Arrow (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 3 - Crossing Lines - full transcript

Still in prison, Oliver faces his biggest challenge yet. Meanwhile, Felicity gets an intriguing offer, and Diggle asks Curtis to go undercover for ARGUS.

After 6 years
Of being a vigilante,

The only way to achieve my goal.

And save my city was to confess
To being the green arrow.

Now my family and friends must
Carry on my mission without me.

I am no longer a hero.

Now I am inmate 4587.

Previously on "Arrow"...

You hired Those prisoners.

To attack me
In the shower for diaz.

So why don't you tell me
How I can find him?

You got to prove Yourself
worthy Of my friendship.

What do you want?

I want him gone.

You stabbed me.

- I didn't stab you.
- Get away from him.

The video! That guard
Stabbed me. He stabbed me!

I didn't! I didn't do anything!

You made a deal With my husband.

And he's in prison
Because of it.

Now it's your turn to hold up
Your side of the bargain.

We're gonna take down
Ricardo diaz together.

You promised the fbi would
Stay in star city.

Until diaz was Off the board.

And as you can see,
We're still here.

Yeah, but you
Haven't caught him.

Apprehending diaz is
Still a priority,

But he's not the only
Criminal on our list.

- Let me help.
- Excuse me?

You've seen what I can
Do with the tck, tck.

Heh. We have our own
Experts, ms. Smoak.

But not as expert as me.

I know everything there is
To know about diaz.

And the longbow hunters.

Yeah! They're here, too.

Diaz brought in
The bad guy big guns,

Which means you don't have
Any more time to waste.

So give me a computer
And put me to work.

My agreement with Your husband,

It gives you immunity.

It doesn't make us Allies.

Diaz attacked me while
I was in protective custody.

My husband is in prison.

I had to send my son away.

Your deal with oliver.

Ruined my life and the city's.

All I'm asking of you
Is to hold up.

Your side of the bargain.

I'm sorry You were attacked,

But it's not my fault
Your husband's in prison.

It was his choice
To put on that hood,

And it was his choice
To turn himself in.

Go home. Enjoy your freedom.

Leave the crime Fighting to me.

My husband spent
The last 6 years.

Fighting for
The people of this city,

Risking everything,

And now he sits in prison,
His life on the line,

While this monster
Gets to walk free.

That isn't justice.

Wow. I still can't believe
You stabbed yourself.

Did you hit Anything big,

Like your liver Or something?

Right. You probably
Don't even have a liver,

Just muscle.

You think I had
Any other choice?

I did what you asked.

Now tell me what you
Know about diaz.

That wasn't exactly What I meant.

By getting rid of yorke.

Well, I found A better way.

Heh! He still thinks
He's a hero.

You're a bigger idiot
Than I thought.

Easy, gents. A deal's a deal.

Getting yorke off our back
Means we're in business.

Thanks to queen here,
We're gonna have.

One hell of a night.

Where is diaz?

I don't know,
But I do know who does.

There's an informant
Here at slabside.

Anything that goes on here
Goes through the demon first.

- The demon?
- Yeah.

The person who arranged
The hit on you.

And who's the direct
Connection to diaz.

All I did was handle
The transaction,

But seeing as how I'm
A man of my word,

I will arrange the meeting.

You really expect me
To trust you?

You don't have
Much choice, now, do you?


Tonight, cell 3-b
After lights out.

And you will know when.

Stall all you want.

Eventually you're Gonna break.

And when you do,
I'll be right here.

Last chance
Before I bring her in.

Did you or did you Not eat
this entire Box of cookies?

It's ok, honey.

You just got a little
Hungry, didn't you?

Now you have a tummy-ache.

Well, now we know what
Happens when we.

Eat too much Sugar, right?

Come on.
Let's go say hi to ella.

She has lots of
Fun stuff planned.

While dad and I Are out of town.

I was working on him
For 20 minutes.

You get him to
Confess in 15 seconds?

I'm his mother And your boss.

We leave in 5.

Yeah, packed and ready.

You don't sound
Too happy about that.

I just wish we
Would've caught diaz.

Before heading Abroad.

- We will.
- Yeah.

And felicity will
Be fine, I promise.

I think you could use
A change of scenery.

It'll be like
A second honeymoon.

Yay, with curtis.

Well, deadshot and cupid
Came with us on our first.

No, that is not our
First honeymoon.

Our first honeymoon
Was in hawaii, remember?

The hammocks By the beach.

- Hawaii was nice.
- Hawaii was really nice.

You know, I thought it'd Be a lot
more difficult Working with you.

Being together 24/7?

But adventure was Always
what kept Us strong.

- Dangerous ops.
- Romance on the front line.

- We make a good team.
- We make the best team.

Ricardo diaz took over
A whole city.

Then we dismantled
His infrastructure.

He's not An imminent threat.

He's got new allies.

One of them hacked Into
the cdc's secure Network,

Specifically their
Security protocols.

They're planning Something.

You deduced that
From this photograph.

And one Unsubstantiated hack?

It's the only lead We got
in months, And you know it.

We can't let that Slip away.

Then bring me something
Concrete I can act on.

Cdc's security system
Is airtight.

No one gets in Without a
level 5 Security clearance.

I can't waste Valuable resources.

On something
This circumstantial.

You mean someone who
Dropped to number 27.

On our Most wanted list.

That, too.

Tell the cdc they've
Been hacked.

They can handle it
As they see fit.

I need your focus
Elsewhere, agent.

I guess her heart Isn't
completely Made out of stone.

Bugging the fbi...

Maybe not the best move
For our immunity deal.

I'm going with
The ask for forgiveness.

Instead of
Permission type thing.

When you said you were done
With the a.R.G.U.S. Way,

You weren't joking.

John has priorities other
Than catching diaz. I don't.

I really appreciate you
Wanting to help.

And letting me sleep
On your couch,

Which is a lot more
Comfortable than it looks.

I've been dying to get
The band back together.

And get that
Son of a bitch diaz.

What's he want At the cdc?

Finding that out is
The easy part.

What's the hard part?

Getting into the cdc.

You heard the boss man.

The only way we get in there
Is with federal clearance.

Where are all the guards?
What the hell is happening?

No idea.

Brick has something planned.
Just stay here.

Where you going?

I need to find someone.

I'm gonna come.

Hey, your cell is The safest
spot For you right now.

With all these murdery
Guys on the loose,

I'm sticking Right by your side.


That's a lot of
Firepower for a bank.

They need it. Half of
Europe's criminal underworld.

Funnels their money
Through here.

Guessing That's a shoot first,

Ask questions never
Kind of bank?

Which is why they Can't find
out that We're with a.R.G.U.S.

Which They won't because of...


I printed it to be Completely
identical To the real one,

Except for
The nanotech-laced paint.

Which allows us.

To access the bank's
Financial transactions.

Heh heh. That's
A curtis holt original.

I mean, come on.
That's pretty cool, right?

Well, hopefully,
It's enough to fool 'em.

Well, it only
Needs to fool him...

Peter tietjen.

He is the bank manager.

I have you an appointment
Set up with him already.

You get that painting Within
5 feet Of his computer.

And it is dinner party
Download time at a.R.G.U.S.

I'm talking
An all-you-can-eat buffet.

Of every name, account,
Shady business transaction.

That that bank
Has ever conducted.

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! While
You guys are in there,

Can you get me A free toaster?

Mr. And mrs. Andrews,
Thank you for coming in.

May I see your Reference
letter, Please?

This is our Reference letter.

We need a safe place
To store it.

We were told you
Could handle this...

Discreetly, Of course.

Of course.

I think you will Find our terms.

More than Reasonable.

That's it! Show me the money.

We have uplink.

After signing
The requisite forms,

All we require is.

An approval from
Our in-house appraiser.

If you'll excuse me.

Tick-tock, curtis.
What's our status?

Zurich, we have a problem.

I'm getting
External interference,

And it's slowing down
The transfer.

This is sofie, Our appraiser.

Is this really necessary?

We must authenticate The item.

For insurance Purposes.

You understand?

Mr. Tietjen, this is
A priceless family heirloom.

I need to discuss
The security of your vault.


We are very Experienced.

With these types Of situations.

I'm shutting down coms to
Open bandwidth. Hang tight.

Mr. Tietjen...

Come on.

Done! Get the hell Out of there.

This is outrageous.

We're taking our
Business elsewhere.

Mission accomplished.

If this is illegal, I don't
Want to know about it.

Aw, d., why you always
Got to expect the worst?

You make it Easy, mr. Ramirez.

Ok, ok, what the
Hell is going on here?

We know how To get diaz,

And we need Your help.

I thought I made myself
Clear, ms. Smoak.

You did. And then I figured out
how to Set a trap at the cdc.

- How did you know about this...
- I bugged your office.

- See...
- I know. I know.

But hold the Lecture. We're
on A time crunch here.

I backtraced
The silencer's hack.

Wait. We're calling her
The silencer now?

- It's better than the belt lady.
- Noted.

She's been checking Inventory.

On glutathione Hydrate.

It's a biocompound That helps
protect Red blood cells.

Against diseases Like ebola.

And the lassa fever.

I mean, god knows
What creepy thing

Diaz has planned For that,

And the only place
He can get it is.

The cdc.

You do realize the cdc is
A secure government facility.

They have strict
Protocols, proce...

Which makes it The
perfect place, You know,

To set a trap.

The compound Is being stored
In a biocontainment lab.

Diaz walks in there,
I seal the doors...

He's locked in.

Like that zombie movie...
Or any zombie movie.

- And when is this happening?
- Tonight.

A shipment Just came
in From central city.

Well, I'll put A team together.

If diaz goes near That building,
the scpd Will be there waiting.

If diaz even gets A whiff of
the police, It'll spook him.

Right. You want
To do it the vigilante way.

Well, you probably shouldn't
Have invited her.

No canary, No wild dog. Just us.

It technically Wouldn't
be Off the books.

If agent watson Comes with us.

And go against my boss'
Direct order.

To stay away from the cdc?

Your boss is wrong,
And you know it.

Besides, something Tells
me if you Brought diaz in,

All would be Forgiven.

That's a big "If."

Diaz has been A plague on
this city And on our lives.

For too long.

And now we have A chance
to bring Him down.

We have to take it.

It's been 5 months.

The scpd hasn't Caught him,

Neither has the fbi,
Neither has a.R.G.U.S.

It's time to try Another way.


But this is a one-time
Thing, understand?

And if anything feels off,
I pull the plug.

What do you say, d.?

All right.

Let's go catch us A dragon.

This is like A horror movie.

It's so quiet,
I can hear my heartbeat.

I'm gonna be
The first one taken out.

It would never be you.

All right. If you're
Gonna tag along,

Do it a little more quietly.

Right. Ok. There's 3-b.

Not here!

So what do we do, Just wait?

It'll be a long wait.

Where's the demon?

Hell if I know.

You actually thought brick
Was gonna help you?

Well, brick got What he wanted,

And now he wants you dead.

You're not going anywhere
Until I get some answers.

We had a deal!

A deal that means Nothing.

Now that brick
Got what he wanted.

With yorke gone, We're finally
free To have some fun.

Brick's got a game going on
Right now in the mess hall,

All thanks to you.

First rule Of prison...

Trust no one.

The kid's right.

Now, how did he manage To
figure that out Before you did?

All right. So brick was
Lying. There's no demon.

There is, but you
Don't summon the demon.

The demon summons you.

I think I'll take My chances.

You're not getting this.

The only way to the
Demon is through brick.

There's a system.

That's how This place works.

Well, looks like
I'm gonna force brick.

To make good on his deal.

Good luck.

His party's Invite only,

And, you're not On the list.

I'm guessing you are.

Good evening.
Samanda watson, fbi.

I'm here to pick up
Some security abstracts.

You're working late.

Day got away from me.
You know how it is.

Door to the right.
I'll buzz you in.

The biocontainment lab
Should be right here.

This is it.

So all we got to do
Is trap them inside?

That's the idea.

There's a server
Room down the hall.

Felicity and I will
Set up there.

The camera's on a loop.

As far as diaz can tell,
The place will be empty.

We'll cover the exits.

This is quite The set-up.

Well, the cdc takes Their security
a lot more Seriously than the fbi.

No offense.

None taken. You thought About
getting into Cybersecurity legally?

I haven't done legally
In a very long time.

What scared you off? All
that nasty Due process?

You mean the rolls
And rolls of red tape?

No, I just prefer To spend my
time actually Catching criminals.

I know the law Isn't perfect.

If it were, diaz Would be in
prison, William would be at home,

And I wouldn't jump 5 feet
every time I hear a door slam,

But here we are.

Just because
The system is flawed.

Doesn't mean It shouldn't exist.

Even someone like Ricardo diaz.

Needs a lawyer, A fair trial.

We protect the Rights of
people who Don't deserve them.

Because it's the Only way to
protect Them for everyone.

And yet here you are
Tonight going off-book.

Well, it's like you Said before

As long as I cuff A bad guy,

All is forgiven, Right?

And then we Go get justice
the Old-fashioned way...

In court.

Let's hope.

Hey, is lyla here?

No. She stepped out. What's up?

Nothing. Well, Ok. Something.

Well, not Something-something

But probably... Swiss chocolate?

Heh! Chocolate Pralines.

I mean, there's Nothing better.

- Curtis.
- Ok.

Remember That interference.

That happened
During our download?

Don't tell me you Lost the data.

Deputy director bell's
Gonna be pissed.

No. The opposite.

I think someone Duplicated
the file Simultaneously.

As we downloaded it.

That's impossible.

The only ones who knew About
this op were Me, you, and lyla.

Yeah. And judging from
Your face, it wasn't you.

It definitely wasn't me.
So that only leaves...?

Why would lyla make
A copy of that data?

Maybe it's not
As shady as it seems.

Why would she hide This from me?

Sometimes secrets are
Good in a marriage.

You know, it keeps
The spice alive.

Actually, don't
Quote me on that.

I'm actually divorced.
What are you gonna do?

Find out why my wife
Is lying to me.

Where do you Think they
keep The dead rats?

So inhumane.

I got eyes on diaz,

And he brought
Two psychos with him.

Any chance they left
The third one at home?

It's doubtful. The silencer
Wouldn't want to miss this.

They've reached the lab.

Hold up. The zombies
Just walked right in,

No key card or nothing.

That doesn't Make any sense.

It doesn't matter.
Just lock the doors.

Frak. Frak. Frak. Frak.

Make better Sounds, felicity.

Whatever's opening That door is
jamming my Access frequencies.

It's some sort of
Sonic disruption.

The coms are Still working.

Well, how about
I save the details.

Of acoustic-injection

For post-mission Happy hour?

The silencer. She must've
Brought a new toy.

Can you Turn it off?

I can't hack it,
But I can track it.

She's in The northeast corridor,

Headed towards
The mechanical room.

I'm on it.
But once I catch up to her,

It'll be radio silence,

What my darts could do
With all this stuff!

Yeah, if it doesn't
Kill you first.

I found it.

Diaz is packing up.
We got to hurry.

- Time for plan "B."
- no, no, no.

That's a big old negative. Manual
overrides are In the basement.

And, again, No locks, no entry.

- I can't let diaz escape.
- What are you, crazy?

You can't beat them.

I don't have to.

I just got to keep Them
in that room Long enough.

For you To lock those doors.

I'm in the mechanical room.

A lot of things in that lab.

Don't react nicely to gunfire.

So one stray bullet,
And the whole place goes boom.


Stop right there.

Agent watson,

I see you're reunited
With some old friends.

Step away From the cooler, diaz,

And put your hands In the air...


Can you please Handle this?



Hyah! Hyah! Hyah...

Play time's over.

Let's go!

The silencer's still here
In the mechanical room.

I'll take diaz. You help dinah.

This is gonna be fun.


I'm fine. Go! Go get her. Go!

Diaz got away.

- Rene, can you hear me?
- Yeah, I hear you.

The silencer's the only
Lead we have on diaz.

We can't let her escape.

The silencer got away.

On a scale of
One to unemployment,

How much trouble is she in?

Well, she wasn't supposed to
Be here in the first place;

Diaz escaped With the compound;

And we have no idea Where or
how he's Planning on using it.

So a lot?

Hey, rene sure got out
Of here in a hurry.

Well, can you blame him?

I mean, the fbi and him.

Don't exactly Have a
love-love Relationship.

How bad is it?

What do You think?

I mean, the silencer
Was right there.

I don't Understand how he.

Managed to let Her slip past us.

Rene must have missed
Her by seconds.

I have to go. My Boss is
waiting for Me at the office.

Agent watson...

Thank you for trying.

Brick's gonna be
Extra pissed to see you.

He thinks you're dead.

Well, he's In for a surprise.

Come on.

What are we Walking into?

Brick will probably
Have prisoners posted.

Outside the mess hall.

You talk us Past them.

And if you say One wrong word...

Yeah, slash goes the artery.
Yeah, I get it.

You know, it's nice to know
That you'd shiv yourself.

To save some hardass guard.

But you have no problem
Shivving me.

Well, you ambushed me.

You think I had
A choice in that?

Brick calls The shots.

If I don't try To kill you,

Then brick kills me.

Every man here is
Out for number one,

Including you.

Everything I do is
For my family.

You're just out For yourself.

You think you Know me so well.

You know nothing About me.

I know you made a deal
With china white.

To have me killed,

And I know you helped
Steal a weapon.

That blew up Half the glades.

What about Markovia, 2014?

A known terrorist
Named gholem qadir.

Or did you forget I was
part of The mission.

That helped bring Him down?

A.R.G.U.S. Put an explosive
In the back of your neck.

You didn't have a choice.

But I did have A choice.

To save Your friend's life.

Yeah. Lyla And I were alone.

When qadir tried to
Slit her throat,

And I drove my blade.

Right through His back.

John never told me it was
You who saved her life.

Yeah, why would he?

You and your team only
Saw me as one thing...

The enemy.

But now look at us,
Both in prison.

So I guess we're not
That different.

After all.

You followed me.

Well, I wouldn't Have had
to If you had told me.

The real reason Why
we're In zurich, lyla.

- It's not what it looks like.
- Really? That's good.

That's good, because
It looks like you.

Just handed over Sensitive A.R.G.U.S.

To a criminal.

I thought you'd have A little
more faith In me than that.

I did until this Very moment.

Lyla, just tell me
What's going on...

The truth.

I caught wind of something...

Money changing hands That's...

That's bigger than anything
We've been up against.

I ran it up the chain But kept
getting Stymied by the brass.

Not enough evidence.

What, so you're going
Behind a.R.G.U.S.'s back?

I didn't expect judgment
From someone.

Who's spent so much time
Delivering justice In the shadows.

Lyla, that's not
What I'm saying.

Listen to me, I justl
just Can't believe.

You would hide This from me.

After everything
We've been through,

I thought the one thing
We agreed on is that.

There will be no more
Secrets between us.

I was trying To protect you.

I wasn't keeping secrets.

You didn't want to take up
Oliver's mantle,

And I respect that,

But being the director
Of a.R.G.U.S. Has shown me.

That there is far more evil In the
world than people Willing to fight it.

And I can't stand around
Anymore and just watch.

Johnny, sometimes you
Have to cross the line.

For the greater good.

I would expect you
To understand that.

Two prisoners guarding
The mess hall door,

Just like turner said.

You're up.

Get me in there or else.

Step aside, fellas.

Green arrow's joining
Our little game.

You kidding?

We can't let Queen in here.

You'd better. He's vip.

The high rollers will be
Very happy to see him.

You're coming in there With me.

Good. I'd hate
To miss all the fun.

- Whoo!
- Yeah!

Gentlemen, gentlemen,

It seems we have an unexpected
Treat for you this evening...

An epic, once-in-a-lifetime

Our champion, sampson,
Versus the green arrow!

I kind of wish we
Stayed outside.

No. I don't have Time for this.

Where you going, Arrow?

You're way tougher
Than this guy.

What do you say?
Time for a rematch?

Last time didn't end
So well for you.

This time, I'm gonna kill you.

Gentlemen, Place your bets.

This is gonna be a hell
Of a pay day.

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

That's it, sampson. Hit him.

You got this, oliver!




That was awesome.

What a performance.

I'll let you in on a secret,

My money was on you.
You're a hard man to kill.

Stand down!

No more games.

Tell me where To find the demon.


Don't make me ask You again.

I've had you running around,
Playing fetch for me.

Like my grandmother's
Springer spaniel.

And you know the best part?

You'll never get To the demon,

'cause you're on
The wrong level.

The demon is on level 2,

The place for the worst
Of the worst.

And that just isn't you now.

Isn't that right, arrow?

Oliver, you got A plan, right?

Stop worrying about me.

Just try to keep Your head down.

Maybe level 2 isn't as bad
As everyone says.

As long as it gives me
What I want,

I don't care.

You were never gonna be
Able to stay a hero...

Not in this place.

Thanks for coming.

I'm guessing you didn't
Call me in to tell me.

You're getting promoted.

Ha ha. I've been Reassigned.

Desk jockey job Back in d.C.

And I'm guessing that new
Gig takes you far away.

From the diaz investigation.

That's the idea.

I hope you're not
Expecting me to apologize.

I'm not. I knew I was putting
my Career on the line.

When I agreed To work
with you And your team.

I believe that good
Law enforcement.

Does make up for The bad,

And I always will.

But going off the books
To catch diaz?

That was the right Thing to do.

You don't deserve To live
without Your family.

You're a good person, Felicity.

I never thought I'd hear
Myself say this,

But I'm very sorry to see
You go, agent watson.

I'm sorry diaz
And his crew got away.

I mean, things would've
Turned out different.

If we'd gotten At least something
on That son of a bitch.

I know. I know. I'm with you.

Square one sucks.

You ready?

To get home to j.J. And out
Of this hotel room? Yes.

Can we talk first?

- Talk or lecture?
- Lyla, I'm sorry.

I was wrong.

I should've given You the chance.

To explain yourself
Before accusing you.

Of being something
That you are not.

I know things have
Been hard for you.

With oliver gone, but
You have to trust me.

I do trust you,

But, lyla, All of this,

It's so dangerous.

I think of j.J.

So do I, which is why I
Can't turn my back on this.

You were right.

Sometimes you do have
To cross the line.

Just promise me, Next time.

Something like this Happens...

Let me in.

I promise.

This was A bad idea.

We didn't Have a choice.

Listen, I'm not A super
fan of Agent watson,

But we got her In trouble.

We didn't make her Do anything.

We've been sitting And waiting.

For the law to catch
Diaz for months.

I am tired of waiting.

I get that, but...

Isn't this kind of What we've
been Doing the whole time,

Stepping in when
The system fails?

Isn't that sort of
A vigilante m.O.?

Sometimes you have to
Cross the line for that.

Listen, nobody believes
In that more than me.

I'm just not sure that's
What this is.

They got honor.

She's a big girl. She can
take care Of herself.

Ever since I was blown
Off that roof...

All I've felt is pain...

The pain of betrayal,

The pain of having every
Bone in my body shattered...

When I hit the water.

But I didn't panic.

I was patient.

And that patience.

Helped me to find a way
To transform that pain...

Into something else.



Let's go, 4587.

You're going Downstairs.

Have fun down there.

I hear the only way out of
Level 2 is through the morgue.

Greg, move your head!