Arrow (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 17 - Beacon of Hope - full transcript

Oliver reeling from his break-up with Felicity is trying to take his mind off it by putting his team through a grueling work-out. Brie Larvan aka Bug-Eyed Bandit escapes from prison and heads to Palmer Tech and covers the building with robotic bees. She wants the microchip that allows Felicity to walk problem is that there is only one chip, the one in Felicity. Felicity learns of this and her mother and Thea are in the building with her. Oliver upon learning of this wants to go in but how. Curtis upon learning of this tries to find the Green Arrow and finds the lair and learns Oliver's him and the others. He tries to help them get in but Oliver is stung by one of the bees and it's killing him and they have to find a way to help him. Darkh leans that his people are not going to help him so he tries navigate the prison on his own.

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Previously on "Arrow" and "Flash"...
McGee: Brie larvan, a quite brilliant
roboticist who once developed
miniature mechanical bees
for military use.
Barry, I hacked into the bees' frequency.
I'm controlling them.
Brie's restrained.
It's an implantable biostimulant.
This little piece of technology's
gonna help me walk again?
After it's implanted in your spine, yes.
I found Quentin Lance's testimony to be
particularly compelling.
On the strength of it,
Mr. darhk will be held without bail
or possibility of release.
[Gavel bangs]
It is, uh, too hard to be here with you
every night and not be with you.
I don't want to let you go.
But I'm already gone.
Man: Computer time's up, blondie.
Don't think so.
The judge granted me a minimum
of 30 minutes per week.
I have 90 more seconds.
Well, the judge ain't here. I am.
Let's see what you're so hot for
without Internet connection.
I like bees.
[All grunting]
Thea, your back foot's sliding out.
No it's not!
Oliver: Just because you can't see me
doesn't mean I'm not there.
You got to sense my presence
even when I'm not in your eyeline.
What advice would you give to me?
Humor me.
You're getting tired,
you're dropping your shoulder,
and you're opening yourself up.
Oliver: So you took your morning run
from 6 miles to what?
Maybe two?
Yeah. Well, taking care of a toddler's
a marathon in itself.
Right, but when you sacrifice your endurance,
you're losing steam too early in our sessions.
Let's go again.
Thea: Ohh, pass.
I keep on running out of excuses
for all my new bruises,
and they're from you, not bad guys.
The streets have gone quiet since we took
darhk off the board.
His organization hasn't been.
Hive is still out there.
Yeah, and when they rear their head, we'll take care of them,
but we have to celebrate our victories.
If we don't,
we forget what we're fighting for.
What's wrong?
Alex has a new job interview
with ruvé darhk.
She's looking for a new chief of staff
before the April 6 election.
Still don't see why you just can't put yourself
back in the race, Oliver.
You know, voters, they hate flip-flopping,
and that would be a pretty big one.
I can't let him work for the wife
of the prince of darkness.
And what if he got a better offer?
Are you gonna run for mayor?
Palmer tech. They're hiring
a new head of public relations.
I just heard that from someone.
Laurel, she's not Voldemort,
and I'm fine.
That's a good idea.
You should tell Alex to talk to Felicity.
Nothing. It's just--
it's shocking that you know who Voldemort is.
Well, I'm not immune to pop culture.
I read a few of the "Harry Potter" books.
Really? I was gonna bet thea that you just saw the movies.
There were movies?
Reiter: Mr. queen, where are my men?
I don't know, reiter.
They're your men.
I wasn't gonna wait around for them to kill me.
And what of miss venediktov?
She's still here.
Don't move!
Where's my idol?
It's not your concern anymore.
It's nearby. I can feel it.
The powers they bestowed
are on the wane, but--
As I was saying,
the magics are losing their potency,
but I still have enough to make
short work of the two of you.
A quarter of a million dollars per unit.
It's hard to believe something so small
could cost so much money.
When digital equipment corporation released
the first vax, it cost $700,000--
So you could think of this as a bargain.
Except we're not starting
a computer revolution here.
We're trying to repair spinal injuries.
The new estimate of spinal injuries
per year are at 12,000 people.
Unless everyone's a billionaire,
walking again is a luxury item.
Sounds like something Mr. Dennis would say.
He already has.
He's called a board meeting
to discuss how many zeroes he can add
to the end of that price point.
Anything I can do to help you?
No. You can't do anything with that cold.
Go home, get some rest, get some chicken noodle soup.
You sound like my mother.
Donna: And I'm sure if she was here
she'd tell you to listen to my favorite girl.
Hi, honey!
Fine, but only because my cold medication
is starting to make me see double.
-Aw. -Help--help me. Help.
Did you hear that?
He thinks we look like twins.
I don't think that's what he said.
I think he did.
What can i help you with, mom?
Well, my beautiful baby girl,
I am here to rescue you.
After the...
you could use some regular socialization,
so how about a leisurely lunch?
Oh, my god. I don't know what's worse--
the fact that you just spelled out breakup
or that you misspelled it.
-Huh? -Yeah.
-No. -Mom, I'm fine.
I have a lot of work to do.
No. Just a quick one, swe--oh.
Sorry. Is this a bad time?
You people are like tribbles today.
What's up? Everything ok with--
I was gonna say your night job,
you know, that thing that you do at night.
Yeah, no. That--that's fine.
Ollie is--is fine, too.
It's actually about Alex.
Um, he's no longer working on the campaign,
so I was--
oh, my god. It's Mr. Dennis.
I have a board meeting.
You know what?
He's a jerk. He can wait.
What'd you want to ask me about Alex?
Unh! Ha ha! You know, usually, someone buys me dinner
before we start breaking out the cuffs.
Ha ha. Heh heh heh.
Heh heh.
I thought you just lost your magic,
but your charm seems to be waning, as well.
How the hell did you get in here?
Heh. I used to be ra's al ghul.
This I know. What I'm less clear of
is why my resources haven't been deployed to get me out of here.
Well, that's what I'm here to explain.
Although my time in here might be limitless, Malcolm,
my Patience isn't.
That's cute.
As I was saying, I've been in touch with your resources,
and they don't seem to have any particular
love left for you, Damien.
Something to do with hocus and pocus
and killing fellow members
when you get miffed.
Hive is moving forward with Genesis
but not with you.
They like you here out of trouble,
but they do wish you the best of luck
with your trial.
Don't be embarrassed.
Performance issues are common
for men of your age.
Wow. You really do have eyes in the back of your head.
I thought you had work to do.
I realized it could wait.
You've been pushing us pretty hard,
and I know why.
Oliver, it's ok to miss Felicity.
I--i appreciate what you're doing,
but I don't think that you're the--
person to help you through it? Why?
Because of what we used to have?
I thought maybe it just gave me
a little insight.
Well, I mean, in fairness,
I did wreck what we had, too, so...
In your defense, you were missing
and presumed dead for 5 years,
but that's not what I mean.
I know how passionately you love
and how much it hurts once that love goes away.
You know, between...
Merlyn, Slade Wilson, and ra's al ghul,
I thought that I'd be a little tougher than this by now.
That's a different type of pain,
and this takes longer to heal,
but I'm here for you.
Thank you.
Dennis: You're not late, Phil.
We're still waiting on Ms. smoak.
Are you all right?
Phil? Phil?
Phil: Agh!
I'm calling 911!
I can't get a signal!
Woman: Aah!
You'll have to excuse my tiny friends.
Their "beehavior" can be appalling sometimes...
But it's a necessary evil.
You see, I needed your full attention.
What the hell do you want?
Straight to the point.
I like that.
Your ceo has miraculously recovered from paralysis
thanks to an implantable biostimulant microchip.
Hand one over,
and I'll "bee" on my way.
There's only one prototype.
The one inside Felicity smoak.
So what's a girl got to do to get on her calendar?
I can talk to Alex if you want,
but I can't promise a job he'll be excited about.
Probably best to keep him away
from a supervillain's wife.
Yep. You're right about that.
Brie: Hello out there.
Thea: What the hell?
Brie: I'm looking for Felicity smoak
"beecause" it would be swell if we could chat
about a certain implantable biochip.
I'm sure your board would really appreciate it.
Brie larvan!
You know this wackadoodle?
I had a run-in with her last year.
If this brie larvan is coming for you,
we need to get you out of here.
No, no, no. I don't think she knew who I was.
She's after something else.
She said something about an implant.
A biostimulant microchip.
There's only one working prototype.
-Where is it? -In the base of my spine.
Which brings me back to
we need to get you the hell out of here.
Well, we have to get everyone out of here!
I can't even get a signal.
She's jammed all communications.
Oh, my god.
Bethany snow: Eyewitnesses report
the bees have been swarming the Palmer tech headquarters
for the past 10 minutes.
All communication in and out of the building
has been cut off.
Have you seen this?
I was just there.
I'd still be there if Felicity hadn't--
oh, my god. Felicity.
[Dialing cell phone]
[Busy signal]
You have a 104 fever. Where do you think you're going?
To get help!
I'm pretty sure the police already know about this.
I'm not talking about the police.
Snow: We are hearing that scpd has sent in an esu squad.
Felicity's in there.
Thea, too. I tried calling but no answer.
She must have already been inside
by the time the swarm hit.
[Cell phone vibrates and chimes]
John's coming in.
This is hive, right?
There's no way that this bee attack is a coincidence.
I don't think it's hive,
and I don't think those are bees.
No. Bees don't give off hundreds
of different kinds of radio frequencies.
Robot bees. Terrific.
Ok. Last year, Felicity helped Barry Allen
take the bees' inventor-- brie larvan.
So it's payback.
Well, larvan picked a hell of a day for it.
Donna is in there, too.
-What? -She stopped by Felicity's
office to, you know, cheer her up a little.
Suit up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
The department just tried sending in an esu squad.
They couldn't get through that swarm.
Now if their kevlar couldn't hold,
what makes you think that yours will?
We have to try.
I am running out of Patience, Felicity smoak.
You have 10 minutes before I start voting
board members out.
Fyi, my drones pack a lot more "ow"
than your typical sting.
Ticktock, ticktock.
Ok. We need to get out of here.
But, thea, the bees are out there.
Yeah, and sooner or later, they're gonna be in here.
Ok. From now on, I'm buying flats.
I mean, these assaults are weekly.
It's ridiculous.
It's just so not conducive
to high fashion.
[Bees buzzing]
Ok. Definitely sooner than later.
We're trapped?
Uh, I don't know.
Not exactly.
Ok. Oh, no. I don't definitely don't have
the right shoes for that.
Oh, no, no, no.
Anybody here?
"Yes, we are here, Curtis,
"and we just can't wait to hear how you used
"the cell phone that we gave you
"to help us rescue Dr. Palmer
to track us back to our"...
[Cell phone beeping]
"Secret lair"!
Oliver: So we don't need to take out the bees.
We just need to take out larvan.
Yeah. Well, it doesn't make much sense if we can't get inside.
[Thump, elevator arriving]
Holy frak.
You're the--
and wait--you're--
wait, wait, wait-- you're--you're--
just so you guys know, if--if I pass out
it's because I'm sick,
not because, you know.
So can anybody just walk in here?
Inmate 1: So you're the infamous Damien darhk.
Oh, I get it. You're big fans, aren't you?
You want me to pose for a selfie?
Back in star city, you were a big deal.
In here, the only big deal is him.
No, no, no, no, gentlemen.
I think we're getting off on the wrong foot.
There must be some sort of way that we can have--
Heh. I'm sorry. I just got to know
did you sew that in yourself,
or do you have some kind of lip-sewing guy?
Thea: How did you deal with her in the first place?
The old-fashioned way-- hacking,
but I can't do that without a working computer.
Ok. Well, at least all we have to do is wait for Ollie
and the rest of them to get here.
Just when I thought i was out.
I thought I'd left this all behind.
Do you hear that?
[Buzzing intensifies]
Make that plural-- bees in the air vent.
Go! Run!
Is that a bee? Aah!
Oh, this is so weird.
I literally just had a dream where
you were the green Arrow.
Wait. This is happening?
-You're the green Arrow?! -Yeah.
I could have sworn it was Neal Adams in data processing.
And this is the arrowcave.
Oh, my god.
Actually, we call it the bunk--it's the bunker,
but yeah.
You're Laurel Lance, the Ada.
I--I've seen you on TV before.
Oh! And you're captain Lance!
And you're-- oh, I'm sorry.
I know I've met before,
but I can't really place your name right now.
Curtis, that's John diggle.
I need you to focus for a second, please.
Oh, my god. This place is unbelievable.
I mean, you guys must be drawing some crazy electricity.
How do you keep it off the grid?
This is s.T.A.R. Labs' 5000 exostation.
What are the specs on this?
Get it together.
Ok. Now I'm starting to see the whole green Arrow thing,
and I'm actually starting to feel better, too.
Laurel: That's because we gave you an iv
to rehydrate you.
It should keep you going for a few hours.
Oliver: Ok. Forget the how for a second.
What are you doing here?
I saw the bee hive on the news. Felicity's in there.
John: Yeah, we're just about to mount a rescue mission.
Do you guys even know what that is?
That is an army of robotic bees.
Yeah. That's my life now.
Brie larvan. Apparently, she hacked
the prison computer network
and got herself an early release. Clever.
Feel free to use that, by the way.
I mean, you can't put me in front of this beautiful machine
and expect me not to take it for a test drive.
Looks like Felicity keeps files on various criminals.
Who's the dodger?
Looks like we have ourselves a taller, more dude-like version
of Felicity.
And I can help.
Now look. These bees, they're tiny computers, ok?
With Felicity trapped inside,
you guys are gonna need someone to hack them,
but I'll have to "bee" careful.
Ha ha ha!
It's too soon for bee puns, right?
-Let's assume that it is. -Yeah.
Laurel: Curtis, can you immobilize enough bees
to give us a way in?
There's only one way to find out.
Do it.
You want me on the team?!
[Relaxed] I mean, you want me on the team?
Let's go.
Curtis: Whoo! Ha ha ha!
You see now the value
of my prize, Mr. queen?
What have you done to yourself?
There are primordial energies that flow through all things.
I now command them.
You're insane.
Heh. Madness is a matter
of perspective, Mr. queen.
Your morality blinds you from understanding
what i have achieved.
No, I understand.
You're killing people to gain power.
And what would you do about it?
Now tell me where you have hidden my idol,
and I promise to kill you both quickly.
We'll pass.
Donna: Ohh!
Ok. How many are there?
Just try to think happy thoughts.
Ok. Now it's time to hack some bees.
Ok. So that's what that button does.
[Rapid buzz]
Felicity: Ohh!
Aah! Aah!
Curtis from bee: Felicity!
How do you know that bee's name?
I did it! I hacked the--achoo!
Felicity: How did you-- what are you doing there?
I know, right? I am still pinching myself. Heh.
All the bees are gone.
You're welcome. The green Arrow is on his way,
as well as black canary and spartan.
How cool is this?
Uh, they'll meet you at the west utility entrance.
Can you get there? Did I mention how cool this is?
Curtis, have you deactivated the bees?
Curtis: Negative. Uh, I mean, positive.
Sorry. I'm nervous.
The bees are down.
Uh-oh. Oh, it's negative.
Negative! The bees are back!
I--i got kicked out!
Duck! Agh!
Thea: Ok, ok, come on. Go back inside.
Back inside.
Quentin: What the hell happened?
Curtis: We couldn't see. I lost the feed.
He got stung.
Yeah. He's having some sort of reaction.
He didn't just get stung.
The bee's inside you.
Well, cut it out!
Do you guys have anesthesia around here or something?
-Curtis, just do it! -I can't find it.
Ok. Actually--and this is hard to believe--
we have a bigger problem.
The bee is replicating itself inside Oliver.
What did that thing
do to the green Arrow?
Stung him badly.
He'll be ok, and he'll be back.
So will the others.
How do you know?
They just got their butts kicked
by that--that-- that bee man.
This is why we leave the nicknames to cisco.
-Yeah. -What?
Inside joke.
[Cell phone vibrates]
Brie: I thought we were friends, smoak,
that you were gonna come through.
10 minutes ago, you had 10 minutes to go.
You're out of time, glasses.
"Beecause" we got interrupted,
I'm gonna give you an additional 5 minutes
before I start taking your board members off the board.
Oh, and your fiance looks awfully sweet.
Sorry. Ex-fiance.
Ok. You cannot turn yourself in.
No. She'd kill everyone anyway.
To think, she's in your office.
You're gonna have to sanitize.
Yes. She's in my office, which is, "a," yes, gross,
but, "b," means she's not with the board members.
You know, since she brought up Oliver, honey, have you spoken to him--
mom. Mom, mom, mom, I'm thinking!
I'm sorry. You know what, honey?
I'm curious, ok? I--
I have an idea.
It's not working!
You did it while we were at Palmer tech.
The drone has evolved and adapted since then.
The damn things are like the borg.
The--the bad guys in "Star Trek," which--
I wish Felicity was here.
John: Well, she's not Curtis! You are!
Now you have to be able to do something, ok?
When these things hit critical mass, there's--
it's gonna be like John hurt in "alien"!
Sorry. When I get nervous, i make pop culture references.
Quentin: Ok. You can't hack it out.
Can you lure it out like some kind of--
I can't believe I'm saying this--
some kind of digital honey or something?
Not exactly, but if these are really modeled after bees, then...
They'll operate on a singular frequency to orientate themselves.
If we can disrupt it, then we can disperse the colony.
Only problem is that we need to generate a high enough frequency
to damage the network, but unless you guys have
a portable Sonic projector handy, then--
This technology's amazing.
It reads your own vocal emissions
and then reprocesses it via digital output into a multichannel.
Yeah, we get it. It's badass,
but how is this gonna help us save Oliver?
Just give him the full Mariah Carey,
and it should disrupt whatever connection
the bees are operating on.
John: You sure about this?
Err. Don't have time to be sure.
Curtis, do it!
3, 2, 1.
[Sonic scream]
You son of a bitch!
My victory's inevitable, Mr. queen.
Just think. All of this power came
from the life essence of one man.
Imagine what I will become
when dozens of lives are sacrificed in my name.
You'll become a monster.
No. A god.
Let me show you.
No. I need more.
You get them?
Yeah. They were in Curtis' office
right where you said they'd be.
Uh, no pun intended.
Whoa! So this is like that thing
from that, uh--
that Jodie foster movie!
Yeah. A panic room.
It's actually more like a lair, decommissioned,
but if we can get the board members in there,
then they can escape through a secret exit.
Secret exit?
Um, don't you think you should have thought of that,
like, I don't know, 15 minutes ago.
Oh, I'm sorry. I was busy trying not to die,
and you were talking, talking, talking.
Well, you don't open up to me, hon.
I have to force your feelings out of you sometimes
like--like a pistachio.
Thea: Ok, smoaks. We got to go. Come on.
[Bees buzzing]
I meant Felicity! Aah!
-Ohh. -Ok. We're moving.
I know. Hold on to something.
-What? Why? -Why?
This elevator only stops at the sublevel,
and we need it to stop at the--
Conference room floor.
Um, I think we missed our stop.
Nope. This is right.
Like I said, the elevator doesn't stop at this level.
What? Um, honey, i think this is a concrete wall.
Yeah, and these are explosive devices.
Actually, they're autonomous communication devices.
I'm just really hoping that Curtis hasn't figured out
how to stop them from exploding yet.
-Oh. - Careful.
Donna: Oh, my god! Is it gonna be loud?
Oh! Aah!
Felicity: Ok. Who wants to go on a secret elevator ride
down to the, um, panic room?
Yeah. The panic room.
Brie: Trying to escape the hive?
Keep them safe.
What? What?!
Brie: Beautiful creatures my bees.
They obey you.
Neural implants.
You used to control them the old-fashioned way.
How did you know that?
Lucky guess, I guess.
Thea: So why bees?
Why not an obsession with flying squirrels?
Squirrels aren't dying off at a rate of 30% per year,
and nobody cares,
but bees are essential to life.
We're all connected.
The world is one giant honeycomb.
That "Kumbaya" might have a little more credibility
if you weren't threatening people's lives.
What, you mean like this?
I am running out of Patience,
and your friend is running out of time.
Now give me the damn--
that was embarrassing.
I have a tumor on my l4 vertebrae.
The tricky little guy's wrapped around my spinal cord.
The only way to cut it out involves a surgery
that will leave me paralyzed
from the waist down.
All the bees in the world couldn't get a cripple to walk,
and then I read about your miracle chip.
Of course, I couldn't afford it.
Maybe if you asked nicely.
I want the microchip specs,
or your friend relives my favorite scene from "my girl."
Ok, honey. We all have a sad sob story,
but killing people doesn't fix anything.
The blueprints are on a remote hard drive in Curtis holt's lab.
You are a smart girl.
Curtis: Elastic nanotubes, ultrasonic motors,
piezoceramic elements.
I mean, this bee's got everything.
That was inside me?
Well, that and thousands of its microscopic larvae.
Don't worry. Should pass in a few days.
Can't wait.
Donna and the others made it out.
Thea and Felicity?
They're still inside.
Well, at least now we know this stops the bees.
I wish it was that simple, but now that we've
played that card, they've undoubtedly
adapted to it,
but we just beat a group of robot bees
using a superhero doohickey,
and if that's not high-five-worthy,
I don't know what is.
Curtis, now is not the time for high-fives.
Sorry. I--you know, i just got excited,
and, you know, you got to celebrate the wins when they come.
Thea and Felicity are still trapped
inside Palmer tech with who knows how many more bees.
-We're not winning. -Oliver.
So if you're gonna be down here,
if you're gonna be with us,
then you need to understand the totality
of what it is you're signing up for.
If we do not do our jobs perfectly,
then people die
and not just strangers
but friends, family, and loved ones,
so think about that every time you crack a joke
or make light of what it is that we do!
Laurel: Hey.
Can I talk to you for a second?
Any puppies you want to kick while you're at it,
bags of kittens that you want to throw down the river?
He needed to hear that.
Nobody needs to hear that, Oliver.
I know you're hurting, but you can't take it out on Curtis.
I'm not taking it out on Curtis.
I just need him to see.
See what?
That this is not a good life.
I walked away from it,
and I was happy.
For the first time in 8 years,
I was content.
So why did you come back?
I came back because of Felicity.
She convinced me that we could do this job,
that we could save this city and not
surrender to the darkness,
I don't--i don't think that we can.
You're only saying that right now
because you're in 10 different kinds of pain,
but the harsh truth is that Felicity--
she broke up with you because of your choices,
because lies that you told,
you--Oliver, not the green Arrow.
I know.
It just doesn't seem fair
that I can save a city
and not save my relationship.
Oliver, life's not fair,
whether you're in star city or Ivy town,
but you're right.
You can save this city, you do it every night.
You're a beacon of hope to people.
I just wish that you would try and use
some of that hope for yourself.
Oh, hi, fellas.
You know, I usually frown upon walk-ins,
but how can i help you?
No guards are coming to save you this time, darhk.
We made sure of it.
Good because then he only has to kill two of you.
Heh heh heh.
I know you're probably asking yourself,
"self, what the hell just happened?"
It turns out your friend, my new friend,
Mr. amar has a soft spot
for his only surviving relative,
a grandmother in monument point.
It is amazing what people will tell you
with a few phone calls and a kind voice.
Anyway--are they dead? Are they dead?
No! I had this wonderful speech
about how I was gonna kill your grandmother had you not killed them.
Never mind. On to other matters.
You may now call your organization
and have that other message delivered.
Heh heh heh.
I thought we were locked out.
Well, we're gonna have to see if I haven't lost my touch.
Then I have to see if my mom
and the board members made it to safety.
You really should not have given brie what she wanted.
I am sick of people being put in vulnerable positions.
Yeah. Well, now there's nothing stopping her
from bringing those bee things back on us.
Well, at the very least, it buys us--the team-- your team time.
Ollie's gonna be fine.
He always is.
Well, unfortunately, in Oliver's case,
"he always is" isn't an accurate predictive metric.
Sorry. I'm just sick of worrying,
I'm sick of the violence.
Yeah. So am I, ok? Of course I am,
but we put up with it.
We push past it
because what we do is important, ok?
We have to be the beacon of hope.
Nobody else is.
You're the beacon of hope.
I quit the team because i couldn't stand to work with Oliver,
but--but now that I'm out,
I look at life from a different perspective.
I mean, look around you.
Thea, we're in a "die hard" movie with bees.
Maybe I'm meant for great things, maybe I'm not,
but whatever it is, it's not this.
I'm sorry. I'm not coming back.
You know, I'm beginning to see
why you and Felicity didn't work out.
I probably deserve that.
Look. I'm all for hugs and learning,
but like you said, there's still danger.
And you are a very scary man.
John: Any luck with the bees?
Curtis is doing his best.
Thanks, Laurel. Now that I've been able
to actually examine the bee,
I've deciphered their upgrade protocol.
Next time they adapt, i can upload a virus
that will disperse into the entire hive.
Like what they did in "independence day," right?
What, I can't watch movies, too?
So what's the plan?
I rigged an Arrow with a computer virus payload.
Shoot it near one of "bee" Arthur's minions,
the virus will transmit to the rest of the colony,
and we're done.
That's nice work.
Wait until it works before you congratulate me.
I'm in! I mean, I'm out.
I mean, I have Internet.
Mom and the board members, they're ok.
What about us?
I'm working on overriding the bees,
the ones that are outside guarding the building.
Brie: Don't bother.
These blueprints will be useful.
Thanks for those.
You have what you want,
so go build it yourself.
I think we're confused.
To get the schematics, i had to tip-toe
through Palmer tech's computer network,
and I saw some very familiar computer code.
You never forget the hacker who sent you to prison.
We're clear.
At least there's no signs of the bees.
[Sonic scream]
[Bee buzzing]
Looks like your green friend didn't forget about you.
Never will.
Hey. Are you hurt?
I'm ok.
Thea: Hey! Behind you!
[Felicity gasps]
There you go.
Team Arrow, which I am now a member of--pinch me--
I need a few more minutes to hack this latest firewall.
The bees adapted.
I thought you were a better shot.
Thea: Hey!
All right. Come on. Come on, come on, come on, come on.
-Gotcha! -Nice!
[Bee buzzing]
What is that?
Oh, my god!
Aah! Aah!
Oh, oh, oh!
Yah! Yah!
Don't worry. I won't tell anyone you screamed.
Oh, right!
Thank you.
You never, never have to thank me.
If I can't walk, you can't live.
Who should I kill first,
"a" or "bee"?
Curtis through bee: Guess who's back in control.
It's me Curtis in case you guys don't recognize my voice yet.
Uh. Unh! No, no!
Ha ha! Lay down, "bee-yotch"!
Heh heh.
Too on the nose?
Oh. Ah. The bee came alive,
and, well, things got a little out of hand,
but don't worry-- it's dead now.
You did good, Curtis,
and I'm--I'm sorry if i made you feel differently.
Thanks, g.A. Heh. Do you mind if i call you g.A.?
All right. Yeah. I'll just stick to Oliver then.
Or Mr. queen.
What about larvan? What's gonna happen to her?
Laurel: She's at starling general,
overdosed on toxins from the bee
and is in some sort of a coma.
More importantly, she's no longer holding
a dozen innocent hostages.
That's both comforting and horrifying at the same time.
Yeah. Welcome to our world.
Hey. Is everything all right?
Yeah. You know, i should probably just head home.
You know, learning that you're, you know, you
and the murderous bees and this coma news,
it's just a lot to digest,
plus that iv you gave me is starting to wear off.
Well, you are always welcome here, Curtis.
Just keep the property damage
to a minimum next time.
All right.
-What's the exit? -Right there.
Oh, yeah. Ahem.
Hey. Nice apology.
Well, I'm just trying to be a beacon of hope
and, like you said, save a little bit
of the hope for myself.
Taiana. Hey! Hey!
All right. All right.
Jeez. Come on, come on.
Oh, thank god. Taiana, wake up.
-Hey. -Oliver.
It's ok. You're ok.
-No. -It's all right.
Reiter--he's gone!
He must be in the tunnels searching for his idol.
We can't let him find it.
If he's in the tunnels searching for his idol,
that means he's not going to the prison.
This is our chance to save your friends.
And what of reiter's men?
They're still up there.
That's why we're gonna kill all of them first.
I don't suppose it's too late to reheat that soup.
Where have you been?
You bolted out of here like a crazy person,
like some kind of a superhero off to save the day.
I was chasing some silly fantasy that
I could help the police.
It was scary and thrilling and dangerous
and did I mention scary?
The point is is that i saw enough
to know that this is where I belong--
at home with you.
So no more disappearing acts?
I promise.
Let's get you some of that soup.
Ahh. Maybe I should burn some incense
in here or something.
Yeah. That's probably
a very good idea.
Remind me to never wear black and yellow ever again.
Wait. Where'd your mom go?
Oh! Captain Lance drove her home.
Yeah. That is something I'll never be able to wrap my brain around.
Eh, it's kind of cute.
Don't you miss this?
I mean, I know you said that you wanted
to get away from it all,
but how could you?
What do you mean?
This. The-- the thrill of this, the rush.
I mean, we just took down a bad "bee-yotch" tonight.
It doesn't get any better than this.
I was never in it for that, not ever.
I wanted to make a difference,
be a part of that beacon of hope you speak of.
So come back.
Rejoin the team.
I think I figured out another way.
It was actually that insane bee lady
who gave me the idea, ironically...
To remake this company
to use the technology that helped me walk again
to make people's lives better,
to make Palmer tech into the beacon of hope.
Our mutual friends in hive have abandoned
our other mutual friend Mr. darhk,
but he reached out to me,
told me about you.
He said you were his Ace in the hole.
Heh heh. Is that what you'd like me to call you,
or do you prefer Mr. diggle?