Arrow (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 21 - Honor Thy Fathers - full transcript

Oliver faces the forced release of criminals prosecuted by Adrian Chase, while a crate is delivered to Oliver's office containing a corpse in concrete.

My name is Oliver Queen.

After 5 years in Hell,
I returned home

with only one goal--
to save my city.

Today, I fight that war
on two fronts.

By day, I lead Star City
as its mayor,

but by night,
I am someone else.

I am...
Something else.

I am the Green Arrow.

Previously on "Arrow"...

That's why you won't tell
me who Prometheus is.

Talia: He calls
himself Adrian Chase.

Who's Simon Morrison?

Felicity: Adrian Chase.

Simon Morrison is his birth name.
That's his real identity.

Daddy's decided you're
gonna come home with me.

I promise.

I spoke
to Curtis' lawyer friend.

I put things in motion.

Good for you.

I am getting deeper

and deeper into the muck.

That doesn't mean that
you have to quit.

I am broken, ok? I need
you to let me go.

Your resignation's

I don't want
to do this anymore.

I'm shutting everything down.

- Hey.
- Good morning.

Actually, it's a lousy one.

Tell me.

Last night, Judge Balderrama
granted retrials

on all the cases that
Chase prosecuted.

Well, that's bad, but,
I mean, he didn't--

What, release them on bail?
Yup. That happened, too.

Son of a bitch.

That's what I said.

And now we got
36 violent felons

walking around
on the streets.

Well, put the most
dangerous ones under surveillance.

Yeah. It's already done.

Listen, Oliver, where are
we on finding Chase?

Right where he is.
We're nowhere.

I'm sorry, Mr. Mayor, but I'm gonna
have to ask you to leave the building.

What? Why?

A suspicious package was
received by your office.

- When?
- Just now.

A large crate that set
off the dogs.

Bomb squad's on the way.

Well, any indication where
it was delivered from?

No return address, but the
sender's a Simon Morrison.

Sir, I can't allow you to--

Then resign.

Look, I enjoy getting
blown up just as much as the next guy,

but am I missing
something here?

It's Chase. Simon Morrison's
his real name.


But that's no reason to
get yourself--all of us blown up.

Step away.

- Sir, we can't let you--
- I've got this. Step away.

Quentin: Don't worry. He was
a bomb defuser in a past life.

Officer: We don't believe
it's an incendiary device.

Snake-cam showed
the presence

of concrete
and building materials.

That could've
set off the dogs.


Sir, protocol still requires we wait
for the bomb squad.

Mr. Mayor.

What the hell?

♪ Arrow 5x21 ♪
Honor Thy Fathers
Original Air Date on May 10, 2017

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Who is he?

According to dental
records, Henry Goodwin.

- Ring any bells?
- No. Not a note.

He was a councilman in
the Glades back in '02.

Chase wouldn't have
been old enough to drink back then.

Right. And so far,
there are no connections

between Goodwin and Chase
that we can find.

And Goodwin was reported
missing in 2002.

He was declared dead in '03.

The question is, why
would Chase send Oliver

a 15-year-old body

that neither of them
are connected to?

No idea.

Then again, Chase is crazy.

Ok. Pull all the forensics
that you can find.

Try and find a connection

between either Chase
or his father.

- Name's Justin Claybourne.
- Claybourne.

And if there is
no connection?

There has to be
a connection.

Chase does everything
for a reason.

We need to know what it is.

That's gonna be
a tall order, Oliver.

We're already spread thin
keeping an eye

on the guys that Chase
was prosecuting who got kicked.

I have asked Quentin
to task the SCPD

with monitoring the most
dangerous ones.

Felicity: Which leaves
us with the extremely

dangerous ones,
I'm guessing.

Ooh, zombie "I can't
feel pain" Derek Sampson

has my vote.

What's he been up to
since getting out of prison?

Partying like a guy who
just got out of prison.

Let's stay on him
and whoever else we think

are the most dangerous.

Curtis: What about
your office's newest

art installation?

The concrete

Dinah's working
the evidence.

If she gets a lead,
we make a move.

- Hey.
- Hey.


How is it going
with, uh...

- William.
- Yup.

I'm actually having
trouble finding him.

Samantha did
a really good job

at hiding herself
and William.

Well, if Felicity Smoak
can't find him,

I feel better about
Chase not being able to,

so thank you.

Maybe drinking before
flying not such good idea.

Or not drink enough.

I don't know.

Weather's getting worse.
Means we're close.

I pretend that is
good thing.

All this time you never
mentioning you know how to fly.

Where you learn?

Yeah, my dad loved
vintage planes.

He would take me up
all the time.

One of my last happy

And I'm guessing,
this not one of them.

Robert: I'm not the man
you think I am, Oliver.

I didn't save our city.
I failed it.

I did a terrible thing.

You can right my wrongs.

You can save
this city.

Why you want me
watching this?

So you can understand
why I have to go back.

What, to Starling City
or to this horrible place?

Whoa. Does that frown
mean you struck out?

Mm, not exactly.

The concrete's
a proprietary formula.

It's owned by a specific
construction company.

The killer's DNA is

underneath Goodwin's

All right. So what's
with the loser look?

You can't ID a suspect
off all that?

The loser look is
because I did ID a suspect

off all that.

Now, the bond offering should
pay for all the overtime

I'm asking the SCPD for
in order to keep track

of Chase's violent


Could we have the room
for a second, please?

I missed you.

[Thea chuckles softly]

Yeah, well, once I heard
that Chase was

Prometheus, I knew you'd
drag me back to town.

For your protection.

And say that, Ollie.

I think you know I can
take care of myself.

It has nothing to do with
what you're capable of, Thea.

It has to do

with what Adrian Chase
is capable of.

You mean an Oscar-worthy

of a decent
human being?

As betrayals go, it
makes Isabel Rochev

look like a bad
practical joke.

I'm sure. But I--I
know Chase is dangerous.

And I know you're

but I just--I wasn't
ready to come back yet.

Were you with Roy or...?

I couldn't let him
see me

in the state I'm in.

What state are you in?

The phrase "hot mess"
comes to mind.


I don't know.

I'm figuring it out.

Well, I'm glad.
It's good to see you.

Oliver, I--

Thea, wh--what are you
doing here?

It's nice to see you, too.

No, sorry. It's--
it's great to see you.

It's just, um,

well, it's just
bad timing is all.

Um, maybe we should
do this in private.

Is it regarding
councilman Goodwin?

Uh, you know, yeah.

I think maybe we
should come back later.

What is going on?

Chase sent
a 15-year-old corpse

to my office this morning
as some kind of message.

Do we have a suspect?

You could say that.


Who is it?

It's your father.

This is Chase. Obviously
he's framing our father.

Yeah, but to what end?

Quentin: The concrete came
from Wellward Construction,

which was a subsidiary
of Queen Consolidated.

Dinah: And the skin under
the victim's fingernails

matches Mr. Queen's DNA.

And the problem is all those
forensics passed through

a whole lot of labs.

You can't keep this from
going public, can you?

Not for lack of trying, believe me.
I'm sorry, Oliver.

Dinah, I need you to get DNA and
concrete samples to Felicity and Curtis.

Our father is being framed,
and we need to start to prove it.

I'm sure a couple of pieces
of evidence can go missing.

And what are you
gonna be doing?

a press conference.

I just weathered
a scandal.

I need to get out
in front of this one.

Ok, well, I think you
should reconsider

doing this
whole press conference.


Because this could be

what Chase is
manipulating you into

just like he manipulated you
into the impeachment

by throwing Green Arrow
under the bus.

But like with the
impeachment, I needed to--

Lie to the press?

Because that's what
you're going to be doing

if we find out that dad
is guilty.

Thea, come on.

Look, I am just saying...

What if?

It's not like our parents
were saints.

Chase thinks
I'm a killer.

What he's doing,
this whole setup,

is him trying
to convince me

that our father was
the same way.

Our father was
a lot of things.

He's not a cold-blooded

I can't believe
you convinced me

to come back
to this island.

Well, fly home anytime
you want, Anatoly.

So you have irony
back in America, yes?

To do what I have to do,

no one can know what
I've been through.

You mean in Russia?

in Hong Kong.

How do I explain
to my family

why I didn't come
home sooner?

No. It's easier if I'm
just a simple castaway.

There's no such thing
as simple castaway.

You know what I mean.

Just--it will be easier
to keep my cover

if no one is asking

That's a bad omen.

He was my friend.

If that was true, he would
not have tried to kill us.

What are you doing?

Well, this just washed
up on the shore

like some kind of sign.

Yeah, that you're crazy.

Come on.

Where are we going?

I'm taking you somewhere
to explain

why I'm doing
what I'm doing.

I spent a year
on this island.

You never told me
there was a bar.

Hey, you busy?

Uh, yeah. I'm just
going over

councilman Goodwin's

I'm looking for an alibi
for Oliver's father.

Uh, I thought you were
on freed felon patrol.

I just got some good
news. Figured I'd share it.

Please. Good news is in
short supply around here.

I got a court date.

Ha! Finally you're getting prosecuted.
That is good news.

Funny. It's for Zoe.

Lawyer thinks I can get
expedited custody.

Oh, wow. That's terrific.
Huh. Good for you, Hoss!


I thought maybe, you know,

since you, uh,
gave me the push, you...

"You'd, up
for moral support"?

It'd be an honor.

Now, get out of here.

I got your 911 call.

Gas chromatograph
kicked back

something very interesting
on that concrete.

Traces of soil

with high levels
of copper concentration.

Yeah, I think you and I
have very different ideas

of what
"interesting" means.

Uh--well, I cross-referenced

Queen Consolidated
construction locations

with areas in the city
rich in copper, and--

And you think you know
where Goodwin was killed.

Well, nothing
concrete. But, yeah.

If Chase is trying
to send a message...

He might be saying,
"come find me."

Ok. Send this address to
Oliver. I'll meet him there.

What about Curtis
and Dinah?

They are staking out
Derek Sampson.

Curtis: Looks like Sampson's
not finished partying.

Dinah: Huh. Except he's
moved on from strippers

to M4 assault rifles.

Should we move on him?

For all we know, those
guns could be legal.

So if we go in now, the SCPD
might not have enough evidence

to put him back behind bars.


- So what do we do?
- We wait.

See what his plan his.

Trust me, when it comes
to this guy,

it's absolutely
nothing good.

Oliver: Anything?

Former Oliver Enterprises.

It used to be a Queen Consolidated holding
company back in the day.

I know. My father brought me here
when I was younger.

Said the building
was named after me.

Felicity's says it's been
abandoned for about a month

due to some toxic gas leak.

Chase wanted everyone
cleared out.

It seems that way.

It's a hell of
a big building.

If he's in there,
we should get started.

John: If Chase wanted
you here for some reason,

he could have been more specific
about which floor.

Overwatch, can you narrow
the search for us?

Well, normally, yes,

but right now the only
heat signatures

I'm reading
in there are you two.


- You all right?
- That wasn't much of a fall.

What's Chase playing at?

I had to ask.

Oliver: It's concrete.

He's trying to bury us alive
just like councilman Goodwin.

John: If you have one
of those smart ideas,

I'm in the market!

Oliver, after all
these months,

I refuse to believe this
is Chase's endgame.


Ok, I'm dialing up a rescue,
but it's gonna take a few minutes.

I'm not sure how many more
of those minutes we've got!

Ok. Here we go.

Felicity: Guys, we got
a situation.

- Yeah, so do we.
- Sampson's on the move.

Well, you're gonna have
to let him make it without you.

Oliver and Dig are in trouble.

John: Chase is going through
a lot of trouble to prove a point.

What the hell is
his point?

He framed my father for
the same kind of murder.

It proves the apple doesn't
fall far from the tree, huh?

Well, you both might be
killers, Oliver, but he's a psychopath.

Don't lose sight
of that.

Well, you're assuming that
we're getting out of this.

Yes, I am.

[Tapping on ceiling]

That's Morse code.

"Get clear."


- You two all right?
- Thanks for the save.

So we had to move off
the Sampson stakeout?

Felicity: Yes, because John
and you were reenacting

the paleo version
of my favorite scene from "Witness."

Curtis: Harrison Ford almost
getting buried under

the corn in the barn silo.

Oh, right.

And for those of us
who haven't seen every movie ever,

they mean it was a trap.

- Who hasn't seen "Witness"?
- Or a distraction.

I'll bet real money that Sampson's
working with Chase.

It makes sense.

Chase is the reason
Sampson got out of prison.

What did Sampson pull down

while Curtis and Dinah
were saving the day?

They broke into
a nearby lab.

- To steal what?
- That's the thing.

The chemicals they stole--torinium
and lydracide--

they have absolutely
zero street value.

John: Torinium
and lydracide.

Who ever heard of
those two before?

It's 2 of the 3 components
that Justin Claybourne

was using to weaponize
tuberculosis in Lamb Valley

5 years ago.

And you said Claybourne
was Chase's father.

He's dredging up the past.

In the case of councilman
Goodwin, literally.

For a reason. What was
the third chemical?

Cyclotrizane. But that's
highly unstable,

so it was banned
from all domestic manufacturing.

Curtis: Which would make it
incredibly difficult

for Sampson to get
his hands on

in case Chase is trying
to live out

his dad's evil plan.

Chase will find a way.

- To what end?
- John's right.

I mean, if there
is a connection

between Chase's father
and framing yours,

I don't know what it is.

Quentin: We might
have found someone

who can help with that,
Darren Coffman.

The last dude
councilman Goodwin saw

before he disappeared.

SCPD interviewed him
back in '02,

but we think they didn't
get the whole story.

Coffman was Goodwin's

but not just his lawyer.

Coffman also represented
Chase's old man.

Mr. Coffman, thank you for coming
on such short notice.

This is my sister Thea.

Coffman: A pleasure.

Your office

didn't mention why
you wanted to see me.

It's regarding the recent
reports about our father.

I never had
the opportunity

to meet him.

But your father did
some remarkable things

for this city.

What's happening with
his reputation right now

is simply terrible,

but I can't understand

what it could have
to do with me.

Reportedly, you were
the last person seen

with councilman Goodwin.

I'm sympathetic to
your desire to identify

a suspect who isn't
your father, but...

What's this?

I have no idea.

But I was asked
to give it to you.

- By who?
- Adrian Chase.

Or as I knew him,
Simon Morrison.

You've been in contact
with him?

Why didn't you alert
the SCPD?

You've met him.
You know why.

The man is terrifying
and smart.

He said
you'd seek me out

and that when you did
I should give you that.

He said it proves
the kind of man

your father truly was.

I know what kind of man
our father was.

And he was nowhere close
to Chase's father.

You were
Justin Claybourne's lawyer.

You must know something
about him,

something about his son.


I couldn't tell
you anything

if I wanted to.

Actually, I think
you want to.

Thea, easy.

What do you know?

Anatoly: Gospodi pomilui.

Taiana. Was that the one
you killed Kovar for?

That's my father.

He's the reason
I have to go back

the way I have
to go back.

That video.

He wants you to save
your home.

I do not think kapiushon
is what he had in mind.

Putting on the hood

is the only way I know
how to save my city.

Now, I've told you, Oliver,
hood is just piece of cloth.

It--not that you listen
to me anyway.

The hood, Anatoly,
is an identity.

One you think channels
monster inside you.

And protects the people
that are closest to me.

I do it this way,

my enemies will target
the hood,

not the ones I care for.

You are many things,
Oliver Queen,

but until today
I did not count naive

as one of them.

The people closest to you
will always pay

the most for your sins.

You are paying for
your father's.

Who will pay for yours?

I'm going to destroy it.

Well, don't you want to
see what's on it first?

- No.
- Why not?

Because Chase wants me to.

I have had my fill
of playing his mind games.

[Cell phone chimes, vibrates]


Dinah and Curtis tracked
Sampson to Fairbanks Chemical,

a military contractor who sold
a whole lot of cyclotrizane

to the U.S. government.

Text me the address.
I'll meet them there.

You want to come with
for old time's sake?

Oh. I think old times
should stay old times.

Keep going.
We're halfway there.

Pain's just another prison.

And I'm a free man.

Here's the next batch.
Hurry up. We got more inside.

[Grenade explodes]

Oliver: Move out.

Sampson doesn't leave
with the chemicals.

Gilmour, you guys coming
back for more of this stuff

or what?


They're here.


Where's your green friend?

I was really looking forward
to killing him.

Curtis: Wow.

Oliver: We need to check
to see if this is cyclotrizane.

On it.

Ten will get you 20,
that's exactly what this is.

Oliver: One thing at a time.
[Comms beep]

- Go!
- Hey, Thea called.

She says she needs
to talk to you.

She said it was important.

Thea, I thought
that we agreed

not to look at whatever's
on that drive.

Ollie, you have a habit
of giving orders

and just assuming that
they are agreements,

but you have
got to see this.

No, I don't.

It's security footage

from the Oliver Enterprises
construction site,

back in 2002.

Dad must
have confiscated it.

And Chase must have
found it.

Thea, listen to me...

Ollie, I know what
you are about to say,

and I don't--I don't see
how this could be fake.


[No audio]

Before he died, dad
said to me, "Oliver,

I am not the man
you think I am."

And I should've
believed him.

Are you ok?

Are you?

No. But once
you find out

Malcolm Merlyn's your
biological father,

you can pretty much
handle anything.

Between him and mom

and being raised
by dad...

It really is no surprise
I turned out to be

such a monster.

You're not a monster.
And neither was dad.

Yeah. Maybe you should
rewatch that video.

No. Once was enough.

Was an accident.

Yeah, an accident that
he tried to cover up.

Ollie, our parents
may have loved us,


That love does
not make up

for all
the terrible things

that they have done.

And maybe the most
terrible thing of all

was making us
just like them.

[Cell phone beeps]

I have to go.

Are you gonna be ok?

Yeah. I always am.

Great. Let's go over
the plan.

Ugh. Oliver, we have been
over and over and over plan.

I'm not that drunk.

Humor me.

I find boat.
Fisherman, most likely.

Bribe them to sail here.

In 48 hours?

Da. In two days, you get
their attention with bonfire

and sail away home,
a castaway.

Thank you, Anatoly.

Thank me for this.

What do we have here?

Proof that although I think
your plan is crazy,

I'm good enough
friend to help.

It's from old friend
of mine, former KGB.

The man was chameleon.

This is...This is
very smart, Anatoly.


I figured nobody would
believe there was

barber shop on island.



Last time we said good-bye,

it took us years before
we see each other again.

How about, Ne dumay
plokho obo mne?

How about prochnost?

Prochnost. Da.

You will always be
my brother, Oliver.

What's going on?

Curtis just finished his
analysis of the cyclotrizane.

You remember how we
thought Chase

was following in
daddy's footsteps

to re-create
his TB epidemic?

Surprise. Chase's
plan is worse.

Felicity: The chemicals
Sampson stole are

more refined than the ones
Justin Claybourne used and could produce

a biological agent
a thousand times more powerful.

- And without a cure.
- How would Chase distribute it?

It's aerosolized, so pretty much
any way he wants.

We have to find out where
Chase is storing this thing

and stop him before
he releases it.

Cyclotrizane degrades
pretty quickly.

Which means that it gives
off trackable emissions.

It might.

If they find a location,
we are going to need

all hands on deck.

- Where's Rene?
- With Lance.

He said it was personal.

[Lance sighs]

So how long have you
known about this?

The lawyer called me
this afternoon.

But--so what's
the big deal?

You already knew you
had a court date.

But not a hearing.

I thought this was
gonna be a cake walk.

But the judge, she--
she wants me to testify.


So it's gonna traumatize
Zoe all over again.

She's gonna have to
listen to me talk

about her mother's
drug addiction

and how she got shot.

And everything that I put
her through after that? No.

She shouldn't have
to relive all that.

All right. But wh--
what's the answer, huh?

You don't show, and she loses
her father all over again.

Hoss, you met her
foster mom, right?


She's given Zoe
a good life.

I show up to
that courtroom,

I'm doing it for me,
not for my daughter.

No. If you don't step
into that courtroom,

that little girl spends
the rest of her life thinking

you didn't want her.

Maybe it's better
that way, right?

I mean, come on. We both
know I'm no prize, Hoss.

Come on, man.

And this is way before I
put on that hockey mask

and started throwing
down with human scum.

This is just the nerves
talking now, right?

You're just looking
for a way out.

Listen to me, you go into
that courtroom.

Sure, Zoe's got to relive
some real bad times,

but for the rest of--
look at me.

For the rest of her life,
the new memories

that she's gonna have...

You get to make sure
they're great, all right?

And you get to decide
how she remembers you.

Please, Rene.

I always told myself
that everything I did

I did for my family.

That's a lie.

Because what good is
a family

without a soul?

You can right my wrongs.

You can be better
than I was.

You can save
this city.

[Felicity whistles]

Heh! No pressure
or anything.

[Chuckles softly]

Is this the video you said
your father left for you?


He left one for Thea, too.

I never showed it to her.

Why not?

Because he asked her
to always watch over me.

And I didn't want to burden
her with that.

Hmm, sounds like typical
Oliver Queen thinking.


Why are you
rewatching it?

I want to know
how I missed it.

Missed what?

He's a murderer.

I mean, he helped Merlyn
start the Undertaking.

I...I've never deluded
myself into thinking

that he was a Saint
but to take a man's life,

cover it up, it--

it's like I didn't know
him at all.

Has it occurred to you

that this is exactly
what Chase wants?


Ok, the question was rhetorical.
Of course it's occurred to you.

And of course this
is what Chase wants.

Chase wants to destroy
the basis

for everything
that we're doing here.

And that crusade began
with my father.

Everything that I've done--

has in some way been
about honoring him.

Your father inspired
you to save this city.

And you did.

At this point,
who cares why?

You're not a killer.

The people you care
about are not suffering

because of you.

Their life, my life
is better because you

decided to become
the Green Arrow.

Well, whenever
you decide

to become
the Green Arrow again.

I know you're right.

I believe that you're right,

but every time I take
a step forward,

it feels like the past
is pulling me back.

Probably because
you're letting it.


Maybe it's time to stop
living for your father

and start living
for yourself.

Just leave the past
in the past.

[Computer beeping]

Cyclotrizane emissions
trace came back.

Computer's been working on
a probable loca...tion.

What is it?


What made you decide
to put it back on?

has a way with words.

Dinah and Rene
are also onsite.

No sign of Chase
or Sampson.

Rene: Actually, we found
Sampson and his buddies

on the roof.

And they've got their
super toxic gas with them.

Copy. Tell Wild Dog to sit
tight until we get there.

Why'd he say
I had to sit tight?

- Because he knows you.
- Oh.

[Grenade explodes]

Oliver: Go to the roof.
Stop Sampson.

- What about him?
- He's mine.

And I'm the one that's
got to sit tight?


Terrific, disarm that thing.
We'll cover you.

Ok. Please do, 'cause I
don't enjoy being shot.


[Pistol is reloaded]

Don't worry.
I'll make it quick.

A thank you for making me
the way I am.



[Canary cry]


How did you think you
were gonna beat me, Oliver?

We were trained by
the same teacher.

Just one of the many things
that we have in common.

You know, like both our
fathers being horrible men.

I am not my father.

I am my own man.

Yeah, a man who's gonna
die knowing

that my father's legacy
killed everyone in the city

he loved so much.

Your father's legacy.

That's almost funny.

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about?!

What's so funny about
my father's legacy?

John: If the son of a bitch even
looks like he's getting loose,

light him up.

Rene: Copy that.

I really want to know
what it takes to kill this son of a bitch.

- Terrific!
- Give me a minute.

Yeah. Tell that to the city.

Pressure really



Are we good?

We're terrific. Heh!

I've been waiting
to use that.

What about Green Arrow?

Goodwin's lawyer. He
represented your father.

I knew that already.

You don't know what your
father asked him to do.


He was going
to disown you...

Not because you're

Because you're insane.

You're sick,

and your father
knew it.

You spent all this
time trying to honor

the memory of a man

who was ashamed
of you.

Now, my father wasn't

But at least I know

he never would've
given up on me.

[Labored breathing]

Go ahead.

Do it.


I'm not gonna kill you,

but I am gonna watch
you face justice.

Thea: Well, that's a lot of
satisfied-looking faces.

Curtis: And Adrian Chase
is warming up a cell

at Argus as we speak.

Did you want to deliver
that news 'cause I don't--

That's fine.

Felicity: Ok, so Oliver
dropped this truth bomb on him,

and then he was just like a marionette
with his strings cut off. So epic.

Dinah: That's great,
but there are

a lot of bad guys left on
the streets, ok?

Damn, girl. You know
how to kill the mood.

- Rene's right.
- Ohh. Say that again.

Oliver: You're right
for tonight.

We should enjoy the win.

John: Agreed.
So first round's on me.

Felicity: Whoo! Yeah!
Dinah: Yeah.

[Clears throat]

I have something
for you.

Hmm. Oh, and here I thought

you could never top
the hozen.

It's a video from dad.

He made it before
he died,

and I should have given
this to you sooner...

But I was worried that
what he said on it

might feel like a burden
for you.

You deserve to make that
decision on your own.

After today, I don't
think I want to see

any more videos
with him in it.

That's totally up
to you.

But I don't want you
to think

that you're destined
to be dad or mom

or Merlyn.

You need to live
your own life.

And the best way
to do that is

to leave the past
in the past.

[Projectile flies]

[Clicks tongue]

Oliver Queen, I'm afraid
you're going to miss

your boat home.

Any word
from Mr. Ramirez?

Only that he swore he
would be here, your honor.

The only problem is
he's not,

which is leaving me
with very few options.

Please, your honor. Just--just give him
a few more minutes.

And deprive the other people
who got here on time

their right
to a fair hearing?

Due to a failure to appear,
Mr. Ramirez's motion

to restore parental rights
is hereby denied.


Hello, Thea.

If you're seeing this,
then chances are

that I'm...gone.

No matter what's happened,

no matter
what you've heard,

I wanted you to know
how much I love you.

You're my daughter,
my special girl.

I've done some things
in my life, Thea,

that I'm not proud of,
but I am proud of you.

I always have been.

You are gonna grow up to be
a remarkable young woman,

smart, generous, loving
just like your mom.

But the day will come when
your mother and I are gone.

And then it'll just be
you and your brother.

And the truth is...


You're stronger than he is.

He is going to need to lean
on you more

than you're going to need
to lean on him.

Oliver, we know, can get
through anything

if he has the love and support
of his sister.



I miss him.

I miss both of them.

Every day.

I don't know how
to reconcile this...

This man with the one
in the other video.

Maybe you don't have to.

Our parents were
complex people, Thea.

They had complicated

What we have to do...

Is we have to leave
the past in the past.

Live our own lives?

Live our own lives.

It doesn't mean that
we love them any less.

And I have a feeling
it's what...

They would want
for both of us.

Thank you for being here.

I'd like to talk with everyone
about my father.

Our father.

Based on further investigation,
I can now state definitively

that the allegations made
against Robert Queen are true.

My father is not here
to defend himself.

And I cannot find
the words to defend his actions.

What I can tell you is
that nearly 10 years ago

in a moment of--

of immense courage...

Robert Queen chose
to sacrifice himself

so that I might live...

So that I had the opportunity
to leave behind

a better legacy than he did,

so that I might return and--
and one day serve this city.

Today, we took a step forward.

With help from the Green Arrow
and his team,

the Throwing Star Killer is
now behind bars

and our streets are
a little safer.

Tomorrow we'll
take another step forward.

And the day after, we will take
another one

because it is time--it truly
is time for us

to leave the past in the past

so that our children might
inherit the Star City

we have always dreamed of

the way my father dreamt
of a better life

for me and my sister.

Thank you.

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