Arrow (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - A Matter of Trust - full transcript

Now that Oliver has his new team, they are ready to hit the streets but Oliver doesn't feel they are ready. Headstrong Wild Dog defies the Green Arrow's orders and sets out on his own after a new drug dealer, Garret Runnels, who is terrorizing Star City. Runnels proves more powerful than Wild Dog and it is up to the Green Arrow to go head to head with Runnels to save his teammate.

My name is Oliver Queen.

After 5 years in Hell,

I returned home
with only one goal--

to save my city.

Today I fight that war
on two fronts.

By day, I lead Star City
as its mayor,

but by night,
I am someone else.

I am something else.

I am the Green Arrow.

on "Arrow" and "Flash"...

You ran back in time

and then came back

and noticed that things
were different?

Who's that young boy
with Dig?

He didn't have
a kid before?

Baby Sarah.

Baby John.


You son of a bitch!

I used your gun.

No one will ever
believe your story.

Police never caught
your brother's shooter.

You leave Andy out of this.

Floyd Lawton,
he is the sniper.

I'll kill you
for what you did to Andy.

I got space for you
right here,

right next to your brother.

I can't do it alone.

I need a team.

You're not just joining
up with the Green Arrow.

You'd be joining up
with me.

I'm in.

Me, too.

So what are we
looking at here?

Carl Roberto.

Frequent flyer
at Iron Heights.

Seems like the only
thing he's good at

is getting arrested.

He's not much of a challenge

for the Green Arrow.

He's not looking
for a challenge.

This is about teaching
the 4 of you

what happens out there
and how to handle it.

Well, I'm up
for any lesson

that doesn't involve him
punching us in the face.

Wait. He hits you guys?

Oh, man. Dude's going
to get it now.

Always assume that
the target is armed.

Always assume
that they're dangerous.


Who's Stardust?

It's not a "who".
It's a "what".

Latest designer drug.

Makes PCP look like
children's aspirin.

I want your supplier.

I can't.
He'll kill me.

What do you think
I'm going to do?

His interrogation technique
is a little unrefined.

He's not going
to kill him, is he?

That's a--that's
a terrific question.

You're not going
to do it.

Give me a name,
and I won't have to.

Word's out on you, man.

You'll kill,

but only when
you have to.

Son of a bitch!

Oh, don't worry.

You'll live.

All right!

All right.

His name's Sampson.

Derek Sampson.

Where can I find him?

I don't know.

I pick up a package
on a different corner each night,

and never from him.

Give me the package.

The Stardust?

Sure, it's in my pocket.

Good idea.

You really could
use a high,

chill out a bit.

I'm not going to kill you,

but I can't guarantee
you'll walk away from this.

♪ Arrow 5x03 ♪
A Matter of Trust
Original Air Date on October 19, 201

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So what did we learn?

Don't piss
Oliver off.

Like we needed
that lesson.

Information, ok,

is the currency
of our business.

When Oliver
gets back here,

he's going to ask me
to analyze the drugs

so we can find out
where it's being manufactured.

I hate drugs.

Not in a recreational sense.

I have a life,
like anyone else.

It's just--I saw what
all the gang violence

did to my hometown.

Um, I'm going
to make DVDs

of tonight's
surveillance footage.

Oliver wants you
to study them

like a football player
would break down a game tape.

And then he'll let us
get on the field?

I'm guessing not.

That guy is seriously
overestimating my patience.

I am,

because I didn't think that
you had any patience, Rene.

- Cute.
- Let's analyze this

and see if we can figure out
where it was manufactured.

Look, analysis and forensics
is cool and all,

but that stuff
takes time.

I know the neighborhood
where this dealer's slinging out of.

I think I can guess where
the Stardust is being made.

Rene, we don't deal
in maybes and guesswork.

Or maybe rich boy
Mayor Queen

doesn't know
the streets so good.

Everyone get back
to your training.

You impress me in here,

then maybe I'll let you
impress me out there.

Text me when the analysis
comes back.

at a shipping center

on 8th and Amsterdam.

Gunman armed
with an AR-5.

I give up.

Detective Billy Malone.

Please don't shoot me.

Sorry about the fake
radio call,

but I didn't have
your e-mail address,

and I thought
we should meet.

Whoa, ok.

What do you want?

I discovered some Intel
that I think concerns you.

I caught the Conahan

He was a member
of Mayor Queen's--

Anti-Crime unit.

Killed two weeks ago.

By a guy who's
somewhat promiscuous

with his choice
of weapons.

he threatened another guy

you might be
familiar with.

Tobias Church.

What was his problem
with Church?

According to word
on the street,

Church nearly
killed you last week.

Well, this guy wants
to do the job himself.


They tell you
what happened?

Just the charges.

Espionage, murder,
conduct unbecoming.

I need you to tell me
what happened,

and I need you to start
at the beginning.

We were in Chechnya on an op
to retrieve a trigger

from one
of Damien Darhk's nukes.

Turns out my C.O. had
a better plan for it--

sell it
to the highest bidder.

Something went
sideways, Lyla.

The buyer didn't show.

I don't know--

I don't know.

I think pinning it on me
was the backup plan.

You believe me, right?

Johnny, how can you
even ask that?

Lyla, I love you.

Tell John Jr. I love him
and that I'll be all right.

Hey, get me out of here!

You can't leave me
here with him!

Hey, John.

Looks like we're
cellmates again.

Ain't that something?

Your honor,
we need to talk.

Where'd you go last night?

I looked around the theater
after the movie,

and I couldn't find you.

Mr. Mayor, we need to take
your security detail

more seriously.

I was serious when I said

that I didn't want
a security detail.

Look where that got me.

Late for a meeting.

What are you doing here?

You weren't supposed
to be here until 9:00.

Our meeting was
scheduled for 8:00.


Who's this?

This is Susan Williams,

and she is officially
my least favorite person

on the planet.

It's not just
that Oliver Queen's

pick for deputy mayor

has a history
of alcohol abuse.

Recent reports confirm
that Quentin Lance

suffered a relapse

right before Mayor Queen
appointed him.

I told you not
to offer Quentin

a job in the administration,

and you decide to offer him
Deputy Mayor?

Ok, so that's what those
5 voicemails were about.

The thing that
I told you not to do?

I listened to what you
told me not to do,

but then I decided to do what
I thought was right, anyway,

and guess who I got
that one from.

I'm an elected official.

I have to answer to voters
and a free press.

Unravel this, Speedy.

Make it go away.

That's going to be
a little hard to do

now that the story's
already out there.

I don't care.

You made this mess.
You clean it up.

Some nights,
I still feel the sea,

rocking, rocking.

In that cage,
on that boat, the Amazo.

Do you remember?


Then I wake up.

I realize where I am
with family, friends.

You are only one

who knows what
I went through,

that nightmare.

Here. I brought you
something to drink.

No. No, I can't.

Not vodka.

It's water.

How you feel, my friend?

Like I might have
made a mistake.

But what of Kovar?

You still wish
to kill him, no?

I told you before,
Bratva only way.

I think I'll take
my chances.

This about other men
being killed?

This was first test.

Two more left.

What was the point
of the test?

To trust Bratva.

Well, I'm sorry, Anatoly,

but I don't trust Bratva

after I watched them
execute 3 innocent men.


There is miscommunication.

You want to leave, leave,
but come with me first.

I have something
I need to show you.

I cannot believe
I let you talk me into this.


I'm a little surprised,
too, but it's just recon.

If it's just recon,

then how come we didn't
bring along Rory and Curtis?

Because Curtis would just
tell mommy and daddy.

And Rory?

Guy just weirds me out.


Knew this would
be the place.

When's Queen
going to trust me?

I'm sure it'll be
right after he finds out

we went here without
his permission.

The night's still young.

Bring the Green Arrow back,

bust this place up.

You mean he will
bust this place up.

He'll never let us
get out in that field.

It's easier to ask
for forgiveness than permission.

You brought that?

What happened to this
just being recon?

We did the recon part.

Mrs. Conahan, this person
will be apprehended.

I have the anti-crime unit
working overtime on this.

Trust me.

We will get justice
for your husband.

Thought that was my job.


I'm sorry. You are?

Pissed. Royally. Off.

I'm getting that.

What I don't understand
is who you are

and what you're doing
in my office.

Adrian Chase.

- Your new--
- District Attorney.

I'm sorry
that we haven't met.

I'm buried
up to my eyeballs

in motion practice
and indictments

with a staff who's
barely made it past

3 rounds of budget cuts,

so how about we save
the pleasantries

for the next fundraiser

and get down
to why I am so...

You're so pissed off.


Remember Vertigo?

Believe it or not,
I tried to buy some once.

Yeah, I believe it.

Well, what's hitting
the street

is a million times


I'm not as out of touch
as most people think,

but I do have some work
to get done, Mr. Chase,

so why don't we get to the bottom
of why you're so pissed off?

I've been building a case
against the dealer,

Derek Sampson.

I was going to flip him,

but last night
somebody killed him.

Rival dealer?

A vigilante.

That doesn't sound
like the Green Arrow.

Not him. Some idiot
in a hockey mask.

I'm sorry. Did you say
a hockey mask?

Everything ok, boss?

A Stardust dealer was killed
last night by a vigilante.

Lots running around
the city these days--

Wearing a hockey mask!

Hey, short fry
was there, too!

Thanks, Rene.

Rory and I didn't,

just for the record.

Ok, I ain't going
to deny I was there,

but neither
were you, man.

This guy was all sorts
of nutso, loco!

It was either him or me!

You never should have
been in that position.

So you saying this city
isn't better off

with one less dealer
on the streets?

Have you told
the mayor that?

You have no ability
to think big picture!

Stardust is still
out there.

The D.A.'s office
had a plan,

they were going
to flip Sampson,

and then he was going
to give up the suppliers.

They can't do that anymore!

How about you put
an arrow in my other leg,

and we'll call it even?

Last week you said
you needed to be able to trust me.


Well, I need to be
able to trust you.

If I can't, then why am I
wasting my time with you?

Never in my entire life
did I think

that I would meet somebody
more stubborn than him.

I would have lost
that bet.

Is this normal behavior
around here?

More than
I like to admit.


My friend's visiting
from Marseilles.

No problem, Miss Williams.

I really appreciate you taking
the time to meet with me.

Anything for a fan.

I'm assuming you watched
the other night's broadcast.

Yes, actually, I--

I really appreciated
all the wonderful things

you were saying
about my brother's administration.

Can you give us
a minute?

You're right.

I was out of line.

My producer, he's always
pushing me to be edgy,

to do stories that will generate
Internet traffic.

Sometimes I push
too far.

Well, thank you.

I really appreciate that.

Of course.

I mean, we're
coworkers in a way.

Um, coworker to coworker,

I was hoping
you'd do me a favor.

I need you to walk back
your story.

The truth is Oliver
hasn't appointed

Quentin Lance
Deputy Mayor yet.

Well, that's not what
my sources tell me.

Well, they're wrong,
because, honestly,

my brother
doesn't even know

that I offered him the job.

Well, that certainly
changes things.

- Yeah.
- I'll update the story.


Coworkers, right?

How the hell
are you alive?

Great question,
but you know the answer.

They never found
your body.

A hell of a world
we live in, ain't it?

I survive a freaking
building exploding under me

only to get pinched
a couple months later,

and it is hard going on the lam
with an eye patch.

What's your excuse
for being here?

I reenlisted
back into the army.

It didn't go good.

I can't really picture you
ever giving up your day job

as a superhero.

I just couldn't
do it anymore.

Why's that?

I'm not here to play 20 questions
with you, Lawton.

All right.

How about we play cards?

Deceased male, late 20s.

6'2", 214 pounds.

Found in a body
of unknown chemicals.

Based on the lack
of epidermis erosion,

the chemicals
were non-acidic.

Autopsy was commenced
at 18:25

with a y-incision.

Why can't I
feel anything?

Good night.
I'm headed home.

Oh, uh, give me a sec.
I'll join you.

Not home, I mean.

Bow! I'm a happily
married man.


I meant join you out.

I figured.

you're not my type.

Are you gay?

No...Which makes you
not my type.

Of course.
Yeah...I was--heh.

Yeah, speaking of which,

you were talking
about home, hometown.

You not from Star City?




You know, I just
realized that--

I remembered that I--

oh, yeah, I promised--

promised Felicity I would
help her with some things.

Yeah. No problem.

Good night.


Good night, Felicity.



You knew, didn't you?

About Havenrock?

He told Oliver.
I overheard.

Does he know?

Rory, I mean.

Know that I destroyed
his hometown

with a nuclear missile
5 months ago?

No, it hasn't come up.

You didn't destroy
anything, Felicity.

That was Damien Darhk.


sent the missile
to Monument Point.

I sent the missile
to Havenrock.

I killed tens
of thousands of people.

To save millions.

Tell that to Rory's family.

What is that?

from Starling General.

Where the hell
are the cops?

We need backup!

Get out of here.

Derek Sampson,

you have failed this city.

Hey, Rory,
thanks for coming back.

Oliver should be here
any second.

What happened?

First metahumans,
then magic,

and now you can add
into the mix zombies.

The guy that Rene killed

is kind of still
walking around.

Sampson is not a zombie.

According the coroner's
toxicology workup,

Sampson's body was infused
with a mixture of chemicals

that must have put his body
into a state

that fooled the paramedics.

It was only a matter
of time before he woke up.

And kicked Oliver's ass.

He didn't kick Oliver's ass,

and can we please
not say things like that

when Oliver could enter
in, like, any second?

Like now, see?

I need to find this guy

before he hurts
anyone else.

I'm tapped into all
satellites and C-C feeds.

What happened?

Physiology changed.

Enhanced strength,
and I don't think he can feel pain.

Felicity thinks
it's from exposure

to whatever chemicals
were in the vat

that Rene
dumped him into.

Any way to reverse it?

I could run some tests,
but it would take time,

and I'd rather keep my eye

on the "find Sampson before
he hurts anybody else" ball.

Well, good thing
I was a biochemistry major in college.

I'll get on it.

Text me as soon
as you have anything.

We can't let the cops
get to him first.

I want to help, too.

I think you've
done enough.

I'm sorry about before,
but I get it now.

I'll do whatever
you need.

What I need

is to trust that when
I do ask for your help,

you're not immediately going
to make the problem worse.

He said
he was sorry.

Let us help.

Yeah. We could
canvass the city.

After what happened the last time
you went looking for Sampson?



Thank you.

The recruit
was a murderer?


Police catch him,

but he's son
to friend of Kovar

so he goes free.

Bratva step in
to bring justice.

How is recruiting him
into the Bratva justice?

But he was not
recruited, was he?

What if I wasn't the one
to ring the bell, Anatoly?

We still bring justice.

If you're trying
to convince me

to trust the Bratva,

you are not doing
a very good job.

You must trust process.

Not everything
what it seems.

To defeat Kovar,
you need army.

Bratva army.

You've come this far.

Why give up now?

6 of hearts.

Come on, 6 of hearts,
where are you?

My kingdom
for a 6 of hearts.

You shut up for five minutes,
I won't have to kill you.

Whoo! There's that temper.

Good thing your kid won't
have to grow up with it

like your brother did, huh?

What'd you say to me?

How's all that
going, anyway?

You ever find that group
that paid me to off him?

They didn't.

What's that, now?

They didn't
want him dead.

He was alive.

Like I said,
hell of a world, ain't it?

I mean...

Wait, why did you say
"was alive" just now? Huh?

Hello, John?
Anybody home?

Because I killed him.

So all that hate
that you poured into me

for killing your brother,

you really should have been
pouring it into yourself.

I was just on my way
to see you.

What can I help you with?

SCPD is working
on locating Sampson.

I want to start with
a search of his last known address,

but Judge Pittson won't
sign the search warrant

on Sampson's
prior residence.

Pittson. I helped
Pittson get elected.

Which is why I'm
talking to you.

Could you lean on her?

All hands on deck.

Thank you.

Hey, you--you probably
don't remember this,

but we actually
met 12 years ago.

You tried to pick up
my girlfriend.

Ha ha ha...

I did a lot of things
back then

that I'm not
especially proud of,

but I'm sure she ended up
with the better man.

Hell, no.

She went home with you.

Heh heh heh!

It's ok.
I don't hold grudges.

Looks like your Chief of Staff
needs a minute.

Let me know when you've
talked to Pittson.

I appreciate it.

Of course.

How did it go
with that reporter?

Well, I thought
it went well.



Unfortunately, Mayor Queen

doesn't seem to have
the first clue

of what's going on within
his own administration.

- For those of you...
- I'm so sorry.

What did you say
to this woman?

That part's coming next.

But "chosen" may be
too strong of a word.

Not only was a disgraced
public official rehired by the city

in an even
higher position,

Mayor Queen wasn't
even aware of it.

The decision was made
by his sister.

Ok, look, I am going
to issue a statement

taking full responsibility
for this, ok?

And then I am going
to offer you

my letter
of resignation.

- Thea--
- No, Ollie, look,

you said it yourself.

I made this mess.

I'm going to go
clean it up.

You know it's only
a matter of time

before Rory
figures it out.


The you and Havenrock

I mean, you can't seem
to be around the guy

for more than
two minutes

without acting widgy,

and sooner or later,
he's going to ask why.

Well, I will take
the "later". Thank you.

Have you talked this
out with Oliver?

No. Oliver and I don't have that type
of relationship anymore,

and you're right,

I am acting widgy

because having him
on the team

is like having a constant
reminder about what I did.

So clear the air.

If the past 4 years have
taught you anything,

it should be that keeping
secrets never works out.

I hardly even know Rory,

and what I do know
about him

is that he has several-
thousand-year-old rags

that he can mystically
use to strangle me.

He must be great
at parties.

I think that you need
to just trust the fact

that he will
not kill you

and trust that he may be able
to see things clearer than you do

and know that this
wasn't your fault.

Whoever called
this meeting,

you best step out.

The text I got came
from Sampson's cell.

Sampson is dead.

What'd Mark Twain say?

"Reports of my death

have been greatly

Man, he wasn't kidding.


So we're back in business?


No, I'm thinking...


You go bigger,

you draw attention
from Tobias Church.

I'm not afraid
of Church no more.

He should be
afraid of me.

You ever see
"Lethal Weapon"?

My favorite scene.

Gary Busey, man.

That guy, he could act.

If you can't feel pain,
you can't be stopped.

So we all get
this treatment,

and we take back this
city from Tobias Church!

I didn't know
you were still here.


That looks painful.

It's par for the course.

How'd things go
at city hall?

Ooh, that bad, huh?

Channel 52.

Unfortunately, Mayor Queen

doesn't seem to have
the first clue

of what's going on
within his own administration...

I already
don't like her.

Well, I can't keep
my people in line

as mayor
or as Green Arrow.

Heavy is the head
that wears the crown.


Or Tupac.

So is this Green Arrow
brooding or mayor brooding?

What's happening
with Susan Williams

is just politics.

Green Arrow brooding.
That's excellent,

because I have more
experience at that.

Rene didn't listen
to what I said,

and he created
a superhuman.

Well, I used
to have a dog.


He was adorable
but peed on everything.

My trainer told me that
next time it happened

that I should roll up
a piece of newspaper

and smack myself
on the head

because it was
my fault.

Lucky was just doing
as dogs do.

You're pushing this
"Wild Dog" codename thing

a bit too far.

My point is,
when you're in charge,

everything your team
does is on you.

Even what Rene did?

He was right about being able
to locate Sampson's operation.

If you listened to him

instead of shutting
him down--

Right. Then none of this
would have happened.

And we both know why
you shut him down.

Because I don't
trust him.

Like you said,
if you don't--

if you won't,

why are you
wasting your time?

What's that?

I'm running
an algorithm to ping

in case anything
unusual happens.

Unusual? That's casting
a pretty wide net.

Well, all my other nets
are coming up empty.

Break-in at Allman

That could be anyone.

Well, do you know anyone
besides Sampson

who can get shot
by security guards

and then just shrug off
the bullets?

- What'd he steal?
- I don't know.

It's going to take a lot
of time and typing.

Their warehouse
is the size of 3 football fields.

Let me know
what you find out.


Where are you going?

To get the team.

I ran Walker
through every data base.

he came up clean,

but there are
some financial irregularities.

I want you to stop.


Stop digging.

I'm not going to fight
these charges.

Johnny, that's insane.

it's the first thing

that's made sense to me
in a long while.

Ever since I killed Andy.

You think you need
to be punished?

I know I do.

Lyla, I didn't have
to pull that trigger,

but I did.

Something's wrong
with me, baby.

Then let me help you.

We will figure
this out together.

When I thought Lawton
killed Andy,

all I wanted to do was bring
his murderer to justice.

I still do.

Floyd Lawton was
an assassin for hire.

You're a good man,

and you're alive.

Floyd Lawton
is long dead.

No, Lyla, he's not.



Stop fighting
for me, Lyla.

I have.

You won't get me
this time.

I've won 8 in a row.


Are you sure
you were an Olympian?

Having quick reflexes

is not the only quality
in an Olympian.

Ok, there are
other things

like determination
and stubbornness.

I guess a sense of fashion
isn't one of them.

Come on, man.
Where did you get that jacket?

It's retro in all
the wrong ways.

Wait, you don't know
"Fair Play",

Terry Sloane?

Terry Sloane?

Mr. Terrific?

The greatest wrestler
in the history of wrestling.

He was so good
that he wore an outfit

with the words
"Fair Play"

written across it.

Like, I'm so good,

I don't even need
to cheat to beat you.

He's kind of my idol.

Did you have a little
crush on him, too?

Hey, that's
besides the point.

on your mind, boss?

You have a good
natural form.

Because it's
not natural.

I've been working
on it for years.

Rene, if I've been
too hard on you

it's because I want
to make sure

that you're taking this
as seriously as I am.

I wouldn't be here if I
wasn't taking it serious.

You were right about
Sampson's operation.

You have a knack for this,

and I should have
trusted you.


That almost sounded
like an apology.

I'm still learning to.

All right,
guys hug it out,

you should really
see this.

I found out
what Sampson stole

from Allman Industrial,

a Molecular
Transmodality Processor.


It replicates chemicals

based on their
molecular structure.

What would Sampson
need with that?

The vat that you
dropped him in.

It was full
of Stardust.

When we were fighting,
a pipe burst,

and some liquid drained
from it into the vat.

Sounds like he stumbled
on the recipe

for making a superhuman
killing machine.

And now he's going
to use the...

Molecular Transmodality

To make more of them.

And he'll need
the original mixture,

which means that
he'll return to--

oh. I've always
wanted to say this--

the scene of the crime.

If Sampson is building
an army,

then I'm going
to need mine.

For real?

For real.

Suit up!


I thought we were
all going to--

like, it was going
to be a nice moment

where we all say it
at the same time.

Is that just
your thing?

That's you only?

Ok, yeah.
That's you.

That's just him,
for the record for everybody.

This area's
closed off, pal.

Crime scene.

Yeah. I know.

Move in.

Y'all going
to be fearless.



Let's do this.

In position.
10 seconds.

Make sure to activate
the pressure sensor

before the detonation.

So the spark ignites the entirety
of the pipeline.

Yeah, I know.

Now let me concentrate.

Why you smiling,
dirt bag?

You are a freaky
kind of scary.

It's the whispers, right?

It just does that.
I have no idea how.

Your mask looks cool,
by the way.

Thank you.

Actually, it still feels
a little weird on my face.

I think you dropped
this, Mr. Fair Play.

Thank you.

Thought we've
been over this.

You can't hurt me.

Just because you can't
feel your tendons being sliced

doesn't mean you
don't need them.

Too bad my guys still
have you surrounded.


I trust that my guys
took care of them.

Ok, Curtis.

Ka-boom time.

Where exactly
are we going?

Did the people who
built this elevator

know your secret, too?

You know, I've been
meaning to ask...

What kind of a vigilante
wears a hockey mask?

I think it's cool.

Ok, everyone,
just breathe normally.

I know this is a lot
to take in so...

He fainted the first
time he saw it.

I had the flu.

I had the flu,

So this is
the bunk--the cav--

ok. I like to call it
the Arrow Cave.

Oliver asks?


Do you know what
this word means?



If you are hungry,
brothers will feed you.

If you are hurt,

brothers bring 10 times
pain to men responsible.

If one brother succeeds,
all brothers rich.

If one brother fails,
all brothers suffer.

Your brothers would
kill for you,

would die for you,

as you would kill
and die for them.

If these men are supposed
to be my brothers,

why would I fight them?

These men are not
here to fight you.

Most of the men
in this room

have tried to kill me.

And with these knives,
they could,

but you must trust
they will not.

Do you trust
your brothers?

I trust my brothers.

Take off jacket.
Turn around.

Sorry. I keep on seeming
to interrupt you two.

Don't be.

I was just telling
the mayor

that Derek Sampson
was apprehended.

By the SCPD?


Based on forensics,

the Green Arrow's either
as fast as the Flash,

or he's got a new team
behind him.

This city never seems
to get easier, does it?

Well, as promised,

I will stay on
until you can find

a more qualified
and experienced replacement.

I don't want experience.

I want someone that
I can trust, Speedy,

and that person is you.

I messed up, Ollie,
big time.

No, Thea, you didn't.

Follow me.

Thank you all for coming.

I'd like to address

and with brutal honesty

some of the recent

my administration,

reports that suggest

while the voters
may have elected me,

others have been making
decisions in my stead.

The truth of the matter

is that every decision
made by any member

of my administration

is my decision.

The buck, as they say,
stops with me,

because when you
are in charge,

everything that
your team does is on you,

and I trust my team.

That team will include

former police captain
Quentin Lance,

who will be serving
beside me as Deputy Mayor.

I appreciate the vote
of confidence, Mr. Mayor.

You're the right man
for the job, trust me.


A word?

Thea, I am so sorry.

You must think I'm
the worst kind of person.

No, actually, I already
know that it's true.

Thea, let me...



No, I'm just going
to save us both the trouble.

I already know exactly
what happened.

You played me,

but you only get
to do that once,

and the next time
you try to cross me like that,

you'll be lucky
if you even have a blog.

Never gets old.

Paul! I was just
about to call you.

I'm on my way home
from work now.

No, I never said that.

Well, traffic
was crazy...

So if Curtis is married,

what's the rule on dating
while vigilanting?

Uh, just one sec.

The short answer
is don't.

Rory, wait up.
Can I talk to you?

Everything ok?



There's something
that I need you to know

about Havenrock.

Havenrock was not
the intended target.

Monument Point was.

Someone redirected
the missile

to reduce the number
of casualties.

That someone was me.

I am so sorry.



We need to talk
about John.

Is he all right?

No. He's back
in the country,

and he's in prison.

I need you to break him out.

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