Arrow (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 23 - Lian Yu - full transcript

Oliver assembles a group of unlikely allies - Slade, Nyssa, Merlyn and Digger Harkness - to engage in an epic battle against Chase and his army.

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Oliver: Either I'm willing to do
whatever is necessary,

or I shouldn't be
out there at all.

John: One day,
your actions might have

some unintended

Oliver: Prometheus.

You want revenge.

I'm going to show you
how everything you touch dies.

Talia: He calls himself
Adrian Chase.

He means to destroy
you utterly.

Adrian: Your crusade was
based on a lie.

Make it home.
Make it better.

Right my wrongs.



Adrian: You used your
father's memory

to justify
a killing spree.

Oliver: I am not
going to kill you.

I am never going to give
you the satisfaction

of being the man
that you think I am.

You're wrong.

Please help me.

Where is my son?

No, no. I said
you let me go,

and I'd keep
your loved ones safe.

I'll see you
on the boat.

Oliver: I know where
he's taking them.

Oliver: The name of the island
they found me on is Lian Yu.

It's mandarin
for Purgatory.

What brought you
back to the island?

Like I said...

I need your help.

What the hell's
going on here?

We have
a problem, and I need you

to get off the island.

I'm not going anywhere.

- Neither is he.
- I'm taking him,

and I'm taking
Digger Harkness.

There's an Argus
supply boat

that is docked
on the eastern shore.

You take it, and you go.

I'm not abandoning
my post.

Suit yourself.


Would you like to
explain what's going on?

I'd like to talk
about you for a minute.

- You seem...
- What, in possession

of all my marbles?

The Mirakuru wore off
a long time ago, kid.

I mean, I remember
everything that happened.

I'm not trying to
escape that,

but it feels like
some bad dream.

Now, regardless
of my sanity,

why do you want to
help me

after everything
I've done?

There is a man here
on the island

named Adrian Chase.

He's holding my friends
and my family hostage,

including Thea...

And my son.

Since when do you
have a son?

Slade, are you gonna
help me or not?

I think I'm stating
the obvious

when I say I killed
your mother,

and for that alone,

you should have
killed me.

Maybe what's happening now
is the reason I didn't.

This is all the Intel

that I've been able to
gather on your son Joe,

including his
present whereabouts.

Are you offering to
help me find my son?

I want us to find
both of our sons.

You and me, kid,

like old times.

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Lian Yu
Original Air Date on May 24, 2017

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You know, if we're going
to fight side by side,

you're going to have to at least
speak with me.

I know. It's awful.


By now, I thought
you'd realize

that by disbanding the League of Assassins,
I freed us both.

Are you looking
for applause?

Clapping is a little more difficult
for me these days.

Have you offloaded
the supplies?

Most. Guns and ammo
are still on the plane.

By the way, what do
you need an RPG for?

Well, like I said,

Chase has Talia,
an army of her students,

Evelyn Sharp,
and a meta-human.

I have no interest
in this being a fair fight.

Is that why you released the animals
from their cages?

Harkness: Oh, come on, luv.

That is no way to start
a new friendship.

Look at me again
like that,

and I'll feed you
your eyes.

You're not her type

Oliver: All right.
That's enough.

Let's offload the rest
of the gear.

[Rocket whooshing]


So much
for our gear.

There goes
our ride home, kid.

Are you sure you
heard the gunshot?

Very sure.
You sound surprised.

Yeah. Well, I knew
he would crack,

but, uh, I expected
him to last a little longer.

It was almost


Kovar: Find him.

And, Gennady...

No one kills him
but me.

Oliver: In 48 hours?

Da. In two days.

[Gun cocks]

The RPG that took out the plane
came from over there,

and the call from my son

just west of here.

Hostages could be
in either place.

Slade: Or neither.

This is a large

- I'll check the RPG site.
- I'll accompany you.

Oh, it's almost like you don't
trust me, Nyssa.

No. It's exactly
like I don't trust you.

Check it out. Stay on comms.

Harkness: Why does he get
a weapon and I don't?

I trust him
more than you.

Didn't he kill your mother?

You listen to me
very carefully.

You help me
take down Chase, you walk.

You screw with me
even a little bit,

and I will put you
right back into that hole.

Just a gun is all
I'm saying.


I see movement.

Stay sharp.

Felicity: Oliver!

Slade: Keep
your voice down.

What the hell
is he doing here?

Where's William?

I don't know.
We were separated.

Oliver, what is
going on?

Slade: Why are they

It seems pretty obvious
to me, mate.


It's a trap.

Don't even think it,

Or your son loses
his mother.

Harkness: Oh, and don't worry
about that gun, mate.

Mr. Chase gave me
this nice new one...

[Cocks gun]

with a better offer.

Evelyn: Adrian said it would be pointless
to reach out to you.

Talia: Although given
this turn of events,

perhaps you've
changed your mind.

What's it gonna be,

Care to side
with the winners?

What's it gonna be, mate?

Put a gun
to his head.

Sorry, kid,
but there's

no giving up
to these guys.

Harkness: I assumed you'd want
to be on the winning side.

Assumption is
the mother

of all failures!

Nyssa: Sister!


6 men are dead.
It's impossible.

Nothing is
impossible with him.

Where you going?

Vertolet. I'm going
to end this.

[Cage opening]

- You ok?
- Go to hell.

I'll take that
as a yes.

You've been
left behind.

You should choose
your friends more wisely.

Oliver: Where is
everyone else?

Not sure. Chase split us up into groups
when we got here.

We are gonna talk
about that, right?

Oliver: Yes.
We're gonna talk about that.

Right now, we need
to focus on finding the others.

Where are they?

I wish I knew

so I could tell
you to go screw yourselves.

Merlyn: Why did
Chase split up all the hostages?

Evelyn: Why does Chase
do anything?

So far, he hasn't
laid out a single hoop

you could keep yourself
from jumping through.

Maybe leaving me here
was part of the plan.

How'd Chase get you here?

A plane.

You think you can find
your way back to it?

Curtis: Yeah,
probably, but--

Malcolm, can you
fly a plane?

If it's anything
like the 3 Gulfstreams

I used to have, yes.

Get them to the mainland
and then come

right back for us.

Felicity: We are not
leaving you here.

I need to focus,

and that means
getting you out of harm's way,

and despite
my better instincts,

when this is all over,
I will come back for you.

When this is all over,
you'll be dead.

Thea: Can I talk
to you for a sec?


Ok. What the hell
are you doing?

- What do you mean?
- I mean Slade Wilson

and Malcolm Merlyn.

- Thea--
- No. We are orphans

because of those two.

You know what I'm
up against here.

Yeah, so why are you
sending Curtis and I away?

Because I need
the two of you to keep

and Samantha safe.

We need to get them
off of the island.

Ok. Curtis can
handle it.

I can understand if
you don't want to go with Malcolm.

Damn right I don't.

I do not want to rely
on Slade Wilson.

There's nothing about the situation
that's ideal, Thea.

I need your help,

and this is how
you help me.

- Ok.
- Ok.

Nyssa: My sister and Harkness
fled into the forest,

but I can track them.

Slade: They might lead
us back to the rest of the hostages.

They're our friends,
and we don't need your help.

I see you haven't
lost your feistiness, Ms. Smoak.

Oliver: Get them
to the plane,

make sure that everyone
stays safe.

Comms just in case
something goes wrong.

You mean "when," right?

That's detailed
satellite imagery of the island.

Again, just in case.

What was that for?

Just in case.

We're gonna make
it through this.

You can't know
that for sure.

I didn't want to regret
not kissing you.

When it comes
to the two of us,

I regret enough
as it is.

Let's talk more about this
when we're off the island.

You all keep
each other safe.

Quentin: Nice place.

This island got
a Big Belly Burger, too?

Before the Chinese
turned Lian Yu into a prison,

it was a holy retreat.

And now you're
using it for payback

for a guy
you barely know

on a guy you
barely know.

Chase freed me.

I don't owe
Oliver Queen a thing.

- John!
- Hey.

Rene: Hoss, you ok?


Black Siren: Ok, everyone.
Calm down.

The four of you are gonna
have plenty of time

to catch up.

See you later.

John: I'm assuming that
you tried your Sonic scream.

Sonic dampener.

I can't even whistle.

Don't worry.
Oliver will get us out of this.

Yeah? What makes you
think he even knows where we are?

The trail's
gone cold.

Are you sure?

No doubt my
sister knew we would follow.

Let me go on ahead,

see if I can recover
the trail.


So instead of
marrying the blonde,

you marry Ra's al Ghul's

Uh...Nyssa talks
too much.

She hasn't explained
your beef with Chase.

My past is coming back
to haunt me.

Seems to be
a recurring theme with you, kid.

Don't know why.

Well, it's not really
that complicated.

You suffer
from survivor's guilt.

You can't get
over the death of your father.

Adrian Chase has
nothing to do with my father.

Kid, when it comes
to you,

everything has to do
with your father.

You and I are not

We're both haunted
by our pasts,

and the only way
to bury that ghost

is by forgiving

Forgiving myself
for what?

You blame yourself
for your father's suicide

and everything else that
has gone wrong since.

You need to forgive yourself
for your sins.

You say that like
it's easy.

It's the hardest thing
in this world.

If the two of you
are done relaxing,

I've picked up the trail.

There's something
I need to tell you.

Yeah. Can we save
the horribly awkward conversation

for when we're
off this island?

No. That's what
I need to say.

When we get to the airplane,
I'm not gonna get on it.

- What?
- I'm not leaving William behind.

No. Oliver
will bring him back.

I know, but I can't
abandon my son.

You know, for what
it's worth,

I wasn't in favor
of sending William away,

not that I was

Is that why you two
broke up?

I'm sorry. I just--

I saw you're not wearing
your engagement ring.

No. I know. It's just--
it was complicated, you know?

I saw that kiss
you gave him.

Doesn't seem
that complicated to me.

You know, I traveled
halfway across the world to rescue you.

I thought it would
at least entitle me to a conversation.

Yeah? Well, it doesn't.

Did it every occur to you that I'm here
because I'm your father?

No. You're not.

We are nothing
to each other.

Don't you ever
understand that?

[Metallic click]


You ok?

No, she's not.

She just activated
a landmine.

Don't move.

The trigger's
rusted over.

good, right?

That's--that's a good sign?

No. That's really
bad news.

That means we can't
disarm it.

Samantha: Well, somebody
needs to do something.

Thea, on the count
of 3,

take your foot
off the mine.

Felicity: No. That will
blow us all up.

- I'm gonna take her place.
- That's crazy.

Yeah. You're not
the first one to call him that.

I'll just find a boulder around
her or something.

No! We don't have
that kind of time!

- Thea.
- No. Ok.

No one is doing this, ok?

Ok, ok. It's all right.
All right. Heh.

I forgot how stubborn
you could be.


Felicity: Oh, my God!

Ahh. Thank you
for reminding me.

What the hell
are you doing?

I'm gonna take care
of them,

disarm the mine,
and I'll catch up with you.

Yeah, and how are you gonna do that
with one foot planted on the--

He's not going to.

No. Ok. If you
think that you need

to prove something
to me, you don't, ok?

You proved it.

I'm not trying to
prove anything.

From the moment
you were born,

all I ever wanted
was to protect you.

You don't have to.
I didn't ask for you to.

A child doesn't
have to ask.

Don't do this, ok?

You may not think of me
as your father, Thea...

But you'll always
be my daughter.

[Boomerang flying]

Merlyn: All right.
Go. Quick.

Get her out of here.
All of you, go!

- This is insane!
- Go!

Go after the rest.

I wouldn't do that
if I were you.


Well, you don't seem
too bright.

Just standing out here
in the open like this.

What kind of ass-backwards
strategy is that?

Let me show you.


The trail continues
this way.

This place brings
back memories.

Feels like
a lifetime ago.

For Shado, it was.

No time for nostalgia.

I know
where they're going.

[Neck snaps]

[Helicopter flying]

Do either of you know
anything about this place

that could give us
a tactical advantage?

I've only seen it
one time,

and that was
from a distance.

Well, maybe we
should split up.

Should we?

Yeah. Go, Nyssa.
We'll be fine.

She doesn't
trust me.

Can you blame her?


Tell Mr. Chase I
have a gift for him.

John: Oliver.

Black Siren:
Don't blame me.

Mr. Wilson's the one
who gets credit for this trophy.

Slade, you son of a bitch.

Oliver: I never
should have trusted you.

- Are you all right?
- Where's my son?

William? Chase
took him, too?

Dinah: We didn't know
anyone else was here.

Ok. What makes you
think he's here?

He took Samantha,

showed me a video
of William.

He is on this island

and we need to
find him!


I'd ask if you're ok,
but I don't see

how you possibly
could be.

Honestly, I--
I don't even know

how I feel
right now.

24 hours ago, I--

I couldn't even
think of Malcolm

without wanting
to scream,

and now--now
I miss him.

Is--is that
insane? I--

It's not insane.
He's your father.

He manipulated me,
he lied to me, he...

He got me to kill
my friend's sister.

I--how can you miss

that you have hated
so much?

Yeah. I mean, I have
some experience with evil dads, too.

My father abandoned me,
lied to me,

and then took a bullet for me,
saving my life.

Malcolm was not
a good person,

and he was
an even worse father,

but in his own way,

he loved you.

Today, he proved that.

I don't know.
It's like today I got--

I got to see the father
that he could have been

but he'll...

He'll never get to be...

Because he's gone.

The plane, boss!
The plane!

Reference too dated?

Who's gonna fly
the plane now?

Oh, don't worry.
Between Curtis and I,

we have over 500 points
of IQ,

so we'll probably be
able to figure it out.

Thea: No.

Thanks for the vote
of confidence.

It's not that.

Are those antennas?

Yep, and that's C4.

Curtis: This is way too many
antennas for a remote trigger.

They must be networked.

Great. So there's
more than one.

Yeah, you could
say that.

There's hundreds.

Way too many to defuse.

All right. Let's
get out of here.

Ahem. I think Wilson
did something to your head

when he knocked you out.

Curtis worked this
up for Dinah.

It's gonna control
your Canary cry,

but it's also gonna
bypass the Sonic dampener.

Oh, I love that Curtis.

This may hurt a bit.

Just sing, Canary.

Quentin: Actually,
it's Black Canary.

[Canary cry]

[Cry ends]

The prisoners.

Nyssa: Don't concern
yourself with them.

We have unfinished

I heard you gave up
the ring

of the Demon's Head.

What a foolish
woman you've grown into.

It was your selfishness
that forced me

to grow up alone.

Our father never
would have passed

his mantle
on to a woman.

I had to forge
my own path.

And you left me,

knowing I would suffer
at father's hand.

Do you wish to settle
the score now?

Nyssa: I stand
with my friends.

You ally yourself
with our father's murderer?

He'd be ashamed
of you.

Father was always
ashamed of me.

[Swords scrape]


Do not interfere.

Do it.

Father would have
wanted you to.


You're late.

But they're not.


He was only pretending
to screw with you?

I needed a way to get Curtis'
device to Dinah.

Have you seen my son?

Slade: I've searched.
Your son is not here.

We got to get my gear,
we got to move.

We find Chase,
we find my son.

Not so sure
about that, Hoss.

Hello, Oliver.

Welcome back to Purgatory.

Where is my son?

I love this.

Even now
at the end,

You're still
10 steps behind.

Where is my son?

William? Good name.
Sort of a sweet kid, actually.

You sure he's yours?

where is my son?!

If you want to get
your son back,

you know what you
have to do.

I know what you
want me to do...

And I won't do it.

I'm not gonna kill you.

No matter
what you do,

that is never
going to happen.

Never say never.


You said nothing
ever really dies?

You're going to.

Do svidaniya,



[Click, click]

My men overheard
your conversation

with that traitor


The boat he's arranging
will be here soon.


I don't have to
kill you, Oliver Queen.


Only need to make sure
you never get on that boat.


Aah! Argh!

[Canary cries]

[Black Siren

You thought you could
replace me?

Ha ha ha!

That's cute.


You didn't have
to do that.

Oh, I did
for so many reasons.

Oliver, do you copy?

Are you sure you can't
defuse these bombs?

Well, I can with my equipment
back in Star City,

but with this
teeny, tiny, little tablet,

all I can do is try
and locate the trigger.

Thea: Ok, but you can
try, right?

Yeah, I can try.

Ok. Good. You do that,
and then, Curtis,

you just--you work
on the comms, ok?

- How?
- I don't know.

You're the genius,
all right, you both are,

so we need you to do this,

so you guys just got to
both do this right now.

There's the killer
that I know and love.


Maybe you're stronger
with that hood of yours.

Tell me
where my son is!

Pain's fascinating,
isn't it?

I told you I was
gonna make sure

that you were
dead this time.

Adrian: Do it.

You know you
want to.

Yeah, ok.
Adrian, tell me.

Tell me where my son is!


[Watch beeping]

You're not going to
make the boat.


Island will remain
your prison--



[Neck snaps]

[Swords clanging]

[Punches landing]

Adrian: It's all over

but only if you do it.

Do it, Oliver,

and show everyone,

show yourself
who you really are.


[Bullet clatters]

[Adrian gasping]

That's who I was.

That's who I was

It's not who
I am now.

You can blame me for
your father's death

for the rest
of your life.

I am done blaming
myself for mine.

I knew it would come to this.

Your son is dead,

I don't believe you

because you're
a liar.

You're lying to me
to manipulate me

into doing
what you want,

but, Adrian, here's
the thing.

If you are
telling the truth...

If you killed
my son,

I am never going to
be the person you want me to be.

Not ever.

Felicity on comms:

- Oliver, do you copy?
- Felicity?

You can't kill Chase.
Did you hear me?

What are you
talking about?

He's rigged the entire island
with explosives.

They're remotely linked to some sort
of dead man's switch.

If he dies, it detonates
all the devices.

He wants you
to kill him

so it kills all of us.


Oliver, are you ok?

It's ok. I'm fine.

John, you need to get
to the plane

and make sure that
everyone's safe.

Felicity can talk you in.

Oliver, what
the hell is going on?

Chase has put
explosive charges

all over the island.

You need to get
to the plane,

and you leave
when you get there.

What are you gonna
be doing?

I'm going after my son.

What if Chase is
telling the truth?

I don't believe him.
I can't believe him,

but either way, Adrian Chase is not
getting off this island.

[Boat engine starts]

Where's William?



[Speaks Chinese]




You really love that kid,
don't you?


[Engine stops]


For an absentee father,

your devotion
is impressive.

You're worried
about your kid

when everyone else
that you care about's

on an island about
to get blown up sky high.

My friends and my team
can take care of themselves.

By using my plane
to escape, right?

John: I can't start
the engine.

Curtis: John's right.
There's definitely something wrong.

With the plane or the pilot--
no offense.

John: None taken.
I'm no Ace,

but I know how
to start a plane.

Whatever this was,
it's not pilot error.

Slade: Either way, we're
not going anywhere

without Oliver
or his son.

Actually, we're not
going anywhere at all.

I found this 10 feet
from the wing.

Please don't tell me
that's what I think it is.

Depends on if you think
that's an on-wing hydraulic system.

Can we repair it?

With what tools?

So we're stuck here.
Is that what you're saying?

We have to tell Oliver now.

Felicity on comms:
Oliver, do you copy?

I'm here.

Chase sabotaged
the plane.

We can't get
off the island.

There's an Argus
supply ship

on the eastern shore.

That's on the other side
of the island.

Slade knows where it is.
Go now!

They'll never
make it in time.

Besides, we're not
finished here.


Don't do that.

Even if you had
a shot,

you've already told me that you
wouldn't kill me,

or have circumstances
finally changed?

If I die, everyone
you care about dies

except your son,

but if you don't
kill me,

I kill him.

You son of a bitch.


Or everyone else.

You choose.

Right now.

Either way, it
proves me right, huh?

Either way,
it's exactly like I told you.

Everyone around you,
everything you touch dies.

William, come here,
come here!

Hey! Are you ok?
Are you all right?

Are you all right? Did he hurt you?
You all right? Ok.

He's gonna be fine.

Don't you talk
to him!

Don't even look at him!

[Line ringing]

Moira: Hello?

Hello? Who is this?

Mom, it's...

It's Oliver.

My son has been dead
for 5 years.

Please don't call
here again.

Mom, mom, please
just listen to my voice.

It's Oliver.

I did not die
on the Gambit.

I'm alive. I'm ok.


is that you?

Yeah, Mom, it's me.

Just please don't
hang up, ok?

Oh, no. No, no, no.
I won't.

Oh, my beautiful boy.

Is--is your father


No. He--he
and, um--

and Sara didn't
make it.


Sweetheart, I can't imagine
what you've been through.

W-where are you?

I--I'm not
entirely sure,

but I'm...

I'm--I'm on a boat.

I love you, and...

And I'm coming
home, ok?

Ohh! I love you!

Oh, Oliver,
I love you so much.

Adrian: You won.

Your son has
his father back,

and he learned
exactly who his father was

just like you

who your father was
right here...

On these very same

- What?
- William's younger

than you were, so
he's gonna be fine,

you know...

And you have
each other...

What are you saying?

Which is good.

Oliver, that's good

because it's gonna
be lonely...

without mom

and Felicity.

No, Adrian!



[Explosions continue]

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