Arrow (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 12 - Unchained - full transcript

The team faces off against a formidable villain nicknamed The Calculator (guest star Tom Amandes). Meanwhile, Nyssa (guest star Katrina Law) makes her move and Roy Harper (guest star Colton Haynes) returns to Star City.

Take that away
as well.

The food attracts flies

and I prefer
my solitude.

The pepper came
from the garden.

The garden grows strong
even in your absence.

Please try a bite.


Quickly. We must--

[all grunting,
swords clanging]

The mountain
will be ours by morning.

We must act quickly.

The Usurper will return,
and with him, his followers.

Has the Lotus been found?

In Kyushu.
It's well guarded.

So was this place
upon a time.

Felicity: Good news, the burglar
is headed straight towards you.

Bad news, the burglar
is headed straight towards you.


Where did he
learn to do that?

I'm thinking
Cirque Du Soleil.

He's headed for the roof.

Thank you, Black Canary.

That is your cue,
Green Arrow and Speedy.

Is she--

Overusing our code names?

Yep. Indulge her.

We got him, Overwatch.

You have no idea
how much I love hearing that.

I think we do, actually.

Two rooftop doors.

Floor plans show that
he staircase splits a level below you.

He could come out
either door.

Got him.


How's Thea?

She's ok.
She's resting at our place.

She said it was just

We don't believe
a word of that, do we?

What else could it be?

The Pit.

The bloodlust makes
her feral,

it doesn't make her
lose consciousness.

And Thea hasn't gone
aggro in months.

Exactly. Maybe this is
some sort of side effect

of her white-knuckling
her way through it.

It seems like
a bit of a leap.

Ollie, what are you

That I should have
done a better job

of keeping an eye
on her.

She told me the bloodlust came
back two months ago

and I didn't
even know.

I've been focused
on the campaign

and I've been running
back and forth to Central City and...

How is it that you always manage
o blame yourself for everything?

That's his super power.
Guilt Arrow.

Did our thief steal
anything else from Amertek?

A network mapper.

A piece of tech
designed to scan

all nearby digital

for potential

Do we think it's
his last score?

We better hope
hat it is.

Amertek's one of
he last

viable businesses
left in Star City.

Turns out Palmer Tech
is one of those viable businesses.

For now, at least.

What do you mean
for now?

The board, in their
infinite wisdom,

decided to move
he presentation

on Curtis' world-changing
ech from April to now.

And guess who gets to be the face
of that potential disaster?

Oh, well, do you want me
o come with you

for a little
moral support?

Ahh, no,
I'll be fine.

It's just a dry run.

In the past 30 years,

battery technology has been
at a virtual standstill

with batteries lasting no longer
han they did in the 1970s.

Dammit. Heh.


Uh, but with Palmer Tech's
power cell, it represents

a major breakthrough.


Should have gone with
overhead projector.

Mr. Holt.

Could you give us
he room, please?

Well, actually,
hat's gonna be a little difficult,

seeing how the entire building's
he property of--

[mutters] I'll just--
I'll be right outside.

[Mouths words]


May I be
uncomfortably honest?

Well, you have never shown
an inability to do so before.


This company has been
flirting with bankruptcy

since before you
returned to Star City.

And your injury, well,
it didn't exactly help our stock price.

We staked the future
of Palmer Tech on this power cell.

We need to put
our best foot forward.

That is not something
hat I'm exactly able to do right now.

Sorry, poor choice
of words.

What I mean is perhaps
it would be better

o let someone else
do this presentation.

And by "someone else,"

you mean someone
not in a wheelchair.

This is about doing
what's best for the company.

Anything less than
a perfect launch

and we are sunk.

Right. You're right.

Please let the board know.


[Sighs] Just wanted
o check in,

see how you were doing.

Well, I think
he answer to that question

is fairly

Thea's bloodlust
is the balancing of an equation.

She was given life
and now she needs to take it.

Malcolm, we know that

What we don't know is--

What you don't know,

what I didn't know
until Thea collapsed

is that if the life
she owes

doesn't come
from taking others,

it will come
from the life of the host.

Please do not refer to me
as the host.

This isn't a joke.

If you don't indulge
his bloodlust,

you will die.

I don't understand.

Sara wasn't like this.

John Constantine
made Sara whole

and restored
he balance.

Thea, I thought
you were doing ok.

Because the bloodlust was
emporarily blunted.

By what?

Damien Darhk.

When we rescued Andy
from HIVE,

I ran into him.

He tried to kill me with his
magic death touch thingie,

but it didn't work on me.

What it did do
was stop the bloodlust

for a time.

We need to find
Damien Darhk

and make whatever
he did to her permanent.

Oliver, even if that
were possible,

even if you caught Damien
in a more cooperative mood,

he and his HIVE have
gone to ground.

Or haven't you noticed?


Our sticky-fingered friend just pulled
another job at Cadmus Tech.

He's two blocks
east of you, headed south.

John, I can't right now.

He stole a weapon
his time.

Just go.

Nothing's gonna change
here in an hour.

I'm on my way.

Where am I looking?

Diggle: We're working
on it.

Got him!


First Sara, then Ray,
hen John's brother.

Whose shocking return
can we look forward to next?

Oliver, I'm gonna ask this
just to ask it.

Are you sure
hat it was--

It was Roy.

Or maybe it was just
somebody who's able

o make themselves
look like Roy.

Don't act like it's
he craziest possibility

after everything
hat we've experienced.

What's crazy is Roy
stealing from tech companies.

What did he take
his time?

A triode capacitor bomb.

Tiny device,
really huge boom.

This is Alex
for the 500th time today.


Hey, I was just
exting you.

How did you--

Oh, campaign office
has a secret elevator.


I'm kidding.

I came in the side
o avoid the media.

Got your 911.
Everything all right?

No, not really.

"Ledger's" going to
press with it tomorrow,

but we got a heads up.

Someone else is throwing
heir hat in the ring.


Political novice
it looks like.

I'm still working up a bio, but she seems
o have come out of nowhere

o suddenly have
a campaign office in Pennytown.

Ruv? Adams.

Do you know her
from somewhere?

No. I'm just surprised
o have an opponent.

Yeah, it's pretty much
a game changer.


Yes, it is.

I've never doubted
you resiliency, Mr. Queen,

but you will
ell me.

Why did you need
hese maps?

He can't tell you
anything if you kill him.

Get her out of here.


What did your
attoos reveal, huh?

What were you trying
o find?

Hello, Oliver.

It's good to see you

Are you here
o endorse me?

I want a meeting
with your husband.

I'm not sure you
would survive

another meeting
with my husband.

No fight this time.

I have a proposition
for him.

I'm listening.

Tomorrow, 10:30.
Kershaw and 8th.

Uh, we have
a new problem.

I was going over
he schematics

of the two pieces
of stolen tech,

rying to figure out
where Roy was going to hit next.

Any luck?

No. I mean,
not at first.

A capacitor bomb
and a network mapper,

hat's like a ceiling fan
and broccoli.

Sounds like
a messy combination.

Combination being
he breakthrough.

I stopped trying
o figure out

what the two pieces
of tech had in common

and started working on what would
happen if they were combined somehow,

he components,

Tell us something good.

Depends on your
definition of "good."

But I'm pretty sure that Amertek's
network mapper and Cadmus' capacitor

could theoretically
be used to create a web-nuke.

Like a bomb?

Roy already stole
a bomb.

No, I'm talking about
a device that can destroy

he entire Internet.

We're talking
banking systems,

nuclear arsenals,
power grids.

Last year Roy could
barely spell "computer."

Even assuming he did
build this device--

why hasn't he used it?

Because it's incomplete.
A device like this

needs a really substantial
power source to run off of.

And guess what company
in Star City

just invented a next generation
revolutionary battery.

I don't want
o hurt you.

I don't want you
o hurt me, either.

Well, I'm going to
need to take that.

Oh, I think you might
have to hurt me, then.


Stand down.

There's something
wrong with him.

Yeah, I think that's
been established.

Let's talk
about this, Roy.

Man: I'm in position.


Roy, what are you doing?

Listen very carefully.

Are you sure?

Felicity: Do it.

No, wait.

What did you do?

Take out the tranq,

Let's hope the Faraday
cage Cisco installed in here works.


Basically a shield

for everything broadcast
and electromagnetic.

Which eye did you
see the tech in?

The right one.

How'd you even know
he had it?

Roy's eyes are blue.

I'm guessing this was
ransmitting an AV signal,

probably to whoever
was picking up the tech.

Well, he can tell us
when he wakes up.

Wh--where am I?

It's ok.

We took out
he contact.

We made it look like
we killed you.

You're safe.

While I'm in here,
at least.

New lair. Nice.

I heard about
what happened.

I'm sorry.

Roy, what happened
o you.

I got made.

I was in Hub City,
new life, new name, everything,

and then I got an email.

Saying what?

Steal a bunch of stuff?

Or he'll expose me
as Roy Harper.

Suddenly the Arrow's
not dead anymore

and then the police, they'd
be looking at you again.

he blackmailer?

I don't know.
I've never met him.

But he calls himself
he Calculator.

[Laughs] This is what happens when
he bad guys name themselves.

Roy, you should have
come to us sooner.

I couldn't.

He's right.

There's a camera
built into this.

This is really
incredible tech.

He could see every single
move I made,

every person I talked to.

I couldn't just
expose you guys like that.

We would have figured
something out.

This is my problem.

'Cause you were
solving my problem.

Ok, well, our problem
is that the Calculator

now has everything he needs
o melt the Internet.

I love the Internet.

Which means we have to
find him, fast.

Can you backtrace
he components,

figure out where
hey're broadcast to?

Girl, you read my mind.

Pop your jacket off,
I'll patch you up.

Man, I cannot believe
you shot me.




Shado's dead.

I know.

You're having a vision.

The result of your injuries.

You're not real.


But what I've come
o tell you is.

What have you come
o tell me?

You need to forgive
yourself for what you've done.

Unfortunately, you're gonna have to be
a little more specific.

You had the chance
o leave this island,

o return to
your family.

They miss you

I can't go back
o my family.

Not the way
hat I am now.

Then it's time
o start changing.

The only way out
is through, Oliver.

That's what
Amanda Waller said.

Through what?

Through your
own darkness.

Let it go.

I don't know how.

Then I will
each you.

This is it.

I see no shrine.

The woods are
he shrine, Talibah.

In times long past,
he people of Japan

found their Gods
in all things.

Nature was their temple.

I must do this alone.

If I do not return
within the hour,

ell the others
he war is over.

Hello, Tatsu.

You look well.

Being a member of
he Crescent Order clearly suits you.

I have found my purpose.

What is yours in Japan?

I've come for the Lotus.

It is my responsibility
o keep it safe.

I know.



We're evenly matched.

One of us must yield
or this will go on for ages.

I have nowhere else
o be.

I do.

On a matter that
concerns Oliver Queen.

I see two options.

We keep fighting until
one of us drops from exhaustion

or we lay down our swords

and you listen to
what I have to say.

Maybe next time
we can do something

hat doesn't involve
me getting stabbed or shot at.

Just an idea.

I'm sorry that I put you
in this position.

I'm pretty sure
I put myself in this position.

I remember you not
being all that happy

hat I fakes my
death to protect your secret.

I never should have
let you.

Do you ever get
ired, you know,

of carrying the weight of the world
on your shoulders

like that all
he time?

You sound like Felicity.

And Diggle.

Well, great minds.

So what are Felicity
and John saying

you're taking
responsibility for now?


Oh, my God.

Am I hallucinating?

It's really you.

How are you?

I've been better.

How are you?

Where have you been?

What are you doing here?

How--how long are you--




What's happening?

[Gasping and coughing]
I don't...

I don't know.

Oh, my God.

It's the wound
from Ra's.

I'll call 911.

No, doctors
can't help her.

Stay with us, Thea.
Stay strong.

Give it a minute,
it will pass.

You're ok.

How's it going?

This tiny piece
of plastic

has more computing power in it
han most high-end laptops.

I have half a mind to
reverse engineer it for Palmer Tech.

But first?

Yes, I found a tiny flaw
in the OS code.

I'm pretty sure I can
exploit it

o open a back door
o his main computer system.

Right, but wouldn't that risk
exposing us?

My pride that you
understood what I was saying

is slightly uncut
by your lack of faith in me.

I've nothing but faith,
just do it.

I already did.

Well, well.
Whoever you are,

let me just say
I am very impressed.

No one's ever been able to break
hrough my encryption before.


Disguise your voice.


[Distorted voice] I would take that
as a compliment

if it wasn't coming
from some nutjob

who's trying to
destroy the Internet.

Why would I want to
ake down the net?

Not only is it
where I work,

I'm addicted to
funny cat videos.

Well, if you're not trying to
ake down the Internet,

what do you need
a web-nuke for?

Very clever
keeping me talking

o buy you time to
breach my firewall.

So that's a pass
on telling me your evil plan?

Let's put it this way,

if you want to make
a statement,

you don't take down
a system,

you take down a city.

He shut me out.

Not before indicating what
his plan might be.

How do you take down
a Ci...

Oh, no.


I've been thinking
about what would happen

if he used the web-nuke
o take down the Internet,

but if he used it right,

he electrical grid,

shutting down
hospital equipment,

causing water main breaks.

He..He could kill
everyone in the city.

So a web-nuke needs
o be deployed somewhere.

We need to know where
he Calculator wants to install it.

I am not calling him that
on principle,

'cause it is
a lame codename.

Ok, Felicity, but we still
have to check--

I'm conducting a review
of all the nodes, sub-nodes,

and network access points
where the web-nuke

would do the most damage.

Any luck?

Why do you always
ask me that?

If I had any luck
looking for what I'm looking for,

I would be telling you
about it instead of looking for it.

Sorry. Stressed.

In addition to
our lunatic of the week,

I have Palmer Tech
o look after.

Palmer Tech.

Ray worked up something
last year called a battering ram,

basically something that could crash
hrough cyber security.

No commercial application,

Can you use it to get back
into the Calculator's system?

Stop calling him that,
I'm serious.

Your darkness
is guilt.

You've taken
many lives.

The life of your love's
brother most recently.

I'm not in love with

She helped you recover
he maps from the Amazo.

She nursed you
back to health.

And all she's received
from you in return is a lie.

Open your eyes.

What's this?

Curtis Holt, have you
seen the battering ram?

It's this kick ass piece of tech that
Ray invented last year.

Um, cyndrical shape,
itanium shell.

I'm gearing up for
a brute force attack.

Look out for that--

And I need all the
firepower I can muster.

Uh, never mind.

Hey, you've gotten
pretty slick on that thing

in the last 24 hours.
What happened?

Yes! I got it.

Thanks, Curtis.
You're the best.

I didn't do anything.

You're the one who's
whipping around here

like a house on fire.

Well, that is what happens
when the entire city is at stake.

But now when it's just,
say, an entire company.

Mr. Dennis says you're no longer
presenting the power cell to the board.

Well, my dry run
was an epic disaster.

Yeah, I know.

It was...It was
a spectacular failure.

Like, it was really bad.

But it wouldn't have
been if this Felicity had come in.

You know, the one
who wheels in here

kicking ass and taking names
like you just did.

This is different.

No, it's not.

There's two Felicitys,

The one in
hat boardroom

whose wheelchair makes
her doubt herself

and this Felicity,

a brilliant force
of nature.

This company needs
he second Felicity.


Laurel told me.

You ok?

I'm feeling a bit better.

Hey. I'm working on

If it's a pedophile
for me to kill,

Malcolm's already been
pitching that one hard.

You're not a killer,

That's not a way
for you to live.

But it sounds like
Damien Darhk might be.

Yeah, I'm sure he's
just itching to do us a favor.

We're gonna find out.

I arranged a meeting.

It's not like he's
gonna be willing to help me.

Maybe there's something
hat he wants,

something I can
rade him.

Ollie, that's insane.

Not to mention stupid.

I can't let you owe
Darhk a favor.

And I can't let
you die.

I won't.

That's not up to you.

Look, I know how you
ake everything on,

everyone's problems.

It's one of the things
I love the most about you.

But you can't fix
his one, Ollie.

I have to try.

No, you don't.

It's my choice.

It's my life.

She's stubborn,
isn't she?

Definitely something
she gets from your side of the family.

It doesn't matter.

Because you're going to
go hood in hand

o Damien Darhk.

I am the Demon's Head.
I have my resources.

And I know how to put my
ear up against a door.

Leaving the epic
stupidity of your plan aside,

Thea's right.

This is neither
of our decisions.

Malcolm, do you want
her to die?

Of course not.

Do you have any idea
how badly

I want to put a knife
in her hand

and force her to slit
someone's throat?

I've come this close to dragging
someone in here for her to kill.

And the reason I don't is because
hat would be about my feelings

and not Thea's.

Oliver, sometimes
he greatest act of love

is no action at all.

It's her life.
It's her choice.

This almost feels
like cheating,

using Ray's tech
o beat this guy.

Got it.

He's installing the web-nuke
at Flint Hill Data Farm.


Yeah, he's doing it
right now.

Get Oliver.

Device is onsite.


Hang on a second.

Miss me?

I have seriously
missed this.

we're on station.

I'm trying to find
he web-nuke,

but our adversary
knows I'm in his system

and he's trying to
kick me out.

I did get a look
at his protocols, though.

And if the web-nuke
goes online,

he could kill 8,000 people.

I'd say that's
a conservative estimate.

Blowing the gas mains
alone would kill 3,000.

Just wait till you see what I've
got planned for the subway cars.

Ooh, good story. Write me a letter.
From prison.

The battering ram
was a neat trick,

but the only way
you're going to stop me

is by removing the
web-nuke on site.

And I suspect that
you don't come out

from behind that
keyboard much.

That's what I have
friends for.

Ok, so does anyone know how
o disconnect this thing?

I brought friends, too.

Hired mercenaries.

It's amazing who you can
find on the dark web.

Always got to
make an entrance, don't you?

Sorry, there was
a meeting that I decided not to go to.

Look, I know it's
been a while for me,

but this still isn't
a good thing, right?

You know, I almost feel
bad about beating you.

Rarely do I get to meet someone
with your talents.

What did you do?

Boom! I believe
he technical term is I pwned you.

Be that as it may,
I can breach your firewall

faster than I can remove
he DRMs off a Beatles tune.

Guys, the web-nuke
is hard wired in.

Not to get too
inside baseball on you,

but I need you to
blow the thing up.

How much time
do we have?

Um, it's a long

but somewhere between "I Want
To Hold Your Hand"

and "Hey, Jude."

Priming the explosive.

Something's not working.

He's jamming
he detonation frequencies.

Ok, do this
he old-fashioned way

and manually set the charge.

Yeah, but how do
we do that

and get out of here
in one piece?

Someone has to stay behind.

I'll do it.

Even if you triggered
he C4 with an arrow at a distance,

you still need to outrun
he blast radius.

I can do that.

Just because you're wearing red
doesn't make you the Flash, Roy.

I didn't say it
wasn't gonna be risky.

You just got a fresh start.

I don't want you
o throw it all away.

I'm the one who
brought this maniac into your lives.

I need to do this.
This is my choice.

It's my life.


See you outside,

Good luck.

Hey, you run like hell.


You guys might want
o get out of here.

Come on, Roy.

Come on!

Just like riding
a bicycle.

It's good to have
you back, Roy.

You've been missed.

Well, don't get
oo used to me.

I'm gonna have to go
underground again.

Even deeper now that
he Calculator knows who I am.

What's to keep him
from posting it on the Internet?

Oh, I might have installed
a virus in his system

hat wiped out everything
he had on Roy.

I'm sorry I can't stay.

Not just for you guys,
but for Thea.

She'll understand.

She's gonna be ok,

Well, whatever
she decides,

I'm gonna back
her play.

Thank God.

I thought the fever
would never break.

I'll get you
some water.


I need to tell you

It's ok.

Whatever it is,
it can wait

until you've had
some water.

I lied to you.

When I said that Conklin
killed your brother,

hat was a lie.

I don't understand.

I have this darkness
inside of me

hat I've been trying
o escape for the longest time.

And I think that
I found a way,

but first I need
o earn your forgiveness.

For what?

I didn't know that
Vlad was your brother.

There are reasons,
but they don't matter,

hey don't change
what I did.

I killed your brother.


I can't believe I let
you talk me into this.

You are gonna be great.
Break a leg.




This is a day I have looked forward to
for a very long time.

Because today I stand

(audience laughs)

on the shoulders of many giants.

Nikola Tesla,
Thomas Edison, Ray Palmer,

and of course, Curtis Holt.

Their work has always been
about making this world a better place.

And today, we get to take
another step towards that goal.

As you know, battery technology
has been at a virtual standstill

for decades, with batteries lasting,
nor charging any faster

han they did in the 1970s.

Until now.

Today Palmer Tech is
pleased to introduce

he Power Cell, a 100%
recyclable battery.

It can charge an electric car
for thousands of miles.

And right now, it is

not only powering
his entire presentation,

but this entire building.

She is something
else, isn't she?

You have no idea.

You know, you should be
a nurse in your new life.

You're a natural at it.

The only problem is,
I am a one-patient man,

and I'm already
committed to you.

Is that why
you're leaving?

Look, I get it, Star City is filled
with too many people

who can
recognize you.

You know, I thought
about staying anyway.

For you.

You know what
you could do for me?

Go live
an amazing life.

Get married, have
a couple of kids.

Get a minivan.

Just go be normal.

There's nothing
in this world

hat would make me
happier than that.

You know, if I could do
all of this over again,

I would do every single one
of those things with you.

Me, too.

I love you, Thea Queen.

I love you,
Roy Harper.

You were amazing
out there.

Heh. Thanks.

How's Thea doing?

I'm gonna go check
on her now.

I'm just gonna debrief
with Curtis,

but text me
how she's doing.


Oh, my God.


How is she?


Where's your
new BFF Damien?

I don't know.

Like you said, this
is Thea's decision,

it's not mine.

I know it feels wrong,

but you did
he right thing.

However it feels,
I couldn't have done it without you.

Malcolm, thank you.

For everything.

Oliver, it's Thea.

How long will she
be in a coma?

Right now she's barely
a 3 on the Glasgow Scale.

Prognosis isn't good.

I'm sorry.

Thea, please don't go.

There's only one way
o prevent that.

My father once told me
of an elixir known as Lotus,

capable of countering
he effects of the Lazarus Pit.

A secret weapon developed by the
League's enemies.

Do you have it?

I do.

And I will freely give it to you
on one condition.

I want you to kill
Malcolm Merlyn.