Arrow (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 18 - Disbanded - full transcript

Diggle and Felicity are shocked by Oliver's decision to ask the Bratva for help in taking down Prometheus.

Previously on "Arrow"....

You kill because you like it.

That's not true, Anatoly.

Someday is going to fall apart,

and when it does, you're
not going to like

the man you see underneath.

You don't have to do this.

Yes, I do. Unh!

You helped me discover who I am.

That's what I'm gonna
help you do, Oliver.

You don't kill because
you have to. So why?

I wanted to!

And I liked it!

We're gonna get
this son of a bitch

for whatever he did to you.

I don't want
to do this anymore.

I'm shutting everything down.

Oliver, what happened?

Yeah. What did you mean by
"shutting this all down"?

Oliver, I really think that
you should be checked out

by an actual doctor.

The only thing I need
is for all of you

to go home.

Oliver, we're not
going anywhere.

Not a suggestion, John.

Don't you think you at least
owe us an explanation?

The explanation is simple.

Chase is right.

Everyone that is,

down here, around me...

Well, they either suffer
or they die.

Oliver, I can't imagine

what you've just
been put through,

but you have to know
that Chase is wrong.

I don't think that he is.

And I can't...

Would you just go, please?

Can, the two of you
give us the room?

It's just you and me now,

And you don't have to talk
to me if you don't want to,

but I don't think you
should be alone.

I think I should.

John, I want you to leave.

He said all that?

I've never seen him so broken,

and I've seen him at his lowest.

Did he say what Chase
did to him?

Nope. Don't want to know.

I already have more than enough
nightmare fuel

from this job
to last me a while, so...

L... Le... let's back up a second.

He said the team's over?

Like, we're supposed
to just sit back

and let Chase run wild?

Nobody's sitting around, Rene.

Look, Oliver's
in a bad place right now,

but he will get it together.

I don't have to remind any
of you of how strong he is.

- What did Thea say?
- She agreed.

He just needs time
to get his head right.

She says she'll contact
him once we update her.

I don't know. This time,
it just seems different.

He will bounce back,
Felicity. He will.

Until then, we are this
city's last line of defense.

Except our gear's
back at the bunker.

Oliver reprogrammed all
the security protocols.

Lyla will loan us gear
from Argus.

And what about Chase?
He's still out there.

We just have to remain alert.

We're not just the
anti-Prometheus team.

There are a lot of
people in this city

who need saving.

I'm on Chase.

You guys just focus
on protecting the city.

Feel free to use my apartment

as your new secret lair.

Where is she going?

No place good.

Well, the city council
bought my story

about your, spiritual retreat.

And it turns out
councilwoman Pollard is

a big fan of all that stuff.

You know, the woo-woo zen stuff.

Look, I'm not asking
what he did to you,

all right?

All I got to know is

what we're gonna do to him.

I mean, nothing.

It's over.

Well, how do you figure that?

Chase doesn't give up easy.

He doesn't need to do anything.

He's already won.

Mr. Mayor, your 11:00 is here.

Thank you for your compassion

in granting me
bereavement leave,

Mr. Mayor...

Doris' death has
been very difficult.

Yeah? Well,

maybe you shouldn't
have killed her, then.

I'd like to speak to
the mayor in private.

That's not gonna happen.

Quentin, please just...

What are you doing here?

You won. It's over.

What did I ever say

that gave you that impression?

What are you doing?

Proving a point, so to speak.

You think I'm gonna stab
the district attorney

in the middle of city hall?

You're an animal
who enjoys murder.

There's no telling
what you'll do.

And it's not like your
alter ego can kill me,

not since the SCPD put
me in protective custody

since the Green Arrow
slaughtered my wife.

So you kill me in
broad daylight,

or you let me live
knowing that there's

nothing you can do.


You can keep that knife.

Idea of returning to Lian Yu

makes me weep like tiny baby,

but Oliver Queen,
he plan vacation there.

It's not a vacation, Anatoly.

People are gonna want
to know where I've been

for the past, nearly, 5 years.

Lian Yu is the simplest answer.

It's good to see you
thinking about the future.

I only wish I had more
time to spend

with this Oliver Queen.

You have 48 hours.

I know just how to spend them.

In old days, Bratva used
to work on behalf

of Russian people.

Then selfish leaders like
Gregor corrupted our cause.

So the new Pakhan wants

to bring the Bratva
back to its roots.

The new Pakhan needs your help.

I fear I cannot rebuild

without you, Oliver.

Like I said, you have 48 hours.

Hey. I finished that worm.

I would've been a lot
faster if I knew

what kind of system I was embedding
a backdoor into, but...

Your timing is perfect.
I just finished the compilation.

This is all that we
found on your target

from all available
video sources...

Cell phones, traffic
cams, security footage.

Please promise me you're never gonna
make a Felicity version of this.

The world doesn't need to know

how often I'm at the wine shop.

I guess it's too much to hope that
Chase took off his mask on camera.

Actually, he did.

Yeah, I figured he
wouldn't. Wait. What?

Why is his face all pixilated?

We're assuming the use
of optics scrambling.

He's got tech that prevents a camera
from capturing his image?

Like those scarves
that celebrities use

to frustrate paparazzi.


But here's the thing, if
he's using a piece of tech...

We can reverse engineer it.

If we can produce video
that Chase is Prometheus,

that's game over for him.

Let's get started.


They told me you were back.

I had to see you.

I'm so sorry.

This wasn't you, Oliver.

It was him.

Well, I... I created him.

And I know that
that might sound weird,

but, this happened
to you because of me.

Don't let him do this to you.

Don't let that bastard
inside your head.

I gave the police
a statement about him.

But they didn't believe you

because he probably had
an ironclad alibi, right?

Yes. But if you
corroborate my statement...

I can't.

I know. It... it would
probably mean outing

yourself as
the Green Arrow, but...

It has nothing to do with that.

It has to do with the fact that Chase
would have planned for that

just like he has planned
for everything else.

My only chance is... well,
I have to do something

that he hasn't planned for.

Well, like what?

Listen, Susan, I know that...

W... we never got a chance
to resolve things.

I can't be with you.

My apologies
if that's presumptuous.

O... Oliver...

This is not how...

This is not how I wanted
my life to... to touch yours.

I should have known better,

and for that, I really,
truly am sorry.

Thank you for being here
on such short notice.

I understand that after
last time,

I have run out of favors.

But this is an impossible

and you're my only option.


Last time you made very clear

you did not want Bratva in city.

Circumstances have changed.

I need you to kill Adrian Chase.


I never thought you
would give up the hood.

Well, you were the one
who told me it was silly

to think that a...

A piece of cloth could contain

the monster
inside of me forever.

You were right.

Such a burden,
always being right.

Life has no secrets.

I should've listened
to you back then.

At least now you
see self clearly.

Man must know who he is
in order to be happy.

You think I deserve to be happy?

Why not? I am happy.

My old friend has finally
remembered his oath

and is about to make
his brothers very rich.

You should be happy, too.

I just want to see
Adrian Chase in the ground.

You'll be pleased
to know I've got

only the best men with me.

I'll get you Chase's schedule

and known locations.


There is only small matter

of my down payment.

There's no down payment,

I want Chase dead immediately.

After last time, I need

small gesture of goodwill

so my men can see that
you are serious.

It's like you Americans
say, "Let's make deal."

You said that your fee
has two parts, yes?


I will make sure that you
acquire the first tonight.

You get the second
when you take Chase out.

See? I knew we could
both be reasonable.

Let's toast.

Please tell me you did
not put away the vodka.

Adrian Chase, winter is here.

It's spring.

We're gonna talk about
you not watching "Game of Thrones,"

but first, look at this.

The pixilation pattern
was consistent

with that of an optics scrambler

that Kord Industries is planning

on bringing to market
in the next 6 months.

How does it work?

It interferes with the camera's
digital conversion circuit.

That's good! That means we can use
an algorithm to remove the distortion

from the existing image.

Yes, but to do that,
I would need physical access

to Chase's scrambler.

I'm sure he'd be happy to help.

Sounds like
a super-accommodating guy.


I've seen more firepower
in the stands at a Dogs game.

Lyla can only authorize hardware that
wouldn't be missed.

Hey. Have you heard
from Felicity?

It'd be nice for her to have our backs
when we hit the streets.

Radio silence since she
left for Helix,

but without our come, I'm
not sure she'd be much help.

We have these.

We have a break-in at Batoon Medical
Research Laboratories.

Let's move out.

Talk to me, Curtis.

Without the infrared
from our body cams,

we won't be able to pull
heat signatures.

So we won't really know
how many hostiles we're up against.

Also, this mask is really
making my face itch.

Perimeter sweep has two
tangos at the back entrance.

No others.

I know we don't have
our tranq ammo,

but I need this done as
clean and bloodless

as possible.

Not a problem.

I'm all for blood,

but look at the label
on those crates... Oplimid.

That's a diabetes drug.

Back entrance is clear.

Spartan and Wild Dog moving in.

Hands up. Hands up.
Hands up. Hands up.

Hands up. Hands up!

He doesn't like
repeating himself.

That sounds like Russian.

Bros'te oruzhiye.

Look, this one's accent
has not improved.

Still sounds horrible.


John Diggle,
my favorite American.

We know this guy?

What the hell are you
doing in Star City?

Isn't it obvious?

Anatoly, I can't let you
steal these drugs.

It's not matter of "let."

I have invitation to be here.

Invitation? From whom?

Oliver, have you brought
Anatoly Knyazev to Star City?

Yes, I did.

And he just told me
that his operation

was nearly compromised
by my team.

Well, I said,
"that's impossible.

The team no longer exists."

The hell it doesn't!

When I told you to stand
down, I meant it.

Anatoly is here for a reason.

To steal drugs.

I had to give him that
to get what I wanted.

He's here to kill Adrian Chase.


We don't hire criminals

and pay them
with diabetes drugs.

Chase has killed innocent people

in this whole sick game
he's been playing,

trying to get to me.

Star City will not be safe

until he is in the ground,

and there is no price
I will not pay to see that happen.

Even selling your soul?

Better my soul than yours

or Felicity's or Curtis'
or anyone on the team.

So you got Anatoly to kill Chase

so we wouldn't have to.

I created Prometheus, John.

I created this whole thing.

Chase's death should be
on my conscience,

not yours.

What the hell did Chase
do to you, man,

to convince you to think
that any of this is ok?

This is a mistake, Oliver,

a mistake that you will not
be able to come back from.

And I'm not
gonna let you make it.

Well, I'm not gonna
let you get hurt.

And so here we are.

Felicity was right.

Prometheus trying to
convince you that you are

responsible for everything bad

that's happened to people,
Oliver, I swear that's

just a bunch of crap.

Tell that to Laurel.
Tell that to... Tommy.

Tell that to my mother.

Tell that to Billy Malone.

Maybe tell it to Thea.

She's so damaged that
she had to leave town.

This is not post-traumatic
stress, John.

This is a truth that I
was keeping myself

from seeing, and I am
no longer doing that.

Anatoly and his men will
kill Adrian Chase.

That is the solution.

The team is done.

So I'm telling you.
I'm not asking you.

I'm telling you
for the last time,

stand down.

I don't believe it.

Really? I mean, Oliver
can't go after Chase himself,

so he finds guys who can?

He let them steal from a company

that was barely hanging on.

Oliver put hundreds
of jobs on the line.

And I know he knows
that 'cause I was in the same briefing.

Yeah. Speaking of which,

why haven't you gone
back into city hall?

Because Lance
banned him till Chase

is taken off the board.

Something to do with Rene
threatening to "pop a cap in his ass."

What about breaking up the team?

Prometheus is in Oliver's
head, Curtis,

like I've never seen before.

Hey. Can we

talk in private?

Um... Yeah.



You and I need to
talk some sense

into Oliver before
he does something

that he's gonna regret.

I'm not stopping you.

Well, Felicity, I know
you're full throttle with this Helix,

but it has to be the both of us.

We have to present
a united front

so we have the best chance of
getting through to him.

- Well, maybe we shouldn't.
- What do you mean?

The team has been after
Chase for months,

and he's always been
one step ahead of us.

If Oliver thinks that the
Bratva is our best chance

at getting to him,

then maybe we should stay
out of his way.

And when chemicals

from both medicines bind,

it creates powerful opioid.

It's more addictive than heroin.

Just what the world needs.

Revenue is what Bratva needs.

It's gotten bad, Oliver.

I'm under much pressure.

Th... this drug will help secure

my position as Pakhan.

So that's why you need
the medicine.

To manufacture a street drug.

You shouldn't be here, John.

You should've known that Curtis
would hack the locks, Oliver.

I didn't think I could be
more disappointed.

I guess I was wrong.

I'll let you have room.

I'm not gonna keep having

the same conversation.

That's too bad 'cause I
dedicated 5 years of my life

to your crusade.

So I'm the one that gets
to say if I need protecting,

not you.

I'm not gonna have

your death on my conscience.

Oliver, don't talk to me
about your conscience,

not when you get back
in bed with the Bratva.

This isn't you, man.

The Oliver I know
would never let

a group of dangerous criminals

crawl into his city,

let them steal medicine.

You don't know
what kind of man I am.


What the hell did Chase
do to you, Oliver?

Whatever it was, he m... he
messed with your head

in a way I didn't think
was possible.

Look at me, man.
I could help you.

I'm your brother.

You don't want me as a brother.

What does that mean?

Chase showed me
the truth about myself.

You signed on for a crusade

that turned out to be an outlet.

It was an excuse

for me to murder people.

Oliver, please.

I put on a hood,
and I created a persona

because, John,
somewhere along the way,

something in me broke.

Something is sick inside of me.

The crusade... all of this...

The foundation of it is a lie.

So I disbanded the team

because I won't sit by

and watch all of you participate

in my murder spree.

I am beyond redemption.

You and the team will be fine

if... You stay away from me,

you stay away from this,

you stay away from Chase,

and you allow the Bratva

to do their job.

Let my crusade die.

No? Ha ha!

That kid won't last a month.

They have tuberculosis?

The disease comes from prison.

Super resistant strain.

Well, I... I mean, is it
in any way treatable?

Yeah, with right medicine, yes,

but even Bratva cannot
buy for them,

not in quantities needed.

All we can do is
pay for funerals.

Anatoly, is this how
we're planning

on spending my last
two days in Russia?

I thought, what better way
to cap off your time here

than a good old-fashioned heist?

If Diggle's the new Oliver

and I'm, obviously, the new
Felicity... don't hate...

Which one of you guys
is the new Diggle?

I am.


You've been here, like,
what, 10 minutes?

You don't even have a code name.

Fine. You're the new Dig.

The fact that she was
not petty and...

I mean, that's extremely

You... you see that, right?
She's the new...

Yeah. Ok. You're the new Dig.

But as the only Rene Ramirez,

I got to ask, shouldn't
we be cool with letting

the Bratva kill Adrian Chase?

No, we shouldn't.

Look, guys, if Oliver
lets the Bratva kill Chase,

he's just going right back
into his old habits,

and he's willing to make
that sacrifice right now,

but I think once Oliver's
thinking clearly,

he's gonna regret this.

So we're just supposed
to let Chase live to kill another day?

No. We're gonna bring Chase
to justice the right way.

This isn't about saving Chase.

It's about saving Oliver's soul.

Curtis, the hack you
put on the D.A.'s office

just pulled up Chase's schedule.

He's about to leave city hall.

Trip to the safe house
SCPD's keeping Chase in

is the perfect time
for the Russians to do their thing.

We can't let the
Bratva get a hold of Chase.

I can pull up his
route remotely,

and I saw something on Felicity's
computer that might help us get Chase.

Good. Do that. Let's suit up.

Suit up.
Wait. We don't have suits.

You meant figuratively suit up.

Suit up, like, "we're still
in the lair. Suit up,"

like, but we're not in the lai...

But do you see what I'm saying?

Quite an escort.

Green Arrow could be anywhere.

Who do you think is
under that hood?

The department's got
to have a theory.

My God!

Make sure that Kevlar stays on.

Run! Go!


Why interfere?

You want Chase dead, yes?

Yes, but not like this.

Mr. Holt.

How's that husband of yours?

I'm over here!

I'm over here!

The hitters are retreating.
Are you all right?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Rene and Diggle?

Driving off Anatoly's
men. Did you get it?

- I got it.
- Good man.

It's clear the attack occurred

after details of the D.A.'s schedule
were compromised.

A leak?

Until we can confirm
the source, D.A. Chase

will be transferred into the
federal witness protection program.

No Star City employee
will have access to his file.

I'm really not sure
all of this is necessary.

Adrian, please.

Your safety is of paramount
importance to this office.

Do it.

You actually tried something.

Consider me impressed.

This isn't over.

Chase is being transferred
into federal protection,

which means that the Bratva
can't get to him.

You're welcome.

Feel better?


We're not done, Oliver.

You and me, we're never
gonna be done.

Do you understand that?

Listen, man, you can tell me

that you're a serial killer,

that you're crazy,

or you're whatever Chase
has shoved into your head,

but I'm not believing any
of that, even if you do,

and that's because I know
the kind of man you are, Oliver.

The good, the bad,
and the ugly I know,

and you don't need to
punish yourself

or isolate yourself,

but what you need to do
is stop pushing me away

because I'm not going
anywhere, Oliver!

Do you get that?

What do you want me to do, John?

I've told you what I am,
who I am,

and even if you don't
believe it, I do.

I do.

So I don't know
where that leaves us.

It leaves us right
back at Langham, Oliver.

Do you remember that?

I killed my brother, Oliver...

And I was gonna let
myself rot in prison

for what I did...

But you told me to atone
for what I did as Spartan.

And if that's true for me,

it it 100 times truer
for the Green Arrow.

You don't get to just
walk away from this, man.

The hood is who you are.

You don't think you
deserve it? Fine.

Work to become the man who does.

I... I don't know how.

You just ask for help.

You don't have to do
this alone, Oliver.

I have an idea. We hack WITSEC.

Ok, we find out what town
Chase is going into,

and then we get hired
as waitresses

at the inevitably folksy diner.

We drug his coffee.

We steal his scrambler.

You know how I know
I'm exhausted?

That plan actually
sounds plausible.

Free pie for life. That's
all I'm saying. Free pie.

- Felicity.
- Yeah.

Do you know this guy?


You told him about
our operation?

No. I turned
off the GPS on my phone.

How did you...
You son of a bitch.

Those damn...

Tracking nanites. Yup.

Blueberries weren't
the only surprise in those pancakes.

I knew they were funky.

Um, can we talk in private?

- No.
- Fine.

Then you don't get to ask
me any questions about how I got this.

Is that...

Chase's optics scrambler.
Sure is.

How did you know we
were looking for it?

I might have taken a peek
at your IRC window.

I guess you could say that
I hacked the hackers. Whoa.


The pixilation algorithm
is encrypted.

I should've known it
would be encrypted, but it's encrypted.

Well, how long will it take you
to break the encryption?

If my math is right...

13 months.

Well, I know someone
who can break it faster.

Kord Industries.

I mean, they set the encryption.
They can break it.

I don't think
that Kord is gonna help us

hack their stolen tech.

That's why you'll
have to break in.

It shouldn't be too hard for
Overwatch and Mr. Terrific,

who could pull off
a heist at Kord.

You told them
about our operation?

I didn't.

- How did you...
- Come on, Felicity.

You really think we didn't know?

It took me 8 minutes,
3 for this guy.

These hackers are mean.

Well, deal with it.

We have to deal with this.

Thanks for meeting.

I'm only here for you to explain

why team you disbanded

keeps interfering with business.

Because they don't give up.

They convinced me not to.

Anatoly, I'm sorry, but you

need to tell
your men to stand down.

Our deal's off.


Excuse me?

You want Chase
to keep breathing? Fine.

But I'm not leaving Star City,

not till I get what I came for.

You know as well as I do
once there is deal,

it is forever.

I understand how the
Bratva works. I...

I am asking you this
as a friend.

Yes. And I am telling you
as friend,

if you interfere
with my operation,

no favor exists that can
repair break

between you and I.

You either Bratva brother
or you Bratva enemy.

We are in position.

I'll meet you
by the side entrance.

The Bratva aren't backing down,

which means I have to stop them.

John has convinced me not
to do it alone.

I wanted to shut
all of this down

because I was afraid.

I was afraid that asking
you to kill Chase

would corrupt you more than...

More than I already have.

To me, the... the...

The Bratva was the best option,

but John insists that as a team,

we can find another way
to bring Chase to justice.

You've put your faith in me,

and I'm putting my faith
in you now.

Because once... once
we handle the Bratva, I...

I need your help to prove
that John is right

and Chase is wrong.

It should be easy
considering Prometheus

is all the way wrong, Hoss.

I think what Rene
is trying to say is

that it's not all
on your shoulders.

We're here for you, Oliver.


Suit up.

Alarms haven't been
triggered all night.

No break-ins.

Yeah, except us.

Anatoly needs Revlextra
to manufacture his drug.

The Bratva
will definitely be here.

Spartan's right.

Anatoly won't back off now.

They could be anywhere.
This place is huge.

Felicity and Curtis picked
a hell of a night

to take off.

Ok. I'm in.

CCTV is compromised.

Got anything?

West wing is clear.

So is the east.

I was hoping I wouldn't
have to punch anybody.

All right. I just took out
a sentry. They can't be far.

They're not.

Better get over here fast.


- That worked.
- Whoa!

You can't win.

Is that you behind mask?

What happened to hood?

It's over, Anatoly.

Leave the medicine and go.

I had feeling
you would say this,

so I prepared insurance plan.

You have chosen where you
stand with Bratva.

Now you must make
one more choice.

Save pills or save hostages.

Spartan, Wild Dog,
get the hostages.

I'll handle the Bratva.

Kill them.

In Russia, you
would have killed him.

And you would have stopped him.

Looks like we're not
in Russia anymore.

You all right?

Curtis didn't leave us
completely hanging.

Hand me your tablet.

You brought the scrambler here?

I wasn't gonna wait to see if we

could break the encryption.

Go ahead, Oliver.

You want to kill old life?

Start by killing me.

Very stupid!
Now you have to run.

So do you.

- Did you get it?
- Yeah.

That is what we needed...

Something that he couldn't
plan for...


Please let me be the one
to walk this into SCPD.

Knock yourself out.

Yeah, and then I'm gonna
throw it up on YouTube.

There won't be anywhere
that son of a bitch can run.

Does this mean that
we're officially

back in business?

Aside from a few minor
changes, yeah.

The new lineup could use a little
more green, Hoss.

I'm not quite there yet.

I'm thinking that
with this team behind me,

it'll be sooner rather
than later.

How does it feel
to be Robin hood?

You tell me.

You're the one
with bow and arrow.

I know I said

that Russia's not
good for you, Oliver.

But you thought that this heist

and helping these people
would convince me

to change my mind about leaving.


Like I said, I need your help.

Russia is your home, Anatoly.

Let me go save mine.

You can do this without me.

I am not worried about what
Bratva will become without you.

I worry about what I become.

But more important question...

How drunk can we get
before dropping you off

at Lian Yu?

You have two minutes, and
then I'm calling the SCPD.

Oliver Queen afraid to be
alone with Bratva gangster?

How far you have fallen.

Anatoly, you didn't bring
me here to insult me.

No. I give you friendly tip.

I go back to Russia tonight

but leave Star City
a little present...

My best men.

Your best men were arrested.

Already out on bail.

I hear they cannot wait
to get revenge

on vigilantes
that put them away.

This is between you
and me, no one else.

"No one else"?

You betrayed every man
in Bratva.

You betrayed Russian community.

You even worked
against old team.

When I see this, I think
I still trust him anyway.

What a fool I was.

No. I'm the fool.

Because I thought that
our friendship...

Everything that we have
been through together...

Actually meant something to you.

The person that I knew
would never betray

a friend,

would never threaten
innocent people

over what?

A payday.

When I left Russia,
I was convinced

that you could lead the Bratva,

that you could set them
on a better path,

and now look at you.

You're no better than Gregor.

I told you, I was worried
about what I would become

without your help.

I did what I had to do
to keep Bratva together

and to stay alive.

I became what I had to become.

You asked why I changed.

That is it.

This video has been

by 3 different experts.

And it hasn't been
doctored or altered in any way.

That is raw footage.

Chase is in
the protective custody

of the U.S. Marshals.

Yeah. Well, somebody
better give them a call

and place that son of
a bitch under arrest.

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