Arrow (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 20 - Underneath - full transcript

Oliver and Felicity get trapped in the bunker together, while Diggle and Lyla deal with marital issues.

My name is Oliver Queen.

After 5 years in hell,
I returned home

with only one goal...
to save my city.

Today, I fight that war
on two fronts.

By day, I lead Star City
as its Mayor,

but by night, I am someone else.

I am...
Something else.

I am the Green Arrow.

Previously on "Arrow"...

Before he was taken,
Cayden was working

on a biometric tracker
that could recognize

a heartbeat anywhere
in the world.

Anywhere Adrian Chase is.

You're gonna help me free Cayden
from wherever Argus is holding him.

We can think
of another way to find him.

This is our only chance.

Don't do this.

Helix is about to
extract Cayden James.

(John:) You're holding
someone with no lawyer, no trial.

The woman I love
could never do this.

Lyla, this job has changed you.

You didn't back my play.

All of the times that
I supported you,

you couldn't do the same for me.
What's that?

The tracker's homing
in on Chase's location.

Where is he?

He's here.


[Muffled explosion]

[Ears ringing]


Felicity?! Felicity?

Felicity! Hey!

Chase... he's here.

Don't move.

That's not gonna be a problem.

All right.

If Chase is here,
he's not on this level.

That... it felt
like an explosion,

but there's minimal damage.

It was an EMP.

A burst of electromagnetic

Everything in the bunker with
an electric circuit has been fried.

How do you know?

Because the spinal implant
that helps me walk

isn't working.

I can't feel my legs.

Season 05 Episode 20

You know, under
different circumstances,

these chemlights
might seem festive.

No sign of Chase.

It looks like the EMP
was his play.

and security doors offline.

Did you check
the emergency exit door?

I did.
It's welded shut.

If Chase wasn't so evil,
I might actually be impressed.

The air vents are
gonna be down, too.

The air vents will last
a little while longer,

but... yeah, we have
to get message out.

Other than standing at the door
and yelling really loudly,

I don't really know
what our options are.

We're trapped.

Felicity, voice-over: Do you ever feel like
we're trapped?

What do you mean?

Like we're trapped
in this vicious cycle.

I mean, you put an arrow
in one crime lord,

and another just, like, pops up.

Well, a lot of people
are trying to fill

the vacuum left by Damien Darhk.

Yeah, and this week's
winner is Werner Zytle.

Ugh. Do you have
a location on him?

Not yet, but Curtis
is working on fixing a twenty.

Sounds like you don't
even need me.

Have you seen Curtis
try to throw a punch?

I mean, we don't need you.

We need 10 of you.

Nice try.

If we had more boots
on the ground

or masks on faces or whatever,

we might actually have
a real possibility

at catching one
of these guys that is

auditioning to be
the new Damien Darhk.

I don't have the bandwidth

or, more importantly,
the temperament

to train a new team.

Besides, you're trying
to fix something that's working.

We are a good team.

Yeah, we are,
and we always have been.


Oh, my God.
That's a nasty cut.

Ohh. Well, it's not gonna scar,
but I was thinking maybe...

maybe getting
some Kevlar sleeves.

You know me too well.

(Curtis:) Ahem.

Hey, guys.

- Hey.
- Hi, Curtis.

Palmer Tech has been
working on an advanced

thermal imaging prototype,

which I borrowed,
tweaked, and developed to find...


Bad guy on a yacht.

- Dang.
- Thank you for the assist.

See? Help is good.

I will contact you
when I'm on site.

Call me back, will you?
Better yet, just show up.

Things are going to all
kinds of hell around here.

(Rene:) Still no luck?


[Telephones ringing]

It's like Oliver's dropped off
the face of the earth again.

How's it going over here?

Well, every defense attorney
in town just found out

that the D.A. is a serial killer,
so not good.

You think the court's
gonna overturn Chase's convictions?

If I didn't, I wouldn't
have convened this war room.

It'd sure be nice to have a mayor
heading it up, though.

You heard from Felicity?

Radio silence, but I got Curtis.

- And?
- He's gonna check and see

if Oliver's at the bunker.

Get on it.

Rene on phone:
You find Oliver yet?

Hey, Rene.
You do realize

that you called me
literally 15 minutes ago, right?

Blame it on Lance.
Guy gets freaky when he's worried.

Yeah. Well, lucky
for you, I can run fast.

- Weird.
- What's weird?

No power.
Whole place.

What are the chances that Oliver
forgot to pay his electric bill?

Infinitesimal considering
I rigged the place

so that it'd be off the grid and...

And a bomb just went off.

- Not funny.
- I... I'm not kidding.

I heard some kind of explosion.

How many is that?

I love it.

Hasn't made a dent yet.

What's that thing
made of anyway?

Keltium. It's
a proprietary alloy

by the U.S. government

to repel nuclear blasts.

So you're saying even
if we had a nuke down here,

it wouldn't work?

Seems like Cisco
did such a good job

of turning this place into
an impenetrable fortress,

he turned it into an
impenetrable death trap.

Chase doesn't
want to kill me, remember?

Yeah. He just locked
you down here for the fun of it.

He locked us down here
because he is

up to something up there,

and I can't do
anything about it.

Well, the good news is
there's not much left for him to do.

I mean, he's already
gone after Curtis, Lance, Evelyn,

even Susan, and Thea's away,

and Lyla and J.J.
have Argus protection.

I mean, who's left?


William's in a different town

with a different name
and a different address.

I'd be surprised
if Chase even knows about William.

When he was holding me captive,

he... showed me
a picture of him.

What? Does he...

He doesn't know
where he is... yet.

We have to get out of here.

Cisco's original blueprints
are in that cabinet.

If you're just gonna
stand there,

you might as well say something.

I thought you were sleeping.

I couldn't sleep.

I know you're upset.

I know you think
that I've violated

some kind of trust
between us, but...


When you said that you wouldn't
become like Amanda Waller,

I was worried about you.

I'm fine.

You're the one who
seems to have a problem

with the way that
I've been running Argus,

which is particularly
interesting to me

since neither one of us
has a job that fits

the conventional
definition of morality.

Well, what's that
supposed to mean?

You're upset because Argus is locking
people up without due process

when you and Oliver
and your team of masked recruits

has been playing
judge and jury for years now.

Lyla, I can't believe
you'd actually compare team Arrow

to this... this...
this clandestine

government superagency!

Well, I just did!


[Knock on door]

(Curtis:) Hello?

Diggle family?
Anybody home?

I definitely heard Lyla yelling.

Knock... knock again.

Lyla: Didn't know
we were having a party.

(Rene:) I'm sensing a lot
of marital tension.

What do you guys want?

Dinah: So sorry to interrupt.
There's a problem at the bunker.

(Oliver:) I can get us out of here
by climbing up the levator shaft.

If you can think about going
up the elevator,

Chase has already
thought of a way to stop you.

So you're saying
it's booby-trapped?

I'd bet my copious
Palmer Tech severance pay on it.

- I'm saying I can handle it.
- Or we figure out a new plan,

like getting a signal
out to the team.

You just said that everything with
an electrical circuit

down here has been fried.

Only because I haven't
figured out how to get power yet.

So figure out how to get power,

and... I will go
up the elevator shaft.

Seriously, are you still
not listening to me?

Did the EMP give you
short-term amnesia

about what we were arguing about

down here in the first place?

This feels like
the best choice right now.

Besides the one I just gave you.





(Felicity:) I told you so,
I told you so, I told you so.

How many times do you
think that is?

Sorry, I was not keeping count.

Hmm. 11, I think,
but not nearly enough.

You ready?

Because your operating theater

is now lit,

and of all the things
that we need to do

to get ourselves out
of this hermetically sealed bunker,

stitching up a wound from a fall

that I totally predicted
isn't one of them.

I think that counts as 12.

I... ok. I'm ready. Unh!


- That hurt?
- Yes. Yes, it did.

I won't say "good,"
but let the record show

I was tempted.

Do you remember what
we were discussing

before we got


The fact that I back your play

even when I don't agree,

but you don't have the same
consideration for me.

You didn't listen to me
when I wanted to join Helix.

With good reason.

I could say the same thing about you
a million times over,

but I support you
because I trust you.

Felicity, I trust you.

Really? Because
the hole in you back

says otherwise.

Fair enough.

That the painkillers talking?

If you have a plan

that will get us
out here, fantastic.

Let's finish this up,
and let's try it.


(Rene:) What's an edm?

Something you might hear
at a nightclub?

This was an EMP.
Actually, fun fact,

the previous lair used to
be underneath a nightclub.

- Curtis.
- Right. Sorry.

Lyla: And you said Felicity's
down there, too?

According to the last
position logged

by her tracking nanites.

What do we need to get them out?

Rappelling gear,
acetylene torches,

wideband active field probes,

tungsten carbide drill bits.

I can cobble together
most of those things, but...

(Lyla:) Text me a list
of whatever you need.

Argus is at your disposal.

- Great.
- If that's ok with you.

(Dinah:) I hate
to ask this,

but how much air
do they have left down there?

Well, if they don't
exert themselves,

5, maybe 6 hours.

Ok. We're here.
Now what?

The mainframe has
a built-in cellular chip,

but our rewire didn't generate
enough kilowatts to jump-start it.

Right because everything
with an electronic circuit is fried.

with an electronic circuit.

My old bike.

(Felicity:) She's a beaut,
good old-fashioned combustion engine.

So we can generate electricity

without an electronic starter.

- Oh, yeah.
- That is smart.

SCPD is happy to have
Zytle off the streets

or, more appropriately,
off the docks.

- Great. So mission accomplished.
- Yeah.

What's next for my
favorite power couple?

- Power couple?
- Yeah.

I thought that you and Oliver...

you guys aren't
hooking up again?

- Oh, no. No. God, no.
- Oh!

Why would you even think that?

Well, because every time
I come by,

you guys are in the middle
of exchanging

longing looks for each other.

- No, we're not.
- Oh, Felicity.

- We look nothing like that.
- "I miss Oliver.

Wish I didn't
break up with him. Ohh."

What? What?!

"You know, we were
so happy together."

- Were.
- Yeah.

- Past tense. Yes.
- Look. I know that he hurt you

by not telling you
about his son, but...

Look. It's not about William.

It's about what William

Oliver having sex
with another woman.

No, but thank you
for that visual.

William is symptomatic
of a larger problem between Oliver and I.

That being?

Oliver doesn't trust me.

Right. The man who has
put his life in your hands

a couple thousand times.

Trusting me as Overwatch
is one thing,

but we're talking about his son.

Curtis, his child.

If Oliver doesn't
trust me enough to share

important information
and crucial information with me,

what's the point of being
in a relationship at all?

I'm not gonna say
that Oliver Queen plays great with others.

- But?
- But he can still change

that about himself.

- Tch.
- You know what he can't change?


That way he looks at you.

You both owe it to each other to see,
Felicity, tonight.

Tonight? No.
Why tonight?

- Well...
- Don't.

(Oliver:) Curtis, next time...

Pick up your own Chinese food.

(Curtis:) Um, you know,
I just thought we'd all be hungry

from the crimefighting.

- Heh heh. Oh!
- Yeah.

Oh, man. I... you know,
I just remembered

I have a date night
with Paul, my husband.

I have a date with my husband,

so I... I have to go
to that.

You guys enjoy that, though.
You enjoy that.

Also, there is wine
in the garage, so... bye.


I'll go get the wine.

Ok, gentlemen.
Eyes are up.

(Rene:) Got to say
this team is never boring.

Didn't think I'd be doing this when I
woke up this morning.

Oliver and Felicity
might suffocate.

How can you be so glib?

You've met me, right,
and how come

your toy balls can't float down there
and do this for us?

For the thousandth time, Rene,
they're called T-spheres,

but if you want,
call them by their proper name.

You named them?

Kodo and Podo. Heh.

You know, Dar's thieving little ferrets
on "The Beastmaster."

Let's just say
a young Marc Singer

was quite helpful in me discovering
my homosexuality.

And my heterosexuality.

You're on an open channel
by the way.

Open line.

Curtis: Look. I can't get my T-spheres
because they are in the bunker

and therefore fried,
so whatever.

I swear those two
are going to make

the cutest couple one day.

John? John?


Anything in particular
you're looking for

with that
thousand-yard stare?

It's that obvious, huh?

Rene wasn't the only one
who could clock tension

between you and the missus,
if that's what you mean.


Let me guess.

You confronted Lyla
about the Argus black site,

and it didn't go too good.

Something like that.

You want to talk about it?

Not really.


Well, if you did,

I'd tell you
about Vinnie and me.


My undercover partner

on and off the job.

Working UC, we had to
keep certain things from each other,

and we didn't do it
because we wanted to.

We did it because we had to.

[Door opens]

Ok. It took some
horse trading,

but I got everything
Curtis asked for.

- Oh, great.
- What's the status here?

He and Rene are
getting the lay of the land.

Kodo and Podo, any updates?

Curtis: No good ones.
The EMP fried the hydraulics system.

We have to cut
through the magnetic seal

in order to reach
the manual override.

We're gonna need
the acetylene torch.

And the wideband
active field probe.

Without my T-spheres,
there's no telling

what's on the other side
of this thing after the EMP blast.

[Engine revs, running]

- Is it working?
- Give it a second.

Thanks again for trying
things my way.

First time for everything.

Regarding Helix,

you know why I didn't
back your play,

and you know...
or you should...

that it had nothing
to do with a lack of trust.

If you're going to start
saying yet again

that it's because you don't
want me to be like you,

you can hold your breath,

particularly since we
are running out of oxygen.

Cayden James is a criminal...

Cayden James is a hacker,

as in so much less worse
than the Bratva.

I made the exact same
tradeoff you did to get Chase.

I picked the lesser
of two evils.

The fact that I didn't
want you to do that

doesn't make me a hypocrite.

- What does it make you, then?
- It makes me someone

who doesn't want you
to... be like me.


[Mainframe powering up]

Bam! That's what
I'm talking about!

[Engine sputtering]


- Are you ok?
- Yeah, depending on what

that sound is.

That's not good.
One of the pipes is damaged.

I just hope it's not
the highly toxic and flammable gas pipe.

So much for doing things my way.

(Felicity:) Careful.
Don't breathe!

Well, breathe, but don't inhale.


- Done.
- You ok?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
I'm a little, uh...

A little lightheaded.

(Felicity:) Ok.


How much more
duct tape do we have?


That was the last of it.

Um, we have the epoxy spray

that Cisco gave us
to fix our suits.

It's upstairs, and that's definitely
flooded by now.

How much time do we have?

20 minutes max
before we asphyxiate.

Good times, right?

Oliver, we've already
gone over that.

It's just full of dead ends,

which is an unfortunate

but accurate choice of words.

- Wait a second.
- Yeah, we can wait.

We only have 20 minutes,
but we can wait.

There's a steam tunnel
underneath this part of the bunker.

Do we have anything
to pry this open?

I don't know. It doesn't
look pryable.

Felicity, this is it.

Ok. This could be
the fumes talking,

but I think I have
a slightly insane idea.

How insane is "slightly insane"?

Well, that depends
on how you feel about setting off

an explosive arrow
in a room full of flammable gas.

Careful, Rene.

That seal is pure titanium.

It has a melting point of between 1,600
and 1,700 degrees Celsius.

Just let me do my thing, Hoss.

[Device beeping]

[Loud beep]

That's weird.

That would mean...

no, no, no! Rene, stop!


[Both panting]

Ow, ow, ow,
ow, ow! Ow! Ow!

I'm gonna need you to
stop making that noise.

I'm sorry my agonizing pain
is bothering you.

I mean, thank you very much
for helping me with this.

These are just
second-degree burns, Curtis.

You should be just fine

in a couple of weeks.

Do we know what
caused the explosion?

High levels of methane.

Am I the only one
that thinks this is Prometheus?

No, but we need to
find a way of saving our friends

without blowing them up.

- What about acid?
- No.

No. I don't think
that will work.

Wait, wait. You said the hatch
was titanium, right?


Hydrochloric acid will turn it
into Swiss cheese.

I used to work undercover with a gang
of safe crackers.

John: That's good.
Let's get cooking.

[Gas hissing]


If the powder is one gram under,
the grating won't blow.

What if it's one gram over?

Well, it will increase
the breaching radius,

igniting the gas, filling this entire
place with fire, and...

It will kill us both was what you were
gonna say, right?


- No pressure. Careful.
- Mm-hmm. Yep.

- Wait.
- What?

My math is probably right,

but what if it's wrong?

Are you still Felicity Smoak?

- Yeah.
- Your math is always right.


Ok. Um, the arrow
needs to go in

at exactly
a 45-degree angle.

Ok. Ahem. By exactly,
do you mean exactly?

Well, one centimeter off,
and the blast

will force the grate off,

igniting the gas, and...

Please don't miss.

You didn't miss.

Looks like about
a two-story drop.


I'll get the climbing gear.

(Felicity:) Remind me
again why I thought

this was gonna be a fun idea.

I don't know.

Hop down, hop down, hop down.

- Ohh!
- Excuse me.


Right. Ok. So...

This is just
a chin-up.

- Ok.
- Everybody knows a chin-up.

- Well...
- All right. It's a chin-up

with a flourish at the end.

Yeah. I can't do
a chin-up.

- Come here.
- Ok.


- I don't flourish well.
- I believe in you.

- Oh.
- Ready?

Whoa! Oh, my God!

Ohh! Hey.
I'm chinning and upping.

- Kind of.
- Ooh!

- Ok.
- Oh, ow. Yeah.

- All right.
- Ok.

- You ready?
- Mm-hmm.

1, 2, 3, go!

Nope, nope, nope.
Help, help, help.

- That's too high.
- Hang on. I got you.

Oh, God. That's higher

- than it was before.
- I got you.

Uh, yeah. I kind of
did it, I think.

- Sure.
- There was the chin-up part

I think we could work on.

- You did a half of one.
- Half. I'll take the half.

Sorry. I don't think
that's really my thing.

In fairness, you've
had a little bit to drink.

- Ahem.
- I've had a lot to drink.


Get that?

Actually, could you
just... thank you.


(John:) What happened?
Did the acid work?

Yeah. It's just
it's gonna take

10 seasons of "The Bachelor"

before it melts
those hinges down.

What? I don't judge
your DVR.

Ok. How much time
do they have left?

(Rene:) 10 minutes,
give or take.

Yeah. Somebody better
order up a miracle.

Lyla: I don't know
if this counts, but it could help.

Where the hell did you get this?

Argus likes to keep
tabs on interesting tech.

You copied my T-sphere?

No. We improved them.

(John:) No. You're
both wrong.

Lyla, if you stole this,

what other surprises
can I be expecting from you?

- Whoa!
- Ohh!

That's ok. Just
hang... hang on tight.

Not that tight.
Not that tight.

That's ok.

- Almost there.
- Ok.

Ok. I got you, I got you, I got
you, I got you.


- All right.
- We're here.

- Yeah, I know.
- Thanks. Ok.

Are you ok? Hey!

- Yeah. I'm fine.
- We made it, we made it.

- We made it.
- Yep.



It's another dead end.

Ok. Please stop
using that term.

We bought ourselves some time away
from the gas at least.

Hey. Oliver.


Oliver! Oliver!



Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.

You got to stay awake, ok?

I think I'm losing
a lot of blood.

Tell me something I don't know.

I'm so sorry.

Normally, I would relish
an Oliver Queen apology,

but this sudden admission
is making me nervous.

You were right.
I didn't have your back,

but it wasn't because I
didn't want you

to end up like me, Felicity.

- It was much more than that.
- Ok. Lots of blood loss

with exposure to toxic gas

makes you go crazy.
Now we know that.

- I need you to hear this.
- I will later, right?

- I might not have a later.
- Do not talk like that.

I need you to know the truth.

About what?

I didn't have your back.

It was not because of you
or lack of trust.

It was because of me.
It was because of me.

I'm not the man you think I am.

I'm not the man you
fell in love with.

I put the hood on to right my
father's wrongs,

but the basis of it,
the... the foundation of it

and what you did and what Dig did
and what the team did

in my name,

it was all based on a lie.

What are you talking about?

Chase... he showed me
when held me hostage

that I didn't do
what I did to be a hero.

I did what I did...

Because there was
a part of me...

a bigger part than
I would like to admit...

I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed killing.

It's not about not trusting you.

I will always trust you.

I don't trust myself.

Oliver, Oliver, don't.
Oliver, Oliver.

Hey! Hey!
Oliver, come back!

Come back! Oliver!
Come back.

Promise me you're not
gonna tell anyone

that we had bunker sex,

and by anyone, I mean Curtis

because he'd never
look at me the same.

Are you sure?

Because he had me
pick up Chinese food,

and then he suggested wine.

I'm pretty sure that
he was rooting

for exactly this,


Maybe he saw something
that we didn't see.

I think Curtis watches
too many romcoms with Paul.

You ok?

Yeah, I'm fine.

It's just...

Talk to me.
What's going on.

This was nice, you know.
It was really nice.

It just...

it doesn't change
things between us.

We still have our problems.

Because we never talked
about our problems.

We never talked about William.

Even if there was no William,

there still wouldn't be an us...

Because you don't trust me.

I was hoping that
you'd change...

But you don't trust anyone,

and I don't know why.

You know, maybe if I knew why,

things would be different.

I don't even think you know why.

I love you...

But that is why I can't
settle for anything less

than your full trust.

I know I should be mad that you
stole my tech,

but the modification
designs you guys put on here

are ridonculous.

Hey. How about
less geeking out

and more figuring out
how to use that thing

to get to Felicity and Oliver?

They ran out of time
10 minutes ago.

What is this?

It's an audit

of every black op
I've signed off on

as director of Argus.

Why are you giving me this?

I don't want there
to be any more secrets

between us, John,

but there is one thing
I need to know from you.

Name it.

No matter what
Oliver Queen does,

no matter how
morally compromising,

you stand behind him.

- Lyla.
- No matter what.

Why can't you do that for me?



Lyla, I guess I never
really thought of it like that.

Well, maybe you should start

because I'm not Oliver, Johnnie.

I'm your wife,
and even though I disagreed

with many of your choices,

I trusted those choices.

I trusted you.

I think I deserve
the same consideration.

I figured it out!

Oh. Sorry. Were you
guys in the middle of something?

It looks like you were probably in the
middle of something,

but I did figure it
out, so let's...

Chop, chop, chop.

It's ok, Curtis.
We're fine.

Let's go get Oliver
and Felicity out of there.

Oliver? Oliver!

Oh, damn it.
Wake up.

- Ohh.
- Hey. Agh! Are you ok?

Oh, my God. You're ok.

I think the wound
reclotted. Ugh.

- Careful.
- Hey.

Felicity, I don't...
I don't know that

I can get us out of here.

Well, it will give us some time
to talk about something,

like this crazy idea
that you enjoy killing.



That's why you disbanded
the team, isn't it?


Oliver, you said that
I don't know

the kind of man that you are.

I wouldn't have fallen
in love with you

or wanted to marry you
if I didn't know

exactly the kind
of man that you are.

Chase tortured you for a week.

You're the toughest
person I know,

but anyone... anyone
would have admitted

to being a tap-dancing

after what he put you through.

Adrian Chase... didn't
make me a killer.

No. 5 years in hell
did that,

5 years dealing
with the city's worst did that.

You have spent
a decade dealing with horrors

that most people don't
even realize exist,

and the fact that
that didn't turn you into a monster

proves exactly the kind
of person that you are.

I don't know what kind
of person I am.



(Lyla:) Not just Curtis.

Are you guys ok?

Oliver is a little hurt.
We could use your help.

(Rene:) About that.
We got a new problem.

The bunker's generators
have a doomsday scenario failsafe.

Assuming a catastrophic attack,

they're tamper-proof, so no one
can stop them from turning back on.

(Oliver:) Wait. Why would
you want to stop them?

The methane. The power
coming back on will spark it.

If we don't get the air vents

back online first somehow.

You guys are sitting
underneath a...

4-story bomb.

[Device beeping]

How long do we have
before the generator kicks back on?

(Curtis:) And blow you up?
12 minutes,

but don't worry.

- Too late.
- We have a plan.

(John:) Careful.

We got to be getting close.


Think we're there, D.

(Lyla:) Talk to me, Curtis.

I'm trying to hack the city grid

to reroute power
to the ventilation system.

Can you blow the gas before
the generators come back online?

Well, we'll know if we hear an
earth-shattering kaboom beneath our feet.

Slow down, slow down.

We don't have time to slow down.

Yeah? Well, we don't have
time for you to bleed to death either.

- Ok?
- That's a good point.

- That's good.
- Oliver. Ollie!

Oliver. Agh.

Oliver, Oliver.

Curtis, Oliver's down.
We need your help!

Hang on.
Coming to you.

This looks like the Death Star
interrogation droid.

I loaded it with 20 ccs
of adrenaline.

You're gonna have
to inject that into Oliver...



Ohh, ohh, ohh!

- I'm ok!
- Nowhere close,

but we gave you enough
adrenaline to get us out of here.


- Good. Ok. All right.
- Ok. Yup!

(Dinah:) Are you really
gonna climb down there?

Somebody has to meet
them halfway.

Nice jump, Dig.


Are you ok?!

I'm good.

(Lyla:) We are running
out of time.

I've almost got the ventilation
systems back up.

Oliver! Oliver!

- Yeah!
- Hey!

Hey. You guys
all right?

No, not really.




You ok?

Stay there, and we'll figure
something out.

John, we don't have time!

Look. Do you have enough
cable to meet us halfway?


That's optimistic.
We only have 30 feet.

That's not helping.
Throw him the line.

This is crazy.

Don't hear me arguing, do you?

- All right. Hang on tight.
- Yeah.

I've always appreciated
you doing the salmon ladder

but never as much
as in this moment.

Oh! Uh!

(John:) I got about
5 feet of slack.

I can make it.

Oliver, if you don't...

I will.



(Felicity:) Ohh!

Oh, my God.

You have to let me go.

You have to let me go.
You have to go!

(John:) Curtis,
cut the vents.

- Now he tells me?
- Do it!

I'm sorry, Felicity.



I know you hate it
when I don't listen to you.

Rene, pull us up.

[Motor running]

Hey, Lyla.

Thanks for letting us come here.

See? Argus isn't always
used for evil.

I know. You were right.

I should have trusted you.

I... I do trust you.

We just work in morally
gray areas, Lyla,

and I... I let that cloud
my perspective a bit.

- Or a lot.
- Or a lot.

I'm sorry...

But I promise we will
get through this.


Hey. Any word
on Oliver?

Lyla's checking now.

Got to say it's good to see you up
and walking again.

(Felicity:) Yeah.
Thank Curtis.

He's the miracle worker.

It's just a temporary fix.

I'll have to run
more comprehensive diagnostics.

You guys are gonna have to
explain to me

how all this works one day.

You really don't want
them to do that.


(Lyla:) Oliver just got
out of surgery.

He's going to be fine.

- Can we see him.
- Actually, he asked to see you.

Ooh! Hey. Heh.

We were all thinking that.

Would it help if I didn't
ask for lessons

on a particular piece
of equipment?

Look. I know you're
probably a little upset

about what I said
last night still.

I'm not mad.

- You were right.
- So were you.

You know, we never really did talk
about anything, and...

I walked.

That was wrong.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.

I'm not saying never
about the talk.

I just...

Maybe not quite yet.

I'm not ready yet.

I'm not going anywhere.


[Heart monitor beeping]



You're walking.

I am.

More importantly, you're living.

You really gave us
a scare back there.

Oh, I figured you'd
be used to seeing me

close to death by now.
Heh heh heh.

Never gonna get used to it ever.

But speaking
of being close to death,


I said a few things back there.

I really, really
appreciate what you said.

Any of it stick?


- I'm sorry.
- For what.

For being a hypocrite.

You were right.
I was starting to become like you

and not in the heroic,
honorable, muscular way.

It was just after I lost Billy,

I was willing to do
whatever to get Chase.

It drove me to work with Helix,

and I was willing
to break any rule

or do anything to get payback,

and, you know, what
I'm trying to say is

I think I got the tiniest taste

of what you've
been through, the tiniest.

Hmm. I get it now.

I understand...

Why you lied to me
about William,

why you had to.

I get it,

and for the extent
that I judged you...

and I did judge you...
I'm sorry.

You know, you said you didn't know
what kind of person you are.

I think you should
figure that out.


My name is Matthew.

But it used to be
William, right,

before you and your mom
left Central City?

You know my mom?

Actually, I knew your father,

and he knew mine.

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