Arrow (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Crucible - full transcript

Oliver discovers a man who goes by the name "The Mayor" is bringing illegal guns in to The Glades, so Oliver sponsors a "Cash for Guns" event to help clean up the city. Unfortunately, The ...

My name is Oliver Queen.
After five years on a hellish island,
I have come home with only one goal--
to save my city.
But to do so, I can't be the killer I once was.
To honor my friend's memory,
I must be someone else.
I must be something else.
Previously on "Arrow"...
Who's blood? An alderman from the Glades
trying to save the city.
I'm surprised that you wanted to meet.
I'm not your enemy. You're not a friend.
I'm hoping to prove otherwise.
You told me to stay out of the Glades.
You told me to get out of CNRI.
Tommy was only there because I was too stubborn.
You were right. I was blaming the Arrow because
it's all my fault, dad! It's all my fault
that Tommy died.
What's going on with this woman?
She keeps following you around, helping you out.
We've got to find her.
To stop her, or to send her a thank you note?
That depends. On what?
What side she's on.
Mr. Queen's going to be late. He's extremely sorry.
It couldn't be helped. Where is he?
Over there! Where, man?!
There, man!
Just got a little held up.
You know, tying up some loose ends.
I'm actually in direct contact with him now. Let me--let me check.
Where are you getting the guns?
Are you going to kill me?
Get it over with.
Took down two more gangbangers.
They were armed with fully automatic M4A1 assault rifles.
M4A1s are military grade weapons.
Stolen, most likely. Stolen from where?
Well, we can look into that after your party.
What party?
He's here.
Sorry I'm late.
This party is to attract investors
for your failing company.
Being fashionably late might do well
for the club circuit, but it does not inspire
confidence in Wall Street.
Is that blood on your face? Hmm?
Don't worry, it's not his blood.
I mean, of course it's his blood.
Why would he have somebody else's blood on his face?
Who taught you to shave? Mister.
What kept you?
Was it our masked blonde that carries that giant staff
to beat the sauce out of attackers?
This time it was guns. Guns?
We were just talking about guns.
Hey. Oliver.
What's your interest in guns, Mr. Queen?
Never touched them myself. The gun epidemic in the Glades
has gotten increasingly out of control.
Which is why the DEA's office has committed
to ending gun violence. Well, I'm sure the police
are doing whatever they can
to catch whoever's bring the weapons into the city.
Did I say something funny?
They know who's been arming the gangs, Oliver.
The Mayor.
I thought the hood copycats killed the mayor.
Well, not the actual mayor.
A local gang lord calls himself the Mayor.
Think he's the man to save our city.
But that position has already been filled, hasn't it?
Now this mayor has only one goal--
to create chaos
so he can rule the Glades with the barrel of a gun.
You are noticeably unarmed, son.
Sorry, Mr. Mayor.
Um, we ran into the Vigilante,
and, um, he ganked our weapons.
Do you know who I was before the quake?
I was no one. I had no name.
None that mattered, anyway. I was just another weak man
waiting to get fired or evicted or killed.
But then the ground shook, and now I matter,
because I know the guy with the biggest gun wins,
and that's why I will rule the Glades.
But there's no room at my table for weak ass punks like you.
Mr. Mayor. I want to ask for leniency.
The kid's my cousin. I brought him in.
Oh, you did?
Now let's hope you do your family prouder than he did.
Please do not ask me if I'm ok,
because I am sick to death of everyone asking me that!
I would never do that. Good.
You ok?
The Doll Maker was just your garden variety
traumatic experience.
After the quake and Tommy,
I should be used to that by now.
I've had a few of those.
You never get used to them.
Ahem. Excuse me, Oliver, may I talk to you for a second?
It's urgent. Yeah.
You can have him back in a minute.
Excuse us.
I just realized something.
What if our masked friend
that keeps showing up everywhere you go,
you know her? What about her?
What if we've been going about this the wrong way?
We thought she was obsessed with you.
I mean, she showed up in the D.A.'s office
when you were there...
And in the chemical plant where the Doll Maker was holed up.
But who else was at both those places?
What if our masked friend isn't following you?
She's following Laurel.
Can it get any louder?
Why are you following Laurel Lance?
I could ask the same thing of you.
I guess some things never change.
You and her, always and forever.
Who are you?
Once you know, your life will never be the same.
I could take it.
Not this time.
Oh, Laurel's going to kill me.
I'll give you some time to let it sink in.
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Sarah Lance?
Laurel's sister? The detective's other daughter,
the one that you took on "The Gambit" with you
even though you were dating Laurel at the time,
which we never talked about--
Felicity, please.
I'm sorry, it's just...
Isn't she--isn't she dead?
You told everyone that she died when "The Gambit" went down,
that she drowned.
You lied.
When "The Gambit" capsized, uh...
Sarah was pulled under.
It was so dark and cold.
And I thought she drowned.
About year later, I saw her.
You saw where, on the island?
She drifted to the island, too?
Not exactly. Why didn't you tell the Lances
that she didn't die in that boat?
Laurel and Mr. Lance, they blame you.
Yeah, well, it was my fault.
What happened was my fault.
Well, where has she been all these years, Oliver?
I don't know!
Diggle, I swear to God.
I was sure she was dead.
Do you have any happy stories?
All right, so just to make sure I understand this correctly,
after not drowning when "The Gambit" went down,
Sarah didn't exactly make it to the island
with you, where you would see her die yet again.
Feel free to fill in the blanks. Not right now.
You mean not ever, don't you, Oliver?
Don't you think her family had a right to know
that she made it to the island, too?
These were five years!
Five years...
Where nothing good happened.
And they were better off not knowing.
Do they deserve to know now?
I need to take care of some business at the office.
Where are we with the Mayor?
I'm in contact with some of my military sources.
Trying to get a line on how he's getting his illegal army weaponry.
I'll keep you updated.
You know, Oliver, somebody once told me that...
secrets have weight.
The more you keep, the harder it is to keep moving.
You see how hard I work out.
You kill two of my crew.
How many others are with you on the island?
What are your weapon capabilities?
Did you find the graves?
Two things will happen--
you will tell me everything I want to know,
then I will kill you.
Or I will torture you until you tell me everything I want to know.
And then I will kill you.
Go to hell.
We're already there.
Told you.
The Patty Shack on 5th and Brewer,
best burgers in town.
Well, Patty Shack's in the Mayor's territory,
so I'll take a sub par breakfast over a bullet.
What's wrong?
Look, I know I'm skinny, but I can eat two of these, and I will.
Just ran into an old boyfriend.
I'm just...
worried that he might tell my family I'm back.
You have family in Starling?
My father, he's a-- he's a policeman.
And my sister, she's a lawyer.
Well, they must be real proud of their masked delinquent.
Yeah, they think I'm dead.
Oh, cool.
My folks think I'm dead, too.
That, or they wish I'd never been born.
One of those.
Why...don't you want them
to know that you're still alive?
'Cause I'm not what they remember.
Good little daddy's girl?
Actually far from it.
I was a lot like you.
Is that...
why you saved me from those guys that night?
No woman should ever suffer at the hands of men.
We've got to stop meeting like this.
What would your girlfriend think, Johnny?
Lyla, I am checking the box
marked "single" these days.
Sorry to hear it. What happened?
Well, another man came between us.
You're getting in the bad habit
of letting him ruin your life.
So I've been repeatedly told.
Anything on those stolen army weapons?
A crate of 12 M4A1s went missing from Camp Kirby two months ago.
Yeah, I think I know where they went.
Every crate was fitted with a GPS system
so they could be remote tracked.
I tried pulling it up but it's not receiving. Must have been deactivated.
Thanks, Lyla.
And your interest in this is what?
Lyla, you and I went to Afghanistan to try
to bring law and order to a country overrun
by war lords with weapons, right?
Should we do any less for our own cities?
Thanks again.
Hey, Johnny. Yeah?
These days, I check the box marked single, too.
Mr. Blood. I see you've met Miss Rochev.
She's my-- superior.
Partner. On paper.
Is that why you asked me to come down here, Mr. Queen,
to mediate your job title?
You and I have gotten off on the wrong foot repeatedly.
Seems to be your super power.
I was inspired by what you said
the other night about gun violence in the Glades.
And I had an idea that might help.
Really? Another party at your stately manor?
I wanted to sponsor a cash for guns event.
I give you the money and you get your constituents
to lay down their arms. Everybody wins.
Especially you.
Trying to repair your family's tainted name
by ridding the Glades of guns.
You just get the money, Mr. Blood.
I don't want my family's name involved.
Mr. Queen, may I have a word with you?
Let me think it over.
We are not sponsoring that event.
Yes, I know. I am.
With what money?
Your investment party cost QC 50 grand,
and no one invested a dime.
I will not continue to authorize corporate funds
just so you can keep pretending that you are the CEO.
I'll pay for it myself.
Maybe you haven't noticed,
but your personal trust isn't exactly what it used to be,
and this company isn't, either.
As much as I would love to make this city safer,
my first obligation is to Queen Consolidated.
And yours is, too.
♪ Shadows settle on the place that you left ♪
I was going to order some takeout, you want in?
I appreciate the offer, Adam, but--
I've eaten takeout every night this week,
I need a meal served on an actual plate.
So do you.
I get it. It's easy to let the job become your life.
I keep having to remind myself to go to the gym,
see a movie, eat a good meal.
That sounds dangerously like having a life.
What about you? You can't be all about work.
I'm the best me when I am working.
And when you're not?
You don't want to meet her. She's not good company.
I'd be willing to risk it.
Excuse me.
I have to go.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to--
No, it's ok.
It's fine. I just have to go.
Good night.
Good night.
♪ 'Cause I've been putting you through this hell ♪
♪ for so long
♪ so I understand your choice, my dear ♪
♪ don't lose when we have won ♪
License and registration?
Is there a problem, Officer?
Have you had anything to drink tonight, ma'am?
I'm Laurel Lance.
I'm an assistant district attorney.
I'm sorry, Miss Lance, but I'm going to have
to ask you to step out of the car, please.
I need some good news.
The bad news first.
Somehow the Mayor did get his hands
on a crate of military-grade weapons
from Camp Kirby.
The good news?
If he kept the crate,
might be able to find where he's hiding.
This is the same make and model of a tracking system
the army installs on all of its weapons crates.
If they lose a crate, they send out a remote signal
that activates the beacon. The Mayor's clever.
He deactivated his beacon. Send a signal, nothing comes back.
You both need to work on your definition of good news.
Ok. How's this--
guess which company designed the tracking system the army uses?
I'll give you a hint-- your CEO? Always late.
I pulled up the original plans from the QC mainframe.
Turns out there's a design flaw.
The beacon is still susceptible to a subform wave
even if it's been deactivated.
The Mayor turned it off, Oliver.
We can turn it back on.
I believe you ordered the crate of stolen military weapons, Mr. Queen.
I thought you deactivated the tracker!
Go, go!
Weapons are secure.
And the Mayor?
Still in office.
Thanks for the heads up, Officer Daily.
Just fyi--
she blew .6 past the legal limit.
Thank you.
He didn't need to call you.
But you're lucky he did.
You could have lost your job.
You could have lost your life, and you could have killed somebody!
I had a few too many glasses of wine at dinner.
It was an accident!
An accident. Well, I guess those happen.
Was I not supposed to notice that tone?
The two of us...
You got a lot from me, Laurel.
Maybe you got this, too.
You can hardly compare my one mistake to your drinking problem.
So long as it is only one mistake.
I don't know if you've noticed...
But I've had a little bit of a hard time lately.
I was kidnapped, nearly murdered by a psychopath,
and my boyfriend died.
So, I don't know, maybe...cut me some slack.
You know, when I started having a hard time,
I wish people had not cut me slack.
Leave your car here, I'm driving you home.
I'll take a cab. Laurel...
Did you tell my family that I'm alive?
I saw you die.
Not the first time that's happened, right?
And I thought you were dead, too.
What happened to Slade?
Where have you been?
Everywhere. That's not an answer.
Well, it's the one you're getting.
About a year ago,
I started hearing tales
of the Starling City vigilante.
The man in the green hood.
I knew it was you.
I had never known you as much of a fighter.
Where did you pick that up? I met some rough people.
Thought I should get rougher, too.
Why did you come back?
The earthquake.
Because you wanted to make sure your family was safe.
But now you're still here,
watching over them.
Protecting them.
So, did you come here to make sure I didn't tell them?
Or because you were hoping I had?
I'll get rid of them.
Mr. Lance? Hi.
Something I can help you with?
I'm here about my daughter.
Is she ok?
Yeah. Well, no, she's not.
She got pulled over for a DUI last night.
I tried talking to her about it, but...
She wasn't hearing me.
I--I saw her the other night.
Didn't seem like herself.
No, I know. She seems like me.
I don't know if you know, but when you and Sara disappeared,
I hit the bottle pretty hard.
I know the two of you are friends.
And she needs a friend.
Maybe talk to her.
Mr. Lance. Yeah?
I'd be happy to talk to Laurel.
Why'd they do this? Aahh.
They make all of us do this.
Supposed to show prochnost.
It's Russian.
For strength.
They--they did it to see if I'm strong?!
They're doing this to see if you survive.
is not for the weak.
Oliver. Hi.
What are you doing here? Is everything ok?
I don't know. Is everything ok?
You've got to be kidding me.
My dad went to you?
He spent the last six years cursing your name,
and now you're what, gossip buddies? Laurel.
He's worried about you.
A recovering alcoholic and recovering party boy
trying to tell me how to live my life.
Don't you see the hypocrisy there?
What I see is somebody that both of us care for
having a rough go of it.
Do you know how many
times I've had to pull my dad out of a bar?
Or how many nights I've had to drive him home
where he's passed out in my backseat?
He's the one with the problem.
Not me.
Just because he can't cope with losing Sara
doesn't mean I can't handle my life.
Feel free to tell him that during the next chit chat.
Sewing is not your strong suit.
Now we can talk.
For two years...
my crew and I have been looking for grave site.
Did you find the graves?
Were the bodies...
The bones misshapen?
This is the right island.
Looks like we got a Colt 1911,
Jennings .32,
and a K-frame revolver.
We'll give you 250 for the lot.
Keep it.
Do I even want to know where you got those guns?
They're from the old days. I told you.
Look, no more being a criminal.
No more being a hero. Just Roy Harper.
Bus boy and boyfriend.
Yo, Abercrombie.
Where's your manners? Sin.
This is Thea. Thea, this is Sin.
Thea Queen?
Look at you, rolling with royalty.
By the way, the salad fork's the small one.
It was good to see you again.
She doesn't know you're the Vigilante's delivery boy, does she?
Nice to meet you, your highness.
You, too.
So how do you know her?
From around.
You don't show up when you say you will,
and when you promise not to, here you are.
It's going well?
Last check, we've taken in over 200 guns in only 3 hours.
Try not to look so happy about it.
A lot on my mind, alderman.
My job is to help the people in this city
with their problems.
Two people that are very important to me are...
having a tough time.
Sisters, actually.
And neither one of them
is making it very easy for me to help them.
Sooner or later, we all go through a crucible.
I'm guessing yours was that island.
Most people there are two types of people
who go into a crucible--
the ones who grow stronger from the experience
and survive it,
and the ones who die.
But there's a third type.
The ones who learn to love the fire.
They choose to stay in their crucible
because it's easier to embrace the pain
when it's all you know anymore.
That's why I'm on the clock to help this city.
Before it becomes used to living like this.
Living is not for the weak.
Old friend of mine once told me that.
That's a wise friend.
Listen up, people. This is your mayor speaking.
Now I don't recall this here event being sanctioned.
What happens in the Glades
only happens if I allow it.
You're not the leader of this community!
You don't speak for these people!
And neither do you. Not anymore.
Hey! Are you ok? Are you hit? No.
Sin, you all right?
All's good.
Go get help!
The shooting was committed by the gang leader
known only as "The Mayor," who, until now,
has never been seen in public.
We do want to warn our audience
that some of these images are graphic.
The coward finally decided to show his face.
Vanity is going to cost him.
I borrowed the FBI's facial recognition software.
Got a match.
Xavier Reed.
Did Mr. Reed serve in the military?
No military history. Family members?
Reed was in and out of foster care his whole life.
Wait, hold on.
In 1996, Reed spent three years with
a foster family and their son, Ezra Barnes.
He served three tours in Iraq. He's stateside now.
20 bucks says he was stationed at Camp Kirby.
Pay the man. The Mayor's foster brother
is assigned to a weapons convoy
that carries SCAR 16s by truck.
The convoy's scheduled to come through Starling City tonight.
FN SCAR 16s are military assault weapons with grenade launchers.
The man gets a hold of these, Oliver,
it's game over.
He won't.
Bullet penetrated her anterior abdomen.
We were able to remove most of the fragments.
We'll know more in a few hours.
I'm going to stick around, in case she wakes up.
Is it ok if I stick around with you?
I mean, you saved her life, Roy.
I guess you can't stop being a hero, can you?
I want to see how you do in a real fight.
I was looking for a fight.
They're with me.
He wasn't.
You're done being all you can be.
You and I are going to own this town.
Now let's see what this bad boy can do.
Drop the weapon, now!
Behind you.
Old school weapon. Respect.
But can your arrows do this?
Come on, where are you?
You hurt a friend of mine. Let him go.
You can't save a city with forgiveness.
You don't have to forgive him.
But you do have to let him live.
Bitch. I knew you didn't have it in you.
I really don't like that word.
Demonstrations opposing the construction
of the new Star Lab's particle accelerator
have reached a fever pitch with five more protestors being arrested.
In other news the recent cash for guns event held in the Glades
is credited for getting over 800 weapons off the streets.
Still a mystery-- the anonymous donor
whose generous donation funded the event.
I guess it's true what they say--
one man can change the world.
I'll leave changing the world to you, alderman.
I'm only in the world because of you.
Thank you.
I was just acting on instinct.
It wasn't instinct. It was strength.
I see the signs
and the graffiti;
"Blood for mayor."
Now that the "mayor" is in jail,
maybe you should run.
There is more than one way to save a city.
Mr. Harper?
What's wrong, is she ok?
You saved my life.
I guess I have to keep your secret now, huh?
You know you're dating a moron, right?
It's my first and last thought of every day.
I like her.
Your friend.
I took care of her medical expenses.
Thank you.
Look, I don't want Thea to see me--
What's your plan, Sarah?
Because right now, you just...
Well, you're whipping across rooftops
and keeping watch over your family
like some sort of ghost.
We're both ghosts.
We died on that island.
But we didn't.
We both lived.
I get that you have been in pain so long
that it probably just feels normal now.
But you can let it go and come home.
I mean, I know that the earthquake brought you here,
but your family kept you here.
You have to tell them, Sarah.
They need you.
You told them that I died on "The Gambit."
If they know the truth...
They would never--
they would never talk to me again.
Not one of them.
But it'd be worth it.
My daughter's in trouble.
She's, uh, she's been through some really terrible things.
Instead of facing up to them, she's running away from them.
She's losing herself in her work,
and maybe even worse.
She's my daughter, I just want her safe, I want to protect her.
But I guess like we say in our meetings, more will be revealed.
Your days of screaming are just beginning.
What the hell is this?
This ain't the police station.
Why are you wearing that mask?
This city is in chains,
and I'm going to free it.
But to do that, I need an army.
Whoa, what's in that thing?!
Get that off me!
Get that crap away from me!
Are you ready to serve?
Bring me another.
Yes, brother Blood.
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