Arrow (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - Fallout - full transcript

Oliver deals with the fallout of the explosion on the island.

Last season on "Arrow"...
Are you offering to help me find my son?
I want us to find both of our sons.
I need your help.
Oliver's gonna come for us!
Yeah. I'm counting on it, sis.
Adrian, where is my son?
When we get to the airplane, I'm not gonna get on it.
- What? - I'm not leaving William behind.
Don't do that.
He's rigged the entire island
with explosives.
They're remotely linked to some sort of dead man's switch.
If he dies, it detonates all the devices.
- Unh! - William, come here.
Are you ok? Are you all right?
He wants you to kill him
so it kills all of us.
No, Adrian!
I'm on site. No sign of Faust.
He's not at his last known either.
Well, his ordinance is.
If Faust is moving from bombs to missiles,
it makes you wonder what else he's changed up.
Exactly. Stay sharp.
Boss said stay sharp, Hoss.
Faust, it's clear.
Won't be but a minute.
If... You have the opportunity,
please advise your mayor
next time someone threatens to launch
a ballistic missile at his city,
he really should pay up.
Agh! Agh!
That's an MGM-140.
It's fire and forget.
You can't stop it.
You can't disarm it.
No, but I have a very smart friend who can.
My T-sphere's spoofed the missile's guidance system.
I'm drawing it back to the water.
You look troubled
as if detonation stirred unpleasant memories.
Chase sabotaged the plane.
We can't get off the island!
There's an Argus supply ship on the eastern shore.
That's on the other side of the island.
Slade knows where it is. Go now!
Hey! Oliver says there's a boat on the eastern shore.
You lot won't make it in time.
- I'll take my own chances. - I always hated that guy.
- What are we gonna do now? - What about the plane?
Thought you said you couldn't get it fixed.
For shielding us from the blast,
- it should work just fine. - It's not like there's a whole
- lot of other options. - No. He's right, ok?
It's better than nothing. Let's go!
No! I have to find William!
You go to the plane, ok? I'll get her!
- Careful. Let's go. - Should be on the plane.
I'm not taking refuge from 100 bombs without you.
- It's more like 250. - Let's go. Let's go.
Go, go, go!
What's this?
Remarks for the Police Academy
graduation ceremony.
Seems my promotion came
with speech writing duties.
- You can write? - You can read?
I can kick both y'all asses is what I can do.
This is, uh-- this is really good, Rene.
It's like I keep telling you, Hoss.
I've got the soul of a poet.
I don't think I have ever heard you say that.
Who the hell asked you, Blondie?
You totally missed me redirecting
a ballistic missile b-t-dubs.
Oh, man. Well, I've already seen you do that once.
All right. Just as you ordered--
a triple stack with a side of heart disease.
Don't judge me.
Ah, yeah. That's for you.
Surprise. This is for you.
Here you go.
- Thank you. - You're welcome.
Sorry I was MIA.
I pretty much had to knock my mother unconscious
to get her on a flight back to Vegas.
- She did not want to go. - That's fine.
We--we had it handled.
Yeah. Even without Dinah in the field.
Come a long way in a year.
Yeah. It also makes me grateful for all the times
Oliver kicked our ass almost.
I'm gonna go home.
We'll walk with you.
Wow. It's been over 5 months.
Their subtlety hasn't gotten better at all!
Heard that!
No, it hasn't.
Um, there's some in there for William, too.
Got some fries and, like, a mini cheeseburger and then a burger
without cheese because I wasn't sure if he was, like, lactose--
Do you think there's enough for 3?
Oh. Well, I already ate, and--
- Mm-hmm. - Unless you're asking
because you think now's a good time.
- Like, do you need a buffer or-- - I don't need a buffer.
I could use some company.
I know we talked about it
and that he's getting used to me
and it might be a little weird to--
I mean, confusing, right, for him--
for us--for me--for you.
Just not tonight. Another night.
- Ok. - Heh.
Hey. Look at me.
Where's my--my mom?
Yeah. No. I'm gonna go find your mom,
but--but the island, what happened,
it's very dangerous, and you are safe by the shore,
do you understand?
What happened?
The man who took you when we saw
the explosions, ok, he did this.
He said you're my father?
I--I'm gonna go find your mother.
I'm gonna find her and make sure that she's safe,
I promise you, but you have to stay here, ok?
That food is junk.
That's why kids like it, Raisa.
How'd he do today?
New school. It's hard.
It's been a few months.
You had trouble fitting in at his age.
What? What are you talking about?
I had Tommy.
I wouldn't call having a friend
who helps you get into trouble fitting in.
That's a fair point.
Hey, kiddo.
Brought home some dinner.
Not hungry.
How's school?
Yeah. Making friends?
This weekend, let's go see a rockets game.
You know, as mayor, I get pretty good seats.
I'm tired. I'm gonna go to bed.
Ok. Good night, William.
Good night, Oliver.
- Comfy? - Could I get something to drink?
That will be up to my lieutenant.
Thanks, Bob. I got it from here.
Where'd you get the muscle?
Kettle bell swings.
Oh. Ha. Heh heh.
- The gun men, jerkwad. - Agh.
Yeah. You were rolling with some pretty highly trained
mercenaries tonight.
According to your friend in the green hoodie.
Highly trained means highly expensive.
You were probably paying as much to hire them
as you were extorting the city for.
So you're saying there's a problem
with my business plan?
Well, can I get something to drink?
I'd be more disposed to linguistics
if I weren't so parched.
What do you want?
Anything carbonated will do.
Don't look so dour. Mr. Smug'll crack.
It's not the whack job, Lieutenant.
It's Quentin Lance. As deputy mayor,
he was supposed to be here to review plans
for the academy graduation.
- So? - So his appointment
was an hour ago.
All right. It's ok. I know where he is.
Um, get this guy a soda or something, will you?
- Ahem. - Ahem.
Thanks for coming.
You did the right thing texting me.
Heh. It's not like I can call my sponsor, is it?
Why not?
If I tell him why I want to drink,
what I did, why--why I did it--
Yeah. He'd think you're on something a lot stronger than booze.
It's like all I got is this guilt,
and all I can do is just run, run, run away from it.
And go where?
To the bottom of these glasses.
Well, you're not gonna do that
because you know and I know that is not
what Laurel would have wanted.
Which Laurel?
Open it up for me.
Hey. If you think you can claim some kind of police brutality--
Not at all. No. I just needed to get this loose.
Ugh! Ha!
C4 implant. Boom.
Ha ha!
You're crazy.
I don't judge you!
Well done, Alex.
Right on schedule.
One does one's humble best.
Wire it up. Make it fast. We're on a clock.
We're all set here.
Care to do the honors?
Ha ha ha ha!
Let's go.
♪ Arrow 6x01 ♪ Fallout Original Air Date on October 12, 2014
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What's the casualty count?
9 dead, 6 in critical condition,
and 4 injured.
Good thing the Academy's turning out
a new batch of replacements.
- Hey. Come on. - Sorry, sorry.
Look. We might want to consider canceling the graduation
or at least closing it to the public.
This city does not bend to terrorism.
Look. The media's going crazy, wanting us to figure out
how we're gonna handle all this stuff.
We have Argus connections.
I'll have them handle security.
The question is who would do this and why?
Well, I think I've got an answer on that.
Got video footage.
Has anyone seen this?
I managed to get to it before anyone else could.
I thought you said she died.
You said Black Siren died on Lian Yu.
She did. She was dead,
buried under a ton of rubble
when Quentin and I found her.
Ok. Well, unless our Laurel is
mysteriously back from the dead--
something I wouldn't put past either
of the Lance sisters--
Black Siren is not only not dead.
She is not on Lian Yu.
Right. And running with our old friend Alex Faust.
Ok. Clearly, he was at SCPD
when the explosion went off.
Which means he either died or escape.
He escaped. The question is
why is he working with Black Siren?
And where did they hire these mercenaries?
I'll get this image over to Lyla.
She can tell us where these guys are from
and when they started working together.
I promised Raisa that I would take William to school,
so I'll check in when I'm done with that.
Hey, kiddo. Sorry I'm late.
Just that I--
he did not sleep last night.
Was he having nightmares?
I mean, he seemed fine when I left.
I think he puts on a good act for you,
but when you left for the emergency,
he cried about the bad man.
He says the bad man is why his mother is dead.
You all right, kid?
Yeah, I'm fine. Where is everyone?
I came back here looking for people.
Came back? What do you mean you came back?
Two of your friends went to the monastery
to look for survivors.
Ra's al Ghul's daughter went to the cages for that girl,
but your sister--
What about her?
Where's Thea?
She's this way.
- Hey. - Hi.
- What do you need? - What do I need?
Well, you know, lots of things.
I mean, you know, more out of Rene for one.
You know, he's all right at the new job, but--
- He's not Thea? - No. He's not Thea.
Actually, I wanted to talk to you about, um--
about--about her.
- About Thea? - No, no.
The other, uh, Laurel.
Dinah wasn't being straight with you
when she told you that she was dead when we found her.
Well, it--it's complicated, isn't it?
But listen. The--the point is
is that I was supposed to be at SCPD last night,
and I think that maybe she went there looking for me.
Wait. Why? Why-- why would she be targeting you?
Argus has a lead on Black Siren. I have to go.
Ok. Well, listen. I--I got to come with you.
I know it's not my Laurel,
but I--I can't sit this out either, so...
Nice outfit
except for I would have gone with fishnets.
Priority is Black Siren
in custody and unharmed.
- How's Rene? - Curtis and Lance took Rene
to Dr. Schwartz for treatment
it's a collapsed lung. It doesn't look so good.
Black Siren and the mercenaries escaped,
but we pulled this off the van.
- GPS? - Yeah. Let's backtrace it,
figure out where they came from.
On it.
Dinah, Quentin thinks the attack on SCPD was targeting him.
- Any idea why? - No.
If Laurel was after Lance,
why blow up the precinct
after discovering he wasn't there.
Maybe Quentin was wrong.
Maybe our first instincts were right.
That she's targeting the police for some reason?
We need to figure out what that reason is,
and we need to find her.
Oh, funny you should say that.
GPS' last location was a warehouse--
surprise, surprise-- outside Pennytown.
If this Laurel is half as smart as our Laurel,
she would not go back there.
Maybe she left something behind for us to go on.
- John. - We are on it.
The blast blew her over there.
It's all packed up.
Doesn't look like they were planning on coming back here.
The question is where were they headed?
Stay sharp. Look around. In my experience,
bad guys aren't very good at covering their tracks.
You all right?
Yeah. Why?
Since the bridge, you seem distracted.
Just worried about Rene, that's all.
Saw you take the shot at that merc.
Never seen you miss.
Nobody makes every shot.
What about you?
I don't know. What about me?
I saw your reaction when Oliver asked you
why evil Laurel targeted Lance.
And I said I didn't know.
And I didn't find your answer that convincing.
What the hell is that?
It's a map of city hall.
With ingress and egress marks and line of sight.
For an attack.
Why the hell would they want to attack city hall?
After the SCPD got bombed, they had to
move the academy graduation to a different venue.
Oliver chose city hall, but that decision was kept under wraps
for security reasons.
How the hell did these guys find out?
I don't know, but we're running out of time to stop them!
Bombs really did their work in here.
Maybe I should just do this alone, huh?
What, in case you find my fake daughter dead?
Or alive.
It's all right. I'll be fine.
Oh. Now what's what, in case she's not dead?
In case Talia al Ghul isn't.
That's what John gave me this for.
Besides, swords aren't really my thing come on.
Think they knew what they were signing on for
when they threw in with Chase?
Seems to me they threw in with Nyssa's sister.
Either way, I'm gonna go with a no.
Hi, Daddy.
This might be a late night, Raisa.
I remember when your late nights were
more like early mornings.
Thankfully, I've exchanged club openings
for Police Academy graduations now.
Another nightmare. I know how to get him back to sleep.
No, no. I'll get him.
Hey, buddy.
W--where's Raisa?
I'm here.
It was just a dream.
The bad man was in my dream.
He's why my mom's gone.
Well, he can't hurt you anymore, William.
He's gone.
No, he's not.
Buddy, I'm confused. I'm... One.
Where do you think the bad man is?
Hey. Is everything ok?
I'm worried about William.
- You want to talk about it? - I would love to talk about it,
but we have more pressing business, ok?
- Right. - Ok.
Ok. Well, I--I cracked the code,
I mean, so to speak. You are welcome.
These are the targeted areas,
which means we can almost be 100% positive
that evil Laurel and friends will be attacking
the Police Academy graduation tonight.
The question is why.
9 dead officers wasn't enough for them?
No, it wasn't...
Because she didn't get who she was after.
You mean you?
Dinah, I appreciate you having my back,
but I appreciate the truth a little bit more.
Wait. What exactly are we missing here?
You're missing why I told you guys that Dinah and I
found Laurel dead back on Lian Yu.
Quentin, I don't think you have to do this.
Yeah, I do.
I've been living with this guilt for too long.
I can't do it anymore.
Bad Laurel...
She wasn't dead when we found her back on Lian Yu.
The bad news is is that you won't be able to scream anymore,
but the good news is is that you'll be too dead to care.
I told Quentin to say she was dead when we found her
to spare him the pain of telling you all the truth.
The truth is he saved my life.
The truth is I killed my daughter.
I killed my baby girl. I just left her for dead.
That's the truth.
She was gonna kill me.
As sure as I am standing here right now,
she was going to kill me, and you saved my life.
You're staying here tonight.
I can't.
Quentin, if Laurel is targeting you, then she--
Then she's not gonna stop,
and the only way we can stop her
is by dangling me right in front of her,
so I'm gonna be there tonight front and center, ok, you understand?
All right.
You're at the graduation,
but we need SCPD canine units at every entry point.
Actually, we can kill the canines.
- What? - Um, by kill,
I do not mean kill the actual dogs. I--
Curtis, what are those?
These are the latest in high-tech sniffer devices.
Wait. Those are bomb detectors?
They can spot as little as an ounce
of explosive material within a 1,000-foot radius.
Yeah. The only catch is that we actually have to be there
to operate them, which means Curtis and I
need to be on the field, which means no one will be down here
operating the comms.
I'll do it.
Someone has to take one for the team.
I can do it.
You sure?
Yeah. My gun would get lost in all that Argus
and SCPD firepower anyways.
I'll stay.
Ok. Let's get out there.
We have to get her out of here.
He's fine, he's fine. Are you ok?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey. No. He's fine. He's fine.
We have to get you medical attention.
No. I just needed to make sure that he was ok.
He wants to see his mom.
William needs a parent. Promise me...
That you will be his father.
I promise.
Curtis, you got anything?
Negative, and shouldn't you be calling me Mr. Terrific?
I am in the field.
Yeah, but you're not in your suit,
so no suit, no codenames.
Them's the rules.
How about we try to focus instead?
Spartan, what do you see?
So far, so good.
Yeah. Maybe they decided to rethink their plan.
That'd be a smart move.
Haven't seen this many cops in one place in my life.
Me either. I'm a cop.
Yeah. Well, it doesn't mean they're not gonna try something,
so everyone stay sharp.
Thank you all for being here.
In light of the recent attacks on the SCPD,
tonight's ceremony is incredibly important,
and while we need to mourn the loss of life,
I feel the need to mention that this city
is better off than it has been in quite some time.
Crime is down.
Our streets are peaceful.
People are not only moving here,
they are staying here, and do you want to know why?
It's because you help them feel safe.
You have chosen a profession,
one of the most dangerous professions in the world.
Whereas other people run from danger,
you run towards it time and time and time again,
and for that, we all owe you
a huge debt of gratitude,
so thank you.
Thank you for protecting our families,
for protecting us,
and for protecting our beautiful city.
Thank you.
- Well done, Mr. Mayor. - Of course.
You keep this up, they're gonna ask you to run for governor.
Yeah? I'm just glad a bomb didn't go off during the speech.
Anything from Black Siren and her crew?
You mean the psychopaths I unleashed on this city?
No, not yet.
You cannot take that on, Quentin,
and this speaking as one of the world's
leaders in feeling guilty.
Um, have you ever fired a gun at your own daughter?
That is--ahem--that's not what happened.
Black Siren is not Laurel.
She is Laurel. You know it, and I know it,
and we both know that this parallel universe crap is crap!
All right. Every time I see her, I get
that--that feeling, that instinct.
She's my child.
She's--she's my baby girl, Oliver,
and I tried to kill her.
Well, from what I understand, you were protecting a friend.
You are not just a good man, Quentin.
You are a good father.
I know because you're a better father than
I could ever hope to be.
You got to give it some time.
You only been at it, what, 5 months?
It's not getting any easier.
- Well-- - William blames me
for Samantha's death.
- Why? - Because he's a smart kid,
and he knows what happened happened
because I was involved.
He shouldn't be with me.
He should be with Samantha's parents.
Well, listen. That's not what Samantha thought.
I don't know how to reach him.
Just be his father.
Hey. Anything?
Nothing. Curtis and I have scanned every inch of this place.
Something seems really off.
Let's get in touch with Spartan,
see if he saw anything on the cams.
Spartan, do you copy?
Yeah. Still here, still nothing.
Maybe Argus scared them off.
Maybe they're targeting Lance some other way.
Maybe he isn't the target--
John. John, do you copy?
John, are you ok?
Don't worry, Felicity.
John's fine.
He's just gonna be catching up with an old friend.
Shouldn't you be protecting the graduation ceremony?
Oh, but what's wrong?
Did you lose your nerve along with your aim?
I don't know. You tell me.
You want me to kill him?
I'm not paying you to keep him alive.
Let's get to work.
You're not gonna feel a thing, promise.
You ok?
Just about finished.
Make sure you put one here, too.
God, you are such a bitch.
Yeah. It takes one to know one, sweetheart.
Good news. The bomb sniffer works.
Bad news--it's working in the bunker.
Yeah. The whole place is wired.
Yeah. If you can take the devices,
I can jam the detonation signal remotely.
Is John ok?
I don't know, but... I might not be.
Spartan's fine. I have eyes on Black Siren.
To be continued.
Don't move!
I said don't move.
Well, this feels familiar.
Maybe this time, you'll aim for the heart.
I'm sorry.
For shooting me or for leaving me for dead?
You were trying to hurt my friend.
Oh. So--so you choose your friend
over your own daughter?
Don't make me do this, Laurel.
Please don't make me do this.
So now I'm Laurel?
Don't torture yourself
because if we were back on Lian Yu
and the roles were reversed,
I would have pulled the trigger.
Whoa. Hell of a mess.
Yeah. Ahem. What's happening with the graduation?
Uh, went off without a problem
unless you count some food poisoning
from the city caterer.
The graduation was a distraction.
Laurel left that map for me and Dinah to find.
So when did she pivot from targeting them to targeting us?
Maybe she didn't.
I mean, maybe the SCPD and the bunker
were her targets all along.
That seems pretty random, particularly considering how much trouble Laurel
went through to make sure we wouldn't be here.
Well, what if planting the explosives
wasn't her objective?
Planting the explosives was cover her objective.
- Yeah. - What if she was trying to
- steal something? - Like what?
She doesn't need weapons.
Mercenaries she's working with do.
We should inventory the armory.
We--we should inventory everything that we have.
If she stole something, we need to know what it is,
and we need to know fast.
Hey. You all right?
Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm fine.
I'm just glad nobody was hurt, you know?
- Yeah. - Listen. I'm sorry
about, uh, lying to you about what happened on Lian Yu.
Quentin, you don't have to apologize to me.
I'm sorry that you had to go through that.
When are you gonna stop taking on everybody else's sins, huh?
No time soon.
- How you feeling? - Oh. Like a million bucks.
All right. Maybe more like a couple hundred,
but I'm alive, right?
Dr. Schwartz would like you in here for a few more days.
I feel good.
Besides, when have I ever listened to anybody?
Not to get too personal, but what would happen to Zoe
if something happened to you?
Not much.
Well, she's got a new family now, Hoss.
I mean, she probably doesn't even think about me.
She's your daughter, Rene.
Of course she thinks about you.
That ship's sailed.
I blew that chance months ago.
Chase blew that chance for you.
One of the many reasons why I think you deserve another one.
I tried getting another hearing.
Yeah. You're not the mayor.
- You got me another hearing? - Not just me.
The new DA had something to do with it.
Ahh. All right. Ok.
Thank you, Oliver. I owe you one.
Pay me back by getting better.
Copy that.
Hey, kid.
Hello, Slade.
How's she doing?
She's the same.
What are you doing here?
I popped by to say that the Intel that you gave me
on my son Joe, it panned out...
So I'm heading to Calgary.
Well, that's great. I'm very, uh--
I'm happy for you, and I hope that--
I hope you find what you're looking for.
You don't think I will?
I think that finding your son
doesn't always go as planned.
Have things been that hard with you and your son?
Be patient
but be prepared.
For what?
Choosing between being the man that people need you to be
or the father that your son needs you to be.
What do you mean by that?
You and I... walk between two worlds...
But we can only do that for so long.
Good luck... Mr. Queen.
Good luck, Slade.
You ok?
Yeah, I'm good.
Anything, uh, missing?
No. It's all accounted for.
Including your gun?
Not that you seem to be using it that much these days.
I, uh, checked it after the fight down here.
You checked my gun?
You didn't even fire it,
and none of the guys down here got hit either.
Yeah. Dinah...
I found it!
And by "found it," I mean, I found
what Laurel--um, Black Siren took,
which is actually more like not finding anything at all,
but you get my point.
What poin--no. We--no. I'm not sure we do.
She took one of my T-spheres, prototype version.
A prototype, meaning it's not weaponized?
Well, then they can't use it against us.
Question is what can they do?
Hey, buddy.
William, I know that the last few months
have been difficult for you,
and I know that you blame me for part of that.
I used to blame my dad for things.
He wasn't perfect.
Neither am I...
But he loved me.
I know how much your mom loved you.
She really did, but you need to know
that the last thing that she asked of me was to take care you.
Now you don't have to like me
for me to take care of you
because I'm your dad.
The way that works is I am gonna be there for you
whether you want me to be or not.
I am never, ever walking away from you.
There's a game on tomorrow if you want to...
Stay up late and watch it.
Football or baseball?
Hi. I was just gonna give you a call.
Turn on channel 52 right now.
with the discovery of a shocking photograph
that seems to finally solve the mystery
haunting Star City for the past two years--
who is the Green Arrow?
This photo, which was obtained exclusively
by channel 52 provides unequivocal proof
of the identity of the vigilante known
as the Green Arrow.
This is the latest controversy to hit...
What are we gonna do?
What else has the mayor lied about?
As always, we'll keep you updated with breaking news on channel 52.
I--I don't know.
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Greg! Move your head.