Arrow (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 19 - Broken Arrow - full transcript

Jake Simmons, a metahuman from Central City, terrorizes the Starling City. Quentin Lance's mission bounds Oliver Queen to ask Ray (Atom) for help.

Previously on Arrow:

You have but two choices.

Ascend to the calling of Ra's al Ghul, or you
will spend the rest of your days in a cage.

- I love you.
- Wow.

- Lance knows.
- The whole city knows, Oliver.

Mr. Queen should be considered armed
and highly dangerous.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Captain Lance.

I'm here to turn myself in.

- The hell are your people doing?
- I told them to stand down.

- Get down.
- You've got the wrong guy.

Oliver Queen isn't the Arrow.

I am.

To repeat, we're getting word
from the authorities...

...that Roy Harper, a Glades resident with a
long history of run-ins with the police...

...has been identified as the vigilante
known as the Arrow.

What the hell was that?

Probably just a power surge.

That wasn't a power surge. Check it out.

Harper is currently being transported
to S. C. P.D. by police caravan...

...and should be arriving eminently.

We're now going live to the S. C.P.D.

All right, let's get him. Come on.

- Bring him.
- Captain.

- You calling off the hunt for Queen?
- No comment.

Come on, bring him through.

Proud of yourself?
Letting the kid take the fall?

Not gonna let him do that. Give me a pen
and paper, I'll sign a confession.

Oliver? Not another word.

- Uncuff him.
- Ha. Sure, in 25 to life.

More like right now.

Habeas writ.

The district attorney's office
won't charge Oliver Queen...

- ...while charging Harper with the crime.
- Nice try.

Five hours ago,
Queen turned himself in. He confessed.

To you, alone and uncorroborated.
And then the Arrow turned himself in.

Your so-called confession
is looking rather fabricated now.

- That's just crap.
- The DA is ordering Oliver to be released.

You the only one who's allowed
to put themselves above the law?

This isn't over.

What the hell are you doing?

Making sure you both
don't end up in prison.

Hey. What are you doing here?

Proofing the quarterly earnings report.

Finalizing the subsonic
ionizer patent application.

- And I'm trying to debug a sequential...
- I mean what are you doing here? Heh.

Oliver and Roy Harper
are both in handcuffs.

I have a lot of work to do.

And Oliver was released.
How do you know about Roy Harper?

Apart from it being
all over the television...

...I'm able to put one and one
together and I get that...

...Oliver's sister's boyfriend
is obviously part of your team.


- You okay?
- Yes.

How are you?

Yeah, let's not get into that. Uh...

I said I love you, but it was like...

It was, like, with a lower case L.
You know? Not...

Um... So let's not make it a thing.

You had just saved my life,
I had 6.2 billion nano-robots...

...coursing through my hypothalamus,
and my emotions were all over the place.

Well, I'll let you get back
to your work-slash-worry, and, uh...

...keep a good thought for Roy.


What were you thinking?


Tell me why.

Remember what I told you
when I found out you were the Arrow?

Yeah, you told me I saved your life.

Now I get to save yours.

- I can't let you do that.
- Oliver, ever since I found out...

...that I killed that cop, I have been
trying to make it right as Arsenal.

Maybe what I need to do
is make it right as the Arrow.

- No, Roy...
- I killed a police officer.

Mirakuru or not, I should be punished
for that. I should be in prison.

That won't bring the officer back.

This city still needs you.

It needs you more.

For the first time
since I remembered what I did...

...I'm okay.

You sure this place is safe?

- As safe as I could manage.
- Who's that?

- Someone eager to repay a debt.
- For how long?

Waller has men all over Hong Kong
looking for us.

Even if we make it out, there's nowhere
we could run where Waller won't find us.

So, what are we gonna do?

- I'm gonna find Waller first.
- You'll break into A.R.G.U.S. by yourself?


He's gonna walk in.

My pass card to the field office.

What do you want?

Setting Harper up as your patsy.
I applaud the gambit.

I had nothing to do with Roy
turning himself in.

- But I will get him out.
- And then what?

Ra's won't stop until you're wearing
the Demon's Head ring on your hand.

- That's not gonna happen.
- People are being murdered.

Your days as the Arrow are finished.

But of course,
no one close to you has died.

Have you considered leading
the League of Assassins...

...might be a preferable outcome
as to what alternatives Ra's might devise?

I have a lot of work to do.

I'm gonna break Roy out of prison.

Ironically, before turning
to vigilantism...

...Harper was a career criminal with an
arrest record for breaking and entering...

...petty theft, and grand larceny.

- Recently, Harper worked in collaboration...
- Thea.

- Tell me you didn't put him up to this.
- Of course not.

But I'm gonna do everything
in my power to make it right.

- You okay?
- I'm fine, but we need Roy out of prison.

Looks like we have another problem
to add to our ever growing list.

Homicide at Starling National Bank.

Channel 52 has acquired
surveillance footage of the incident.

If you're a bank-robbing metahuman,
why stay in Central City...

...when you have banks and no Arrow?

Okay, we need a plan to extract Roy.

In the meantime, Felicity,
call S.T.A.R. Labs.

See if they're tracking any metahumans
out of Central City.

S.C.P.D. According to city records,
you got a basement down here.

You already have Roy Harper in custody.

I got a warrant that says
I can search that basement.

Sorry for the rush.

I didn't wanna give you time to turn
that place into a storage room again.


Here you go. Break it down.

I got you now, you son of a bitch.

Oh, uh, my Chinese is a little rusty, but this
looks like a crate from the North China Sea.

You spent some time there, right?
And this is my favorite.

You actually put those things on display?

Captain, we have fingerprint matches for the
latents we lifted off all this equipment.

Hold that thought.

What do you got?

We only got one match.

- Who is it?
- Roy Harper.

What, just one...?


Did you check the other computers?

- Captain, it's clearly...
- Shut up.

Whatever crap
you're thinking about giving me, save it.

Smart as you all are,
you are bound to make a mistake.

I'm gonna be there when it happens.

You wiped the entire place.

And moved some of your
sensitive trunk items.

- You're welcome.
- You didn't wipe Roy's prints.

Roy confessed.
We didn't see any point losing both of you.

I'm not losing Roy.

What about that metahuman
that's out there killing people?

We need my backup cache
from the secondary lair.

See those plainclothes?
Lance will have them follow you.

You try to nab even so much as
a purse-snatcher and they'll pounce.

Somebody needs to protect this city.

We are dealing with a metahuman.
Call Barry.

Oh, he can't help right now. Uh-uh.

He's got a lot on his plate
with Dr. Wells, I think.

It's really hard to keep up with him.

But what if there's someone else
that could help?

Oh, hey, Felicity. Check this out.

I finally got the neural network online.

So when my brain
tells the gauntlet to wave, and...

- Hi.
- Hi.

Sorry about what's happening.
If there's anything I can do to help...

That's why we're here.

- Oh.
- You know how I try to keep my work life...

...and my other work life separate?
I meant to tell you that.

Did I tell you that?

- There's a...
- There's a meta... Starling City killing people.

- A meta, as in human?
- Yeah.

So obviously we need to catch
this plasma death thing guy.

Ugh. Now I see why Cisco
gives them all names.

The police are all over Oliver,
so we need you.

And you're okay with this?

We need your help.

So it's a team-up.


- Don't shoot.
- What the hell is going on?

They've been holding me here for weeks.

What? You don't trust me?

Look at him.

- He's Army, not A.R.G.U.S.
- You're saying this is General Shrieve?

He held me hostage.

Targeted you and the Yamashiros
for death.

- Why would he do that?
- The Alpha/Omega.

Shrieve plans to unleash it
on Hong Kong.

Claim that the Triad mishandled a
bioweapon they never should've had.

- That's insane.
- Well, Shrieve seems to think that...

...China is a military and economic threat.

So he'd killed himself and his men
just to hurt China?

His team has developed a vaccine
they can inoculate themselves with.

Run. Get as far away
from Hong Kong as you can.

If you make it...

...I hope we meet again someday.

Now go.

- Who's the Arrow now, boy, huh?
- There he is.

Can't hide now, can you?

- I see you. I see you.
- Hey, baby.

How are you?

I told the guards I didn't wanna see you.


Roy, please.

Will you tell me what is going on?

When we got back together...

Hell, even before that. l...

I made a promise to myself
that I would never lie to you again.


That's why I didn't wanna see you.

I didn't wanna break that promise.

Why would you?

- Roy.
- Thea.

Thea, please just...

...know that I'm gonna be fine.

Is that a lie?

Thea, don't worry.

Roy's not gonna be in there much longer.

I'm working on it. Bye.

- Roy holding up?
- For now.

Hot off the presses.

What are those?

I visited the bank today.
Ah, manager's a friend of mine.

I beat him at squash every Tuesday.
I took a few photos of the crime scene.

Photos is a bit reductive,
these are enhanced resonance scans.

It occurred to me that if we can't
see his face because of radiation...

...we need to remove the radiation.

Oh, I could kiss you right now.

Awkward, sorry. Boundaries.
Working on it.

So if we interlace the resonance scans'
frequency with our news footage,

we get this.

- There he is.
- Facial recognition?

Way ahead of you.

Jake Simmons, he's in the system. Serial
bank robber. Explains Starling National.

Last known address, Central City.

Where's he now?

He was last seen on a traffic camera
at the corner of Gantner and Yount.

There's a processing plant there.
He went in, never came out.

- On it.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second.

I thought the point of this team-up was
you not being spotted out as a vigilante.

Stop calling it a team-up, Ray.

This Jake Simmons is not just a metahuman, he
is a killer and you're not ready for that.

I'm not gonna try to
equate our experiences...

...but superpowers are based in science,
and I am a man of science.

If there's any way to defeat this guy...

...I'm the one best able to figure it out.

- The second you get in over your head...
- I'll run.

Fly. Probably.

How many abandoned warehouses
are in this city?

- No, no, I'm genuinely curious.
- Stay focused, Ray.

- Maybe Simmons isn't in there.
- You get this anxious when I'm in the field?

I can't think of an answer
that doesn't get me in trouble.

Still nothing.

Not a visual sighting or any reading
at all from the Atom.

When I say Atom, I mean the suit,
not myself in third person.

There's a decent chance
you and Palmer are related.

Well, that's equally fascinating
and terrifying.

Be my eyes, Ray. What's going on?

Oh, Tin Man. You shouldn't be here.

Actually, I should.

See, you're the bad guy, and I...


Thanks for the top-off.


Ray? Ray?

Oh, my God, Ray. Are you hurt?

Hurt would be a step or two up
from how I feel right now.

Wait, just a second.

You're lucky to have
gotten out of there alive.

It wasn't that bad, was it?

- It was way worse, Ray.
- Ray.

- I need shields.
- That's not the answer.

You need to anticipate your opponent.

You need to trust your instincts,
and not just your tech.

- My instinct is to trust my tech.
- When I'm on the field, my bow, my arrows...

...those are just tools.

- I'm the weapon.
- That's poetic.

My point is that if you rely on that suit
more than you rely on yourself...'s gonna get you killed.

- When will Shrieve distribute the virus?
- Don't know.

If he's gonna pin it on the Triad, he'll have
to do it soon. We need to get out of Hong Kong.

My contacts say
Shrieve has men everywhere.

Even more resources
at his disposal than Waller ever had.

Shrieve has ensured
we won't get off this island.


Well, if we can't run...

- Waller said Shrieve had a vaccine.
- You wanna steal some?

He has to have it
somewhere in Hong Kong.

Get down!

Let's see how good you are
without your arrows.

Good enough.

Just remember...

...that was without arrows.

Get down on the floor!

Turn this place inside out.

We know how this guy
loves his secret hiding places.

Hey, Frank. What brings you out
of your downtown office?

Chief of D has asked me
to have a word with you.

Yeah? What about?

He wants to know why
you're going Ahab on Queen...

...when we got a different suspect
in custody.

We got a patsy in custody, trust me.
Queen is our guy.

There's no evidence against him.

- Why do you think I'm searching his condo?
- Friend to friend...'ve come so far. You're a captain.

Don't throw all your hard work away
on something personal.

I don't know what it is you think
you're gonna find, but it's not here.

There's nothing here.

Like there was nothing
in the basement of your club?

You're either complicit
or the most naive girl I ever met.

You know that your brother is letting your
boyfriend rot in prison for his crimes, right?

Get out of my home.

I know you went to visit Harper

Does he even know why
he's throwing his life away?


Is he all right?

All right, I'll be right there.

Your boyfriend was just attacked.

He's all right.

But I can't imagine it'll be the last time.

Your brother dropped a lot of bodies.

And when... Not if. When... Roy gets a shiv
in the back, that body will be on him too.

The suit recorded over 10 terabytes of
data, which were uploaded in real time... a geosynchronous satellite.
That is a huge energy suck.

- Fascinating. How do we find Simmons?
- Light bulb. Literally.

No, actually, figuratively, ha.

Just before Simmons beat me...

...I blasted him with my
compressed light beams...

...and he thanked me for topping him off.

He absorbs energy,
turns it into weaponized plasma.

If we can link into the
city's power grid...

...we might track
where he's getting his extra juice.


- What's going on?
- It's Roy.

He was attacked by a bunch of inmates.

He's fine,
but there's hundreds of them in there.

- I'm gonna break him out.
- You could end up in a cell next to him.

If you know what's good for you,
you'll get out of my way.

Oliver, if you know what's good for you
and for Roy, you're gonna stay put.

- I can't do that.
- Listen.

- Get your hands off me.
- Listen, I know what you're going through.

You have to rely on Palmer to take care
of this meta while Roy sits in prison.

But listen to me, man.
You have to throttle this back, Oliver.

You have to.

If we lose everything...

I've already lost everything.

I am not gonna lose Roy.

- Oliver.
- I can't believe... and Diggle are sitting on your hands
while Roy fights off all of Iron Heights.

- It's not that simple.
- No, Felicity, if anything was ever simple...'s this.
This what? You going to jail too?

I can't just do nothing.

I think John's right. I think you're struggling
with doing nothing. With Roy, with Ray.

But right now, you need people to help you.
You need to let them.

Maybe there is something more going on
with you than just what's happening...

...with Roy and this metahuman.

You have sacrificed everything
to be the Arrow.

Even you and me.


...whether or not you break Roy out
of Iron Heights, there is no more Arrow.

Ra's took that from you.

I was told once that a man
cannot live by two names.

Well, right now I can't live by either.

So I don't know who I am.

I know who you are.

Whether you're in a suit or under a hood,
you're the man that I...

You're the man that I believe in.

Ray finished the transponder.
I have to upload it to a power source.

Hopefully it'll bring us right to Simmons.

I'll go with you.

It is adorable how you keep forgetting that
Lance is after you, but it's a quick errand.

And you need practice
in letting people help you.

You sure this is it?

It doesn't look like a typical Army base.

Matthew Shrieve isn't a typical
Army general, apparently.


Where's the vaccine?

You can end up unconscious
or you can end up dead.

Two lefts, second door on your right.

Good choice.

Company coming, 10 seconds.

Up there.

Thank you.

Can you give us a minute?

- I already signed my confession.
- Yeah, it's a hell of a story.

That stuff about setting up shop
under your girlfriend's club.

I like how you manage
not to implicate her.

- What are you doing here?
- Remember that, uh, corpse I showed you?

The one the Arrow killed? I knew you had
an obsession with the Arrow...

...and I was trying to wave you off,
because I knew somehow...

...that if you stayed obsessed with him,
that you would come to a bad end.

And here I am, two years later.
I'm still trying to save you, son.

I don't need saving.

You're doing this
because you think you owe Queen.

- But you don't. You don't deserve to be here.
- Patrol Officer Gabe Vincent.

He left behind a wife and 9-year-old boy.

I know.

I killed him.

I stabbed him in the chest with an arrow.

So don't think for a second
that I don't deserve to be here.

No. You don't think for a second
that what you're doing here...

...makes up for anything you did
out there.



We have takeoff.

I'm sorry, miss, but I don't think
you're supposed to be here.

I'm supposed to access your grid
for the city.

Think you can help?

- Sure. It's this way.
- Thank you.

So, uh, what's with the sunglasses, man?

We're indoors and it's, well, night.

- Do you have a sensitivity to...
- To light?


I love the light.

Think the plan to find Simmons
will work?

Well, it was Felicity's, so yes.

Except the tracking firmware
seems to be malfunctioning.

- What?
- It's not a malfunction.

It's Simmons.
He's drawing energy from a power station.

- Which one?
- The one Felicity just went to.

Come on, Felicity, pick up.

I'm sorry, but the blond
can't come to the phone at the moment.

- I swear to God, if you hurt her...
- You'll what?

Fly away again?

I am talking to the man in the suit, right?

The one who thinks a piece of scrap metal
makes him some kind of hero?

It doesn't.

I am sorry for the interruption.

Where were we?

Waiting for you to come closer.

- You can't go.
- It's Felicity.

You won't make it in time. The power station
is 8 minutes away going 60 on your Ducati.

- But the Atom can fly.
- You need more than your tech this time.

You're right.

My tech needs your instinct,
and maybe there's a way we can get it.

Okay, I'm entering the
power station now. Activate the link.

Ha, ha. It's working.

I'm just a passenger now. Oh!

Let's get this guy.


...but I have to kill you now.
- No, you're gonna leave her the hell alone.

Kick his ass.

You Okay?

- You gotta get out of here.
- No. I'm not gonna leave you here alone.

- Get her out.
- I'm not alone, but I can't fight him...

...and worry about you. Go.

Felicity, go! Get out of here!

- Hope you played video games as a kid.
- I'm trying to concentrate.

Sorry. Just, I'm trusting you with my...

Ray, can you take this beating?
I can pull you back.

I'm fine, just get this bastard.

Ray, I've lost control.

My transmitter's been severed.

Get up.

Get up, Ray!

Fight back, Ray. Fight back!

- Ray!
- He's too strong.

This is not about strength.

This is about heart.

When the mayor was killed,
you put yourself at risk to save Felicity.

Normal people, they don't do that.
Heroes do that.

Come on, Ray.

Take him out, Ray.

Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry.

No, it's totally worth it.

Are you okay? I was so worried.

I'm fine. Even/thing's okay now.

Eyes front, Harper.

I told you, eyes front.

My instincts are to swivel my head.
Won't happen again.

No, it won't.


It's Roy.

Harper was killed an hour ago.

I'd say I'm sorry, but I think
we both know whose fault this is.

I shouldn't have listened to either of you.

I might not have been able to save Roy...

- ...but I'd feel better right now if I'd tried.
- We know that, Oliver.

We also know you may never forgive us.

I make my own choices, John.

I made this one.

He doesn't mean forgive us for that.

He means forgive us for this.


Don't be mad at them, this was my idea.

If any one of us were in there,
Oliver would think of something.

You're right.

If one of us deserves to go to prison...'s me.
Roy, we can't allow you to do that.

- No way Oliver's going along with it.
- That's why you won't tell him.

You could have gotten yourself
killed for real.

I figured that I could hold off
until Dig's guys got into position.

One of Lyla's contacts,
an A.R.G.U.S. freelancer.

He has a special talent
for knifing people in just the right way.

Leaves a convincing amount of blood
without the kill.

He laces the blade with a beta blocker
to crawl the heartbeat.

Gives the illusion of death.

Everyone thinks the Arrow is dead.

Which means Oliver Queen is innocent.

You did all this without asking?

How many times
have you saved one of us without asking?

This time, we had to save you.

If everyone thinks you're dead...

...then what happens to Roy Harper?

Tell Thea... Well, tell her
I'm alive first, heh.

Then tell her I'm sorry
I had to leave without saying goodbye.

- I feel like you're throwing your life away.
- I'm not.

I'm starting a new one.

Anywhere, anytime... need something, call me.

Take care of yourself, Roy.

I'll miss you most of all, Scarecrow.

Just be ready to get a million calls...

...on that untraceable satellite phone
I stashed in your bag.

Thank you.

Thank you.

So on a scale of one to 10,
how mad at us are you?

I need to learn to let people help me.


You could use some practice in that.

I just think sometimes
you're so focused on people you love... forget to see
that there are people who love you.

Just enough inoculant for us.

And Akio.

- What about her?
- We need to inject Akio and ourselves.

Then the three of you
need to get somewhere safe.

- And what about you?
- I lifted this when I took the vaccine.

It belongs to one of Shrieve's men...

...because it has plans for how
they'll distribute the virus.

I'm gonna use it to stop them.

No, you won't.

- We are.
- Tatsu.

What example are we setting
for our son...

...if we have a hope to save millions
of innocent people but only save ourselves?

Listen, the two of you need to take care of
Akio. I am not gonna be responsible...

You need to learn to let people help you.

And Maseo and I are going to.

What about...

- ...Death bolt?
- Nice.

You know, you're the only other person
who's good at the names.

So, uh, how do they get fed,
and you know...

...complete the transaction, so to speak?


You said Simmons
was from Central City, right?

Yeah, last known address,
4160 Dixie Canyon. Why?

According to this,
Jake Simmons was a guest...

...of the Opal City Police Department
on December 11, 2013.

- Where do I know that date from?
- The date of the particle accelerator test.

But if Simmons wasn't in Central City...

...the night of the dark
matter explosion...

...then how can he be a metahuman?

Do you know who I am, child?

You're the Demon.

I am the Demon's Head.

As those were before me.

And very soon, your brother.

He will never take your place.

He Will.

Once I've given him sufficient motivation.

No, my brother's going to kill you.


He's going to beg me.