Arrow (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Draw Back Your Bow - full transcript

Oliver must stop an Arrow-obsessed serial killer, Carrie Cutter, who is convinced that The Arrow is her one true love and will stop at nothing to get his attention. Unfortunately, her way ...

My name is Oliver Queen.

After five years in hell...

...I have come home with only one goal:

To save my city.

Now others have joined my crusade.

To them, I'm Oliver Queen.

To the rest of Starling City,
lam someone else.

I am something else.

Previously on Arrow:

I killed him. The police officer.
Why didn't you tell me?

You were overdosed on Mirakuru.
You didn't remember.

I was hoping that you never would.

This city still needs saving,
and that is my vision for this company.

Yes, I am your boss now.

I can quit, which is what I just did.

I thought that I could be me and the Arrow,
but I can't.

Say it'll never work out between us.

- Say you never loved me, say...
- Felicity.

I told you as soon as we talked,
it would be over.

- What changed your mind?
- I just decided I want more out of life.

- Who the hell are you?
- I'm Cupid, stupid.

In the last five minutes,
S.C.P.D. has had over 200 reports...

...of masked men attacking the city.

- There's 3.8 miles to the bridge.
- And a dozen Mirakuru soldiers.

- Stop.
- Stop? Here? We're already late.


Everybody, get back inside.

Isaac Stanzler.

The two of you got the
same taste in outfits.

- Thought he was in custody.
- Yeah.

Corrections was transporting him
to Iron Heights when he got pincushioned.

- By who?
- Your guess is as good as mine.

But whoever it was went to a lot of trouble,
dressing him up and dumping him like this.

Our doer is definitely trying
to get your attention.

Well, he's got it. Any leads yet?

No, only physical evidence
other than the body is this.

It's shaped like a spade.
What's that all about?

I don't know.

I'll look into it.

I'm not your mother, or your wife.

- Or your maid.
- Okay. All right.

You don't like me. I get it.

- At least you're perceptive.
- I thought that in the last week...

...we did the whole candle meditation
thing, and maybe we had a moment.

Moment's over. You can celebrate
by doing your own laundry.

- Yeah.
- What?

L... I don't know how.

Where you going?

Waller just called.

New intel on this Li Kuan Hui
the Triad's interested in.

- What?
- My contact is down at the docks.

A gaijin would stick out
like neon down there.

- Gaijin?
- It'll be fine.

I'll only be gone an hour.

What am I supposed to do?

Your laundry, apparently.

What are you doing? We were supposed to be
at the press conference 20 minutes ago.

Oh, God, I have a type.

Richard Branson works out twice a day. Gives him
20 additional hours of productivity a week.

I'm sorry, I can't hear a word
you're saying when you're doing...


- Sorry. What's up?
- The announcement?

There's a gajillion reporters
and city notables waiting for you.

Oh, ha. Well, this'll be interesting. Ha.

BTW, are you free
for dinner tomorrow night?

- What?
- I have a dinner with the CEO...

...of a Nevada mining concern.

They own mineral rights...

...imperative to the cogeneration project.
And I fit into this how?

The CEO is boring.
His wife, even more boring.

If I go solo, I'll end up slicing
my wrist open with a butter knife.

Well, I don't think a butter knife
is gonna do the job.

Oh. There will be steak knives there too.

I'm sure you have a dozen other employees
better suited as your anti-boring wing-woman.

Hundreds, actually.

But you are the one I
bought this dress for.

This dress...

...costs more than my apartment.

Yeah, it's couture.

Which I'm pretty sure is French
for "expensive."

- Oh.
- So dinner?

Purely platonic.

There is nothing platonic about couture.

Fine, I'll have my assistant return it.

No... All right, I'll go, I'll go.

- But only so I can wear this dress.
- Of course.

You and I are gonna be best friends.

- Hey.
- Last time I saw a spade that lethal... cut up a pretty good royal flush
I was holding.

- Hand-soldered out of high-carbon steel.
- Where'd you find it?

Isaac Stanzler's chest.

Ted Grant's psycho sidekick?

Was murdered while being transferred
by the S.C.P.D.

By an arrow.

- Think this is the same archer that killed Sara?
- No.

MO is different.

These bodies were staged.
Dressed up to look like...

Copycat archer. Guess all that positive
publicity you've been getting has a downside.

Whatever the reason, we need to find him.

I would like Felicity
to do a workup on all of this ASAP.


- I think Felicity's a little busy right now.
- Doing what?

A few months ago, I made a promise
to help revitalize Starling City.

But I knew I couldn't do it alone.
I needed help.

A lot of help.

From people who are even more intelligent
and dedicated than I am.

All of us are working very hard
with one goal in mind:

To save our city.

But to do so, Queen Consolidated
needs to be something else.

You Okay?

I'm fine.

You don't seem fine.

What is this?

- What's that? A note?
- It's an address.

15 Baron Street.

Apartment 7.

Nobody's home.

These are all articles about the Arrow.

This isn't just a copycat. This is a fan.

And from the looks of it,
a pretty dedicated one.

And this isn't a spade.

It's a heart.

It's you. I can't believe it's really you.

Did you like your present?

Do you mean Isaac Stanzler,
the man you killed?

I see the way you take care of your city.

Makes me wonder...

...who takes care of you?

I wanna help you.

To fight with you.

To kill for you.

Mr. Stanzler was just the first.

He might be the second.

I thought we could punish
this one together.

- I'm gonna find you.
- Well, that's the idea.

But you'd better hurry.
I don't think he's got very long.


I was just researching cheap booze
for Thea's club.

You know, it wasn't you
who killed that officer.

I keep telling myself that,
but it's not working.

Every single time I put on that mask,
I feel like a fraud.


You have to give this time.

- If you wanna talk about it...
- I don't.

I appreciate the offer, though.

But I'm fine, really.

- Oh, sorry. Am I interrupting?
- I was just leaving.

I gotta help Thea get the club ready
for the opening.

What's up?

I got an ID on your "not so secret
but very crazy" admirer's hostage.

- Who is it?
- Joe Gravano, local mob boss.

Wanted for 39 murders,
racketeering, drug smuggling.

- One of the most protected men in the city.
- Not anymore.

- What's NPP?
- I don't know.

But I can definitely find out.

And the cell phone from her apartment?

Crazypants encrypted the SIM.
I can crack it, but it'll take time.

Which we don't have. Neither does he.
I need all your focus on finding Gravano.

And I will work around the clock on it,
except for tonight.

- Why?
- Ray Palmer invited me to dinner.


Not "dinner" dinner, like a date.
A work dinner.

But since dinner is a meal you can technically
only eat at night, I need the night off.

That okay?

Do what you want.


- He's not answering his cell.
- Just relax.

- I'm sure he's fine.
- He said it would only be an hour.

That was nine hours ago.

If he's going to be late, he always calls.

He said his contact
was down at the docks, right?

I will go down and check it out.

No, I'll go.

No offense, but you're just Mase0's wife.

And you're just a billionaire...

...who doesn't know how to use
a laundry machine.

Do you have someone who
could watch Akio for a few hours?

Great. Uh, thank you. You were terrific.

Auditions are over.
Thanks for coming, guys.

Hey, peace out.

Wait, what are you doing?
Auditions are not over.

Trust me, I'm saving you
from wasting your day here.

I don't need saving from anyone.

And if you're really as good
as you say you are... can wait in line and prove it,
like everyone else.

- I don't audition.
- Then you don't work.

For me or for my club.
So the exit's that way.

Later, princess.

I got her. The user registered
to the encrypted SIM card.

Carrie Cutter. She's former S.C.P.D.
She was the first woman SWAT team member.

I've seen her before.

She's not unpretty for a wacko,
if you're into the red-headed vixen type.

- She was police. That's why she looks familiar.
- No, she left the force before you got back.

But there's another very good reason
she looks familiar.

Why was she at the crime scene
at Ted Grant's gym?

I don't know, but it's not just there.

Apparently stalking isn't her only hobby either.
She's a member of a gardening group too.

- Which explains the whole NPP thing.
- What NPP thing?

The bag in the Gravano hostage photo.
NPP is an acronym.

Stands for "nitrogen, phosphate, potash."
It's the chemical formula for fertilizer.

So, what if she's keeping Gravano
in a greenhouse?


The closest one to her apartment
is Sherwood Florist, 7884 Hauser.

- Have Roy gear up and meet me there.
- Okay.


- Find Gravano. I'll take care of Cutter.
- Got it.

Arsenal, there's no sign of Cutter.



Hello, lover.

- If you hurt him...
- I didn't touch him, boyfriend.

I'm a one-guy woman.

But I am a little disappointed
you brought your wingman.

Tonight's not about him. It's about us.

Together against the world.

Just like we were meant to be.

There is no "we."

We're more like one soul. You're right.

You and I are more alike than you think.

Carrie, listen to me. You're not well.

If I'm out of my mind,
it's because that's what love is.

Our own little slice of insanity.

Make a wish.

Mine's already come true.

For the two of us to be together forever.

Help me. Don't leave me with this psycho.

- Quiet!
- You don't wanna do this.

Sure I do.

Oh, I wouldn't do that.

That rope's laced with a trip wire hooked
up to a thing on his chest that goes boom.

- So, what do you want, then?
- Not much.

Just you.

Never gonna happen.

Such a party POOPQT-

Never thought I'd be happy to see you.

Roy, hey!

You should go home, man.
It's been a long night.

She took me out.
That shouldn't have happened.

You... You're not at your best.

I'm fine.

You weren't the only person Carrie stalked.

She was put on limited duty
after becoming obsessed with her partner.

The department sent her
to St. Walker's for a psych eval.

She quit the force a little bit after.

- Where's Felicity?
- She's working tonight.

- She said she told you.
- Yes, she did.

Oliver, you okay?

I know this can't be easy with Felicity
spending so much time with Palmer.

I'm fine.

- Where you going?
- The psychiatrist that S.C.P.D. sent Cutter to.

- You need backup?
- No, I've got it.

Hey. Like what you've done to the place.

- Is everything all right?
- Yeah, I was just in the neighborhood.

- Thought I'd stop by, check out your new sign.
- Oh, yeah.

Well, that's a nice dress.

Yeah, it's really, really, really nice.

Ray lent it to me for a work dinner.

- Yeah, this work dinner with you and Ray...
- Mm-hm.

...doesn't seem that platonic.

Actually, it has Oliver
twisted up in knots.

- Well, Oliver made his choice.
- And we both know that was the wrong choice.

Did Oliver say that?

Yeah, because Oliver's just great
at expressing his emotions.

He would rather go 1 O rounds with
the League of Assassins than ever say that.

But this thing with you and Palmer, it's...

It's messing with his head,
Felicity, and that's really dangerous.

I told you, there is no me and Palmer.

But if there were,
and if Oliver had a problem with it...

...then Oliver should be the one
to say something.


Good night.

- Dr. Pressnall...
- Oh, my God.

I'm not here to hurt you.

- What do you want?
- To talk about Carrie Cutter.

I can't. Doctor-patient privilege.
Just, please, get out.

Your patient killed a man, kidnapped
another, and I'm trying to stop her...

...before she hurts anyone else.

But to do that, I need to understand her.


I can only diagnose her.

Attachment disorder. The inability
to form real, lasting relationships.

They push everyone away
and fixate on a single person.

Someone they feel mirrors
their emotional state.

How do I stop her?

Give her the connection that she craves.

Honesty, sincerity...

If you lie to her, she'll know.

Thank you.

If you'll permit a
professional observation... could use a little therapy yourself.
What gives you that impression?

You mean apart from the mask
and the Robin Hood costume?

Shouldn't we get out and look around or...?

I don't... Something?

In this place? At this hour?

That's a very efficient way
to get yourself killed.

- Feel free.
- Heh.

Thank you, that's... We'll wait, then.



Maseo called me that before he left...

...and I looked it up,
but it wasn't in my Chinese dictionary.

Because it's Japanese.

It means foreigner.


- You.
- It means you too.

You're Japanese living in Hong Kong.


Why did you leave Japan?

- It wasn't safe for us there.
- Why?

We upset some very powerful,
very dangerous men.


- You ask a lot of questions.
- That's what your husband says.

Who's that?

Shu Gang, rivals of the Triad.
They control this port.

So they know what happened to Maseo?

I don't know.

Only one way to find out.

Hey, I don't want any trouble.

What happened to the thing?


You are ridiculous.

Which I mean in a good way.

That's not creepy.

- You look beautiful.
- Oh. I think it's the dress. Heh.

- Dress is actually missing something.
- Oh, no.

I forgot to do up the zipper again.
I always do that.

Oh, no, I can't wear that.

I'm not even sure
I'm supposed to be looking at it.

Well, I had to put down a $10,000 security
deposit just to borrow it for the evening... one of us should wear it,
and diamonds aren't really my thing, so...

I appreciate it, but I think I would feel
strange wearing a million-dollar necklace.

Oh, don't worry.

It's not worth a million dollars.


Think it was actually appraised
for 10 million dollars, so...

There you go. That's better.

Where you been?
You don't call, you don't write.

I've been busy, busy, busy.

You look good.

Business before pleasure.

First I located every crime scene the Arrow's
been spotted at in the past six months.

Now the magic part. I created an algorithm
calculating the average amount of time... takes the Arrow to reach a crime scene,
triangulated that by the distance to said scene.

Genius, right? I know,
no one had thought to do it before.

Now, obviously I can't pinpoint
the exact block...

...but there's no doubt your guy hangs his
hat, or his hoodie, somewhere in this area.

- And you're sure about this?
- Statistical correlations do not lie.


...what was this about pleasure?

I'm sorry.

I'm spoken for.

- How'd it go with Cutter's shrink?
- Whew.

There's a reason I'm not in therapy.


- Detective.
- Your new girlfriend...

...just put another heart-shaped arrow
in the neck of one of her old Cl's.

- Who was he?
- Kirby Bates.

Some kind of computer expert.
Holed up in a flophouse north of Amsterdam.

Did a five-year bit in Iron Heights. Stole
a couple million credit-card PIN numbers.

- What did Bates do for her?
- I don't know.

Everything here is smashed to pieces.

But smart money says whatever Cutter's
planning next, you're not gonna like it.

Thanks, detective.

- We need Felicity here.
- Oliver, she's still at dinner with...

I don't care where she is.
We need her here.

- You need her to be any place Ray Palmer isn't.
- It's not the time.

You're in the field
without your head on straight.

- This is exactly the time.
- I've got it handled.

Doesn't look that way to me.

What do you want me to say?

Yes, it bothers me that she is
out to dinner with Palmer.

Yes, it bothers me that apparently
she is just moving on with her life.

But I made a decision.
She did too. And all...

I just... I want her to be happy.

If that were true, you'd be with her, man.

- Where you going?
- Flophouse on Amsterdam.

- They're long gone by now.
- Maybe she didn't get that far.

I'm here looking for my husband.

Thin beard. Long hair. Japanese.

Don't know any Japanese. Uhn.

TW again.

- I don't know anything.
- A.R.G.U.S.

Does that mean something to you?

I don't know anything.


Three men. This A.R.G.U.S.
They work for them.


What do you mean?

They're all dead.

Killed by Triad a few hours ago.

- Ah. Mr. Gardner, Ray Palmer.
- Good.

Mrs. Gardner. This is Felicity Smoak,
vice president of Palmer Technologies.

- Hell0.
- Pleasure.

- Thank you for sitting down with us.
- Well, I'm always happy to enjoy a good meal.

And I'm very impressed
with your background.

But I have no plans
of selling my Nevada holding.

The night is still young.

Shall we sit down? We have a lotto discuss.

- Thank you.
- As you said, the night is young.

But I don't like to talk business
until at least the entree.

Maybe the DJ got confused
and thinks he's at a rave.

I think my ears are bleeding.

Excuse me? I'm sorry.

You're fired.

- What about the rest of the night?
- I think my Spotify playlist... a better option than you right now.

You need some help?

I thought the night couldn't get any worse.

Thought I'd swing by,
see what kind of train wreck this would be.

Did I say train wreck? Because this is...

You know, I'm glad you're
enjoying yourself.

Yeah, think I'm the only one.

Yeah, I just remembered. I own a bar.

Half the gate and guaranteed gigs
four times a week.

- Two times a week.
- Three.

Fine, just get these people dancing.

Obviously the progeneration of certain
minerals can't be accounted for... simple elemental cohesion.

I am so sorry.
I had to help a coworker with a thing.

- I had to have them take the steak knives away.
- I'm sorry.

Mr. Gardner, did Ray get to tell you about his
plans for your mineral deposits in Nevada?

No, Ms. Smoak. As I mentioned,
I'm not interested in selling.

Please, call me Felicity.

And I don't blame you
for not wanting to sell Ray your mine.

Because you don't know what his plans are.

I mean, the thing about Ray is
he's not a businessman.

Businessmen make deals.

They make money.

What Ray is... something else entirely.

Perhaps you can enlighten us.

He inspires.

Ray isn't interested in making money.

He's interested in
making the world a better place.

So if Ray wants your mine...

...believe me, it's because he's going to
put it to the kind of use...

...that's gonna make you proud.

- Yeah.
- I spoke with Felicity-

I got her to remote-access that laptop.

The last thing Cutter was looking at
was a map.

And, Oliver, Verdant was marked on it.

Felicity also retrieved
Cutter's phone signal from the laptop.

Patch me through, then get upstairs
and do not take your eyes off of Thea.

- Do you understand?
- Copy that.

Turn down for what

One Cupid's kiss.

Turn down for what


- Hello?
- It's me.

I have to admit, I didn't think a club
would be your kind of scene.

You're always surprising me.

- I'm not there.
- Why don't I believe you?

You wanna meet me? Fine.
I will meet you anywhere but that club.

So you're asking me out?

Where do you wanna meet, Carrie?

I know a place.

Our special spot.

But you listen to me, lover.

I've been burned before.

And if you're playing me...

...I promise you I'll come back here
and kill everyone in this place.

Digg, you there?

And me. "Me" being Felicity.

- What's your 20?
- Subway stop downtown.

Why did Cutter have you meet her there?

Because this is where I saved her.

- Hello, lover.
- I'm not your lover.

Well, maybe not yet.

But after one night with me,
that'll all change, I promise.

Carrie, I'm here to help you
because you're not well.

Don't ever say that again.

You sound like that shrink
that they sent me to.

I spoke to her.

You talked to that psycho.

She just wanted me to
take pills, pills, pills.

She thinks that love is a disease.

But it's not.

Love is the cure.

I am not the man you think I am.

You're a hero.

You saved me.

I understand that you're hurting...

...and I know what it's like
to want someone...

...but not be able to be with them.

How you wish things could be different,
but they can't.

I can't be with you.

I can't be with anyone.

I have to be alone.

No, you don't.

You're a liar.

I don't wanna hurt you.

You already have.

It's over, Carrie.

I guess it's true what they say.

You only hurt the ones you love.

Oliver. Get him back. Oliver.


- But if I can't have you...
- Carrie, think about this.

I didn't want it to end this way.

I guess I don't handle rejection very well.

You don't have to do this.

I do.

But at least this way...

...we can be together for eternity.


I knew you loved me.

It's done.

Lyla said Cutter's even nuttier than the
last woman they had in the Suicide Squad.

Sure it was a good idea
handing her over to Waller?

Iron Heights isn't right for her.

Least on the Squad
she can make a difference.

Lyla is preparing a late dinner,
if you wanna join.

No, I'm good. Thank you.

Listen, Oliver.

Felicity heard what you said to Cutter.

About being alone.

If her reaction was any indication,
she does not wanna be.

You gotta tell her how you feel
before it's too late.

It's just food for thought.

What do I tell him?

How do I tell my son his father is dead?

Where have you two been?

What's going on?

You're home.

- I was so worried.
- I know. I'm sorry. I should have called.

Waller changed my orders
and brought me in.

We were on lockdown tonight
because three agents got killed.


Akio, get over here.

Pretty good gate tonight.

- You're never gonna let me forget this, are you?
- You have to admit, I did save your ass.

God, your modesty, it's so refreshing.

You know, you're really cute
when you're sarcastic.

Half the gate, as agreed.

Keep the money.
My grand re-opening gift to you.

I'll see you next week.

Aha. Thought I might find you here.

I'm getting a jump on that
server encryption you asked for.

Trying to, you know,
make up for ruining the deal tonight.

Your definition of ruin
is vastly different from mine.

Gardners are gonna sell.

- That's amazing.
- It's all thanks to you.


But really, I should be thanking you.

I mean, not just for the new job,
but for this amazing, expensive necklace.

You have to take it back, don't you?

- Yeah, I kind of do.
- Yeah.

Here, let me help you.

Mm. Thank you.

You know, Felicity Smoak...'re different from
anyone I've ever met.

- Hm.
- You deserve all those things.

And more.

I'm... I'm sorry.

I meant to keep tonight platonic. Uh...

- I should go.
- Ray...?

I'll see you tomorrow.


Are you okay?

Not really.

What about you?

Not really.

Come on.

Where are we going?

For something we both need.


- I know it's late, but...
- That was the invitation.

Something smells good.

- Thank you. Hi.
- Hi.

- Come on in.
- Hi.

Yup, I sent the notarized transfer
of ownership to Gardner's attorney.

And listen, I wanna get a jump
on the mining operations immediately.

Let me know as soon as the first
of the dwarf star alloy is extracted.


Whoever you are, back off.

Sorry to do this to you,
but you have something I need.

See, that's the thing about our work.

It always comes back to haunt you.