Arrow (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - Penance - full transcript

Oliver and Lyla team up on a secret mission for Diggle. Felicity finds out and disapproves of the plan and opts to stay behind. When Tobias Church launches a deadly assault against the city, Felicity must decide if she wants to send the recruits out sans the Green Arrow.

After 5 years in Hell,
I returned home with only one goal...
To save my city.
Today, I fight that war on two fronts.
By day, I lead Star City as its mayor,
but by night, I am someone else.
I am something else.
I am the Green Arrow.
Previously on "Arrow"...
Former police Captain Quentin Lance,
who will be serving beside me as Deputy Mayor.
Appreciate the vote of confidence, Mr. Mayor.
Are you not from Star City?
No. Havenrock.
Felicity, voice-over: There's something that I need you to know.
Havenrock was not the intended target.
Someone redirected the missile to reduce
the number of casualties.
That someone was me.
Ever since I killed Andy...
You think you need to be punished.
Stop fighting for me, Lyla.
We need to talk about John.
He's back in the country, and he's in prison,
and I need you to break him out.
Come on, Mr. Olympia. Hustle up.
Mr. Olympia's a bodybuilding competition.
I was... am an Olympic athlete.
Yeah? They give out gold medals for effort now?
Very funny, and it was a bronze medal.
Why is that so hard to remember?
Quiet. Every time you're out in the field,
you could die.
Don't forget that, don't lose focus.
Overwatch, do we have the target?
Headed toward the east exit, closing fast.
Do we know what he stole?
Not yet, but I have a feeling
we're about to find out.
Only if we snag him in the cordon.
Artemis, be ready.
Does this mean I actually get to shoot someone?
I mean, not, you know, shoot someone shoot someone.
I just meant that more than...
We know what you meant.
You wait for him to reach the cordon,
then engage. Do you copy?
- Copy. - Copy.
Still a lot of ground to cover.
Rag's should be here.
Overwatch, do you have a 20 on Ragman?
I texted him, like, 10 times
and then 10 more, but Nada.
Maybe he's sick.
I mean, the flu's been going around,
and by the looks of those rags,
he does not hit the drycleaner very often.
Hola, muchacho.
Wild Dog, that is Artemis' shot.
I got him.
What the?
I got him.
What did I say?
That was Artemis' shot!
Dude was getting away.
No, he wasn't.
And you missed.
You were in the Navy.
You should know better.
I was dishonorably discharged actually.
You think that I don't know that?
Deliver that and the evidence
to the anti-crime unit and then go home.
What about tonight's training session?
You're taking a few days off.
Nice going... again.
How are we supposed to get this buy to the ACU,
call a Uber?
The Op's over, and you've been MIA for days.
It's not acceptable.
Get it together immediately,
or you're off the team.
That's why I'm here,
to tell you in person.
I'm off the team.
Feels pretty quick to throw in the towel.
I thought you were just getting started.
I was, and then Felicity
told me the truth about her role in Havenrock.
You didn't know she told me.
Did she also tell you that she was faced
with an impossible choice?
I completely realize that.
I get it wasn't her fault,
but that doesn't change the fact
that every time I look at her
I see the faces of my family,
of everyone I ever loved.
Felicity is a constant reminder
of what I lost, and as long as that's true,
I'm sorry.
I can't be here.
What about your father?
I thought he was the reason you were doing this.
I'll have to find another way to honor him.
I'm sorry to lose you.
I'm sorry to go.
Thank you for everything.
Did my comms deceive me,
or did you actually let the recruits take
an SCPD victory lap?
It's never a victory lap.
They're... rough around the edges,
but they're making progress... except Rory,
who was waiting for me upstairs
to say that he quit.
He said you spoke with him about Havenrock.
How you holding up?
She doesn't know?
About John being in prison? Oliver told me.
I'm so sorry.
What Lyla means...
We are gonna break him out.
Of military prison?
- Yep. - Wait, and then what?
John is just a fugitive for the rest of his life?
Better than being punished for something
he didn't do.
Lyla, I've been studying the schematics
that you hooked me up with.
This would be a lot easier
if we had John's cooperation.
U don't have what now?
Apparently, prison is more appealing to John
than coming home to his own wife and child.
Ok. So wait a minute.
Not only do you want to commit multiple felonies
and make John a wanted man
for the rest of his life,
he doesn't actually want you to?
Can I speak with you for a minute?
Is she going to be a problem?
No, but...
I was counting on her being a help.
Maybe I should pull a few of my agents in on this.
No. If this... if this has your fingerprints on it,
then both of John Jr.'s parents
will be fugitives.
There is something that might actually
make this not impossible.
I just read a briefing memo
on a new piece of tech,
an antimolecular compound.
I was kind of hoping Felicity could help us get our hands on it.
Lyla, whatever it is, I'll handle it.
Second test over.
Do not make any worse by pulling out suture.
Anatoly, if this is how the Bratva treat their new members,
I'd hate to see how they treat their enemies.
Pass third and final test, find out.
What's the test?
You keep asking about Kovar.
Our sources say this man
will get you one step closer.
You have to act fast, though.
He will be arraigned in morning.
- Jail. - Yeah,
but... what makes you think he'll talk to me.
You trust me. I trust you.
Look. It's a little early for a drink, don't you think?
It's not for drinking.
Anatoly, what the hell was that for?
I should probably just start prerecording
apologies for being late.
Don't worry. Thea told us.
I'm sorry, man. Gout is a bitch.
Yes, it is.
I'm actually gonna be taking some time off
to have it taken care of.
Well, fortunately, we now have
a deputy mayor to help pick up the slack.
It'll be great working with you.
You've had an impressive career, Mr. Lance?
Yeah. I mean, a lot of people out there
probably wouldn't, uh, share that opinion,
but thank you.
Public service isn't easy.
Sometimes, you get a little dirty clearing out the filth.
Speaking of which, I heard there was an arrest last night
that may help in our case against Tobias Church.
Sergio Espinosa, long-time Los Halcones member
turned Church strongman.
The Green Arrow and his merry band of vigilantes
left him gift-wrapped for us at anti-crime.
The only thing that was missing was a bow.
Well, you don't sound to happy about that.
Vigilantes are a superficial solution.
If we need their help to get our streets clean...
It means we haven't done our jobs right.
Do you think that you can get Espinosa to flip on Church?
I'll lean on him hard, see if he buckles.
Make sure he doesn't get any help from crooked cops.
Not a chance. I'm gonna walk
every piece of evidence in the custody chain through myself.
Good. Uh, if it's all right with you,
I'll have Quentin accompany you,
be my... eyes and ears while I'm out of town.
Sure. Give us a little bit of time to get acquainted.
I'm sorry. When did, uh, babysitting evidence
become part of the job description?
Since I trust you.
You do?
I mean, all things considered?
If we didn't think you were right for the job,
we wouldn't have offered it to you, right?
I haven't had a drink in a week, ok?
Where the hell are you going anyway?
Strange time for a vacation.
You should probably assume that it's not a vacation.
Should I even ask?
No. I... I'm not gonna be gone long.
Just please make sure that no one destroys the city while I'm away.
What are you doing?
Reviewing the SCPD evidence log
on what we kept from getting stolen
from Kord Industries last night.
- 6,800 processor. - So?
Exactly. Kord manufactures bleeding-edge tech,
military-grade weapons,
I mean, all kinds of city-threatening items.
Why would Church send a guy to steal a computer chip
that you could buy from any Tech Village store?
Well, who cares?
Everything's on its way to lockup now.
Because knowing what Church's endgame was
is like... it's like this thing that's still out there, lurking.
You all right over there?
Because I've been doing a lot of talking, and you haven't,
which is very weird.
You know how you told me to tell Rory about Havenrock?
Yeah. Oh! He's not sick with the flu, is he?
No. He's just sick of working with me.
Did you try talking to him?
There's not a lot I can say that would make him feel ok
about his entire family being killed.
Another robbery in progress at...
Palmer Tech! I got to call Oliver.
Or maybe don't, and we'll just let the get robbed.
It will serve Mr. Dennis right for firing us.
He fired me. You quit.
Because he fired you. Same thing.
Sanchez, you got anything?
What's up?
Hey. There's been a break-in at Palmer Tech.
Are you still in the area?
Uh... Yeah. I can look into that.
How was Palmer Tech?
Before you answer, you should consider
that your phone has GPS,
and if you were thinking about lying,
I do admire your consistency.
I wasn't thinking of lying to you.
I wasn't looping you in after you made it clear
you didn't approve of the decision.
John is the one who doesn't approve of the plan.
John's not thinking clearly.
Well, I bet Roy is, and if he were here,
I think he would tell you that life on the run
is no life at all, and I seem to remember
you not being on board with that plan.
Roy was making a bad choice
just like John is making a bad choice.
He is currently locked up in a military prison
for a crime he didn't commit.
To atone for a crime that he did commit, and what does it matter?
John doesn't want to leave.
It is not your choice. Why do you always
have to go and make decisions for him?
He already abandoned the team.
I am not gonna let him abandon his family.
Is that what this is about,
John leaving the team?
This is simple.
I am gonna stop John
from making a decision he will come to regret.
You should consider doing the exact same thing with Rory.
You do realize that me having a chat with Rory
is completely different than you committing
half a dozen felonies, right?
Did you ever think you'd be doing this again,
handling evidence?
No. Didn't think I'd be deputy mayor either,
but here we are.
I was surprised you took the job, to be honest.
From what I hear, you and Queen have a, uh...
A complicated history.
Got to be a lot of hatchets to bury there.
Yeah. Well, at least I know where they're buried.
That's something you can't buy or steal.
Package is here, boss.
D.A., Deputy Mayor, too.
Ah. Bonus.
Get ready to move.
Let me guess. Felicity filled you in.
That you're gonna break into a military prison?
Yeah, and you got the nerve to call me Wild Dog?
I'm done debating this.
Really? Because this is the first we've heard of it.
I thought we were your team.
Running off to bust someone out of prison
sounds like team business,
and what happens to us when you get caught?
You've made it clear that we can't do this vigilante thing without you.
When I get caught? I'm not gonna get caught.
Right because we're not gonna let you do this.
I'm sorry.
Did you say that you're not gonna let me?
Yes. I need to see you physically deposit the item.
I've been on this job 15 years.
I've never lost a piece of evidence.
Now relax, Sergeant.
No one's doubting your proficiency here, ok?
Seems like.
This is it.
You gonna let me do my job now?
Have at it.
- What the hell? - Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Get out of here!
Find the weapons, boys.
Sorry, gents.
Load them up!
And burn this puppy down.
Let's go, let's go!
Last chance.
Get off the street.
I didn't think he'd actually hit you guys.
You know what really sucks?
Realizing that in all those training sessions
where he was kicking our respective asses
the whole time he was taking it easy on us.
Yeah. Remind me to never, ever
get on his bad side.
I think that would imply that he has a good side,
and, you know, Felicity, could you please explain to me again
how you thought this was all gonna go down?
Well, I thought if he saw you guys all united
against his crazy plan he'd reconsider.
Right because Oliver Queen is known
for thinking things through and taking input from others.
The ever-expanding club house.
And who are you?
I'm Thea, Oliver's Chief of Staff.
And also his sister.
Don't tell me Oliver beat you up, too?
Heh. Ollie did this?
Object lesson, long story.
It's fine. Don't ask.
What happened to you?
Tobias Church happened.
That evidence that you guys recovered from Kord Industries...
Modified to go boom.
He wanted it to be put into lockup.
And he wanted to raid it.
One-stop shopping for weapons.
Including those RPGs that he took from Amertek
if this report's right.
We got to find out what he's planning
to do with those weapons... Because it ain't nothing good.
This is a really bad time for Oliver to be out of town.
Yeah. I just tried him. He's gone dark.
Why don't you guys hit the streets?
We want to figure out what Church is up to
before it's too late.
- You sure? - Mm-hmm.
I don't think Oliver would want us out there without him.
Right. Well, Oliver forfeited his opinion when he left.
Ok, but this is an all hands on deck situation,
rag-covered hands included.
Just saying.
Where's Private Jesseman?
This is usually his delivery.
Flu's been tearing through the base, sir.
I drew the short straw.
I don't see you on the list.
Your C.O. should have submitted a change of personnel form.
You sure he didn't?
It's an hour's drive back to the base.
Can't you refresh your Wi-Fi or something?
There you are.
As you were, Private.
Thank you, sir.
I'm in.
25 minutes till extraction.
Roger that.
Facilities cameras are on a closed network.
If you can give me access to the mainframe, I can open it up.
- I'm on my way. - Oliver...
If you don't make it to the extraction point...
I'll make it, and I won't be alone.
Ahem. Ohh. Ahh.
Hey. You speak English?
Your accent... You are American.
Yeah, maybe once upon a time,
but, uh, now I'm more just enjoying
everything that Russia has to offer.
Yes. I can smell that.
You judge me?
You're in this cell, too.
Yes. A mistake my boss will correct very soon.
You mean Konstantin Kovar?
How do you know that name?
Oh, same way that I know your name's Pyotr Friedkin,
same way I know that you launder money for Kovar,
same way that I know
that's what you're doing here.
How can you know that unless...
Are you Bratva?
He's fine.
I am Bratva,
and you are gonna tell me everything
that I want to know.
Your turn to run system check.
I'm gonna hit the head.
Don't touch my ball.
Dude, what the hell?
Transponder's in place.
Roger that. I've got eyes now.
I'll walk you to Johnny's cell.
Hey. Is this... uh, is this a bad time?
Do I want to even ask how you found me?
Heh. I feel like that's a trick question.
Sorry about the mess.
These are amazing.
You spend enough time with other people's castoffs,
you find ways to make something useful out of them.
My father always used to say that.
He owned a pawn shop.
On Southmoor Road, right?
How'd you know?
Last week, you told Oliver that you had joined the team
to honor your father.
When you quit...
I wanted to find out more about what you were giving up.
Your father was a Gulf War veteran,
2nd Battalion, 1st Marines,
but that's not what made him a hero, was it?
He wore your rags,
like his father before him, whose name was also Rory.
That's a big legacy to live up to.
Mine is going to be what happened to Havenrock.
I'm gonna have to live with that
every day for the rest of my life,
knowing that I cannot fix it
and knowing that it's not the last mistake
that I'm ever going to have to make.
I still don't know if I can...
Work side by side with someone who's a reminder
of what you lost.
I understand.
Just like you're a reminder of what I did,
and I... I know they're not the same thing.
We both want the same thing,
to be able to live with what's happened
so that we can move... forward.
It's Curtis.
I am so sorry,
and we could really use you.
I... I wish I could, Felicity.
I just...
I can't right now.
I'm sorry.
If you change your mind, well, we're here.
Cell 1138,
right side, third from the left.
He's not here.
Give me a minute while I scan the feeds.
Oh, no.
♪♪♪ "Arrow 5x04" ♪♪♪ ♪♪ "Penance" ♪♪ ♪ "Original Air Date on October 26, 2016" ♪
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They moved him into gen pop.
You go in there, neither of you are getting out.
Talk to me. When's he coming back to his cell?
Outside our window.
If those MPs wake up, the first thing they're gonna do
is move John and all the other prisoners
to a more secure location, and we lose our shot.
Abort. We're blown.
Tell me where I can find Kovar.
You think you scare me more than him?
No, but he's not locked up in here with you.
I am.
You wouldn't kill me in front of all of them.
I'm not gonna lay a finger on you.
Same can't be said for Alisa.
Or maybe I'll visit your wife Maya
when she's picking up Alisa from ballet.
Somebody... is gonna die.
It can be Kovar, it can be your wife, it can be your child,
but I need you to choose
and do it quickly.
Kovar is very paranoid, careful.
We never meet in person,
only remotely.
Remotely? How?
A digital dead drop, the Dark Web.
What's the IP address?
What is the IP address?
If this information is incorrect,
your family will suffer.
How does an American become this... This...
Bratva devil?
I don't know.
About time, Blondie. Can we go now?
First of all, not my name.
Second, were you able to locate Church on your recon?
No, but street cams actually picked him up,
so we know he's on the move.
We just don't know where he's moving to.
We can't go after Church without knowing
his endgame first.
Sounds like an excuse to sit around and do nothing.
What are you doing?
Not nothing.
You're cross-plotting.
Church's prior locations into a projection algorithm.
You probably got beat up in grade school a lot.
And junior high.
Ok. Based on Church's route, I'm calculating
an 86% likelihood he's going to 18 Mill Road.
Why does that sound so familiar?
Because we were just there
to hand over Sergio.
That's where the ACU's bunkered.
Church is gonna take them out.
Montes, quit screwing around.
Station chief, this is Gans from cell block "C."
We have a code yellow situation.
Initiate immediate lockdown and have all prisoners
return to their cells.
I'm not rolling on Church.
You think you scare me more than him?
But he's not here with you.
I am.
You're not gonna put a beating on me.
You're a D.A.
Yeah. Haven't you heard?
All of the justice in this city comes from vigilantes.
Word on the street is is that Church's planning something,
something big.
You tell me what it is,
and he'll be the one in those cuffs
instead of you.
Heh heh heh.
You're talking about the trust.
Oh, you can't stop it, man.
Can't even... come close.
What's going on?
At least we definitely know where Church is now.
D'Angelo's right.
We got to put him down.
Against that? Without Oliver?
No. We're sh... Shorthanded as it is.
You scared?
No, but I'm not stupid either.
Evie's right. I'm not sending you guys
out there just to get slaughtered.
Thanks for the vote of confidence.
You saw what you're up against, ok?
This isn't some drill where you take down
a petty thug or drug dealer.
This is real, ok, with real stakes.
The 3 of you could die out there.
That's something we get to decide
for ourselves, isn't it?
I mean, I don't know about everyone else,
but I didn't join this team to stay safe.
Ok. Why don't we take a vote?
All those in favor.
We're all gonna say yes, Blondie.
God. That's not my name.
Good. Ok. Go. Do not die.
Code yellow.
Return all prisoners to their cells.
Code yellow.
Return all prisoners to their cells.
Immediate code yellow enforced.
Move prisoners to their cells.
Hey, John. What's new?
I'm not doing this. I told Lyla.
Yeah. You can yell at us later,
but right now, we're on a bit of a clock.
Are you even hearing me right now?
I don't want anything to do with this.
The MPs are gonna do a count in a few minutes.
My guess is they're only expecting to find
one person in here.
Really? So that's your play, blackmail?
Do what you say, or you get caught in here, too?
You're my brother, John.
What happens to you happens to me.
I killed my brother.
I went to the army to change,
and I haven't changed.
I know, all right,
and I know that you think this is your penance for that.
Oliver, it's not just that.
I trusted Andy.
Even when you told me not to, I trusted him,
and now Laurel's dead.
I need you, the team needs you, the city needs you.
I'm not saying you shouldn't do your penance.
You probably should,
but do it as Spartan.
What's in the box?
It's an antimolecular compound,
and theoretically, it should eat through anything.
Not gonna ask you how you got your hands on this.
Hey. You came back for me,
even against my wishes.
I guess I haven't changed that much either.
Maybe that's what I have to do my penance for.
That toy of yours is definitely coming in handy.
Project that Lyla's been keeping an eye on for Argus.
Should have known she'd be helping out.
Tell Johnny he can thank me later.
You've got to keep moving.
Follow the sublevel north 200 meters, then climb up.
What... what is it?
Comm's being jammed.
No, no, no.
Hey. Is there another way out of here?
Mind uncuffing me before they kill you?
Hey. Hey. If that's for taking out the wall,
the blast will kill us before we can get out.
We're in too tight.
- Trust me. - Yeah, says the creepy-looking...
What the hell are you anyways?
I'm in place. Blow it.
Sorry we blew up your building.
Come on!
We're going up.
Then what?
Which way, Overwatch?
Take a right at the end of that hallway.
It should be a fire exit.
If you go through there, you're home free easy.
Not so easy.
Rags, cover me.
Go! Go, go!
Okay. Get him up.
Come on.
I probably should just shoot you,
But you've earned a little suffering.
Get him to safety.
- But... - Go!
It's ok.
Hey. Don't kill him.
He may have his uses.
We've got to go back for Wild Dog.
Copy. Overwatch, Mr. Terrific is hurt.
We could use some help.
Inbound. Hold on.
Get in!
Where's the Wild Dog kid?
Still inside, fighting Church.
We've got to go back for him.
No. Unless you all want to die,
we've got to go now, now!
We can't just leave him.
You have to. Go.
Come on!
Let's go.
- Here. - What's this?
Just put it on.
Let's go.
Dig, your harness.
You two, freeze!
Down on the ground! Lace your fingers behind your head!
Do it now, or we will shoot!
John, don't move.
This place should keep you off the grid
for the time being.
Until we find a permanent solution.
Hey. First things first.
Can't believe you broke me out of prison.
For better or worse, Johnny.
Told you I wanted to stay.
And I figured if you wanted to make your own decisions
then you wouldn't haven't gotten married.
Ok. How mad was Felicity that you went along with this?
How do you know she thought it was a bad idea?
I know Felicity.
What's wrong?
I have to go.
When you said you haven't changed...
Dobroye utro.
How was first night in Russian prison?
Friedkin gave up the dead drop, and now he's dead.
Mission accomplished.
Your being sarcasm, yes?
That man wasn't a threat, Anatoly.
He didn't deserve to die.
In Bratva, there is no death without purpose.
If Friedkin living, he is warning Kovar.
If he is warning Kovar,
his information not so good.
Vy ponimayete?
Maybe you could have explained that to me
before you sent me in there.
I almost didn't kill him.
But you did. Why?
Because you told me to.
You trust us.
Now we trust you.
Third test over.
You get it?
You are Bratva now, family.
Last handful of honest cops in this city,
and Church nearly took them out
along with me.
We're just glad you're all right.
I've got to be thinking this is a PR nightmare,
something like this going down
and the mayor's MIA.
Look. He called in this morning.
His health problems are almost over.
That's good news.
Um, we're... we're hearing that one of the, uh, vigilantes
who was part of the rescue,
that he didn't make it out.
Um, any word on him?
CSU hasn't found a body, so...
So Church has him.
I spent most of my life thinking
that men in masks were only capable
of doing horrible things.
I may have to reevaluate that.
Let me know when Queen gets in.
Will do.
Are you all right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean, I barely knew the kid, Thea.
But that doesn't make it sting any less.
Well, yeah, sure it does.
The year I've had, this is... this is easy.
Yeah. I mean, cold as that sounds.
Look. I know why you're asking, ok,
and I'm... I'm fine.
I mean, I'm... I'm... I'm just saying
if things ever get less easy,
you know I'm here for you, right?
And appreciated.
What is the point of having keyhole satellite imagery
if you can't use it to find anybody?
I feel like I don't understand
half the sentences you say.
What I'm saying is is that no matter how hard I try
I cannot find Rene anywhere.
And I was the one who told you guys to leave him behind.
Sounds like another impossible decision.
Does that mean I'm supposed to get better at making them?
I'm saying you were right.
If we're gonna do this,
we can't let guilt swallow us up.
I'll keep you from doing it
if you promise the same for me.
Ow! Ow!
So "ow" then?
Things have really fallen apart
without Oliver, haven't they?
It's a good thing I'm back then.
Was he waiting for an entrance line?
Nope. He's just that cool.
I got your text. Have we found Rene?
You get John?
Yeah. He's fine. He's holed up at HIVE.
I couldn't write him off,
and we... are not gonna write off Rene.
We're gonna find him,
we're gonna bring him back...
Wherever he is.
Ah. Wakey, wakey.
Yow! Yow! Heh heh heh.
Man, it's been a long time
since I've been tagged like this.
Oh, my pleasure,
but I promise you if you untie me
I'll show you a hell of a lot more than respect.
Ooh, man, you got spirit,
and I am duly impressed,
but I'm gonna break that spirit.
I'm gonna break your soul,
and when we're finished,
assuming that you're still alive...
Now I wouldn't bet no money on that, though...
There's gonna be very little of you left
for the Green Arrow to work with.
Light him up.
Greg! Move your head.