Arrow (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 13 - The Devil's Greatest Trick - full transcript

Cayden James launches a full out attack when he uncovers a secret about the Green Arrow that puts him over the edge.

Previously on "Arrow"...

You would be
remiss in forgetting

the thermobaric explosive

that remains in my possession.

What... Do you want?

Vengeance for my son.

What did you find?

Video of his son's murder.

This is fabricated.
It didn't happen.

Whoever planned this

knew exactly how
Cayden would react.

Which means that person
has to be close to Cayden.

Do you trust me?

I need you here

for a rather
important assignment.

- What's that?
- Rooting out a traitor.

D... don't.

Baby, please wake up.

He's gone, D.

We're clear.

All right. Keep moving.

I guess Cayden James
and friends knew

we were coming.


Once I learned of
Mr. Sobel's treachery,

I had to assume this
location was compromised.

Speaking of which,

I didn't appreciate
your alliance with him.

Made me think we no longer
have an understanding.

You need to know something.

Many things, I'm sure.

But I doubt very much
that you're the man

to teach them to me.

We almost have proof that
I didn't kill your son.

A desperate gambit.

Cayden, give me more time.

Time, I'm afraid, is a commodity

you and your city
have run out of.

Mr. Sobel's betrayal
convinced me

that there's little good
in delaying matters further.

I will be detonating

the thermobaric bomb
over Star City at midnight.

My son will find justice

in the ashes of your
beloved city.

== sync, corrected by elderman ==

Cayden is going to detonate
the bomb in 4 hours.

Where are we with the video?

Well, we're running
our photographic analysis algorithm

to reveal the original footage.

How long will that take?

As long as it takes.
The algorithm Felicity and Curtis wrote

works wonders on a still image,

but this is 24 fps video we're talking
about here, so...

Right. Cayden just told us
that we are running out of time.

There's something
you should consider.

You're putting
all of your chips down

on a bet that he'll spare
the city if he thinks

you're not responsible
for his son's death.

That's because
it's the only play we have, Alena.

I'm just saying you
might be trying to reason with a man

who's beyond reason.

As you are well aware,

Arclight is now in its
final phase.

And now it's time for us
to take our leave.

Words much appreciated,

but how are we to get
out of city?

Stay close to your phones.

You will be airlifted
from the city

before the bomb goes off.

After it does, your individual shares
of the ransom

will be wired
into offshore accounts

that have been set up
for each of you.

Sounds fair...



Thank you for helping to see
this project to fruition.

I don't think I need to stress

how... personally important
this has been for me.

Thank you for all you've done

to get justice for my boy.

Mr. James.

Just as Alexander
rained destruction

on Persepolis, so do I now

on Averwood Pharmaceuticals.

$50 million for illegal
black market drug deals

and I just made it all...


You must be our new recruit.

Kojo Sledgehammer, if I recall.

Yeah, I am... I am so stoked
to be here, Mr. James.

This is just... you're
an absolute legend.

It's been a pleasure
meeting you.

I'm sure we'll all do
great things together.


See you guys tomorrow.

Hi, Dad.

Hey, that was quite a game.

Please don't lie, ok?

I could see you weren't
in the stands.

Mom told me you didn't show.

Where's your mother now?

She and Jim went to have dinner

at some fancy French restaurant.

Jim got a promotion and said
he wanted to treat her.

That's considerate of him.

So sorry I missed
the game, Owen.

I got delayed at work.

Is that what we're
supposed to call

your weirdo hacker group?

The work we do is important.

It benefits people
all over the world.

Yeah, work you won't
even tell me about.

As I've said, that's
for your protection.

Look, I know I'm not
the easiest person

in the world to talk to...

But I do want to be

a bigger part of your life.

I truly do.

Well, you can't have it
both ways, Dad.

You can't say you want
to be a part of my life

and keep me out of yours.

When are the finals?

Tomorrow night.

I will be there.

I can't share with
you all the details of my work,

but I vow to do
a better job of sharing your life,

and that begins tomorrow.

Yes! Yes, exactly. Please.

Listen, we need SCPD radios linked
with emergency services

right now, ok? Now!

Where the hell are you?

Did you get my message?

Yeah. Ok. We rallied the troops,

and everyone's
panicking a little.

Gather a list of essential
personnel, clergymen,

doctors, as many people
as you can mobilize.

Wait. How... how are
we gonna explain

how you have access
to the Arrow's bunker?

We have bigger problems
right now, Speedy.

Besides, this is the
only place in the city

I can think of that could possibly
withstand that blast.

You have eyes on...

William. Of course. I got it.

Thank you.

Do you have to keep doing that?

It keeps me calm.

Do not worry.

Cayden James will not
let his friends die with the city.

You're damn right,

but I'm not gonna stick
around to find out.

Where are you going?

Someplace I won't get blown up.

The two of you haven't noticed?

The airlift
that Cayden promised,

it's more than a little late.

I hate to say it,
but I think he's right.

I noticed that Dinah didn't show
up for work today.

Well, after what happened
to Sobel,

you really expecting her to?

No. I just... from what
Oliver told me, I...

I don't really think that
she's exactly just grieving.

You think Oliver would
just what,

let Dinah kill her?

No. I... I just don't think that

that's what's
on his mind right now.

Right. Well, you know,
if it comes down

to Laurel against Dinah,
then Laurel's

not the one I'm worried about.

Tell me where I can
find Black Siren,

or the next bone I break
is your neck.

Lady, if any of these
people told me

where they were going,
I'd be with them.

I guess that's one way

to not get information.

What are you two doing here?

Looking for you. SCPD says
you weren't in today.

We were wondering
if you were gonna do something stupid.

Guess we were wrong.

I am looking for her

to get justice for Vincent.

Why do you say, "justice," like
it's coldblooded murder?

I know you're hurting, D.,
but Felicity called.

We've got till midnight
before James

lets his bomb do its thing.

As much as we feel for you,

that seems like the priority.

He's right. Now is not the time
to go off the deep end.

I can't let this go.

I'm sorry.


I love you both, but stay
the hell out of my way.

We need to consider the
A.R.G.U.S. airlift option.

Oliver, we've already
talked about this.

James will see it coming.

We need to consider something.

- Got it!
- What?

I've seen this. It's bogus.

You said you had something?

Yeah, the whole thing
was a massive deception.

Owen was never
collateral damage,

like Cayden was made to think.

He was the real target
the whole time.

Who is that?

Facial recognition just
picked him up

as Karl Iscove, paid assassin.

With a bow and arrow?

A bow and arrow's not
his usual M.O.

I'm guessing it was
a special request

by whoever hired him
to kill Cayden's son.

All to set you up.

We need to have a conversation
with this Iscove,

find out who hired him.

He's dead.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

The assassin was assassinated
not long after Owen Post.

We need to know where
Cayden James is right now.

Got him.

Well, I'm
guessing Cayden doesn't care

about people knowing
his location

now that his bomb is
about to go off.

He's almost on the I86.

He's psycho, but he's
smart, meaning he

doesn't want to be
anywhere near the boom

when the boom goes boom.

We'll never catch him.

I have an idea.

We need to talk.

judgment, Mr. Queen.

If you wanted the bomb to go off

before midnight,
you'd be hard pressed

to come up with a better way

than taking me into custody.

Watch this.

Would that be the proof that you

alluded to earlier?

Just play the video.

No, I'm not watching this again.

No, Cayden, you're not.

Now we're watching
the real video

for the very first time.

Oliver didn't kill your son,

which means someone else did.

The assassin's
name is Karl Iscove.

He was instructed to use
a bow and arrow

so the video could be

and they could make it
look like me.

It's the same tech used

to out Oliver as
the Green Arrow 4 months ago.

Someone's gone through
a lot of work to put

you two on a collision course.


Someone within my organization.

How do you know?

The metadata on
the forged video file

confirms it is the work

of the same person
who manipulated

that photo in October.

You lost a man a month ago.

Killed by the traitorous
Mr. Sobel,

but I highly doubt
it was Mr. Sheck.

That leaves Laurel, Diaz.

And Anatoly.

I'd like to speak

to my former colleagues.

And that's where the
two of you come in.

No! We're not rounding
them up to be executed.

No. I just want
a pointed conversation.

Bring them to me, all 3 alive.

Otherwise I'll have no choice

but to stay the course.

I still have a very
powerful bomb,

and I'd be perfectly happy

to take out Star City
right along

with whoever orchestrated
the death of my son.

You got to be kidding me.
Please tell me you're kidding me.

The only way to stop James
from destroying the city is

by delivering him his people.

Lead them to the
slaughter, you mean.

I won't let that happen.

Right now,
that's our only option.

You don't even know for sure
that one of them did it.

I mean, none of them were working
for Cayden when he received the video.

But they were working
for him when he received

the doctored photo.

It has to be one of
those people, Alena.

It is either Diaz,
Anatoly, or Black Siren.

You hope.
What if Cayden is lying?

Well, we got bigger
problems than that.

I mean, what makes
you think that we

can find Cayden's
BFFs if he can't?

If they're smart, they're
out of the city by now.

They're smart, but so is he.

He grouped them
together by promising

to fly them out
before the blast.

Thank goodness for small favors

and gullible bad guys.

But now they're worried
that James

might not make good
on that promise.

Raisa wanted to go to
one of the city shelters,

so she could be with her family.

What's going on?

Why did we have to
leave the safe house?

We'll talk about it
later, buddy.

You promised you
wouldn't lie to me anymore.

Cayden James is threatening
to detonate a large bomb

in Star City, and this is
the safest place for you.

That is the truth.


Yeah, we're running
facial recog,

and Cayden gave us back
satellite control, but...

Our usual tricks aren't working.

Oliver, we need
the rest of the team.


Where are you going?

I need to go look
for a few people.

Let me come with you.

I need you to stay here.

I want to stay with you.

It is too dangerous out there,

bottom line.

I'll be back as
soon as I can be.

You have any luck?

You think I would?

She was pretty clear
about where she stood, Hoss.

So basically the city's
gonna get destroyed

and our friend's gonna
commit murder,

and there's not a damn thing we can
do about either?

About time, D.

Different kind of D., Hoss.

Sorry, John.

We've gotten someplace
with Cayden James.

He won't detonate his bomb
if we bring back Anatoly,

Diaz, and Laurel alive.

So no honor amongst thieves?

Well, let's just say he has
a good reason to think

at least one of
them's responsible

for his son's death.

We could use your help
finding them.

Well, if we do it, we should
go after Laurel first.

Dinah's after her.

And if she gets to her
before we do...

D.'s gonna kill her.

And if she does that,
she might be killing

the whole city.

Vince told me you had
a togo bag stashed.

It took me a little while to
figure out where.

- Hyah! Hyah! Hyah...
- Hyah...

You can't stop me.

This ends tonight.
You end tonight.


You stay out of this.

I can't let you hurt her.

Hi, Daddy.

I missed you.

I told you, this ends tonight.

I wouldn't do that
if I were you.

What are you doing?! I had her.

I'm saving the city.

I cannot believe you are
working with Cayden James.

Not like that, D.

He wants Anatoly,
Diaz, and Laurel alive.

Or boom goes the city.

Just saying that's
a pretty good reason

to not kill her besides,
you know,

all the other good reasons,
like killing is bad.

I can hold off for
a little while.

Dinah, we do not
just execute people.

No. You just let them die.

Can we continue this later?

Anatoly and Diaz are
still in the wind.

Correction. Ricardo Diaz
was in the wind.

Cayden's satellite just
picked him up headed south.

Our team can take down Diaz.

Ok, sending you
the GPS coordinates now.

I'm staying here.

I'm not letting her
out of my sight.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
So what, we're letting

the foxes guard
the henhouses now?

Quentin, Canary, you
keep eyes on Black Siren.

Wild Dog, Terrific,
you go after Diaz.

Overwatch, let us know when
you have eyes on Anatoly,

and Spartan and I will be
ready to move.

Put me through to Cayden.

Mr. Queen, have you
fulfilled my request?

We have Black Siren.
Where do we take her?

The last time I checked, it
took more than one songbird

to make up a trio.

Cayden, we don't
have time for games.

Then I suggest you find
my former compatriots

as soon as you can.

Owen, before this night is over,

I promise you we will
render our judgment.

You heading out, Cayden?

Yes, Alena.

Prior engagement. Must attend.

Well, are you sure
that's a good idea?

What ever do you mean?

I'm s... I'm sorry.

I just assumed somebody
would have told you.

I... I picked up some chatter

on your hacked A.R.G.U.S.
responder a few minutes ago

about your takedown of
Averwood Pharmaceuticals.

My point being, it's just
if A.R.G.U.S. has your scent,

maybe going out right now
isn't the best idea.

Probably not, but I'll
take precautions.

I can't afford
to break this date.

Where do you think
you're going, buddy?

You like that?

We got this off another
pair of doppelgangers.

You know, I have to say,

I was surprised.

Your boyfriend

and his little magical
healing abilities,

you know, I thought
it would be harder

to take him down, but it wasn't.

What's going on?

I'm counting down the minutes.

What, before you try and
kill my daughter again?

That is not your daughter.

That is a monster.

You gave your monster
a second chance.

After he worked his ass off

to redeem himself

and after he gave his life

to stop Cayden James,

so if you seriously
want to compare

Vince to Laurel, I sugg...

I know. I know what she's done.

I'm not an idiot.

But no one deserves
to die, not even her.

You're wrong.

And once this is all over

if Cayden James
doesn't kill her,

I sure as hell am
gonna take my shot.

Where's my dad? He said
he'd be right back.

Um, yeah. I... I know.
And he will.

It's just that things

didn't really go as
he planned tonight,

the way any of us have planned.

So it's taking a long time.

He's gonna be ok, ok?


I've got eyes on Anatoly
and a few of his friends.

Looks like they got
themselves a helicopter.

Next I come back to city,
I hope it is ash.

Kapiushon! Show yourself.

Aah! Agh.

City is about to become crater.

You want to put me
in prison? Fine.

Just out of town, please.

The bomb's not
going off, Anatoly,

because I'm going
to deliver Cayden James

the truth... you.

You have finally snapped.

Took a few more years
longer than I expected.

You set me up.

The photo, the doctored video.

I already told you,

that was not me.

Well, forgive me

if I don't want
to take you at your word.

Overwatch, we got him.

Curtis and Rene got
Ricardo Diaz.

That makes us 3 for 3.

William, give that to me.

Call James.

I was beginning
to think you'd forgotten about me.

We have all 3.
Where do you want them?

Meet me at the abandoned
theater on Jefferson Avenue.

I'm on it.
I'll call Curtis and Rene.

Ok, I got Quentin.

I'll keep an eye on Cayden.

Prodigious timing, gentlemen.

It's almost midnight.

We're not here
to play games, Cayden.

And yet here you are.

And what of Mr. Diaz
and Ms. Lance?

They'll be here.

And what of this young man?

I don't believe your
son was invited, Oliver.

What are you doing here?

I want to be with you.
I'm scared.

William, just listen to me...

It's just like on the island,

just like when my mom died.

I don't want to lose you, too.

Please. I want to stay with you.

Come here. Come here.

It's all right.

You stay over here.

This started with my son.

Yours should be
here for the end.

It's a beautiful symmetry,

don't you think?

He has nothing to do with this.

I don't disagree,

but it appears your
son has other plans.

Hello, William.

My name is Cayden James.

You're the guy who wants
to blow up the city.

I suppose. It's a long story.

And it concerns my own son.

Where is he?

Passed away, I'm afraid.

Cayden James?

I was told to expect you.

Warned, in fact.

Mr. James, we're here to
remand you into custody

for multiple violations
of federal law.

I strongly advise you
not to resist.

My only son is playing
in this game.

Could I perhaps watch it
before you take me in?

That's not how it works.

I'm just asking
for a few moments,

a little compassion here.

I strongly suggest
surrendering peacefully

to avoid a scene.

There's no need for that.

All right. I'm gonna get
the lay of the land.

She'd better be here
when I get back.

I don't think she likes me.

Well, you haven't given her

much reason to, have you?


She's right, you know.

Ahem. About what?

I'm not like Sobel.

I'm not gonna change.

I'm not gonna
just wake up one day

and be your Laurel.

No, no. You'll always be you.

But you can be better.

Why would I?

We live in an ugly world,

and the only way
to survive it is...

Is to be ugly right back.

You're wrong, ok?

Hey, has it ever occurred
to you that I like who I am,

that when I killed Sobel,
I actually enjoyed it?

And all those pictures
that you showed me of your daughter...

This... this... this woman
that I don't even recognize.

They made me sick.

She was soft and naive,

and that's why she's
the one who's dead.

Why are you telling me this?

Because I don't ever
want to find myself

enjoying killing you.

Perimeter's secure. Let's move.


Quite a brave young fellow
you have here, Mr. Queen.

Brave and foolish,
much like his father.

What... what's he doing here?

None of your concern, Mr. Lance.

And the rest of our
guests have arrived.

These two freaks say
that you think

one of us killed your boy?

In point of fact, Mr. Diaz,

I know that one of you
killed my boy.

I intend to find out who.

You believe people in masks

over people you do
business with?

I'm with the Russian.

I think these guys
would do anything

to save their precious city.

I don't trust anyone's
word, Mr. Diaz.

I put my faith
in data, information.

Ones and zeroes never lie.

Here's digital proof that one
of you has betrayed me.

William, please
just get out of there.

None of you know...

What it feels like
to lose a son.

A piece of yourself gone.

It's like a phantom limb.

No, it's worse than that.

It's like a piece
of your soul lost

as if it had never been there.

Lost. No, stop. I keep
reminding myself that

I have not lost my son.

He's been taken from me.

Hey... You're losing it.

Your grief,
it's making you crazy.

What if it has?

Just look at him.

He wants to kill
everyone in this room.

Just be ready to move.

Ok, screw this. It was me!

I did it.

I'm the one who did it.

I killed your stupid kid.

- My God.
- What?

For the past 3 minutes,
Cayden's detonator

has been emitting
a 76gigahertz field.

Now it's spiking.

What does this mean?

It means there's something
wrong with the bomb.

It's a shame, really.
He was very cute.

The signal's fritzing again.

The closer Cayden gets
to Laurel,

the bigger the frequency
spikes on the detonator.

No. It's not the detonator.

Aren't you gonna ask me
why I did it?

No. I know you're lying.

You're not nearly as callous

as you portray yourself to be.

I saw, Ms. Lance.

When I ordered you
to execute Mr. Sobel,

I saw you hesitate.

You didn't want to do it.

Oliver, you need
to get Laurel away from Cayden

right now.

His detonator is interfering
with her powerdampening collar.

Well, well, well.
Now, this is interesting.

Grr! Laurel!

Guys, are you ok? Do you copy?

Overwatch, we're fine.

Ok, thermal imaging reads
everyone's still inside,

but they've gone in
different directions.

I'm good.

Find Anatoly! I've got Diaz! Go!

Sure thing, Hoss.

I knew this would happen.


We work with Oliver,
we get in trouble.

The guy's a walking death trap.

Who do you think taught him
about traps?


God, you're persistent.
It's annoying.

The son of a bitch.

Dinah, no!


Laurel. Laurel.

William. William,
back away, son.

Come here, come here, William.

Your son wouldn't want
you to do this.

The person responsible for
his death is in the vicinity,

and I intend to drag them
to hell with me.

I owe it to my son.

Come here. Come here.

You don't have to be
afraid, all right?

I'm right here with you.

And I love you very much.


I had an obligation
to protect my son.

It's a father's job...

Protect your child...

But I failed.

I failed him utterly.

All this time...

The man responsible
for his death...

was me.

Don't you move.

I can't believe he was ready
to blow up the whole city.


He lost his boy.

I don't even want to imag... well.


What you did was very dangerous.

I know. And I'm sorry.

I am never gonna let
anything happen to you, William,


And I am promising you
that I will do

everything that
I can to make sure

nothing happens to me.

You can't make that promise.

I can make that promise.
I just did.

I am right now.

Kiddo, I've been doing
this a long time.

So trust me.



Thank you.

I got to go talk
to the others, all right?


Where are we?

If by we you mean
Anatoly, Diaz, and Laurel...

Completely in the wind.

- Again?
- Again.


Ok, well, Quentin's walking
Cayden James through booking right now.

Look. I know what
you're gonna say,

but I think finding
Laurel needs to be our first priority.

Don't make this personal, Dinah.

Or, you know,
more personal. Heh.

You heard her.

She is the one who had
Cayden James' son killed.

She is the one who set
all of this into motion.

- You don't know that.
- She confessed.

She was pushing James'
buttons, D.

How did she manage to
blind all of you this much?

You're the one that's
not seeing clearly,

if you ask me, Dinah.

I didn't.

Hey, hey.

You're better than this.

I guess we're leaving now.

Yeah, we're leaving now.

Just to be clear,

whatever happened
doesn't change anything.

Yeah, we're glad that we
took down Cayden James,

but we're still doing
our own thing.

Please try and keep
Dinah in line.

No promises, Hoss.

In case you haven't noticed,

we're not having a lot of
luck with that right now.

Well, we saved the city again

and got Cayden James.

Yeah. Why doesn't it
feel like we won?

I must say this visit
is somewhat predictable.

Well, I needed to look
you in the eyes, Cayden.

I need to know that
this surrender of yours...

Isn't some sort of ploy.

I've had bad luck
with that tactic.

You prevented me from
doing the unspeakable

last night.

I'm sure Owen would
have been ashamed of me,

but then he always was.

These are my best guesses

as to where you might
find my former allies

along with the account number

to a bank in Corto Maltese

where I placed all the money

I embezzled from the city.

Thank you.

I would ask one thing in return.

Permission to visit
my son's grave.

I can arrange that.

Be a better father
than I was, Oliver.

If this is another
feeble attempt

to extract information from me,

I... I warn you I will
continue to invoke

my fifth amendment protections.

I'm very sorry to have
to tell you this, Mr. James,


Your son Owen was found
murdered last night.

No. He's... He's 18.

N... no.

Who would want to hurt my boy?

I'm afraid we don't know.

I am truly very sorry, Cayden.

Hey, what's the story,
morning glory?

I used to say that to you

when you were a little
girl, you know?

The other you.

I already told you.

I know what you told me.

What you told me was a lie.

But it's... James said it:

You hesitated when
you killed Sobel.

So what if I did?

It means there's a piece...

Maybe just a small
piece, but it means

that there is
a piece of my daughter

in you somewhere.

And I'm gonna get it
out whatever it takes.

SCPD custody.

Didn't think we'd end up here.

You know, I saw this
playing out a lot of ways.

I got to tell you...

I wasn't expecting this.

I assume it would be
foolish to think

that this is a rescue operation.

You were always the smartest
guy in the room.

You thought you always
had everybody pegged.

You put everyone
in your little boxes.

You always understood
what they were thinking,

how they'd react,

but you're realizing now

you didn't really know
anything, did you?

I'm afraid I don't
take your meaning,

Mr. Diaz.

Is that so?

You're supposed to be
the smart one.

You made some moves.

Then I made some moves.

Queen is under indictment now.

His team is fractured
in a million pieces.

And this city... this city...

It's primed for a takeover.

You see, guys like you never
understand these things.

Why destroy a city

when you could take it over?

I suppose this accounts
for your presence here.

The new police captain...

She's on my payroll,

along with a few other
city officials.

Arclight was a big help

in thinning the herd for me.

I suspect you're not
done thinning the herd.

Well, you were
always talking about

how much you miss your son.

In case you didn't know,

I'm the one who had him killed.

Tell your boy...

I said hello.

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