Arrow (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - Human Target - full transcript

When Tobias Church captures and tortures one of Oliver's new recruits, Oliver must turn to an old friend, Christopher Chance AKA the Human Target, for help. Meanwhile, Felicity's worlds collide when Detective Malone joins the ACU.

Previously on "Arrow"...

- Lyla?
- We need to talk abut John.

He's back in the country,
and he's in prison.

We are gonna
break him out.

Hey, John.

I'm not saying you
shouldn't do your penance,

but do it as Spartan.

Church is
planning something, something big.

You're talking about the Trust.

At least we definitely
know where Church is now.

We got to put him down.

Go! Do not die!

Come on.

- Get him to safety.
- But...


Don't kill him.
He may have his uses.

We are not gonna write off Rene.

We're gonna find him,
we're gonna bring him back...

Wherever he is.

Ha ha ha!

The Trust goes to the Brace.

0-4 in 72.

How you feeling, my friend?

You can keep going
with the foreplay,

but I'm never giving
you what you want.

You remind me of this other guy
I once tortured,

maybe bigger,
a little more muscle on the frame.

Heh. I don't know.


I was conversing
with this son of a bitch

just like you and I
have been conversing

for the past, what,
20 hours or so.

My knuckles hurt,
even with the brass.

I needed a shower,
my lady was waiting for me,

and this guy would
just not give me what I needed,

not unlike you.

So I said to myself,

"Tobias, make this guy feel pain

like nobody who's ever lived,"

and then it clicked.

It's not the pain
that breaks people.

It's fear...

fear of that pain,

of what that pain brings,

of what happens next.

You're not gonna
finish the story?

Huh? Oh.

I got what I wanted
from that guy.


So you might want
to think about that

the next time I ask
you a question.


Tobias Church...
Where is he?

Don't know. Even if I did,

whatever you're
gonna do to me, he's worse.

How sure are you about that?


Hey. You're a lot cuter
than the green guy.

Aw, you're kind of cute, too,

in a "I feel sorry
for you" kind of way.

Where's Church?

Yeah? Who wants to know?

The green guy!

Where's Church?

Look out!

You ok?

I'm better than this schmuck.

Church... address now!

I heard he's somewhere
northwest of here,

maybe by the water.

Half the city's on the water.

I swear that's all I know.

Season 05 Episode 05
"Human Target"
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Come on.

How's it going?

I would punch this monitor

if I didn't know
how much it cost.

Also, it would probably
really hurt.

Can you get off
your feet, please?

Oliver told me that
you were back to work

a week after you were shot

by the Clock King.

Shot in the shoulder,

not a knife in the back.

I don't need you to remind me.

I have excruciating
agony to do that.

Who's that?

Hmm? Telemarketer.

Tell me you've had better
luck than I've had.

We might have narrowed it down
to the northwest part of the city.

Yeah, so now
we're looking

for a needle in a slightly
smaller haystack.

I will run an algorithm,

cross-referencing traffic cams

with probable locations.

Wow! This place just got
really crowded.

- Hey.
- Do people just...

walk into your secret
base of operations?

- Yes.
- Yes.

- This is...
- Spartan... I'm guessing.

You guys must be
the new kids on the block.

More like the Backstreet Boys.

It was funny in my head.

This is Rory Regan
and Evelyn Sharp.

John Diggle,
and you are missing a man...

Rene Ramirez.

Lyla called
in Argus for the search.

Unfortunately, she's
turned up nothing.

It's going around.

We are gonna find Rene,

and we're not gonna
give up hope while we're doing it.

I have an early meeting
at city hall.

I will check in
with everybody soon.

Is it just my imagination,

or did Oliver just seem...


That's not usually a word
I'd associate with his demeanor.

Thank you.


Slow. What about
the ACU?

Too many cops on Church's dime

keeping him 5 steps ahead,

and with Conahan gone

and Church's assault on the ACU,

I'm thinking we got to bring
more men into the fold.

Well, do we have
enough guys that we can trust?

Pike says that a bunch
of his men have volunteered

since the attack on the ACU,

so if you want, I can vet them,

and I can, you know,
make sure there's no bad apples.

Please. Let's
get that done.

Look. I know this is
one of the last things

you want to be
dealing with right now,

but the rezoning vote
is in a few days.

Allowing us to expand
low-income housing in Orchid Bay.

Yeah, yeah.

Ok. Well, we need
a 4/5 majority vote

from city council in order to pass
the ordinance, and...

Who are the holdouts?

Only one that really matters...

Councilman Kullens.

Ehh, he is decidedly

I was gonna say he's
the most stubborn man

in the city compared to you,

but... that works.

Let's get into it.

Anatoly, what is this?

It is time, my friend.

English will suffice, Viktor.


What does Bratva
mean to you, Oliver Queen?


is family.

Who are yours?

My father's dead.

My mother and sister...

Both dead.

Bratva only know their brothers.

Do you know what I mean by this?

I have no family,
I have no home,

I have no name.

We're at the latest
probable, Overwatch,

but it's another dead end.

Try not to use that phrase.

- Is that...
- Blood? Looks like.

Scratch that.
We think this is where Rene

was being held.

- Was?
- Blood's still fresh.

They must have just moved him.

KH-10 shows a panel van
moving from that location

- 40 minutes ago.
- Can you track it?

I have been able to
every other time

somebody asked me that question.

- Got it.
- Where?

This is a little awkward,

but... Oliver made me promise
that if we got our location

on Rene I would only
share it with him.

That's actually not
surprising at all.

Lest I forget...

So you can pay the ferry.

Heh heh heh.

Why, man?

Because you pissed me off.

No. Why this city?

I mean, why come here?

Now why are you
asking me that now?

Cause if I'm gonna die tonight,

it'd be nice to know why.

From what I heard,
you were popping

in Bludhaven and Hub City.

Why you messing with us?


For your water access.



Through Star City's
docks, I can move

thousands of tons
of heroin, Slam, Vertigo.

I'm working
on the biggest consolidation

of drug enterprises
anybody has ever seen.

Only thing I'm waiting
for is the Green Arrow

to get out of the picture.

Little man, that grave ain't
gonna dig itself.

So how about you do
the digging yourself?

Oh, you think I'm afraid to get
my hands dirty, huh?

- Unh!
- Yeah, dig!


Hey. Are you ok?

I thought Church
would put up more of a fight.

Probably realized
he didn't have to.

What do you mean?

I was hurting so bad, it... it got
so I couldn't even see straight.

Barely even remember
telling him.

Telling him what?

Who you are.

He knows you're Oliver Queen.

Should have been
out there with you tonight, Oliver.

Dig, you said you needed time.

Don't be afraid to take it,

and tonight would
not have made any difference.

Church didn't want to fight.

He wanted to run.

That's because he knows
killing the mayor

is a lot easier
than killing the Green Arrow.

What? We were all
thinking it.

I told Rene to
stand down and recover.

Evelyn and Rory are gonna watch
Thea and Quentin

in case Church tries
to get me through them.

How's Curtis doing?

Says he wants to get back at it.

Then let's get him
on Lyla and J.J.

Well, good. I'll have
Felicity's back.

Oliver, I know you have
a security detail,

but you might as well
have a bull's-eye

painted on your head.

John, I can disappear again.

I'm still dealing
with the fallout

from not being around
when the ACU was attacked,

and there is actually a rezoning vote
that needs my attention.

Whoa. Wait.
Doesn't a vote take

a backseat to
finding Church before he tells

every criminal
in the city who you are?

I have security.
I'll be fine.

Have you ever...
Has he ever actually said that

and it turned out to be true?

Do you agree with her?

Well, I know I said
it was a good idea to start a team,

but what do we have...
A Laurel Lance wannabe,

a weird rag guy,
a lunatic, and Curtis?

Curtis just wasn't
who I pictured.

Uh... ahem...
They have potential.

One of them got
themselves captured

and gave up your name.

And I'd like you to debrief him.

Debrief him?

Church told Rene that
he's planning something,

something big enough
to involve 5 cities.

So Church just gave
up his master plan?

He thought Rene
was gonna be dead 5 minutes later.

Church is trying to
consolidate the drug trade

through Star City,
but he was waiting

for the Green Arrow to be gone

before he made his move.

Ok. Well, if that's true, I think I know
a way we can turn this

to our advantage.

I'm all ears.

Oliver, I know a guy,
very specific skill set.

I think he can be here
in 24 hours.

Did you get my message?

Yeah. Quentin and I
can take care of ourselves.

Still doesn't hurt
to have a shadow.

Is Councilman Kullens in there?

Yes. He's waiting
in your office

with Susan Williams.

Thank you very much, fellas.

I didn't agree to an interview.

Yeah? Well, she's
shadowing him

for some type of profile,

and I already tried
to get her kicked out,

but he was... adamant
about having her in there.

Any advice?

Don't screw it up.

Councilman Kullens.


Ms. Williams,
it's a pleasure

to finally meet you.

Really? Have you
watched any of my pieces?

I have, and I think
you're off the mark

in certain instances.

Is that on the record?

If you want to
get an actual quote, Ms. Williams,

you can go through
all the proper channels.

This meeting is strictly about

the rezoning ordinance.

Yes. Councilman,
as you know,

I ran on a platform of unity,

but it is difficult
for a city to be united

when so much
of the zoning within it

remains exclusionary.

We need to open it up,

allow for more
affordable housing,

give the people a chance
to start over and rebuild,

but... the second
the money starts rolling in,

those families get squeezed out
by crony capitalists.

That's not gonna happen here.

Hard to believe
considering your family's history.

I'm sorry, councilman.
I don't follow.

Well, the type of rezoning
you're proposing

happened downtown 25 years ago,

but instead
of affordable housing,

we got skyrises,

and one of them became
the offices

of... Queen Consolidated.

Is that true,
Mr. Mayor?

I'll consider that a no comment.

I can tell you have
good intentions,

but politics is
the art of the real.

I'm sorry.
I'm not changing my vote.

Ok. Maybe you should
just put an arrow in him.

That was a bit
more than I expected

to get done on my lunch break.

- Heh heh.
- Is this a normal,

Wednesday afternoon for you?

Well, I had to make up
for last night.

I hate canceling last minute.

I got a feeling
I'm gonna be the one

canceling on you for a change.

I got a promotion.

I signed on with the ACU.

anti-crime unit.

This isn't gonna be
weird, right?

- Hmm?
- Me reporting

to your ex-fiance.

Yeah. What could
possibly we weird about that?

- Felicity?
- Mm-hmm?

Does Mayor Queen know
that we're seeing each other?

It really doesn't help if
you call him Mayor Queen.


Definitely. Yeah.

He's definitely...

Definitely aware of you.

Love what you've
done with the place.

Heh. It's not much, man,
but it's home,

and it's safe,
especially now that

Felicity's teched up the place.

- Thanks for coming out.
- No problem, man.

Let's just get this over with,

but I got to tell you
there's nothing

you could tell me that
I haven't already told myself.

I'm torn apart over this.

Is that what you
think this is, a lecture?

What I deserve is
a beat-down.

When's the last time
you looked in the mirror.

But maybe something good
can come out of this, man,


I don't know, maybe
you saw something,

heard something that
can help us bring down Church.

I already told Oliver everything
I remember, man.

I know, but...

But traumatic events
have a way of doing

funny things to the memory,

and if you think
what you went through is not traumatic,

again, I say mirror.

My dad taught me
how to take a beating.

I know, Rene.
You're tough.

I get that, man,

but this isn't
about being tough, ok?

It's about...

Look, man.

I been where you are, ok,

and I know it's not easy,

but if we talk about this

and go through it
step by step...

Look. I said
I don't know.

I should be out there
trying to fix this,

not in here with you
playing therapist.

Oliver says stay put.

And I'm staying put.

But I don't remember anything.

Yeah, sure.

Just make sure the Amertek gear
gets to the Brace.

I want everybody
locked and loaded.

No, he's not gonna be a problem.

The Green Arrow will be
dead by then.

Louis, I'm gonna need
to hit you back.

You like this place?

I'm getting a penthouse built.

Gonna let me see the whole city.

I told you to stay away
from the Green Arrow.

I don't work for you,

and the Green Arrow found me.

You kidnapped his protege.

Serendipitous encounter.

And your last.


After getting
threatened by a freak,

I hired one of my own.

This was your second warning.

There won't be a third.

I thought you were
hiring me to kill the Green Arrow.

Nope. You're gonna
kill the mayor.

What is Susan Williams doing
in your office?

I agreed to
an off-camera interview.

Ok. Come here.

Ok. So did you go
out last night

as the G-Green Arrow
and get hit

really hard in the head?

Susan Williams is
in our lives, Thea.

If we don't make her an ally,

then she's gonna
remain an enemy.

Ok, but she's poison.

Well, it turns out
that if you ingest

small amounts of poison
over time

you can develop an immunity.

Good morning.

When I got your call last night,

I thought someone
in my office was playing,

a prank on me.
- Well, I thought Thea made,

a good point yesterday

when she suggested that you
go through the proper channels.

- Please.
- Ok.

The interview I had in mind was

going to be on camera.

Baby steps.

May I ask you a question?

I don't think you understand how this
interview thing works.

Have your attacks
on my administration been personal,

or are they just good ratings?

Don't see why they
can't be both.

Why are you asking?

Because I'm trying to figure out

how hard I'm gonna
have to work to win you over.

You seem like a nice guy,

but you're not
a real politician.

I am... underqualified.

Vastly, and the city, my home,
is suffering because of it.

I appreciate the fact that

I haven't earned your trust yet.

Susan, as someone
who professes to care about Star City,

I think that you owe it
to the people of Star City

to give me an opportunity
to earn that trust,

and I promise you
I can't do that

if I'm spending all of my energy

dodging all of these
grenades that you're lobbying at me,

so here's my idea.

You give me one month
with no attacks.

Let me show you what I can do,

and if I don't deliver...

It's open season.

One month.

What's this?

My persona cell.

Why would I need that?

I think you can figure it out.

To survivors
of Amazo.

May we experience as much sorrow

as drops of wine
about to be left in glass.

- Prochnost.
- Prochnost.

I get us more drinks,
something stronger.

All right.

It's a party, Viktor.

Let me get you a drink.

You may have passed
all the tests

and said all the right things,

but I do not believe
for a second

you are Bratva.

Then you weren't
paying attention

during the ceremony, I guess.

Look around you.

These men are here
because government men

like Kovar have
taken everything from them.

The Bratva is means
to bring justice

for all those crimes.

Justice is why I'm here.

Heh heh heh.

Some American castaway
will never understand,

so you can say all
the words that Anatoly feeds you,

but you'll never be one of us,

and you should know
by now what we do to outsiders.

Viktor, you come
toast our new brother?

Yes, of course.

Congratulations, brother.

What was that about?

That was nothing.

What is this?

Best not ask.

Just drink.

How long you gonna
be staying here, man?

I'm a fugitive, Rene.

I live here,

and until you heal up,
we're roomies.

So you feel much more
like talking?

Why don't we talk about the time
you were tortured?


It was about a year ago.

My brother Andy did it.

You got tortured
by your brother?


He was working
with Damien Darhk.

Oliver said you reenlisted.
That why?


That also why you
sidelined yourself?

- That, too.
- Hmm.

So you're
ex-Navy, right?

Dishonorably discharged.


You know something, man?
You don't have to tell me.

We were transporting a prisoner,

one who had information
we needed.

Intelligence officers
couldn't get it out of him,


I tried to do it my way.

You put a beating on him.

I've been thinking
a lot about that decision.

Particularly since you've
been on the other side

of that beat-down,

Because I screwed up again.

That's my life, man,

and now you asking me
to relive my latest and greatest.

That's right, Rene.

If you want to help us,

if you want to give us
anything that could bring down Church,

I'm afraid you're gonna have to.


What do I do?

thank you for coming back.

I'm afraid you're just
wasting both of our times.

Maybe. After you educated us on
Queen Consolidated,

Thea and I thought
we would do some of our own research.

Yeah, we were
very curious to find out

where our family's
business was located.

Heh heh.
Heh heh heh.

You would not
believe how surprised

and delighted
we were to find out

that you were one
of those, um...

What was... what
was the term

the councilman used?

- Crony capitalists?
- Right.

That you were one
of those crony capitalists

who pushed poor people out of
those neighborhoods,

hiding behind
a shell company of course.

The same company who
owns controlling interest

in a real estate developer
who just filed

for permits to redevelop
Orchid Bay

for commercial uses.

Your opposition
to this rezoning,

it's not political.

It's... it's personal.
I get it.

You're trying to protect
an investment.

Susan Williams
isn't shadowing you at the moment,

but to me, this
feels like a story she would like,

so should I call her?

Uh, she actually
gave me her number this morning.

Are you blackmailing
me, Mr. Mayor?

Well, councilman,
it's like you said,

politics is the art of the real.

Well, that was fun.

You made Kullens squirm.

Guy's a career politician.

Just needed to know where
to apply the pressure.

How are you so sure
about all this?

I'm the mayor
of Star City, Thea.

This is what I do.


Hey! Get in the car!
Get in the car, get in the car.

It's my sad duty

to inform you that
at 1:23 am,

Mayor Oliver Queen
was pronounced dead

at Starling General.

In his too-short life,
Oliver Queen experienced

great hardship,

but he came
through the other side

with a passion for service,
committed... to making

Star City a safer place
for us all to call home.

Wow. He really didn't
say anything that nice

about you when you were alive.

Probably didn't deserve it.

Sorry about the suit.

Ahh. We haven't been
properly introduced.


God! Ohh!

Christopher Chance.

John referred to you
as the Human Target.

Well, that works better
as a job description

than it does as a nickname.

This is so weird.

You have failed this city.

Ha ha ha ha!

How's Thea?

Uh, she's a little shaken.

You know, I didn't
get a chance to tell her

what was gonna
go down until right before.

She is gonna be
so pissed at you.

And, like, the whole city.

They're gonna
find out, though, right?

I mean, you can't stay
dead forever.

No. Just until Church
makes his big move.

Well, that's
what you're betting on now

that the Green Arrow/
Oliver Queen is...

Cckk... dead.

That's the hope.

Now we just need to figure out

what he has planned.

I do not understand you, Oliver.

You... you become

but you still act
like you carry weight of world

on shoulders alone.

That is what your
brothers are for.

I'm just thinking
about why I came here.

Because this best bar in town.

Actually, only bar.

Heh. No. I mean,
why I came here

after Lian Yu.

Yes. Yes. You
already told me.

Something about old promise.

I thought I told you
time to move forward.

She has a family.

I haven't... I haven't
spoken to them.

Oh, this is about woman.

Now I understand.

There is old saying in Russian.

Ok, maybe not Russian,
but it still works.

"There's no problem
beautiful woman cannot fix."

Now go talk to her before I do.

Oliver, where are you going?

Party just start.

Gonna go get some air.

You sure? I think
I heard Anatoly was looking for you.

I'm sure.
I'll be fine.

So thanks for doing this.

Being killed is
basically my job.

But, uh, not just
for taking the bullets.

I... I heard that you got
Kullens to cave.

Yeah, and scored you
a very pretty girl's phone number.

I... I heard that, too.

No, but the truth is
you did that.

I was under the impression
that I've been down here all day.

I don't just put on
faces, Oliver.

I become my target,
and to do that,

I've got to learn everything there is
to know about them,

more than they know
about themselves.

I've got to become them.

My apologies.

What for?

Man, you got
a great life. Heh.

You're the mayor...

But you'd still rather
be the hood than Oliver Queen.

Oliver Queen has... has
never really been my better half.

Nobody moves forward in life
when they're hiding behind a mask.

Trust me.

You know, it's why
you're struggling as mayor,

and it's probably
why you won't call that girl.

That's not the reason.

Listen. I'm the last
person to give dating advice,

but... Felicity moved on.

You didn't know.

Uh, earlier today,
I met with a detective

who just joined the ACU,
uh, Billy Malone.

He casually mentioned
that he was seeing Felicity,

seemed to think that you knew.


You're safe, Rene.
Nothing can hurt you.

Is this gonna be one of those
hippie-dippie meditation things?

Eyes closed.


Don't try to remember.

Just go there.

Get a picture.

I was starving.

My wrists hurt like hell
from the zip ties.

What else?

Sounds, smells.

Couldn't smell anything.
Nose was busted.

What about people?
Who else was there?

Muscle. Los Halcones,

It's not pain
that breaks people.

It's fear.

There's something else.


The Trust goes
to the Brace 0-4 in 72.

I know what's happening.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Um, thanks for
letting me swing by.

I know it's...
It's late.

You do remember that
this apartment has

a front door, right.
- Well, front doors are more for people

who haven't just faked
their own death.

Good point.

So what's up?

Your message sounded cryptic.

Sorry. I... I wasn't sure
if I should say anything at all actually.

That couldn't wait
till tomorrow?

Why didn't you tell me
that you were seeing someone?

Well... Maybe on some crazy
subconscious level,

I was worried you'd show up
on my balcony

in the middle of the night.

Snark probably isn't
appropriate to hear.

I'm totally fine that
you're seeing someone,

but I'm hurt that
you didn't tell me.

I'm sorry.
I... I meant to,

and then every time
I went to go bring it up,

I just sort of, like...

I just chickened out.


Were you... were you...

Were you keeping
the door open for us, or...

No. Of course not.

No. We're just...
You and I work together,

and I just... I didn't
want to make it a thing, you know,

until it was something...

Something... real.

Is it real?

I don't know.

It's John and Rene.

They have something.

"The Trust goes
to the Brace 0-4 in 72."

Could that be any more obscure?

0-4 in 72 could be
the time and date.

4 am., 72 hours
after he held Rene?

Yeah, that's soon.

And the Brace is
what the guys in my hood

used to call the private airstrip
outside Pennytown.

Halpin-Brace Airfield.

That's the one, and this Trust,

I think it's the heads
of the crime families

that Church controls.

That's a bigger leap
than Curtis took

at the Beijing Olympics.

When he had me dig my own grave,

he talked about bringing
this Trust together.

That's his big play, man.

4 am's in 20 minutes.


Wake up the team.
We don't have much time.

You're all geared up.

Oliver didn't bust me
out of prison

for me to warm the bench, right?

So what's up?
You ready to move out?

Decided not to go.

Last thing any
of you need right now

is me screwing things up again.

When it comes to guilt
and recrimination,

the line forms behind me.

I didn't think I was ready to face
what I had done,

but I'm wearing this suit again

because I think it's
a path to redemption.

And it could be for you, too.

- Good flight?
- Everyone's very interested

in hearing what you've
got planned, Tobias.

It's called the largest
drug enterprise

on the western coast...
Shipments 24/7

in a city where cops are afraid

or on our payroll,

and as a added bonus,

the mayor's an alkie.

Heh heh heh.

Sentry reports movement
on the perimeter.

I thought you'd taken
out the Green Arrow.

Aw, it's not him.

It's the JV squad.

Chill out, damn it!

Deal with them!

Spartan is such a badass.

The baddest.

You were right.

Fear of pain is what's worse.

You afraid yet, bitch?


I lost Church.

I've got him.
Moving southwest.

I've got these two.

Go back up
Mr. Church.

You guys all right?

Good seeing you again, brother.

Yeah, you, too.
Nice helmet.

Target is secured.
You guys all right?

You look like
you've seen a ghost.

Heh. You survived.

I guess I'll just
have to kill you again, Oliver.

You mind if I call you Oliver?

Yes, I do.


Get up!

You're done, Church!

You got much worse
coming... heh...

And you don't even know it.

He calls himself Prometheus,

and he's gonna end you.


First of all,
I would like to apologize

for perpetrating
a deception on this scale.

The ACU had Intel that we may
be able to catch Mr. Church

but only if his plan
moved forward,

which would only happen
if he believed

the mayor of Star City was dead.

In my mind, this was
a worthwhile gamble,

and it paid off.

Mr. Church and his underlings
were apprehended,

as well as the heads
of organized crime enterprises

in Bludhaven, Hub City,
Keystone, and Whiteholland.

One more piece of good news.

I have just received word
that the city council passed

an ordinance rezoning
for low-income housing.

And with Church in custody,

I take it that
your identity's safe.

I hope so.

Thanks for the assist

and the personal insight.

It's just part of the service.

Ah. Speak of the devil.

Oh, am I the devil now?

That would definitely
be my cue to leave.

Take care.

Sorry to drop by unannounced.

It's not like you
need an invitation.

Yeah. No. I know.

I just... just
between us,

things have been a bit complicated...
I mean, complicated's

probably not the right word...
It's not the wrong word.

I want you to be happy,

and in the spirit of that,

I think that you owe
it to yourself to

find out if what you have
with Billy is... real,

and I owe it to myself
to embrace

whatever's next for... for me
when I'm not...





It's funny. That's
what I came here to say to you.

We're usually on the same page.

About a lot of things.

All right.
Uh, heh. Mmm. Yes.

I will see... I'll
see you... Later.


Thank you.

You don't need to thank me.


I care about you...

And I will always
care about you.

It's a mortal lock.

Viktor wanted to
give you a proper gift.

Guessing that's not you.

That's a nice knife.

Maybe I keep it
after I kill you.

This doesn't concern you.

Actually, it does.

Have a nice night.

You can tell your boss I expect

the other half of my fee
within the hour.

Oliver... Are you ok?

I'm fine.

Anatoly, what the hell
is going on?

Viktor clearly sent
those two to kill me,

and then some other guy
shows up, kills them, and... and...

Yes, yes. Yes.
My way of handling Viktor problem.

I know he wanted your dead.

You didn't think it would be
a good idea to tell me that?

We cannot kill Viktor.
He's too connected.

I hire special man.

- Come on.
- Anatoly, what did I get

myself into?

A most interesting
question, my friend.

I thought we agreed
last time was

the last time, Susan.

I know, but then I remembered

my money was still good and you
still like gambling a bit too much.

What do you have for me, Ian?

Guy who took the bullets
for Mayor Queen was Christopher Chance.

Felt like this work.

I think I've figured
out how Queen knows him.

- Really?
- Went through the database,

looking for details
of Chance's past Ops.

I came across
this little beauty.

Recognize your boy?

That was taken 5 years ago

when Oliver Queen was supposedly
stranded on a deserted island.

Those cops
riding protection

aren't on your payroll, buddy.

Nobody's breaking you out.

That's not what
I'm worried about.

You guys should
have flown me to Iron Heights.

Yeah. I heard you
liked helicopters.

What's got you spooked?

Where'd he come from?

What? Hey... agh! Aah!

Don't go out there.

Why? So I can protect
your ass in here?

So you don't get killed.


I knew we'd be
having this conversation.

Just hear me out.

You want the Green Arrow.

I can give him to you.

I can give you his name.

You would be the only
person who knows.

It's Oliver Queen.

So we cool?


Yeah... We are.

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