Arrow (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 23 - Unthinkable - full transcript

As Oliver's face off with Slade escalates, his resolve to the no-kill rule is tested. Especially as Slade targets the woman Oliver loves.

Previously on Arrow:

Twitch, I will open your throat.

- Slade Wilson.
- Oliver Queen.

Let me show you how not to die.

- Unh!
- Ha, ha.

There might be a fighter
inside of you after all.


- For what?
- Not telling you how I really feel.

Time to choose, Oliver.
Who lives and who dies?

No! No!



Whoever did this to her...

is going to suffer.

You cannot die until you have known...

complete despair.

And you will. I promise.

There's a new player we've been tracking.

We've been calling him Deathstroke.

Slade's goal is to create an army
of human weapons using the Mirakuru.

I can't stop him from doing anything. Agh!

Five years ago, I made you a promise.
Well, I'm here to fulfill it.


There is still one person who has to die...

before this can end.


Oliver, man, you okay?

The cure's not working.

We don't know that.

He still has a lot of Tibetan
pit viper venom in his system.

- What's that?
- Proximity alarm.

I rigged the tire with sensors
in case Slade's goons came here to kill us.

Slade's goons are here to kill us.

- Talk to me, Felicity.
- They're inside. They're right underneath us.

Where am I?


Down the cable. Go!

Go, go, go, go!

Hurry, run!

Oh, my God.

What the hell happened?

Slade's army. You were right
about being compromised.

- Your boss is gonna bomb the city.
- Wailer's never seen a problem she didn't...

- think couldn't be solved with a drone.
- Why do you think I'm here?

You knew Waller was looking
to level the city and came?

You're here.

You need to go back to A.R.G.U.S.

You need to stop Waller
or buy us enough time to stop Slade.

Yeah, not without me.

Till death do us part, right?

- This time it might.
- Guys?

I need you to scrounge as many weapons
as you can, especially injection arrows.

We're gonna fill them with the cure,
which clearly works.

And this ends tonight, without killing.

There's been enough death already.



It's called Kevlar.

If you're gonna kill me,
just get it over with.

Kill you? Why? Because you shot me?

- I'm glad you did.
- You're sick.

Perhaps. How else to explain the fact
that not a year ago...

your brother held a gun
to my face as well?


He lacked the conviction...

the strength to pull the trigger,
but not you, Thea.

You are made of iron.

You are truly my daughter,
and I could not be more proud.


Remember your training.

You be smart, you take clean shots,
and you don't miss the...

Pull back to Meltzer
Avenue. We need SWAT at Union Plaza.

City Hall's a war zone.

They're everywhere!

Fall back! Fall back! Aah!
I'm hit. I'm hit.

Okay, listen, I know you're scared.
You wouldn't be human if you weren't.

But tonight, this city, our city...

it's counting on each
and every one of you...

so you go out there
and be the heroes I know you all to be.


Where's your sister?

- I don't know.
- Detective?

I've got one PP on the line
with Lieutenant Pike in the field.

You're the ranking officer.

You should go. I'll find Sara.

I don't want you stepping foot outside,
do you hear me?

- I won't. I promise.
- Good night, sweetheart.

What have we got?

My sister can't be a part of this.
I don't want her hurt.

- Sara, what's going on?
- Laurel...

Well, it seems like I missed a lot.

Well, what do you remember?

Leaving town and heading to Blildhaven.

Was I out cold the whole time?


You were out. The whole time.

Slade has at least 50 human weapons.
We need a whole army...

if we plan on hitting them
with the cure. NYSSA: I know.

Which is why an army is what I've brought.

Gee, you could've called
before you invited five, six...

seven assassins
down into our top-secret lair.

- What is she doing here?
- I asked her to come.

I am Nyssa, daughter of Ra's Al Ghul,
heir to the demon.

Felicity Smoak. MIT, class of '09.

That's where you went? Nanda Parbat?
The League of Assassins?

These are mercenaries,
and whatever they promised...

it comes at a price.

You don't have to worry,
because I've already paid it.

You agreed to go back?

Look, I'm not gonna let Slade Wilson
hurt Laurel or my father.

And I'm willing to do whatever it takes
to keep the ones I love safe.

And I hope you're ready to do the same.

Especially after what happened.

Look, Ollie, I'm sorry about your mother.

I am willing to do whatever it takes.

But that doesn't mean cold-blooded killing
is the answer.

- We have the cure now.
- To fight the unthinkable...

you have to be willing
to do the unthinkable.

You may not want my help, Mr. Queen...

but there is little question
you are in need of it.

First we need to find
Slade's base of operations.

Slade Wilson and Isabel Rochev are using your
former office as their base of operations.

- How are you feeling?
- Ready to serve up some payback.

Then remember your training.

Remember everything that you've learned.

- Are you for real?
- Someone...

a friend...

told me if you survive a crucible,
you grow the stronger for it.

This is to remind you of that.

What happened to Thea? Is she okay?

She's fine. She was headed
out of the city before this started.

- We do this my way.
- The League does not take prisoners.

It does tonight.

Thea, it's dangerous out there.

Better than here
with my psycho-villain dad...

who's happy I tried to kill him.

- Roy?
- Yeah, it's me.

I wanted to make sure you were all right.


I'm fine. I'm at the train station.

Thea, listen to me. You're not safe there.

Can you please meet me at my place?

I'll be there. As soon as I can.

Okay. Be safe.

Who was that?


You're my daughter.
There's not much I don't know about you.

Interesting how you'd run back to him...

after resolving to run away
to escape all the lies and half-truths.

He's no different, Thea.

No different from your mother or Oliver.

If you don't believe me...

then you should go to him.

I Will.

And if you try to follow me,
I'll shoot you again.


When you need me, I'll be there.

Elevator bank's clear.

Conference room's clear.

You must have quite a bit
of faith in this cure if you've come alone.

We didn't come alone.

Sara, don't!

Kill me. Don't kill me.

Doesn't matter. I beat you.
I took away the one...

Your reticence to do what is necessary...

is why your city burns.

This isn't working. I can't get close
enough to Slade to hit him with the cure.

So, what do we do?

Another disappointment. Bring me another.

Come on, Slade. What are you doing?

Advancing the cause of science.

Hey! No, no! Wait!
I know you blame me for Shado's death!

- I blame myself.
- He should. It's his fault we aren't together.

You said once that we were brothers.

And right now, I am begging you,
brother to brother...

just listen to me.

Don't listen to him. All
his words are lies.

I wouldn't be alive right now
if it wasn't for you.

I would be alive if it wasn't for him.

Think about Shado.

She cared for both of us.
She wouldn't want this.

She wants us off Lian Yu.
She'd want all of this to end!

He's right. This needs to end.

You need to kill him.

Two hours now.

I'm sorry, Oliver.

Do it.

Slade, no!

- Pull the trigger.
- Slade!

Laurel. Laurel.

Sweetheart, sweetheart.

- What happened?
- Sara.

- She's gone. What happened?
- God.

- You okay?
- She's with that woman.

That woman that took Mom.

Please, no!

You stay here.

Stop right there!
Don't take one more step. One more step!

No! No!

Drones locked on target. Starling City.

Why's Wilson got such
a mad-on for the Queens?

I don't know.
It's good Thea and Oliver got out of town.

So now he has to go after my family?

The hell is she doing here?

She's here to help.

Just trust me, please.

I guess today I'll have to work with
anybody who can help get my daughter back.

What? - One of these
masked guys, they took Laurel.

I couldn't stop him. Believe me, I...

- I tried.
- Ooh, we have a new big problem...

which, considering our problems,
is saying something.

I hacked a satellite and tasked it
for thermographic imaging.

All Slade's men are at the Giordano Tunnel.

I thought these guys were trying
to destroy the city.

A.R.G.U.S. is gonna level the city
to stop them from getting out.

It's what Slade's planning on.
He knows Wailer's tactics.

With Slade's men attempting
to leave via the tunnel...

all our targets will be
grouped in a single place.

- We need to take it. Gather your men.
- What about Laurel?

- Must've took her for a reason.
- I know what it is.

But the city comes first.

This is my daughter. This is your sister.

You can't just leave her like this!

Look, I know you said you were trying
another way, and I respect that...

but Slade Wilson, his men,
they're monsters.

And monsters, they need to be destroyed.

You've killed before.

Tonight I suggest you
get back in the habit.

He's wrong.

He's right.

I've lost everything because I'm fighting Slade
Wilson with one hand tied behind my back.

The man murdered my mother.

I have to kill him.

You told me you had a choice.

You could've cured Slade,
but you chose to kill him.

This isn't happening
because you're not willing to be a killer.

- It's happening because you were one.
- You're right. That's how this started.

It's how it has to end.

The only move that he's
left me is to kill him.

I can't cure him, can't capture him.

- I can't even outthink him.
- Then don't.

Just make him outthink you.

Residents are urged to stay in their homes
amidst rumors...

that Mayor Blood is
among the casualties...

as masked men terrorize the city...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for everything.


No, it's okay.

I know... I know I haven't exactly been
myself for the past few months...

- but I was... I was injected...
- With some drug.

I know. Sin told me.

But are you okay now?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I woke up here. I'd lost
a lot of time, but...

And what about the Arrow? He...

He said he was gonna take care of you?

I don't know anything about the Arrow.

I'm done with all of that, but I...

You're the only person
that I've ever cared about.

Are you okay?

Did something happen to you?

It doesn't matter.

Look, let's just... Let's
just get out of here.

Let's start over.
We can be whoever we want to...

without anyone getting in our way.

I'm never losing you again.

Uh, there's just... There's just one thing
I need to take care of before we go, okay?

Stay here, get packed,
and I'll be right back.

- No, Roy. It's dangerous out there.
- I know.

But I have to do this.

I wouldn't feel right if
I left without trying.

Do you trust me?


Then when I get back,
we're getting out of here forever.

I love you.

Oliver, what are we doing here?
The whole city's falling apart.

I know.

- You need to stay here.
- What?

- Why? You can't just ask me...
- I'm not asking.

I will come get you when this is over.

- No.
- Felicity.

- No, not unless you tell me why.
- Because I need you safe.

I don't want to be safe.

I want to be with you,
and the others, unsafe.

- I can't let that happen.
- Oliver...

You're not making any sense.

Slade took Laurel
because he wants to kill the woman I love.

- I know, so...
- So he took the wrong woman.


I love you.

Do you understand?


- Johnny.
- Yeah.

- Never mind.
- Hey, Lyla.

I love you. You know that, right?

I do, actually.

It's good to hear it.

- Time to impact.
- Drone is 52 minutes out from target.

Get me Sergeant Gomez.

Uh... Easy Company's not responding.

I need a visual.

They're in a tunnel. I can't get a picture.

What the hell is going on in that tunnel?

Sergeant Gomez? Come in, Sergeant Gomez.

No kill shots. Let the cure do its work.



Ready! Fire!

Agent Michaels, this
area's restricted to UN...

What the hell is this, early parole?

Wailer's looking to bomb Starling City.
We need your help to stop her.

I'd love to show the Wall
what we think of her.

There's just that little matter of

- We all got miniature bombs in our spines.
- You'll have to trust me.

And Lawton, no dropping bodies.

Yeah, sure. Take the fun out of it.


- Get off the ship!
- Not without you!

Give it to me. Give me the Mirakuru!



Wait. No!

- Ollie!
- No!

- Prep the drone to fire.
- Weapons hot was set for 0600.

Prep the drone to fire.

- Down, now!
- Everybody get down! Down, down!

Waller, call that drone off.

This is treason, Agent Michaels.

Treason that risks
hundreds of thousands of lives.

Have you thought about that?

Have you thought about how you're going
to explain that to your son?

Or is it your daughter?

Did the doctor specify,
or did you want to keep it a surprise?

Congratulations, Mr. Diggle,
you're going to be a father.

- Go.
- You've been busy, kid.

It's over, Slade. Your army is broken.

And I pity them.
But once again, you missed the point.

I have the one you love.

You're going to meet me where I say.

Otherwise, I am going to kill her.

No, you do what you have to.
I'm done playing your games.

You're done when I say you're done!

I was surprised. I thought you
had a thing for stronger women.

But now that I've met her...

I can see the appeal.

She is quite lovely...

your Felicity.

Twitch and I will open your throat.

My first words to you. Do you remember?

I do. I remember the exact moment.

My blade against your neck...

just like my blade
is against the neck of your beloved.

If only I'd killed you then...

everything would be different.

Drop the bow, kid.

Do it.

Yes, countless nights dreaming...

of taking from you
all that you took from me.

- By killing the woman I love?
- Yes.

Like you loved Shado.


You see her, don't you?

What does she look like in your madness,

What does she say to you? I remember
her being beautiful, young, kind.

She would be horrified
by what you've done in her name.

What I have done?

What I have done...

is what you lack the courage to do...

to fight for her!


when her body lies at your feet...

her blood wet against your skin...

then you will know how I feel!

I already know how you feel.

I know what it's like to hate.

To want revenge.

And now I know how it feels...

to see my enemy so distracted...

he doesn't see the real danger
is right in front of him.

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

Kill her!

Get them out of here!

Poor Sara.
How many times you gonna watch her die?

You can't kill me.

The Mirakuru isn't what made me hate you.

The end is near.

But maybe I'll be merciful enough
to let you live and see your city burn.

We both know there's only one way...

that this can end.

To beat me, kid,
you're gonna have to kill me.

But in the moment of my death...

you'll prove one thing.

That you are...

a murderer.

What are you gonna do, kid?

Stick me with the cure?

It doesn't matter.

I'll keep my promise.

I'll take away everything
and everyone you've loved.

Sara was only the first.

She was only the first.

Your sister, Laurel, your mother...

You can kill me or not.

Either way, I win.

Amanda, it's over.

Slade's down. His army's been taken out.
Call back the drones.

Amanda, it's over!

So, what now, kid?

It's time.

Why are they making you do it?
Why are you making her do this?

- Why?
- Dad, she's not making me do anything.

- I chose this.
- What am I gonna tell your mother?

Tell her that for the first time in
my life, I'm deciding my own fate.

- She'll understand that.
- Yeah.

I love you, sweetheart.

I love you too, Dad.

I know the power of a father's love.

And I would die before I let
anything happen to your daughter.

Well, here's hoping.

So where you're going,
will you be able to e-mail or call?

- I'll see you again.
- I know.

I've learned this year
that you always find your way home.

I will always be here waiting.

I love you.

I love you.

Oliver needs you.

And, hey...

I think that this
would look good on you.

It fits.

- Bye, Dad.
- Bye, sweetheart.

About that jacket...

don't get any ideas.

I could really use a meeting.

Yeah, probably a good idea
for the both of us.

Gotta pick up a little Pepto on the way.
I'm feeling kind of weird.

- Heh. Dad, she'll be okay.
- Yeah, I know she'll be okay.

But okay at what is what bothers me. Unh!

- Dad?
- Unh.


Oh, my God. Dad! Dad!

I can't get my breath.

- No.
- I can't breathe.

Dad, stay with me!
Daddy, Daddy, stay with me!

Hello! I need an ambulance.

My father's S.C.P.D. Yes. Now!

Daddy, stay with me. Dad?



Roy, I'm sorry.

I made a mistake.

I thought I could still be with you.

I thought I could still be Thea Queen.

But Thea Queen was trusting.

And I don't trust you.

Or anyone. Not anymore.

Thea Queen was also weak, and no matter
what it takes, I will be strong.

Don't try to find me.

You won't.

Even I don't know where I'm going.

I only know one thing.

I am never coming back.

Where am I?

As far away from the world
as I could get you.

Where you can't hurt anyone ever again.

That's your weakness, kid.

You don't have the guts to kill me.


I have the strength to let you live.

Oh, you're a killer.

I know. I created you.

You've killed plenty.

Yes, I have.

You helped turn me into a killer
when I needed to be one.

And I'm alive today because of you.

I made it home because of you.

And I got to see my family again.

But over the past year,
I've needed to be more...

and I faltered.

But then I stopped you...

without killing.

You helped me become a hero, Slade.

Thank you.

You think I won't get out of here?

You think I won't kill those you care for?

No, I don't, because you're in purgatory.

Well, I keep my promises, kid.

I keep my promises!

I keep my promises.

Last time I didn't notice
it's actually kind of beautiful here.

Don't get me wrong. I'm counting down the
seconds until we shove off Minefield Island.

You think that'll be enough to hold him?
A.R.G.U.S.' supermax?

Him and anyone else we send here.

This battle may be over,
but there will be others.

Starting with getting
my family's company back.

That's not gonna be easy,
since you're poor now.

You're gonna have to get a job.

If Slade doesn't scare you, that's got to.

Do you know anyone hiring ex-billionaires
with superior archery skills?

Hey, why don't I give you two a second?

Well, you did it.

- I had help.
- Yeah.

It was really smart,
the way you outfoxed him.

Talk about unthinkable.

You and me, I mean...

when you told me you loved me,
you had me fooled.

For a second I thought
maybe you might have meant it.

What you said.

You really sold it.

We both did.

Let's go home.

Dig, what was the news
about you and Lyla?

It can wait.

- I'm flying.
- Be my guest.

- I got one more question.
- Wouldn't be you if you didn't.

If you spent five years on this island,
when did you learn how to fly?

My name is Amanda Waller, Mr. Queen.

We have a lot to discuss.

Welcome to Hong Kong.