Arrow (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 19 - Dangerous Liaisons - full transcript

Oliver, Team Arrow, ARGUS and the SCPD kick off a citywide manhunt for Adrian Chase. Helix tells Felicity they have a way to find Chase but they will need something big, and illegal, from her in return.

My name is Oliver Queen.

After 5 years in Hell,

I returned home
with only one goal--

to save my city.

Today, I fight that war
on two fronts.

By day, I lead Star City
as its mayor,

but by night,
I am someone else.

I am...
Something else.

I am the Green Arrow.

Previously on "Arrow"...

Zoe's in a foster home,

a good one
it looks like.

She shouldn't be
anywhere near me.

I don't agree with that, and I have
a lawyer friend who doesn't either.

I'm worried about
you because you're into something,

and you don't want
to tell anyone about it.

You just have
to trust me on this one.

If we can produce video
that Chase is Prometheus,

that's game over for him.

That is
what we needed!

Please let me
be the one to walk this into SCPD.

I'm gonna throw it
up on YouTube.

There won't be anywhere
that son of a bitch can run.

Delta team in position.

Seems our friends
are here, too.

We're on site.

An Argus drone confirms
Adrian Chase walked

into the arcade at 0900.

16 hours ago.
That's a lifetime for Chase.

Yeah, but no one
has entered or exited since.

We got the bastard.

We have to move
right now.

- See something?
- Yes.

This is
Maximum Force.

It's vintage.

We cannot let anything
happen to this.

I'm more worried
about something happening to me!

Will you two focus?


Is everybody ok?

It was vintage.

Looks like we found
our guy.

♪ Arrow 5x19 ♪
Dangerous Liaisons
Original Air Date on April 26, 2017

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Chase escaped the arcade
by using a secret tunnel

that led
to Port Newark.

Homeland Security's
placed him on a no-fly list.

No. He's not gonna
leave the country.

He isn't done yet.

How do you know?

- Call it a hunch.
- A hunch?

Mayor Queen, this city
deserves better than a hunch.

the interruption.

I can't hold them
off any longer.

Mayor Queen,
is Adrian Chase going to strike again?

Ahem. All right.
I can take a few questions.

- Yes?
- You worked side by side

with Adrian Chase
for months.

How could you not know
that you had

a serial killer
in your administration?

Well, Mr. Chase's
secret life

came as a surprise
to us all.

I can say that we
are currently following up

some very
promising leads.

Are you saying you have
no idea where he is?

No. I'm saying that
the details

of an ongoing investigation
are confidential.


I spent
the afternoon speaking

with Gay Eked's father.

What do you have to
say to him

and the families of all
of Prometheus' victims?

Well, I would say
to them what I am saying to you.

We are doing everything that
we possibly can

to bring Mr. Chase
to justice.

Do you have anything
for us other than canned platitudes?

Better question is
do we have anything?

Manhunts aren't exactly
in Helix's wheelhouse, Felicity.

Hey, you helped me
unmask Chase.

Now I need your help
trying to find the bastard.

From what you've
told me, they've got

Homeland Security,
the FBI, and Argus working on this.

Yeah, and last night, Chase played them
like Maximum Force.

- I used to love that game.
- I know. I did, too.

Apparently, it's seen
better days.

- Hmm?
- Point being, I was expecting

you and Helix to come up
with a fresh perspective,

you know, maybe pull
out some new tricks,

something Chase
isn't gonna anticipate.

Well, it would help not having
to waste time reinventing the wheel.

You want to know what
Intel they're working with?

Getting into Homeland Security
and the FBI is easy.

Their cyber sec is
a bad joke,

but breaking
into Argus' network?

Allow me.

The Intel of Chase
being in New Jersey came

from an Argus drone.

- Ok. So?
- So the information

was then sent
to an unsecured phone.

Seems like a big-time breach
in operational security.

- Wait.
- Wait what?

What if Chase has
a buddy inside Argus,

someone who tipped him off,

who pinged
the unsecured cell phone?


- Mr. Mayor.
- Hi.

Could you give us
some space?

Chase probably knew
Agent Pierce was part

of our operation
in Jersey.

This could be payback.

Ok, Lyla. What killed him?

Cause of death looks
like blunt force trauma.

Felicity, Curtis,
we have a camera.

Roger, Roger. We have
clearance, Clarence.

What is our vector,

Guys, focus, please.

That's evidence.

Argus evidence.

All right.
I got the videos.

Streaming back
to your phone now.

- Here we go.
- Are you guys seeing this?

Well, we're seeing it,
but it looks like a meta.

An invisible meta?

Or psychokinesis,
though some prefer telekinesis.

I--I don't think so.
Check out what the elevator's doing.

Yeah, guys.
Curtis is right.

According to the elevator
activity logs,

the car accelerated upwards
at--oh, my God--9 Gs,

and then it just dropped
into a freefall

for 40 stories.

- Death by elevator.
- This doesn't feel like Chase.

No. At first, I thought maybe
Chase was trying to tie up loose ends,

but I couldn't find any
connections between them.

He had his Argus
security key still on him.

Why enter the elevator
if not to take it?

Maybe to confirm the kill.

Guys, how do we manipulate
an elevator like that?

Remotely. Everything's

All right. However
this happened,

let's just find
whoever did it.

We are on it.

Huh. Looks like the elevator
was hacked in real time.

Pulling up
the rootkit now.

Oh, my God.

my God" what?

Nothing. There's just a line of code here
I'm not quite getting,

but I think I know
someone at Helix who can help.

Uh, hey. Don't you need
to show them the code?

Yeah. That's
a good idea. Yes.

Thank you.
Very helpful, Curtis.

I'm sorry, Mr. Grover,
but the specifics

of the investigation
into Adrian Chase,

they're just not open
to the public.

The mother of my
children is dead,

and you can't
tell me anything.

I can assure you that
the SCPD

and the mayor's office
are doing everything

in their power to
apprehend him.

We're gonna catch
that scum bag.

Oh. Instead of working shoulder to
shoulder with him?


Sorry. It's just...

Things may not have worked out
between Gay and me,

but she was always
there for the kids.

She loved them,
and they loved her,

and now she's gone.

Please find him.

Gay didn't deserve
dying like that,

and no other family
deserves this pain.

We will find him,

and he'll know
the true meaning of justice.

Thank you.

How many other victims'
relatives do we have today?

He was the last.

God, I don't think
I could handle another.

These people
are grieving, Rene.

I'm not saying they're
not entitled to their grief, Hoss.

I'm saying hearing about it all day long
is a real buzz kill.

You know, I'd have
thought someone in your situation

would have been
a little more, uh, sympathetic.

My situation?

Yeah. Curtis might have
told me about your wife

and your daughter.

Curtis talks too much.

I don't disagree...

But while he was talking,

he also mentioned that he offered
to set you up with a lawyer

to help get
your daughter back,

and that was
over two months ago.

I'm just not
ready, Hoss.

A polymorphous worm
concealed by a kernel rootkit.

You trying to talk
to dirty to me, or--

I saw the code, Alena.
I know your work.

You hacked
that elevator.

- You killed that Argus Agent!
- Just slow down.

- Yes or no?
- Kind of.

- Kind of?
- I didn't mean to kill him,

I swear.

I'd never knocked anyone out with
an elevator before,

and apparently,
there's a learning curve.

- Alena.
- I need you to hear me out

for one second.

- You murdered someone.
- Accidentally

and for a good cause.

I can't believe
I'm hearing this.

Cayden James.
He's the most skilled hacker

the world
has ever known.

If he was, I would
have heard of him.

No, you wouldn't have
because he's just that good.

He's a ghost.

He's also the person
that formed Helix.

- What does that have to do--
- 8 months ago,

he was scooped up
by Argus.

Not arrested,
not charged,

just taken, and now he's being
held without cause,

being tortured,
who knows what else,

and I had to take this
off that Argus Agent so we can free him.

Alena, you killed

Before you get
too judgmental,

know that you're gonna
help me free Cayden

from wherever Argus
is holding him.

- Why would I do that?
- Because before he was taken,

Cayden was working
on a biometric tracker

that could recognize
a heartbeat,

powerful enough to scan
anywhere in the world.

Adrian Chase is.

- We have a problem.
- What is that?

The problem.
After Damien Darhk

took my security
implant last year,

I instituted
new protocols

to prevent any
sensitive Argus information

or location from being accessed
by a single person.

Access now requires
two of these security keys.

But Agent Pierce's key wasn't taken.
You found it on him.

I found a very
sophisticated copy.

- Smart.
- Extremely.

I almost didn't
catch it.

If those keys have
been compromised,

then they have to be

The whole point
of having the keys

is for them to be

Reprogramming takes
about 24 hours.

Lyla, clearly Argus
security is under attack,

but this doesn't
feel like Chase,

and quite frankly, that is where
we have to keep our focus.

And I sympathize,
but I've got

almost all personnel with keys in
lockdown at Argus.

- Almost?
- Agent Ditkoff is 20 miles out

near Port Talbert.

I was hoping your team could
escort her back to Argus.

Oliver, I know you
want to get Chase.

So do I, but Argus has
always had our backs.

Yes, they have.

Let's call Curtis
and Dinah.

Please let Felicity
know where we're going.

Copy that.

Just let me talk
to my friends at Argus.

Maybe we can negotiate
for Cayden's release.

Sorry. It's just
funny, you know?

Negotiate with Argus.

Seriously, I really
think they will.

Just hold off on taking
the second key.

Argus won't even
admit they have Cayden.

Besides, the plan's
already in motion.

What did you do?

Don't worry. I hired
professionals this time.

- Professionals?
- One casualty was enough

for this girl's

Like mercenaries?

You really can buy
anything on the Internet.

Well, are your Internet thugs
headed to Port Talbert?

Because they're about
to have some company.

Over Terrific here--
or Mr. Watch--

or Watch Terrific--
anyway, it will come to me.

We're on our way.

Right. 700 feet ahead,
3 bogeys, please hurry.

Dinah and I are
a few blocks away.

Hey, John. I know you
have to protect that agent.

We're on our way.

I know you have to
protect her,

but I need you to let those guys get away
with her security key.

Wait. What? What?!

Hey! Don't move!

Oliver, we have
a situation.

I need you to let tango get away
with that security key.

- Why?
- Felicity has information

that we don't have.

Oliver, I need you
to stand down.

What the hell was that?

- Felicity said we had to.
- Why?

To catch Prometheus.

It's the only way
to catch Chase.

No, it's not,

but even if it were,
at what cost?

Agent Ditkoff
could have been killed.

No. The team was
there to make sure.

She could have
been killed

just like
Agent Pierce.

I told you that
was an accident.

And now--now two keys
are in the wind,

and Argus
is vulnerable.

What the hell were
you thinking?

That we need to catch
this son of a bitch

no matter what.

Guys, a little
support here.

Might be crossing
a line, Felicity.

Well, you're the last
person on earth that gets

to give
that lecture, Oliver,

or second to last,

and don't tell me
that you don't make

morally questionable choices
so that I don't have to.

I have to!

No, you don't, Felicity.
You don't have to.

Lyla's right. There are
better ways for us to find Chase.

Chase has been in the wind
for a week.

He was trained
by Talia al Ghul.

He knows how to
stay in the wind.

What other leads
do we have?

How else are we gonna
bring Adrian Chase to justice

unless Argus
lets go of Cayden James.

- Not a chance.
- Well, then my only choice

is to help Helix.

Your only choice?

Felicity, I thought we were
on the same side.

No, John. I'm on the side
that's gonna put Chase away

so that he can't hurt
anyone ever again.

Hey, Felicity.

Let her go, man.

Now's not the time.

You wanted to
see me, Hoss?

Yeah. F-first, close
the door.

Second, what have
I told you about calling me "Hoss"?

- Don't.
- Right.


Oh, just sit down.

Are you firing me?

Oh, Rene, there was a time when
I would have loved

to hear you
ask me that,

but, no, I am not
firing you.

I want to talk
to you about...Zoe.

Yeah, your daughter.

Yeah. I know
her name, Hoss.

I thought I told you
I don't want to talk about her.

Well, that's too bad because you
happen to be working for a guy

who would give
anything to be

with his daughter again.

What do you want
from me, man?

An explanation.

I looked into your case,

and you have
full visitation rights

as long as you're

by a court-appointed

and there's no record
of you ever visiting.

Please. Just leave
this alone, man.

I think we both know
I'm not gonna,

so why don't we just
skip to the part where you tell me

why you do not want to
see your daughter?


When Curtis told me about
his lawyer friend, I got excited, ok?

Yeah, yeah. All right,
and then what happened?

I remembered why they took Zoe away
from me in the first place.

Yeah, sure.
I--I could visit her

with a court-appointed
guardian like you said.

Want to know why that is?

Because I'm bad news.

Yeah, you're
an acquired taste for sure--

I hurt her!

What do you mean,
you hurt her?

I...I was reheating
some soup for her.

It was just about
all I could make her...

And it was on the stove,
and I pass out drunk.

Poor Zoe, she's trying to
grab it and pulls it down,

and it burns her hand
real bad...

And it was her crying
that woke me up.

Zoe deserves better
than me.

End of story.

Rene. Rene,
come back--wha--

Meet prisoner 38085,
aka Cayden James.

What are you
holding him on?

He's a person of interest.

So no crime.
I'm guessing no trial either.

Do you have something you
want to say to me, Johnny?

Not right now, Lyla.

There's something
we're not considering.

What if Felicity
is right?

She might be right.

We give James a terminal,
we make him find Chase,

and then we hand him
back to Helix.

I know you want Chase
off the board, Oliver,

but Cayden James is
as dangerous as a loose nuke.

I can't put him
back in play.

Helix has compromised
your security,

and now they have hired

that are gonna go
after Argus to get James out.

Which means we go
after them first.

Curtis has Intel
as to where their

base of
operations is.

And we'd be going in
completely blind.

We have a greater chance
of success

if we let Helix
come to us.

Wait, Lyla.

You want to set
a trap for Helix

and use James
as the bait?

I don't think I need to
tell either of you

how dangerous Helix is.

This is our chance
to take them down.

This is happening
with or without your help.

I'll let you boys wrap
your head around that.

We have to get Felicity
out of Helix.

We can't let her get
involved in this.

You mean any more

We knew she was
into something,

we knew it was bad.

We just let her get
in deeper.

Oliver, grief can make
people do crazy things.

No one knows that
better than you and me,

but I'm not the one
she was gonna marry.

What's your point?

My point is...

Oliver, look, maybe we should
have talked her out of Helix,

maybe not, I don't know,
but the point is

we're here now,
and you're the only one

she will listen to.

I'm not...sure
how much credibility

I have with her.

You both want to
catch Chase, right?

You have that
in common,

which tells me you are
the only one who can

pull her back
from the brink.


- Hi.
- Hey.

Nice of you to use
the front door for once.

May I come in, please?

Uh, actually,
I was just leaving.

I can see that.


Looks like you're not
sitting behind a keyboard for this one.

- Can you blame me?
- No.

I--more than
probably anyone else--

understand what it's
like to be willing to do

whatever it takes
to stop Chase.

Then let me do it.

Let me just tell you
how I'm seeing things.

You're willing to do
whatever it takes to stop Chase

because I was willing
to do whatever it takes to save this city,

and that created him.

Ok. So it's ironic.
That's what it is.

It doesn't have to be.

You see, we--we can
think of another way to find him,

and then we can find
another way to stop him.

Ok. How?
The SCPD tip line?

No. That's not gonna work
this time, Oliver.

We both know that.

Look. This is
our only chance.

And this is me asking

Don't do this.

For the past 4 years,
I have watched you do

whatever you had to,
whatever it took

to stop the people
threatening this city.

How can you stand there
and not ask me

to do the same thing?

Because over the past
4 years, you, more than anyone else,

has seen the toll that
it has taken on me.

- And I told you--
- And I under--I understand.

I agree that I should
not shelter you

from making
hard decisions,

but you want to talk
irony? Fine.

You are willing to
sell your soul

to destroy a threat
that I created...


- I...
- One of the reasons I fell

in love with you
is because you were always willing

to do what was right,
no matter what the cost,

even if it's
unbearably hard.

It's what makes you you.

So how can I be
any different?

You've sacrificed
your soul for the team

and for the city
and for me.

You don't...

Have to carry
that burden any longer.

Let me do it.

Felicity, I...

I can't.

Then you'll have
to stop me.

This facility has
8 ingress points.

I've got 6-man teams
stationed at each,

perimeter squads
keeping watch,

and drones flying

Helix has to be ready
for all of that.

That's why
we're here.

Added support
and the element of surprise.

You think Felicity
will be surprised that

we're trying to
stop her? Heh.

Actually, I am kind of

I mean, you and her
have a history.

Just kind of like,
"Oh, we're against each other."

Let's have you and Dinah patrol
the southwest.

Stay on comms, ok?

- Uh, quick question.
- Mm-hmm.

What do we do
if she shows up tonight?

We stop her.

Logistics calculates
a 46% likelihood

they'll try to breach
through here.

Ok. Then we'll be
ready for them.

We're not expecting
Helix for another 7 minutes,

so would you like to
use that time to tell me what I've done

that's got you
so pissed off?

Lyla, I'm not pissed off.

I am concerned.

What did Felicity mean
when she made

that crack about you
crossing a line?

I can't even begin
to fathom the amount

of crap that Helix has
put into Felicity's head, Johnny.

But, Lyla, holding
Cayden James without due process,

that's not
a bunch of crap.

Cayden James is
20 times more dangerous than Snowden.

We caught him trying
to hack an Argus transponder.

If he got in, every NOC agent we have
could be at risk.

That sounds a whole lot
like Amanda Waller.

Waller's decisions seem
a lot less wrong

from this side
of the desk, Johnny.

You can't judge me
for that.

I'm not judging.

I'm just worried.

Felicity Smoak is one
of the best people I've ever known,

and she's gone
over to the dark side.

I don't want that
to happen to my wife.

I've done a lot
of illegal things,

but none of them have
required heavy weaponry

or any weaponry.

You know, I found
the transition between hacker

to vigilante to be


You're gonna do great.

Besides, you have
enough firepower here to invade Russia.

Well, hopefully,
we won't have to.

Think we might.

They know we're coming.

I'm not worried.

In case you need them.


I mean, even if we do,
I'm not using that.

Argus will have guns.

I thought you said no one
was gonna get hurt.

If we do this right,
no one will.

Wait for my signal.

so important, Hoss?

I was gonna call
it a night.



I told you.

Hey. You're not
the only one around here

that doesn't listen
to orders.

Who's he?

Uh, that's, um,
Quentin, Quentin Lance,

daddy's friend,
but I call him Hoss.

He arranged
this little visit.

Thank you, Hoss.

- I missed you.
- Oh, I missed you so much.

Oh, I missed you more.

Dang, girl. You're
getting so big.

Look at you. I--
pretty soon,

you're gonna be driving
pops to the games.

Isn't that right?

Tell your daddy what you're
doing at school now, Zoe.

I made
the hockey team!

What?! No way.

What position
you playing?

- Goalie.
- That's my girl.

Just like your pops.

Aw. That's so good.
I'm proud of you.

Can we go home now?

I'm sorry, sweetheart,
but not today.


Sweetheart, the last time
you were with me,

you got hurt, baby.

It was an accident.

When can I go home
to daddy?

I don't know,

Soon, peanut.

There's a lawyer friend
daddy's friend knows,

and daddy's decided
he's gonna talk to him

and you're gonna
come home with me.

I promise.

Ok? I promise.

Thought you were standing
post with Lyla.

Seemed like a good idea
to put some space between us.

Felicity isn't
the only lady who thinks

the ends justifies
the means.

When Lyla and Felicity Smoak are
willing to cross the line--

Makes you wonder
if there even is one, right?

We got incoming.

Tangos in the field.

Copy that.

What's that?

Think of it
as a weaponized tablet

preloaded with address resolution
protocol spoofing.

The Argus site
is protected

by microchipped
gun turrets.

Right. This will
shut them down?


You sure you're
ready for this?

Let's do this.

Bogeys on site.
Want us to intercept?

Negative. Draw them
in closer.

15 seconds out.
Safeties off.


It's not them.

Lyla, sitrep.

The van checked out.
It wasn't Helix.

We have a problem.

This isn't Argus.

No, it is,
just not the site

Argus expected
us to hit.

What problem?

Helix is about to extract
Cayden James.

They're not here.

Neither is Cayden James.

And you
didn't tell us?

I didn't think it was

Where is he?

At an off-books black site
12 miles away.

Damn it, Lyla. You should
have let us in on the plan.

Helix wasn't supposed to
know about the black site.

No one was.

That's because
it's illegal.

I'm not discussing
this, Johnny.

Get your head
in the game.

You're two minutes out.

Where has this
tablet been all my life?

I made it
special for you.

So much better than
a friendship bracelet.

Ohh! How are we
gonna find Cayden James?

I know he's inside one
of these containers,

but I don't know
exactly which one.

Can you check to see
if there's a site map?



Whatever Argus is
keeping in there

they want
to keep secure.

Or whoever.

Two air-gapped
unhackable keys.

It's beautiful tech,

Free Cayden James now,
admire Argus tech later.


- One...
- Two...



Cayden? Hey.

It's ok.
This is a rescue.

We got to move.
Team Arrow will be here any minute.

I doubt that very much.
They have no clue we're here.

We've got incoming.

Do not say
"I told you so."

Meet us out back in 5.

Where are we going?

We're gonna go say hi
to your friends.



Don't grab a woman unless you
have permission, dumbass.


I've got
Felicity's friend.

I have a name,
you know?

Turn around, put your hands
on your head.

- Do it!
- Ok. Turning.

You want to see
what else they can do?

Next one goes
in his head.

Then it will have to
go through me. Go!

Get out of the way!

You know I can't
do that.

I was really hoping
you wouldn't!

Oliver, don't move.

That is a 30-kilowatt
spectral beam laser.

It will cut you
to the bone.

Curtis will let you out.

I'm sorry.

I am. I'm really hoping
that you're gonna understand

after we get Chase.

Don't count on it.

On the bright side,
we were suited up.

I mean, I'm glad Cayden James doesn't
know that, you know,

we were trying to keep him in prison
because if he did

I would be scared
of my refrigerator,

my car, my alarm clock,

and can we talk
about elevators for a second?

Because I think I'm gonna be taking
the stairs for a while,

which is better
for your...your health.

Also, on the bright side,
you know,

so just think
about that.

This wasn't
a prison, Curtis.

This was an illegal
black site on American soil

led by my wife.

Also no Argus casualties--no Argus
casualties, you know?

The mercs used rubber bullets,
so that was...

What do you want to do
about Felicity?

There is nothing
to do.

She put herself
in front of a bullet

in order to take
down Chase.

Till that happens,
I don't know what to say to her.

In the meantime, we drink to her
speedy success.

I mean--

in the meantime,
I think we go home.

Why? There's
more glasses in the bunk--

Oh, you want to
drink by your--

ok. Yeah. Right.
That make--yeah.

Thank you both
very much for tonight.

Hey. Yep.

You're working late.

Well, I thought I'd stick around
for my thank-you.

You had that coming
for sure

along with an apology.

There I was thinking you didn't know
what an apology was.

I guess you can teach a dog
some new tricks, even wild ones.

I, uh--I spoke
to Curtis' lawyer friend.

I put things
in motion.

Good for you.

You know, that Zoe,
she's a hell of a little girl, know, she
deserves her dad.

You know,
father to father,

I got to tell you

her dad deserves
to be with her.

Thank you.

That's what I was
waiting for.

All right. How about
a celebratory club soda?

I'm buying.

Oh. Wait. Hold on
a second, Hoss.

How about
something stronger?

If you keep
calling me Hoss,

I'll show you
something stronger.


Hey, Felicity.

Hey. Where are you?
Are you ok?

We're safe.

Thank you for all
of your help,

but here's
the thing.

Your connection to the Green Arrow
and his team,

it's a liability.

Yeah. Well, once
we get Chase,

he'll see all the good
Helix can do.

I'm sorry, but we just
can't risk it,

especially not with Cayden back
in the fold

and Argus looking
for him.

I loved getting
to work with you.

Meeting your heroes,
it turns out

it's not so bad
after all,

but we left
something for you.

Look down.

Up a little bit.

Little bit
to the right.

Oh. This?

What is it?

Some on-the-fly coding
from Mr. James.

Told you he was the best
there ever was.

Take care, Felicity.

Yeah. You, too.


We need to talk
about this.

I don't think that's
a good idea, Lyla.

I could say something
I might regret.


When you said that you
were taking over for Waller,

you said you wouldn't
become her.

I told you
it's more complicated

when you're sitting
on the other side of the--

What the hell
is more complicated?

You're holding someone
with no lawyer, no trial, no justice.

And the world
is safer for it.

It could be safer...

But it's not better.

The woman I love
could never do this.

Lyla, this job
has changed you.


but maybe
the world's changed.

It's gotten
even worse, Johnny.

It's gotten worse
and uglier,

and we do what we can
to protect the people we love.

I am not ashamed
of what I did...

Of what I'm
still going to do.

We've been down
this road before, haven't we?

We know where this fight
takes us.

So let's stop it...

Move forward.

I don't know
if I can.

- Is that it?
- Yep.

James' magic tracker
to find Chase?

Biometric tracker,

Nobody from Argus was
seriously injured

in case you
were wondering.

Helix froze me out.

- It's over.
- Sorry.

Thought you were never
going to lie to me again.

I'm not lying.

I'm sorry.

I know that they
gave you

a sense of belonging
that I haven't--


You didn't back
my play.

I--I was worried.

You don't trust me.

After all these years,
all of the times

that I supported you,
even when I didn't agree,

you couldn't do
the same for me.


What's that?

Tracker's homing in
on Chase's location.

Where is he?

Chase--he's here.

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