Arrow (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 20 - Genesis - full transcript

As Oliver and Felicity look for a magical solution to defeat Darhk, a vengeance-driven Diggle gets a lead on Andy's whereabouts and heads off to confront his brother. Meanwhile, Alex takes ...

My name is Oliver Queen.

After 5 years in hell,

I returned home
with only one goal...

To save my city,

but my old approach
wasn't enough.

I had to become someone else.

I had to become

something else.

I had to become
the Green Arrow.

Previously on "Arrow"...

Darhk: Those little
yellow pills you swallowed,

they do a few
interesting things,

including making
you cooperative.

Thanks to the algae
we engineered

from Star City bay,
the air down here

is now perfectly breathable.

Genesis is almost ready.

We're much too close
to play games.

Do you remember
what I promised you?

A new beginning.

And you will have it

once we've brought
this world to its end.

Andy's working for Darhk,
has been the entire time.


Your brother's way
beyond reach, Mr. Diggle.

If I'd listened
to you instead

of trusting my brother,

Laurel would be
alive right now.

If Darhk wins,

Laurel died for nothing.

He feels unstoppable.

Because of his magic.

It's too strong.

You always find a way,

and you have to find
a way now.

Now is not the time
for panic.

We let him rot in prison.

Clearly, you overestimate

Damien Darhk's capacity
for forgiveness,

which is to say
that he has any.

Should Damien prove
to be unreasonable,

I have implemented

My buddies.

Long time, no see.

I brought my posse.
Hope you don't mind.

What happened
to Ian and Judy?

They come down with
that nasty, little flu

that's been going around?

Some were wary
of this meeting given that...

You all abandoned me
to my imprisonment?

Malcolm: I visited.

Someone should teach
this evil organization

a lesson in helping
their fellow man.

I'm sure it's all just a
simple misunderstanding.

After all, why
would I rely solely

on the word
of Malcolm Merlyn?

He can be so underhanded.


And our illustrious council

has worked together
for such a very long time.

I'm glad that we still
have your trust.

Of course.
I had a lot of time

to reflect while
I was in prison,

mostly about religion
and bundt cake,

but after much thought,
I realized that...

Oh, almost forgot.

Did my little incarceration
delay Genesis at all?

Uh, of course not.

Genesis is much bigger
than just one person.

Heh heh heh heh.

Gold star for you.

Where was I?
Oh, that's right.

My jailhouse epiphany.

If I could escape prison
without your help,

what do I need
any of you for?

Milo, you really have not been
paying attention, have you?


Ah, ah, ah, ah.

Anyone else care to do
something stupid?

No takers?


Ladies and gentlemen
and recently deceased,

it is time to begin
the final phase of Genesis.

Milo Armitage.

SCPD found him in an alley

outside Ellendale,

and across town...

Phaedra Nixon.

Ok. So what
am I missing?

They were both HIVE.

You probably don't
recognize Phaedra and Milo

now that they're dead,
or maybe you were

too busy running
for your life, but...

They were with Darhk
when held us hostage.

And now they're dead.

What, so you think
crazy-pants Lonnie Machin's

back in town?

Oliver: No. His grudge
is against Darhk, not HIVE.

You think Darhk
is cleaning house?

Well, HIVE didn't lift a finger
to break him out of iron heights.

That was all
Andy and Merlyn.

Ok. Well, if Darhk
is settling scores,

then now might be
the time to hit him.

We have seen how
powerful he is

I can't risk losing
anyone else.

We can't just sit on
our hands, Oliver.

We're not just sitting
on our hands,

but before we do anything,

we need to know that we
can counteract his magic.

Well, is that
even possible?

I think it might be.

I was finally able to get
in touch with Constantine.

He put me on to
someone who he thinks

may be able to teach me how to
defend against Darhk's magic.

Ok. Well, I'm not
just saying this

because I love
"Harry Potter,"

but why are we not
all taking those lessons?

Well, it is easier
said than done

and apparently
quite dangerous.

So I have to go to Hub
City for a day or two.

Thea: Ok. In that case,

can I take the weekend
with Alex?

Kind of wants to go
away, clear our heads.

That sounds like
a good idea.

I think that...
Actually, I think

everyone should take
a little time.

Lay low but stay available,

and we will deal with
Darhk when I get back.

Thea: Ok.


Let him in.

Mind stepping out?

Hey, you.
How you holding up?


You've, um, looked better.

Oh! Considering I've
spent two weeks

in a bomb-proof,
tungsten-encased bunker,

I think I look pretty good.


You hungry?

Mmm. How long have
those been there?

That was lunch.

Might have even
been today's.

Yeah. I think
I'll pass.

Oliver is leaving tonight on
some magical mystery tour,

wants me to stay put
and do nothing

until he comes back.

Magical mystery tour?

Yeah. It's a long story,

but the point of it is
is that he thinks

it's too dangerous to go
after Darhk or Andy

until he gets the right
magical know-how.

I can see you're
thrilled about that.

If you think
you have it bad,

try remembering
you're not the one

being held prisoner
in a metal box.

Oh, sweetheart.

We've talked about this.

Andy has been
inside of ARGUS,

he's been inside
of our home.

It's too dangerous
for you to be

either place right now.

I don't want you
any other place either.

Oh, I got you, baby,
I got you. Mmm.

Let my agents see
what they can find.

- Yeah.
- And as much as you

don't want to hear it,

Oliver has a point.

HIVE is too
dangerous for you

to go off
half-cocked, John.

Oh, it's always serious
when you call me John.

Well, John, why don't
you make yourself useful

by grabbing some diapers
while you're out?

We're running low, and I hate
asking my people to get them.

You got it.

Back in a hour?

Or less.

[Keypad beeping]

Say, "bye, daddy."
Say, "bye-bye. Bye-bye."

You've been living
down here.

Ahem. It seemed to
make the most sense.

Where's all your stuff?

It's in storage.
You know me.

I don't need much.

Maybe, like, a plant,

like a... Fern
or something.

They thrive
in places like this.

How could I forget?

[Zips bag]

Come to see me off.

You were pretty stingy
on the details

about this "magic tutor"
Constantine referred you to.

It is sort of
my M.O.

Don't talk to me
like I'm other people.

What has you so worried?

Darhk's idol, the type of
magic that he's using,

I've seen it take
good people

and turn them dark,

almost inhuman.

And you're afraid
that's gonna happen to you?

There's an argument to be
made that I'm already there.

- That's not funny.
- I am not joking.

There is no length
that I will not go to

to avenge Laurel,

to stop Darhk from hurting
anyone ever again,

and I honestly don't know
where that path will lead.

I'm coming with you.


Just because we're
not together

doesn't mean you have
to do this alone,

and I've already chartered
the company jet.

Mr. Dennis is furious,
and I booked us a room...

Rooms... With points.

Should I even try
and talk you out of this?

No. You met
my mother.

Heh. Same DNA.

[Cell phone chimes]

Did you see
anyone else here?

Which way?

Get out of here now.

What the hell?

Andy: Sorry, man...

But I'm not playing

Hoo! You still got those
quick reflexes, John.

Too bad they couldn't
save your partner.

Don't you dare say
anything about her!

Well, you've got a gun.

Make me!

[Cell phone ringing]

Hey, honey.
It's a little tough

for me to talk right now!

You'll want to hear this.

Satellite track
just picked up Andy.


Let me guess. He's
somewhere south of main

between Grammercy
and Addison, right?

How do you know that?

Because I'm trading shots
with him right now.

- Johnny.
- You can yell at me later.

Just send backup.

He's at the Grammercy
power plant.

How soon can
your men get here?

5 minutes, 10 tops.

That's too long.

Johnny, you need to wait.

You have no tactical
advantage in there.

Lyla, I can't wait.
If I do, he gets away.

I can't let that happen,
not again.

Your judgment
is compromised.

Maybe it is,

but it doesn't mean
I'm wrong. Get here!




So what exactly are
we looking for?

High roller room.

When you said that you'd found
someone to teach you magic,

I was thinking, like,
a mountaintop

or a hidden temple,
not Hub City's

premier underground casino.

Well, with Constantine, I have
learned to expect the unexpected.

I'm betting on Fortuna.

[Jazz playing]

Now he was a little bit
vague with the specifics.

He just said...

[british accent] "pitch
game, first base, mate.

See if you're worthy."

Wow. Ok. Pitch game,

Uh, dealer using
up to two decks.


First base, first seat
on the dealer's left.

I think we're
in the right place.

I'm not so sure that finding
this guy depends on gambling.

It's not gambling
when I play.

[Birds chirping]

[Dog barks]

[Birds chirping]


[Loud clang]





Hey. Morning.

And here I thought you were
gonna sleep past breakfast.

I... I almost did.


I'm so foggy.

Yeah. You were

You passed out 5 minutes
after we left the city.

Oh. Guess I was
really tired.

See? It just proves how
badly you needed this trip.

We both did.

You ready for some
famous eggs Benedict?

You poached eggs?

Hey. I'm not just a cutthroat
political operative.

I contain multitudes.

Mm-hmm, and you also
wear a very mean apron.

Well, you should see
what I have on underneath.

Mmm. Ha ha!

I forgot how good
you were at this.

Oh, like riding a bike.

Rough beat.

Indeed. I should
probably head home soon

before they take my shoes.

Oh. Well, you never know
when your luck's gonna change.

Trust me.

That's so kind.
Muchas gracias.

De nada.

Oh, boom!
Come to mama!

Ahem. I mean... What?

I'm starting to think
that this guy's

gonna be a no-show.

It's because he's
not a guy, amor.

Esrin Fortuna.

Tell John Constantine
he still owes me money.

Stay right where you
are, you son of a bitch.

It's funny.

I was gonna tell
you the same thing.



Bravo, John.

You played the script
out perfectly.

What the hell are
you talking about?

Oh, don't worry about it.

I'll explain everything

after you wake up.



I'm sorry this place
isn't as fancy

as the cage you kept
me in for 3 months.

Where the hell am I?

You got bigger worries.

Mr. Darhk is
on his way.

To do what?

Well, he's not coming
here to play gin rummy.

I'm supposed to prep you.

Glad to see you're picking up
your psycho boss' old habits.

I'm sorry, but is the man

that locked me up in a cage
and beat me half to death

my savior's orders?

Damien Darhk is
no one's savior.

He's a liar and a monster.

The Romans said the
same thing about Jesus.

Just do whatever you're
gonna do, man.

Do it!

Wow. There's that
temper I remember.

You know, it's
a good thing that Sara's

not gonna have to grow up
with it like I did.

Keep my daughter's name
out of your mouth!

How could you do this to everyone
again for a second time?

Oh. Oh, I know
what you're doing.

You're referring
to my former wife and son.

I left that life
a long time ago, John.

You can't even say
their names.

Carly, Andy Jr.

They were your family.

They still are.

My family...



Argggh! Gaaah!

Ok. So since Oliver doesn't
seem to want to ask it, um...

Why is an immortal shaman
playing Blackjack

in Hub City's
premier underground casino?

Excuse me?
Immort... immortal?

You see any wrinkles
on my face?

And shaman.

A shaman is someone
who has influence

in the world of good
and evil spirits.

Blackjack is just a hobby.

This way.

Planning on teaching
me magic

in the back room
of a casino?

You want to learn
the dark arts, Mr. Queen,

we cannot do that here.

Whoa! This is by far
the coolest high roller room

I have ever seen.

We've left the casino
behind, Amor,

and that plane
of existence.

Oliver: I've been
in a chamber like this before

on an island named Lian Yu.

Yes. Lian Yu is
a place of nexus

just like your home.

Star City?

Hmm. There's a nexus
chamber there, as well.

Wait. You didn't think
it was a coincidence

that Damien Darhk chose
that city?

You know Darhk?

I wouldn't be much
of a shaman if I didn't.

Special brand
of nasty loco that one is.


So if you know Darhk,

why haven't you
tried to end him?

That's not the way
of things.

We immortals tend to stay
out of the affairs of men.

Unless someone
owes you money.

Recognize this
handsome gent?

Darhk has a similar idol.

It gives him his power.

Uh-uh. It only
channels it.

Darhk's power comes from...


The more people he kills,

the more powerful
he becomes.

Not just a pretty
face this guy.

Yeah. Except Oliver's not gonna
go kill a bunch of people

just to be on the same level
playing field as Darhk.

All things have
their opposite.

Darhk draws his power

from fear and death.

Its opposite is
light and hope,

la Luz del Alma,
light of the soul.

If you can channel
la Luz del Alma,

you will be able to
repel Darhk's magic.

Then that is what
I'm here to learn.

I wish it were
just that easy.

If the darkness inside you

outweighs the light,

instead of repelling
Darhk's magic,

you will end up fueling it.

You will only make
him more powerful.

Are you getting a signal?

Nope. That's one of the
benefits of being on vacation.

Oh. I just wanted
to call my brother.

You ok? Seem to be
having trouble relaxing.

Yeah. No. I'm...

You're probably gonna
think it's stupid.

Oh, I can pretty much
guarantee that I won't.

It's... it's this place.

It just seems too perfect.

Ha! Oh. It sounds like
it's been way too long

since you've left the city.

Yeah, maybe.

[Dog barks, birds chirping]

Do you hear that?

Yeah. I think people
call that nature.

No. That's...

[dog barks, birds chirping]

That's not it.


I, uh...

I don't know.
Maybe I'm just tired,

but it... it sounds like everything
is on a loop right now.

Does that sound crazy?
That... that's crazy.

Only a little, yeah.

Look. I think this
is just the last bit

of you trying to
fight this vacation.


Hey. Let all
that go.

Just be happy, ok?


I sure am.

- Ok.
- All right.

Andy: It's time.

I know this feels
personal, John,

but it isn't.

What's happening is just
what has to happen.

John: Rah!

Do it.

Do it for Laurel.

She'd be so
disappointed in you.

The only reason why
you're still breathing

is because one of us
is still human.

I'll hit you with a low
dose of Darhk's magic,

and then we'll take it
up from there.

Don't I need an idol
or a totem?

The tattoo Constantine
gave you does many things.

Are you ready?


I'm... I'm sorry.

I just... I just thought
that these magic lessons

would have, you
know, more lessons.

Magic is a manipulation
of primordial energies,

primordial as
in prelinguistic.

You'll probably want to take
a few steps back, Amor.


Two sides of you...
Darkness, light.

Focus on the light.

Good, but that might be, as
they call, beginner's luck,

so let's kick it up
a notch or two, hmm?

Fortuna: The darkness
and light are within you.

In truth, you are only
fighting yourself.

The friends you've failed,

the people you've killed,

they have no place in this.

Don't give in.

Cast aside your doubt,

resist your darkness.

[People shouting]




What happened?

He's not ready.

I'll get it, I'll get it.

Now let's go again.

I could give you
an infinite number of tries.

It wouldn't change a thing.

What? No.
I can do this.

I told you
if the darkness within you

is greater than the light,

you will only make
your enemy stronger.

You've seen what's
inside of you, yeah?

Tell me, what could
I possibly teach you

that would change
what you saw?

Wait. So that's it?
It's over?

There's nothing
I can do for him.

[Birds chirping]

It's not even getting
dark out.

What's that?

It's 8:00,
and it's raining outside,

but it's still light out.

We're up north and...

Seriously, what's
gotten into you?

You never even told me
where we were going...

[Dog barks]

And how can you not
hear that?

Thea, come on.

We've been over this.

Seriously, listen.

There's 3 chirps...

[Birds chirp, dog barks]

Then a bark, then 4 chirps,

and then it just keeps
repeating itself twice.

Ok. I think what's
happening here

is you're beyond stressed.

No, ok, Alex.
I am not stressed out.

Just listen.


There's gonna be a bark
right... Now.

[Dog barks]


Since when did you start
taking vitamins...

Now you're worried
about my vitamins.

Where did you get those?

Ruvé. She said I needed
to stay healthy.


Alex... Where are we?

Is... is the reason that
I don't remember anything

because you...

Did you drug me?

Thea, now you're
talking crazy, ok?

- No, I can't.
- Where are you going?


[Beep, door unlocking]

What the hell, Johnny?!

I told you to stand down!

I know, I know,
but I couldn't.

You could have been killed!

I couldn't stand down,
not after what he did.

Then you are going to make
an orphan of your daughter

because you are not
seeing straight.

That's why tonight
went south!

[Sara crying]


Lyla, listen.
I know i...

I know I messed up.

I... I know my head
isn't on right,

but... but he's
my brother,

and Laurel, she...
She was like a sister.

I know, and it's horrible,

but right now, Johnny, you are not
acting like the man I married.

You're the man I divorced.

Lyla, look. I just
wanted to help him,

to bring my brother back.

Then bring him to justice,

but do it the right way.

I will.

I will.

We'll find someone else
to teach you magic,

someone with more Patience
and less smelly incense.

She was right, you know?

It's not about the magic.

It's about me.

If she didn't see
anything worthy inside you,

she never would
have dealt with us.

She didn't deal with us.
She dealt with you.

She didn't reveal
herself until you

offered her your chips,

and that has always
been the way with us.

Felicity, you are the one
who brings the light.

You know, I told you
that I've seen

magic that's turned
good people dark,

but all Fortuna did was
show me who I really am.

Don't do this.

Every time you face
a setback,

you throw yourself
a pity party.

It's not a pity party.
It's acceptance.

You said it yourself.

No matter what I do,

I'm always gonna revert back to the
person I became on the island.

Yeah. When I said that,
I was hurt.

I was going through one of the most
painful experiences of my life.

No, Oliver,
you're not perfect.

None of us are.

The good is that
all of us can change.

Darhk: Hmm.

Poowr widdle Andy Diggle.

Did your big brother
knock your noggin?

Heh heh heh heh.

Bravo. Your performance
was pitch perfect.

Thank you, sir.

I assume the tracker's
in place.

We've already locked
in on his location.

Well, then I believe it's time
for one last family reunion.


Oh, come on.

You're a bigger baby
than Sara.


Is there anything else you can
tell me about their lockup?

Yeah. The place could have really
used some central heating.

No. It was strange.

Torture just doesn't seem
like the right play.

Why not just kill me?

[Alarm blaring]

What's that?

Proximity alarm.

Sweetheart, make sure Sara's
strapped in really tight.

- How's Sara?
- She's ok.

It's director Michaels.
We have a code black.

We have two more bogeys.

How the hell
did they find us?

It's me. Andy let me go.

He probably tagged me
with a tracker.

You can blame yourself
after we get out of this.

You mean if we get
out of this.

Where's your backup?

HIVE has them engaged

ARGUS headquarters.

- Where's your team?
- They're not answering.

So much for "stay

We're on our own.


This rig was designed to
withstand just about anything.

Does that include magic?

[Tires squealing]

It's me he's after.

I'll draw him out.


If you were Darhk's objective,
he already had you.

He wanted you to
lead him to me.

What are you talking about?

You need to get
out of here now.

Lyla, I'm not leaving you.

Johnny, I am not
Amanda Waller.

If they use you against me,

I will give them
whatever they want.

I need you both safe.

That was a fun bit
of business.

Get him.

You are a feisty
one, Ms. Michaels.

You had your fun.

It's time for me
to have mine.

[Tires squealing]

Oh, it's been a while since I've
hit anybody with this thing.

I didn't think you
got my message.

Sorry we're late.
Oliver's on Lyla and Darhk.

Baby Sara?

- All right.
- Yeah.

- You got her?
- Yeah, yeah.


Ok, ok.

All right.


[Tires squeal]

It's a small world,
isn't it?

Your bother-in-law being
my loyal servant.

Thanksgiving at your home
is gonna be

so interesting this year.


Ha ha ha!



[Arrow whooshes]


You seem like a
likable guy, Oliver.

I bet you've got
a lot of friends.

I'm gonna enjoy killing
every last one of them.

No. Never again.

Bet you regret not pulling that
trigger the first time around.

What are you gonna
do, John?

Agh! Unh!


After Laurel, I left
you alone to grieve.

I was being nice.

You have no idea how
much I hate being nice.


John: Agghhh!

It isn't over.

You haven't been
paying attention, Andy.

Darhk got out, I got out.

I'll get out again.

That mobile safe house you
got looked really homey.

Bet it will get cramped
when Sara gets older.

Shut up.

She's got to go
to school eventually,

and Lyla, well, you
can't watch her 24/7.

I said shut
your mouth, Andy.

Shut your damn mouth!

You're the one who's obviously
not paying attention

because this is war.

And women, children,

they're expendable
in your war?

Genesis is coming, John.

Lyla and Sara won't be the only
women and children who die.

Tell me, how's it feel
knowing that

you had no problem
pulling the trigger

to protect a bunch of
Afghanis that you never knew,

but you don't have the guts

to do what's necessary

to protect your own
wife and child?



How's Lyla?


She's fine.

She... she's, um...

She's unconscious,
but... but she's fine.

Felicity's taking
her and Sara back.

Darhk is... Darhk's
in the wind.

John, what happened?

He was never gonna
back off of us.

My family...

They were never
gonna be safe.

Felicity: Hey.


Did you get in touch
with Thea?

Not yet.

You ok?


Earlier with Darhk,
it worked.

He tried to use
his magic on me,

and I was able to repel it.

That's incredible.

How'd you do it?

I heard your voice
in my head,

and you were reminding me
of all of the good things

that I have in my life.

I heard Thea, I heard John.

I heard Laurel...

Just telling me
to keep fighting,

to never give up,

just telling me
to have hope.



Sara? Where's Sara?

She's fine, she's fine.

Felicity took her
to Donna's.

She... she's ok.

But something's wrong.

I, um... I had to
put him down, Lyla.



I had to kill
my baby brother.

He wasn't a brother
to you, Johnny,

not in the ways
that really matter.

What happened?

He reached for my gun.

I didn't have a choice.

Oh, no.

No, no, no, no.


It's gone.

Darhk took it.

Took what?

Lyla: Rubicon.

I thought Rubicon was
being stored at ARGUS.

It was until Shadowspire
tried to steal it.

After Waller's death,
I had it moved

for security reasons.

To where?

It was under your skin?

A subdermal implant.

Darhk ripped it out.

Lyla, you need to tell
us what Rubicon is.

A ballistic launch
override protocol

designed to prevent
any country, even our own,

from firing
a nuclear missile.

Something tells me Darhk's
plans aren't so benign.

Lyla: With some work
and the right expertise,

Rubicon could be corrupted.

Instead of controlling nukes to
prevent them from being launched...

Oh, my god.

Darhk would control the
world's nuclear stockpile.

To what end?

I don't mean to apply logic
to a bad guy's plot here,

but Darhk destroys
the world, then what?

He'd be ruler of nothing.

Unless he wants to rebuild.

Andy told me that
Genesis was coming.

Felicity: I don't think so.
Phil Collins said

they'd never tour again.

The Old Testament,
the book of "Genesis."

God wanted to give the world a
do-over, so he destroyed it.

He destroyed it
with a flood.

Rubicon is Darhk's flood.

Felicity: So nuclear
annihilation is Darhk's flood.

What's he planning
on building as his ark?