Arrow (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - Uprising - full transcript

Still operating without Oliver and desperate to stop Brick, Team Arrow is forced to consider Malcolm's offer to help shut Brick down as Malcolm has a personal score to settle with the felon. Roy and Laurel point out that the team could use some help to save the innocents of The Glades, but Felicity is adamantly against it. They look to Diggle to make the final decision. Meanwhile, the flashbacks chronicle Malcolm's descent from kind-hearted father and husband to cold-blooded killer after the murder of his wife.

My name is Oliver Queen.

After five years in hell...

...I have come home with only one goal:

To save my city.

Now others have joined my crusade.

To them, I'm Oliver Queen.

To the rest of Starling City,
lam someone else.

I am something else.

Previously on Arrow:

Don't waste your breath.

Your concern should be for your home
and what's become of it in your absence.

Together, we are gonna
take over the Glades.

The city servicemen,
especially the police, evacuate.

We won't abandon an entire district.

If I even see a hint of a blue,
your city yes-men, they will be buried.

- The mayor will cede control of the Glades.
- It's up to us to stop Brick.

It's not just Oliver's mission anymore.
It is ours.

Are you trying to kill yourself?

- I have to get back.
- You have to rest.

I suppose you planned to leave
without telling me.

Well, I knew that you wouldn't approve.
You saved my life.

- Thank you.
- Maseo saved it.

I merely treated you.

And you're going to undo all that work
if you try to leave now.

I can't stay here any longer.

My sister, my city...

Will mourn your passing, I'm sure.

If you are so concerned...

...just come with me.

You can make sure
that I drink my penicillin tea.

Like Maseo...

...I've disappeared from the world.

I have no desire to return.


Be well, Oliver.

The Glades have been without
a police presence for a week now.

Daniel Brickwell threatened every member
of local government.

What else was Mayor Castle
supposed to do?

This is worse
than negotiating with terrorists...

Tax time.

Brick wants his cut.
Now give me all the cash in the register.

Or I'll make your head look like that TV.

I have another idea.

Looks like we got ourselves
a real-life superhero here.

You that red streak
I been hearing about on TV?

Wrong city.

Either way,
I bet Brick will pay us a finder's fee.

- Make the call.
- Guns down.

Grant must be some teacher.

Diner at 10th, clear.

- Diner's taken care of.
- He needs help.

Why are these people calling 911?

Don't they know the police have pulled out
of the Glades?

Because they're desperate. They're scared.

Multiple reports of looting
at Western and Oxnard.

Got it. On our way.


Someone's dying
here. What are we supposed to do?

You can '1' just ignore us.

- It's Lance.
- Good. Maybe the cavalry's coming.

Captain Lance.

- You've been busy.
- Trying to keep things together.

- Doesn't feel like it's working.
- How can I help?

Can you? The mayor was pretty specific
about blues staying out of the Glades.

Doesn't mean I can't help out
the Hood Squad off the books.

We call ourselves Team Arrow.
Well, actually, that's just me, but...

I got everything we have on Brick
from Evidence.

I'll send Arsenal over
once the next fire's put out.

Arsenal? Are you guys just pulling names
out of a hat now?

Might wanna wrap it up.
Two more calls came in.

Talk soon, captain.

Then there was a
red-hooded guy and a blond woman in black.

- Change in pattern.
- Disrupt and revise, just like you said.


Hesitation is death.

I didn't hesitate. I just...

- Just didn't kill you.
- And when the fight is real?

- I'm not a killer.
- Then you're gonna die.

The League of Assassins
are called that for a reason.

Mercy is not part of their code.

I didn't sign up for any of this.

The Assassins' League and no mercy.

All I asked for you to do
was to teach me how to defend myself... never let someone hurt me again.

And now you face people
who wanna kill you.

To prevent that, you must kill them first.

It may not be what you signed up for...

...but make no mistake,
it's what you face right now.

Thea, I know it's difficult.

I wasn't always a killer.

The first time?

I have never been more frightened
or remorseful.

Then why did you do it?

Because the man I killed murdered my wife.

Hey, that's fine.

Put the prospectus on my desk.
We'll get into it tomorrow.

I need to get at least three hours' sleep,
so good night.

No, no, don't! No, don't!

Ha, ha. Tommy.


Hey. Tommy, buddy.

Oh. Come here.
You're just having a nightmare. Oh.

- Dad?
- Yeah.

I'm here now.

Don't worry. I won't let
anything bad ever happen to you.

- Promise?
- Promise.

I will always be here for you.

Hey. What...?

What...? Wow.

Where's your mom?

- I don't know. Ingrid put me to sleep.
- Hmm.

Is that Mommy?

Probably. So you'd better go to sleep.
Otherwise, you're gonna get me in trouble.

Captain Lance.

- Harper.
- I'm not sure what...

I've seen you wearing a red hoodie,
shooting arrows.

Think I don't recognize you
with extra leather and lace?

- I guess I won't be needing this anymore.
- No.

- You'll be needing this. Here you go.
- What's this?

Everything on Brickwell
we could salvage from storage.

Maybe something there will help you
figure out where he is.

- Thanks. We'll get Felicity right on this.
- Any word on our green-hooded friend?

Still unavailable.

And Sara?

I mean, I hear the Canary come up
every so often on the 911 calls.

I'll let her know you're looking for her.


You just watch her back, okay?


If I don't suture this,
it's gonna scar, Laurel.

I'll just add it to my
ever-growing collection.

My father give us anything to use
to locate Brick?

I don't see how.
Some of this stuff goes back decades.

There's plenty of evidence against Brick
but nothing the police can make stick.

So this is what Brick has reduced us to.

Grasping for straws.

I don't know how you guys
have done this for so long.

We had Oliver.

- What are you doing?
- Grasping at straws, I'm pretty sure.

Maybe there's something in Brick's MO that'd
suggest a couple doors for us to kick down.

I mean...

...for you to kick down.

What was that?

Cross-reference with Alderman Ford's murder
in the evidence your father gave us.

The same gun was used
in a 21-year-old shooting.

The same gun?

Either that's arrogance or stupidity.

In this case, definitely stupidity.

The victim from 21 years ago.

Rebecca Merlyn.

Daniel Brickwell killed
Malcolm Merlyn's wife.

If you wanna tell me, "I told you so,"
how about you say it in person?

Just couldn't stay away from me, could you?

- What changed your mind?
- I've been to enough funerals.

- So help me.
- That isn't what I have been doing?

The man who Maseo serves...

...when he finds out that I'm alive,
he is gonna come for me and my sister.

- Ra's al Ghul.
- Yes.

Maseo spoke of him
while you were recuperating.

He fights with swords.

And he's good.

I seem to remember you being pretty good
with a blade yourself.

Mastery of swords
is more than mastery of technique.

To defeat this man, you
must think like him... like him.

You must fight in the ways he does.

Your only hope for such a teacher
was Maseo.

Only the student has hope
of defeating the master.

Sorry I'm late.

What's going on?

- Is it the League?
- No.

This is personal.

Personal how?

I told you I killed the person
who killed my Rebecca.

I recently learned I didn't.

I killed the wrong man.

The guilty party is still alive.

Everything I thought I believed in
for the last 21 years is false.

My wife's death remains unavenged.

So let's go to the police.

Or Laurel Lance, okay?
She's a friend and she'll listen.

I swore that I would always protect her
from harm. But I couldn't.

For years,
I believed that justice had been done.

The Undertaking was for her. I truly
believed I could change the Glades...

...and prevent what happened to my family
from happening to anyone else.

It's all been a lie.
But now I have the chance to set it right.

- I don't understand.
- I know.

Because you're not a killer.

But I am.

Your dad told me
that your mom's an angel now.

I don't want her to be an angel, Ollie.

I want her to go back to being my mom.

I'm so very sorry for your loss.

I have a friend in the police department...

...he says that they have a person
of interest in Rebecca's...

In the case.

They don't have enough evidence yet
to convict him...

...but if it were me, I'd wanna know.

Brick killed Malcolm's wife.
What does that have to do with anything?

It is just another reason
for them to share bunk beds in hell.

Not that I believe in hell,
but for them I'll make an exception.

Maybe we should get Merlyn
to solve our Brick problem.

- That's pretty dark.
- If you don't think things are dark... haven't been paying attention.

Even if we did sic Merlyn on Brick, he'd have
as much trouble finding Brick as we've had.

Brick's men have been busy.
They're cutting down cell towers...

...and disconnecting traffic cams
and staying out of satellite line of sight.

Basically, every way I know
how to find somebody.

Well, if the cell towers were down,
how was Brick's crew communicating?

- At the diner. His men, they were...
- They were using walkies.

Do you think that you could, I don't know,
use those signals to locate Brick?

You haven't been down here much.
If they're communicating via radio...

...they'll be on the FRS somewhere
between 462 and 467 megahertz.

If I send out a frequency burst, I should
be able to triangulate their location.

I did not understand one word you just said,
but Oliver was certainly lucky to have you.

114 Grandview Plaza.

- Felicity, that's the Glades precinct.
- Well, it's not like police are using it.

Great. We can add irony
to the list of charges against Brick.

Let's gear up.

Let's go.

Come on, let's go. Move it.

So why don't you explain it to me, boys?

We cleared the register
from that diner on 10th.

No, the part where you had the red one
in front of your shotgun...

...and somehow he's not dead.

You know the deal, boys.

You take me down first, you walk out alive.

Okay, I've cut the power.

There's a ventilation shaft
4O feet north of your position.

They should drop you off in the east wing.

- There are only two sentries there.
- Got it.

If you see anyone, kill them.

You wanna get me?

Roy? Are you there?

Laurel, can you hear me?

This is what we do
when we get you in our sights.

Daniel Brickwell.

What the hell are you supposed to be?

We need to talk.

Somebody please tell me
how this is happening again.

Daniel Brickwell.

It seems we have a common interest.

- You know that Brickwell killed your wife.
- Her name was Rebecca.

Since my death, maintaining my usual
network of associates has become...

...heh, shall we say, problematic.

But the fact you were able
to locate Mr. Brickwell...

...despite the fact
that he has gone to ground...

...demonstrates your group's capacity.

You followed us.

- We led you right to him.
- And I saved your lives in the bargain.


...why not continue our association?

You want us to team up with you?

I guess the question before you is...

...whether your scorn for me outweighs
your need to see Mr. Brickwell dealt with.

You mean killed.

You have your options.

Weigh them.

- Dude, this is awesome.
- Shots on me, bro.

- Here they go. Here they go.
- Yeah.


You stole my idea. I was gonna lean here
and wish my problems away.

That obvious, huh?

- So, what are your problems?
- They're not problems exactly.

More like weighing options.

What about you?
Brick's tax collectors giving you trouble?

No, it's Malcolm, but it's probably the
last thing you wanna think about right now.

- You'd be surprised.
- He found out who murdered his wife.

He's fixated on finding the guy
and killing him.

Don't take this the wrong way, but isn't killing
people exactly what Malcolm Merlyn does?

Yes, but he also protects people.

During the siege, he was the only one
who made me a top priority.

He saved my life.

I didn't know.

Despite everything Malcolm was or is... means something that he was there
when I needed him the most.

Even after everything he's done,
he cares about people.

Even all the terrifying things he's done... was because he thought
that he was helping the Glades.

So, what's on your mind?
Anything I can help you with?

Believe it or not, you already have.

How can you even be arguing for this
right now?

Because I am actually paying attention.

Brick has the Glades under siege.

He has the police running scared.
He has us outnumbered and outgunned.

And I'm not saying
let's give Malcolm a glass case of his own.

All I am saying is...

...let's use him the same way
that he wants to use us.

To point him like a loaded gun at Brick.

- Exactly.
- Well, A, I'm not okay with that.

And B, even if I was, there has to be
a better way to go about doing it...

- ...than to get in bed with Malcolm Merlyn.
- There isn't.

Oliver is gone. And there's only so much
the four of us can do.

I just found this out, but the night
of the siege, Malcolm saved Thea's life.

He didn't have an ulterior motive.
He didn't have an agenda.

He just wanted to protect
what he cared about.

He cares about this city.

He just went about it
in a completely unimaginable way.

So just like Thea did the night
of the siege, we need him.

I can't think of a world or a universe
or a plane of existence...

...where Oliver would agree to any of this.

Oliver isn't here anymore.
We need to stop pretending like he is.

We need to make decisions of our own.

I genuinely have no idea
how else we're supposed to stop Brick.

I genuinely don't know how we live with
ourselves if we go about doing it this way.

So how does this work? Do we vote?

Has the jury reached a verdict?

It has.

- Guilty.
- I guess that means no, then.

You were expecting something different?

What, that you'd have some measure
of common sense? Yes.

You really thought we'd thrown in with you.

After what you did to Thea,
to Sara, to Oliver.

- To save your precious city, yes.
- Well, that's the thing.

Once we let the ends justify the means...

...that's just the first step.

Towards what?

Becoming you.

Excuse me. Excuse me.


I think I'm lost.

I suggest you run real fast...

...before I swipe that nice watch of yours.

Do you enjoy robbing people?

I mean, it can't be for the money.

You can't steal enough wallets and watches
to live on.

- What the hell is wrong with you, man?
- Wait.

I just wanna understand. I wanna know
what drives a man to do what you do.

To ruin other men's lives.

You want my watch?

Here. Take it.

Because you've already taken
everything from me.

You're not gonna shoot me.

I bet you never even held a gun before.

Go back to your rich neighborhood.

- Is it safe?
- It's safer than a boat.

Your medicine. Apply twice a day.



Would you come with me?

So I can watch you die
at the hands of Maseo's master?

I do not intend to die.

There are many forms of death.

To defeat a man like this Ra's al Ghul... must be willing not just to die...

...but to live knowing what you had
to sacrifice in order to beat him.

And What Will that be?

I don't know.

That is what you will have to discover.

But it will be
whatever you hold most precious.

Going out?

- How did you get in here?
- I had a good teacher.

If you've come to tell me
what a horrible person I am...

...I'm afraid you'll have to wait
in a very long line.

Actually, I'm here to do the opposite.

I told Roy about that night
at the train station.

How you saved my life.

You're my daughter.

You protected me. Risked your life for me.

Just like my mother did.

Thea, I know you wanna believe
there's more to me than a killer...

...but the fact is, there's not.

That man died with his wife.

- What happened to your face?
- Is it all there?

Yeah, 50,000 in hundreds.

You went after Kendrick Weller.

Hey, hey, whoa.

What did you do?

You killed him. And now you're running?

We can... We can cover this up.

I can't stay here.

I can't pretend to be
something that I'm not.

- Your son needs you.
- Not like this.

Killing him did nothing.
It didn't bring her back.

It didn't cleanse this anger.

I've heard about a place where anger can be
forged into something else.


Tommy. He)!-

- What are you doing up? Go back to sleep.
- I miss Mommy.

- Tommy, I have to go away for a little while.
- You can't leave.

You said you'd always be there.

I know. But you have to be strong now.

I'm going somewhere where I can learn... to make sure
that no one will ever hurt us again.

Come here.

How'd Merlyn take it?

I think he just felt inconvenienced.

We made the right choice, right?
By refusing Merlyn's help?

I don't know if we made the right choice,
but we definitely did the right thing.

How many people are gonna die
because of it?

- We made a decision, Roy.
- I know. And I know that I was outvoted.

That doesn't change the fact
that we're outmanned.

What if it doesn't? Roy's right.

We need the support out there. But Merlyn,
he's not the only person in town.

- Who else is there?
- The town.


- You've been busy.
- Look, Ted, I was...

I said you weren't ready.
Guess you weren't listening.

Or you gonna tell me that masked blond
that I've seen on the news isn't you?

It's complicated. I couldn't wait.

I didn't come here to argue with you.

What did you come here for?

That a Monte Cristo?

Those will kill you quicker
than this neighborhood.


Where the hell have you been? I saw Sara last
night. Why didn't you tell me she was back?

We need to talk about that, after.

After what?

Feels like recess
and we're about to fight the school bully.

- Looks quiet.
- For now.

You ready?

- It's okay to say you're scared.
- Okay, I'm scared.

Is what we're doing crazy?

It's better to ask that
when not wearing a mask.

There's never been an armed occupation
in history that wasn't overthrown by force.

An all-out assault on Brick,
that's the only way to end this.

Then let's end this.

One way...

...or the other.

Let's go.

My two favorite trick-or-treaters.

Well, look at that. Didn't anybody tell you
Halloween was three months ago?

- Daniel Brickwell.
- You have failed this city.

You seemed to have failed in your maths.

Can't you see there's a lot more of us
than there is of you?

Guess again, Brickhead.

Is this little parade supposed
to mean something?

I'll tell you what it means.

It means the population of the Glades
is gonna plummet severely.

Get them.

And which costume are you supposed to be?


Is that all you got?

I've learned you can survive a bullet,
but not when it's put through your head.

You're gonna be fine.


How many more of you masks are there?

It's okay.

It's a good thing you fight
better than you lie.


- This is for Rebecca.
- What?

You don't even know her name, do you?

Is this the weapon you used
to murder my wife?

Everybody I dropped was with that piece.

She was a good person. Decent. Kind.

- She ran the clinic right here in the Glades.
- Brunette.

Heh-heh-heh. Yeah, now I remember.

She was my first.

My initiation into the Orchid Bay Butchers.

You murdered her
because you wanted into a gang?

No, no.

Because she was weak.

Because she was crying,
begging me not to kill her.

But you won't get that from me.
So come on. Finish it.

Don't do it.

- You are too late.
- Drop the gun.

No more death.

That's easy for you to say.
You just returned from the grave.

Killing him won't balance the scales.

When you have killed 503 people,
including your own son... tend not to worry about scales.

And don't tell me it won't stop the pain
and it won't bring her back...

...because you don't understand.

If I had taken care of him back then... could all be different.

The League, the Undertaking...


Every choice I have made
since my wife died.

Then you make a different choice now.

For Thea.

Thea will never forgive me.

Start giving her reasons to.

Listen to me. I'm telling you, my guys say
he's out of commission. We can go back in.

I gotta call you back.

There's something I gotta go see.

I've been gone, and I'm sorry.

Sorry for what the city has had to endure
in my absence.

But you did endure it.

And the evidence of that struggle
is lying at my feet.

You did not fail this city.

And I promise
I will not fail you by leaving it again.

I want every block turned upside down,
inside out...

...till each of Brick's dirtbags are lying
on comfy cots in Iron Heights, all right?

Hey. Thanks, captain.

- You should see a doctor.
- No health insurance.

But thanks for bringing the cops back.
Words I never thought I'd say.

- Cindy, right?
- Yeah. I'm friends with your daughter Sara.

I thought you looked familiar.
Haven't seen you in a while.

- I haven't seen Sara in a while.
- Then you missed major ass kicking tonight.

That woman running around
in black leather tonight, that wasn't Sara.

Heh. Sure it was. Who else would it be?

I don't know. That's why
I'm talking to you.

- What do you mean? I've spoken to her.
- You should know that wasn't your daughter.

You Okay?

Yeah, everything's fine.
I just wanted to see you.

I was worried.

- But are you okay?
- I am, in fact.

- I didn't do it.
- For me?

For me.

But because of you.
ls my room still available?

Where have you been?

- I've been so worried about you.
- I was in Blildhaven.

Ran into an old friend of mine.
Things got, ahem...

...interesting, and I actually spent
the past few weeks in jail.

- I thought you grew out of that.
- So did I.

- Ollie...
- it's okay.

- Good to see you again, Oliver.
- Yeah.

I think I'm hallucinating.
But thank you for being cool with this.

I'm gonna make some tea
and try to keep things Zen.

Thank you for not making this
difficult for her.

I wasn't always like this, you know.

Before Rebecca died, I was a good father.

I remember.

Killing changes you. It takes away a piece of
your soul and you can never get it back again.

Oliver, I know I wasn't there for Tommy...

...but I see Thea as my chance
for redemption.

You turned my sister into a killer...

...and then you put her in the cross hairs of
one of the most dangerous men on the planet.

You won't believe me,
but I did so with a heavy heart...

...and expecting a different outcome.

Ra's is going to come for me.

And he will learn the truth
about Sara eventually.

And then he will come for Thea and me.

- That's why I have to kill him.
- You couldn't before.

This time, I will have you to train me.

Only the student has hope
of defeating the master.

- I am Nyssa, heir to the demon.
- I'm not here to fight you.

There's no other reason to be here.

Why shouldn't I kill you?

- What does that mean?
- "The magician."

Sorry that I didn't come by sooner.

I just wanted to check in on Thea.

It's okay.

I'm okay.

- Merlyn told us you were killed.
- I was close.

I'm sorry that I didn't reach out sooner.
I wasn't exactly in a cell-service area.

You kept the city together.

Saved the Glades. Well done.

It's a gift from Malcolm Merlyn.
He went looking for you.

- It's Ra's al Ghul's, right?
- Yep.

So, what are we gonna do about him?

- I mean, if he finds out about Thea...
- Merlyn and I are working on that.


For a second there,
it sounded like you said Merlyn.

I need to know how to defeat Ra's.

- Merlyn has the knowledge.
- Merlyn is a monster.

You're in this situation,
Thea is in this situation, because of him.

- Felicity...
- No. Just a few hours ago...

...I stood right here,
and I swore that there was no way...

...that you would ever agree
to work with Malcolm Merlyn. Not ever.

I guess I was wrong about everything.

I need some air. I'm glad you're not dead.


"I need some air" really means
I don't want to talk right now.

- I'm sorry.
- For what?

Maybe you could be a little more specific.

For letting us believe you were dead...

...for weeks?

Or for abandoning every principle
you claim to have... getting into bed with Malcolm Merlyn?

- I...
- Mm-mm.

- That's not why you're upset.
- While you were gone...

...for almost a month...

...I allowed myself to fantasize... dream that maybe, just maybe...

...Merlyn was wrong.

That you were alive
and that you would come back.

And that when you did,
you would be different.

That almost dying would give you
a new perspective on life.

- That you would just do things differently.
- Things between us, you mean.

Before you left,
the last thing you said to me...

...was that you loved me.

Now you're back, and the first thing you tell
me is that you are working with the man...

...who turned your sister,
a woman you're supposed to love...

...into a killer
who killed a woman you used to love.

I don't want to be a woman that you love.