Arrow (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 1 - Inmate 4587 - full transcript

After surrendering to the police for being the Green Arrow, Oliver tries to survive in the prison while a new unknown vigilante emerges in the Star City.

Last season on Arrow...

This is my city!

You want to stop me,

you're gonna have to
kill me!


So far Ricardo Diaz
has been unstoppable.

You want my help? I'm gonna
need two things from you.

- Mr. Queen, it's time.
- What is she talking about?

I thought you said
we had immunity!

You do, but only
if Oliver agreed to turn himself in.

There is still work
to be done.

I am the Green Arrow.

- William, run!
- I can't run anymore.

Yes, you can!
Get up. Get up.

Oliver, help!

Oliver can't help you.

Run now! Now!

You're brave.

Oliver Queen took
everything from me.

I'm gonna enjoy taking
everything from him.

Morning, 4587.

Beautiful day.

♪♪ I've seen ♪♪

♪♪ That look in your eyes ♪♪

♪♪ It makes me go blind ♪♪

♪♪ Cut me deep ♪♪

♪♪ These secrets and lies ♪♪

♪♪ Storm in the quiet ♪♪

♪♪ Oh oh oh... ♪♪

Watch it, Arrow.

♪♪ Feel the fury ♪♪

♪♪ Closing in ♪♪

♪♪ All resistance ♪♪

♪♪ Wearing thin ♪♪

♪♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪♪

♪♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪♪

♪♪ Nowhere to run... ♪♪

You're not gonna
eat that, are you?

♪♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪♪

♪♪ There's nowhere to hide ♪♪

♪♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪♪

♪♪ This is madness ♪♪

♪♪ Madness, madness ♪♪

♪♪ Madness, madness, madness ♪♪

♪♪ Madness... ♪♪

Lights out!

♪♪ Madness, madness ♪♪

Morning, 4587.

Beautiful day.

You... you're
the Green Arrow.

Wrong guy.

But I saw you on TV.

That beard threw me off
a little bit,

but... It's
definitely you.

I'm a big fan.

"You have failed
this city."

OK, I'm not that person
anymore, all right?

Look, I'll join whatever
gang you're in.

I don't care what
I have to do.

I just... I need your

I'm not in a gang.

Then let me be your,
uh, sidekick

or your lookout or
something. Please.

Just... I...

How am I supposed
to survive in here?

I don't know.
Leave me alone.

What the hell?

I told you this
wasn't over, didn't I?

We waited a long time
for this.

Revenge is a bitch.

We don't have
to do this.

But we want to.

Break it up!
Break it up!

You've all had enough fun
for today, don't you think?

You know the penalty
for being in possession

of a weapon, Mr. Turner.

Take him to the hole.

You're dead.

When I get out,
you're a dead man!

He planted that.
That's not mine.

Deals can't miss, bro.

Primo product, great price.

Look, I'm on my way
over now, OK?

It can't be you. Aah!

Would you mind
handling the incident report?

I'd like to make date night
with Curtis for a change.

Go get the captain.

4587, you pull that crap
again from yesterday,

I'm gonna make
an example out of you.

Understood, inmate?

Yes, sir.

You got a visitor.

You know the drill.

You've looked better.

I've looked worse.

How are William
and Felicity?

Still safe and sound
in witness protection.

I've upped surveillance
to 24/7

since we spoke last week.

Has the FBI made
any progress?

No. No. Nothing.

Watson says she won't
stop looking,

and neither will I.

But, Oliver, it's been
5 months, man.

Five months.

Maybe we need to think
about the possibility

that Diaz is
off the grid for good.

I can't believe that.

I know this
must be so frustrating...

losing all sense
of agency like this.

Being out of control,
I know,

is not your strong suit.

I'm focusing on what
I can control.

What's that?

Keep my head down.

Hopefully shorten
my sentence.

That's smart.

I think that's a good play.

But I worry about the toll

that's going to take
on you, Oliver.

Cuts heal, John.

Not physically, bro.

Keeping passive,
not fighting back.

Never been who you were.

I've always done
what I had to do.

Right now...

This is what
I have to do.

Don't lose yourself
in here, Oliver.

I'll be OK.

Damn it.

What's up?

We're supposed to go
live on this app today,

but something in the upgrade

is corrupting
the break. It's...

can I take a look?

Be my guest.

Oh, yeah.

Are you some sort of, like,
secret tech wiz or something?

I just know my way
around a computer.

There you go.

You are a woman of many
talents, Erin. It's...

saving the world one
Espresso at a time.

This coffee's crap.

I'll make sure to take
it up with our barista.

You ready to talk?

To a beat cop?

I've already wasted
enough of my time.

I want to talk
to your captain.

You sure about that?

Because officer anastas
is a lot more patient

than I am.

Lady captain? Oh, nice.

Hmm. Well, you have

quite the list of allegations
against you, huh?

Fraud, racketeering,

The key word being

Well, where there's smoke,
there's fire, Mr. Stent.

And in my experience,
innocent men

don't typically show up bound
and gagged at my doorstep

without reason.

There's a reason,
all right.

The Green Arrow.

Maybe you hit your head
a little too hard,

but Oliver Queen is
in prison.

Then there's another
psycho in green leather

assaulting people
with a bow and Arrow.

There have been no vigilantes
in this city for 5 months.

Looks like you got your work
cut out for you, then, don't you?

Now, are you gonna
let me go,

or do I have to sue
your asses?

Yeah. Just as soon

as officer anastas
takes your statement...

Very slowly.

Guys, guys, remember,
always keep your hands high.

That's your guard.

Tony, yeah. In and out.

Yeah, but keep your distance.

Nice one, peanut.

Isn't it bad
to punch things?

Ms. Lopez says
Gandhi wasn't violent.

Gandhi ain't
from The Glades.

Besides, self-defense isn't
about being violent.

It's about being focused
and disciplined

so you can protect yourself
and the ones that you love.

That's just 'cause there's no more
heroes to keep us safe, right?

Hey, dad, my bag's leaking.

Uh, nothing a little
duct tape can't fix.

Are we ever gonna
get new stuff?

This bag's
kind of gross.

Still waiting to hit
that lottery, Zoe.

gross builds character.

Ten-minute break while I
patch these things up.

What's up with you, man?

This class is dumb.

Boxing's not gonna win you
a fight in The Glades,

and you know it.

Boxing's not about winning.

It's about being focused
and disciplined

so you don't have to fight.

You mean with, like,
a hockey mask?

Come on, man.

Everyone here knows
that you're Wild Dog

after that trial.

And you just didn't
punch people.

I don't do that anymore.

Yeah? Maybe you should.

'Cause my family just
got robbed last week.

And the cops don't care
about us in The Glades.

So it's on us
to protect ourselves.

Hitting these bags
isn't gonna do it.

You know, I ain't into
blondes myself.

Put that down.

Slow your roll,

You wouldn't want
this conversation to get messy.

You know I can just take
that from you, right?

Well, that'd be
a good thing.

You see, it'd save us
the trouble of planting it

when we rat you out
to Yorke,

just like you did to Turner.

Now, I know you're
trying to get back

to this pretty little face.

You're probably counting
down the days.

Just tell me what you want.

Yeah. Well, you see...

you see,
me and Sampson here,

we've got a 3-man
operation with Turner.

Side hustle.

And, uh, because of you,
we're a man down.

So I think you
should take his place.

No chance.

Now, here's two reasons
why I don't believe you.

Now, I bet you
really wish you

hadn't have stopped Merlyn
from killing me, don't you?

See you soon, Arrow.

Sure, I can sell cheap
to the culebras, no problem.

Whatever you want,
Mr. Stent.

Heh. You got it. I got you.

My man.

This ain't no playground, kid.
Keep it moving.

Y'all sell guns, right?

That depends.

How much money you got,
little man?

He's not interested.

You followed me?

Yeah, I figured you would do
something stupid,

and it looks like
I was right.

Hold on.

I know you.

You're the one that dropped
a dime on Oliver Queen.

Uh, crazy dog
or something like that.

I don't know what you're talking about.
Let's go. Come on.

Unfortunately for you,

you just saw my whole operation.

And that can't be good
for anybody.

Get down.

You OK?

Was that the Green Arrow?

I don't know who
the hell that is.

We should turn around!
It's not safe.

But is it impossible?

No, not impossible,
but it's not very smart.

Then how about I add
another 100 grand

to the 200,000
I've already paid you?

Most people would pay
that kind of money

to stay away from here.

This place must be very
important for you.

It's not the place.

It's the person I'm
hoping to find there.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Thanks for your help
the other day.

Yeah, it was nothing.

Ah, it was more
than nothing.

The app's number one
thanks to your genius.

Oh, well, I'm pretty
sure I just touched

somebody's snotty
snot rag,

so I am also living
the dream.

Ha ha. Well, I hope I'm
not one of those customers

that you secretly
complain about.

You? No. You're
polite and nice.

And your hygiene is fairly
on point from what I can tell.

The bar seems pretty low.

Yeah. You should work here a month,
you might change your mind.

You could always... I don't know...
change my mind over dinner?

Unless if that just put me
on your creepy customer list.

You're asking me out.

And now I'm regretting it.

No. I mean, I'm
flattered and everything,

because, like,
"whoa. Still got it!"

Not interested? I... I get it.

No, you definitely
don't get it.

Breaking News
out of Star City this morning

as the D.A.'s office
is set to comment

on growing speculation
that the vigilante known

as the Green Arrow
has returned.

For an official statement
from the district attorney,

we go live to city hall.

- Are the rumors true?
- Is the Green Arrow really back?

Did Oliver Queen

Do you have any idea
who's under that mask?

We have reason to believe

that a vigilante impersonating
the Green Arrow is out there.

While we're still pursuing leads
as to the identity

of this unknown assailant, we
can tell you with 100% certainty

that he is not Oliver Queen.

This is someone new.

You said, "assailant."

Does that mean city hall
considers this new Green Arrow

a threat?

To the rule of law? Absolutely.

Star City continues to employ
a zero-tolerance policy

against any and all acts of

Anyone found committing or
aiding and abetting these acts

will be prosecuted to
the fullest extent of the law.

Think she's full of crap?

You really have
to ask me that?

You done giving
your statement?

Green guy with
a bow and Arrow

takes down a weapons deal
and saves my ass.

If you ask me, you should
be helping this guy,

not hunting him down,

especially with Diaz
still out there.

Diaz has been gone
for months,

and the FBI still has
its eye on us.

So as much as I doubt
Laurel's motives...

and, uh, believe me,
I do...

taking a hard-line stance
was the right play,

because if agent Watson
even so much as suspects

we have something to
do with this...

our immunity goes adios.

That's right. And that's
why we have got to find

this Green Arrow wannabe
and shut him down.

Rene, we all agreed,
for better or for worse,

we were not gonna go out
as vigilantes.

Otherwise, what was
Oliver's sacrifice for?

OK, so we're supposed
to just ignore

the rising crime rate
and do nothing about it?

Actually, I think risking
my officers every day

fighting to maintain
law and order is

doing something
about it.

I... I get that, d.,

but Oliver asked us
to carry on.

So whoever's behind
that mask is doing

what we're supposed
to be doing.

But he's not
helping the problem.

Actually, he's
making it worse.

Rene, I'm not saying

that we can't still be
heroes to this city.

We just have to do it in a little bit
of a different way.

So where you at
finding this wannabe?

Well, we retrieved a few
Arrows from the scene,

but forensics still
turned up empty.

But what about the perp?

Any pattern as to how he's
selecting his targets?

This weapons dealer has
a rap sheet 12 feet long.

He was an obvious mark.

But this first guy...

I still haven't figured out
how he fits into the puzzle.

You don't think he's

This guy? Hell, no.

But his rap sheet's
only clean

because he paid
to make sure it was.

Well, it looks like you
might have to take

a deep dive through
his financials.

But I can't exactly

subpoena his records
based on a hunch.

Who said anything about
a subpoena?

I really miss this, guys.

Not that I don't like being
the head of R&D at A.R.G.U.S.

It has better benefits,
as in there are actually benefits.

I just miss the team.

Less talking,
more typing.

Right! Sorry. Uh, it should
only be a couple of minutes

before I'm in, which Felicity
could beat one-handed.

Miss her.

I really appreciate
the assist here, you guys.

You especially, John.

I know you've been in some
hot water here at A.R.G.U.S.,

burning so many of their
resources going after Diaz.

Well, Lyla's down
at HQ right now,

trying to smooth
things over.

Besides, I want to get this
Green Arrow imposter

off the streets
as bad as you.

I don't want Watson
thinking that Oliver

set this in motion
in some type of way.

There's enough
trouble as it is.

How's he holding up?

He's surviving.

- And that's a bingo.
- What did you find?

How stent's been
making his money.

And it's not from
defrauding pensions.

He's been peddling
black-market arms.

What kind of dumbass leaves
his entire criminal enterprise online?

He was actually
pretty smart about it.

He kept himself clean,
off the radar,

activities washed through
a series of shell corporations.

I just happen
to be smarter. Boo-ya.

So this is how the
targets are connected.

Stent supplied the weapons,
Medina sold them.

The vigilante's trying to shut down
stent's whole network.

Yeah. And according to this text
exchange, he's panicked.

Stent's trying to sell the rest
of his inventory off

in a huge buy tonight.

Do we have
a location?

Not until an hour
before the buy.

I'll keep you guys posted.

That's where we'll find
our Green Arrow wannabe.

So, uh, any guesses
on who this might be?

Well, my money was on John.

Whoever it is,

they won't be hiding
under the hood for long.

If you don't hear from me in
a week, I'm not coming back.

I hope you do.

You know, you pay me
a lot of money to do

very stupid things.

Always a pleasure.

This food isn't as bad as
I thought it'd be...

You can't sit here.

It's just like high school.

I don't really know how
to be much clearer

than I've been being.

Go away.

So what do you think
about your replacement?

It's got to bug you there's
a new guy that can do

all the things that you
can't do anymore.

OK. Just because I have decided
to let you sit here

doesn't mean that we're
having a conversation.

You understand?

- You ready to hustle?
- No.

Listen, if you try to
leverage my family ever again,

I will expose whatever
it is you have going on

to every single guard
in here.

Disappointed to hear that.

We'll just have to try
this a different way.

This your new friend?

It's nothing
to do with him.

- It is now.
- I didn't do anything.

Do you want to come
with us now, Queen?



I can't help you.

Oliver... Don't.

Don't. Please... uh! Uh!

Looking pretty crazy
out there.

I wanted everyone
ready to move

the second Curtis
has a location.

With any luck, we'll
establish a perimeter

and gain some lead time.

And if that vigilante
shows up?

Then we take him
down, too.

I still don't think
you should do that.

I thought we
settled this, Rene.

For the last few months,
all I kept hearing is

how scared my kids at
the center were.

And then this Green Arrow
wannabe shows up,

and they have hope again.

So, to me, that's worth
a hell of a lot more

than our immunity deal,
rule of law,

whatever the hell crap
Laurel said.

Sometimes people just need
something to believe in.

Right. I get it, Rene.
I really do.

But how do you know you
can believe in this guy?

You don't know
what his motives are.

You don't even know
who he is.

I know he could've let
me die, and he didn't.

That's good enough for me.

Yeah? You sure
he saved you?

Or were you just not
his target?

Because there's a big,
big difference.


The buy's going down
in an hour.

Old manufacturing plant
by the wharf.

You arrest
that vigilante, d.,

you're making
a big mistake.

No, Rene.
I'm doing my job.


Hey. Sorry. Did I wake you?

I couldn't sleep.

Everything OK?

I guess.

How was school today?

The same. It sucked.

Well, did you at least
crush your geometry test?

Yeah. I just miss
my old school.

And I miss old my job.

I really, really miss
your dad.

Me, too.

At least we still have
each other, right?

How much longer do we
have to stay here for?

I don't know.

Are you OK?

What do you care?

I'm not gonna
survive in here.

Yeah, you will.
You'll be fine.

You... you just left
me to die.


I knew that they
didn't want to kill you

because they...

I knew that they
were coming after me.

So you just let them
beat the crap out of me?

I'm on the guards' radar

after what happened
the other day.

And I...

I get another strike
against me,

and I'm back
to square one,

and I want to get
back to my family.

I can't...

I can't do that to them.

I have family, too. Did
you ever think about that?

I mean, I shouldn't
even be in here.

I was wrongfully
accused of murder.

And that's what
the city's like now.

There's no justice.

Just keep your head
down, you'll be fine.

That... that's your advice?

All this time, I thought
you had a raw deal,

like I did.

But it makes sense now

why there's a new
Green Arrow out there.

Because the old one is
a coward.

Lights out!

There's close to $1 million
worth of product here.

All yours for 400k.

What's the catch?

I got burned out
on the business.

I decided to liquidate
for my mental health.

Stent's about to make
the exchange.

Should we move in?

We can make this bust
in our sleep.

I'm waiting
for the vigilante.

400k of assorted

as requested.

I do miss the old ways.

You mean a briefcase
full of money? No, thanks.

That's him. Move!

Please. I'll give
you anything.

I have what I came for.

Jason stent, you have
failed this city.

Drop your
weapon now.

Don't be stupid.

Vigilante heading north!

Where the hell
are you hiding?

I was just trying
to get free!

You never should have
come here.

Morning, 4587.

Beautiful day.

Ohh, you think I'd be sick
of coffee by now.


Heh heh. Hey, Erin,

you're a hard woman
to find.

No one to save
you now.

It's just
you and me.

I swear to god,
if you hurt him.

You're gonna do what?

You're gonna sic Oliver
after me?

Right now,
he's realizing

how difficult
prison life is.

What the hell do you want?

Pretty simple,

I want Oliver to spend

the rest of his life
in prison knowing

I killed his wife.

Oh, thank god,
you monologue. Run now!


You're gonna suffer
for that.

The only reason you're
still breathing is

so you can hear
this message:

Diaz found Felicity.

Your wife is dead.

I, um...

I need to make a phone call.

Rough night, 4587?

I have reason to believe

that my family
has been attacked.

Please allow me to make
a phone call.

You know you don't have
phone privileges.

You got a visitor,

You're OK.

How's William?

He's fine.

Are you?

I am now.

I've missed you.

I love you so much.

And I'm so sorry
that I wasn't there.

I should have been

How could you have been?

The only reason
that I'm here is

to keep
you and William safe.

Yeah. I know.

I need you to tell John

to set the two of you up
with new identities.

I need...

I need you... I need
you back

in the witness
protection program.

I have William set up

at a boarding school
in Cambridge.

He leaves tomorrow.

You're not
going with him?

No, I'm not.

- Felicity...
- I'm done hiding, Oliver.

I'm done being a person
who doesn't fight back.

Diaz broke in, and all
I could think about was

protecting William.

I tried,
and I couldn't do it.

If A.R.G.U.S. hadn't gotten
there when they did...

Do you know what it
feels like

not being able
to protect your family?

I have lived with that feeling
every second

since I stepped
in here, Felicity.


Don't tempt that,



I am begging you
to go back

to witness

No. I won't.

You don't get to decide
this time, Oliver.

I love you,

and I will always...

Always wait for you.

But I can't
let what happened

to William and I
happen again.

I can't.

I have to fight back.

You, of all people,
understand that.

Time's up, 4587.

I... I need a bit more time.

And I don't care.

I love you.


I love you.

Hey, guys, listen up.
I got some news.

We need more
duct tape, dad.

Not anymore, peanut.

We got ourselves
some new equipment.

I'm talking about
bags, gloves.

You were talking about you wanted
some new shoes, right?

We got that, too.

Hey, you win
the lottery or something?

Nah. I just got some help
from somebody looking out.

But I thought you said
the old stuff builds character.

That... that was before I knew
we would get newer stuff.


Yeah. Yeah, yeah. OK.

Uh, keep practicing.

And when we get back,

we're gonna be ripping
these bags apart.

What's up, d.?

What brings you
to these parts?

Well, uh, a couple of mom and
pop shops called the precinct.

They said they opened up
to find cash waiting.

It seems like 15 other
hard-up businesses

from The Glades also got the same
exact amount that went missing

from the weapons buy
the other night.

So, uh, you wouldn't happen
to know anything about that,

would you?

Uh, no. No. I can't...

but it does sound like
the work of a hero, though.

That's what it
feels like.

I should be arresting you

for the crap you pulled
the other night.

Do you have any idea the position
you're putting me in, Rene?

Hey, look, I'm sorry,
d., all right?

But I couldn't let you
lock him up.

He's not a criminal,
and you know it.

No, I don't.

And it's not a leap of
faith I'm willing to take.

You know, I am working so hard
to restore the city's faith

in the men and women
who serve it.

Rene, if you go out there
as Wild Dog again,

I will not hesitate
to lock you up

just like that vigilante.

Are you serious, d.?

I just want you to think
long and hard

about what that means, OK?

For these kids and for Zoe

and for our city, man.

'Cause I'm not gonna give
you a second warning.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How is he?

Quiet. Reading, mostly.

- I'll give you two a minute.
- Thank you.


Did you see him?

I did.

I wish I could've come
with you.

Yeah, me, too.

It's too dangerous.

No one can know
that you're here.

Hey, I got something
for you.

What's this?

It's a symbol of

Your Aunt Thea gave it to me
before she left town,

and it's something your
father had given her.

As long
as you have this,

I will always be able
to find you.

I don't understand.

You have to go

It's super-super safe.

I can't come with you.

- You're leaving me.
- I'm not leaving you.

It's only temporary, OK?

Just until we get Diaz,
I promise.

And then as soon as we do,
I'm gonna come get you.

It's all gonna be over...

I swear.

Check it out.

Queen, you don't look
too hot there.

Maybe I can help you... uh!

Stand down.

Don't be a hero.

You should've killed me.

Who sent you?

No one.

But you knew my father.

How am I supposed to know
who your old man is?


My father...

Is Oliver Queen.


Greg, move your head!