Arrow (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 22 - The Ties That Bind - full transcript

Diaz targets Team Arrow and their loved ones. Oliver struggles with Felicity putting herself in danger when she gets the chance to stop Diaz for good.

Previously on Arrow...

The Quadrant.

You know, I heard about these guys
when I was working undercover,

I never could get anyone to confirm
their existence.

Yeah, well, they are real.

High-end cartel,
ruled by moneyed families

with ties to all things black market.

We think Diaz may be
helping her with that operation.

You said you were an honorable man.

Now, I think you know Diaz isn't.
Help me stop him.

I'm moving on to Plan B.
Killing Oliver Queen,

and everyone he cares about.

Uh, Dad, there's a shell in this one.

Uh, yes, there is.

Oh, isn't the pan hot?

Ow, it's immensely hot,

but when we are doing breakfast
for dinner at Chez Queen,

we do it right.

- Salt me, please, Felicity.
- What?

Can you pass the salt, please,
quickly, when you get the chance.

I cannot put salt on this

if it's gonna put that expression
on your face.

- It's not about the salt, Oliver.
- Okay.

Call me when dinner's ready.

Okay, well, you have officially
scared him away, so...

Do you wanna
tell me what's going on with you?

Oliver, it's just... You're in here
pretending like you weren't almost

put in prison for the rest of your life.

Okay, we almost lost you
and the man who tried put you there

is still out there controlling the city,

and you're just in here
scrambling eggs, Oliver.


Okay, first, I'm gonna stop him.


I am in here scrambling eggs

because I just wanted a night, one night

to remind myself what I'm fighting for.

Okay, yeah,
I guess I can departmentalize that.

I can help you with that.

Arm's strength back.

Motor function's restored.

All signs of the nerve damage you had
are gone.

Do you mind telling me how you did this?

Sorry, Doc, NDA.

So, if he's in the clear,
does that mean no more check ups?

Well, you guys are good to go.

- Enjoy date night.
- Thank you.

Thank you, Doctor.

I'll take care of the paper work.

I think we still have time
to make the shabu-shabu place.


And over here
is the polymerase inhibitor.

Felicity and I had to take out, like,
three big loans

just to buy it, but it's...

You know, when you asked me
to meet you at your work...

You thought that I had a fantasy
about fooling around in an office?

I thought it was your way of milking
another hour out of work.

Well, I just thought that
you'd like to see how I spend my days.

I mean, this is some pretty
cutting edge tech.

Which is gonna make us late
for our reservation.

Okay, Mr. Punctuality.

Let me just shut down the rest
of the equipment.

No, off the post.

Oh, damn.

Okay, you know what,
when everything settles down,

I'm getting us the best seats
in the house.

You do know it's like $400 a ticket.

And they will have obstructed views.

Nah! Anything for my baby, okay?

Dad, quiet.

At least wait for a whistle
if you wanna talk.

Okay, okay.

I'll give you the courtesy of putting
that back in before we start this.

Does it have to be in that order?

- You work for Ricardo Diaz.
- Who?

You wanna play that game? Good.

I need to blow off some steam.

My mom and I used to eat
breakfast for dinner all the time,

except it wasn't ironic
'cause she worked nights, so...

I mean, not like that.
At least I hope not like that.

Are you gonna get it, Dad?

No, it's one of the perks of being
impeached, no interruptions.

Oliver, get the phone.

The phone.


- Who is it?
- Anatoly.

Get down!

When I move, get William to the bedroom,

and shut the door, okay?

Play one of the best new FPS shooters,
search Steam for PROJECT WARLOCK

Are you two okay?


- Are they dead?
- No, but they're down.

- What?
- Trouble.


You know, you're gonna wake up
in a couple of hours,

your head's gonna be throbbing,

you're gonna regret not talking.


You were just the bait.

Go. Go. Go.

Lyla, behind you.

- I had him.
- I know you did, honey.

No. Look at me.
Stay with me, stay with me.

- Don't look, peanut.
- Okay.

One bullet, back of the head,
you won't even feel it.

You know the cool thing
about sound waves?

They bounce.

Mr. Oliver.

Oh, thank God you are all right.

Thank you for coming so quickly.

I was close. Where are the men?

I tied 'em up, they're unconscious.

Hey, I just spoke to Rene, Dinah
and John, they're okay.

Good. And what about Curtis?

He's okay. His boyfriend isn't.
He has to go into surgery.

Starling General's not secure.

No, Lyla sent them to the A.R.G.U.S.
med bay, they're gonna be okay.


Quentin said that Diaz
isn't gonna attack the mayor.

That's too much in the public eye.

But Laurel's in the wind.

What about us?

That's why I called Raisa, okay?

We're gonna put you into A.R.G.U.S.
custody. They're gonna keep you safe.

You're not coming, are you?

No, I have to stay here.

I have to finish this.
You're gonna go

with Raisa and Felicity.

Actually, buddy, I'm not coming either.

I would like you
far away from here and safe.

Oliver, this is my fight
as much as it is yours.

I'm not going anywhere.

As the Green Arrow,

I have gone up
against some terrible people

who have tried to do terrible things.

Hey, look at me.

And I'm still here.

That doesn't mean you always will be.

You're right.

William, I just started
being your dad, okay?

I love being your dad.

And nothing is gonna take me away
from you,

especially not Ricardo Diaz.

Kick his ass.

John and Lyla are on their way?

Yeah, but why you having them come here?

Because our bunker is not secure.

Yeah, but why would Diaz
do all of this now?

He could have moved on us months ago.

Diaz wanted me in prison

to avoid making a martyr
of the Green Arrow.

With me out of the picture,
he would have come after you.

- Didn't go that way.
- Well, I'm not liking his Plan B.

This is the feed
from our surveillance cameras.

Son of a bitch.

What are we doing just watching?
Let's go there now.

There's no time, Rene.

Diaz has numbers.

Which means he has technical advantage.

John's right.

Bunkers and equipment can be replaced.

We need to look at the big picture.

Our families are on the way
to the safe house.

Better. NORAD bunker in Colorado.

Oh, no, no, no. Not the...

I should have done this months ago.

Torch it.

We leave now, we could snag a couple.
Send a message.

Don't worry you'll get your chance.
Just have patience, Rene.

Dinah's right.

Diaz is making his move.

We will make ours carefully
and precisely.

End this tonight.

How much support can we expect
from A.R.G.U.S.?

I had to stretch the rules to get
what little resources John has now.

As big a problem as Diaz is
for Star City...

A.R.G.U.S. is small potatoes.

What John means is A.R.G.U.S. isn't
chartered for law enforcement.

It looks like it's just up to us then.



- How's Nick?
- He's resting.


It was pretty bad,
but he's gonna be okay.

- We got lucky.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.

He took those bullets for me.

Don't worry, we'll give him payback
times 10.

Where do we start?

Well, we've gotta get a direct intel
on Diaz's location.

I'm working on that.

All right, and we need some
major league ordinance.

That, A.R.G.U.S. can help with.

Bennett and I,
we are a force multiplier.

You know, if we keep going this way,
we're gonna die out there.

It doesn't matter how much
weaponry Lyla provides,

how angry we are,
how much adrenaline we have,

if we just...
If we just press ahead like this,

we're all gonna die out there.

We haven't worked together in months.

You know, Diaz is not expecting
that, at least.

He's planned for everything.

Us getting back together,
working as a team.

It's a start,

but this guy has got an army.

He has city officials,
he's got the police,

he's got everything.

Please tell me there's a "but" coming
at the end of this pep talk.

Anatoly can get us in.

I thought he hated your guts.

I think we've come to an understanding.

I also think that he might be
the one move

Diaz does not see coming.

But, Oliver, if that's our tactical
advantage, we need to press it.

Let me set a meet with him. Okay?

Let us make a move off of his intel,

but until we have it,

I want you guys to stand down
and I...

I'm asking you to trust me.

I know that that trust
does not come easy

after everything's that's happened.

Let's put all of that aside

and get this done.

Thank you very much.

My family is alive thanks to you.

Please save gratitude for
when I'm sipping on

umbrella straw on beach,

safe and sound in Maldives.

I don't know how long your family's
safety is going to last.

SCPD has instructions, kill on sight.

Diaz's base of operations is too secure.

We can't move on it
without losing people.


Best bet to get him on move.

In transit, so to speak.

Well, but he's gonna expect us
to hit back.

I'd expect him to stay
where he's secure.

Perhaps I can think of something
to motivate him.

I'm asking a lot of you.

I appreciate it.

You cannot wage revolution

in white gloves.

Lenin had many faults,

but he was right about that.

You wanna stop pacing?
Giving me a headache.

Funny, I was going to say
the same to you.

Your pitch to the Quadrant
was that you controlled this city.

And I do.

Then why have you turned it
into a war zone tonight?

I thought we couldn't let the vigilantes
be turned into martyrs.

The judge kicked the case
and let Oliver Queen walk.

So you switched gears
from careful and precise

to loud and messy?

Your attitude is what I find...

to be unwanted.

Be careful, Ricardo.

You've already given us the city.

Are you suggesting that

I'm replaceable?

I'm suggesting no such thing.

Miss Cassamento does not appear
to be pleased.

- What happened tonight?
- You underestimate your enemy.

They're strong and motivated.

They got lucky.

Luck, strength, what does it matter?

You did not kill bees.
You merely poked the hive.

Bees will be agitated.

You think they're gonna come here?
That's fine.

Let them bring it on.

Bring them here?

This place, lovely,

but not secure.

At least not enough

for what you know
they're going to come after you with.

Anatoly did it.

Diaz will be on his way
to the SCPD in an hour.

A.R.G.U.S. doesn't have the authority
to arrest Diaz,

so once you have him in custody,
what's the next step?

Yeah, Lyla's right. We can't just
hand him over to the police.

And, no offense, but your Lian Yu
super max is kind of blown up.

One problem at a time.

All right, we need to end this

and that means
solving our first problem.

Getting Diaz.

Can I say it for old times sake?

Suit up.

In Russia, we travel in nicer cars.

This girl ain't pretty,
but she's bullet proof.

What's that?


Hold up, guys.
We gotta move this forklift.

Get this under control now.

You forget your gun?

Curtis, don't!

You hurt someone I care about!

You want some more?


Quadrant reinforcements with SCPD
and more are on the way.

We gotta pull out now.

We almost got that son of a bitch.

How's Curtis?

He's resting with Nick.

One inch either way,
he would have bled out. He got lucky.

- It wasn't just luck.
- What do you mean?

Diaz could have killed Curtis,

but he went for some sort of
necklace instead.

Must be one damn important
piece of jewelry.

More like a piece of tech. Look.

It's a GRV-657. Solid state drive,
military grade, dynamic encryption.

Whatever is on it,
Diaz has gone through some major trouble

to keep it secure and close though.

This looks like something we should
have our hands on.

Wait, how do we know?
There could be nothing on it.

You just said so yourself.
I mean, Diaz went after this

instead of going after Curtis.

Your digital sniffer,
can it read the drive?

Yeah. If you get me close enough,
for sure.

But Diaz is headed to SCPD.

I'm sure he's gonna let us
stroll right in.

They'll let me.

What do you mean? Diaz knows that
A.R.G.U.S. is working against him.

The police still have to
keep up appearances.

Wouldn't look good if the decline

a visit from the head of
a federal agency.

And if things go south,
I've got you to back me up.

I think that this is a big gamble
for an unknown pay off.

It probably is, Oliver,

but it might be our only shot.

So, we're all on board here?


Double perimeter security.

Next time I see Oliver Queen,

I want his head on a spike.

You got it, boss.

Where's the tech kid?

Cosby's over there.

Oh, Mr. Diaz.

I need to know if what's on this
is still intact

without you looking at the data.

- Can you do that?
- Uh...

Your grandma's life depends on it.

Yes, sir.

Close the door.

They knew!

Who? Knew what?

That I was moving!

That my men were coming
for them tonight!

Laurel, she's buttoned up, right?

Who could've told them?

I do not know.


You and Queen,

you go way back.


Which is why his betrayal hurts so much.

If it wasn't you,

then who?


Who brought men and police
to help us tonight?

- Cassamento.
- How did she know we'd be attacked?

I did not ask for backup.

Did you?

Why would she tip off Queen

and then drag our asses

out of the fire?

That doesn't make sense.

Yes, it does if she wants leverage
over you.

To make you grovel.

Truth be telling,
I do many times before in Bratva.

I don't grovel.

How's it going with the sniffer?

Oh, just snifferific.

I am programming it to specifically

couple with the digital signature
of Diaz's drive.

I'll have to do some
on the fly programming

just to cut out the noise,
but totally in my wheelhouse.

Does this absolutely
have to be done on site?

It absolutely does if you would
absolutely like it to work. Why?

Oliver, you do know I have been
on the field before, right?

Russia. Twice.

Nanda Parbat, Merlyn Global.

That all happened
before you were a parent.

Well, if it will
make you feel any better,

I will not be the one
infiltrating the precinct.

That'll be Lyla.

The same Lyla who's also a parent.

And whose husband didn't blink twice

when she volunteered
to go into Diaz's dragon den.

Lyla's a soldier.

Yeah, which is why
she's the one infiltrating

and I'm the one hacking remotely.

I'm not gonna do anything stupid.

- Do we have a problem here?
- No.

Ready when you are.

All I have to do is position this
some place central?

Yes, if Diaz's drive is in that
building, the sniffer will find it.

I can monitor the transfer from here,

but I need this back for the full pull.

How much time do you need
for the transfer?

- A couple of minutes, max.
- Copy that.

- Everybody in position?
- In position.

First hint, if anything's wrong,
signal us.

Copy. We move in five.

Everything okay?

Yeah, it's just that it's so nice to
see how you and John, you know, work.

When you're on the field,
you guys are so in sync.

How do you do it?

You're asking for marital advice now?

Sorry. Yeah, totally terrible timing.

It's just that Oliver doesn't even
want me here,

so I just thought maybe a tip
or two would work.

We always knew our lives
would be high risk.

Eventually, we got to a point where

worrying about that seemed
less important

than enjoying the time we have together.

Even if that was on a battlefield.

Also, getting divorced helps.

Can I help you with something?

Lyla Michaels.

Where can I find your captain?

We're kind of between captains

since our ex-mayor fired the last one.

What's A.R.G.U.S. doing here?

Investigating Ricardo Diaz.

Never heard of him.

Be that as it may, I'm gonna need
to see you CompStat reports

for the last six months.


You do not wanna make me
come back with a warrant.

Wait here.

- You're on, Felicity.
- All right, locked on.

Give it a few minutes.

Data all seems intact, Mr. Diaz.

We got a problem?

I'm not sure.

You better get sure.

Yes, sir.

Guys, the encryption rate,
it's Corto Maltesean in origin.

What does that mean?

I mean, I don't know,
but if I was betting, financial records.

What if these are all Diaz's books?
Everyone he has on his payroll?

We could liberate the city.

Take down his whole operation.

The data is being copied.
Cloned actually.

- What?
- It's happening on site somehow.

Some bitch from A.R.G.U.S. is here.

She wants to look
at our CompStat reports.

No, she doesn't.

Lyla, we're done. Grab the sniffer.

Agent Michaels, can I talk to you
for a minute?

They're on to us.

Forget the device.
Just get out of there.

Director Michaels,

I heard you're interested in me.


you better get in here.

Oh, frack it.


Sorry! I'm sorry!

That was an all-out fight with the SCPD.

Totally nuts, even by my standards.

Yes, but it was the only option though.

I mean,
this was too important not to get.

How would you even know?
This is supposed to be encrypted.

Well, you can just call me an optimist
because I'm thinking

in two to three hours,
all of us are gonna be extremely happy.

Can you gather information
as it decrypts?

It would be nice
to get a jump on things.

Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no.

This is an all or nothing
type deal, okay?

We go in mid-decryption
and the whole drive wipes.

- Nothing.
- Felicity, may I speak with you?


I'm just gonna take a wild guess

and say that this isn't
one of those conversations

that starts with like,
"I love you, you were brave,"

"you go, that was awesome."

No, this is a conversation that
happens because I love you.


You promised me you would stay put.

Well, I didn't exactly promise.

Fine, you promised me
that you wouldn't do anything stupid.

You charged into a firefight.

Which was a calculated risk.

Did you calculate how close
Ricardo Diaz came

to shooting you in the back of the head?

We got what we wanted.

It's not...

And if I'm right, what we wanted

has the list of everyone in the city
that Diaz controls.

This could help us get our home
back from Diaz, Oliver.

We could actually save our city
this time around.

I think that's a little bit more
important than what ifs.

This is why I started working
alone again.


You know what?
I tried convincing myself

that that was the right move too,
but it's not

because we're married.

And we're supposed to be
each other's strength.

So there is no alone for us anymore.

It's not that simple and you know it.

God, I'm really gonna start needing
you to see it that way.

Hey. What the hell are you doing here?

I heard Felicity might have got hold
of Diaz's payroll,

so I hitched a ride back with John.

I can help with the decryption.

Whoa, whoa, Curtis. Hey, are you crazy?

You are in no shape to be up and about.

A deranged madman attacked everyone
I hold dear and near to me.

I'll nap later.

He also made you almost bleed out,
so I need you to stop, okay?


How is me resting gonna help
anything, Dinah?

Okay. But being reckless isn't
gonna help anything either.

He almost killed my man.

What do you expect my reaction to be?

Exactly the same as mine.

I'm sorry, I...

I wasn't thinking about Vincent.
I'm so sorry, Dinah.

You shouldn't be thinking about Vincent.

You need to be thinking about Nick.

Just please don't go about this
the same way that I did, Curtis.

Blind with rage.

Remember how you had to talk me down?

I remember my advice not really taking.


But you're a lot smarter than me.

Look, Nick is lying
in a hospital bed right now.

If you don't take it easy,
you're gonna end up right back in one.

We got this. Go be with him.

That's absurd. Why would I tip off
the Green Arrow

only to save you from him?

You tell me.

You're delusional.
You ought to be thanking me.

I hacked, and I hacked,

and I back-traced where
Felicity Smoak took your clone data.

We can get there before she decrypts it.

Good work. Call everyone.

- We're going to war.
- War?

You've already shot up two apartments
and a hospital.

To say nothing about what happened
in your own police station.

Your point?

You're out of control
and out of your depth, Ricardo.

We accepted you
into the Quadrant because...

So sorry, I couldn't hear you.

You have something stuck in your throat.

Clean this up.

Felicity says that the decryption
is only at about 40%.

I'm sure she's working
as fast as she can.

Well, I'm quite sure she is,

but maybe we need to come up
with a backup plan

just in case this doesn't pan out
the way we think.

I agree.

And I'm open to suggestions.

The first thing is

figuring out what is going on
in your head.

Yeah, what else you guys talk about?

I may have prodded her a bit,

but, Oliver, I really didn't need to.

Everyone can see the tension
between the two of you.

Well, John, I asked her
not to go into the field.

And she did.

And I'm sorry that she thinks
I'm changing the rules for her,

but I am changing the rules for her
because things have changed.


Diaz's people attacked us in our home.

Sitting down for a meal in our home.

So don't ask me to sit here and pretend
like things aren't different.

And you told me
that I had spread myself too thin,

and I listened to what you said.

And I took it to heart
and I made some changes.

She went into the field tonight,
she split my focus

and it could have gotten
both of us killed.

- But it didn't.
- Well...

The truth is, you were there
for her tonight.

The same way she's been there
for you as Overwatch.

And look, when I said
that your focus was split,

I didn't mean throwing away
everything and everyone

that gives you strength.

Diaz is here with an army.

Oliver Queen doesn't make it out alive!

Tricyclic gas is filling the building.

This is Diaz.

His men breached
the northeast entrance.

Between that and the gas,
we don't have a lot of time.

Are there any other ways out of here?

South corridor, there's a secret
stairwell that leads to street level.

If anything goes sideways, Curtis rigged
the whole place to go boom.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
All right, we gotta go.

- Not yet.
- Felicity, we have to go now.

The decryption is not done.

I'm not leaving until it's done.
Do not fight me on this.

Everyone else has to go.
We will catch up.

Just in case.

I'll cover you. Go!

Get out of here!
Go, get out of here!

Come on! Come on!

I had him, honey. Let's go.

- How much time do we have?
- Five minutes.

We don't have five minutes, Felicity.

- You have to get out of here.
- No chance.

Once the decryption is done,
I'm gonna e-mail it to you

and basically to the entire world.

Hey, hey. You okay?

This is our last chance, Oliver.

This could be our only chance
to stop him.

Let me try. William needs you.

William needs us.

I'm gonna find another way.

Come on.

- How may flights are there?
- A lot.

Where's Oliver and Felicity?

Okay, we're almost there, Felicity.

You can do this. Hey!

I was just coming to kill you.

Looks like you met me halfway.

What hurts more, do you think?

Me killing her in front of you,

or you in front of her?

You'll do anything to keep her safe,
won't you?

Love, that's the real king killer.

Click it.

Oliver! Come on,
let's get them out of here!

I'm so sorry about your men, Lyla.

Bennett was a good soldier.

They all were.

We should go back.

I wanna see Diaz's body.

I sent in a forensics team.

He wasn't there.

Son of a bitch has nine lives.

I'm sorry.

Did Felicity finish the decryption?


No, she had to leave it.

Where does that put us?

Absolutely nowhere.

I know, buddy. We miss you too.

Well, it's gonna be a few more days,

but we're safe, okay?

We're both safe.

Hey, we love you, William.

Bye, kiddo.

- Is he okay? How's he doing?
- He's okay.

He's scared, but, you know, he's safe

and just wants all of this to be over.

Yeah, yeah.

Don't we all.

Hey, I'm, uh...

I shouldn't have pushed you away.

I should have trusted you
to keep yourself safe,

and I should have trusted my abilities
to help keep you safe.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

It's good to know after all these years
that you can still learn something.

You know, I still have ways to go.

That's true.

So what now?

I have an idea.

Thank you for coming.

I asked you here because we lost
another Quadrant member last night.

You see, I don't mind partners

when they're loyal.

It turns out Miss Cassamento wasn't.

So what I have to decide right now

is whether you two
fall into that same category.

You wanted in the Quadrant, you're in.

This doesn't have to be adversarial.

See, that's the thing.

Me wanting in,

I always thought

that I wanted that.

And I realized,

it's just not enough.

You don't want a partnership.

You want a controlling stake.


Let's try this again.

May I?

We have the Quadrant's resources.

We got its muscle,

its connections.

All I need

is loyalty.

The Quadrant's running out of members.

Do I have it?

So far,
Ricardo Diaz has been unstoppable.

He has aligned himself

with the most powerful
criminal organization in the country.

He controls Star City's government,
its infrastructure

and its police force.

I can't stop him on my own.

And when you say you can't stop him,

are you speaking as the former mayor

or as someone else?

You want my help,

I'm gonna need two things from you.

The first is,

I'm gonna need you to say the words.

I am the Green Arrow.

And the truth shall set you free.

What's the second thing?