Arrow (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 2 - The Longbow Hunters - full transcript

Felicity is determined to find Diaz by any means necessary when Diggle tries to keep her on the outs and Oliver is forced to ally with an old enemy.

My name is Oliver Queen.

After 6 years
of being a vigilante,

the only way to achieve my goal

and save my city was to confess
to being the Green Arrow.

Now my family and friends must
carry on my mission without me.

I am no longer a hero.

I am inmate 4587.

Previously on Arrow...

The Bureau's going
to stay in Star City

until Diaz is
brought in,

but only if Oliver
will turn himself in.

Diaz found Felicity.
Your wife is dead.

You're OK.

I can't let what happened to
William and I happen again.

I have to fight back.

I know I want to keep
fighting for this city.

I know you've been in some
hot water here at A.R.G.U.S.,

burning so many of their
resources going after Diaz.

This place must be
very important for you.

It's not the place.

It's the person I'm
hoping to find there.

My father...

Is Oliver Queen.


Vacation's over, 4587.

You're lucky you only got
two days in the hole

after what you pulled.

Apparently, there are
still people in here

who believe
that you're a hero.

But we know

Don't we?

I asked you
a question, inmate.

You don't know
anything about me.

Sure I do.

I grew up with kids
just like you...

entitled, rich.

Thought the law
didn't apply to them.

But look at you now...
a criminal

just like every
other bastard in here.

My wife and son
were attacked.

I'll do anything
to protect them.

Oh, you're back! Oh, man.

The way you beat the crap
out of that grim reaper guy

was awesome.

That face looked like
hamburger meat.

Where is he?

He's gone.

The warden found out that
he attacked you in the shower,

got sent down
to level two.

Which is worse than
a death sentence.

He's my only lead on Diaz.

Don't worry. He
doesn't know anything.

He just got
a nice pay day.

Right. Why do you know that?

I asked around.

You should be
keeping to yourself.

Asking questions in here
is going to get you killed.

Not when you're asking
for the Green Arrow.

saw what you did,

and they're all afraid
of you.

'Cause we're friends,

now they're
afraid of me.

All right. If that prisoner
wasn't behind the attack,

then who hired him?

That scary bald guy
who attacked me.

Right. Brick.

So what's our plan?

Beat him up?
Torture him for info?

Nope. We do it my way.

A little more.

A little more.

Do you want me to put
a straw in the bottle?

Ah, ah! Don't judge me.

A.R.G.U.S. is my
designated driver tonight.

Indeed they are,
and every night

until we take Diaz
off the board.

That psycho has been
M.I.A. 5 months,

and then he goes after
Oliver and Felicity.

Why now?

Well, whatever he's up to,
now we know it's personal.

Which is exactly
why I put Laurel

on protective detail.

She's got to be
high on his hit list.

Not that I
don't enjoy talking about

all the ways that Diaz
can get to us.

Anybody have any idea how
we can get to him?

Well, I've been
working on that.

What the heck
is that thing?

I call it my
digi murder board.

I mean, I can probably
work on the name,

but it analyzes all the data
we've collected on Diaz.

Plus, it searches for
additional intel

and then it makes
predictive suggestions.

So it's like a brain that
only thinks about Diaz.

- Mm.
- Gross...

- Yeah.
- But also cool.

That's an electronic jammer.

What is Diaz doing
with tech like that?

Well, it's the same
tech he used to bust

my A.R.G.U.S. security system
when he attacked me.

Well, a model that sophisticated
is very hard to get.

Diaz has new friends.

Which is why I wrote
algorithms to track

all his known associates,
like Cyrus Broderick

and the Longbow Hunters.

Well, this is all
great work, Felicity.

Just remember you don't have
to do it all alone, OK?

We've all got your back,
whatever you need.

I know. Thank you.
I... I appreciate it.

But what I need is
for Diaz to go down.

There is somebody else
who might be able to help.

If you say, "the new
Green Arrow,"

I'm gonna punch you
in the face.

You did say,
whatever she needed.

There is only one Green Arrow,
and he's in prison.

OK, enough squabbling
and murder boarding.

Let's toast.

To friends reunited,
to being back home,

and to bringing that son of
a bitch Diaz to justice.

- I'll drink to that.
- Hear! Hear!

- Yeah.
- Cheers.

Felicity and Oliver,
they really...

They really just
left you?

Pretty much.

And my ex-boyfriend
wonders why

I have commitment issues.

I'm sorry. That's awful.

Yeah, he was a real jerk.

No. I was talking about
Oliver and Felicity.

Yeah, well, I survived.

So what about you?

What's your excuse
for being here?

Where'd you get that?

Oh, um, Felicity
gave it to me.

She said it was a symbol
of reconnection.

I thought it was B.S.,

but then, uh, 3 weeks ago,
it started to beep.

I opened it up...

And I found this.

They're GPS coordinates
for this island.

Wait. Why would Felicity
send you to Lian Yu?

Cruel joke?

You know, the last time
I was on this island...

Was the day my mother died.

I still have nightmares
about it.

But I came anyway.

Well, trust me,
looking for answers is

only gonna cause
you pain.

So what I would do is
I would take that,

and I'd throw it right
there in the ocean

and never look back.

Hi there. I'm looking
for global solutions.

Second floor, ma'am.
Everything above that's restricted.

Tom, can I ask you a favor?

I have an interview
with gs,

and I somehow ended up
here without a pen,

and I really need that job.

Of course.

Pardon me.

I am so sorry.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Who the hell are you?

So much for not
making a mess.

I got bored.

Number 326.

Where the hell is she?

You or me?

Be my guest.

That never gets old.

We need to get out of here.
Did you get it?

a million, Tom.

No problem.
How was the interview?

I think I nailed it.

Shortly after 0900
this morning,

a break-In was reported

at one of our off-site

Only one item was stolen...
prototype b-24.

It's an ultra...

renewable battery?

I didn't even know
those existed yet.

One super battery has enough
juice to power a town.

We were using them
to help refugees.

What kind of jerk gets
in the way of that?

Well, maybe you would know
if John let you in on his briefing.

Well, I do not have a high
enough security clearance.

Plus, I heard deputy Director Bell's
gonna be in there,

and he scares me.

You know, I could just get
us the unredacted report.

Uh, no. I actually
like my job, OK?

Whoever did this
knows their tech.

They used an electronic jammer
to get past security.

Yes! The same tech that Diaz
used to breach my safe house

in hope Springs.

That is not
a coincidence, Curtis.

Can you tell what type of
weapons they used in the heist?

High-tech shield, nano-powered
darts, Sonic manipulator.

These are
super impressive weapons.

Not just impressive.
They're specific.

This was

the Longbow Hunters.

According to our source,
Anatoly Knyazev,

they were hired by our old friend,
Ricardo Diaz.

These assassins are
extremely dangerous,

and we need to find them
and shut them down.

You have
your assignments.

Deputy Director Bell,
I'm surprised to see

you made time for
this briefing.

I wanted to check in,

given the reappearance
of Ricardo Diaz.

I know you have
a personal connection.

Well, I appreciate
the concerns.

I assure you my priorities are
in the right place.

Diaz is a son of a bitch,

but A.R.G.U.S. isn't chartered
for criminal investigations.

That's why recovering
that tech is the objective.

- Understood?
- Yes, sir.

I know it's
the Longbow Hunters.

You have to let me in
on this operation.

A.R.G.U.S. is
handling it.

Told you! Ahem.

The Longbow Hunters are
a direct connection to Diaz.

They are the best lead
we've had on him in months.

You know it, John. John,
I need to do something.

I know, and I'm sorry,
but A.R.G.U.S. has its protocols.

- John...
- We will keep you updated.

just trust me.


We need to talk.

If this is about
the Conway Case,

I already told anastas
I need more time.

That is not why I'm here,
and you know it.

Aw. Did you miss me?
That's so sweet.

Laurel, you ditched your
protective detail again.

Perhaps you should get your
facts straight, captain.

Your officers had
a medical emergency.

Food poisoning,
I think it was.

Food poisoning does not
cause hearing loss or vertigo.

You know what does?
A sonic wave.

Ooh, that sounds

This isn't a joke, Laurel.

You know, I just heard
from A.R.G.U.S.

The Longbow Hunters are
in Star City.

Diaz won't be far behind.

Matter of fact,
for all we know,

he could already be
in town.

Now, I don't really care
if Diaz kills you,

but I do care
if he kills the D.A.


Diaz kidnapped you.

He killed Quentin, who everyone
believes is your father.

Such a joke.

Hey, I cared about him.

Then let my officers
protect you.

It's what he
would have wanted.

I can take care
of myself.


Isn't baby-sitting

a little bit below
your pay grade?

Way below, but the SCPD
is going to keep you safe,

whether you
want us to or not.

OK, fine, whatever.
Suit yourself.

You might as well
make yourself useful

while you're here
and go get me a coffee.

Two sugars, no cream.

That's never happening.

Ricardo Diaz.

That seat's taken.

You're gonna tell me
where to find him.

Hey, you sure
you want to do that?

I still haven't gotten
a chance to thank you

for sending me to the hole.

I guess you don't know
your place here.

You may have gotten
your fight back,

but we're still at the top
of this food chain.

It's OK, boys.
I got this.

Diaz? Don't ring
any bells.

You hired those prisoners
to attack me in the shower

for Diaz.

So why don't you tell me
how I can find him?

You know what your
problem is, Queen?

You've forgotten
where you are.

This is prison,

and you're playing
by the wrong rules.

I'm not in any mood
for games, brick.

What I'm saying is

if you want to be
a mate of mine,

you got to prove yourself worthy
of my friendship.

What do you want?

I want him gone.


That is no concern
of yours.

You just take care
of that guard,

and I'll tell you anything
you want to know.

Everybody wins.



If you say anything
to anybody,

the deal is off.

Please tell me
you are

not hacking A.R.G.U.S.

From inside A.R.G.U.S.

Of course I'm not hacking A.R.G.U.S.
from inside A.R.G.U.S.

I'm hacking Interpol
from inside A.R.G.U.S.

That's not much better,

and that will still
get me fired.

Felicity, I really
like this job.

Look, I know how badly
you want to get Diaz,

but we need to listen
to John.

A.R.G.U.S. is more than
capable of doing the job

while we wait
and eat some snacks.

I'm not waiting
for A.R.G.U.S.

That's exactly what Oliver wanted me
to do, and Diaz found me anyway.

OK, well, maybe we can find
the Longbow Hunters

without committing

Can I please...
just for one second.

OK. Now, we know they
have a super battery.

Chances are they've tried to test it.
And doing that...

Would require an incredible
amount of energy,

which would, in turn,
create a power surge.

Which we can pinpoint and
then trace to a specific location.

Ohh! I miss this.
I miss working with you.

I miss hacking
Star City's power grid.

- I mean, it just feels right.
- Bingo! A huge voltage spike

in a warehouse
in Pennytown

about an hour ago.

- Great.
- You actually want to go there?

Of course you do. I really
should've thought this through.

Look, I'm not gonna engage
with the Longbow Hunters.

I'm just gonna grab one of
your T-spheres and use it

to track them back
to Diaz. No big.

Very big.
You know what?

I'm coming
to back you up.

And who's gonna back you up?

I might know a guy.

Back in town a week,

and you're already
sneaking out of A.R.G.U.S.

Behind papa diggs' back?

- I'm so proud.
- Thanks, man.

Don't encourage her, OK?

She's already moved
on to espionage.

Thanks for coming out,

I know it's not the best
time to be Wild Dog,

what with the whole
25-to-life thing.

Wild dog's not here.
You see a hockey mask?

Besides, this is exactly
what we should've been doing

in the first place instead of waiting
for Diaz to come to us.

The scan's complete.

The Longbow Hunters
aren't home.

Damn. So we can't follow
them back to Diaz

if they're not here
to be followed.

We can go inside.

Curtis, relax.

I just want to put a couple
trackers on a few things.

Five minutes, tops.

Are you familiar
with the expression

"famous last words"?

Grab your balls, Curtis.
We're going in.

They're not balls.
They're T-spheres.

Feels weird doing this without Oliver
and without a headset.

I'm more worried
about you holding in

so many snarky
overwatch comments.

Guys, look at this.

Anything worth putting
a tracker on is

definitely behind that door.

Damn. I should've included
a lock pick module

in my last
T-sphere update.

Never bring a T-sphere
to a gun fight.

Jackpot. Let's
plant the tracker.

You work on that.
I'll work on this.

Oh, frak. I think I just triggered
a system self-destruct.

Guys, we got
a bigger problem.

We're not alone.

Stay behind me.

I think I get the whole
"famous last words" thing now.

- Freeze!
- Don't shoot! Don't shoot! John!

John, it's us.

You three realize you've just
compromised an active investigation?

Yes. But in my defense, we wouldn't
have had to do any of this

if you had just included
me in the first place.

We wanted it
as much as you did, digg.

Rene, before you say
another word,

realize that A.R.G.U.S. is quite aware
of your immunity agreement.

Just because you're not
wearing a mask

doesn't mean
you're not breaking the law.

You wouldn't really
turn him in, though.

But would you?

Felicity, A.R.G.U.S.
has its rules.

What the hell were you

I was thinking about
catching Diaz.

There are bigger things
at stake here.

Like what,

It's not just a battery,
Rene. It's a weapon.

Say what, now?

A.R.G.U.S. developed
an adapter...

an adapter that calibrates
the charge to power

a directed energy weapon.

It's enough to flatten
a whole city.


How were we supposed
to know that?

You didn't need to
know that, Curtis.

Please just pack up the
laptop. Restore the data.

We need to find out what
the Longbow Hunters are doing next.

That could take forever.

The security virus wiped
the hard drive.

You have a better
idea, Felicity?

Your little stunt just blew
our best possible lead.

This is prison.

There's tons of guys in
here that would be

happy to handle yorke,
if you know what I mean.

Yorke's a hardass, but he
doesn't deserve to die.


I need to find
his pressure point.



What would
Green Arrow do?

Oh. I...

He'd have overwatch
gather information.

What's an overwatch?

We need a computer.

Once we get inside, we'll have
two minutes before the guards miss us.

You up for this?

Yeah. Hell, yeah. It's my
first Green Arrow mission.

What the hell?

No one moves! Everyone,
stay right where you are.

Control, we need
backup near the showers!

Does this thing even
have the Internet?

We'll soon find out.

Even if it does, they don't let
felons surf the web.

My wife taught me
a thing or two. Sit tight.

And we got him.

OK, so what are
we looking for?

Anything that will
give me leverage.

Peter yorke was born
in 1978.

He joins the army at 19,
serves 8 years.

injured in line of duty.

Started working
at slabside,

and he's been here
ever since.

He's been here
for 12 years.

No wonder he's
such a jerk.

He's got no complaints.

He's got
no disciplinary record.

He's a jerk, but he's
a law-abiding jerk.

No one that's clean.
There's got to be something.

Look at that.

He's got a wife
and a kid.

I bet a guy
like that would do

just about anything to
keep his family safe.

All right!
Back in line!

We gotta go.

You're still here.

Stubbornness must be

I'm a guy who spent over
a billion dollars trying to develop

magnetic levitation.

I don't give up
so easily.

Wow. You've done really
good for yourself,

considering everything
that's happened.

You know,
when I first met you,

you were
with my aunt Thea.

The two of you were leaving
somewhere together and...

you're not gonna get anywhere
with me by dredging up the past.

I came here to forget
about all of that.

When Felicity gave
me this,

she told me it was
about reconnecting.

And it led me here
to you.

That can't be
a coincidence.

I know exactly
what this is.

Come on.

Hey, where's the D.A.?

She said she
needed some air.

Damn it.

I'm still a ways off
from repairing the laptop,

but I have compiled
a list of known

directed energy weapons,
which could be powered

a modified battery.

This list has too many
potential targets

for this agency
to reasonably protect.

We need whatever's
on that laptop.

You blocked my computer?

What the hell, John?

That's my cue.

Felicity, we can
no longer risk you

interfering with
this mission.

This is not
Team Arrow.

This is an
A.R.G.U.S. operation.

Please. I'm asking
for your patience.

I'm out of patience, John.

You have your life,
your home, your family,

but I lost everything,
and bringing down Diaz

is the only way for me
to get it all back.

Felicity, you can't
get it back.

Your old life...
our old life... Is over.

And taking down Diaz
will not change that.

Oliver's gone,

and he is not coming back
for a very long time.

I need you
to accept that.

I can't...

And I won't.

And I can't believe
that you do.

The old John would've
done anything

to bring down that monster,
and you're... you're here.

And you wouldn't even take
up the Green Arrow mantle...

the only thing that Oliver
asked you to do.

You've moved on
with your life.

The last 6 years actually
meant something to me.

So I am going to stop Diaz,
whatever it takes,

even if I have
to do it alone.

You know, just because
yorke isn't dirty,

doesn't mean we
can't get him fired.

Blackmail's pretty much
a prerequisite

for getting in this place.

I'm not about to ruin
an innocent man's life, OK?

Not the Green Arrow way.

I'm starting to think

you've lost interest in
my information, Queen.

Yorke's clean.

There are other ways of
getting rid of somebody,

a more permanent way.

That's not how I do things.

That's not how you do
things out there.

You asked me
to take care of yorke.

You didn't say how.

Well, let me
make this clear.

You use that to get
rid of yorke,

or I will.

Cell check!

Cell check time.

You're up, 4587.

You know the drill.

Yorke, you need
to listen to me.

No chitchat, inmate.

Someone in here
wants you dead.

in here wants me dead.

Yorke, I don't care
if you quit or transfer,

but whatever you do,
you need to do it today.

Do you understand?

I have no idea what kind
of game you're playing,

but if you don't
knock it off, I promise

you'll regret it.

I'm not playing a game.
I am trying to help you.

I don't need your help,

I just want to do
the right thing.

The right thing?

Is that what you
were doing,

running around in
that costume?

You turned the law
into a joke.

The Green Arrow's
very existence

invited criminals
into your city.

You think you're
some kind of hero.

Have you ever
stopped to think

maybe all you've done
is make things worse?

Hey. Can we talk?

Not unless it's about Diaz.

Felicity, I want you
to know I understand

why you're angry
at me.

But I have not forgotten
Oliver or this team

or you.

But I need you to hear
why I chose

not to become
the Green Arrow.

Felicity, I watched as
Oliver, you, and William

lost everything
important in life

because of that hood.

And I wanted to.

I wanted to put it on
because Oliver asked me to,

but I couldn't.

The truth is...

I saw what the hood did
to you and your family.

And I couldn't do it
to mine.

Maybe that was selfish,

but I just couldn't make
that kind of sacrifice,

and I couldn't ask that
of Lyla or J.J.

It's not selfish.

I'd like to think that I'm
honoring Oliver's mission

without putting
that suit on.

I respect that you want
to keep fighting.

Oliver turned himself in

so the FBI would help us
take down Diaz.

I may not agree with
the decision,

but as long as Diaz is
still out there,

Oliver's sacrifice will
have been for nothing.

Sorry to interrupt.
John, you have to see this.

I was finally able to pull the data
from that damaged hard drive.

Train schematics.

Let me guess.

One of these directed energy
weapons on your list

is being transported
by train.

Yup. It's being shipped
out of Star City

for testing tonight.

We can't let
the Longbow Hunters

get their hands
on that weapon.

John, wait. No one knows
the Longbow Hunters better that I do.

Felicity, if you're gonna help, you got
to do this the A.R.G.U.S. way. Deal?



What are you doing here?

You know, I should be asking
you the same question.

How did you find me?

Well, I am a cop,

What is this place?

Diaz bought it right after
he joined the quadrant.

Planning on renovating,

he wanted to turn it
into his own castle.

And you think he's
in there?

Well, I don't think he's welcome
at the Star City Plaza.

All right. Fine.

Call it in, then.

No, no.
This is my fight.

Oh. Heh. Right.

This is what you've been
planning all along, isn't it?

This is why you've been
refusing protection.

Because you're going
to kill him.

Let's hope so.

If Diaz is in this building,
the SCPD is going to be

the one to take him down,

and we're going to do
it the right way.

I'm not interested
in doing things the right way.

That monster killed

I want to see him
in hell,

and I want to be the one
that sends him there myself.

You know, I knew you were
faking it this whole time, Laurel.

Becoming the D.A. and all your
B.S. talk about the rule of law.

You know, deep down,

you are still the same
lying murderer

who killed the man I loved.

I'm not that person

But someone has to get
justice for Quentin,

and you know it.

So don't you dare
try and stop me.

Alpha team's
in position.


Your train
is right on schedule.

60 seconds till the first
car reaches your position.

Copy that.

you ready for this?

Oh, I've been ready
for 5 months.

I'm on the train.

Copy that.

I've logged into the train control
and management system.

I'm now inside the brain
of the train.

Where's the weapon?

It's in the fourth car
from the back.

- Any sign of our friends?
- Not yet.

You're coming up on
the bader tunnel.

We will have a snapshot from their thermal
imaging camera in about 30 seconds.

Hey. That way.

That'll be
the engineer.

There. That'll be the Longbow Hunters...
two of them, at least.

John, we got two bogies, both
in the baggage car in front of you.

Where's the other one?

Oh, my god. John,
he's right above you.

Hold your fire!

Get to the weapon!

Hello there.

It's gas!

Get out of here! Go! Go! Go!

Guess it's locked.

Overwatch, we're trapped!

Already on it.
Hang on, John.


Diaz is there?


Sorry! On it. Got it.

You're almost there. The weapon is
two cars in front of you.

Go help the others!
I'll secure the weapon.

Are you OK?

Yeah, I think so.

How the hell
did she do that?

I have no idea.

Diaz, freeze!

Hands up, slowly.

You miss me, John?




I've got the battery.

Felicity, when I tell you,

I need you to uncouple
that flatcar.

What? No.

We can't let Diaz escape.

We can't let him get
ahold of that weapon either!

Felicity, do it now!

I can't. He'll get away.

I thought I could do it
your way.

And then I saw Diaz.

There's no need
to explain.

I just wanted to make
sure you're OK.

I'm not.

I understand why you did
what you did.

The world is a safer place

because Diaz doesn't
have that weapon.

I was wrong before.

You may now be working
here at A.R.G.U.S.,

but you're still honoring
Oliver's mission.

I appreciate
your saying that.

But I still can't rest
until I know

that my family is safe...

Which means I need to work
with someone whose focus is

bringing down Diaz...

And that someone is
not you.

I'm guessing that was your
last mission with A.R.G.U.S.


And probably
with me, too.

I'm sorry, Curtis.

What are you gonna do?

Find help somewhere else.

I don't think you
understand our deal.

It's a limited-time

and it's just
about to expire.

I understand.

I'm gonna take care of him.

Oliver told me what was
buried on this island.

When I got here,

I found the 4 graves
that he had mentioned,

but then...

Then I found this one.

So, look, I can take care of this
on my own if you want.

Look, I would love
to miss out

on staring into the face
of a desiccated corpse,

but I think it'll
go quicker if I help.

I don't get it.
It's my father's bow.

I can't even shoot an Arrow.

Why would Felicity
want me to have this?

I know why.

Wait. What the hell?

Grab your stuff.
We're going back.

- Back? Back where?
- To Star City.


Isn't that supposed
to be a doughnut?

So funny.

Can you give us a minute?

I just... uh, I wanted
to come by and thank you

for the backup.

Also, from now on, I will
be accepting protection

from the SCPD.

No more ditching,
no more complaining.

Well, maybe
a little complaining.

Well, uh,
I appreciate that.

Anything else?

No. That's it.

Actually, that's not it.

I know that Quentin
wasn't my father...

Not... not the father
that raised me anyway.

And... i guess I had
just forgotten

what it felt like to have
someone who cared about me.

And losing him, it was
the worst pain

that I've felt
in a very long time.

And I can only imagine
how you must have felt

after vinny's death.

Please don't.

Listen, I don't expect
you to forgive me...

But I have to tell you
that I am truly sorry

about killing vinny.

And I hope one day,

you'll see that I am
not that person.

Not anymore.

This Diaz guy seems like
a real nightmare,

but you sure this is
a good idea?

My way's not working.

Do I have a choice?

Hey. Hey!

What's your problem?

I know you're not
talking to me, inmate.

You've had it in for me
since day one.

You need to
shut your mouth

and get back.

Do your wife and son know
you're such a dick?

What did you just say?

It's Jenna and Noah, right?

You don't say
their names.

Uh! Uh! Aah.

You... you stabbed me.

- What? I didn't stab you.
- Get away from him.

The video! That guard
stabbed me. He stabbed me!

I didn't... dunbar,
what are you doing?

I didn't touch him.

- Get him out of here.
- No! Wait. No! He's lying!

I didn't do anything!

Thank you for
agreeing to see me.

You made a deal
with my husband.

And he's in prison
because of it.

Now it's your turn to hold up
your side of the bargain.

We're gonna take down
Ricardo Diaz...


Greg, move your head!