Arrow (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 17 - Inheritance - full transcript

Laurel learns about some damaging information that affects Emiko. Always looking to protect his sister, Oliver invites Laurel to help investigate, which makes Felicity happy as her friend ...

My name is Oliver Queen.

After 6 months in hell,

I have been released from prison

and returned home with only one goal...

To save my city,
but things have changed.

Instead of operating
outside the law,

I am now working
alongside the police.

I am no longer Inmate 4587.

I am once more the Green Arrow.

Previously on "Arrow"...

TURNER: Ricardo Diaz is dead.

Whoever's been running around
dressed up as the Green Arrow,

that's your murderer.

Does she have any reason to blame
my family for her mother's death?

Y'all did become
Starling City royalty

while she and her mom were
left to struggle in The Glades.

What our father did to
you was unforgiveable.

EMIKO: I see now
you are different from him.

DANTE: You and Oliver Queen
are getting along quite well.

He trusts me now.

It's time for you to come home.

COMPUTER: Archer is active.

I think that's more than a
security system you're working on.

I think you're on
to something big.

You're lying about
who you really are.

What makes you think
they will believe

a word you say,

Black Siren?

WOMAN: Where are we
supposed to go?

ROBERT: I don't know.
I'm sorry.

Sorry? This is our
home, Robert,

one that you used to
be a part of.

You don't understand.

If I let you stay,
she will take everything...

My company,
my money, my children.

What about our child?

The movers will be here
tomorrow afternoon.

Tell Emiko I'm sorry.

- Emiko.
- Where are we going, dad?

You and your mom
are going to live

someplace else,
someplace better.

But I want to stay here!

I know you do, kiddo,
but life isn't fair.

We don't always get
what we want.

I'm sorry.

Dad, please don't leave.

You ok?

Are you?

Where'd you learn that?

I'll tell you if you tell me

where you learned taekwondo.

I learned taekwondo

from a woman named
Talia in Russia.

Your past gets
more mysterious every day.

Could say the same
thing about you.

Your turn.

It's complicated.

I had a good teacher.
He, um,

showed me how to protect myself.

He taught you well.


Nice trick.

The key is to watch
your opponent

and not the stick.

What are you smiling about?

- I kicked your ass.
- Oh, no.

You most certainly did not.

Thea and I used to
spar like this.

She always wanted a sister.

So did I.


If you think you can handle it.




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== ==

Oh, come on, Smoak.
You got this.

You know you can be pregnant
and be CEO of a company

and a deputized vigilante
by night.

Women really can have it all.

I'm talking to myself.


ARCHER: DNA match complete.

Identity confirmed.
Alena whitlock.

Well, that is ingenious.

Was not expecting an entrance

or that you knew my last name.

- Alena, hi.
- Hi.

Hi! Oh, it's been so long.
How have you been?

When you're the known associate

of the evil and murder
genius Cayden James,

good to keep a low profile,

so I'm working at tech village.

Oh, no. Oh.
I have been there literally.

I know your pain.
The... the vests.

So, um, how did you
find me, actually?

It's part of a new project
I have been working on.

It started off as, like,
a home-based security system,

and now it's turned into, like,

a DNA-tracking-based
surveillance system.

- Meet Archer.
- Sorry. So you located me

using my DNA?

When did you collect
my DNA? Heh.

- I know it's a little creepy.
- It's more than a little,

but it's also impressive.

I've been using it for team
arrow, but I think

if we scaled it up,
it could be so much more than that.

I mean, we could find missing
persons, we could track terrorists,

we could do crowd control,
we could do anything!

Just, I can't do it alone.

I mean, whatever
you need, I am game.

I am so done telling
customers to use

the chip in their card when
they insist on swiping.

Great! How does cto of
Smoak technologies sound?

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Oh! You're not even
gonna ask about benefits?

I don't care about the benefits

as long as there's
no crappy vest requirement.

- I am in!
- No vest. Huge benefit.

Music to my ears.

ARCHER: D.A. Laurel Lance
is at the front door.

Allow access.

Access granted.

It's open.

- Hey.
- Is your wife around?

No. She went out.
What's up?

Uh, nothing.
I'll just...

I'll come find Felicity later.

Your bandage is
bleeding through.

Sit down. We'll get
you cleaned up.


- Thank you.
- Sure.

Looks like an arrow wound.

Because it is an arrow wound.

Where'd it come from?

Your sister's bow.

- What?
- Look. I don't mean to

blindside you with this,

which is why I wanted
to talk to Felicity...

You know, empathy
and all that...

But your sister is not
the hero you think she is.

What are you talking about?

Ben Turner saw her at Slabside

the night Diaz was murdered.

It wasn't another inmate
that killed Diaz.

It was Emiko.

Heh heh heh.

That makes no sense.

Well, I figured you'd say that,

so I did more digging,
and there are no records

of her that exist
past the age of 15,

no fingerprints.

And when I followed her
last night to find out more,

she tried skewering
me with an arrow.

Ok. I've seen her skills up close.

She doesn't miss.

If she wanted you dead,
you'd be dead.

Oh. Maybe I should
be thankful, then.

Once upon a time, I actually
shot Roy Harper and Barry Allen.

It was to illustrate a point.

My guess is that her point is

she doesn't want to be
stalked anymore.

Or maybe sister has
brother wrapped

around her little finger.

You know,
the Oliver I knew, he had

a blind spot for family,

and I'm guessing you do, too.

It's called loyalty.

I know that's a concept you
don't totally understand.

I have nothing to gain here.

I am only trying to
do what's right.

Why can you not see that?

There has to be more to this,

and I will look into it

if you will promise
to stay out of it.

I already wish I would have.

Good luck.


If I give this to you,

my family's safe, right?

I can guarantee it.

If it's all there.

All that we'll need.

I believe we're done here.

What the hell is that?








WOMAN: Help!



Hey. It's ok.
It's ok.

I got you, I got you.
I got you.

Forget about me.

You need to stop them.

Who? Who? Stop who?

The Ninth Circle.

The ninth what?

- Circle.
- Dante's a part of it.

Turns out he's not just a banker
for terrorists and cartels.

Ok. Lyla and I have been
hunting Dante for months.

Why are we just
hearing this name?

Because the Ninth Circle
is practically invisible.

I mean, I combed the entire
dark web and came up with nada,

but then I remembered
this photo you sent me

from the Ghost Initiative's
last ride.

JOHN: Right.
That symbol was on

all the weapons that
Virgil's goons used.

FELICITY: The symbol also pops up
on artifacts dating all the way back

to 14th-century Italy,
the real Dante's era.

The insignia is mostly
commonly found on ephemera

that is connected to times
of historical upheaval...

The Russian revolution,
the colonization of the americas,

the war of roses.

So you're saying Dante
runs a secret society

responsible for centuries
of worldwide regime change?

OLIVER: Right, but if that's true,
the Ninth Circle's clearly way bigger

than just Dante.

Ok. Well, how did you run
into Dante last night, Oliver,

and why didn't you
call for backup?

Laurel came to speak
with you and found me.

Suggested that...

Emiko has been hiding
certain parts of her past

and said that she killed Diaz.

She killed Diaz?

Which doesn't mean she's bad.

OLIVER: I followed Emiko,

and it led me to Dante.

JOHN: Ok. Well,
all we really know about Emiko

is what she's told us,
which isn't much.

She's a vigilante.
For all we know,

she's gathering intel on the
Ninth Circle to take them down.

Also, why are we taking
Laurel's word about anything?

Hey. Laurel has changed a lot.

I mean, she's been a
really good friend to me...

Not to say that your sister's
evil, but she's changed a lot.

Be that as it may,
the Ninth Circle is clearly a threat,

and we need to follow up
every lead that we have.

Well, we know that they stole
8 military-grade drones,

which they could literally be
planning to do anything with.

Ok. Can you use Archer to
pinpoint Dante's location?

Not without his DNA.

Ok. Well, I'll talk to Lyla,
take this new intel back there,

and see if we can use
A.R.G.U.S.'s databases.

Yeah. We should be able to
use SCPD resources, too.

I'll get d up to speed.

I'm gonna go speak
with my sister.

She deserves a chance
to explain herself.

And I... I will...

I'll be here.

What is so important that couldn't
be handled over the phone?

Do you remember our conversation

about playing by the rules,

about doing things the right
way is usually the hard way?

Why do I feel
a lecture coming on?

The halcones kingpin,
Ramiro Gonzalez,

we had a witness

who was ready to nail him
for criminal conspiracy

until we found out his confession
was coerced by the D.A.

You wanted the city
cleaned up, right?

I'm cleaning.

You are an officer of the law.

You have to play by it.

You know, with Team Arrow
working alongside the SCPD,

this city has a real chance
of turning things around,

and it's never gonna happen if our D.A.
is a criminal.

All of those guys are guilty.

You'd rather see them
kicked than me

bend a couple of...
Of little rules

to make sure
their charges stick?

Yes, because if anyone finds
out what you've been up to,

they're all gonna get off
on technicalities,

and you're gonna get fired.

but I'm sure there's a reason

you brought this up
in the first place.

You have a second chance.

SWAT brought in one of Ramirez's
lieutenants last night...

Gustavo Hernandez.

He's looking to deal,
and I want you to put

that kingpin behind bars.

Just need you to do it
the right way.

You really know how to take
the fun out of everything.

Uh, we don't have a training
session until next week.

I don't think family
needs a reason to stop by.

Going somewhere?

I, uh, was just heading
out for a bite to eat.

- What some company?
- Hmm. Not really.

Because you're meeting someone?

What's with the interrogation?

That teacher that you
were telling me about,

how long did you train with him?

Since I was 11.

Where'd you meet?

It doesn't matter.
It was a long time ago.

Yeah. I mean, if I was working
with a known terrorist,

I'd want to keep
that quiet, too.

What are you talking about?

I saw you last night with Dante

outside Palmer technologies.

You were following me.


So now you, uh...

You think I'm some
kind of criminal?

Trying to give you the
benefit of the doubt,

but... this guy Dante is...

He's a monster.

I know who Dante is,

but I...
I didn't back then.

I was 11 when your father
walked out on me and my mother.

He chose your family over mine,

and he left us with nothing...

No home, no money.

Dante took me under his wing,

and he... he trained me.

He taught me how to survive.

By the time I knew who he really
was, it was too late.

You know, I owed him,
and I still do now.

I can help you.

You have no idea

what kind of power he holds.

The organization he runs...

The Ninth Circle?

Then you know there's
no way out.

On your own,

but if you're being backed up

by a team...

Just, I can...
I can help you,

but you have to let me.

You can't, and, trust me,

you will only make things worse

for the both of us if you try.

Delivery from frank bertinelli.


I didn't know the bertinellis

employed child labor.

Pays better than
a lemonade stand,

and the cops don't hassle a kid.

That'll be all.

I'll take my watch back.

Do you know who I am?

Dante. It says
on the package.

Do you know who I am?

The suspense is killing me.

- Emiko.
- Well, Emiko,

taking my watch is
a pretty risky move.

Well, I need money,

and it looks like
you have enough.

I earn it.

How'd you do that thing
with the knife?

Pretty simple, actually.

I can teach you if you want.

Come back tomorrow.

That was a good lift.

Steal from me again,

and I'll slit your throat.

JOHN: Good news!

Lyla got a DNA sample from
the dagger used by Dante

to kill Director Bell.

Guess who now has said sample.

FELICITY: John Diggle,
you give the best gifts.

Now that we have Dante's DNA,

will Archer be able to find him?

Well, with all the money I'm spending
on this program, that is the hope.

How's Emiko?
Did you find anything more

- about her being...
- Being on the wrong side.

OLIVER: She admitted
to being in very deep

with Dante and the Ninth Circle.

Sounds like she could be
in some real trouble.

FELICITY: Boom. I got him.

Looks like he's
at the Star City branch

of szrek chemicals.

If we surprise Dante now,

we could still take him down.

And get my sister
out of trouble.

Let's suit up.

MAN: Hey, Jerry.
We still on for beers tonight?


Maybe we should try Nelson's.

Better service.

I'm afraid Jerry's
not gonna make it.

Please don't kill me.

Of course not.




- You told him we were here!
- I didn't.

Your allegiance has shifted.


RENE: D, go!
We got you covered.



Let's get out of here.

Grab her.

Let me go!

- You ok?
- Uh-huh.


I shouldn't be here.
Dante will find me.

It's just a matter of time,
and you will all be targets.

Yeah? Well, it won't
be the first time.

RENE: Think about it like this.

It'll be a hell of a lot
easier to stop Dante

with all of us working
together than you by yourself.

EMIKO: Ok, as long as I get to
be the one who takes him down.

That sounds fair to me.

Well, yeah, except
there's just one problem.

Archer just crashed,
which means I lost Dante's location.

JOHN: Fine. We'll just have to
find Dante the old-fashioned way.

EMIKO: Easier said
than done.

Now that he knows
I'm working with you,

we should consider all ninth
circle locations burned.

But that op we just interrupted,

I mean, Dante didn't get
what he was looking for.

You must know what he was after.

Enriched uranium.

I told you he was dangerous.

RENE: We need to figure
out where else in the city

he can get his hands
on that uranium.

Yeah. I'm on it.
Archer may have crashed,

but computers will
never replace people.

Do you have any idea what
he was planning on doing

with the drones and uranium?

I wish I had more intel,

but it was always on
a need-to-know basis.

That's how the
Ninth Circle works.

- Hey. You hurt?
- Not badly.

- You guys have some ice?
- Yeah.


DINAH: This could not
be worse timing,

but I have to run to the SCPD.

JOHN: Go ahead, Captain.
We'll handle it from here.

Hey. What's wrong?

Just be careful
with her, Oliver.

Ok. I will.

FELICITY: Hey, guys.
Think I got something.

- That was fast.
- One point for the humans.

If Emiko is right
and he's after uranium,

there's only two places
in Star City that have it...

Dunkirk power and global energy.

Sounds like a divide
and conquer situation.

My thoughts exactly.

So are you just gonna
not ask me about it?

You have nothing
to say about the fact

that I've been secretly
working for the Ninth Circle?

I know you well enough
not to pry,

and you did try to keep
me out of your mission

when we first met.

I didn't want you to
get mixed up with them,

but I... I should have
told you the truth

so you'd know what you
were really getting into

working with me.

I bet you wish you'd listened

when I told you to stay away.

If you think I regret
teaming up with you, I don't.

We're still partners, Emiko,

no matter who we're up against.

You haven't practiced.

This is much harder
than last week.

No. You're just not prepared.

I was busy. I was
working on something.

Oh, yes. Your plan
to impress daddy.

Being a father means
more than just blood.

I know, but he is
still my father.

So you would choose
a man who abandoned you

over the Ninth Circle?

Why can't I have both?

The Ninth Circle is not
a place of split loyalties.

Once you join,
it is a lifetime commitment.

There is nothing else.

I can't give up on my family.

The Ninth Circle is
your family now...

And that is their gift to you.

You really want a deal
for this smug bastard?

Are you sure?

Bigger picture, Laurel.

LAUREL: Mr. Hernandez,
do you know who I am?

You're the D.A.
who used to be a vigilante.

Yeah, I know you.

Good because I know you, too...

Drug trafficking,
embezzlement, manslaughter.


So this is the part
where you offer me a deal

to make it all go away, right?

Hmm. If it were up to me,
I'd let you rot or worse,

but, luckily for you,
it's your boss who we're after...

Ramiro Gonzalez.

And you think that a plea
deal's enough to flip me?

I've got enough evidence here

to convict you of 3 felonies,

one using a deadly weapon,

and that was in a day.

Imagine what I could do
in a week.

You know, your dad thought he
could convict me, too, right?

Must be a family defect.

I would be really
careful if I were you

because we're not a family
that plays very nice.

How's that going for you?

Captain Lance... he's dead
now, isn't he?

LAUREL: Say his name one more
time, and you will be, too.

Aw. Girl's got a soft
spot for daddy. Aw.

That's enough, D.A. Lance.

We're done here.

Global energy was a bust.

No sign of Dante or the uranium.

Ah. You still
came back looking

like a prizefighter, though.

We ran into a couple
thugs on the way back.

FELICITY: Ooh. Cute.
A little brother-sister

crime-fighting duo time.

- I like it.
- Any word from John and Rene?

They struck out, too.

OLIVER: Global energy
and dunkirk power are

two spots in Star City
that manufacture uranium.

- Archer's still not working.
- Right.

I'm just about to go down
into the deepest, darkest,

most dungeony part
of this bunker

and give it
a full system reboot.

Then hopefully then, you know,
Archer can be back online,

we can find Dante,
and all my dreams

of Smoak Tech saving the
world don't have to die.

I'm gonna clean this up.

Think I found the problem.

Some kind of jammer.

Wonder how that got there.

So you were never under duress.

Sorry to disappoint you,

but that's what family does, right?

This is the reason that
Archer isn't working?

I couldn't let you and your
team get in the way again.

We don't give up that easily.

You've been lying
this entire time,

everything about our father,

your debt to Dante?

It was all true,
but I never needed you

to put me back together.

I just knew you'd try.

Can't resist playing
the hero, can you?


You went looking for a family,

and you chose the Ninth Circle?

Better than living as a Queen.


Always watch your opponent.

You don't have to be
a part of this.

You have a choice!

I've made it!


Bye, brother.

I was married to a junkie.

You'd think I'd know when
someone was lying to me.

At least now we know what
side Emiko's really on.

It doesn't matter. The...
The Ninth Circle are still out there,

and they are a threat.

You can take a minute to
process this if you need to.

I need to know where she is.

How soon can you have
Archer back up and running?

Not as soon as I would like.

Emiko's little device didn't
just jam up the system.

It wiped the entire memory
card, which means

I have to rebuild the
entire infrastructure.

Looks like we have
another problem.

There's been a break-in at the
waste treatment site at orchard bay.

I thought the only spots
that manufactured uranium

were the two sites
we just canvassed.

Well, that's true,
but how much do you want to bet

that Dante and his pals
aren't actually after uranium?

- More of Emiko's lies.
- What'd they get?

FELICITY: All the ingredients
to make a big batch

of sarin gas.

That plus the drones
that they just stole

makes one hell
of a murder party.

We have to know where
the Ninth Circle

is planning on
sending these drones.

- Oliver, we're on it.
- You might want to take 5.

I'm going to Emiko's hideout,

see if she left behind
a clue or something.

FELICITY: Yeah, or you could
do exactly the opposite

of what your wife recommends.

I'll go with him.


Are you here to give
me another lecture or...

The halcones lieutenant,
Gustavo Hernandez,

was found dead an hour ago.


Am I supposed to be sad
about that or something?

Well, we had him in
custody to prevent that.

That is, of course, until your
office said we had to turn him loose.

Well, he made bail.

You're the one that said I had
to do things the right way,

so I let him loose,

and here we are back
to square one.

Well, actually, we're not.

Hernandez's death

spooked one of Gonzalez's
other lieutenants,

and, uh, he's gonna testify.

Isn't that convenient?

You think I did this.

I'm not exactly
hearing a denial.

I shouldn't have
to give you one.

I think I've done
more than enough

to have earned the benefit
of the doubt from you.

I saw how you looked
at that man,

and it was the same look
that you gave Vinnie

right before you executed him.

I have busted my ass
being a good D.A.,

trying to play by the rules,

but no matter what I do, you

always just see me
as the Black Siren.

You're right.
You're right,

and I am sorry, but I don't know

who you really are, Laurel.

I don't, and I don't think
that you do either.

I think that's what
scares me the most.

Didn't hurt you
too bad back there, did I?

No. It was a
convincing performance.

Did you, uh,
make any progress on who hired

Andrew Thorn... ton?

You know I'm a man of my word.

Once you've found and taken
care of your mother's killer,

you can go back to focusing
on the mission.

A deal is a deal.

This is really impressive.

Did you come up with this yourself?

Yeah, I did.

Um, and Queen materials,
inc., could be profitable

in as little as 6 months.

If you look at page 7,
after an initial startup fee,

its projected growth rate is at 14%.

I wish Oliver showed this kind
of interest in the business.

I inherited your business sense.

Let me start Queen
materials, and I'll show you.

Well, I... I can't
approve this.

Why not?

Queen consolidated
is for Oliver.

He's going to inherit it,

and if anyone were to find
out that you're my daughter...

I need this.

Ok. Otherwise, I am
gonna have to find

the money somewhere else,

and I need it to help mom,

- something you never did.
- Emiko.

Do you ever even think about us?

All the time,

and I wish things
were different.

I really do.

Since the day you left,

I kept holding out, thinking

one day you'd do the right thing

and become the father I deserved.

It's never gonna happen, is it?

I have to go.

I have a trip planned to China

on the "Queen's Gambit."

And I'm sorry.

Is there something else you'd
like to talk to me about?

No. Have
a good trip.

You want to talk?

Not even to the guy
who found out

his long lost sibling
was secretly

an evil double agent?

Being reminded that
this has happened before

is not really
making things better.

I get that, but I also know

that despite what Emiko's done,

you're not quite ready
to give up on her.

That obvious, huh?

Only to someone who knows you

and who's been there.

All I wanted was to bring
Andy back over to the light.

I don't have to remind you what
having that blind spot cost us.

No, you don't.

But please, John,
trust me when I tell you

that I am seeing Emiko more
clearly than I ever have.

you're still trying to save her.

John, my family is to blame

for her current situation.

My... my father a-abandoned
her and her mother.

She was 11!

She was 11 years old,

and no one's gonna
convince me that...

That her life wouldn't
be different now

if that had never happened.

Andy tried to convince me
that I was the reason

for his bad choices, too.

He made me feel so guilty
that I was willing

to trust him again
even after knowing

he worked for Damien darhk.

I held out hope, Oliver,
so much hope

that I put you, my family,

my team at risk.

John, if I abandon her now...

I'm no better than my father.

If I can help redeem her,

selfishly I feel like I...
I help redeem my family just...

A little.


Felicity got a hit
on the Ninth Circle.

Drones are at an abandoned
airfield north of the city.

And Emiko?

She's there.

Let's get the team.
Let's go.


All right. They're
still prepping the drones.

Good news is we're not too late.

Bad news is
we're outnumbered 5:1.

Those are my kind of odds.

- Got eyes on Dante.
- And Emiko.

Once the drones are primed,

we can begin the demonstration.

Eight stolen drones,
which means 8 potential targets,

and each one runs
on a separate signal.

It's gonna take some time to
hack into the guidance system.

Oliver, that means that
you need to stop those things

before they take off.

You draw them out,
I'll get the drones.

Copy that.

Let's go!



It's your brother.

I'll deal with him.

Pack up the demonstration.

The demonstration goes as planned.

Protect the drones.



JOHN: Dante!



Damn it!



Get out of here.


FELICITY: Bad news, guys.
Those drones are airborne,

which means you need
to incinerate them mid-air

or else that's a lot of sarin
gas raining down on the city.

Overwatch, it would be very
helpful if I could see them.

Ok. I'm working
on decloaking them now.

I'm in.




OLIVER: There's still
one drone left.

I'm working on it.

Emiko, it's not too late.

Whatever you owe Dante...

I owe Dante everything.

Dante taught me how
to take care of myself,

to cut the ties that bind
us, that hold us back,

which is why it's time
for us to say good-bye...


Kill him!



Please tell me you got
that last drone.

By the time I locked on,
the gas had already been deployed.

Sorry, Oliver.

- How many casualties?
- None.

The target was an
abandoned building.

What about the other targets?

Well, that's the even
weirder thing.

All of the other buildings
targeted were also empty.

DINAH: Who goes to the trouble
of bombing empty buildings?

Seemed like some
sort of weapons test.

Well, imagine what would
happen if all the drones worked

instead of just one.

They'd be able to take out
multiple targets simultaneously.

If we couldn't stop this test,

how are we gonna
stop the real thing?

Reacting to the shocking allegations

about District Attorney
Laurel Lance,

new photos show her with
notorious criminal Ricardo Diaz.

Could the city's
highest prosecutor

actually be
a wanted criminal herself?

EMIKO: Looks like
you've got a problem.

- You.
- Knocked off that halcone?

I did.

Media's gonna have a field day.

- You're a psycho.
- And you make me sad,

trying so hard to
become someone you're not,

and for what?

So that the city will take
you seriously as a hero.

That is almost as ridiculous
as you wanting to be one.

Get the hell out
of my office. Now!

I thought I was punishing
you for following me.

Maybe I just set you free.

FELICITY: Oh, hey. Good.
You're still here.

I'm sorry.
It's been a day.

I assume that's always the case.

Honestly, going over
Archer has made me happier

than I've been in months.

The algorithms you
programmed are like

this beautifully composed
rondo finale.

A rondo what, now?

Not into opera.
Got it.

Hey. So question
for version two.

- Mm-hmm?
- What happens when we

don't have the DNA of the
person that we are looking for?

- What do we do then?
- Well, that's a little trickier.

We could reprogram
the algorithm to highlight

any individuals whose DNA
we don't have,

but unless we hack into a
medical or criminal database

and collect all of
their DNA profiles first,

all we'd really be doing
is taking a couple pieces

of straw out of the haystack
we're looking in.

Ah. Guess we'd better
get to work then.



Felicity couldn't find her,
but you think you can, huh?

I just... I don't
want to give up.

Still trying to redeem her?

Trying to stop her

before it's too late.

You disobeyed a direct order.

I gave you that dagger.

The weapons test failed

because of your
brother's involvement.

Any more mistakes,
and the rest of the Ninth Circle

will mutiny.

- I am their leader.
- Then lead.

Where is your focus
at this critical time?

The family you swore to give up
to be part of the Ninth Circle.

Your absence has been noted.

Thanks to my time with Oliver,

I found something even better.

The Archer program,

cutting-edge surveillance technology.

We can't stake our
future on technology

we haven't even seen.

I need you to trust my vision,

ok, trust that you
have taught me well,

but if you question
my authority again,

I'll kill you.

WOMAN ON TV: The "Queen's Gambit" sent

a mayday transmission
late last night

and has not been
heard from since.

Casualties of the "Queen's Gambit" include

Starling City billionaire
Robert Queen

and his son Oliver.

While rescue teams continue
to comb the seas

in search of passengers...

Synced & corrected by MaxPayne
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