Arrow (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Vigilante - full transcript

Oliver discovers there's a new vigilante in Star City when the bodies of two criminals are dropped at the SCPD. In flashbacks, Oliver faces Konstantin Kovar.

My name is Oliver Queen.

After 5 years in hell,
I returned home

with only one goal...

To save my city.

Today, I fight that war
on two fronts.

By day, I lead star city
as its mayor,

but by night, I am someone else.

I am something else.

I am the Green Arrow.

on "Arrow"...

How long you gonna
be staying here, man?

I'm a fugitive, Rene.
I live here.

Why didn't you tell me

that Kovar was making a move
against the Bratva?

Anatoly: The Pakhan is
going to be here any moment.

He will explain everything.

We're going to blow
his new casino up.

Kovar: Hello,
Oliver Queen.

My name is
Konstantin kovar.

Is there something
you want to tell me?

If that's code for
"are you still drinking,"

then my answer
hasn't changed

since the last 50 times
you asked me.

Felicity: Oliver, I think we have
a real lead

on who Prometheus is.

Oliver: He's a member
of the SCPD.

Man: ♪ night
and no place to go ♪

♪ ooh ♪

♪ street of lies ♪

♪ I'm a one-man show ♪

What's with the music?

It keeps the girls mellow.

She'll do. 5 k.

Come on, man.
Look at her. 7.

Oh, that's the Green Arrow.

Turning off the lights.

I heard he does that.



Man: Run!

Come on, Hoss.
Ease up.

What's gotten
into you today?

For the past 3 weeks,
either been living here

or at hive.

Call it cabin fever.

Well, how about you
don't take it out on me?

I don't even know why
you're teaching us

how to use these things.

What good is wooden stick
if the other guy's

got a gun?

You ever heard
of Slade Wilson?

He could take you down
in about two seconds

with a wooden stick.

Actually, they're more
than just wooden sticks.

from the Philippines,

and their
technical name is...


"All that most
maddens and torments,

"all that cracks the sinews

and cakes the brain."

Rory is that
from the torah?


Oh. Does that
make me Ahab?

Well, if the obsessive and
really intense look fits.

Prometheus has
stopped killing randoms.

You'd have to be
as crazy as he is

to think he's stopped.

This guy's deliberate.

I mean, he has
a very specific plan,

and we need to find him
before he executes

the next phase of it.

Felicity: But
for now, we have

a new problem,

or should I say
another new problem?

Nathan Sierra
and Pablo Éstevez...

But I prefer
douchebags one and two...

Just showed up at SCPD.

Doing what?

I don't know.
Just hanging around.


What is it with this city
and serial killers lately?

Who says it's a new one?

John: Yeah.
Look at the "V" on their faces.

That's not
Prometheus' M.O.

The victimology doesn't
fit either.

Sierra and Éstevez both
have rap sheets

for human trafficking.

SCPD thinks that these
murders might be the works

of a different vigilante.

How do you already
know that?

I have an inside man
with SCPD.

You mean your boyfriend...

Or whatever he is.

Who needs labels?

So either we're dealing
with Prometheus

or another
multiple murderer.

Either way, he has
to be stopped.

Uh, does he, though?

Blondie's got a point.

Two less scum bags
on the street.

What's the downside?

The downside is that
we already have

one psycho loose
in this city.

Can't afford
to have another.

Who gets to decide
who's a psycho

and who's a vigilante?



Mr. Queen, dobryy den'.

I thought you might
enjoy a break

in my men's questioning.

I trust you show
the proper manners.

Please eat.


I must confess
you've become

something of
a fascination with me.

Oliver Queen.

Starling city's
favorite son.

Presumed dead after a maritime
accident 4 years ago.

What do you want from me?


You tried to blow up
my casino.

Now my sources tell me
you've become Bratva.

I have many enemies,
but you're quite unique.

A week of questioning,
a week of torture,

and you've...
Told my men nothing.

Just except the occasional
screaming for a woman,

to avenge her.

What was her name?

Taiana. Taiana.


Kovar: Hmm. Galina.


Lovely lady.

I believe you knew
her daughter.


Yes. Yes.

She came to me.

Galina came to me
a year ago.

She said both her children,

Taiana, Vlad,
had disappeared.

I said, "do not worry.

"I'll get you a job
so you can get by

while you wait
for them to return."

And she's been there
ever since.

Sorry for the wait.

No worries.

Gives me time
for this Twitter war

I'm having with
an investigative journalist

from Russia.

What can I help you with?

So formal.
That's not fun.

Susan, I've got a million
things to do today.

Including with whoever
dropped two bodies

on the SCPD's doorstep?

How do you know about that?

I believe it's called
being good at my job.

Susan, the city is
still reeling

from the throwing star
killings last week.

I'm not looking to
rile people up

if that's what
you're implying.

I'm not implying anything.

I'm gonna ask you nicely...

To please leave this alone

for the time being.

Ok. Fair enough.

Thank you.


I know being mayor's
a hard job,

but you look more
in need of a drink

than anyone I've ever met.

Ha ha!

Are you really surprised?

The... the police force
is filled

with these
corrupt officers,

the city has not
gotten over

the serial murders
last week,

and now there is another
psychotic in town.

Yeah, that does sound
like a whole lot of suck.

It just makes me wonder
if what I'm doing

is having
any positive effect.

Tonight, McGuire's,
9 p.m.

I'm gonna buy you that drink
you so desperately need.

I appreciate that,
but I don't...

Need a date.

No, but you need a friend,

maybe even more than
you need that drink.

See you tonight.

[Knock on door]


Um... Um, do you
have a minute?

Uh, Branson's got
a new poll in the field

as of last week, and our
approval ratings are up

but not as much
as I would like.

Are you ok?

No, not even close.

Did... did you fall
off the wagon?

Well, to do that,
I'd have to be on it.

You went to a meeting.

I... I... I took you
there myself.

And I'm sorry.

Let's roll.

[Computer beeping]

Guys, we have incoming!

Guys! Hello!

Star city national bank
robbery in progress.

We haven't had one
of those in a while.

Suit up.

Not surprising
in star city... no. Ok.

Tango spotted.
Cover me.





Overwatch, robbery's over.
Suspect down.

We need immediate
medical attention.


Yeah, genius.
That's what we are.

The vigilante...
Did this.


These guys are definitely
my favorite crooks,

not that I'm condoning
their actions,

just their choice
in disguise.

Evelyn: Really?

Yeah, I could totally
see Paul and I's

next Halloween costumes.

That's almost
a year from now.

Felicity: Ok. Back to things
that actually matter.

The spooky crew's been
on a bit of a spree.

Yeah, more than a bit.

They've hit up
7 banks in 3 states

over the past two weeks.

Who's running point?

Felicity: Eric Dunn.
It's not the first time

he's tried these
scare tactics.

SCPD collared him in 2011

for multiple
armed robberies.

He should be in iron heights
for another 8 years,

trading cigarettes.

- So how'd he get out?
- Parole.

Our justice system at work.

Felicity: Dunn must have
formed a new crew.

Oliver: So Dunn and this
new crew hit the bank,

but vigilante got there
before you did.

Yeah. Looks like
he and his crew booked.

The guy they left in the bank,
however, did not make it.

The bank's CCTV coverage
got a glimpse

at our new friend.

Oliver: Ok. We are fighting
a war on two fronts.

Felicity: At least.

Evelyn: So we're stopping
other vigilantes now?

I think what's
Evelyn's suggesting

is we're on the same side
as this vigilante fella.

Really? Because last week,
all of you were pissed

when you found out
that the hood use to play

judge, jury,
and executioner.

We can't have this
both ways.

We're gonna find Dunn,
we're gonna find vigilante

before any more
banks get knocked over

or people get killed.

You don't believe me.

I believe Taiana.

She said you
were a monster.

The world is
a complex place.

Who's to say who
is the monster

and who is the hero?

For example...

Friedkin: How does
an American become

this Bratva devil?

[Neck snaps]

Kovar: Recognize
this man?

Never seen him before.

Except in jail...

Where you snapped his neck

because the Bratva
told you to do it

because they told you it
would help to get to me,

a convenient lie so they
could steal his business...

And you killed this man,

and you gave the IP address

of a black market site
on the dark web

to the Bratva.

It's a site
the Bratva now controls...

Like how they control you.

Good, evil, hero, monster.

My friend, truth is
a matter of perspective.


No more games.

You are gonna get
me out of here.

You're late.

You didn't even know
I was coming.

I dropped a resignation
letter on your desk.

You didn't think I'd
expect you to show up

and try and talk me
out of it,

and you can't, by the way.

And what makes you think
that I even want to, huh?

You lied to us, Quentin,

So what are you doing
here then?

Look. You...

You are like family
to us, ok,

and I'm... I'm worried
about you.

I... I'm not sure
I deserve your worry.

Yeah, neither am I,
but I...

I am still here, aren't I?

Yeah, but that's...
that's... that's not what I mean.

Listen. When I...
When I drink like this,

I black out, I lose time,

and it's been happening
a lot lately,

and last week, I woke up,

and I had blood
on my hands and...

And this.

Uh, sorry, pal.
We're just closing up.

Really? I was hoping
you could help me out.

It's kind of an emergency.


I'm going duck hunting

and I'm totally
out of ammo.

Friend of mine said you
might have the kind I need,

5.56-mil armor-piercing
hollow points?

Big bullets for ducks.
Anyways, I'm closing up,

so if you...


Dude said it was
an emergency, yo.

This is a nice shop.

Heard you're the only
guy in town selling

5.56-mil hollow points.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

John: Hey!

Every week,
you get a shipment

of 5.56-mil hollow points.

You sell to one customer!

Hey. We had
this handled.

I want a name!

I don't know who he is.

I haven't even seen
his face.

He's always got
the mask on.

Scary as hell.
Worse than you.


Hey, baby.

Where you going?
My house is the other way.


I said you're going
the wrong way.

Aw, baby, don't
be like that.

Heh heh heh.

What's the matter, baby?

Look like you've
seen a ghost.

He's not a ghost.

We have some
questions for you.

[Voices whispering
from rags]

What the hell was that?

I thought I was supposed
to be the wild animal.

Wild dog.

You totally lost it
on that guy.

Listen if I lose it,
you'll know it.

Rene's right.
You were kind of unhinged,

which isn't your style.

- What's up?
- Nothing man. Forget about it.

Try us. We're empathetic.

Well, one of us.

Today's my son's
second birthday.

I missed the party.

It's not because I've been
chasing down vigilantes either.

It's because
the U.S. marshals

have my home
under surveillance.

- That sucks.
- Yeah.

I feel stupid even
talking about this, man.

It's not like J.J.
Will ever have

another second birthday,

and it's not like I'll ever
stop being a fugitive.

[van starts]

Tell us where to find Dunn.

Please. I don't know
what Eric's been up to.

I lost touch with him
when he went inside.


Sorry. My friend and I
don't believe you.

How far could you
throw him?

It depends on how many
bones you want broken.

Eric Dunn's out of prison
and robbing banks again.

Give us a line on him,
and we'll go

harass him instead of you.

I told you. I haven't
seen him in a while.

3 bones. Better yet,

make it 4.


I know how
he operates. Unh.

He picks banks based on
proximity to police stations.

Furthest first and
works his way inwards.

It shouldn't take
you too long

to figure out which place
his crew will hit next.


Hurry, hurry!

We still have
a minute or two

before the blues get here.

Not them I'm worried about.

You're right to worry.

I'm not here for you.

Then stop trying
to kill us!


I'm going after Dunn.




Keep your guns down.

So then you can
just shoot me?

We're on the same side.

You're out of control.

This city is
out of control,

and you haven't
been able to save it.

Take one more step,

and one of you isn't
going home tonight.

If you're not with me,
you're against me.

Then I'm against you.

Then you're a dead man.

Curtis: I think we
scared him off.

He'll be back.

Kind of reminds me
of you, don't you think?

Ahem. Where are we?

I got two bags of
bones in ACU custody.

- And Dunn?
- In the wind.

The recruits are still
out looking for him.

Send them home.
It's been a long night.

If we don't find Dunn
before vigilante does,

he's a dead man.

You know, you said that I inspired
this new wave of vigilantes,

but I don't think
that's true.

I think that vigilante
is out there right now

because we haven't been
getting the job done.

It's been 4 years, and things
have only gotten worse.

Oliver, you saved
this city 10 times over.

At least.

And I've been trying
to be a legitimate hero,

which means that I lean
on the courts

and the justice system.

The fact that someone
like Eric Dunn

is out there right now
should tell us something.

Like what?

Maybe none of it's working.

Twitch, and I will
open your throat.

Now you tell your men
to put their guns down.

Do it!

All right. Let's go.
Come on.

Oliver: Move!

Oliver: Go.


I need a vehicle.

Mr. Queen, think
about what you are doing.

I know exactly
what I am doing.

Keep moving!

Your partner will be
very displeased

by this course of action.

Oh, really?
Tell me

does his mom work
here, too?

Actually, we've
reached an accord.

The Bratva will lay
off hostilities

as exchange for a percentage
to my casino's profits.

Your first two lies
were more believable.

I told you truth is
a matter of perspective.

Ask yourself which
is more likely,

that the Bratva
will let an American

into their brotherhood

or that they're using you

for whatever little
value you can provide.

Or option 3. Ahem.

You're too weak to
know the difference.

Ok. So tell me
what happened again.

We've been over this
a hundred times already.

Ok. So you must be getting
really good at telling it then.

Ok. The last few weeks,
I've been blacking out.

Last week, I woke up,
with, uh... I don't know...

All bloody,
and my arm's cut with that.

So I had a friend on the
force run forensics on it,

and it turns out
that thing is consistent

with the throwing star
killer and his victims.

Ok. So... So what?

You... you think
you're him,

You're that guy?

I mean...

I don't know what
to think anymore, Thea,

but, no, I don't think
even my drinking

could turn me
into a psychopath.

So why did you even
resign then?

Because I lied to you

about going to the meetings,
the drinking,

and now, this... this
psycho, whoever he is,

he's... he's messing
with me.

He's targeting me.

I'm damaged goods, Thea.

I shouldn't be anywhere
near close to you

or the mayor of our city.

This is a nice mask.

Do you prefer bonesy,
or can I call you Laura?

Go to hell.

Ok. Laura it is then.

So... Laura,

it actually turns out
that I'm a lot more

interested in Eric Dunn
than I am in you,

which makes this
your lucky day.


Come on.

How about you just
tell me where Eric is,

and I'll let you
walk out of here.

I said go to hell.


Do you need directions
or something?


I've been to hell,

and that makes me somebody

that you do not want
to screw with.

Try the PAPP motel.

That was impressive.

It got results at least.

I'm gonna reach out
to judge Balderrama,

get a warrant to move
on the PAPP motel.

Should take about
an hour, maybe two.

Quick as you can.
I don't think this vigilante

waits on warrants.

No, I bet he doesn't.


Do not reach for that gun.

I'm already dead.

The other masked crazy
has me marked.

You know what's funny?

The first time
I got arrested,

I wasn't even guilty.

They got the wrong guy,
but the D.A.,

they didn't care.

They had to pin the crime
on someone.

I was a good kid.

I spent two years
in iron heights.

I wasn't a good kid
after that.

[Gun cocking]




Anyone still think that vigilante
doesn't need to be stopped?

To be fair, the story
Dunn laid out is legit.

His conviction in '07
could be the basis

for "making a murder"
season two.

Eric Dunn might not
be a choir boy,

but he doesn't deserve
a death sentence.

Rene: Point made.

The question being, how
do we stop vigilante?

Better yet, how do
we find him?

Well, we have Dunn in
protective custody downstairs.

I guess we can't just
lave him hog-tied

on main street and then
wait for ski goggles to show up.

Let's assume that's
not plan "a."

We work the problem.

All right. I have to go
see someone.

At this time of night?

Who are you meeting?
Because we're all here.

Uh, I'm meeting
Susan Williams at a bar

for... Uh,
mayor's office stuff.

Mayor's office?
Sounds like a date.

If you get anything new,
please call me.

He's totally going
on a date.


All right.
So we're here.

Where's here?

It's a place called
new oasis.


- You need it, Quentin.
- I don't think so,

not with everything that's
going on right now.

It's just not the time.

This is exactly
the right time,

and you know it.

Everything has just been
an excuse

keeping you away
from feeling

what you need to.

I suppose you're gonna tell
me exactly what that is.

I don't have to.


I know you think that you have
dealt with your grief on this,


All of this drinking
is saying otherwise.

It just hurts, you know.

It just hurts so much.

It just hurts so much.

I... I know.
I know.

And the worst thing
is knowing how ashamed

she'd be of me right now.

She wouldn't be ashamed
of you, Quentin.

She would be concerned, ok,

just like I am.

You know, I used to
get shot at for a living.

I don't know what it is
about this building

that's got me so scared.

We're afraid of things
we don't know,

especially when we've been...
Living in pain this long.

It's hard to even accept
the idea of being happy.


When'd you become
so wise, huh?

I've been
through... A lot... heh...

The last 4 years.


Your mother would be
proud of you.

Why don't you go in there and
make Laurel proud of you?

What about being
deputy mayor?

It will be waiting for you

right when you get back.

I promise.


For everything.

Thank me by getting better.

Man: ♪ got rivers left to cry ♪

♪ and everything
that you'll do... ♪

Ha! That's what you get
for leaving

the corner pocket
open, pal.



Ah, you are here.

You play pool?

Well, if by "play"
you mean "win," then yeah.

One drink as promised.


- Cheers.
- Cheers.



The friend part.

Try me.

I'd say that this is
off the record,

but I'm pretty sure
it's public knowledge.

Um, this job...

This job has proven to be

a little bit more difficult
than I expected.

What's occasioning
the dark night of the soul?

It's tough to explain.

Let's say that there was
someone else in my position,

but they were
more extreme than I am.

And you don't want
to go there.

I don't want to go there.


But they've gone there,

which makes me question
if what I'm doing

is actually effective.

I'm trying to come
at things differently.

I'm trying to be more...

Optimistic for me.

Nah, but it just
feels like...

It's one step forward,
two steps back.

That's it.

I think that's what's
called being in charge.


Look. The truth is,
you're all this city has,

so... However you go
about your business,

just keep doing it
the right way.

Even if it takes longer
to get the job done,

you'll know,
and so will the city.

Will they?


So stop being so
hard on yourself.

Technically, that is
your job.

Damn right.

[Cell phone vibrating]

You work very late
hours, Mr. Queen.

You have no idea,
and, Susan...

Call me Oliver.

John: Hey. We can't
find vigilante,

but I think we figured out
a way to draw him out.

Talk to me.

How do you feel about
us robbing a bank?

God, it's hot in that mask!

I'm used to it.

- Security cameras.
- I'm on it.

Rory: Maybe I wasn't
paying attention during the briefing,

but isn't the point
to get caught?

Yeah, not by the cops.

That's why I'm only
cutting lines to SCPD.

You two take the safe upstairs.
I'll cover Felicity.

Rory: Isn't that taking
the method acting a little far?

We have to make
this look legit.

Terrific, Artemis,
we're on the move.

Anything going on outside?

All quiet out here.

Rene: This was easy.

Maybe we're in the wrong
line of work.

Rory: You had to say
it was easy.

Call your boss.
We need to have a chat.

Don't listen to him!

Shut up!

Call him.
Do it now.

They don't have to.

I'm right here.

Tell your friends
to beat it.

This is between us.

Vigilante: Do it,

or I'll waste him
and then you.

Go. I've got this.

There was a girl outside.

She's still breathing.

She'll wake up
with a headache, though.

What do you want?

To operate
without interference.

So you can keep
killing people?

- Criminals.
- Like the people at the motel?

Collateral damage.

You don't seem to know
that this is a war.

Maybe that's why
you're losing.

We have to move!

We can't just leave him
there with that nut job!

The guy's got a gun right

to Curtis' head, blondie.

There's no way we can
be faster than bullet.

What is he doing
just standing there?

Don't worry.
He's got this.

You got a lot
of faith, man.

Green arrow...

Shut up!

You're not getting
the job done

because you don't take
it seriously enough

maybe because you
haven't lost anyone.

You don't have a full

of what's out there.

Oh, I've lost people,

almost more
than I can bear.

Then it hasn't been
more than you can bear.

Maybe you need a push!

You're right.
This is a war,

but I'm gonna fight it
the right way

because I am all
this city has.


Come on.

Ohh. Ohh.

In the field, I... I prefer
Mr. Terrific, if you don't mind.

Where's ski goggles?


Hey. Heard
about the vigilante.

I'm sorry he got away.

He will be back,
and I'll get him.

You always do...

But, uh, I need to
talk about Quentin.


He found this in his
apartment last week.

Somebody is going through
a... a lot of trouble

to make it look like he's

behind the throwing star

Why would Quentin
believe that?

Because he's been
blacking out.

Look. He's... he's
in rehab.

He's just taking some time.

I... I've been wondering
why... why would somebody

be targeting him, and...

The only thing
I can think of...

What if Prometheus knows
I'm the Green Arrow?

I've killed men
for less than this.

Oliver: So try,
or are you gonna turn down

a challenge
in front of your men?

Maybe that means
you're too weak

to know the difference.


You will not interfere.

[Both grunting]

What madness is this?

Kovar, we have a deal.

Your man did not
believe me.

I was... I was trying
to convince him.

If he dies, it's coming
out of your cut.

You believe me
now, Mr. Queen?

Your precious Bratva and
I have made a deal.


Is a matter
of... Perspective.


Rene: Really, do you ever
not work out?

I have a few things to get
off my chest, remember?

I do, but I got
a better solution.

Ha! Little man,
look at you!


How you doing?
Am I sweaty?

What do you say?

- You're sweaty.
- I'm what?

- You're sweaty.
- Yes, I am a little sweaty.

Did you plan this?

You couldn't make it
to the party, so...

We could bring
the party to you.

What about
the U.S. marshals?

We did 3 SDRs.

Marshals are halfway
to hub city by now.

- Hey. You want some cake?
- Yeah.

- Go get some cake.
- Let's get some cake.

Hey, you.
I love you.

Ha ha ha!

Go get some cake, man.

Thanks for doing this,

What are friends for?

John: Hey, come one.
Come here.


Fellas, can you give us
a minute, please?

I was just headed out
for the night.

I know.
I, uh, may or may not

have had one of the guys
on your detail text me

when you were headed out.


Ha ha ha!

Wow. Heh.

Thank you
for the other night.

That was, um... that
was some good advice

and a good drink.

Well, now you owe
me the drink.

Should we go now?


Let's go.

Ha ha ha!

Don't worry.

Nobody followed me.

They don't suspect a thing.