver, just stop.

Hand me
The breach device.

Give it to me.
I'm going back.

Back where?

To my earth

To look for
Any survivors.

-it's not working.
-probably damaged

On our jump
Through the portal.

We don't have time
To go all the way

To s.T.A.R. Labs.

II have to find
Somebody local.

I'm sorry, but we need to
Focus on the mission.

First of all, there
Is no we here,

And the only mission
That I care about

Is saving what's
Left of my earth.

Laurel. Laurel!

There's no one left
To save.

The only thing that
We can do right now

Is prevent this
From happening again

By doing what
The monitor tells us

Screw the monitor,

And screw you, too.

None of this would
Have happened

If you hadn't shown
Up on my earth
In the first place.

All of those people
That you saw die,

They weren't real
To you.

They were just copies
Of the people
That you love...

But that is my home,

And those people,
Those are real people

Who are counting
On me

Adrian, my sister.

I just got
My life back,

And I am not giving
It up without a fight.

Let her go, man.

She's wasting
Her time, john.

She's processing
Her grief,

And if we have
A new mission

And the multiverse
Depends on it, oliver,

We have to get
Going right now.

Anyone want to fill me
In on what happened out there?

I almost got
My throat slit.

Turns out connor
Doesn't know his brother
As well as he thinks.

Hey. We're
All still alive,
Aren't we?

Which means what

That your brother's
Not such a bad guy?

All I'm saying
Is jj could have
Killed you,

And he didn't.

Wow! That is some
Serious denial.

To answer your question,
Nothing good.

What about
Alberto vasquez?

He's safe, but he'd
Already given jj
What he was after.

Which was?
Access codes

To the private vault
In vasquez's penthouse.

Yeah. Well, we
Went to the vault,

But by the time
We got there,

It had already been
Trashed and emptied.

This is all that
Was left.

Flash storage
From the vault's
Security mainframe.

Yeah. Don't get
Too excited.

-it's totally fried.
-not to brag,

But totally fried is
Kind of my wheelhouse.

If I can fix it,
I'll be able to extract

The vault's
Security log.

Finding out what
The deathstrokes stole

Could help us figure out
What they're planning next.

We already know
What they're planning.

Jj wants to take
Over the city.

He needs the cash
To do it.

Well, vasquez did say
The vault was full
Of valuables

Jewelry, cash.

So we figure out
Where jj's gonna
Sell, take him out.

I know exactly where
You'd go with that
Kind of product.

You're not the only one
Around here with
Street smarts.

Ok. We'll find jj,
Take him out of play.

Stay here. Fix that
Useless piece of junk,

And, you, next time
I see your brother,

Don't get in my way.

Harbinger sends
Her regards.

Oh. This would have come
In handy 10 years ago.

Well, it helps to be
Married to lyla michaels,

Who is en route even
As we speak.

John, I didn't even
Want to get you
Involved in this.

I know, but if what
You told me is true,

Which is that
We're facing
The destruction of...

Well, hell, man,
Pretty much everything,

Then to me that's
The very definition
Of all hands on deck.

Check this out.

Now this machine
Is hooked up to
A.R.G.U.S.' intranet,

So we can access all
The information it has
On dr. Wong.

You want to tell me
What that face is
All about,

Or are you gonna
Make me guess?

Laurel. She was right.

The monitor warned me
Not to get involved,

And, I don't know,
If I'd just found

A way to get
The dwarf star particles

Without trying to stop
Tommy's undertaking, then

Oliver, what were
You supposed to do,

Just sit back
And let it happen?

I ignored the orders
Of a cosmic being,

And as a result,
I watched an entire world

Just disappear, so...

I'm just trying not
To make the same
Mistake twice.

Well, if this
Cosmic being wanted

Someone willing to
Watch the mass murder
Of innocent people,

Then...He picked
The wrong hero.

Shouldn't blame
Yourself, man.

Well, what about
My behavior over
The past 7 years

Has given you the impression
That I would?

Got him.

Dr. Robert wong,
Renowned biophysicist.

Won the nobel prize
In the specialty

Of complex proteins
And antibodies.

First the dwarf star
Particles, now
A mysterious scientist.

Can't the monitor just
Snap his fingers
And get both?

Well, he's not the biggest
Fan of sharing information.

Ok. Looks like
Dr. Wong might not be
That easy to find.

He's been missing a week.
This is the last-known photo.

Wan chai university.
He's a professor.

That's where we start.

Do this quietly,
Stay under the radar.

Too late.



You will be safe here.

So who were those men,

Shu gang,
Their rivals.

Why are you
In hong kong?

I thought
You were with
The crescent order.

I was until I gave nyssa
The lotus cure

To save your sister,

And they called
For my head.

So you decided to become
A vigilante?

My son died
In this city.

No more akios
Will die here

As long as I'm here
To protect them.

That explains what
I'm doing here.

It's all you, man.

Right. We're looking
For a scientist named
Dr. Robert wong.

-there's a crisis coming

That quite
Literally threatens
The entire universe.

A mansomething
Like a man

Has asked me to
Help him stop it.

-you mean mar novu?
-you've heard of him?

When I was with
The crescent order.

A being who
Transcends universes,

A crisis brewing.

He believes dr. Wong
Can help him stop it.

And you believe him?

I have to.

Then how can I help?

Tatsu, what we're
Doing is very

II can't ask you
To be involved.

You're not asking.
I'm offering.

Dr. Wong was seen
Last leaving
His classroom

At wan chai university.

That was a week ago.

We're trying to
Figure out why he
Would have left town.

I don't think he has.

Those pins,
They're only worn

By the security wing,

Hong kong version
Of the secret police.

With a very healthy
Reputation for

Silencing political
Enemies of the state.

Yeah, but why would
They be going
After dr. Wong?

We need to find out.

Johnny told me
You were about to do
Something stupid.

He called you all
The way to hong kong
To follow me?

-how nice.
-he thought you could

Use some help.

Clearly, he was right.

Clearly, he needs to mind
His own business.

He said you're looking
For an old friend.

Doesn't seem like
The kind who's
Too friendly.

His name is david chin.
I met him a few years ago

Through cayden james.

He said he could help me
Get back to earth-2

So maybe he still can.

Do you have any idea
What you're about
To walk into?

Nothing that I can't
Handle myself.

You'll need backup.

Hey. What are you
Doing here?

You can't be in here.
What the?

What the hell?

I wouldn't.

Hello, david.
It's been a while.

Black siren?

David, I'm gonna
Need your help,

And if you don't
Help me,

Then I am gonna
Hurt you very,
Very badly.

What do you want?

Whoa? Is that
An interdimensional

If that's nerd talk
For breach device,
Then yes,

And I need you
To fix it.

That's not really
My area of expertise.

Ok, ok.

I'll do it.

Good. I'm so glad
You reconsidered.

So this is,
What, like
A black market?

More or less.

If jj wants to
Find a buyer,

This is
Where he'll be.

I'll check the back.

See, I still don't
Get it.

Your dad was
Bronze tiger,
And you turned out ok.

I mean, kind of.

Gee. Thanks.

John and lyla were
Basically saints.

Yeah. Well, they spent
All their time worrying
About me.

Jj got shortchanged.

Hey. You think jj
Turned out this way
Because of you?

No. Jj made
His own choices.

I know you want to
Believe that deep down

There's still some
Good in him.

There is. Listen.

Jj wasn't just
My brother, ok?

He was my best friend.

That was
A long time ago.

Come to have a drink
With me, little bro?

-this is over, jj.
-I don't think so.

-put down your weapons.
-you first.


Maybe there's
A better way that
We can resolve this.

No, no, no.
We can resolve this

By you coming with us.

You know, I wish
That I could. I do,

I do, but I got
Business to attend to.

I would settle
For a friendly chat
With my brother.

What you think?

I think that's never
Gonna happen.


You want to talk,
We'll talk.

That looked like
That hurt.

Knowing you
Has changed my life.

I love you.

We're gonna be fine.

I spoke to contact
On hong kong police force.

As soon as I mentioned
Dr. Wong's name,
He stopped talking.

-he seemed afraid.
-I think we know why.

It seems that dr. Wong
Has been working

On a top secret project
For the chinese government.

Exactly, which means
The security wing

Wasn't kidnapping him.

It was trying to
Help him.

He must be in
Protective custody.

Safe house
In the wan chai

But they're planning
On moving him out
Of the city tonight.

Then we better
Get moving.

Don't hurt me.


We can't let them get
Away with dr. Wong.

We won't.
Go, go, go, go!

Out of the way!
Out of the way!

Welcome back
To hong kong.

Hyah! Hyah!

Hyah! Hyah!

Agh! Ugh!



-it's gas.
-got to get these people

Out of here.

We can't lose
The doctor.

No sign of dr. Wong.

Triad must have taken him
Deep underground.

I thought
China white was in
A.R.G.U.S. Custody.

Yeah. Well, so did I,
And as far as I know,
Lyla did, too.

Well, our situation
Just got a whole lot
More complicated.

You seemed ready
To let those people
Die back there.

I knew you had it

And you knew that dr. Wong
Was the priority.

You sound like someone
I used to know

You 10 years ago,

About your mission.

Tatsu, with due respect,
If you had seen

What I have seen,
You would understand.

The monitor is our
Best chance at preventing it

From happening again.

I've seen that blind faith
In you before, as well,

With amanda waller.

That wasn't blind faith.

She threatened
My family, tatsu.

Right now, the stakes
Are every family
In existence.

Guys, I really
Hate to interrupt this,

But none of this matters
If we don't find

This missing scientist,

Why does the triad
Want him?

His work does not
Seem harmful.

Yeah? Well, innocent
Men don't work

On secret
Government projects.

We need to know what
This project is.

Then we'll know
Why the triad is after him.

I don't like this.

He's stalling.

Hey. Hey!

What's taking
So long?

-it's done.

So you won't mind
If we test it out.

It isn't working.

Well, it should be.

Then where's
The portal?

You want to go
To earth-37,

I want to go
To earth-2.


Is gone.

It registered at first,
But now I see that
It's like a shadow.

There's no sign
Of life.

That doesn't make
Any sense.

You're lying.
Fix it! Fix it!

I'm telling
You I did.

I can fix tech.
I can't bring back

A whole
Friggin' universe!

I'm so sorry,

But they're gone.

Let's get out
Of here.



There's nothing in any
Governmental databases

About the project
Dr. Wong was working on.

-so we're back to square one?
-no, not exactly.

An a.R.G.U.S. Mole led
Me to a paper trail,

Some equipment that
Dr. Wong purchased.

He shipped it
To this address.

Well, it's his lab.
It has to be.

We need to get in there.

That may not be
So easy.

I know this place.
It's a pla garrison.

Oh. Those garrisons
Have a reputation

For being
Almost impenetrable.

Almost but not quite.

There are certain

Yeah. Well, even if we
Could get in that place,

It's gonna be
Heavily fortified.

That's never stopped
Us before.


I'm almost
At the sublevel.

The elevator will take
You straight to the lab.

Most likely
Will be guarded.



All right. I've
Definitely been made.

You only have
A few minutes.

I'm starting the upload.

What? What is it?

I know what the triad
Is after.

Dr. Wong has been trying
To re-create

The alpha/omega virus.

He's not trying.
He's already done it.

After what happened
Last time, you'd think

The chinese government
Would have learned
Its lesson.

The alpha/omega is
A powerful weapon.

Yeah, and the triad
Could already have it.

If they had it,
They wouldn't have any
Need for dr. Wong.

It's just a matter
Of time before they
Make him re-create it.

Which means, oliver,
That we have a ticking clock

And absolutely no plan.

-we have this.
-you stole the virus?

This is what
China white wants,

This is what I'm
Gonna give her.

Oliver, you more
Than anyone else knows

How dangerous this is.

Which is why I'm
Not actually gonna
Give her the virus.

We're using this
As bait to draw
Her out.

My husband tried
This gambit once already,

And you're the one
Who told him he
Made a mistake.

This is different.

Maseo had every

Of actually
Giving the virus
To china white.

-I don't.
-it's too risky.

It's riskier
To do nothing.

If anyone has
A better idea,

I'm all ears.

I'll start
Making arrangements.

Here. It'll help
With the swelling.

I don't have anyone here
Who cares if I come home
With bruised knuckles.

I'm here. I care.

You barely even
Know me.

I know what
It's like to lose people.

Do you know what
It's like to lose
An entire universe?


Then you don't know
How I feel.

You didn't know them.

My sister, adrian,
They're my family,

Good people.

They don't deserve
To be gone.

To think that I'm
The one who's done
Such awful things.

But you're trying
To be better.

Everyone deserves a shot
At redemption.

Well, then maybe this is
Where I deserve to be.

When I was
In afghanistan,

My unit got sent
Out on patrol

On a day I drew
Base duty.

It was a routine op.

We'd done it
A hundred times before.

Only this time,
There was an ied
In the road.

None of them
Made it back.

I used to lie in bed
At night

Asking myself

"Why them?

Why not me?"

And I made every deal
I could think of

With any god
I thought might listen.

And did it work?

Not exactly.

So you're right.

I don't know what
You're going through,

But I do know something
About survivor's guilt.

Does it get
Any easier?


All we can do is
Try and move forward.

How am I supposed
To move forward

When everyone I've
Ever loved is gone?

By not giving up.

By doing the right thing.

We honor the dead
By fighting for the living.

This world needs
You, too.

You're not talking
Me out of this.

-I know.
-trust me, tatsu.

I will not let
China white get
The virus.

-and what if you fail?
-I'm not gonna fail.

9 years ago, you failed
To stop the virus,

And my son died.

And I regret it
Every day.

You must remember it

Because of
What happened after.

I tortured
General shrieve.

Your grief, your anger,
Your guilt over the failure,

It stole your humanity.

This is different.
I'm not angry.

I'm simply doing
What has to be done.

How do you know that?

It is said that mar novu
Believes order comes
Through chaos.

So he's bringing
Us order?

But first maybe chaos.

He's asking you to bring
Him a man

Who re-created
A deadly virus. Why?

How do you know he won't
Use it for something worse
Than the triad?

I don't know,

But I have to
Believe him.

I have no other choice.

Even if that is true,

He does not seem to care
Who he hurts along the way.

Sometimes, the mission
Is not worth the cost.

You know that,

So why are you still
Doing what he asks?

Because if I'm wrong

If I'm wrong,
Then all of this
Is for nothing.

Do you understand,

I left felicity.

I left my children,

So ififif the
If the monitor can't
Fix this

And if he is not
Here to help,

Then all of these
Things that I've

And all the things
That so many
Other people

Have already sacrificed
Will have been
For nothing.

I need my family
To live,

Which means that
I need this to work.

You're risking too much.

There's no other choice.

There's always
Another choice.

You seem stressed. Relax.

Look. You said you
Wanted to talk,

So talk.

Still can't believe
That you decided to become

A vigilante.

You know you always have
A place here with us.

You do have the mark.

You know why I got it.

That's right. You and dad's
Brilliant plan

To save me
From the dark side.

I got it because I
Wanted my brother back.

You remember when I was
In middle school, huh?

Remember when those
Guys tried to get me
To run their drugs?

Not really in the mood
For a trip down
Memory lane, con.

When you found out,
You were the one

That told me that I
Was better than that.

Yeah. My favorite part
Of that story

Is when you didn't

And I got grounded.

Dad held me responsible.

You want to hate me?

You want to hate dad?
Fine. Ok.

Thatthat's fair.

Don't throw your life
Away because of it.

When I look at you,
I still see

The kid who'd take on
Somebody twice his size

Just because he was
Messing with me.

Yeah. I'm not that kid
Anymore, con.

Yes, you are,

And you can try
You can try

To snuff it out,
To cover it up
With a mask,

But I know
Who you are,

And it's not
Too late.

And we can fix

You're late. I thought
Perhaps you changed
Your mind.

Deal's a deal.

Thank you
For meeting me.

For a friend.

Now I have
The virus.

-where's dr. Wong?
-he's nearby.

I was surprised
When I got your call.

Well, I'm surprised
That you're not in
An a.R.G.U.S. Prison.

Well, apparently
The government
Doesn't like

When agents put bombs
In people's necks.

You know what else
They don't like?
Bad press.

So they bought
Your silence.

It's a shame
Your friend mr. Diggle

Had to lose his job
Over it.

I assume he's
Here, too.

Perimeter's clean.

Tatsu, any sign
Of dr. Wong?

Not yet.

I don't think he's here.

Wait. Someone's coming.

Oliver, keep
Her talking.

You and I...

We have been enemies
Since the very beginning,

But there's
Something coming.

It's bigger than us.

It is something
That threatens

Our entire earth.

Let me see him.

Give me the case.

Tatsu, we have to
Move now.

I see him.
I'm going in.

Wait. He's wearing
Some kind of vest.

It looks like explosives.

China white must
Have a detonator.

It's real.

That vest is not part
Of the agreement.

I had to be sure
You weren't gonna do
Anything stupid.

I'll deactivate it
Once I'm safe
In the car.

Until next time,
Mr. Queen.

There's not gonna be
A next time.



Damn it! I'm going
After the virus!

Chien na wei.

Tatsu yamashiro.

You really think
This will go better
Than the last time?

I have dr. Wong.

Hi, honey.

Virus is secure.

I can't remove
The vest without
Triggering it.

We need
That detonator.


The detonator.

You better kill
Me now.

I have
The detonator.



Looks like I'm not
The only one who needed backup.

Tatsu's resting
In the infirmary.

She'll be in pain
For a few days,
But she'll be fine.

She would have
Been dead

If you hadn't
Have come back

And fought with us.

I don't know if
I'll ever get over
What happened

On earth-2,
But I'll help you

Make sure it never
Happens again.

Well, at least
We accomplished
Our objective.

-how's dr. Wong?
-he's fine.

In a secure

The virus is, too.

And so what
What, do we text

The monitor or whatever,
Letting him know

We have his guy?

Don't think he texts.

I don't want to hand
Over dr. Wong just yet.

I want answers,
And if he is not

Gonna give them
To me,

I'm gonna find them
Somewhere else.

Oliver, what are
You talking about?

Tatsu...She told me
That I had to be

Absolutely sure
That I was making
The right choice.

She almost died, john.

A lot of people have
Died already

For the sake
Of this mission.

I owe it to all
Of them to find out

Who the monitor
Really is.

And, oliver, what if
We don't like the answers
To those questions?

What do we do then?

We find another way
To stop it.

There's always
Another way.

So what's the plan?

I need to apologize
To a friend of mine first.

So...What do you say?

How about you and me
Leave together?

It was a nice speech,
But once again,

You have managed to
Make everything about you.

This isn't about you
Or dad.

Yeah. You both have
This misguided idea

About duty and family,
Civic pride.

You fail to see
The bigger picture.

I have vision.

What are you
Talking about?

Did you really not
Think that I knew
You'd show up here?

Yes. Worthless piece
Of junk, my ass.

What the hell did
The deathstrokes want with this?

What did you do?

What did you do?!

Oh. Hey, hey.
I knew that you thought

That I'd be after the
Valuables in vasquez's safe

And that zoe would lead
You here,

The one shady trading post
That she knows about, right?

You were never
After the money.

Why cripple the system
When you can rip
Its heart out?

Oh, my god.

Once the unification
Movement is gone,

The power vacuum is
Ours to fill.

I think we're done here.

Not even close.

You are not gonna
Touch me.

Oh, yeah?
And why is that?

Because if you do,

The men who are storming
Your bunker right now

Will kill your brother.


William, do you copy?

Like I said,
I think we're done here.

If you hurt my brother,
I swear I will kill you.


You were wrong
About me, brother.

It was never a mask.

Think the doctors
Would have preferred
You stay in the hospital.

I have survived worse.

Brought you something.

-there's a rumor going around

They help with healing.

I have seen
Many battles.

For a moment,
I believed

This was my last.

I saw akio and maseo,

But...This was
Not my time.

Tatsu, you almost died
Because of me.

I'm sorry.

Well, you were right
When you said that

Some missions aren't
Worth the cost,

So I'm gonna make sure
That this one is.

So where will you go?

You heard a rumor
About the monitor
And a coming crisis?

I doubt
The crescent order

Will have
The answers you seek.

Thankfully, there are
Organizations on this earth

Far, far older
Than the crescent order.

I'm going
To nanda parbat.

You should have told me
What was going to
Happen on earth-2.

John was there.
He could have
Been killed.

The destruction
Of that earth was
A necessary sacrifice.

And what about
Laurel lance?

Her friends,
Her family

Countless more like them
Will perish

If we do not ensure that
Oliver queen is prepared

For what is coming.

Were you successful?

Yes. I have dr. Wong.

Then let us proceed.