Arrow (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 20 - Confessions - full transcript

My name is Oliver Queen.

After 6 months in hell,

I have been released from prison

and returned home
with only one goal...

To save my city,

but things have changed.

Instead of operating
outside the law,

I am now working
alongside the police.

I am no longer inmate 4587.

I am once more the green arrow.

Previously on "Arrow"...

Working with the scpd...

That's what's best
for this city.

The whole city will be
watching you,

holding you to
the highest standard.

Dad, please. Don't leave.

Dante took me under his
wing, and he trained me.

I kept holding out, thinking

one day you'd become
the father I deserved.

It's never gonna happen, is it?

Is there something else you'd
like to talk to me about?

No. Have a good trip.

When emiko realizes that Dante
has been manipulating her,

it will drive a wedge between
her and the ninth circle.

Rot in hell.

The ninth circle got away

with a very dangerous
biological weapon...

The cygnus x-1.

I have just received

of two fatalities here at the
hudolin mcguire Metro station.

Scpd have cordoned off the area,

but the community is
very concerned.

Rumors are already flying as
to who might be responsible.

- Captain Drake.
- How's it look?

You need to see
this for yourself.

Hey, keep those damn
reporters back.

This is where we found them.

Oh, my god.

We'll have to wait for
the official m.E. Report,

but it seems obvious...

Blunt force trauma.

Looks like they got off
a few rounds

before they went down.

Did they hit anything?

Nothing alive.

Where are the suspects?

We've got two dead guards
and one hell of a mess.

Your team was on-site.

I think you better
start talking.

This is... this whole
thing is ridiculous.

The real danger is
still out there.

I don't think you get to
decide the real danger,

Mr. Queen.

We went to the subway platform

to stop a terrorist attack,

which we did,

but the people
that we were after

are still on the loose.

Well, luckily we have

half the department out there
right now following the same lead.

Do you think that these are
average street thugs, dinah?

These are terrorists
that tried to release

a biological agent in star city.

Thousands of people
could have died.

Two people did die.

We found two emerald arrows
at the scene.

The new green arrow.

Why don't you tell me about her
involvement at the subway tonight?

She was there.

She? How do you know that?

I think it's time we
tell people the truth.

The new green arrow
is my half-sister.

Her name is emiko adachi.

She belongs to
a terrorist organization

called the ninth circle.

The vigilantes have been
tracking her

for a few weeks now.

Why didn't you inform the scpd?

Because the ninth circle is

just a little bit beyond
the scpd, officer.

The scpd-vigilante
partnership works best

when we operate as
a covert unit.

Doesn't seem so in this case.

Well, I'm usually kept
aware of what's going on,

but I did not know about this.

Care to explain why?

Things started moving
pretty quickly

after you told us about Dante.

Oh, thank god.

Please tell me the news
that you are bringing

is about emiko and her
ninth circle buddies

because I have had no luck

with my typity-type
finding anything thing.

Oh, well, you're in luck now.

Dante, not so much.

A couple scpd beat cops
found his body this morning.

Let me guess, and not
from natural causes.

Not unless you call 3 arrows

and a knife
to the chest natural.

This was after you told emiko
that Dante killed her mother.

Can't be a coincidence.

No. She went ahead and killed

the only father
figure she had left.

Right. So that's a "no"

on the evil sister
redeeming herself then.

Ok, so we have
to stop emiko from using

this bio-weapon that she
stole from the d.I.A.

The terrifying bacteria that
eats through everything?

Yeah, let's keep that contained.

Ok, so the bad news is that
I haven't been able to find

the bio-weapon,
but the good news is

that the ninth circle
won't be able to either

unless they get a dissemination
device, a.K.A. A thermal fogger.

And, yes, I checked.

The only place to get one
is aerodyne initiatives.

Digg, let's get there

- and help them protect it.
- Ok.

I'll follow up
with the detective,

see if I can get some more
clues off Dante's body.


And I'll hang back with Felicity

and help her with
the typey-type.

- That's ok.
- Moral support.


Mr. Queen, Mr. Diggle,

it's a pleasure to finally meet

the famous green arrow
and spartan.

I always believed in
vigilantes in the city.

Well, love to hear it.

Wish we were meeting under
better circumstances.

We have reason to believe

that an asset of yours
has been targeted

by an international
terrorist threat.

Well, that's quite
an accusation,

but I can assure you our
security's top of the line.

With all due respect,

this organization is
far more powerful

than any private company

could possibly contend with.

And with all due respect to you,

we hired over a dozen of the
world's best hackers and thieves

to try to break into
our facility.

None made it past
the front entrance.

Uh, Mr. Toth,

we're simply offering
to help you.

What possible reason
could you have

for turning us down?

Well, I appreciate your concern,

but we've got this covered.

It seems odd that
he turned you down.

We agreed,

so we had Felicity
do a deep dive

into toth's financial records.

Turns out he was getting

some very large deposits.

So he was on the take...

- From the ninth circle.
- Mm-hmm.

And why the hell
didn't you tell me?

Because we couldn't confirm it

until later, dinah.

Well, I want to believe
you, Oliver,

but you've got to admit,
this looks really bad.

I mean, we got arrows
at the crime scene.

We've got a very
incriminating distress call

from one of the victims,
and you were there.

Not to mention the
missing security footage.

Ok. Dinah,
you know me, all right?

You know that I didn't
kill those people.

You've killed before...


Many times.

Five months ago,
you were sitting

in a cell in slabside.

You're not exactly innocent.

Enjoying yourself?
You having a good time?

You have had it out for me

since the moment that
I was deputized by the scpd.

You know, those guards were
not just killed, Oliver.

They were savagely
beaten to death.

Do you understand how bad
this looks for the department?

Yes, I do, but I didn't do it.

- Then who did?
- I don't know.

So it could have been

one of the members of your team.

My team...

Stopped a terrorist attack.

Except it wasn't just your
team who was there, was it?

There was somebody else there,

somebody besides Mr. Diggle

and Ms. Smoak and Mr. Ramirez.

Yes, there was.

We thought the ninth circle

was gonna wipe out star city.

So I made a call.

You do understand what accomplice
to murder means, right?

You can't be serious.

Tonight's security footage

from hudolin mcguire subway
station mysteriously disappeared.

You wouldn't happen to know
anything about that, would you?

Nope. Nothing, zilch, nada.

She's covering for her husband.

- Oh, come...
- That certainly is convenient.

And when exactly were you
planning on telling me

about Roy Harper's involvement?


After we saved star city from
the ninth circle's attack.

We know how you guys feel
about "the unsanctioned."

Let's get real.

Emiko and the ninth circle
know our faces.

Roy was our Ace in the hole.

So you risked your new
relationship with the scpd

by teaming up with a criminal.

Former criminal.

Roy left the city 4 years ago,

and he's been on the straight
and narrow ever since.

Are you sure about that?

Yes, I'm sure about that.

Because we traced
Harper's whereabouts

after he faked his
death in prison

to get Oliver queen
off the hook,

and his trail went cold
in march of last year.

Oh. You mean when
Ricardo Diaz kidnapped Roy

to turn him against Oliver?

You might have forgotten
about that since you

weren't exactly on speaking terms
with Oliver and I at the time.

It still doesn't explain

where he went after
getting freed from Diaz.

I'm sure the kidnapping
was extremely traumatic.

He probably just went
to go get some r&r...

Some Roy relaxation.

Not funny. I see that now.

Oh. So this is what
legit looks like.

That's right.
A badge and a bunker.

Never thought I'd see the day.

Good seeing you.

I'm glad you're finally
seeing it in person again.

- Ooh!
- Oh!

Oh, I missed you so much.

Sorry. I'm just a little
overly emotional these days.

I mean, not overly emotional,

not, like, heightened
or anything.

Because why would that be?

My hormones
are totally in check,

like they always have been.

Nerves of steel.
You know me. I'm cool.


The arsenal. Nice
to finally meet you.

You, too. Thanks
for keeping watch.

The glades can use as
many heroes as it can get.

Welcome back.

All right.

How's thea?

She's good. Yeah, I think she's
finally found her passion.

You'd be really proud of her.

Last I spoke with her, she says

you were zeroing in on
the remaining Lazarus pits.

Yeah, we found two already,

- which we destroyed.
- Mm-hmm.

We were checking the rest
when we got your call.

Speaking of which, why'd
you ask me to come here

instead of thea?

Star city's new terrorist
is Oliver's new sister.



Don't you think thea
would want to know that?

- Yeah.
- Yes.

And I have every intention
of telling her.

I just... this woman's
name is emiko,

and we wanted to get her into
custody before we told her.

I feel like she's finally
free of her life in star city,

and I... I don't want
to hurt her again

with a wound inflicted
on our family

by our father.

Felicity, voice-over:
Roy had been traveling the world

doing some extremely normal

Apparently he was too busy
to even send a postcard.

Then why did you call him in?

Because of the thermal fogger.

The what?

The scary bio-weapon that
the bad guys needed

to spread the bacteria through
the subway's hvac system.

The device found on the scene.

The device found
at the scene, yes.


we thought it was weird
that the ceo of aerodyne

wasn't going to let us protect
it from the ninth circle,

so we did some digging.

And found that Jason toth
was dirty. Oliver told us.

We knew good old Jason would be
looking for members of the tga,

and we needed someone with a
vigilante-like set of skills.

Voila. Roy Harper.

The facilities at
aerodyne are no joke,

and Roy is incredible
at parkour.

I'm in.

Remember, Roy,
the floor is armed.

If you touch anything...

And I mean anything... it
is party time at aerodyne,

and not in a good way.

Is there anything I can touch?

Walls and ceilings
are fair game.

Anything that's not the floor.

So far, so good.

The control panel's on
the other side of the fan.

I got to get higher.

I see it.

You hit metal, it's over.
Shot has to be perfect.

Margin of error... 0.08,
but who's counting?

Your target is the red button...

Second from the left.

I don't have a shot...

But I will.

Felicity, voice-over:
Just like that, piece of cake.

Oh, which actually sounds
so good right now.

Do you guys have
any cake or cupcakes

or anything with, like,
a cake-like...

Felicity, tell us
what happened, please.

Roy squeezed his way
through the blades,

and then after that, it was easy

to make his way into
the R&D vault. Boom.

Heads up. We're
late to the party.

That was our only way in.

Not the only way.

Pleasure doing business
with you, Mr. Toth.

Oh, your new sister... not a fan.

Take care of him. Move! Move!

Who the hell are you?

Your new worst nightmare.


See youse lads.


We lost the bio-weapon.

So let me get this straight.

If your plan had worked,

Roy would have
successfully stolen

a very dangerous piece of tech.

In other words, committed
a felony.

Well, technically,

Roy was there to stop the ninth
circle from doing what they did,

which was steal the device, so
technically, Roy didn't do anything.

No harm, no foul.
Could I maybe get a pizza?

Just a personal size is fine.

No. I think you've abused your
food privileges enough for today.

- Ok.
- Tell me what happened.

We stopped the ninth circle
from terrorizing the city.


And the two fatalities.

That wasn't our fault.

Then tell me what you know.

We knew that the ninth circle

wanted to maximize
the bio-weapon's impact.

There were two possible
locations to do that...

The ventilation room
and the ventilation shaft.

Oliver went to one, John
and Rene went to the other.

Roy and I went
to the switch room.

Oh, wow! This thing is a fossil,

and not in a fun ice age way.

Can you shut it down?

Well, once I shut down
the ventilation path,

we should be able
to minimize the damage.

Dinah, voice-over: Did
you have any indication

those guards were still on-site?

No. I didn't see those
guards or any guards.

Sounds like we're
not alone. You got eyes?

All I got is two transit
guards in the corridor.

If they're ninth circle,
you can't let them in here.

Well, I can't just
leave you here.

I'll be fine. I'll be fine. Go.

I stayed in that room until
Oliver gave me the go-ahead.

And what about Roy?

What do you mean?

Can you account for
his whereabouts

between the time he left you

and the time those
guards were killed?

Guys, the vents are shut down.

Please tell me that
you have the device.

He was keeping me safe.

That wasn't the question.

Felicity, do you know
where Roy was

when those guards were killed?

No, I don't.

Roy Harper, you are
a hard man to track down.

I've been traveling.

So we've heard.
Whereabouts exactly?

The world.

Don't make this harder
than it needs to be.

You've got quite
the rap sheet, Mr. Harper.

B&e, Grand Theft Auto...

Aggravated assault.

So is that why you came
back to star city, Roy,

to steal a device from aerodyne?

I came back to help prevent
emiko from stealing it.

She's the one you guys
should be going after.

We will.

But first, why don't you
tell us what happened

after you failed to stop her?

I went back to the bunker
to figure out a new plan.

According to Felicity,
all emiko had to do was

fill that device with some
sort of killer bacteria

and star city would've turned
into a real-life horror movie.

Cygnus x-1.

Yeah. So she ran some
sort of algorithm

and came up with a few
possible places.

And that eventually
led you to the subway.

Cut to the chase.

What happened when
you got there?

Specifically, what happened
after you left Felicity?

I didn't want to leave her,
but she insisted.

We thought the ninth circle
might have showed up.

Roy, voice-over:
Turns out we were right.

Those guys in the hoods
jumped me.

After I took out
the first one, they just...

Just kept coming.

I tried to fight back, but there
were just too many of them.

The last thing I remember is

I was taking a mace to the face

before everything went black.

And when I came to,

you all were on the scene,

and the guards, they
were already dead.

So you have absolutely no idea

who may have killed them.

It's rather convenient,
don't you think?

You being unconscious at
the same time

two men are brutally murdered?

You think I did it?

Whose side are you on?

I am on the only side
that matters... the truth.

Now, why don't you
stop wasting my time

and tell me
what really happened?

I told you, Roy was
unconscious when I found him,

and that was before the
guards fired their sidearms.

So you don't think
he killed them.

I just don't see
how he could have.

You don't have to
protect him, John.

Dinah, I'm not.

Right, right.

But that is what
you do, isn't it?

You always put other people's
lives before your own.

At some point you might discover

not everybody's worth it.

Look, you don't know
Roy Harper the way I do.

He's had his troubles.

But deep inside, he's
a very good man.

Well, you're very quick
to defend Roy.

What about yourself?

Why? Are you asking me
if I killed those guards?

It certainly doesn't help

that you have blood
on your sleeve.

Walk us through what happened

after you arrived.

Well, there were two
possible disbursement sites.

Oliver headed for
the ventilation room.

And Rene and I headed
for the ventilation shaft.

And that's when we
ran into trouble.

Access should be here,
ahead on the right.


- I've got her.
- Rene!

She's mine.
Go secure the device.

So that's when you
and Rene split up.

Rene was right.
The device was the priority.

I was headed for
the ventilation shaft,

and that's when I found
Roy unconscious.

And this was before
the gunshots.

That's correct.

John, voice-over:
I ran toward the source

as fast as I could,
but I was too late.

I checked their pulse,

but they were already dead.

That's how I got blood
on my sleeve.

What about Mr. Ramirez?

Where was he during all of this?


John, tell us what you saw.

When I got to the bodies...

That's when I found Rene.


What happened
to your hand, Rene?

I cut it.

Well, that's obvious.

Was it around the same time
you lost your glove?

What are you getting at, d.?

You know, I've seen plenty
of perps change their tune

the longer they sit in here.

The truth has a way
of coming out.

This isn't my first time

being falsely accused
of a crime...


Two men are dead, Rene.

Now, we know team arrow
was on-site

as well as emiko, which
means our two main suspects

are either her or...


I didn't say that.

Well, that's what you
were thinking,

'cause you've been
looking for any excuse

not to trust me this whole year.

That's because you have given me

every reason not to.

How many times have I
warned you about emiko?

I told you she wasn't

You refused to listen.

Well, now she ends up

on the scene of an
attempted terrorist attack

and a double homicide,
and you were there, too.

And you what? You
think I helped her?

I just want the truth, Rene.

Tell me what you were doing
before that mission tonight.

We managed to get the info

on the ninth circle's target

thanks to Felicity's algorithm.

She traced the chemical
signature of the bio-weapon

to the subway station.

And that's when you headed off.

Yeah. Straight away.

You good with all this?

I'll be better once we get
to the subway and stop her.

I know that it's going to be
tough going up against emiko.

You guys got really close, Rene.

If you're gonna try and give me
a pep talk, save it. I'm good.

I don't want to give you
a pep talk.

I want to make sure that if
you're going out on a mission,

you're doing it
with a clear head.

When I first met emiko,

avenging her mother's death

and helping the glades were the
only things that mattered to her.

Right, except she was lying.

Then why did she kill Dante?

Why'd she do it?

I mean, she turned on
a member of the ninth circle

for her mother.

That tells me that family
means more to her.

Fine. It doesn't change
the fact that she

could potentially kill
thousands... thousands of people.

I know, I know, but she's
still your sister, man.

Doesn't any part of you think
that maybe she's doing all of this

because of what your
father did to her,

that if not for her upbringing,

she'd be fighting with us
instead of against us?

A big part of me
thinks about that...

All the time.

At a certain point, Rene,

people need to take

for their actions.

Emiko made her choice.
I've made mine.

You need to make yours.

There's something I'm not
liking about your story, Rene.

The part where we save the city?

The part you're not telling us.

Everything I told you
tonight is the truth.

Then why did we find
your fingerprints

on the murder weapon.

What were you doing
with that pipe, Rene?

I didn't do anything.

That's getting harder
and harder to believe.

John and I split up.

He went after the bomb.

I went after emiko.

And did you catch up to her?


Emiko, it's not too late.

Let me help you.

I don't need your help.
I spared you once.

This time, I won't
be so generous.

Why are you doing this?!

Because the queens took
everything from me.

Now it's my turn to
take everything from them.

This isn't you.

You care about the glades.

You're dressed as
the new green arrow,

and you killed Dante.

And that proves what exactly?

That finding your
mother's killer means

more to you
than the ninth circle.

Why else would you risk
murdering their leader?

You really don't get it.
Dante wasn't their leader.

I am.

Your mother would hate
what you've become.


Rene, voice-over: I was still
searching for emiko

when I heard the gunshots.

Where were you exactly?

Some random corridor.

The gunshots were close.

I followed the sound, which
led me to the platform.

You know we have a witness

who pins you as the first
person on the scene.

Yeah. John. He showed up...

He showed up seconds
after I did.

What are you not
telling us, Rene?

Someone else got to
the platform before I did.

And who was it?

It was Oliver.

Bring back Mr. Queen.

You didn't tell us the truth.

What are you talking about?

Your friend Ramirez says he
found you near the bodies.

I have no more ways to tell you

I didn't kill those guards.

Let me tell you what I think.

I think you and your team
were there

to stop the terrorist attack.

I even think you did.

But one of the bad guys got
away; You went after them;

and transit guards
Rosenberg and Kim

got in your way.

I didn't kill those guards.

Ok, then who did, Oliver?

Because I really
want to help you,

but I can't do that unless
you're honest with us.

So let's try this again.

Tell me what went on in
that subway,

and I want the truth this time.

Oliver, voice-over:
After we separated,

I went to the ventilation room.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

Whoa, whoa. Careful, careful.

One wrong move, and we'll
all be in a load of trouble.


You're a real pain in
the arse, you know that?

That's not the part
we're interested in.

We appreciate you
disarming the device,

but that's not why you're here.

The device is a weapon

that was gonna kill
thousands of people,

and now it's in scpd custody,

thanks to us.

What happened next?

I was still in
the ventilation room

when I heard the gunshots.

Oliver, voice-over: The guards
must have gotten off a few shots.

Oh, no.

But when I got there...

The killer was
standing over them.

They were gone.

Blood everywhere.

And you got a good look
at who did it.


Then who was it?

Oliver, then who was it?

It was my sister.

Emiko killed those guards.

I can't believe we're
letting him go.

Oliver queen is
protecting his sister.

It makes sense.

I don't know. Something
doesn't feel right.

We don't have enough evidence

to keep them here.

Their stories line up.

Mayor pollard agrees.

So how's it look?

Pollard bought it.

Yeah, as far as the
scpd is concerned,

emiko was the one who
killed those guards.

You all are very,
very good liars.

So are you, d.

We know that this
wasn't easy for you.

No, it wasn't.

If anybody finds out
about what we did,

our partnership with
the scpd is over.

And the same goes for my job.

We just risked everything.

That's why we all had to agree.

This was the only way.

- I've got her.
- Rene.

She's mine. Secure the device.

I'll be fine. Go.


Hey! What the hell's
going on down here?

Vigilante attack in progress,

hudolin mcguire Metro station.


Roy, stop it! Look at me!

Roy, stop!

Rene! Rene, don't touch that.

They're dead.

What the hell happened here?

What are we gonna do?

We have to protect him.

Two innocent people are dead,

and we're covering it up.

Dinah, if someone
on this team goes down,

this entire team goes down.

He's absolutely right.

And if pollard knew the truth,

we would be sitting in lockup

while the city rehashes

whether vigilantes
are a threat or not.

Which would free emiko up

for evil plan b.

But Roy is not
a part of this team.

He's been gone for months
doing who knows what.

With due respect, you don't
know what he's been through.

Roy is and always will be
as much a part of this team

as the rest of us.

Except the rest
of us don't go around

killing innocent people.

Dinah, as horrible as that was,

let's not lose sight

that we stopped
an attack tonight.

And we framed emiko for murder.

Emiko's a murderer,

a murderer who's the leader
of the ninth circle.

And as long as she is out there,

this city will remain
under threat.

I hope we can all agree on that.


My search algorithms
are up and running.

It might actually be a good time

to go ask Roy what happened.

I'm pretty sure I already know.

That wasn't Mirakuru.


How did it happen?

What do you mean?

How did you die?

How did you know?

You, thea, and nyssa
left here over a year ago

in search of Lazarus pits,

and I have not seen
bloodlust like that

since thea
was resurrected by one.

Damn it.

To help, I need to
know what happened.

The thanatos guild
had us surrounded.

I tried to get thea to safety,

but I was hit with an arrow,

which... which is ironic.

I don't really remember
a lot after,

except for... except for
seeing nyssa and thea

destroy the pit.

The one they used
to bring you back.


Nyssa had the lotus elixir.

She and thea thought

that we could control
the bloodlust, and we did.

Until you didn't.

I keep trying to figure out why.

And all I can think of
is that maybe

the Mirakuru changed something.

You know, I never
would've come back here

if I would've known what
was gonna happen.

I never meant to hurt anyone.

I know...

But keeping this
information from us,

it jeopardized
all the things that

we have been working
for this year.

I never asked you
to cover for me.

I didn't want you to.

You never have to ask me.



Felicity has something.

I expanded my search
parameters, and presto.

Facial recognition puts emiko

in an abandoned building

a few miles outside
of star city.

Any background on the building?

I mean, you name it,
it's been it.

Hospital, shipping warehouse,

manufacturing plant.

I mean, it's had more owners

than a "fortune" 500 company.

Which means it could be
a cover for something.

Yeah, something being

the ninth circle's headquarters

here in star city.

Emiko's there, which is
all that matters to us.

We're going after her as a team.

Are you sure?

We got your back.

Oh, hey, dinah! Thank you for
wiping that security camera footage.

I could not get there
before the cops did.

I thought that was you.


Let's go wide.

Arsenal, on my 6.

Overwatch, any heat signatures?

No. Not even yours.

Thermal imaging can't penetrate

through those walls.

I have eyes on her.

Moving to intercept.

Oliver, confirm your location.

This is over.

Is it?

Right now, sergeant bingsley

is receiving an anonymous gift

delivered to his office:

The missing security footage

from the Metro station.

You're the one
who made it disappear?

You set us up.

What do you want?!

For you to suffer
the way I suffered.

You and your team are
gonna die in there.

And I will be out there
destroying your legacy.

You'll die a villain

just like our father did,

and I will be the cause
of both of your deaths.

And justice will finally
be served.

What did you say?

I had the chance

to warn our father
about the "gambit."

It was rigged to explode,

and I knew about it.

I let our father die because he

didn't deserve to live.

And neither do you.

Bye, brother.

Oliver, do you read me?

Does anybody copy?

Oliver, come in.


John, come in! Oliver?

Come in, please!

Come in!