Arrow (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Legacy - full transcript

After Laurel's death and the departures of both Diggle and Thea from Team Arrow, Oliver takes to the streets solo to protect Star City's citizens as the Green Arrow.

Last season on "Arrow..."

Felicity: I convinced you
that we could have it all.

I was wrong.

We have to let
each other go.

I have a village, too,

run by a government
strong hand named Kovar.

You'll go back
to Russia,

and--and you can
take on this Kovar.

What are you going
to do now, Oliver?

Oliver: I know you
wouldn't approve of what I did.

You were always
better than me, Laurel.

That is what I loved
most about you.

Thea: I thought about Laurel
and what she'd say.

I think she'd
tell me to get out.

Oliver: What are you
going to do?

John: Take some time
away from this team,

away from the city.

Oliver: I, Oliver Queen,
do solemnly swear

to faithfully
and impartially perform

and discharge the duties
of the Office of Mayor.

Your brother's late.

"Late" is his "on time."

And he's not
just my brother,

he's the mayor.

Well, maybe someone
should remind him of that.

Is there something I can
help you with, Captain?

This evening is
important, miss Queen,

and it's supposed
to be the kickoff

to the anti-crime

and I don't think
I need to tell you

- how much this city--
- city needs the A.C.I.

Yes, I know,

and so does he,
so he will be here.

He's just taking care
of a little business first.

Blonde or redhead?

Brunette, actually.

I found the bomb.

No, no, no.
That's not a bomb.

That's--1, 2, 3--

4 bombs.

I'm in the brains.

It's going to take
a while to disarm.

Do you think you can
keep Machin busy?

I don't think
that'll be a problem.


Does this mean you're
not going to kill me?

What's a guy got to do
to get a little love?

I only tried
blowing up the city.

I mean, half of it.


Tell SCPD I left
a present for them.

Get away from that!

I'm disarming it.

It's handled.



Oh, man. That thing's
just a really ugly

piece of modern art now.

Aw. You going to make
a new friend?

I thought I told you
to stay off the streets.

It's my city, too!

You want to help?


Then make a donation
to the police department.

And keep that elevated.

Keep what elevated?


I don't want to see you
out here again!

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Original Air Date on October 5, 2016

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The mayor will be making
his official statement

on the anti-crime

at the ceremony honoring
the Black Canary, but--

Oliver: But he can
say a few words now.

The A.C.I. Is
an important step

towards lowering
crime in the city,

but I'm not going
to consider it

without some
major reform.

Reporter: What type
of reforms?

Uh, to start,
an investigation

into allegations
of widespread corruption

within the police

Thea: Ok. Mayor Queen
will elaborate on all comments

at the ceremony honoring
the Black Canary.

Thank you all
very much.

You realize
you just accused

the police department
of being corrupt

at the police
department gala?

I answered a question.

Yeah, and you also
just put blame

on the police department

instead of taking

for the city's crime.

You know I'm taking

Yes, the other guy,

but as the mayor,

it looks like you're
sleep walking, ok?

Showing up late again

is not helping
that perception.

Being the mayor
gives me access

to actionable Intel
as "the other guy."

It's a means to an end.

Well, it didn't start off
like that, Ollie.

You wanted to become
and then became the mayor

to actually be mayor.

Right, and then
reality set in.

Even if we
weren't dealing

with a corrupt
police department,

and we are,

or an electorate
that thinks I got

all my political

by binge-watching
"The West Wing,"

I still wouldn't be able
to focus on being mayor,


because I'm flying solo
as the other guy.

Ok, nice try.

Talk to the controller
about tax initiatives

and councilman Garcia
about sanitation.

I also put the applications
for deputy mayor

on your desk.

I'm going to go drink.

What I do care about

is what you promised me
if I won tonight.

None of yours.



What are you two
doing here?

It's late.

Curtis: That's
what I told her,

but she's been complaining
that the secondary processor

keeps overcloking
the GPU cache.

Must be nice to have
someone down here

who speaks Felicity.

Well, I'm strictly
repair and maintenance.

You guys are
the vigilantes.

Yeah, well,
it's getting to be

an awfully big club.

What's this?

A little dossier
on Wild Dog.

Wild Dog?

Yeah, you know,
because of the shirt.

Silly dog just didn't really have
the same ring to it.

I suggested the "wild."

Right, and why do I need
a dossier on him?

I was thinking,

instead of putting
an arrow in him,

you might consider
bringing him into the fold.

He shot him?
You shot him?

Ok, I know it's not
the most enticing

of recruitment
pitch plans,

but there are plenty of candidates
willing to compensate

for our ineffectual-slash-
corrupt police department.

Evelyn Sharp,

Mr. Ski Goggles.

Still work-shopping
that codename.

Oliver: I'm not--

I'm not putting
together a new team.

Ok, well, in case
you haven't noticed,

we're a little

Just for a little while.

John will come back.

Thea will
come back.

And if they don't?

Then I will handle it.

Get some sleep.

Both of you.

Officer: SCPD!
We have you surrounded!

Guns on the floor now!

What is this?

These aren't our guys.


They're Los Halcones.

See, they tried
to rob you tonight.

A shoot-out ensued.

You killed them.

They killed you.

Drop the bodies.

Empty the cash
into the van.

Man: Bravo.

and efficiency.

Very Robin Hood.

But I doubt that you'll
be providing the poor

with any of these
ill-gotten gains.

Enlighten me.

I'm new in town.

Kill this prig.


Any attempt
to kill this prig

will result
in your swift demise.

Are you the one
in charge?

Go to hell.

I'll take that as a "yes."

Ok, gang.

He said he was in charge.

Anybody else want
to be in charge?

No takers?

Then I guess it's going
to have to be me.

6 DOAs.

The dealer
and his girlfriend,

two Los Halcones,
and one of our own.

Who's lucky number 6?


C.O.D. doesn't match
the other vics,

who were all shot
at close range,

but Keating--

Blunt force trauma.

And these, what,

some sort
of calling card?

M.O. matches a skel
named Tobias Church.

According to his jacket,

he and his crew tore up
Hub City and Bludhaven.

And now he's here.

Question is, what was Keating
doing here?

Nothing good.

He didn't call
anything in.

You think he's one
of the Bent cops?

It doesn't matter.

He's dead now.

Lance was a royal
pain in the ass,

but at least he kept
his department in line.

You could always
give him his badge back.

He's back in town,

though word has it
he took a few bumps

off the wagon on his way.

All right, all right,
all right, all right.

All right.

That's not like you.

Give us a minute.

How long you been
back in town?

A couple weeks.

Where's Donna?

Uh, she's in Heaven.

It's the casino in Vegas

that she's waitressing
at these days, not...

So you two aren't...

Oh, come on, Oliver.

Opposites attract
but not that much.

Did you break up before...

Well, you know, not
that it's any of your--

your business,

but, you see,

a drunk needs a reason
to stay sober.

Fresh out, my friend.

Well, Quentin...

You know what?

I don't know if you're
in a position

to be judging me,

It's just me out there.

Sometimes saving the city
takes priority

over running it.

But that'll change when
the team gets back together.

I can devote more time
to actually being the mayor.

That team could
include you.

Ha ha ha!

Would I cover up
this beautiful face with a mask?

That's not what I meant.

Is there anything else I
can help you with, Oliver?

I got a pretty full
day ahead.

You hear
about the ceremony?

The city's going
to honor Laurel.


It's probably best
that I don't turn up

and embarrass
her memory then.

You killed
my best fighter.

You cost me
lots of money.

Ha ha ha!

Your Russian's terrible.

Your accent's American.


What are you doing
so far from home?

Adam Hunt.

Daniel Brickwell.

Frank Bertinelli.

If I were you...

I'd put that
back in my bag.

Jason Brodeur.

Leo Mueller...

I said, put it back.

You know what?

This book,
it intrigues me.

It's the only reason
you are still breathing.

It was my father's.

I'm waiting to use it.

Waiting for what?

To be ready.

Well, I have some
bad news for you.

You're going to be dead
before you are.

You must be lost.

City hall is that way.

Wanted to see if you had
info on our new player.

And you wonder why
your approval rating

is in the basement?

I don't wonder.

How'd you ditch
your security detail?

I used to ditch
John Diggle.


Tobias Church...

A.K.A. "Charon."

The "Ferryman of Hades."

Left gold coins
on the eyes

of one of his victims
last night.

Well, well, well.

I didn't fail every course
that I took in college.

Warrants out for his arrest
on no less than 20 murders,

and those are
just the ones

that they can
connect him to.

Mr. Church just became
our top priority.

"Our" is not going to be
enough for this guy.

Ok, Felicity.

Church runs with a crew,

and yours is not
coming back.

- You don't know that.
- Yes, I do.

It's called
not being in denial.

You really ought
to give it a try.

Look. For
the past 5 months,

you have been
frozen in amber,

waiting for things
to go back

to the way things were.

They're not.

You need to move forward,

especially with guys
like this coming into town.

Don't worry about him.

He's not going to be
staying very long.

Just find a way for me
to find him, please.

Why isn't he
at city hall?

That is a question
I keep asking myself.

What are you working on?

If Oliver's asking,

a location for our
new baddie in town.

And if he's not asking?

I've got an address
for this guy.

You mind checking
him out for me?

I am a happily
married man, Felicity.

Just see what
you can find out,

like if he's loco
or anything.

We are calling him
the "Wild Dog."

Um, isn't that
already settled?



- Please.
- Ok. Fine.

Cities are like genpop.

First day in,

you find the biggest guy
in the yard.

Put him down. Hard.

Sends a message.

"Screw not with me."

So, here we all are.

Now, who's the biggest
guy in the yard?

It's highly unlikely

that he'll just
come out to play,

but it's like my younger
brother always said:

"Don't fish
without bait."

Thank you all for coming.

With all that
ails our city,

I think it's fair to ask

why we would spend
time and money

to honor anyone,

why we would
commission a statue

and have a ceremony
to unveil it.

Surely, those resources
could be put to better ends,

but I, for one, think
there is no better end

than a reminder

of what we are capable of

when we stand
together united,

a reminder of those who have
made the ultimate sacrifice

protecting our home,

and a reminder that
as long as we keep

their spirit
in our hearts,

there will always
be better days ahead.

And as she reminds us,

let us always
remember her.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Laurel Lance,

the Black Canary.

- Felicity.
- We saw it.

Why didn't Oliver
fight back?

Sorry. Really dumb

Ok, well, can we
check the van?

No, they shut down
traffic cameras.

And there are
no satellites over the area.

We're blind.

Ok, well, if the SCPD van
was legit,

then police are
going to be no help.

Well, maybe this is
a job for Speedy.

Can you suit up
and hit the streets

for Intel?

Can you maybe try to hack
into the police department

and see if there's
any internal chatter

we can go on?

Church: Gentlemen
and lady,

this is not personal.

I know it feels personal,

but it is not.

You are all here
as a means to an end.

I finally figured out a way to make
politicians useful.

Oliver: You want
the Green Arrow?


Your honor.

Listen, the Green Arrow
is not coming.

You're wasting
your time.

Just for the fun of it,

how is it that you know
so much about Mr. Arrow?

I have it on pretty good

that he's tied up
right now.

Are you his buddy?

I have connections,
and I--listen.

You let these people go,

and I'll make
something happen.

Do we have a deal?

No, we most certainly
do not.

I don't need
your help, Mr. mayor.

Do you think I would
go to all this trouble

without a plan?


But that's because I
think you're stupid.

Take Mr. Queen
to a quiet place

and teach him
some manners.

You almost shot my friend
in the head.

Leave us.

My book!

Oliver Queen.

My brother.

Heh heh heh!

Anatoly, it is
very good to see you.

What are you doing?


I just dislocated thumbs.

Useful if getting tied
to chair is to become habit.

This is going
to hurt a little.

Son of a bitch!

With a bit of practice,

you can do yourself anytime.

Anatoly, can't you bring
a knife next time?

What is fun of that?

Heh heh heh!

My old friend!

I thought you dead.

Well, if you
hadn't shown up,

I probably would be.

It's good to see you,

What are you doing
in Russia?

I'm here to kill
Konstantin Kovar.

If this is true,

I did you no favor

by saving your life
just now.

We got a 20
on Oliver's location.

Felicity and Curtis?

Uh, neither.

Felicity says it's--
it's probably the work

of a Tobias Church.

And look, he's done
his homework, too,

because he knows
the Green Arrow

is working with someone
who's tapped into the--

the city's security cameras.

Ok, so he's trying to call
the Green Arrow out.

Yeah, except he doesn't
know he's already got him.

Cute, huh?

All right, well, you--

you need to go
do something.

Well, that was--

that was going to be
my line to you.

For the first time
in a--a long time,

I'm really starting
to feel like myself again.

I'm not a killer.

I'm--I'm--I'm not
a vigilante.

I am--

I am a normal version
of me.

And I think just
after everything

that happened
with Laurel, I--

I really needed to know
that life like this

was even possible,

and now that I do, I--

I don't want to give it up.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

I--I get where
you're coming from.

I do.

I lost my job,
I lost my--

I lost my daughter,

I lost my girl,

and, you know,
I just wanted

to hit pause
on the world, you know?


But then I, uh--
you know what,

I listened
to Oliver's speech.

You know, that's when
I realized that I--

I can't do that.

I can't hit pause
on the world.

I got to get on
with my life, you know?

Even if that life isn't
what I want it to be.

I didn't vote for you.

That's ok.

I ran unopposed.

"Mayor Handsome,"
they call you.

Not for long, though.

If you hit me again...

I'm going to kill you.

You're delusional.

Your zip-cuffed
to that chair.



I'm sorry,

but no one can
know my secret.

Oliver: I thought
you retired.

Yeah, me, too.


Oliver: Speedy.

They have wires.
They've been rigging

explosives to set up
a kill cordon.

A what?

If we try
to get down there,

we're gonna blow
everything up.

We can't just
leave them there.

We'll come back
for them.

Oliver: Felicity's
already looking

for the power station

Now, if we can get passed
that kill cordon, we--

Then we can kill
all of Church's men

instead of just
those guys?

Excuse me?

I saw you break
that guy's neck, Ollie.

You murdered him.

Ok, I--I thought you weren't
doing that anymore.

Maybe if I showed
a little less restraint,

Laurel might still
be alive.

Ok, you cannot keep
hiding behind that,

and you know that's not
what she would have wanted.

You know, Thea,
you told me

that the dead
don't want anything.

Now, I could have
killed Damien Darhk

before that night
at Iron Heights.

I had multiple chances
to do so,

and I didn't,

because I thought
that taking the high road

was more important
than saving lives,

and that is a mistake

that I will never, ever
make again.

I wouldn't call not killing
people a mistake, Ollie--

I would, because when I did
take Darhk down for good,

I had to confront the fact

that Malcolm Merlyn
was right.

Either I'm willing to do
whatever is necessary,

or I shouldn't be
out there at all.

Which is exactly why
I can't be.

I won't ever again.


No, I--

Ollie, I am sorry,

but I want
to honor Laurel

just as much as you do,

just not like this,

and I don't care
what your reasons are,

putting killing
back on the table

is a huge step

and I don't want
anything to do with it.

I'm sorry that you
had to hear that.

Hazard of the job.

Are you ok?

Just seeing Thea
in the suit,

it just made me feel
like everything

was going to get
back to normal.

Well, I'm running out
of different ways

to tell you
that it's not.

Hey, look.

Being a vigilante is not
just putting on a mask

and thinking up a codename.

These people are
amateurs, Felicity.

You really think that
they're going to replace

Dig or Thea or Laurel?

They couldn't do that
if I wanted them to,

and I don't want them to.

They're already
out there, Oliver.

Because of you.

Inspired by you.

After what happened
with Laurel,

how can you ask me
to put more people

in the crosshairs?

I am not the one
who is asking,

or do you not remember
the promise

that you made to Laurel
before she died?

Laurel was thinking
about the future.

You need to think
about yours.

Right now,

I need to think of ways
to stop Tobias Church...

- Oliver.
- So you let me know

when you find a way
around the kill cordon.

Nothing ever simple
with you, Oliver Queen.

You survive Lian Yu
twice, you say,

and instead
of going home,

you come to mine.

Well, I didn't know
this was your town

or that you were
a Bratva boss or--


It's like a captain.


What business do you
have with Kovar?

It was a promise
that I made.

That you kill him
or that you die trying?

Because second
much more likely.

Ok, Anatoly,
you just need to tell me

if you can get me
close to him.

Kovar has army,

government soldiers.

He's very dangerous.

You sure you want
to risk your life

for this promise?

Akula, kotorya Ne
plavayet, Ne tonet.

"The shark that does
not swim, drowns."

What does that mean?

I know real reason
why you not go home.

You're not swimming.

This business with Kovar

is all promise,
is in past.

You need to move
forward, my friend.

You need to move ahead,
move on.

All right.

But only way
will kill you.


Curtis: Ok,
this is the craziest

superhero scavenger hunt
I have ever been on,

not that I've ever
been on any, but...

Felicity: Wild Dog
isn't a superhero.

He's a vigilante.

You are really going
to have to explain

the distinction to me.

Either way,
we'd have better luck

with an ad in the paper.

No one reads
the classifieds anymore.

Why don't you just
come on back,

and we'll figure out
our next move?

You got it.

What do you want?

John, on phone:
Hey, this is John.

Leave a message.

Hey, John.


I hope that everything's
going well over there.

Listen, no pressure,

but give me a call back
when you get a chance.

I have a question

I figure you probably
have an answer.

Be well.

Lonely at the top,
Mr. Mayor?

Actually, being the mayor
isn't the job that's lonely.


Thea's not coming back.

Neither is John.

There's a Russian

I've been thinking
about it a lot recently.

Akula, kotorya Ne
plavayet, Ne tonet.

"The shark that
does not swim


You don't move forward,
you die.

Listen, you will die
if you try taking on

this Tobias Church
by yourself.

There's no more team,

and I can't trust anyone
in the department.

Then don't.

Just trust these guys.

Lieutenant Conahan.

I trained him
back in the day.

The guy's so clean,
he doesn't even double park,

and he's vouched
for each of these officers.

To do what?

To help you
whatever way we can.


Look, I don't know
any Russian proverbs, all right,

but both of us have
got to move on.


I thought that was going
to be a bigger fight.

That's what Laurel
would have wanted.

After tonight,

I realized
anything can happen.

Which is why I need you
to make me a promise.



Please don't let me
be the last Canary.

That way,

a part of me will always
be out there with you.

I promise.

There's nothing out there.

I'm going to grab a smoke.

We're in.

Lance: Copy that.

Conahan: I'm going
to disarm the bombs.

Fisher will take the others
and get the councilmen.

All right.

Watch your back,
all right?

I've got you from here.

And where do they think
"here" is, exactly?

I forgot to mention that.

Felicity: I am jealous.

I've been trying
to get Oliver

to work with a team
for weeks now.

They're not a team!

Well, you can
look it up.

A team is
"a group of persons

with a joint action."




That's more like it.


Don't worry.

After I kill you,

I'm going to let
the hostages go.

I promise.

Officer: Receiving
heavy fire.

- Fisher?!
- I need backup.

Fisher's catching heat.

Can you assist?

Conahan: Negative.

We got a bigger

Church has wired
the conductor.

The conductor is
in the center of--

if it goes, the whole
building is going to blow.

You have to get
out of there.

Not without Church!

The whole power plant
is going to go up.

There's nothing
I can do to stop it.

Get them out of here!

I'll disarm the cordon.

I'm on it!


Hostages are safe.

You have maybe 5 seconds.


Keep her flying!

Oliver: Good morning.

I had intended
to state my position

on the anti-crime initiative

during the city's tribute
to the Black Canary,

but that speech
was cut short.

In the intervening days,

I have refined
my position.

Now, I have been reluctant
to embrace the A.C.I.

Because of widespread

within our police department,

but these 4 officers

have shown me
and the entire city

that there are still good
men and women in the SCPD.

Today I am announcing
the formation

of the anti-crime unit.

These 4 officers will
report directly to me,

and by working together,

we will begin the process
of saving our city.

Church: I thank you all
for coming out.

I want to thank you all

for deciding
to hear my vision.

The Green Arrow
cannot be stopped


unless we all
work together

under a singular command.

And I suppose that
leader would be you.

You need someone
from the outside.

I know this because it took me
less than 12 hours

to get inside
your organizations,

all of them.

What's that mean?

Get inside?

It means that,
Mr. Bertinelli.

What are you still
doing here?

I thought you'd be
out celebrating

after your big win.

It wasn't exactly a win.

You went from being
the do-nothing mayor

to the rock star mayor
in under 24 hours.

I would say that
that qualifies.

Church is still
out there.

I'm not worried about that.

What, with your new unit
of super cops

and the new team
of vigilantes

you're going
to be recruiting,

Church is going to see
the inside of a cell

in no time.

I see what
you did there.

- What did I do?
- You talked about the new team

like it's a done deal.

Oh, that.

Well, I just thought
since you decided

to "keep swimming"
as mayor,

you might do the same
as Green Arrow.

You might be right.

Lance told me about
the Russian proverb, by the way.

Very poetic.


Did you just say
I might be right?

Are you ok?

I've been looking
into your guy.

Wild Dog.

It says here his name
is Rene Ramirez.

Yeah, but Wild Dog
is much scarier.

So by looking into him,
does that mean--

I'm thinking
of recruiting him.


You better.

Because if you don't,

I have no idea

what I went
through this for.

Oh, my God.
What happened?

I was looking for Mr. Dog,

and then I was jumped
by two insanely aggressive

guys with knives.

Do you remember
what they looked like?

Yes, and I will
tell you everything

on one condition.

You recruit me, too.


Kovar face many threats.

Many people want
to kill him.

Only people with power
to get past his army...

Are Bratva.


First you say that this
is going to kill me,

and now it looks like you
want to initiate me.

Unless you are careful,

it will be one and same.

Ok, Anatoly.

So I survive this,

and I'm Bratva?

You survive this...

You can begin process

of becoming Bratva.

Hey, buddy.

How you doing?

Besides feeling
like I've got

the worst case
of deja vu ever,

I'm not bad.

How about you?
You still the mayor?

Yeah. They haven't voted
me out yet, so...

Yeah, well, give it
a little bit of time, man.

They'll come
to their senses.

I got your message.

You all right?

I'm all right.


I wanted to bounce
something off of you

and get your perspective.



Felicity thinks
that it's time

we put together
a new team.

And you want
to know if I think

that's a good idea?

I do.

I think it is.

It wasn't exactly
the response

you were looking for,



But I'm not surprised.

I need to make peace

with the fact that things
aren't going to go back

to the way they were.

So does that include
you and Felicity?

I don't know.

James Vay:
♪ between the streets ♪

♪ before the night ♪

♪ I found you all alone... ♪



You're a magician.

Tough day?

Just long.

Better now.

♪ Side by side ♪

♪ I can hear your heart ♪

♪ your heart ♪


Hey, honey.

Yeah, I'm headed home.

Yeah, it was a good day.

It was real good.

Diapers and formula.
You got it.

I'll be home in a bit.

How you doing?

Help you with something?



Green Arrow?


I'm not Green Arrow.

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Move your head.