Arrow (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Deathstroke Returns - full transcript

Slade returns and asks Oliver for help tracking down his son; the rescue mission gets complicated by a terrible revelation that could shatter Slade's hopes of reunion; Vigilante reappears in Star City.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My name is Oliver Queen.
After 5 years in Hell, I returned home
with only one goal-- to save my city,
but I couldn't honor that commitment
and honor the promise I made to the mother of my son,
so I asked the best man I know to help.
His name is John Diggle,
and he is the Green Arrow.
Previously on "Arrow"...
Pollard-- she's using last night's disaster
as a pretext to introduce her
anti-vigilante legislation to the council.
I am invoking chapter 9 of the city charter.
That will convert councilwoman Pollard's bill
to a citywide referendum.
What do you want?
To operate without interference.
So you can keep killing people?
You don't seem to know that this is a war.
The Intel that you gave me on my son Joe panned out,
so I'm heading to Calgary.
Good luck, Slade.
Ms. Pollard.
Captain wanted you to see the latest CompStat.
Thanks, Lieutenant.
Officer down. Code 3.
All units respond.
♪ Arrow 6x05 ♪ Deathstroke Returns Original Air Date on November 9, 2014
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Well, I'm just glad no one was seriously hurt.
How do you want to handle this?
I'd like you to issue a statement on my behalf.
On your behalf?
I have an old friend in town
that needs my help, and I might not be back
in the office for a few hours.
Do we have any idea who the shooter was targeting?
We're working on it.
Good. Um, be the mayor until I get back.
For real?
No. It's a figure of speech,
but j--just don't make any laws while I'm out of the office, ok?
And don't worry about the shooter.
We're gonna nail his ass.
I know you will.
Sorry. That was work.
Don't apologize.
I appreciate the meeting.
You helped me find my son.
Least I can is help you find Joe.
He doesn't go by that name anymore.
Changed his name?
It was his mother's idea.
Her maiden name.
He goes by Kane now.
What happened to him?
I tracked him to Calgary,
but by then, he'd gone,
so I followed him to Ibiza--heh--
and then Mombassa.
The kid took after his father.
While we were stuck on Lian Yu,
he went out and joined the Australian Intelligence Service.
Then a week ago in Kasnia,
a mission went south.
He was dealing in arms.
Some locals caught him.
Supposedly, he didn't have a fair trial,
and now he's...
serving a life sentence
like a rat in a cage.
Ok, Slade. What do you need?
I need you to help me find my son.
Last we met, you told me
that I couldn't live in two worlds.
I'm not asking you to come back in.
Strangely enough, what I need is diplomacy,
which means I don't want Green Arrow.
I need Oliver Queen.
For what?
Can I ask you just to trust me
on this one, kid?
I've organized transport to Kasnia.
Wheels up at 2200.
I'll understand
if you don't want to join me...
But if you do, I'll meet you out front
at 2100, ok, kid?
Ok. Bring the stuff over here.
Hey. Don't worry.
It's only tent poles.
It's not like we're gonna stick around long enough to use them.
Why do you say that?
You're always leaving.
Can't believe we even made it this far.
Listen. You know that I work for Australian Airlines
and I have to travel,
but I promise you this weekend
it's just about you and me,
father and son out in the wild.
Come on. Go find some flat land
and pitch your tent.
Got him. Well, I didn't get him-get him,
but I identified him.
- Identified who? - Our sniper.
Thought your T-spheres could track his visor.
Well, that was then. This is apparently now.
He must have hacked the tracer.
Or got a new visor.
It's not like they sell them at Walmart, Felicity.
Guys, update time. I think our vigilante's back in town.
He's the shooter?
I saw him coming out of the sniper's nest.
CSU's here. Don't know how much evidence
we'll be able to pull.
Well, why don't we work with what we have,
mainly the vigilante seemed to be targeting
councilwoman Pollard.
"Seemed to be" being the operative word.
Well, Pollard's the one who's championing
the anti-vigilante bill.
Seems like a guy named vigilante wouldn't like her much.
Yeah, but martyr her? That would get this bill
passed faster than you could say "obstruction."
If it passes, I'm gonna have to consider
arresting myself.
Excuse me. What are you doing here?
You're not SCPD.
No, he's not, and this is not a federal case.
Still doesn't explain what John Diggle,
who works personal security for the mayor,
is doing at a crime scene.
I have relevant experience,
and the mayor thought this could use a fresh set of eyes.
What type of experience?
I don't recall reading that in your military file.
I'm sorry. Tell me again why
you're reviewing my service jacket.
Mayor Queen didn't mention he was under investigation.
Of course he did. It has nothing to do with that.
But you've been working with him
for the past 6 years,
which makes us overdo for a chat.
I could wait for a subpoena if you'd prefer.
No. I'm an open book.
Step into my office.
Uh-uh! Private conversation.
Hey, William.
How are those quadratic equations going?
I hate them.
Yeah. Those were the days.
Where's your dad?
In his room.
Ah. Do you remember when our biggest problem in life
was solving a quadratic equation?
Uh-uh. I mean, I never really worried about them, but no.
Well, now we have metas crashing bachelorette parties, so--wow.
Slade invited you on a romantic getaway?
- Something like that. - Where?
Don't say Aruba. That's our spot.
His son is in some trouble.
The kind of trouble you need to get in more trouble to fix it?
Well, Slade says that he has a diplomatic solution
that requires my name and not me in a mask.
I'm worried that if I don't go,
he'll take a more aggressive approach.
So the empty bag, is that second thoughts
or can't decide what t-shirt to pack?
Because I'm out.
I made a promise to my son,
and I'm out.
It sounds like you made a promise to Slade, too.
You think I should go?
It's not like you're going back to your old life.
I wanted you to tell me not to go.
Look. Slade is not my favorite person,
but, I mean, it's not about Slade.
- It's about his son. - Yeah.
If you don't go, you're just gonna beat yourself up about it.
If--when it veers from diplomacy
and I have to break my promise to William,
I will beat myself up over that, too.
Don't tell William what you're doing.
- What? - Spare him the details
of, you know, Slade being... Slade
and tell him that you're helping a friend.
He'll understand that.
- You sure? - Yeah, I'm sure.
He's his father's son.
How long's this flight?
It's about 12 hours.
Thanks for coming, kid.
Let's go get your boy.
Stay down.
It's you.
Got your 911. Is everything ok?
Look at her face. That is not an ok face.
Vigilante made another move
on councilwoman Pollard tonight.
I almost got him.
It's cool, D.
We'll nail that bastard.
I hit him with my cry.
I shattered his visor,
and he--he took off his mask.
I saw his face.
Can you I.D. Him?
His name is Vincent Sobel.
He's my old partner.
I'm sorry. When you say partner,
do you mean partner, or do you mean "partner"?
- Both. - Now I'm confused.
Dinah, I thought you said your partner died in the line.
He was shot in the head right in front of me.
Ok. Well, I know you believe you saw what you saw tonight,
but it was night and probably dark.
It was him, Felicity.
It was Vincent. I know it.
I know it sounds crazy.
Dinah, this doesn't change anything.
We have to find him before he hurts anyone else.
Yeah, I know. I know.
Where are you with, the, uh,
shell casing John found?
The casing appears to be magnetized.
- Bullets aren't magnetic. - They can be if they're
stored in an environment
with a strong magnetic field.
You think it's something you can trace?
I like your optimism.
It's not optimism, Felicity.
It's faith.
Dinah said that you had a chat
with our FBI BFF.
Oh, yes. She was tough,
but I pushed back pretty hard.
Think we put that to bed.
Special agent Watson.
Yes. Sure. I can come by tomorrow. No problem.
All right. See you then.
Definitely not put to bed.
So where's your point of contact?
I don't know. His name's Nylander.
Foreign associate of mine from back in the service days.
He's a bit of a jackass and never on time.
He's not that bad.
Ha ha! Slade Wilson, the Terminator.
I haven't heard that name in a while.
See you're running later than usual.
Yeah. I was with a girl.
Forget about it. Look at you.
Mirakuru did you wonders, huh?
Oh, what? You're not sensitive
about that skit, are you?
You were quite the madman, I hear.
You promised me something. Did you bring it,
or did I waste my time traveling 7,000 miles
for you to screw with me?
Truth be told,
I'm glad you got your marbles back.
So who's this?
He's a friend of mine. Don't worry about him.
With you, I always worry.
This should work. Thank you.
That's it? Just "thank you"?
No extravagant dinner, no pints?
Maybe next time when my son isn't rotting
in a third-world prison.
He's lucky to have you as a father.
My son wouldn't be in this mess
if anybody else was his father.
Just be careful, Kamrat.
Your boy was snooping around some private-op mercenaries,
um, not so nice guys.
Under certain circumstances,
I'm not so nice a guy.
Eh. Not so big into decoration, are you?
I'm less enthusiastic for people wasting my time.
You're seeing Oliver Queen again.
Yeah. These new prescription glasses
are really working wonders. Heh heh.
It was just a little...
FBI interrogation humor, you know?
Your Mr. Queen's alibi for certain evenings
where the Green Arrow was active.
If you say so.
My point is are you prepared to testify under oath
under the pains and penalties of perjury
in support of those alibis?
Yeah, absolutely.
100%. Super-ready.
Everything all right?
Yeah. I'm just late for a coffee date,
so I'd like to...
- Go? - Go.
Thank you. This was pleasant.
I call this play Liberty watch.
A famous American mayor comes to small, war-torn Kasnia
to fight for the release of a man who has been wrongfully accused.
That's very clever.
Like I said, it's a diplomatic solution.
Well, Slade, still, I don't think that
they're gonna free your son just because I give them a photo op.
Well, the photo op is just to gain entry.
Of course they'll need a reason to release him,
and here are 50,000.
Assuming this works, where do we meet?
When you pick up Joe, go straight to the airport.
Here is an alias passport for him
and tickets for you both to London.
You're not even gonna see him?
I need you to promise me
that you won't tell him I helped.
No. I'm not gonna lie to your son.
It's better this way.
For him or for you?
Wait. Are you--
are you afraid that he's gonna see you
as Deathstroke and not the man you were,
the--the man I think you are now?
I gave up my right to be his father
when I stepped out of the light into the shadows
and became this monster.
Your son will forgive you
the way that my son forgave me.
Joe knew that I was coming to look for him,
so he contacted his mother,
and she sent me a message to stay away.
You got your second chance, kid,
and I'm happy for you.
Some fathers aren't that lucky.
So tell me this is not the freshest fish
that somebody's cooked for you.
I don't even like fish.
Not all fish are the same.
Trust me, kid.
Are you really a pilot?
- Of course I am. - Stop lying.
Why are you being like this?
We never get free trips.
My friend Nick's dad flies for Ferris Air.
They get free trips all the time.
Unfortunately, I work for a cheaper airline
that doesn't allow for free vacations.
Whatever. I'm not hungry.
Don't walk too far.
This place used to house MRI machines.
We're in the right place.
That's all that matters.
Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late.
- How was it with Watson? - Terrifying.
We knew she was planning a case against Oliver,
but I'm starting to think her net is widening to include us.
She hasn't contacted me yet.
Wait. Why hasn't she?
How about we not worry about this
while we're in the lair of a psycho killer? Sorry.
There's enough ordnance here for a small war.
You don't need this many bullets for one councilwoman.
When you called Vince a psycho killer,
you weren't wrong.
Mr. Queen.
Thank you for taking the time.
It is not every day I meet celebrity.
- I'm not famous. - I saw you on news once.
You punched man with camera. Heh.
Yeah. I sure did.
They also say you are quite good with bow and arrow.
Oh, don't believe everything that you see on TV.
Ok, ok.
I understand you're with organization in hopes--
To request the release of one of your prisoners--
Kane Wolfman.
I wish you'd come earlier.
What are you doing back here?
Where is my son?
Uh... There was a--a fight
in the prison yard that Joe tried to break up.
Someone pushed, and he hit his head.
He's gone.
He never knew.
Never knew what?
That I loved him.
Sure he did, Slade.
I don't remember the last time...
When I told him.
Well, you were his father.
Trust me, he knew.
I should have come with you to the prison.
I know it wouldn't have made any difference,
but... at least I could have seen him,
said good-bye.
We still can.
You can still say good-bye.
Good catch.
Come on. We're not here to mope around.
Ha ha!
Excuse me.
Could you take a photo of my son and I?
- I'm Slade. - Darryl. Nice to meet you.
- This is my son Joe. - Hey, Joe.
Nice to meet you.
Come on.
Don't burn yourself out, Dinah.
We need you for the long haul, remember?
There is no long haul.
We're putting this bastard down.
Dinah, this bastard was your partner
and your boyfriend.
I don't need you to remind me of that, thanks.
No, you don't need me
to remind you of that,
but you do need someone to point out the fact
that perhaps a part of you
should be happy to have him back.
John, when Vince died, I did
my absolute best to kill myself.
I became somebody I didn't even recognize--
to avenge somebody
who I don't even recognize anymore,
somebody who kills innocent people.
You and Vince went through something horrific.
You did some things you regret.
Maybe there's a part of you that's putting that on him.
John, he's a psychopath.
Doesn't change the fact that he's someone
who needs help, Dinah, just like you did.
Sorry to interrupt, but we've got two new problems.
Pollard's headed over to do a sit-down at channel 52
to talk about the anti-vigilante referendum.
Wait. No. That station's not secure.
SCPD cannot protect her there.
That's why I said we've got a problem.
What's the second one?
Agent Watson subpoenaed me.
I got to go, right?
Yeah. That's usually what a subpoena means--
you have to go.
Well, I'm gonna head to the news station,
see if I can give Pollard some extra protection.
Dinah, if Vince tries anything--
I know, John. I've got it.
Mr. Queen, I was not expecting a return visit.
Uh, warden, this is Kane Wolfman's father.
He wishes to see his son's body.
I am afraid that won't be possible.
Why? You said he passed only days ago.
- Yes, but-- - Warden, where's the body?
It is no longer in my possession.
Then where is my son's body?
Hey, hey. Easy, easy.
He's lying.
Do you want me to contact Liberty watch?
Do you want me to cause an international incident?
Because I am prepared to do both.
The situation is complicated.
- Then uncomplicate it! - Hey.
Trust me on this one.
Don't make this man angry.
They are called the Jackals,
the men your son investigated.
When they discovered his arrest,
which was merely him being in wrong place at wrong time,
they broke into prison, take him.
Why did they take him?
Torture. Your son is spy.
In his head, secrets worth millions.
They threatened reprisal on my family
if I spoke about it.
Slade, Slade.
When the Jackals took my son,
they didn't count on who his father was.
Ok. Every single person in that line is I.D.ed twice.
You got it? I don't care if it's your mother,
and I want two officers at every emergency exit,
and I need somebody to move this car.
Lieutenant Drake, good to see you again.
All right. We're nearly ready to move
on the news station.
Dinah's already on site.
Coffee date.
E-mailing Oliver?
Yeah. I'm just sending Oliver some info he asked me for,
you know, for his adventures with Slade.
Are you having as much trouble with Oliver
working with Slade as I am?
No. I'm having a lot more.
Rationally, I know that it was the Mirakuru
that make him a jerk, but...
But he wasn't on Mirakuru
when he left us on Lian Yu.
- Exactly. - It's ironic that Oliver
has more honor than the man he's helping.
"Ironic" isn't the word I would use.
Guys, we got a problem.
If I had a nickel for every time I heard that--
Listen. I'm gonna need you to stand down, ok?
Do not come here.
Dinah, we're not standing down.
We're not leaving you out there alone.
Well, I'm not alone.
Agent Watson is here, and she brought friends.
She's hoping the Green Arrow will show up.
Look. You guys stay put, ok?
I got this.
I asked Felicity for any Intel
she could find on the Jackals.
She hacked the databases of every major intelligence agency
in the world.
And what did she find?
Nothing. These guys are ghosts.
Well, that's no help.
This is. Using closed circuit cameras
in the prison and surrounding areas,
she got their escape route,
the license plates, and then using
keyhole satellite technology...
She tracked them to one location.
- Yes, she's did. - She's brilliant,
so how did you get her?
Ask myself that every day.
What's in there for me?
Nothing. I promised you your only part in this was talking.
Circumstances have changed.
Not for you.
You've got your feet planted in one world,
and you should keep them there.
Slade, these Jackals are the best of the worst,
all right?
They are stone-cold killers.
What do you think I am?
I think that you're outnumbered,
and quite frankly,
I think that you're out of practice,
and I am not letting you do this alo--no.
Alone is what I do best, kid.
Go ahead. Tell me the truth.
Not bad.
Heh heh heh.
I have to go to the bathroom.
I'll be back soon.
You are Xien Ming, an agent
for the ministry of defense, People's Republic.
I am looking for an agent who you black bagged
called Yao Fei.
You have 10 seconds to tell me where he is.
Hey. He's with me. Excuse me. He is with me.
Let him through.
You guys make sure that perimeter is secure
over on the side there.
I thought I told you to stand down.
Well, don't worry. I left the hoodie at home.
Well, then what are you doing here, John?
I told you I got it.
Then I realized
you're not exactly in your right head.
My head is fine, thank you.
Your little pep talk really got through to me.
Dinah, you're a lousy liar.
He didn't always make bullets.
Vince. He used to make this matchbox art
with a tiny, little paper rose on the inside.
He made me one the morning Sonos found out
we were undercover.
There is nothing left of that man anymore, John.
Dinah, earlier this year when he attacked Oliver's limo,
he had the chance to kill you, and he didn't.
- Your point? - My point is that maybe
there's something left of the man you used to love.
If there isn't,
I'm gonna put him down,
and this time, he'll stay dead.
Dinah, will you just--
You better get out of here before Watson sees you.
3, 2...
Good evening. I'm Jane Woods,
sitting tonight with Ms. Emily Pollard.
Welcome, councilwoman Pollard.
It's my pleasure.
Pretty quiet, Lieutenant.
Place is locked tight.
He's not getting in here.
What we need is legislation to deter
others from joining this vigilante movement in the future.
We need to take those vigilantes off the streets.
You don't think they serve a role?
Cops serve that role.
Department's been full of corrupt cops in the past,
and on top of that, we're short-handed.
All I know, Lieutenant, is that if people
take the law into their own hands,
we've got anarchy.
Don't move, and it'll be quick.
Killing me won't prevent the referendum from passing.
If anything, it will make sure it does.
But there will be one less corrupt politician.
Let's talk, Vince. Just talk.
Freeze! Get down on the floor!
You have 3 seconds.
1... 2...
Put the gun down.
Call an ambulance. Do it now!
You're not the only one dark matter did something to.
Everything heals now.
I thought you were dead.
You let me believe it for 4 years, Vince.
I'm sorry. I couldn't let myself be--
Distracted? From what?
My mission.
We were cops for 10 years.
What did we ever accomplish?
A lot.
Not enough, not nearly enough.
This is the only way.
You've lost your mind.
I'm not the only one wearing a mask.
The police are coming and the FBI.
You should go.
Black Canary, what's happening?
- We're getting reports that-- - Pollard's safe. She's secure.
What about vigilante?
He got away.
Ugh. Ohh.
Hey, buddy.
I just wanted to check in.
Is this a bad time?
It's never a bad time.
Are you coming home?
As a matter of fact, I am.
Good. I wish you were here already.
Raisa's been making me eat granola all weekend.
Heh. Raisa knows her stuff.
Granola's good for you.
Were you able to help your friend?
No, I wasn't.
I really hope he finds his son.
Yeah. I do, too.
Is there anything else you can do for him?
Who's in charge?
Stop it. Stop.
Damn it, Slade. You're going to ruin my new shoes,
and I just bought them, brother.
This man is a legend,
so no pulling triggers... Yet.
Let me explain.
I knew you'd been involved, Nylander,
but you're too stupid to run this organization.
So where's the boss?
You know, I had really hoped prison
would be your dead end, but no.
You just had to keep on coming, didn't you?
We've got a great thing going here, Slade,
lots of killing, lots of money,
and your son, what he knows...
You like burning Bridges.
Ha ha ha! So says the man
who nearly burnt down a whole city.
You're smarter than that, Kamrat.
Where... is my son?
Why do you ask, hmm?
Do you wish to join him?
Did you have a good time?
Just close this up.
Busy night.
Yeah. Guess we're lucky you and your agents
were there to provide backup.
Councilwoman Pollard says she was saved
by the new Black Canary.
Hmm. Yeah, I heard that.
Hell of a thing. Pollard saved
by one of the vigilantes she's gunning for.
From what I understand,
it didn't change her position.
What about you?
Try to stay out of politics.
No. I mean, where were you tonight?
What do you mean? I was right there.
Not when the lights went out.
When it went dark, you were gone,
and the Black Canary was there.
You think I'm the Black Canary?
I think a lot of things,
but I focus on what I can prove.
Have a good night.
I'm curious, Slade.
What was your plan?
Kill us all and save your boy?
Kind of reductive, no?
I like to keep things simple.
Ahh. Things rarely are, brother.
Well, this is.
I will join the Jackals
as long as you let my boy go.
It's like I said.
Things aren't so simple.
We need your son.
After all, he's our boss.
Hello, father.
It's been a long time.
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