Arrow (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - State v. Queen - full transcript

Oliver is concerned when a mysterious illness sweeps the city, infecting hundreds of people, including Diggle. Oliver discovers Vertigo in Diggle's blood and realizes The Count has broken ...

My name is Oliver Queen.

After five years
on a hellish island,

I have come home
with only one goal--

to save my city.

But to do so, I can't
be the killer I once was.

To honor
my friend's memory,

I must be someone else.

I must be something else.

Previously on "Arrow"...

This one's no longer
of use to us.

Sara: Wait. He could
still be useful.

She's right. Once we
get rid of his friends,

we'll need him to lead us
to the grave.

You're going back
to the island.

Look, you already
lost your dad.

Your mom, she's still here. And
I'm sure she'd love to see you.

I'm not going to that prison.

It's the only way
I know how to hurt her.

And I want to hate you.

But I can't.

I didn't think that there were
secrets kept between us.

are you hiding?

My name
is Moira Dearden Queen.

I am the acting CEO
of Queen Consolidated.

And, God forgive me,
I have failed this city.

I have been complicit
in an undertaking

with one horrible purpose--

to destroy the Glades
and everyone in it.

If you reside in the Glades,

please, you need
to get out now.

Your lives and the lives
of your children depend on it.


Warden says we got
to evacuate.

Help me get these out of here.

- What about the inmates?
- Leave 'em.

[Distant rumbling]

[Rumbling, ceiling cracking]

[Alarm sounding]

[Inmates yelling]




- Over here, let me out.
- No.

- Give me the keys!
- No, no, too violent.

- Take me!
- Sloppy, too stupid.



I love your work.

Big future.

Hey, be careful.

There's liable
to be aftershocks.

Oh, I'm counting on it.

[Alarm continues]

♪ Arrow 2x07 ♪
State v. Queen
Original Air Date on November 20, 2013

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[Reporters shouting questions]

Mr. Queen, what are
your mother's chances?

Is she on suicide watch?

Mr. Queen, can you
give us any comment?

It's not fair.
They're not the ones on trial.

That won't stop Jean Loring from using
them as props to drum up sympathy.

You don't seem
overly concerned.

She confessed to being an accomplice
on live television.

Also sad that
Malcolm Merlyn coerced here.

You have something, don't you?

I thought I was
your co-counsel, Adam.

If you're holding a trump card,

don't you think maybe
you should share it with me?

It's going to be
a good trial.

Come on,
let's get inside.

[Reporters shouting questions]

Oliver: You don't
have to do this.

Ivo says we do.

- Your friends are a danger to his men.
- Go.

Quick and quiet.

Slade! Shado! Run!

There's no one here.

They must have moved on
from their position.

Chargers are placed.
Here's the detonator.

Make sure they have
no place to return to.


And you.

Now you're going to take us
to the graves.

Let's go. Get him up.

Let's get clear.

[Alarm sounding]

Did you find
the detonator?



We were lucky.

I was lucky.
You were good.

Either way...

They have Oliver.

I'm going after him.

Not alone.

You can barely walk.

[Coughs] All the more
reason not to stay here.

Give them another chance
at blowing me up.

[Reporters shouting questions]

Diggle: Are you two ok?

I should be asking
you that question.

I'll be fine.

You look like
you have the flu.

If that's true, I shouldn't have
wasted my time getting vaccinated.

Diggle, whatever
it is, just go home.

Oliver, listen,
I can take care of things.

No, we'll be fine, all right? Go rest.

And don't make me call a cop.

There are a few
of them around here.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Handcuffs click]

...have been complicit
in an undertaking

with one horrible purpose--

to destroy the Glades
and everyone in it.

And it worked.
The Glades were destroyed.

Homes and lives
were lost.

All because
of her actions.

True, she had second thoughts;
Remorse which

compelled her
to deliver this statement.

But on behalf
of the 503 lives

that were
extinguished that day,

I say, Moira Queen,
your remorse comes too late.

For the last five years,

under the threat
for my life

and the lives
of my family...

Why wouldn't those
threats silence her?

Why wouldn't
Moira Queen be terrified?

Malcolm Merlyn killed
her first husband,

abducted her second.

Why wouldn't she be
in fear for her life?

For the lives
of her children?

What would you do?

If it were your children
in the crosshairs

of a mad man's rage?

Reporter: S.T.A.R. Lab's
particle accelerator

will be turned on
right on schedule.

In other news,
we have just received word

that both sides have now completed
their opening statements

in the Moira Queen trial.

Don't take this the wrong way,
but you look disgusting.

Yeah, well, I don't
feel great, Felicity.

Is there a right way
to take that?

You should go home.

I am going.

I just need to make arrangements
for a replacement bodyguard.

Did you get the flu shot?
Personally, I never do.

I know that I should.
I just, I have this thing about needles.

All pointy things,

Which is ironic, considering
who we work with.

Yeah, it's not the flu,
Felicity, it's more like...



Are you here?

The Count:



How goes our little
science project?

Working like
you said it would.

How wonderful.

Ah, so listen.

Doing the thing was 50,000.

Keeping quiet about it,

I'm thinking
it should be 50 more.


Oh, I want word
to spread.

It's kind of the whole
objective, actually.

You see my point?


You should know,
I find post hoc negotiation...



Such a shame
you won't get to see

what your works have
wrought, doctor.

But soon,
everyone else will.

And they'll beg for it to end.

[Diggle groaning]

What the hell
are you doing here?

I heard you
passed out.

I told Felicity
not to call you.

Yeah, but before that,
you said "gaw" and "thud,"

so I didn't take it
very seriously.

She was right to call me. Diggle,
you need medical attention.

He needs more than that.
When Dig passed out,

I sent a sample of his blood
to a chemist I know at QC.

The guy owes me a favor.
Long story, I fixed his parking ticket.

Huh. I guess it's not that long.

The blood sample.

Yeah. It came back positive--
for trace amounts of Vertigo.

I never used Vertigo
before in my life.

You were exposed
to it somehow.

in play again?

When the Count recovered

from his OD on Vertigo,
he was sent to Iron Heights.

That got hit
in the quake.

He got out the same way
the Doll Maker did?

And just like
with the Doll Maker,

prison officials worked overtime
to keep the lid on the escape.

- I know what you're thinking.
- No, you don't.

I made a choice not to put
an arrow in this guy.

And it was
the right choice.

There's no more

I worked this up to counteract
the effects of Vertigo.

Give it to Diggle. I...

I need to get back
to court.

While I'm gone,
just work up whatever you can

and figure out how Diggle got Vertigo
in his system without his knowledge.

Ok. Go.

When was the first time you heard
about this so-called Undertaking?

When everyone else did,

when my mother gave
the press conference.

Doesn't seem like
you took it too well.

I was surprised.

Who wouldn't be?

[Clears throat]

Uh, your mother was, um,
immediately take into custody,

but I assume you went down
to the precinct to see her?

Um, actually I didn't see her
until she was moved.

To the prison.

Do you remember when
you visited her?

Uh, not the exact date.

It's ok, I have
the visitor log here.

October ninth.

Five months later.

Why so long?

Um, I--I...

Are you ok?

An answer, please.

Why did it take you
five months to visit your mother?

- Your Honor, if I...
- No.

I want to hear this.

I needed time.

I was...

Angry. So angry, perhaps,

that it took you
five months to forgive her?

It was complicated.

No. It's very simple.

You blamed your mother
for what she had done.

So why shouldn't the jury?

Your Honor, we have
no further questions

for the...witness.


Where is it?

Come on,
where is it?!

The Hosen, where is it?


The arrowhead.

Every report said it was
with these bodies.

You said you
and your friends were here.

Now, where is it?

Take him outside.

Make him show you
where his friends are hiding.

[Grunting and groaning]

Take us to them.

I don't know
where they are!


Tell me,
or you lose your hand.

Shado: Let us suggest
another option.

You hand the kid over to us,
and we don't kill you all.

Hey, are you ok?

Don't worry about me.
I can take it.

[Ambulance engine starts]


Was that as bad
as it seemed?

Thea's testimony?
It was a set-back.

We were counting on her to--

Humanize me.

Frankly, yes.

And now we're going to have
to go another way.

No. No, I told you,
I won't testify.

I know you did.
But now you have to.

She's right, Mom.

Jean, can you
give us a minute?


I know what
you're going to say.

But if I testify,
it will destroy our family.

And if your lawyer's right,
you don't have a choice.

Mom, secrets are what
put you in this situation.

Secrets and lies.

And now it is time

to give the truth its day.

Now, I don't want us
to lose sight

of the other major
event in court today.

Was there any indication
of Adam Donner being ill?

No, there was very little
warning before Mr. Donner

collapsed to the ground.

I've spoken to several people that were
in the courtroom with me...

How are you feeling?


You have a lousy
poker face, Diggle.

- Did he take the antidote?
- Didn't work.

The Count must have futzed
with his recipe.

Heard what happened
with Donner

at the court,
and with Thea.

How is she?

Going to be fine.

Your poker face isn't much better
than mine, Oliver.


- Hello, Starling City.
- Felicity!

Miss me?

Many of you have noticed that you're
not feeling quite like yourselves...

He's taken over
all the local station feeds.

Track his signal.

Like our good assistant
district attorney here.

You might recognize him
from his work

in the ongoing
Moira Queen trial.

- Hi, Adam.
- What do you want?

I want what you want.

For you to feel better.

Go to hell!

I do think you want
the pain to end,

and I can do that...

With Vertigo.

It's what all of
your bodies crave.

Fortunately, the power
of relief is right here.

And all you have
to do is go to your friendly

neighborhood Vertigo
dealer and request the cure.

Simply supply
and demand at work.

Now, tell me
you want this

and it's yours.

All the pain will

Say it.


You want it.


I-I--want--I want it.

You see...a simple solution.

I'm Count Vertigo,

and I approve this high.

What do we do now?

We find him...

And we shut him down.

Where did he
broadcast from?

He bounced the signal off
of S.T.A.R. Lab's satellite.

He could have sent that
transmission from Markovia.

He would want
to stay local.

Scrub the footage,
frame by frame if you have to.

There's something
on here that gives us a clue

- to where he is.
- If he dosed the whole city,

why are only some people
showing symptoms?

Maybe exposure
was selective.

The Count contaminated
something that only certain people,

like you and Donner,

A most dramatic turn.

City officials are urging calm,

hoping to avoid
widespread panic.

Deputy Mayor Levitz has...

The Count has turned
Starling into a city of junkies.

Any leads on where
he's holding ADA Donner?

Hmm, no. As cold as it sounds,
I've got other concerns.


Adam's trial notes
are very thorough.

They better be.
You're lead counsel now.

Ms. Spencer,
you're the district attorney.

Yes, but you're the one
that the jury knows.

You'll do fine, Laurel.

I know.

I just found
Adam's trump card.

♪ Sneaking cigarettes
at lunchtime ♪

♪ sun feels safe

[song continues]
Sorry, I didn't hear you walk up.

I just want to be
left alone.

Well, too bad that's not
an option for you.

But maybe I know
something that is.


Hit me.



You wonder why I used
to go out at night

looking to throw down
with bad guys.

Part of it was to help the city.

And the other part

was to help me.

Getting tuned up
by street thugs helped you?

Yeah, well, I gave
as good as I got.

There we go.

When I would throw a punch,
I'd be so angry.

I'd feel this heat
rising inside of me,

in my jaw. In my chest.

And my fists.

But I needed
somewhere to go.

Come on.

Thea, you're angry.

At your mother, the D.A.,
yourself, maybe.

But that anger is going
to chew up your insides

if you don't
let it out.

I'm not going to hit you, Roy.



I said hit me, right? 'Cause
that felt like--

that didn't really
feel like anything.

Better. But keep
your wrists straight.

Don't just use your arm.

Put your entire body
into it.

Come on, again.

[Groaning and grunting]

At least let me
call Lyla.

All she could do
is worry about me.

I found something.

I don't see anything.

Because you have
to see what Donner does.

His eye caught
a reflection.

Can you enhance?

It hurts me that you
feel a need to ask.

What are those,

It's the city seal.

Starling Municipal
Records department.

That building's
been abandoned

since the city went to digital.
Dollars to donuts,

that's where
is operating out of.

Not for long.

You shouldn't be here.

- My attorney needs...
- Moira.

I know I could be disbarred
for speaking with you,

but this isn't something
for lawyers.

This is a family matter.

Jean told me she's calling you
to the stand tomorrow.


You can't testify.


The fact that you don't want
me to, Laurel,

is a good indication
that I should.

If you take the stand,
I'll have to cross examine you,

and I'll have to do it
to the best of my ability.

- Yes, I understand.
- No, I don't think you do.

Forget about what
this will do to Oliver and Thea.

It also could undermine
your entire case.

So, Moira, please.


Don't make me use this.

Everything is at stake for you.

And I don't want
to be the one to take it all away.

Faster, please.

Faster! We have a city
full of customers.

And I mean this literally.

I'm afraid my production apparatus
is a little over-taxed

with the increased demand.
I can live with it, though.

I can't say
the city can.


Be still, my heart.

Oliver, voice disguised:
Step away from them.

Yes, I've heard you've developed
an allergy to killing.

- Do it!
- Or what?

You'll kill me?

[All grunting]

You're really on
the no killing wagon?


Really letting one of life's true
pleasures pass you by.

But you said you didn't want
to testify.

But you have to.

- Because of me.
- No.

You have to do
damage control.

None of this is your fault.

We're here because
of what I did.

Now, you both
know the truth,

but you don't know
all of it.

Laurel does.

What does she have?

You shouldn't have
to find this out in court.

Find out what?

Years ago... it was many years ago...

Your father was engaging in his--

his extramarital activities.

And I had a moment of weakness.

I cheated on him.

With Malcolm Merlyn.

Thea: No.

No, I--

I asked you about this.

Last year.

You said that there was nothing
between you two!

There wasn't.
Sweetheart, it wasn't an affair.

It was very brief,
and a long time ago.

And despite it, you remained
friends with Mr. Merlyn.

In fact, he frequently
attended parties at your home.

He was my husband's
best friend until Malcolm killed him.

And this is why
you claimed to feel

as though you were
in fear for your life

and the lives
of your children?

Well, I think it's a fairly
compelling reason.

Last year,

your second husband,
Walter Steel,

was abducted by Mr. Merlyn,
is that correct?

Yes. So you so.

Why didn't Merlyn kill Walter,
the same as your first husband?

I convinced Malcolm not to.

And Malcolm
listened to you.

Your friend spared
Walter's life,

and yet, you'd have
this jury believing

that you and your children
were in danger?

We were. I was afraid--

Afraid of getting caught.

Despite whatever youthful
mistakes I might have made,

Malcolm Merlyn
was a dangerous man.

To other people.

But the only person
who truly posed a danger

to Moira Queen
and her family

was Moira Queen.


Ok, if you want
to attack me, go right ahead.

But you should know that you're
not going to say anything

that I haven't already
said to myself.

Whoa. I know that that
was difficult for you,

and I just want to make
sure that you're ok.

No, no.

I don't understand
how you can forgive me

after what I just did in there.

I don't understand
how anyone could.

So, obviously you three

took the Hosen
out of this cave.

Lift him up.

Now I know
he doesn't have it,

which means
one of you two does.

Give it to me, and we'll discuss
an exchange.

We don't know
what you're talking about.

Give us Oliver,

and we'll leave you
alone to look for it.


Anybody else
want to be stupid?

Hey. Hey!

Take 'em.

Cut him loose.

What are you doing?!


We have to keep moving,
they're following us!

Obviously we're
continuing to monitor

both of these
major stories

in what has become a significant
news day here in Starling.

What can you
tell us about--

Oliver's going to be pretty
wrapped up with his mother.

You making any process
on how The Count's

getting Vertigo
into people's systems?

Not much.

Each dot is the home of somebody
with withdrawal symptoms.

That seems pretty random.

That's because
it's very random.


What if people
weren't exposed at home;

what if they got dosed at work?

Can you do this
by their employment addresses?

I'm really
starting to wonder

what it would take
to impress you guys.

[Computer beeps]

It's a trail.
A path through the city.

Any place you've been?

59th and Dell, that's where
I got my flu shot.

You got your vaccination
from one of those trucks, right?

One of those roving
flu trucks?

The route.

It's a flu vaccination tour.

A truck sent out by
Starling City Mobile Care.

I got addicted after one injection?
That can happen?

Sure. Try heroin
some time.

Not try...Try.

All right,
where's the truck now?

What do you think?

Call Oliver?

No, no, he's busy
with his family. I'll go.

Yeah, no. That's
not happening.

I'll go.

it's too dangerous.

It could turn out to be nothing.
If it's not, I'll call.

...courtroom drama
you've just witnessed?

Bethany, no one expected
the turn that testimony took.

A revelation that Moira Queen
once had an affair with Malcolm Merlyn

became the sole focus
of the prosecution's cross.


Anybody home?

Vertigo. Got ya.

Funny, eh?

You took the words
right out of my mouth.


Can we call it a night?

Jury just signaled
that they could have a verdict.

Judge will not send them home.
He wants to get this over with.

Line forms behind me.

A verdict that
quickly is bad, isn't it?

I think the two of you
should prepare for the worst.

[Cell phone vibrating]

Excuse me.


The Count: Oliver.

Is it ok
if I call you Oliver?

Surprised to hear
from me, right?

Not as surprised
as I was.

You see, I find this

not unattractive blonde,
getting all up in my business.

And what does she
have on her?

A Queen Consolidated
I.D. badge.

Now, I think to myself,
why does that name ring a bell?

Oliver Queen.

He tried
to buy off me last year,

just before the hood
put me in a padded cell.

Ipso facto, Arrow.

Where are you going?!


Something's come up
at the office.

Ollie, the jury!

I have to go.

Pretty swanky offices.

You can see all the destruction
that your mom caused

from up here.

What do you want?

World peace
and personal satisfaction.

Though not necessarily
in that order.

You poisoned me
and put me in a hole.

You have no idea
how much I hated you for that.

- Turns out, someone else hates you, too.
- Who?

Who? [Chuckles]

Oh, you're going to be
surprised when you find out.

He's a man of means.

Set me up with my new operation
so I could draw you out.

- To do what?
- This.

You're going to have
to try harder.


Come on!

So now we move on
to plan B.

Oliver, don't!
Not for me!

Quiet, please.
I'm threatening.

Lower your bow.

Your problem is with me.

It's not with her.

Well, then, consider
this your penalty

for making me
go to plan B in the first place.

Hey. Hey.

Hey, shh, shh.

It's all right.

You're safe.

Oh, you were shot.


It's nothing.

[Sirens approaching]

Any news?

Where have you been?


happened at Queen Consolidated.

You will see it
on the news later.

Just don't worry about it.

What would you have done
if there'd been a verdict?


I don't know.

Are you ok?


Jury's back.

Come on.

I have received a note that
the jury has arrived at a verdict.

Please publish
the verdict.

In the superior court
of Star county

state versus
Moira Queen verdict...

On one count of conspiracy
in the first degree,

the defendant is found
not guilty.

On the 503 counts
of murder in the first degree,

the defendant is found...

Not guilty.
[All murmuring]


I love you both so much.

[All murmuring]

A stunning result, as Moira Queen is
acquitted of all charges.

In a day that's provided a week's
worth of shocks and legal twists,

many had pronounced
this case a done deal.

Congratulations. Is
that appropriate?

She should have lost.

She should have been

Did you want her to be?

I expected her to be.

Verdict doesn't make sense.

Still, your mom
must be thrilled. Beyond.

It's more like
shock, I think.

They're processing her now.
I just wanted to check in on you.

And you.

I'm feeling better.

And, with the Vertigo
tainted vaccine,

Queen Consolidated's
Applied Sciences Division

was able to formulate
a non-addictive treatment.


I need to meet
my family at home.

So you guys go home,
get rest.

Good night.

Good night.

Oliver. I, uh...

- I just wanted to say thank you.
- Yeah.

And I'm sorry.

For what?

I got myself
into trouble again,

and you...
killed him.

You killed again,
and I am sorry that I was the one

to put you in a position where you
had to make that kind of choice.


He had you, and he was
going to hurt you.

There was no choice to make.

Why did you do that?!

Because you stopped
the captain from killing me.

Thank you for coming.

Shado, he doesn't
look too good.

Shado: He's not.
Who's this?

It's complicated.
That Hosen thing

they're looking for
is back on the plane.

No, I've got it.

It has a Buddhist
inscription on one side.

It reminded me
of my father.

I'm pretty sure they aren't
interested in Buddhism.

What's on
the other side?


Ok, numbers, what...


To what?

A Kairyu-class Japanese

which ran aground
here during World War II.

What do these guys want
with a 70 year old sub?

The sub isn't important,
but what's on it...

It'll save the human race.

Will it save him?

Well, you survived
your own stupidity, congratulations.

You know...

I needed you

to deal with any

that I encountered on the island.
I got to say,

you've done a fairly
lousy job of that.


You're the new captain.

[Knock on door]

I arranged for
to take out the Arrow,

and all I accomplish
is reigniting

the vigilante's
killing spree.

Sir, there's been
a development.

Brother Cyrus...

How do you feel?



Then you're ready.

[Reporters shouting questions]

Mrs. Queen, how does
it feel to get away with murder?

Once you go out back,
there's a car waiting for you.

Did you kill
your first husband?

Just keep going.

Obviously Mrs. Queen
is overjoyed that the jury

has ruled that she was acting
under terrible duress.

Reporter: Can you
give us anything else?

This way,
Mrs. Queen.

The freeway
will be quicker.

Driver: I'm sorry,
Mrs. Queen.

I was instructed
not to take you home.

Not yet.

Where are we?

I-I don't know
this place.

I've got her, sir.

Hello, Moira.


They said you were dead!

There are parts of the world
where death is an illusion.

I've been to one.

I learned to be
very convincing.

But I returned because you
needed my help.



With your trial.

You didn't think that
jury acquitted you

without a little

Dear God.

What do you want, Malcolm?

I still have
resources in Starling.


Including one

in the D.A.'s office.

I followed Mr. Donner's
investigation of you with interest.

The ease with which you lied
about us for years,

it made me wonder
whether you lied to me

No. No.

It was a matter of a simple
surreptitious genetics test

- to confirm my suspicion.
- Don't.

Imagine my joy
at learning that

Thea is my daughter.

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