Arrow (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - Next of Kin - full transcript

A rogue black ops team led by Onyx breaks into Kord Industries and steals something lethal. Oliver struggles to connect with William so he reaches out to a surprising source for help.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My name is Oliver Queen.
After 5 years in Hell, I returned home
with only one goal-- to save my city.
But I couldn't honor that commitment
and honor the promise I made to the mother of my son,
so I asked the best man I know to help.
His name is John Diggle,
and he is the Green Arrow.
Previously on "Arrow"...
Our old friend Alex Faust.
Ok, clearly he was at SCPD
when the explosion went off.
So he's either died or escaped.
He escaped.
Special Agent Samanda Watson.
Can we help you with something?
I'm here as a courtesy
to inform you of the investigation
I'll be conducting in your city.
- Investigation into what? - You.
Ok. Present us is only worried
about you quitting your nobody-told-about job.
When are you gonna let that go?
When you go into business with me.
Wait. I'm sorry. Go into what with you?
Think about all the good we could do.
On Lian Yu, Felicity and I got caught in one of the explosions.
I thought you guys were fine.
I have nerve damage.
That's why you haven't been pulling your gun.
It's just a tremor. I can manage it.
You nearly got killed last night
because you couldn't rely on me.
But what are you gonna do about it?
Tell Oliver.
Eyes on Faust?
Shoot her!
I got him. He's in the structure next door.
- Everyone get into position. - Copy that.
- On it, Hoss. - You got it.
Get him!
Ooh. Down for the count.
No more bombs for you, bitch.
Go, Green Arrow.
Or should I call you the Green Arrow?
It feels kind of weird.
It's weird,
but at some point, we all have get to used to it.
♪ Arrow 6x03 ♪ Next of Kin Original Air Date on October 26, 2014
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It seemed to go well out there tonight.
Yeah, we make a good team.
And yet you still have worried face.
It's because sooner or later,
someone's going to find out
that the Green Arrow
isn't shooting any arrows.
Yeah, well, Curtis and I are working on that.
We're gonna figure something out.
Good. Thank you.
Ok. I am going to go home.
I'm going to sleep,
and maybe I'll even get 4 hours.
Maybe in another week,
I'll get used to that judgmental stare
you keep giving me.
This isn't judgment. It's amusement.
"Sooner or later, someone's gonna find out
the Green Arrow isn't shooting any arrows."
Dinah, I'm not an Archer.
No, it's not about the arrows, John.
It's about the injury.
I thought you were gonna talk to Oliver.
I was...
Until he asked me to put this on.
Which he never would have done if he knew the truth.
Dinah, what do you want from me?
The man's under the FBI microscope.
He's worried about his son.
Imagine how worried he'd be if he knew
you were out there compromised.
Did you see me tonight? Did I look compromised?
Dinah, I have this handled.
The tremor's gone.
Well, I guess I worried for nothing, then.
Good morning.
Good morning.
You like your eggs scrambled, right?
Yes, I do.
Good. That's what I made you.
This is for real-for real, isn't it?
Me being around more?
And not the other guy?
It is for real-for real, if that's cool with you.
What you got there?
Math. Big test later this week.
Yeah, I know what it's like switching schools,
but don't worry about it.
You'll get there.
Not by the end of this week.
I'll be lucky to get a C.
Nothing wrong with getting a C every once in a while.
I used to get Ds. I would've been psyched for a C.
You don't get it.
I am kidding. Just, I think that if you relax
a little bit more, it'll come easier.
I got to study. Can I be excused?
- Thanks. - Yup.
- Hey. - Hey.
You all right?
Ye--no. William's stressing over a test.
I tried to be supportive, and I feel like I just--
I'm--I'm making it worse.
I feel your pain. That was Dinah's department.
I don't know what I'd have done parenting alone.
Uh, uh, I mean, you'll figure it out, though.
Thank you.
Agent Watson,
I do not believe you are on my schedule.
I think you'll come to find I really don't give a damn.
Your office issued a statement
on last night's apprehension of Alex Faust.
We did. He was apprehended by the Green Arrow.
And I'm sure you have an airtight alibi
for last night.
Rockets game with my kid.
We were on the Jumbotron.
And only an idiot of the highest order would be fooled
by someone else running around in that hood.
Whoever your understudy is, he might want to brush up
on his archery.
Or did you think we didn't notice
that no arrows were used in taking down Faust?
Are you done?
- I'm not. - Ok.
Whether I can prove you're the Green Arrow,
there's no question you support him as mayor.
You're known to protect and communicate with him and his team.
Is that a crime?
No. But you're sending a message
to the police of this city
that they can't do their job without vigilante help.
I'm glad I don't work for you.
She's not wrong.
Uh, about the "Glad you don't work for me" part
or the "Nobody's buying John under the hood" part?
The undercutting the cops part.
I know they're not enough for this city,
but they never will be if we keep saying it.
That's a catch-22, Quentin.
I mean...
Can you try to find a solution?
Yeah. I'll try.
Thank you.
It'd be nice to have something
before John and the team have to get back in the field.
Hey, I'll be back in 5.
Uh, guys?
Yeah, we heard you. You'll be--
what the...?
Officer Lopez...
I hope you don't own any Kord Industries stock.
My pension fund does,
though it seems a little crass to worry about that now.
What do we got?
The vics all died of broken vertebrae or blunt force trauma.
- Forensics? - Not even a fingerprint.
And speaking of, the unsub used
one of the vic's palm prints to gain access
into Kord's internal server.
To get what?
The company doesn't know yet.
I'm gonna need a chat with the CEO.
In the meantime, I'm gonna take a look around here.
- You get all that? - Yeah, and a bag of chips.
Sorry. I didn't get a chance to eat breakfast this morning.
I'm feeling a little peckish.
Ten will get you 20 that Kord's CEO won't tell you anything.
Can you access the server?
Already here. Now what?
Ok, you're looking for a master port.
It's female with a yellow border.
Got it.
Ok, insert our toy
and let us do our thang.
You keep saying "thing" wrong.
All right. We're in. Curtis has got it from here.
You going somewhere?
Yeah, I got startup work to do.
Yeah, we're still trying to decide on our name.
Hey, so I think I have a solution
to our cop's catch-22.
That was fast.
I was chatting with councilwoman Pollard.
She's in the early stages of drafting
some anti-vigilante legislation.
Hear me out.
If you were to join it, sponsor it...
Still, no.
You could tailor the bill to however you want it, all right?
You could take the teeth out of it
so it can't bite the team too hard.
Ok, first, Pollard is not a pushover,
so we know this isn't true.
Second, I am not going to put John in the hood
and then actively support legislation
that further brands him a criminal.
Find another way, please.
- Hi. - Hey.
Um, city hall is 6 blocks that way.
I thought maybe you could use
a late afternoon snack.
Who are you, my mother?
I mean, that's not even accurate.
My mother rarely remembered to pick me up from school,
let alone make me a snack.
May I come in?
Yeah. Yeah.
I, uh, love what you've done with the place.
Yeah, well, you know,
it's near impossible to find affordable office space
in the city.
Someone should talk to the mayor about that.
Oh, speaking of, how do you feel
about the name "Bit By Bit"?
Sounds like a sitcom from the eighties.
Great. That's, like, really not what we're going for.
Well, who knew that when you
stopped balancing being vigilante
with everything else that you would have time
to drop off snacks?
Speaking off, how is William now that you're
done pulling double vigilante/daddy duty?
It's a two steps forward,
one step backwards sort of thing.
I was just thinking,
I'd really love to lean on Thea, but, um,
I mean, she just has a knack
for this sort of thing.
Yeah, she'd be the most bad-ass aunt ever.
Would she ever.
Well, I know I'm not Thea,
but I am so down to help in any way that you need.
Well, truth be told, aside from snacks,
I do sort of need your help.
William has a math test later this week
that he's really stressing out over,
and, um, every time I open my mouth,
I am making it worse.
So the man who took down Damien Darhk is bested
by arithmetic.
It wasn't my strongest subject in school.
No? What was, truancy?
Yeah, no doubt.
Let me guess, you told him something along the lines of,
"Just relax. I would've been psyched to get a C.
All I got was Fs."
Ds. I most--
How did you know that?
Because I know you,
and I know that if you even cared about school,
you would've been good at it.
Thank you.
Nothing would grind my gears more when I was his age
when my mom was just telling me to stop worrying
when I was freaking out about a project.
I didn't need to learn how to relax.
I needed to figure out how to do the work.
So what do I do? What d--
Well, ask him--ask him what he needs,
and then put him in the driver's seat,
and he'll show you how to help him.
You make things so simple.
You always have.
No wonder Kord doesn't like to share their secrets.
They invent a lot of really nasty stuff,
including this new military grade nerve gas ZX.
What does that have to do with our mystery killer woman?
She downloaded the transport schedule for said nerve gas.
Now, do you find that alarming, or is it just me?
No. I definitely find that alarming. When is it moving?
One hour.
Ok. I'm on my way. Alert the Green Arrow.
Well, I mean Diggle. I mean John.
I mean, it's just good OPSEC to use code names in the field.
I agree. Go.
You know, if you're not going to say anything,
you can at least turn on the damn radio.
With your presets? I'd prefer the silence.
Just turn it on.
♪ children of Aquarius ♪
♪ your world is my world ♪
It's not safe on the road.
That's what he's for.
My team's more equipped.
♪ children of Aquarius ♪
♪ your dream is my dream ♪
You have horrible taste in music.
Why are we slowing down?
I don't know.
Stay here.
Overwatch. Any bogies on thermal?
Just you guys.
And I'm guessing you're not bogies.
What's going on, guys? Why aren't you moving?
I'm trying to find that out right now.
Ignition blocker.
Surprise, bitch.
Careful. Bullets and bioweapons don't mix.
Your friend's right.
Leader's in the cab, Hoss.
Go after her or the gas?
Or both?
They're getting away, Hoss. Make a decision!
Screw this.
Couldn't get to it. Couldn't stop her.
It wasn't your fault.
What the hell happened out there?
Ask him. Dude just froze.
No. Everyone got out.
A dozen people were sent to the hospital
for smoke inhalation,
and two are in critical condition.
What the hell, Hoss?
There were two targets and two of us.
What was so freakin' complicated?
I don't know. That's never happened to me
in the field before,
not in the army and not with this team.
The fog of war.
Things don't always go perfect out there,
so we close ranks and we move on.
It won't happen again.
Ok. Good,
'cause it looks like you guys got another shot
at these guys.
Facial recog came back with a match.
Onyx Adams, leader of a CIA black Ops squad
working undercover in Syria.
They disappeared in 2015 with $100 million
in Syrian government gold.
And what have they been doing since?
My guess is preparing for the ZX gas heist.
And finding the tech they need to do it.
Why weren't they blinded by the flashbangs like we were?
Also, if these guys got away with 100 million in gold,
why would they risk it by trying to steal nerve gas?
Fine. See if you can pick up any chatter on the dark web--
encrypted message boards, whatever.
I'll check with Lyla,
see if any Intel has changed.
Also, I'm sorry about tonight.
That wasn't me.
Hey. When I said move on, I meant you, too.
Fortunately, the two victims in critical condition
are expected to recover.
Multiple witnesses spotted
Green Arrow and his team of vigilantes at the scene.
Becky, can you get
the fire chief's latest report, please?
And could--would you mind putting in an order
for some coffee?
One of the big boxes of coffee, please.
Thank you.
So I guess being the Green Arrow involves
something of a learning curve.
We don't know the circumstances surrounding last night.
Yeah, but we know how it's gonna play out.
What do you mean?
Heh! Wow. Speak of the devil.
Got to admire her sense of timing.
- Who? - Pollard.
She's seizing the moment.
She's using last night's disaster
as a pretext to introduce
her anti-vigilante legislation to the council.
- Does she have the votes? - I don't know.
Can you make sure she doesn't?
Can we talk for a second?
I just wanted to say thank you
for having my back with the team.
Now, truth be told, I, um...
I was a bit surprised considering you--
Well, don't be surprised.
And don't think I said what I said for you.
I said it because this team needs a leader.
Without a chain of command,
we're easy pickings out there.
Ok. I guess that's why you decided
not to tell anyone about my injury, right?
It is.
But, honestly, as worried as I am
about your hand, after last night,
I'm a little more worried about your head.
I know.
Hey, Dinah, I know.
Every time I've had to give orders
in the army, on this team,
there was always someone there
backing my plays.
I'm not used to making the hard calls alone.
No one is more disappointed in me
than me.
Well, next time, get it right.
Our lives depend on it.
She shoots, she scores!
What do we have?
Ok, these are our new friends back in 2015.
But last night, you said there were only 5.
You think when that leader went rogue,
not everyone went with her.
Woof. Wild Dog for the win.
Three of her original members
defected back to the CIA for a little while at least.
What do you mean, for a little while?
Ok, 'cause this guy and this guy were both killed
in separate poison gas attacks last year,
one in Mosul, one in Tripoli.
The video footage is...
it's--it's really gruesome.
Well, poison gas can't be a coincidence.
No. I mean, ISIS is linked to both of them,
but I'm pretty sure this is how Onyx likes to solve her problems.
So she staged two terrorist attacks just to settle a grudge?
No, not just a grudge.
These are the only two that can pin her to the stolen gold.
All right. So she's wiping out defectors.
Got one left--rob Reynolds, whereabouts unknown.
Yeah, but you got to figure Star City or somewhere close by.
Well, I'm guessing we should worry
what this gas could do to a populated area.
Oh, yeah. Look.
Hey, buddy.
How's it going?
You still worried about the test?
Anything that I can do to help?
Uh, do you know quadratic equations?
Wow! Um, those sound vaguely familiar,
but then again, I wasn't the most enthusiastic
math student, so...
I really shouldn't be talking
to anyone who can't help me right now.
Got a minute, Hoss?
This about Pollard's bill?
No. Uh, sorry. I...
I've been out of the office.
No, this is about John.
What about him?
It's not working out.
You talking about last night?
I'm talking about something--
I'm talking about
something a hell of a lot worse
than what happened last night.
That poison gas could kill thousands.
John can handle it.
That's why I'm here, Hoss.
He can't. He's in over his head.
We're lucky nobody died last night,
but luck runs out.
We need you to come back.
I'm still working on a 20 with Reynolds.
It's gonna take a while.
These black Op guys are really hard to find.
Hey. Wow.
I'm just surprised to see you here,
and I'm also surprised that you remembered the access code.
It's been, like, a week.
- Yeah. It was--it was a joke. - Ok.
I'm guessing you're here for--
Well, yeah, and the guy
that you're searching for, this Reynolds.
- Yeah. - Can Curtis handle it?
Yeah. I'm sure he can. Why? What do you need?
Well, I asked William what he needs,
and he needs a tutor.
Aw. Lucky for you and for him,
you are looking at Nevada's
3-time state mathletics champion.
Only 3 times?
Yeah, they wouldn't let freshmen enter.
It was an ordeal.
I got over it, but it still kind of hurts.
This can't interfere with an operation.
No. We're in a holding pattern.
I'm sure Curtis can come and cover me.
I might have to leave abruptly,
but other than that, yeah. No, it's not a problem.
Well, I'll probably see you back there. I'm gonna...
Ok. Yeah. Ok, yeah.
Yeah, I'll call Curtis. He'll be here soon.
Ok. Ok, bye. Bye.
This is weird.
Being back down here?
How many times have you come down here
to find me brooding?
Well, I'm not brooding, Oliver. I'm thinking.
Ok, maybe I'm brooding a little bit.
Well, if you haven't figured it out already,
that expression is as much a part of the uniform
as the green hood.
Every time you were down here brooding,
it was because you made some kind of mistake.
I think you made another one, man.
No. Not even close.
Who came to you? Rene?
I needed to come and ask Felicity a favor.
And then, of course, I saw
that very familiar expression.
It makes me wonder if maybe I asked too much of you.
What do you mean?
I gave up being the Green Arrow for William,
but you have J.J., you have Lyla.
It doesn't exactly seem fair.
That's not the issue at all, Oliver.
I made my peace with this whole life a long time ago.
So what's the problem?
I don't know how you did it.
You never hesitated to make the call.
You were always sure. I'm not.
I was never sure, not one time.
I'm very flattered that it--it looked that way on the outside,
but on the inside, it was...
It was instinct.
It was instinct, and it was fear.
Yeah, but you worked past it.
Well, you'll work past it, too.
Now, I'm not gonna sit here and say
that you won't make mistakes,
that you won't lose people along the way.
You know, most--most will be strangers,
but some...
well, some won't be.
Because, John, you're one of the main reasons
that the Green Arrow even exists.
What are you talking about?
The Restons.
- The bank robbers? - The bank robbers, yeah.
You were the first person who convinced me
to look past
just the names on my father's list.
You helped me discover that the hood--
that persona--he wasn't a hero.
You--you helped me find one.
All of this-- the Green Arrow,
the idea of it-- it exists
because you had faith in me.
Now you got to have
the same kind of faith in yourself.
Because if you do...
You can be a better leader.
You can be a better hero
than I ever was.
- Sitrep. - Good to go.
Any doubts?
You ask that each time?
Because we are going after our brothers in arms,
I need your resolve.
You got it. And tonight Reynolds gets his.
Roger that.
What about the Green Arrow?
What about him?
You've seen him in the field.
Being highly trained operators,
would you consider him a threat?
- Hell no. - There's your answer. Move out.
Ok, and after you divide by x...
Uh, solve for x.
Yes, but first...
Is it factor the binomials?
Yeah, right. Cool.
But why can't I just solve for x?
Oh, you will, I mean, eventually,
probably in high school,
but first you have to master the binomials.
Oh, I'm gonna bomb this.
I know it sucks because you're new
and probably a little behind,
but the fact that you're frustrated means
that you can see how useful math could be,
which means, unfortunately, you're really good at it.
Oliver said school doesn't matter in the real world.
Hmm, well, Oliver didn't grow up in the real world.
School changed my life.
I used to love school.
Yeah. You will again, promise.
How's it going in here?
Yeah, I'd say we're making progress.
Could you tutor me some more before the test?
Um, yeah. I mean, if it's cool with your dad,
it's cool with me.
If it's cool with you, it's totally cool with me.
Special delivery.
Hey, that's not grilled cheese.
No, it's not grilled cheese.
Those are Monte Cristos.
What's a Monte Cristo?
What? You've never had--
this is the best nighttime snack you can ever have,
and you used waffles.
Well, that is how we do it in the not real world.
Curtis got a location on Reynolds. We gotta--
Well, I gotta--ha ha!--Go.
This is--without you, it's weird.
Best of luck out there.
Oh, I'll be in the bunker for this.
William, you're awesome.
- Thank you. - See you soon.
She's pretty cool.
Yeah, she is.
Traffic cams picked up Reynolds
heading north on Hillcrest.
The only things out there are
souvenirs and the Haselby Grand.
A hotel's a great place for an ex-spook
to stash a go-bag and try to slip out
with the tourist crowd.
Huh. It makes you wonder if his old crew tipped him off
or he's just the luckiest target in the world.
Either way, there are hundreds of people in that hotel,
so if they disperse the gas--
They won't. Let's move out.
Did he forget to say "suit up,"
or was "let's move," like, his version of "suit up."
Because, personally, I like "let's suit up,"
'cause then it just lets you know that you...
Go suit up, Curtis.
Yeah, I have to go suit up. Ahem.
Hey, hey.
Can you handle this?
I asked Oliver to come back.
Well, the fact that he didn't should tell you something, right?
Look, all I know for sure,
if John doesn't straighten himself out,
it's gonna be another rough night.
I got eyes on the tango.
Roger that
Package is deployed.
What do we know, Overwatch?
Lots. Thermal reads
a potential 166 casualties inside,
and Onyx's team cut the CCTV.
So we're going in blind.
Literally if we get hit with those flashbangs of hers again.
Your dorky-ass glasses better work.
Got visuals thanks to Mr. Terrific's T-spheres.
Go now.
We need locations on Reynolds and the gas.
I have him, upper lobby,
but I got no way of detecting the gas.
Canary, terrific, see if you can locate the gas.
Dog, you're with me on evac
after we clear Reynolds.
Oh, I really hope he's not making decisions
based on animal code names.
All right, Hoss, let's check these out.
Guys, you got two hostiles in the lobby.
- Hyah! Hyah! - Hyah!
Hyah! Hyah!
Guess your old tricks don't work.
I don't need tricks, just collateral.
Onyx just released the gas. What should we do?
The gas is spreading. Do you copy?
Arrow, Arrow do you copy?
Handle the gas. We've got Reynolds. Move.
The gas is coming from the trash can.
Everybody get behind me now!
Get behind me now!
I'm going after Reynolds.
Overwatch, we need a way
to neutralize the nerve gas.
You could burn it, but I don't suggest it
since you're still inside the building.
We won't be for long, I hope.
The breaches are too small
to evacuate all these people.
Which is why we're gonna make them bigger.
Going somewhere?
I wasn't gonna tell anyone about the gold.
You know, it turns out money can buy happiness.
It just can't buy peace of mind.
Uh! Uh!
Hyah! Hyah...
You all right?
Who the hell are you?
I'm the Green Arrow.
I got one of Onyx's flashbangs.
It should be enough to ignite the gas.
Ok, everyone, when I count to 3,
that wall is going bye-bye,
so I need you all to haul ass.
There is nerve gas followed by a huge explosion.
I don't think they need the motivation.
Good point. 1, 2...
Gas dispersed. All civilians accounted for.
Good work.
The other four are down.
- Onyx is in the limo. - What about this guy?
He helped steal millions in foreign gold
and turned a blind eye when his comrades
were being killed off in fake terrorist attacks.
That's good work back there.
Just following your lead, Hoss.
Can we do this after every win?
Oh, a new tradition for a new era. I like that.
To go with our new team arrow victory dance.
I didn't know we had an old one.
We don't. Never will.
Things won't be changing around here that much.
There's something you should know.
- You went to Oliver. - You told him.
She didn't have to.
I know you, Rene.
I know all of you.
It's a leader's job to.
Gift time.
Oh, yes. So...
Curtis and I have been working on
a little something in our spare time.
Very limited spare time, may I add?
We call it the Green Monster.
Or something cooler than that.
Like, pretty much whatever you want to call it.
The important part is it shoots arrows
instead of crossbow bolts.
260-pound draw weight.
The arrows exit the gate at 400 fps. That's feet per second.
Integrated recoil energy dissipation system.
Adjustable mount scope,
quick detach quivers, pistol grip,
finger guards, non-slip rubber insert.
You two want a moment alone?
You want to take it for a spin?
Damn, Hoss.
Did you guys put stabilizers on that crossbow?
That aim there is pure John Diggle.
Not a bad idea, though, for the next upgrade.
Nice going. Steady.
See? Told you. The tremor's gone.
Well, I'm convinced.
You were wrong about one thing, though.
What's that?
You can make the hard calls on your own just fine.
Thank you.
So, uh, your friends did good last night.
I had a feeling John would get it together.
How did you manage?
Well, too many councilmen owe Pollard too many favors.
It's--it's gonna pass, Oliver.
Well, I'll veto it.
You've got enough PR problems as it is, don't you think?
Besides, they've got enough votes for an override.
There has to be something that we can do.
Matter of fact...
Let the record show there are no nays
on the anti-vigilante measure.
Those in favor?
Point of order.
Does it address the matter at hand, Mr. Mayor?
It does, madame parliamentarian.
Thank you. And good morning.
As you know, I have been accused
of a great many things recently,
including but not limited to supporting vigilantes
at the expense of our men and women in uniform.
This was never my intention.
In the wake of the attacks on the SCPD,
putting this police force back on its feet is
my number one priority as mayor.
We need the women and men of the SCPD on our streets
protecting us, but they can't do that
if they are busy hunting vigilantes.
That is why I oppose this bill,
and that is why I am invoking chapter 9
of the city charter.
And you are aware that will convert
councilwoman Pollard's bill
to a citywide referendum?
I certainly am.
Because last night, a group of vigilantes saved
hundreds of lives.
So if we are going to decide
on diverting police resources
towards stopping them, we are not going to do that
until the people of Star City have spoken.
What the hell was that?
Stay of execution.
The mayor's procedural maneuver
took both the council and the public by surprise.
How the public will decide on the issue of vigilantism
is anyone's guess.
According to multiple reports,
the city council was set to pass strict measures
against the Green Arrow and his team.
This anti-vigilante legislation was introduced...
Who are you protecting?
with a gift.
You busy?
No. Um... No. I--come in.
I was just working on a name for the startup,
which would be a lot easier
if Curtis and I actually knew
what we were trying to start up. Heh!
You know, that's tomorrow's problem.
Is it my birthday?
William got an "A" on his test.
Oh, he did? Oh, that's awesome.
I mean, I knew he would.
He's super smart.
His understanding of math is at prodigy levels,
much like me at his age.
Ha ha! Can you believe he's your son?
I didn't mean it-- that's not what I meant.
I mean, math isn't everything.
I mean, you have--
you have so many redeeming qualities.
You know, you have amazing abs and...
I'm just gonna open this.
- Please. - If that's ok.
It's a key to my apartment.
Won't that be confusing for William?
I mean, it sure as hell is confusing for me.
I know that when I took William in,
we agreed that we would keep our distance because...
He was gonna have a lot to process.
He's still got a lot to process.
Yes, he does. Every day, there's a new challenge.
I sense a "but" coming.
There's a "but" coming, right?
But then I saw you with him.
And I became 100% sure that if you want...
his life will be better with you in it...
just like mine.
Are you sure that's what you want?
I'm sure.
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