Arrow (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Keep Your Enemies Closer - full transcript

Amanda Waller sends A.R.G.U.S. agents to kidnap Diggle. Waller informs Diggle that Lyla has gone missing after following a lead on Deadshot in Moscow. When Diggle tells the team he's headed...

My name is Oliver Queen.
After five years on a hellish island,
I have come home with only one goal--
to save my city.
But to do so, I can't be the killer I once was.
To honor my friend's memory,
I must be someone else.
I must be something else.
Previously on "Arrow"...
As much as I would love to make this city safer,
my first obligation is to Queen Consolidated
and yours is, too.
I did some reading up on Lawton.
Lyla, listen--
Did you really think I wouldn't find out
that he killed your brother?
That you were using me?
I need to see this guy in a bag.
You, of all people, should get that.
Long time
particularly for Bratva captain.
Mr. Queen.
Anatoly Knyazev,
he speaks very highly of you.
He should. I saved his life.
You were supposed to sign this report
at last night's board meeting. You know why you didn't?
Probably because I didn't attend last night's board meeting.
Where were you?
I have other interests outside of this company.
I don't. Mr. Queen--
I thought you were serious
when you said we were partners.
Isabel, I missed one meeting.
This week.
Last week, it was two meetings.
Mr. Queen.
Companywide revenue is at double digits
since you and I took over.
Oliver! Yes?
I'm sorry to interrupt your...
Um, I need to talk to you
about your plans for this evening.
With Mr. Harper?
You'll have to excuse me.
We have work to do.
It's important.
So are my evening plans.
I'm sorry.
We are going to have to work on your excuses.
You're right.
You should be more careful.
You're completely exposed.
I knew you were there.
What, you wanted me to tell you
when the funny money guys were ready to make a sale?
Here we go.
Not "we." Go home.
I already have help.
Here's the fake.
Let's see the real.
You got two right above you.
Another at your six.
Stay where you are, don't move!
I want to make a citizen's arrest. Don't move.
That's it. I'm clear.
Task force X to Mockingbird.
We have the prize, we're coming home.
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Who are you people?
My name is Amanda Waller.
I thought you A.R.G.U.S. guys were supposed to be more subtle.
For us, this was subtle.
Then I want to see Lyla Michaels. So do I.
Agent Michaels has gone dark.
Lyla's missing?
What happened?
She was running down a lead in Moscow.
She's missed two of her scheduled call-ins.
Well, what are you doing about it?
Speaking to you.
Even if we knew where in Russia Lyla is,
my superiors believe sending in an extraction team
could cause an international incident.
As far as they're concerned,
she's already a framed picture
on our lobby wall.
Why are you telling me all this?
Because I know how you and Oliver Queen spend your nights.
And I know your passport is up to date.
It would help to start with what Lyla
was doing in Moscow in the first place.
What was this lead she was tracking down?
A line on the whereabouts of Floyd Lawton.
Lyla was in Russia for me,
Agent Michaels is an asset I can't easily replace.
I know you find her similarly irreplaceable.
Bring her home, Mr. Diggle.
It's been a while since I arrested you.
I'd forgotten how good it feels.
I was working for...him.
Him who?
The guy who cost you your shield.
I'm on his team. You are, too.
Anybody else having serious deja vu?
That's all right, we're letting him go.
Our mistake.
He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Ok, uh, let's just get out of here
before anyone changes their mind.
The potentially catastrophic risk
of turning on this machine
far outweigh any scientific gain that might come from it.
The people need to understand just how dangerous
technology like this is.
And the very real possibility of a cataclysmic event.
Where'd you go? Is everything ok?
Yeah. Just need a few personal days.
What's going on? Have to help a friend.
Lyla Michaels.
It's his spy girlfriend that works for A.R.G.U.S.
She went to Russia looking for Deadshot,
for me. Now she's missing.
I think it's time we visited our Queen Consolidated
subsidiary in Moscow. Yeah.
Oliver, what are you doing?
Just need to help a friend.
I can't ask you to do that.
You didn't.
My name's Ivo.
What's your name?
How did you come to be on this island, Tommy?
I assume it wasn't by choice.
My, uh...
Boat was shipwrecked here.
And I was the only survivor.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
Did you explore the island much?
Some of it.
You didn't happen to run across
a Japanese Imperial Navy submarine, did you?
During World War II,
every country was trying to develop the ultimate weapon.
The United States had the Manhattan Project, of course;
the Nazis had das Uranverein.
And the Japanese, well,
they had Mirakuru.
Stem cell and genetic therapies,
decades ahead of their time.
Every war
advances the cause of science.
And the Japanese, they had developed a serum
that caused increased strength.
Rapid cell regeneration.
They called it Mirakuru. "Miracle."
Thought they could create an army of super soldiers.
They were transporting their only supply
via submarine
when that sub came under heavy fire by the allied forces.
And it ran aground in this chain of islands.
Thanks to you...
We now know it's this island.
You killed my friends.
Which means it's up to you...
To help us find that sub.
Are you forgetting something?
Where do you think you're going?
That's funny.
The flight manifest says you're going to Moscow.
Well, we're going to stop by there,
you know, after Tahiti.
What kind of partner decides to interact
with our overseas holdings behind the other one's back?
It was an oversight.
Well, lucky for our partnership,
I'm a fast packer.
Oliver, her tagging along does not help matters any.
I will take care of her. John.
We're going to bring Lyla back.
Wherever she is.
I've arranged a meeting with the chief operating officer
of our Moscow subsidiary tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.
Try your hardest not to miss this one.
You know, I'm not this person that you seem to think I am.
That depends. On what?
On if I think you use the corporate jet
for a weekend of fun with your assistant.
Excuse me?
A blonde I.T. girl all of a sudden gets promoted
to be assistant to the C.E.O.?
There are only two ways that happens. One is nepotism,
and she doesn't look like your cousin. absolutely not happening.
What were her qualifications?
Aside from an abundance of short skirts.
Her skirts aren't that...short.
What was that about? Nothing.
Everything with Knyazev is set.
You have friends in the Russian mafia?
Color me at not at all surprised.
You're going straight to the hotel in a cab.
No, you're leaving me with her?!
Dig and I need to get a drink.
Well...I...wouldn't mind a drink.
Ms. Loring. Didn't take you
for the club-hopping type.
Well, I'm here on business.
Is everything ok with my mom?
We need to discuss something about this case.
Your boyfriend Roy was arrested last night.
I know, but it was actually a misunderstanding.
He got released.
Well, a few reporters got hold of the story
and they now know you're dating a known felon.
Thea, your mother is on trial for her life.
Her whole defense pivots on being seen as a loving mother
who did what she had to do to protect her children,
what kind of parent she was.
We need the people to know that she raised you
to make good decisions.
So if you care about your mom,
you're going to have to end this relationship immediately.
Oliver Queen? Ha!
My favorite American!
Dabro pazhalavat.
It has been too long.
John Diggle, this is Anatoly Knyazev.
Thank you for meeting us.
If Oliver vouches for you,
you're my second favorite American.
First, a toast.
None for me, thanks.
To strength.
Now. Business.
This is woman you look for, yes?
Picture is from two days ago, from gulag--
prison. Lyla was arrested?
Not quite. From what I hear, she was trying to break in.
Why? I do not know.
But clearly she had issues breaking back out.
Gulag, worst in Russia.
It's called Koshmar.
The nightmare.
It's full of violent psychopaths
and killers.
And that's just the guards.
Anatoly, we need a way into the gulag to extract her.
You get in, you get shot before you get out.
Or end up like your friend.
Mmm, it's impossible.
The only thing that's impossible
is us leaving this country without this woman.
I like this guy.
We have no word for "optimist" in Russian.
The only way in to Koshmar
is as prisoner.
Now, I have guard there, owes me favor.
It could work. I'll give you one shot in twenty.
Set it up. I'll go. No.
It has to be me.
Oliver, what if something happens to you in there?
What happens to me, Felicity, or Isabel, for that matter?
You have to be on the outside making the moves.
I'll go inside.
I've got this.
Now that is a lot of drugs.
Courtesy of Knyazev.
About enough weight to land me in the Koshmar.
You need to be wearing this when they process you.
Guards will take it, but that's the point.
Is Knyazev's man inside the prison.
A guard.
He'll know where in the gulag Lyla is being held.
When all hell breaks loose,
you need to meet us at the rendezvous point with Lyla, or...
Or I am a permanent Russian.
Just thinking out loud...
But, are we sure this is the best plan we can come up with?
I know Lyla's your friend, but...
Felicity, Lyla isn't my friend.
She was my wife.
Explain that sentence.
Lyla and I met in the army back in Afghanistan.
But we didn't stay married long once we got stateside.
Couldn't figure out a way to stay married without a war to fight.
So she joined A.R.G.U.S.,
and I circled back for my third tour.
I can't leave here without her, Felicity.
Just can't.
Two minute warning.
Good luck, John.
They have him.
Clock's running.
Zhivey, zhivey.
Hurry up.
Khoroshaya kurtka.
What, uh, crime fits your punishment?
Drugs. And you?
I gave speech. About government corruption.
It is rare to see one of your people in Koshmar.
What, American? Chernokozhiy.
Chernokozhiy not popular here.
You think Dig's ok?
I think he's doing the same as he was
when you asked me five minutes ago.
They're coming.
They sell us Russian police truck for cheap.
Vot mashina, kotoraya vam nuzhna.
Sto pyatisot tysyach rubley.
Na koleni.
Yesli vy sde syete eto,
moi lyudi vas,
I vashi deti osanutsya sirotami.
What'd you say?
You know, in Russia, there is gulag.
Almost as bad as this.
Sara-- Don't say my name.
If they find out we know each other, they'll kill us both.
I thought you drowned.
When I came up, the boat was gone.
And I thought you were, too.
And I was floating out there for days when this ship...
They found me. And they saved me.
Is that why you're helping them?
I don't have a choice.
I need to warn my friends.
You said they were dead.
They're not that easy to kill.
Try not to move.
It smells like puke!
It'll heal your wounds.
You have to go.
Get out of here.
Get to higher ground.
I'm not leaving you.
I will not be the reason
something happens to you.
Then we're in agreement.
Because I make my own choices.
You are a strong woman.
When I care about someone, there's nothing I won't do for them.
Another thing...
we have in common.
The burns, they're lowering your body temperature.
Where you been all night?
Working. Oh.
Well, you deserve a break.
Um, actually, I've been thinking.
Maybe we should take some space.
I mean, we work together and live together.
It's kind of getting hard to breathe.
Since when?
Oh, wait, does this have to with that lawyer lady dropping by?
No, this has to do with the fact
that you've been arrested twice in the last month.
Come on. I've been trying to stay out of trouble.
My body hasn't had a scratch on it in weeks.
Well, I mean, excluding the ones that you put there.
And the other night?
Was a misunderstanding.
This just isn't working, ok?
Not for me.
Thea, you can't mean that.
I do.
I'm sorry.
Those men...
They are Vory. They are in charge.
It's best to stay away.
Got it.
Listen, I'm looking for a guard named Sergei Pavelski.
American... You are suka now.
Are we seriously going to do this?
Guess so.
Fighting strictly prohibited.
Vodki, pozhaluysta.
You missed the tour.
What happened to you?
I saw a Russian vehicle that I simply had to have.
Is that why you came to Russia? Car shopping?
Oh, I just ordered one.
One's for me.
This cold room.
Six hours for you.
Six hours? You can't keep me in here that long.
Now seven hours.
Well, that was pretty stupid...
Then again, you never really were
one of the brightest guys.
Your spine frozen through yet?
Trust me.
My problem here isn't with the cold.
What, you still haven't forgiven me for shooting your brother?
Man, you really hold a grudge.
I know why you're here.
That girl. From A.R.G.U.S.
Lyla didn't find a lead on you.
She found you.
Does everyone really think
that Felicity and I are... No.
Just everyone who works at Queen Consolidated.
She's just a friend.
You don't seem like the kind of man who has female friends.
Can I ask you a personal question?
With some vodka in me, I just might answer.
Why does saving my family's company
mean so much to you?
Despite what Sheryl Sandberg might say...
It still isn't that easy to make it as a woman in business.
I've...given up a lot.
Which means if I don't succeed at everything,
then what was the point?
May I ask you a personal question?
Others have tried and failed.
Why do you try so hard to make me think that you're a lazy idiot?
I know you're not.
Underneath that swagger, I see you pretty clearly.
And what do you see?
You're intelligent.
And lonely.
How do you see that?
Because it's what I see when I look in the mirror.
We don't have much time.
There you go.
Let's go, let's go.
Nice seeing you, John.
You speak Russian.
I was raised in Moscow until I was nine.
And then adopted by a family that took me to America.
Took me years to get rid of my accent.
It isn't easy making friends
in grade school when you sound like Natasha.
I...Don't have a lot of time.
I'll be quick.
Five minutes. Must hurry.
Remind me to get you a pack of cigarettes when this is all over.
I don't smoke.
You weren't going to leave without me, were you?
I should kill you right now!
You won't.
Why? Because.
I'm the only one who knows where your little girlfriend is.
You're not stupid.
You wouldn't put yourself in here without an exit strategy.
I take you to the girl...
You take me out.
Isabel, I have to go.
Do I strike you as someone who needs to cuddle?
It's time. Ready?
Yeah, I--
I think she can take the night off. Don't you?
Ohh. Felicity...
It--what happens in Russia stays in Russia.
Even when it makes no sense whatsoever.
Guessin', uh, you want to hold on to that.
This way.
What were you thinking?
Over 64 million women over the age of consent
in Russia and you sleep with her.
So we're not doing the "What happens in Russia
stays in Russia?" We're still in Russia.
There is nothing money cannot buy in this country.
Diggle should be heading out Lyla in two minutes.
Well, breaking out of prison is harder than it looks.
You of all people should know that.
Stay quiet.
Follow me.
You'll remember the rest of us...
I promise.
I'll come back.
Come on.
Are we making a swim for it?
No. They'd shoot us the second we hit the water.
You said your friends, they have one
of the radios from the ship, right?
You look like you know what you're doing there.
In the past year, I've learned a lot of things I never expected to.
You and me both.
They won't respond unless they hear your voice.
Ni néng tingdào wo ma?
Can you hear me?
Thank God you're alive.
Yeah, I'm on the freighter--
Sara, what are you doing?
There's only two of them.
They haven't moved from the location of the mortar attack.
What the hell is going on here?
You just confirmed that your friends are alive.
Which means they're still a threat.
You know, until we kill them.
You son of a bitch--oh!
If I say she's in there,
what's keeping you from shooting me?
You should try it some time.
Ready to go home?
You came for me.
I always have. Always will.
Deadshot's here.
In the prison.
I know.
What's your extraction plan?
Depends. What time is it?
Let's go, go, go, move, move, move!
This way.
Got it.
I shut down the phones. The guards can't call for help.
Your friend and that woman are not here by now,
they will not be here at all.
Much better.
Oliver, get down!
Follow me! Move!
We're clear.
Stop the truck.
Get out.
Get out!
That's the thing about honor, John.
You can't turn it on and off.
I'm just curious.
How is it you think your brother ended up dead?
You shot a client that Andy was protecting,
and you missed.
I don't miss.
Your brother was the contract.
Who would want to kill Andy?
I don't know the names, just an alias.
Food for thought, John.
Food for thought.
Are we going to discuss what happened last night?
Why would we?
No reason.
I'll see you in the office tomorrow.
Thank you.
You had my back.
And now you know what it feels like.
Wh--what are you-- what are you doing here?
Good question.
I've gotten a lot of calls from prison,
but never from my girlfriend's mother.
It occurred to me that I've never been given
the opportunity to meet the man in your life.
I don't know if she told you,
but your daughter kind of dumped me.
And what you should know is that she did it for me.
Jean told me she came to see you.
I told her she shouldn't have.
Why didn't you just tell me the truth?
Us being together...
It can hurt her case.
Your social life is not
going to be the determining factor in my trial.
Sweetheart, what you've had to endure this last year
is more than most people go through in two lifetimes.
But you've not only survived, you've flourished.
I think a lot of that has to do with Roy.
So, as your mother, I forbid you not to see him.
Thank you.
I have to admit,
this is not how I anticipated my trip to Russia ending.
I just feel lucky we made it out of there alive.
Thank you.
Not just for coming for me.
For doing what you had to once you did.
You mean working with Deadshot.
You know, me and Carly broke up because I couldn't love her
and hate him at the same time.
I'm honored to be the exception.
Lyla, you're always the exception.
♪ Wonder if you'd ever settle
♪ and I think you always will
I have a debrief with A.R.G.U.S. at 0800.
No, no, let Waller stew.
Stay for breakfast.
Throw in your blueberry pancakes and you may be able to convince me.
♪ What I feel now about you then ♪
♪ I'm just glad I can explain ♪
Can you deliver this to Isabel's office, please?
Why her?
I mean, besides the...
obvious leggy model reason.
It just kind of happened.
It didn't mean anything.
Because of the life that I lead...
I just think that it's better to not...
Be with someone that I could really care about.
Well, I think...
I think you deserve better than her.
We have their location.
This one's no longer of use to us.
Let's see how good you are...
At removing a bullet from your head.
He could still be useful.
She's right.
Once we get rid of his friends,
we'll need him to lead us to the graves.
Sometimes I wonder who gives the orders here.
or your little bouzin.
You're going back to the island.
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