Arrow (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 17 - Suicidal Tendencies - full transcript

It's celebration time as Diggle and Lyla get married. However, Deadshot interrupts their honeymoon and tells them the Suicide Squad has been given a new mission - rescue United States ...

Previously, on "Arrow"...

When I'm with you,

I don't think about
the mission, or...

I trust your judgment.
In fact, I depend on it.

They're designated
Task Force X.

This ain't no task force.
Let's call it like it is--

a Suicide Squad.

Maseo: The choice
has been made.

I'm not
accepting it.

There will be consequences.

Was that a threat?

You tell everyone
who will listen

what you've seen.

[Classical music playing,
indistinct chatter]

We're late.

It's 12:45.
The invitation said 1:00. I'm early.

And I'm never early.

Yeah, well, the ceremony's
at 1:00.

Photos were at noon.


Last time Lyla
and I got married,

we said our vows
on an ATV

in the Registan desert.

This time, she hired
a photographer,

so, yes, Oliver, photos.

That whole "best man" thing,
it's more like a "not so good"--

No, that's all right,
we'll Photoshop you in, brother.

All right.

for coming.


See you brought
your plus-one.

Oh, yeah.

Nice to meet you.
Ray Palmer.

John Diggle.
You hurt her,

they'll never
find your body.

[Both chuckle]

Nice to meet you.
[Cell phone vibrates]

Pardon me.

Funny, five months
since we last saw each other,

now it's twice
in as many weeks.

Ah, it's good
to see you, Ray.

Good to see you, too. Heh.

Ohh, that was Lyla.

A friend of hers, Rick,
was supposed to be our officiant,

but he just got deployed
to the south Sudan.

What, you don't have a minister?


Okay, um, what about
one of those online ministry certificates?

All I need is good WiFi
and three minutes.

Not that I'd officiate
your wedding.

Although I would
be honored if you asked me to.

Or, could
just ask me.

I'm a minister.

It's a long story.

Normally this is
the part where the officiant

offers words of insight
about the couple,

their history.

Which is a little
difficult for me

because I just met John and Lyla
about eight minutes ago.


And I understand that
you have written your own vows,

which is great, because
that gives me less to do.


You really want to do this?

Hell yes.
Do you?

Even more than the first time.

Good. Because I'm not letting
you get away from me this time.

I'm holding you to that.


I love you, Lyla.

I love you, too.

All right. John Diggle,
Lyla Michaels,

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

["The Four Seasons"


[Champagne cork pops]

[Orchestra playing]

Beautiful ceremony.

Beautiful dress.

Thank you.

Did it come with the cast?

I...started fighting
with a new trainer.

She's enthusiastic.


She's a friend.

Today's not about that.

Hey, Laurel.


Nice bouquet.

Ahh, yes.
I kind of...caught it.

Well done.

Thank you.

Oh, I hope it's ok I brought
Ray as my date.

Ray saved the day.

For the record, I am not the one
who used that phrase.

He's a good guy, and he clearly cares
about you, a lot.

Are you happy?

Yes. Very.

Good. That's all
I've ever wanted.

You deserve a good guy
and a normal life.

[Phone chirps]

[Cell phones vibrating]


Quentin: There were
eight victims total,

all shot with arrows.
However, one escaped

and has given us
a statement.

Which remains

so the district
attorney's office

is going to continue
to investigate

before filing
the charges.

So which one is it;
Is the Arrow being

implicated here or not?

Laurel: We're not sure
of anything yet.

We have a statement
from Mr. Palmer.

shouting questions]

While it's hard to ignore

all the good the Arrow
has done for the city,

it is equally hard to ignore
the evidence of his apparent guilt.

In any case, the Arrow
needs to be apprehended,

and at least brought
to trial, not justice.

I didn't know he was
going to do that.

And I am devoting all
of my substantial resources

towards making certain
the Arrow is apprehended.

[Reporters shouting questions]

You have to meet with Lance
and tell him it wasn't you.

My word doesn't carry a lot of weight
with him right now.

So, bring in the culprit.
Figure out who's doing this and why.

Well, we know who's doing this.
The League of Assassins.

So this is how Ra's al Ghul
handles rejection, huh?

No, I think the point
is that he doesn't.

He's trying to turn
the city against me;

make the offer to take
his place more appealing.

[Inhales, exhales]

Hit the streets.

Whoever's doing this
is targeting criminals.

We need to know who
they're going to hit next.

We need all the information that
the police have from the crime scene.

Whoever is under that hood
has to leave a trail,

something to follow.

I'm on it.

How can we help?

Go to Starling City airport.

Ok, to do what?

It's called a honeymoon.

[Scoffs] Fiji can wait.


Fiji can't wait.

All right? This is
still your day,

and I'm not going to let
Ra's al Ghul ruin that.


You followed me into

the lion's den once already.

This time,
choose your family.

Go, live.

We got this.

If it doesn't feel right for you
to go, we won't.

No, Oliver was right.

It's our turn.

Besides, Felicity
and Roy have his back.

Mazel Tov, newlyweds.


What are you
doing here?

Hey, when duty calls,
we answer, right?

Suicide Squad rides again.

♪ Arrow 3x17 ♪
Suicidal Tendencies
Original Air Date on March 25, 2015

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Sorry to interfere
with your wedding night.

[Scoffs] Yeah,
I doubt that.

Five hours ago, there was
a terrorist attack

in the Republic of Kaznia.

Hospital was supposed to serve and
unite Kaznia's dissident ethnic faction.

Wait, is that...

Senator Joseph Cray.

This hospital was something
of a pet project for him.

Of course, he insisted
on being at the ceremony.

Agent Michaels, you'll lead
Task Force X on the extraction;

I'll have a plane
ready for you in 30 minutes.

I'm sorry, Johnny.

You go on to Fiji, and I
will meet you there

in 48 hours, tops.

No, you won't, because I'm not
letting you out of my sight.

You remember what I told you
about not letting go?

I meant that.


Count me in.

You have the two of us,
Deadshot, who else is on the team?

Who else indeed.

I've always wanted
to see the world.

I hear Kaznia's
beautiful this time of year.


I'm accessing traffic cameras,
ATM cameras, phone cameras;

I'm hacked into 911
and squad car chatter.


No sign of evil Arrow.

Los Alcones are unloading a huge
shipment of narcotics.

The entire gang
is going to show up for protection.

This is exactly the kind of thing
that fake Arrow would go after.

We really need
a better name for him.

When is this happening?

Right now. I'll suit up.


This is the League.

I've got it.

So did you hire
a florist?

Yes, we did.

Didn't that
cost a fortune?

At my wedding,
I'll have the bridesmaids

make the flower

and I'll spend the extra money
on the dress.


No, clear.

You seeing anybody, Cutter?

Of course I am.

The Arrow.

And our special day
is going to be

the most
glorious day.

And then afterwards,
we'll make strong,

beautiful babies.

And does he know this?

Listen, I got news
for you, stalker--

you don't get to do
what we do and have a family.

Yeah, well, I have a wife right here
and a child to say otherwise.

Let's hold up here.

Yeah, well, let's hope
you make it home to her.

But love, children, family--

it's all just a distraction
for people like us.

They make us better,

and give us something
worth fighting for.

Love is a bullet in the brain,

and if you believe
any different,

you're as crazy as she is.

- Hey!
- All right.

Latest satellite flyover
reveals warm bodies here.

Yeah, that's pretty
solid. Fortified.

How are we going
to get everyone out?

Our orders are to retrieve Cray.
No one else.

What about
the hostages?

They're not U.S. citizens.

Are those your words
or Waller's, Lyla?

Let's not fight, Johnny.

It's our honeymoon.

See what I mean, John?

I'm not you, Lawton.


I wasn't always me,

Just leave the package
at the door.

Ma'am, I, uh, I think you're going
to want to sign for these.


Oh, my God! Floyd!

Why didn't you tell me
you were coming home?

I'm a mess!

No. No,
you're perfect.

Mommy, who is he?

Zoey, baby, this--

this is your daddy,

I told you about him.

He was far away,
fighting the bad guys.

Now he's home.

Hiya, Zoey.

You know,
your daddy missed you

every second
of every day.

She just...
needs some time.

I got him. Satellite footage of a man,
green outfit, green hood,

on the roof near the warehouse.
You have to hurry.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Both grunting]

[Man laughing]


Maseo: You can't
kill them all, Oliver.

Where one falls,

two more arise.


You can't
believe in this!

Murdering all of these people
just to prove a point!

No. To persuade you.

My master sees
something in you.

Don't fight it.

Embrace it!

You know me
better than that.

Don't let your recalcitrance
take any more lives.


[Door opens]

Ok, I had no idea
the sheer number of crazies

that were in this city until you set up
that 1-800 line for Arrow tips.

What's going on?


Oliver Queen
is the Arrow.


I have a 140 IQ
and three Ph.Ds,

it's pretty hard to
insult my intelligence,

but I think
you just did.

It all makes
sense now.

I mean, your, uh, sudden

your apprehension
with helping me on the mission;

you've been working
with the Arrow this whole time.

How did you find out?

High spectrum
portable radiograph,

colloquially known
as the X-Ray machine.

Plus, your facial
recognition software.

Nice code,
by the way.

Hey, you got the suit working.


Last night, I saw
your friend Oliver

standing over eight
of his victims.

Because he was investigating.

He's trying to catch
an impersonator,

the one who's really
doing this.

Please, you have to trust me.
Oliver's not a killer.

This isn't the first time he's been judge,
jury and executioner.

He hasn't killed anyone
in nearly two years.

That really is not
your best argument.

You have no idea
what he's been through!

What he's lost,
how he's grown,

but I do. I know him
better than almost...


Oliver didn't do this.

You have
feelings for him.

Yes. I mean...

No. No!

I did.

But that's...

that's over now.

And, what?

Now I'm supposed to trust you?

From the moment we met,
I've held nothing back from you.

I did trust you.

And I thought that
you were someone

who could be a true partner;

that you were someone
that I could rely on

in the mission,
and in my life.

I wanted that, too,
Ray, I still do.


What are you
going to do?

I'm going to honor
the promise I made to this city

and help them bring
the Arrow to justice.

North entrance clear.

Lyla: Nice work, Deadshot.
We're en route. Move to the X.

Copy that.

Here you go,

Eat it.

You don't want
to eat it?

There's something
wrong with it?

What, it's not as good as mom
makes, I guess?

Use your words!


Baby! What's going on?

Nothing, I'm fine.

No, you're not fine.


You're not sleeping,
you barely eat.

You can't hold a job,
you can't socialize.

You won't talk to me.

We're talkin'
right now.

So tell me, what do you want
to talk about?

I want to know what happened
to my husband!

You need to tell
your story.

There are people
who can help you.

People who know what it's like to
come back from war.

You don't understand.
You don't understand.

Nobody understands,
do you hear me?!

So make them

Oh, make them understand.

Like this?

You want to make them
understand like that?

How about like this, huh?!

Do you want to know
what happened to your husband?

Let me tell ya--
he pulled triggers.

And every time he did,
someone died!

Ok, every single time.


Stop it.



Get away from us!

[Dials 911]

Yes, this is
an emergency.

It's my husband.
He has a gun.

Find anything
on those arrows?

[Sighs] This one is ours.
This one is theirs.

I don't see a difference.

Yeah, precisely.
They're identical.

He knows.

God, he knows.

Last year,
Ray's fiancée

was killed
by Mirakuru men.

And now he wants
to protect the city,

so he built a suit
out of military-grade technology

and he wants
to put you in jail,

so he used my software
to track you down,

and he scanned you
with his X-Rays

and now he knows that
you're the Arrow

and he's going
to tell the cops.

Palmer knows I'm the Arrow?

And he has his own mission
to protect the city?

When were you going
to tell me this?!

I have been getting
a lot of that today.

Look, it's not important.
Here's what is--

he's going to tell the police
who you are!

Wait, Ray built a super suit?

That's kind of awesome.

And reckless.

Look, he's probably on his way to
the precinct right now.

What are we going to do?

The radiography technology
is infallible.

These are screenshots
of the output with timestamps.

That's a very bold
claim, Mr. Palmer.

Especially since we've already
been down that road

two years ago when Oliver Queen
was exonerated.

'Cause he's smart.

See, I believe he allowed
himself to be accused

so as to be ruled out
as a suspect in the future.

And your proof is...

X-ray vision?

Digital images
can be fabricated,

and I can't go to a judge
with any of that.

What about my statement?

You mean
your uncorroborated testimony?


You're protecting him.

Of course. Because you
and Oliver are old friends.

You, uh, hurt yourself
signing depositions?

At the gym,

Right, you were training
with that, um,

Wildcat Grant, right?
The one who also

used to be a vigilante.

You and Oliver Queen
used to be a couple, right?

How is it you both
ended up wearing masks?

A word of free legal
advice, Mr. Palmer...

If you go to anyone
else, particularly the media,

with these
unsubstantiated allegations,

Mr. Queen would have the basis
for a slam dunk defamation suit

that would
leave you bankrupt.

Who knows, he might even
get his company back.

Yeah, you're right.

Court system isn't going
to be able to help me here.


Guess I'll just have
to seek out justice on my own.

Don't worry.

I'm a United
States senator.

Everything's going
to be all right.


Get down, get down,
down, down, down, now!

We're here for you, Senator,
but we need to move fast.

All right, everybody, just..
Stay where you are, keep calm.

Lyla: We'll explain everything
once we're in the air.

What--no! No! This...

[Sighs] It's all wrong.

They weren't supposed
to send anybody.

That was the whole point.

You shouldn't
have come here.

You shouldn't
have come here.

We've got a gun,
we got a gun, go, go, go, go!

[Gasping] My hero!

Fall back, fall back,
fall back, fall back!


What the hell was that
lunatic thinking?

Secure these doors.

Take off that shirt.

The bullet was a through and through,
I ain't going to die.

Pays to be sure.

That's not a request,



You still going
to patch me up?

Baby, does it hurt bad?

You were so brave.

Ok, I take it back--

I think I do want to die.

Mockingbird, this is Harbinger
on emergency frequency Delta Charlie.

Task Force X is broadcasting
in the blind, over.

Damn it! It's not
going through.

I think our signal's
being jammed.

Senator Cray, on radio:
Harbinger, this is Senator Cray.

Well, I imagine
you must all be feeling,

uh, a little bit
confused right about now.

This is a hostage situation.
A terrorist attack!

Well, actually, they're not terrorists,
they're mercenaries.

They work for me.

Why would you do that?

Because I love
my country,

and my country
loves a hero.

So this was
all theater?

So you could, what,
run for president?

There it is.
The big picture.

Can you imagine what
my poll numbers will be

once I heroically diffuse
this tragic situation?

Everybody here

was supposed
to go home alive.

That was the whole point.

But now, unfortunately,

you have turned
my hostages into witnesses,

and I can't have that.

I'm going to kill you slow,
you son of a bitch.

You're outgunned
and outnumbered.

But if it's any consolation,

I am going to nominate
the four of you

for the Medal of Honor
once I'm president.

You'll be remembered
as heroes.




Super Suit.

I prefer "The Atom."

You know,
I have to admit,

I was a little
surprised to find you

on my calendar this morning.
Find the place all right?

Laurel Lance called me.

Yeah, the Black Canary.

She tried to shut me up,
but it's not going to work.

I didn't kill those people.

Yeah, that's what
Felicity said.

An impersonator,

[Chuckles] I hate
when that happens.

Five years on
a deserted island.

That kind of thing
changes you,

doesn't it?

Must have been

if not impossible to hold on
to your sanity all those years.

And now here you are, pretending you
have everything in control.

Felicity told you the truth.

And you should
trust her judgment.

How can I do that?

Her perception
of you is clearly clouded

by her emotional

She's not seeing you
for what you really are.

You have no idea
what this city is up against.

I think I do,

and I'm going to stop him.

It's clear.

just arrived.

I see them. Wait.


Oh, God.

What, what, what, what?!

Thermal strikes. Here,
here, here, and here.

They've rigged the hospital
with explosive charges.

Killing all
our hostages.

With Cray as
the lone survivor.

Why did we come here?

We accepted the mission,
Lyla. We did what soldiers do.

Except we're not just
soldiers, Johnny.

We're parents.

I know parents who won't
even fly together

because they don't
want to risk orphaning their child.

What were we thinking?

Oh, God.

Our baby girl.

Lawton was right.

Can you please
say that again?

Sorry, I, uh, I didn't quite hear
you the first time.

The Greddians have
rigged the hospital to blow.

We're not going
to make it.

Yeah. Yes, we are.

We're going to get
these hostages out.

And you and John are going to make it home
to your daughter again.

You got it?


Oh, the things I want
to do to you right now.

Floyd Lawton.

Who's asking?

Wasn't a question,
merely an acknowledgment.

We've posted your bail.


An organization

in need of your very
particular talent.

Talent? [Scoffs]

Killin' people,
you mean.

And we will pay handsomely
for the use of those skills.

Again with the "we."

Who are you?

Merely a drone.

A piece of a larger entity.

We exist as one organism.

As you might say, a hive.

Well, listen up, honey bee.
I'm done shootin'.


I left that life
on the battlefield to come home,

be with my family.

I imagine the restraining order
your wife filed against you

impedes that plan somewhat.

You'll never be allowed
near her or your daughter again.

You have left
the battlefield.

But the battlefield
never leaves you.

People like you don't get
to have a love.

Children, families.

These are just distractions
to people like you.

For people like you,

love is a bullet
in the brain.

Who's my target?

His name is Andrew Diggle.

How'd it go
with Ray?

Not well. Yeah,
your new boyfriend is stubborn.

Once he's made his mind up,
that's the end of it.

Sound like
anybody we know?

Not only is he untrained,
he's unstable.


Yeah, yes, yeah, he's unstable,

Felicity, because
he's flying around

in a weapon looking for a man
that has already killed 8 people!

He's going to be next.

You'd like that,
wouldn't you?

Excuse me?

You never wanted me
to be with him.

Now, that's not true.

Yes, it is.

All that talk about wanting me to be
happy was just talk.

No, I meant what I said,
right up to the point where I found out

that he is just like me.

You deserve better.

What I deserve...

Is to be with someone
who isn't afraid of being happy.

Ray told me he wanted
a true partner--

in his work, in his mission,
and in his life.

Ray wants to be a hero
and a human being.

Yes, 'cause he hasn't
realized yet that he can't be.

I told you

that I couldn't be with you

and save the city.

Neither can Ray.

He's just too new at this
to know that.

What's that?

911 call, suspected
gang activity

at Meltzer
Power Plant.

[Sighs] This could be
Maseo's next target.

Call Roy. Tell him to suit up and meet
me at the power plant.

There's no one here.

Ray: That must be

I'm sorry there's
no one around here for you to kill,

but, uh, I kind of
faked that 911 call.


I'd say you have the right to remain
silent, but I'm not a cop.


Ray: It's over.

That's it.
Nice and easy.

The man you think I am,

he'd kill you here and now.

I told you to back off,

and you didn't listen!

So kill me,
go ahead.

Show Felicity the kind of man
you really are.

I have nothing
to prove to her.

But you do.

She chose you.

So trust her.


I am, uh,

I am truly sorry.

Everything was supposed
to work out differently.


Stop! Or I flip this switch and I blow us
all right to hell right now!

You're bluffing!

You die right along
with us.

I want to be president
for my legacy.

Dying a hero is as good
a consolation prize as any.

The Suicide Squad.

Well, you are true
to your name

if you think that
the three of you

can just shoot
your way in here...


There were four of you.

John, 7 o'clock!

You've been a very,
very bad boy.

Go, go, go, everybody
go, go, go!

Go, go, go, go!

Go, move it, move it,
move it, move it!

Move, move!

Come on, let's go!


Floyd, what about you, baby,
how are you getting out?

Floyd: I'm not.

Lawton, what are you talking about?
That wasn't part of the plan!

You said you could
find your way down.

Yeah, I lied.

Someone needs to
cover your escape.

Me up here is what gets you out
down here alive.


You and your new wife,

you just get back
to your baby girl, all right, John?

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Move, move!

Go, go, go, go,
move it, move, move!

Go, come on,
go, go, go, go!

[All yelling]



No! No!

How are you?

My ego's bruised,


My arm, and my back,
and my rotator cuff.

I'm so sorry about...

all of this.

Ahh. Well,
actually, I...

think I'm the one who
owes you an apology.

You told me Oliver
was innocent,

and I didn't
trust you.

I want you to know
that I do.

About what
you said earlier...

about wanting a true partner.

Is that offer still good?


Once I make
an offer--

Woman on TV: The Greddian
separatists were led by Floyd Lawton,

a former sniper
for the United States' army.

Lawton was discharged
five years ago,

and since then has been linked
to numerous terrorist organizations.

Lawton died as a result

of an explosion intended
for a group of hostages,

including senator Joseph Cray.
But Cray managed--

He paid the hostages
for their silence.

Yeah, well, the dollar
goes a long way in Kaznia, right?

I tried to set
the record straight.

Waller blocked me.


something else.

Yes, there is.

I'm leaving team Arrow.


Lawton was right.

I can't keep
living like this.

It only works until it
doesn't, and...[Sighs]

Then what?

I can't do that to Sara.

And what about
this city?

The work you
and Oliver do,

it's good work.

Not like what I've been doing
for far too long.

Which is why...

I resigned.

Lyla! No,
you love your job,

and you're damn good at it.

No, if what happened
with Cray can be allowed to stand,

I don't want
to be good at it.

What I want is to
set a good example

for our daughter.

I want her to be
proud of me.


I'm proud of you.

I'm proud of you, Lyla.

Nothing's ever going
to change that.


Hi. Where are
you off to?

Ray has a meeting
with the mayor.

Seems he's had a change
of heart about the Arrow.



For what?

For proving me right.



What'd I miss?

Ohh, not much.

I'm glad
you're back.

So am I.

Turns out Lyla and I
are not very good at vacations.

Republic of Kaznia, huh?


And Floyd Lawton?


You were right, Oliver.

Doing what we do,

having loved ones at home...

It's complicated.

Well, the things
that matter always are.

To Floyd Lawton.


Any luck finding
your imposter?

Still out there.

Oliver, we have
to stop this guy

before he puts arrows
in any more criminals.

Or...before he
starts putting them

in innocent people.

Madame Mayor, I have it on
good authority that he's been set up.

Hold on a second, Ray.
Now you're

telling me you think the Arrow
is innocent?

Of these murders, yes.
I believe he's being framed.

We need to address
the media right away.

Tell 'em what, some
rich genius just changed his mind?

Captain, I think you're letting
your personal feelings

towards the Arrow
cloud your judgments.

Maybe I'm seeing things more clearly
than I have for the last few years.

Enough, both of you!
I am tired of listening--


[Arrow releases]

== sync, corrected by elderman ==

Move your head.