Arrow (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 13 - Spectre of the Gun - full transcript

Following a traumatic attack on City Hall, flashbacks show how Rene became Wild Dog.

My name is Oliver Queen.

After 5 years in Hell,

I returned home
with only one goal--

to save my city.

Today, I fight that war
on two fronts.

By day, I lead Star City
as its mayor,

but by night,
I am someone else.

I am...Something else.

I am the Green Arrow.

Previously on "Arrow"...

You want to help?


Stay off the streets.

It's my city, too.

I came here to work
with the guy

who killed Damien Darhk.

So you're ex-Navy, right?

Dishonorably discharged.


Because I screwed up...


That's my life, man.

I'm wearing this suit again

because I think it's
a path to redemption,

and it could be
for you, too.

But finding
a new Black Canary

isn't just about
reviewing resumes.

Tina Boland,
formerly of the CCPD.

She's a kick-ass woman who appears
out of nowhere and saves crime victims.

She even has a cry.

Our Tina is trying
to avenge her former partner.


How do you keep living
with so much pain?

I can tell you it helps
to not be alone.

My real name is Dinah--

Dinah Drake.

♪ Arrow 5x13 ♪
Spectre of the Gun
Original Air Date on February 15, 201

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I've got something.

Well, not something-something
but something.

That's good work.

I didn't know they
taught Bo staff

at the Central City
police academy.

They don't. My first
undercover assignment was

with a street gang called
the Pilgrims.

They liked
to mess around with it.

I'm gonna head home.

Yeah. You found a place
to stay already?

No. I'm, uh,

just staying where
you guys put me up.

HIVE? That's not a home.
It's barely livable.

It's fine.
I don't need much.

See you, man.

What do
you guys got?

Well, I have been working
on a location

for Claybourne's mistress.

Prometheus' mother.
We find her...

We find the name for
this son of a bitch.

Eh, unfortunately, the--
the son of a bitch's father

went dark after he met with
the pointy head of an arrow

4 years ago,
and mommy went off the grid.

Why would she do that?

Probably because she knows

that he turned into
a serial killing

psychopath nutjob.

Point being
I have been looking for her

for the past 3 months,

but whatever witness protection
program she put herself into,

it is damn good.

What changed
in 3 months?

I've had a breakthrough.

I've narrowed her new home
down to Illinois.

I just need a couple more
days to narrow that down

into an address.

That's fantastic work.

Thank you.
Curtis is coming in.

He's gonna help
with the search.

It's really nice to
have you back.

Well, I could say
the same to you.

I mean, Hub City
and Russia.

You're really racking
up those miles.

- A lot to catch up on.
- Yeah.

Like you
and Susan Williams?

People talk, Ollie,

and, uh, some people
vomit a little.

Thea, you're kind of
insulting someone

that I'm getting
pretty serious about.

Did I mention people
vomit a little?

You don't like Susan because
of how she does her job.

She's good at her job,

and she's a good person.

So there.


- Quentin! Oh!
- Hey. Ha ha!

Oh, so good
to see you.

And you, too.

I saw your interview
with the dragon lady,

and you nailed it.

Uh, that's his girlfriend
you're talking about there.

Uh, don't remind me.

What are you doing here?

You, uh, prosecuting
him for something?

Uh, actually, Quentin
was just introducing us.

I'm the new deputy
mayor's assistant.

I, uh...

never should have left.

Well, uh, talking
of leaving,

I got to get across town
for an alderman meeting.

Uh, you need me
to come with?

Nice try, but those
regulatory forms

are not gonna fill
themselves out.

I'm just saying
that maybe you could get

Susan Williams to back off.

Bottom line--I'm not
comfortable leveraging

a personal relationship
for political gain.

The media's right, man.

You're not much of
a politician.

As it is, I'm not
comfortable covering up

the circumstances

the death of
Detective Malone.

So maybe
if Susan Williams--

Mister--Mr. Mayor!

- There's a shooter in the building.
- What? Wait--

we need to get you to
a secure locat--

Rene Ramirez,

you are a dead man.

Zoe's gonna totally kill you

if you guys
are late to the game.


No way we'll be late,
not the way I drive.

Whoo! Ok.


What do you think
you're doing?

in the Glades, babe,

in like the worst part of
the worst part of town.

I brought it with me
last time I took Zoe.

So you're admitting
you broke the rule?

Kind of what I do, babe.

The only reason I agree

to let you keep that
thing in the house is

because you said we needed it
for home protection.

- Right back--
- as in, stays in the home.

Now, hurry up.

You guys are
gonna be late.

I thought we were
going as a family.

I have a headache.

Oh, yeah?
You been taking

something stronger than
aspirin for that headache?

You got something you
want to say to me, Rene?

I guess I do.

Using again?

We cleared the building.
Shooter is MIA.

Alert the SCPD and the ACU.

Drop a 5-block net
around city hall.

Let's get ambulances here

And has anyone seen
my sister?!


Hey, are you all right?
Are you ok?


You're gonna be ok.

Just catch this
son of a bitch.

Yeah. Go on.

How many casualties?

There's 5 dead, 24 injured,

and 8 in critical condition.

The bastard
was wearing Kevlar,

but I think one of my shots
went into his shoulder

with a 9-mil slug.

Might be a good idea to alert
all the emergency rooms?

Do it.

What were you doing
with a gun in here?

Judging by
how I tagged the guy,

I got to go with saving
people's lives.

Your security detail

the shooter dropped
his primary weapon.

We need to get it
before the police do.

I took care of it.

This is military-grade

AR-15 assault weapon.

It fires 5.56 NATO rounds.

It's an M16. It's literally
the same gun as an M16.

Seems like some of
Tobias Church's

ordnance got into
the wrong hands--

wronger hands.

Not necessarily.
It's an AR-15.

It's available on
the open market.

In fact, it's the most popular gun
in America.

The land of the free, home
of the incredibly stupid.

We are not having
this conversation now

or ever, guys.

Where are
we with the gun?

Nowhere. It hasn't been
used in any prior crime.


The shooter wasn't
wearing gloves.

AFIS didn't
kick back anything.

I don't think he's ever
been in the system.

Or he was
smart enough

to have himself
erased from it.

Security cameras.

He knew how to avoid them.

And before he opened fire,
he upgraded to a ski mask.

That looks like
a utility jumpsuit.

Forefather Repair.

It went belly up
6 years ago.

I ran through
the employee list,

but I think our shooter
just bought a uniform

off the Internet.

So he could walk
into city hall.

This guy's real good at
covering his tracks,

whoever he is.

So who is he?

Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, that's the guy.

Run him through
the system for me, would you?

Hey, this is
where you've been.

I think I got a look
at the shooter

before he put his
ski mask on.

I let that
son of a bitch

walk right past me.

Hey, you couldn't
have known, Hoss.

Listen, I've been police
most of my adult life.

I should've been able
to spot that guy

a thousand yards out.

Hey, don't go there,
man, all right?

What happened wasn't
your fault.

I heard you got
a few shots off.

Yeah. And I would've
put him down, too,

if he wasn't wearing
body armor.

Listen, weren't you
dishonorably discharged?

Not for my aim, Hoss.

My point is it's illegal
for someone such as yourself

to carry a firearm.

But it's pretty easy
to buy one, though.


Am I using again?

How could you even ask
me something like that?

Actually, I've been working
up the nerve to ask you

for a while now!

Ever since I found
this taped

behind your dresser

You searched our

Yeah, 'cause it looks like
my wife's a freakin' junkie.

I just...

I just don't get it.

We got out, Laura.

We got out of
the Glades,

and here you are bringing
it back into our home.

You are the last person
who can get

on their high horse.

No matter what I've done,
I've never done drugs,

and I've never done it
in our baby girl's home.

Screw you, Rene!

We're gonna be
late for the game.

Hey. Hey, sweetheart.

I'm sorry. Daddy and mommy
were just talking.

You were fighting.

No, we were
just talking loudly.

Daddy's just disappointed
that mommy's

not coming with us
to the game.

Go get your coat, honey.

It's gonna be cold tonight.

I'm throwing this away.

When I get home,

either there's no more
drugs in this house

or there's no more you
in this house.

Two of the victims who
were in critical condition

just passed away
on the table.


Kyle in commerce
and Paula in accounting.


I need phone numbers
for the next of kin.

I already emailed them
to you.

Look, you are gonna find
whoever did this.

No. I have to before
he does it again.

What makes you so sure

this isn't just
a one-time thing?

If it were a one-time

he wouldn't have
concealed his identity

and he wouldn't have
fled the scene. He's...

Uh, Adrian?

Oh, what are you

Can you talk some sense
into him, please?

Mr. Mayor, Thea,
meet my wife--Doris.


He's gonna get
himself killed. And--

I'm tougher than I look,

and I need to be
in the office.

You need to be in bed, Adrian.
You were shot.

I'm fine.

You look like you're
about to pass out.

Hey, listen, come on,
buddy. Take--

take a seat
at least, please.

All right.

What do we know?

We don't know much.

It was a single shooter,
AR-15 assault rifle.

And it--
it doesn't appear that I

was his primary target
because he just...

Blasted his way
through city hall.

If he wasn't
going after you,

then there's
a larger agenda here.

AR-15s are the Bertinelli
family's weapon of choice.

Over 90% of the hits they
were involved in last year

used them.

Why would the Bertinellis
target city hall?

Because your office
oversees the Anti-Crime unit.

And it is a softer

All right. We're gonna
look into it

under one condition--

you listen to your wife
and you stay here.

Let yourself get better.



Just stop this guy.

Whoever he is,
he's not in the system.

What if
instead of tracking him,

we tracked
the assault weapon?

Rifle. And
Oliver took it.

Said he was
following up a lead.

There's no gun
ownership database

for me to
go through anyway.

Yeah. Why wouldn't we want
something like that?

So the government doesn't know
our business, Hoss.

Guys, can we
please, just not right now?

I don't have no problem
with your right to bear arms

so long as it
doesn't conflict

with my right to,
you know, live.

Are you kidding me?
Look at what we do, man.

Our whole life is

I'm not talking about what
we do to protect the city.

I'm talking about the fact
that as a black man

I am 3 times more likely
to be killed by a gun

than you.

He's got a point, Rene.

You were a cop, man.

And cops would kind of
like it

if there were less people
out there with guns.

Not this cop.

I mean, people have a right

to protect themselves.

Dinah Drake.


You guys are really serious about
this recruitment drive you got going, huh?

Dinah and I tried to get more
information on the shooting out of ESU.

We struck out.

We started
trying to track the shooter

by using the gun, but then
we got a little distracted

again with
our gun control debate.

Gun violence debate.

Here we go

Guys, stop.

Actually, this could be cathartic.
In light of what's happened, we sh--

No. I mean stop,
"I have something" stop.

What do you got?

Wait. That--

that doesn't make sense.

This is the AR-15 assault rifle
that was used

in the attack on city hall.

Which one of your guys did it?

You--you're crazy!

Huh. None of my
guys would--

Your guys use
this exact weapon.

Yeah. Wh--why would
we shoot up

the mayor's office?

The ACU.

We'd have to be crazier
than you to go to war with Anti-Crime.

Yeah. And if any of my guys went off
the reservation like that,

I'd know it.

And that man
would be dead.

Heh. Now...

Are you gonna let
me down or shoot me?

Don't move.

I just did you a favor.

One less criminal
on the street.

Cold-blooded murder.

You're the criminal.

I'm you.

And the only difference
between us is

I use a more
efficient weapon.

- Arrow.
- Go.

I've got the name
of our shooter.

Who is he?

Well, that's the thing.

He's a 44-year-old
systems analyst

with no criminal record.

He's...Absolutely nobody.

James Edlund--

husband and father
of two daughters, ages 9 and 11.

Until 16 months ago.

What happened 16 months ago?

Crosspoint Mall shooting.

We're coming to
you live

at the mass shooting
at Crosspoint Mall today.

We must warn our viewers as
to the graphic nature of...

Edlund lost
his whole family.

Online, Edlund was
a pretty vocal proponent

of the SCGR.

Oh. What's that?

It's the Star City
gun registry.

The previous city

shot it down.

No pun intended.

So city hall doesn't
pass a gun law,

this guy loses
his whole family

and takes revenge.

Where is he now?

That's the thing.

After the funeral,
he quit his job

and his house is
in foreclosure.

He's between
the cracks now.

Well, I mean,
he's somewhere.

Ollie, I ca--I can't hold
them off any longer.

Ok, Quentin, we
have to make a statement.

Share the Edlund information
with the SCPD,

and then we hit the streets
and we find this guy.

- 18 people, by the way.
- What?

The mall shooting.
18 people killed,

12 injured. One's
a quadriplegic now.

Look, I know where
you're going with this,

but the feds had
an assault weapons ban

for years,
and it did nothing.

- Actually, it did--
- Sorry, Hoss.

But if the bad guys
got guns,

then I'm strapping
up, too.

♪ go, dogs,
hoo, hoo, hoo! ♪

♪ Go, dogs, hoo, hoo, hoo ♪

Yeah. Did you have
fun, peanut?

So awesome.
Thanks, Daddy.

Of course.


Everything's fine,

Um, go get your PJ's on
and get ready for bed.

I'm gonna go check on
mommy, all right?

At this time, our thoughts
and our prayers are

with the injured

and the loved ones
of the fallen.

This office is working
tirelessly with the SCPD

and the Anti-Crime unit
to make sure

that Mr. Edlund,
the perpetrator

of this heinous
act of violence,

is apprehended and swiftly
brought to justice.

I will be
taking questions now.

Do you have any comments
on rumors that this shooting

was in retaliation for the
preceding administration's

failure to pass
the gun control ordinance?

Mr. Edlund is clearly
a disturbed individual,

but I can't comment on his
motivations at this time.

What is your
administration's position

on the Star City
gun registry?

That we will be looking
into it further.

What's your
administration's position

on gun control?

We're gonna examine
all sides of that.

What is your
personal opinion?

That it's complicated.

Excuse me, Mr. Mayor,

but 7 of your staffers
are dead

and others severely injured.

Don't you think you
owe them a response

beyond "it's complicated"?

I do. I owe it to them.

I don't owe it
to any of you.

We're done here. Thank you.

Ok. Well, that probably
could've gone better.

all of them.

No. I appreciate that,
Quentin, but they're right.

I don't know how to deal
with this.

You are dealing with

An--and Edlund,
we will find--

Then what? He goes to jail.

The 7 people that we
lost are still dead.

My mission has always been
to save this city.

And my first instinct
has almost always been

to use violence.

You didn't bring this on.

I know. I know.

It's a violent world.

And sometimes it
only responds to violence,

but we cannot dismiss
the idea that we are

just feeding
into a vicious cycle.

If you ask me,
this is a problem

that the Green Arrow
can't solve.

I mean, sure,
you can find him.

You probably will.

But this...

This is bigger than
one nut bar

with a bag full
of guns.

He's right.

The solution here is not
with you as the Green Arrow,

it's with you as the mayor.

I just showed
the entire city

that I don't know how to
handle this as the mayor.

So you try again.

And if that doesn't
work, damn it,

you try again.

Nobody said being
mayor of this city

was ever gonna be
easy, Oliver.

We need a list.

Every alderman, councilman,
and community leader

that was involved

in the previous
gun control ordinance,

I want them in here.

I want to meet with them

We're not gonna solve this
right away.

Are you sure

that you want to open that
can of worms? I--

I--I just mean that
gun control is

a big political
third rail. So...

Thea, come on.

Thea, I understand.

This shouldn't
be about politics.

This should be about
safety and security--

everyone's safety
and security

whether they own a gun
or not.

Now, let's get to work.

All right.

thank you very much for meeting with me.

Well, from what I hear,

you've been making
the rounds.

But as someone without
a lot of political capital,

you're certainly making
an interesting choice

as to how to spend it.

I have 7 dead staffers
who wouldn't find it interesting at all.

And it's a terrible thing
that happened here.

It's just terrible.

Police make any progress
locating Edlund?

No, unfortunately.

But they're fairly confident that he
targeted city hall

because of our inability
to enact the SCGR.

You implying I'm somehow responsible
for what happened?

No. But, councilwoman,

you did kill
the ordinance.

You really have been
making the rounds.

Yes, I'm against
any registry that gives

the government
the opportunity to keep tabs

on specific sectors of
the population.

The DMV keeps a list of
driver's licenses.

It's not
a constitutional right

to drive a car, Mr. Mayor.

You know, people such as
yourself oppose

limitations on things like
abortion, freedom of speech.

Why is the second amendment
somehow less important

in your eyes than the other
9 in the bill of rights?

Because people are
dying, councilwoman,

right here in this

And there are
limitations on abortion

and freedom of speech.

Both my parents
are dead.

My friend Tommy was a...

He was one of the 503

in the Undertaking.

Laurel Lance
was my friend.

Nobody respects
the rights of someone

to protect themselves

and the people that they
care for more than me,

but everything in life
comes with limitations.


Why are you telling me this?

Because you and I are
gonna sit in this office

until we figure out

a reasonable set
of limitations

that respects
everyone's rights.

Are you hungry?

Should I order
something in?

We might be here
a while.

I don't know anything,
man. I don't know--

I know you've
seen this scumbag.

He lives in
this neighborhood!

I don't know
everybody, dude.

I don't!

Another dead end?

Let's just call it
a long shot.

I might be taking
out my frustrations

on these lowlifes
at this point.

Yeah. It happens.

Let's call it
a night, huh?

Get you back to your
not so homey home.

Seriously, John, it's fine.

Dinah, I just don't know

why you don't want
better for yourself.

There was one place
I kind of liked.

It's a studio apartment
off Canal.

It had this nice little
backyard garden.

I--I went to go fill out
a lease application.

I don't know.

But what?

Nothing. It's stupid.

It asked questions, ok?

It asked questions about
the last 3 years.

Uh, jobs and--and

that sort of thing.

Yeah. And I guess there
was no box to check

for "vendetta," right?

Ha ha. Not so much, no.


And it's not even just that.


You know what? Just forget
it. It's so stupid.

Dinah, I work
with Oliver Queen.

Please try me.

for an apartment is--

it's something
normal people do.

I haven't had normal
in a very long time.

I don't know who I'm
supposed to be anymore.

I remember I felt
that way

the first time
I was discharged

from Special Forces.

But, Dinah,
I realized that

I don't have to be

I'm already me.

I just had to give
myself permission

to get back to that.

And how do you do that

It starts with
the little things,

like a small
studio apartment

with a garden.


Let's get out of here.

You got something?

Nothing but
strikeouts. You?


Isn't Rene back yet?

No. Why?

You want to go a couple
more rounds with him?

Why don't you like us
talking about this?

I just don't like you guys arguing
while I'm trying to work.

Why not? I mean,
there's nothing wrong

with a little healthy
debate, Felicity.

It's not healthy if it
doesn't accomplish anything,

and it's not going
to accomplish anything.

Actually, I--I disagree

not about the part of it

not accomplishing

but this idea that it's
not healthy.

We used to talk about
things as a society,

you know?

We'd debate
and we would argue,

and we would still
respect each other after.

Yeah. Somewhere along the
line, that just became...

- Rude.
- Rude. Yeah.

It became impolitic
to talk politics.

I can't help but
wondering that maybe

that's why our country
is the way it is today.

Got something?


Name of a support group
Edlund used to be a part of.

Maybe somebody there still knows
how to get in contact with him.

Text me the address
and have him meet me there.


I didn't care.
It was just a necklace.

But Steve, he got in
front of the man and...

Every time I close
my eyes,

I see the gun.
Every time.

It gets better, Monica.
We get better.

I'm afraid we're out of
time for today.

But get some coffee on
the way out.

And I sprung for the good
doughnuts this week.

Thank you.

Hey, man, my name's
Rene Ramirez.

I work for the deputy mayor.
This is my assistant.

In his dreams!

Or, uh, I mean,
yeah, kind of.

Can we ask you
some questions about James Edlund?

Participation in this group
is confidential.

You know
what Edlund did?

I watched the mayor's
press conference.

And I wish I could help,
but you have to understand,

I take confidentiality

Sir, confidentiality
doesn't apply

when there's a possibility
of future harm.

Hey, we just want
to find this guy

before anyone else
gets hurt.

Why aren't the police
doing this?

Don't worry.

We'll make sure the information
gets to the right people.

I heard he was staying
with a friend.

Let me see if I can get
you the address.

Felicity said
you wanted me here.

Was it 'cause you
wanted me to hear

that woman's story?

No. But since you did...

Doesn't change
how I feel, man.

Guns save lives,

You just want to think that.

No. That's what I know.

'Cause if I had my gun,

my wife would still
be alive.

Here you go.

I don't know
if it's still good.

Thank you.

I didn't even know
you were married.

Not something
I like to talk about.

Let's call this in.

Let go! Get away from me.

Back off.

Your bitch wife here owes
me for her last high.


Yeah. Ok. Ok. Fine.
How much?

The money's right there
in the safe.

Let me hook you up.


No problem.

- Mommy?
- Zoe?

Zoe, get back
in your room!

Shut up!




Sweetheart, are you ok?

Are you all right?
Are you ok, huh?


It's ok, sweetheart.
It's ok.


But Edlund was here. Look.

This is his family.

Yo, check it out.
Floor plan.

He planned out his attacks.

Yeah. But this,

this doesn't match
city hall. This is...

Oh, damn!

I know what he's gonna
hit next.

I am still failing
to understand

why a simple registry--

Ok, first of all,

registries are
never simple.

They're bureaucracies.

Tying up
second amendment rights

in red tape.

You know, and--
and it's not just

the owners who'll be

It's the sellers
who are gonna see

a substantial decline
in their businesses.

Well, I don't think
that it's unrea--

Excuse me.


Rene and Curtis found
Edlund's crib

and a plan to shoot up
Starling General.

Assemble the team.
Tell Lance to bring in the ACU.

I'm on my way.

I have to go.

I thought we were
staying till we're done.

I'm terribly sorry,
but I have to go.

We're in position,
northeast corner.

I'm on the southwest.


No sign of the bastard,

but, remember, he's good at
avoiding security cameras.

Hey, don't--don't!

Don't do this.

Get back.

You had another chance
to shoot me at city hall.

You didn't do it.

'Cause you need me
to enact

the Star City
gun registry.

I mean, that's what all
this is about, right?

You want to punish
the city,

because we failed to
protect your family.

But, hey--hey!

Mr. Edlund...

I--I checked.

The man who killed
your family,

he acquired those
guns illegally.

There's nothing that we
could have done.

No--no--no registry

would have helped us
protect them.

I know.

I was supposed
to protect them.

Isn't that a man's
job to protect his family?

Isn't that why we have guns?

My wife and daughters
were innocent!

I--I can understand
why you're angry.

We're all angry!

We're all so angry
all the time.

So why shouldn't I use this?

Why shouldn't
I kill everyone,

put us all out of our
damn misery.

Mr. Edlund,

that's not your call
to make.

Yeah. I'm--I mean,
people are angry,

and--and we're

and we're
lashing out.

And I can understand
that it feels like

it's--it's getting
worse every day.

But what you're
doing is

not the answer.

The people that
you hurt,

the 7 people
that are dead...

My friend, they were
innocent, too.

You're right.

And I deserve to be

Hey, hey, hey. Look,

you got to think

about your wife
and your daughters.

I am thinking about them.

I know that you want
this pain to go away.

And I know that you
want to be with your family again,

but if you want them
to live on,

it has to be
through you.

That's the only way.


Give me the gun.

When you ran out on me
last night,

you neglected to mention
that it was to go help

people at a hospital.

I'm forgetful that way.

The shooter in custody?

D.A. Chase says that he
is going to plead guilty to everything.

Councilwoman Pollard,
this is Rene Ramirez.

He works very closely
with Deputy Mayor Lance.

And he's a very, very
vocal proponent

of gun ownership rights.

Freedom isn't free,

not even the freedom
to bear arms.

So Mr. Ramirez and I
got together and came up

with this.

What is this?

Citywide gun control

Nothing that makes it
harder to buy or own

or carry a gun.

It also doesn't
prohibit people

from protecting themselves.

From gun violence.

Ok. I'm gonna back you on
this if for no other reason

than the optics
of fighting this

after what happened
are lousy.

There are other reasons,
too, councilwoman.

But I want to be perfectly clear
about something.

Not today, not tomorrow,
but eventually,

I am going to extract
a political price for this.

You can count on that.

Sounds like a yes.

I can live with what
you got here.

Good. 'Cause living
is the whole point.

Just--just listen.

I messed up.

I know that, but Zoe already
lost her mother.

"Unsafe environment"?
What's that even mean?!

I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry. I...

I, um, ma'am, I c--I can get

I just want to see my daughter.

Please. I just want to see her.

Ma'am? Ma'am,
please don't do that.

Don't--don't--don't hang up
the phone on me.

Look, ma'am, please--hello?


Son of a bitch.

Damien Darhk,
the man behind

tonight's siege of Star City,
was killed

by the masked vigilante known
as the Green Arrow.

Amateur cell phone
video captured

this very moment,

putting an end to the chaos
that has gripped the city.

Before Darhk was killed,
the citizens of Star City

demonstrated there is strength
in numbers

as they fought against
their attackers

alongside the Green Arrow,

leading Darhk's allies to

Officials couldn't confirm
the death toll...

Oh, yo, can I talk
to you for a second?

Yeah. What's up?

I just wanted to apologize
for getting in your face

earlier about guns
and stuff.

Hoss, do it seem like I
can't handle tough talk?

No. But...

I--I didn't know
about your wife

and your daughter.

I may have done a little

I don't like to talk
about it, man.

I mean...

Zoe's in
a foster home,

a good one,
it looks like.

CPS is right.

She shouldn't be
anywhere near me.

I don't agree with that,

And I have a lawyer friend
who doesn't either.

How about we get
your daughter back?

Hey. Just checking
on you.

You, uh, going

A studio apartment
with a garden.

You applied for
the lease.

I got the lease.


Small steps, huh?

Well, the apartment is

not the only thing
I applied for.

You're looking at
the latest recruit

into the SCPD.

Detective Drake.

Thank you.

Well, you did it.

I just gave you
a little push.

Well, uh, I needed
the push.

So thank you.


Thank you all
for being here.

In light of, uh,
what's happened,

I thought it important
that we gather as a city

and remember
those that we've lost.

After everything that Star City
has endured

in the past several years,

it would be easy to become
immune or--or desensitized

to the violence that pervades
our lives.

And it would be human to want
to respond to that violence

with violence.

When I think of all the people
that I have lost...

I remember the choices
that I was forced to make

in light of those tragedies.

Some choices were easy.

But the important choices,

the choices that
were worth making,

they were hard.

And hard choices require

Fortunately, we live in
the home of the brave.

And we don't run from
hard choices.

We rise up, and we face
tomorrow together.

Uh, this afternoon,
councilwoman Pollard and I met

with the city council to pass

the Star City Firearms
Freedom Act,

a policy that respects our

And our lives.

It shows that we can do both.

And now we just have to be
brave enough to do it.

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