Arrow (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 15 - Taken - full transcript

Oliver calls in his old friend Vixen for help in fighting Darhk, while Thea has a heart-to-heart talk with Malcolm.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I can do this.

I can do this.
I can so totally do this.

Yes, you can,
but either way,

we've got you.

It's no pressure
here, Miss Smoak.

Curtis' implant is the longest
of long shots.

I was expecting
a little more encouragement

from the husband
of the genius

who invented the thing.

My man works
miracles with technology,

but the human body
doesn't play by the same rules.

Well, here we go.

Here we go.

Here we go,
here we go.

Yeah. We're going.

Ok. It's ok. Got you,
got you, got you.

Well, that went nowhere.

Curtis ever tell
you how we met?

He came in with
Achilles tendonitis.

He was training
to qualify for the Olympics,

so all he cared
about was results.

Took me weeks just
to get him focused

on what really

How handsome
his therapist was?


Got to be patient with yourself.

These things
take time.

Are you sure what Conklin
told you was the truth?

Conklin was dying.

He had no reason
to lie.

Whatever Reiter
has planned,

he's gonna kill
everyone here.

Reiter: Mr. Queen...

It appears we are
within striking distance

of my prize.

I want you both at my side
when I claim it.

I don't give a damn
about your


Nevertheless, you'll
both bear witness to its fruition.

You ok?


I knew you were gonna
ask me,

so I thought I'd beat
you to the punch.

Are you ok?

A guy, a brilliant guy
says he can put

a microchip in my spine

and I will walk again.

I'm enough of a geek
to know science fiction when I see it.

You're still

Yeah. You know...

It's stupid.

Talk to me.

I wanted to be able to walk down
the aisle on our wedding day.

Darhk: Aw, you two just
melt my stone-cold heart.

You almost make me
believe in love again.

Nice to see you,
Mr. Queen.

How was your Christmas?

Son of a bi--

Ooh! Oh. You're so brave
for a political candidate

and reformed party boy.

Oh. Sorry about the limo,
love the wheelchair.

Might I suggest motorized.

We have extremely
powerful friends.

You do not know who
you're messing with.

If it makes
you happy,

the messing ends today.

I tried to bring you
into the fold, Mr. Queen,

I tried to kidnap
your nearest and dearest,

I tried to kill you,
but none of that took.

Well, like she said, you don't know
who you're messing with.

I suspect that is true,

but as they say--
well, or should--

the fourth time
is the charm.

Go ahead.
Take a look.

I'll wait.

William thinks that I'm
friends with his mother.

Funny. Heh heh heh.

Anyhoo, 6:00 on Friday,
you're gonna hold a press conference

and drop out
of the mayoral race.

Oh, that's 6 pm,
by the way.

I will be at home
watching you

from my brand-new

What did he show you
on your phone?

Who's William?

He's my son.

Please say something.

Felicity, I can explain.


I cannot hear
another lie.

You know, it's--it's
more complicated than that.

God, Oliver.
Are you the only person

on this planet that considers
the truth complicated?

Just to be clear,
I don't care

that you have a child.

I can't believe that
you have a child

that you didn't
tell me about.

What does it say
about our relationship

if your first instinct is
to always hide the truth?

William's mother made
a condition

that the only way
I would be allowed

to meet my son is
if I agreed to keep him secret,

even from you.

Who even makes
that kind of ultimatum?

Just a--a mother
who's trying to protect her son,

and she thought that
the best thing for him

was to keep his world
separate from mine.

After everything
that has happened,

can you really say that
she was wrong?

Well, it didn't
work, did it?

Somehow, Darhk
still found out.

We got your 911.

Felicity: Darhk paid
us a visit.

He's holding
a 10-year-old boy hostage,

says that he will
release him

if Oliver drops out
of the mayoral race.

Oliver: Let's get
in touch with Alex,

have him schedule
a press conference

for Friday at 6 pm.

John: You're not actually
going for this, are you?

The boy Darhk has--

he's my son.

Felicity: Yeah.
I just found out, too.

Apparently, the only
two people that knew

about William were
Oliver and Darhk.

I found out, too. Um--

um, what's our
next plan?

William lives in
Central City, right?


I will call Barry,
see what CCPD can do.

Is it ok if I tell
Barry that William's your--

Barry knows, too.

Let's also get in touch
with Malcolm.

He has an ax to grind after
what happened with the League,

and, um, Malcolm
knows, as well.

Maybe it would be easier
to list the people

who don't know
about your son.

Ahem. Samantha's here.

Who's Samantha?

It's William's mother.


She said her name
was Samantha Clayton.

The name struck a bell from the
million-dollar check you told Thea

wasn't gonna be
a problem.

It's not gonna be
a problem.

Ok. Then why did I
just get a 911 text

from Thea telling me
that you're pulling out of the race?

Have you heard
from William?

Do you know
where he is?

I don't, but I'm doing
everything I can.

Oh! I knew it.

I knew the second
I realized he was gone,

I knew that you had to have
some sort of involvement in this.

Oh, my God.
What was I thinking

letting you get
into his life?

Two months later,
and he's missing.

Samantha, I need you
to tell me exactly what happened.

No, Oliver.
You need to tell me

what the hell
is going on,

and you need to give me
my son back right now!

I am trying,
but you need to tell me

what happened, please.

I--I went upstairs to get him for dinner,
and he was gone.


No--no note,
no sign of struggle.

Just vanished.

I called the CCPD, and they have been
looking everywhere,

but it's already been
48 hours,

and still nothing,

but then a crime scene technician
pulled me aside

and said that I needed to talk
to you about this.

Barry Allen?

Yes. That's the one.

Oliver, you promised.

- I--
- You promised me

that you wouldn't tell
anyone about my son.

Barry figured it--
that's not what's

important right now.

What is important is
I'm gonna do everything--

and I mean absolutely
everything in my power--

and we will get
him back!

What can--what can
you do, Oliver?

What can you do that
the entire police force

hasn't been able to do?


I'm the Green Arrow.

This doesn't make
any sense.

Oliver: Well,
like I said,

I'm not the person
that I used to be.

Samantha, these are
my friends.

They're gonna help us
find William.

You probably remember...

Laurel Lance.

I am so sorry that you're
going through this, Samantha.

We will help you
get William back.

Look, Laurel.

It was one time,

and I knew that you
and Oliver were together,

but I was young
and stupid and selfish,

and I should have been
honest with you.

No. Oliver
should have been.

Come on.

Oliver: Does CCPD
have anything?

No. It was a clean grab.

Do we have any other
angles we can work,

other than Malcolm?

Finding William
isn't the problem.

Beating Damien Darhk is.

Every time we've
faced him,

we have been beaten

That's because we can't
go against his magic.

We just need to
fight harder,

we need to fight

You know, Oliver.
Insanity is doing

the same thing
over and over again

and expecting
a different result.

We need a new strategy.

What bout Constantine?

He's in Hell.

What's going on?

I mean, he's
actually literally in Hell.


But I might know
someone else.

Her name is
Mari McCabe.

She possesses a totem which is
powered by magic.

She calls herself

What the hell
was that thing?

Cerico doesn't
pay us enough to find out!


Come on out.
Face us like a man!

Woman: I've got
a better idea.

How about I kick your ass
like a woman instead?

I had that
under control.

I know.

What? Not enough in Star City
to keep you busy?

I need your help.

I have got to get me
one of these.


Laurel, hey.

Good to see you.

You, too.

Oliver: Mari, this is
John Diggle

and my sister Thea.


It's nice to meet you.

Sorry it's under such
horrible circumstances.

You spoke to Felicity
on the phone.


And this is Samantha,
William's mother.

Laurel: She's a friend,
a hero in Detroit they call Vixen.

Oliver: Mari and I had
an animated encounter last year,

and we've stayed
in touch ever since.

How are you gonna
help me find my son?

With magic.


Yeah. It's
a long story,

but the short
version is that

this totem gives
me the ability to channel

the ashe-- or the spirit--
of any animal.

Do you have anything of
William's with you?

Yes, I do.
Just this.

It's his favorite.

Don't you dare tell
Barry about this.

He's in the city.
I think I can find him.

Ok. Good. Dig and I
will cover you.

Laurel, get in touch
with your father.

We're gonna loop in
the SCPD.

I need you to...

Would it be all right if you
sat with Samantha?

Working up
a search profile. Sure.

Thank you. Thea.

Yeah. Malcolm's
coming over.

I'll go talk to him.

We're gonna find him.
He's gonna be ok.

Can you feel it?

The energy, primordial.

What is that?

Destiny, Mr. Queen.

I know you're here.

There's no need to lurk
in the shadows like the bogeyman.

You haven't seen me
in a while.

And I'm not the man
I used to be.

Yeah, I know.

They told me.

Not pretty, is it?

Well, could have
been a lot worse.

Could have chopped
your head off.

And I would have been
better off for it.

He took the League away from me
and gave it to Nyssa al Ghul.

And that was more important
than saving your daughter's life?

Yeah. Heard about that
part of the story, too.

Refusing to bargain
with Nyssa to save me.

My intention was to
save your life

and to keep
my seat of power

for the betterment
of the world.

Did you tell Darhk
about Ollie's son?

Do you really think I'd
do something like that?

Just answer
the question.


No, I won't

because you should
know me better

than to ask me
the question.

I know you all too well.

You should know
one thing, Thea.

No matter what happens,
I will always love you.

It's what fathers do.

Crazy world
we live in, huh?

Metahumans, magic,

Oliver Queen father.

I'm sorry I didn't
tell you.

No, man. I totally
get it.

Samantha put you
in a tough spot.

Couldn't have been
an easy decision for you.

I totally get
why you made it.

She was right.
William was safer

when I didn't know
about him,

so maybe if
I never find out, I--

Can't even go
there, man.

You'll eat yourself
up inside

with the "what if this"
or the "maybe that."

Part of being
a parent.

Most important thing
now is focusing

on getting your boy
back home safe.


How do you do it?

I know where Sara is
every night, Oliver.

I know what she's doing,
who she's with.

She sees my face

every single day.

I'm there for her,

and she knows,
and I know

that I would never
let anything bad happen to her.

I keep her close,

and that's how
you keep your children safe.

Samantha: Ok. He was wearing
a blue hoodie, plaid shirt,

gray corduroys,
and, um, a diamonds baseball cap.

He's a big fan.

Oliver likes
baseball, too.

Here's hoping that the innate fatherly
influence stops there.

Um, does he have any
distinguishing features,

freckles, birthmarks,
anything like that?

Oliver told me that
there was someone in his life,

someone special,
and her name was Felicity.

He wanted to tell you,

and I wouldn't let him.

I didn't know
who he was now,

I didn't know what kind
of person he was.

That's going around.

Jut try and remember
that I was the one

that made him choose

between you
and knowing his son.

Quentin: All right.
I got the whole force,

what's left of them

canvassing for William.

Thank you.

You don't seem
as surprised as I expected.

What, that party boy Oliver Queen
knocked up some girl?

I'm amazed there
isn't an army of little Olivers

running around
out there.

Well, there may be.

Heh. Certainly
got around back then.


Ahh. You ok?

I don't know.

It's the mother

Um, she was with him
when--when I was with him.

Oh, baby.

I don't know why
it still stings.

It was
a million years ago,

and it's not like
I didn't know

that Oliver
cheated on me.

Yeah, but that's
one thing.

Knowing he had
a kid?

I'm sorry,

Come here.

Thank you.

It's Oliver.

He knows where William's
being held.

John: I count 4 guards
patrolling the roof.

Mari's in position.

I wondered how long
it would take

for your buddy Oliver
to drag you into this.

Where's the boy?

Oh, he's fine.
I had him moved

about two minutes
before you and your posse

my evening in.

You know what?
You might want to learn

to be a little bit more

Have you considered
black instead of green?

You tell me where
you've taken him.

Or what? You'll fire
an arrow at me?

I think we've seen
that movie before.

I win, you lose,
rinse, repeat.

This time,
it's different.

Oh, really?

Where's the boy?

You have some

very interesting

My, my. I haven't
seen that trinket in a dog's age.

The M'Changa province,
am I right?


Oh, I like you,

and I don't like
many people.

I got you!

What happened?

Where did he go?

I can't track him.

Darhk's protected
by magic.

No, not just Darhk.
I lost William.

Samantha: Where's William?
What happened?

We had a small setback,
but we are not giving up.

What do you mean?

Hey. Blocked I.D.


Oh. Hi, Oliver.

How is your
evening going?

Mine somewhat

Some of your friends

by my place earlier
completely unannounced.

Very rude.

I want to talk
to my son, Darhk.

I want to know
that he's safe.

Oh, this must be the first time
your son's been kidnapped

because clearly you don't understand
how these things work.

I make the demands.

Well, you've made them,
and I've agreed.

Friday night, I'm
dropping out of the race.

Why wait? Give your green friend
less time to botch things up.

So go find yourself
a television camera.

I want to know that
my son is safe!

Oh, and by the way,
you're going to

completely endorse
Ruv? Adams,

save us all the trouble
of those pesky little write-in ballots.

He moved up
the timetable.

Wants me to drop out
of the race tonight.

Thea, let Alex know.

Mari: I am so sorry.

I know you brought me
here to fight magic with magic, but--

Mari, this is not
on you.

There is still so much
that we don't know about Darhk's power.

We--we don't--
we don't even know

what the source
of it is.

Wait. I get my powers
from this necklace.

Without it, I'm just
a wannabe fashion designer

who lives at home
with her foster dad,

so up to now, everyone I've gone up
against with mystical powers

has had some sort
of totem like mine.

What if Darhk has an object
that helps him with his magic?

I think he does.
I walked in on him

once or twice in front
of this cabinet thing,

and inside, there's some kind of,
I don't know, idol.

Can you draw it for me?

Yeah. I'll give
it a whirl.

Ok, Oliver. What if
this little art project

doesn't yield
any results?


And what if it
takes too long?

and Captain Lance

are working on a way
to eventually stop Darhk.

Right now, I have
to save William.

What's he saying?

Whatever it is,
it's not good.

We have to get
out of here now!

Reiter, what
are you doing?

Proving what I know
about you is true.

You can't leave us
in here with it.



You are worthy
to pass.

Thank you for coming
on such short notice.

When I entered this race,
it was because

no one else was willing
to step into the spotlight.

It has always been my hope
that my actions

would inspire others.

4 months later,
and they have.

Knowing that,
effective immediately,

I will be suspending
my campaign

and throwing my full support
behind Ruv? Adams.

Now I would like
to take a moment

to thank all
of my supporters

for all of your hard work.

What you've done
will not be forgotten.

Thank you.

New numbers are out.

You're leading
by 16 points.

Alex, I'm sorry.

I know that you put your heart and soul
into this campaign, and--

And your days of speech-making
are now behind you.

Look, man. I don't
want sorry.

I just want
an explanation.

That's why I'm sorry.

Sucks when you can't
tell the truth.

Samantha told me
about her ultimatum.

I just figured that eventually
she'd trust me.

Yeah. You'd work your
Oliver Queen charm.

I didn't want to be
a part of William's life

without the opportunity
for you to be a part of his life.

John's made it
pretty clear that, uh,

I should have made
more of an effort

to be a part
of William's life

and that the best way
to keep him safe

would have been
to keep him close,

even with
all of this.

Your resignation's
all over the news.

Have you heard
from Darhk?

Not yet.

Speak of the devil

It's not Darhk.
It's Mari.

She has something.

Mari: I e-mailed
Captain Lance's drawing

of Darhk's idol to a friend of mine
at Detroit University.

Thea: And did he
recognize it?

It's a Khushu idol,
very rare, very powerful,

but its power requires
a constant connection

to one of the earth's
Ley lines.

I never thought
I'd say this, but huh?

Ok. Think Wi-Fi
for magic,

and the idol is
his Internet connection.

If Professor Macalester's
theory is correct

and this map is accurate--

Then Darhk must be
holed up near one

of these Ley lines

in order for him to get
the strongest signal.

I'll start cross-referencing
all the locations

that we've
encountered Darhk.

And you pulled out
of the race.

Why isn't this man
giving me my son back?

He will, and everything
will be fine.

You keep saying that,
but it hasn't been yet.

You're doing everything you
possibly can.

You can't beat
yourself up about it.

Well, you don't know
me very well, do you?

Just before Christmas,
Darhk took Thea, Felicity, John,

held them captive.

We agreed that I would
trade myself for them.

I did,

and Darhk did not live up
to his end of the bargain.

So you're worried
that's playing itself out again now.

We're gonna get
William back, Oliver,

but when we do,

I think you should
consider that...

Maybe letting him go
isn't such a bad thing.

What do you mean?

Well, I heard what you told Felicity
about keeping him close.

Owl ears.

Uh, I never knew
my real parents.

I grew up
in foster home,

and my whole life,
I wondered,

"Who am I?
Where did I come from?

Why didn't my
real parents want me?"

A boy should know
who his father is.

He should,
and he will

but knowing what
William's going through right now,

I realize that I wasn't
ready for the answers.

Learning about
my heritage, my powers,

the evil my mother fled our homeland
to protect me from,

no child should have
to carry that burden.

I mean, look around you.

Oliver, the best gift
you can give him is his childhood.

Keep him as far away
from your world

for as long as possible.

I can't imagine
a greater sacrifice.

Isn't that what
parenthood is?

Hey, guys.

I think we
found something.

Felicity: Darhk moves his idol around,
which makes sense, but--

John: It makes him
a whole lot harder to track.

Felicity: Right,
but after referencing

a buttload of satellite feeds,
thermal imaging data,

and the Ley line map,
I think Darhk is located

out on a compound
in Sky Woods.


Very good speech.
You look great on television.

Nelson Plaza,
3 hours.

will be there.

Darhk says he's gonna
release William

3 hours from now
at Nelson Plaza.

Laurel: There's no
guarantee with Darhk.

This could be
a trap.

And now we have a chance
to take out

his power idol thingy.

Ollie, without his magic,
he won't be able

to do this to anybody
ever again.

It--it will be game over.


He's your son.

It is your call.

He's your son, too,

Get him back

and take this
son of a bitch Darhk out.

Mari: I count 17 Ghosts.

Copy. Black Canary?


Felicity: Spartan?
John: I'm set.

Let's do this.

Vixen, you're up.

I'm guessing your insurance
won't pay for that.

Cute. Bye-bye.

When you're dead,
I'll make sure that totem

gets put
to better use.

Took the words right
out of my mouth.


Well, that happened.

Speedy, Canary,
I can't get a clear shot.

Where are you?

Laurel: On our way.

You find William.

I'll take care
of Darhk.

I'm sorry. I can't
hear you with your throats

closing up like that.


I've got the totem.
Has it had any effect?

Felicity: Separating it
from Darhk didn't do anything.

Go to plan "B."

What's plan "B"?

William: Please
don't hurt them.

Oliver: Get out of here!

William: Mom!

Samantha: William!

Medics checked him out.

He's in perfect health.

Oh, thank goodness.

There's someone here that
you must have missed.

What's wrong?

I'm kind of
over the Flash.

I want a Green Arrow
action figure.

Well, the Green Arrow is
pretty amazing.

Quentin: I will let
you guys get reacquainted.


Is everything ok?

Detectives questioned
William while the docs

were checking him out.

Darhk didn't take him.

It was a guy
with a missing hand.

You son of a bitch!

I assure you, Mr. Queen,
I had all the faith

in the world that
you would survive.

Oliver: Huh? Well, what
about everybody else?

You are
my only concern.

We've gotten this
far because of you.

Let's finish it.
You, too, Miss Venediktov.

Mr. Queen seems to behave at his best
when you're around.

Is William gonna
be ok?

Yeah. He's
a tough one.

Just like his dad.

Heh. Could not have
done this without you.

Thank you.


Have you thought
anymore about what I said?

I--I just got him back.

Let me just say for
all the frustrations

I have about my real
parents giving me up,

I am so grateful
I was raised in a situation

where that was
my biggest issue in life.

Best things my parents
ever gave me was that freedom.

That and this totem,
that makes me a total badass.

You don't need
a totem for that.

You're damn right
I don't.

Take care
of yourself, Oliver.

I'm just
a phone call away.

Me, too, Mari.
Me, too.

I heard you found
the boy.

You can't believe
how relieved I am.

- Cut the crap!
- Excuse me?

I know it was you.

You took him
out of spite!

For us. You have to
believe me

I did it for us.

You--you purposely--
you put him in danger.


you know what?

I'm not doing this

This song-and-dance
where you come over to my apartment

and you whisper
your lies,

it is over!

Thea, I did it
to protect us.

Shut up. How could
you possibly think

that there was
an us to protect?

You know, sometimes,
I lay awake at night,

and I wonder what Robert would think
about our relationship.

He raised me,
he loved me,

and I threw that all away the moment
I became your daughter.

Yes. Yes, you did,
and it was your choice.

And I wish I never did.

Don't you dare speak
to me like that.

You would be dead
10 times over if not for me.

I taught you
how to fight,

how to be strong.

I turned you from
a delicate, spoiled brat

into a warrior,

and all I've ever gotten
from you in return

is your
venomous spite!

For a very good

You have no idea
what you are up against.

You are incapable
of seeing the bigger picture,

but I can,

and I would rather
you hate me and be alive

than love me
and be dead.

Hi, William.

I hope you're well,
and I hope you're safe.

There's something that I--
I want to tell you.

I wanted to
tell you before,


But this is better.

I'm your father
biologically, that is.

As far as really being
your father goes,

I haven't earned that yet.

A father should be there
for his child every day

no matter what
to make sure

that they feel loved,
that they feel safe,

and a child should be able
to rely on their father

and go to him for--
for guidance and reassurance.

I have failed
to do that for you...

And now I'm--I'm gonna
tell you why.

I'm the Green Arrow,

and my life is
very dangerous,

which is why...

We decided to keep you
out of it for all these years.

What happened to you
in Star City,

that was my fault,

and I can't allow anything
like that to happen ever again,

and that's why I've asked
your mother to

move you far away

and to not tell anyone
where she's taking you,

including me.

It's also why I asked her
to wait to show you this message

until after your 18th birthday.

I wanted to give you
a real childhood.

I wanted to give you that gift.

Good-bye, son.

I sure hope
it's not forever.

How much of that
did you hear?


Oliver, we need
to talk.

About a number
of things, I suspect.

Let's start with...

I can't do this.

When your son
was in danger,

I had to table
what I was feeling

about everything,

but now that I've
had some space,

I realize
I need space.


I know the position

Samantha put you in,

I know it was
an impossible decision,

but you were right.

You should have
told me.

Marriage is
about inclusion.

It's about leaning
on your partner

when things get

I don't think that
you know how to do that.

I'm--I'm trying.

And now you're
sending William away,

and I understand why.

You know that I do,

but once again, you have left me out
of the decision.


Oh, my God.